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Thread: Ad & Recommend Outside Fanfics

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    Seeking Happiness - Virtues of Harmony III (Season 02)

    The captivating beauty of a rose, marked by thorns... its unravelling petals reveal a story

    Season 02 continues the hit fanfic that captured the hearts of fans since April 2005. If you missed season 01, you still have a chance to read this fanfic that continues where VOH II left off. With new characters, plots, and a more intriguing and creative turn to the classic VOH II, this series contains humor and drama with surprises and mystery.

    Season 02 will go behind Rose's (Kenix Kwok) complex character and a dark secret and a hidden mystery explain why Ah Nin (Frankie Lam) is about to march down the aisle and marry her, totally unaware of his love affair with Joey (Bernice Liu)... Now that Fiona (Sherming Yiu) has gone crazy because of her palatial conspiracy, Ah Sing (Hawick Lau) has to deal with new changes in his life and face a past relationship left incomplete with Ah Lam (Linda Chung)... Meanwhile, Sze Gan (Ron Ng) claims to be the son of Ah San's (Steven Ma) uncle, making him his cousin. Ah San has to deal with this new complication and it appears that he's inviting trouble into his home... As for Ying Gei (Yvonne Lam) and Gam (Louis Yuen), they have to face a shift in the power of their relationship and they embark on a hilarious adventure in order to get her pregnant... Ah Yat (Joyce Chen) believes she made a mistake when she changed her career. Ah Hong (Johnny Tang) helps her realize her true dreams... Sa Sa (Kingdom Yuen) finds herself throat-to-throat with Chan Kiu (Helen Ma)... Kiu and Sek Dai Chuen (Johnny Ngan) find themselves missing Ah Mei (Cutie Mui) and it turns out that in the past, they had more than one child... New characters also grace the story later on this season. Chan Hung (Sheren Tang) adds sophistication and brings with her Sek Biu (Raymond Lam) and Sek Tai (Tavia Yeung)...

    A new season full of twists and turns and heavy drama and comedy. Don't miss out!


    VOH I: http://voh.sitesled.com
    VOH II: http://voh2.sitesled.com

    Join the 'Virtues of Harmony I & II' fanlisting @ http://just-go.to/vohfan
    timeless: the VIRTUES OF HARMONY network
    Virtues of Harmony ... winning hearts since 2001

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    Hey guys!! Recently my and my friend Vivi just completed our story called The Emperors Sons. So I thought I'd advertise it here and hope that one day when you guys are bored and have nothing to do you can go check it out... or you can check it out now to... I dont think you will be dissapointed... Ill show you guys an excerpt from it.



    Glorious, wonderful, elevating power. Dreams to some. Reality for others. And to some, an illusion. An unreachable goal; and cage to others. Some people run from it, some fight for it. Every competitor has their scars, their casualties, every player pays their price.


    Soars through men's lives leaving destruction in it path. Temptress, alluring, men have been swayed by its prophecy, the vision that it promises. It haunts their dreams, follows them in their daily lives, their lives ruled by its call.


    The dream of every man, the very tool of control. It puts a smile on the best of men, poor men yearn for it; rich men thrive for more. Men spend their whole lives chasing it; lives have been lost, families torn, lovers split, and futures destroyed.

    Four lives…

    Two brothers, both in the race for the throne. Their lives ruled by the titles they hold, by power, born into a race they can't escape. One Prince will be the victor, the others fate will lie in his opponent's hand.

    The Crowned Prince Lun, born under a lucky star, goes through life striking fear in others. The next in line to the throne, confident and commanding, power within his reaches. The throne so close, one obstacle in his path. His heart.

    Prince Fung, Prince Lun's twin brother, forever in his shadow. Quiet and calculating, his thoughts hidden from the scrutiny of the world. A tiger on the prowl, ready to strike at the first available chance. Power his prize.

    Two sisters, innocent bystanders pulled into a race for power. Raised in poverty, life in the palace luxury. Each sister unique in their qualities, favored by a Prince. Each sister playing a part in the Princes quest for power. Each sister paying her price to be with the person she loves.

    Yuan Qing, a girl wise beyond her years. Swayed by the battles of the court, the riches it has to offer dragged in the deadly game of the concubines. She entered the game an innocent she will leave it unrecognizable.

    Yuan Song, young, serene, unscathed by the conflict surrounding her world. Loved and protected throughout life, power given to her by sheer chance. In her hands an important piece to a prince's victory. Pulled into the game by the ones she loves most. Power indirectly dictating her life.

    Prince Fung- Nicholas Tse
    Prince Lun- Stephen Fung...

    The other characters... u guys can imagine whoever!!

    So come and check it out guys! I promise that you wont be dissapointed! And rmbr to leave us a comment!

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    Default Recommand Stories

    Hey guys, I just want to asked if anybody have fanfiction that have Carman Lee or Louis in it. I would love to read it. Thanks

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    Default To all Louis and Carman fan

    Hey all,

    If any anybody want to read great fanfiction with Louis and Carman in it, I recommand Destiny bu Tu Vi on Winglin Net, Atrocious Vengeance by Azanbabe, and Shadow of the Past by Thanh. If anybody need link, let me know. This are awesome stories. Must read if you are LC fan, or just fanfiction fan in general.

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    The shortest chinese actors fanfic I've ever read, but, I like it.

    Love and Hate
    什麼是朋友?朋友永遠是在你犯下不可原諒錯誤的時候,仍舊站在你那邊的笨蛋。~ 王亞瑟

    和諧唔係一百個人講同一番話,係一百個人有一百句唔同嘅說話,而又互相尊重 ~ - 葉梓恩

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    Default Found some great stories

    Ok, I found some LC stories on wingling net. This three are great. Must read for LC fan or anyone who like to read good stories. I think I put this in the file about recommanding stories outside spcnet but here it is again:

    Destiny by Tu Vi http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/TuVi/

    Atrocious Vengeance by azababe

    My Past http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/mystpast/

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    My list is long. lol you can access most of my fanfics through my site http://clik.to/quixoticgetaway

    Recent fics that aren't on my site:

    Title - BLISS [processing]
    Authors - nings, Mai, sweet_sorrow,Jennibelle, genna
    Starring - Edison Chen & Gillian Chung

    Title - Tomorrow's Existence [processing]
    Authors - Jennibelle & genna
    Starring - Jay Chou, Gillian Chung, Edison Chen, Jolin Tsai, Rainie Yang

    Title - Acceptance [completed]
    Author - genna
    Starring - Edison Chen & Gillian Chung

    Title - M E N [processing]
    Author - genna
    Starring - Gillian Chung, Kenny Kwan, Edison Chen, Bosco Wong

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    Sign! Winglin has been down these days...
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    sorry the msg and link before this has been deleted because I have no time to update that story I just advertised of Kenneth and Leila.

    Taking a break from writing. In the meanwhile, since Tupelo Hive has five chapters up already, you can support that instead www.winglin.net/fanfic/greenpills2
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    The guy who wrote this is a genius.
    Swifty, Writing
    Film and book reviews, short films, videos from a Malaysian filmmaker based in Tokyo

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    Cool for wuxia fans

    The Legend of the White Warrior

    A wuxia story based on the life of a naive little boy who never discovered the secret identity of his father. After his father's enemies came upon then, watch how he deals with them. Love, hatred, family, politics: how will this boy named Mok Ming Hei deal with this all?

    currently at...
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    here's some of my stories. pay them a visit if u can!

    1) Special Someone (Completed)
    *Jill Xu, Wallace Huo, Michelle Yip, Song Hye Kyo, Bi, Dylan Kuo, Peter Ho
    Link: www.winglin.net/fanfic/vietblue99

    2) Destined Fate (Completed)
    *Alec Su, Alyssa Chia, Hu Jing, Jason Wu Jing, Gao Yuan Yuan, etc.
    Link: www.winglin.net/fanfic/vietblue992

    3) A Delicate Heart
    * Alec Su, Alyssa Chia, Niholas Tse, Charlene Choi, Gao Yuan Yuan, Peter Ho, Chae Rim, Zhao Wen Zhou
    Link: www.winglin.net/fanfic/vietblue995

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