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Thread: Health failures in wuxia

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    Default Health failures in wuxia

    One of the incentives of practicing orthodox martial arts is the health benefits. Is this why almost every martial artist, if undisturbed, can live to 80-100 years? What's more amazing is that people at age 90+ can still fight like a pro. I mean, is there any great martial artist in wuxia who died of cancer, heart problems, lukemia, parkinson's disease, flu, or infections? In reality, probably the average life expectancy back then was 30-40 years at most. The only example of deterioating health at a moderate age that I can think of is Bei Haishi from Ode to Gallantry. I can't recall why he's having problems though.
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    martial arts is for self defense, nothing related to health

    although taichi is affects health

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    I think Murong Fu probably died of/from madness...

    Imagine SARS spreading around the jianghu realm...
    You see Wuxia people walkin around wearing masks.

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    The average life expentancy back then was around 50 something. 70 was so rare that it became a saying.

    Bei Haishi had some sort of lung problem. Could be pneumonia.

    Ma Yue of Quanzhen died from some illness when he was late 60s or early 70s.

    Can't remember who else...
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    All the masters of Quanzhen were all in their 70+ in ROCH. Qiu Chuji was already 70 odd years old when Zhao Zhijing and Zhen Zhibing (formerly Yin Zhiping) went to Xiangyang city and Ma Yu died around that time (6 months earlier). So he should be 70 something when he died not late 60.

    Bei Haishi suffered from sort of of injury earlier in life, although he cured himself and became a good doctor in the process. But his martial arts were greatly weakened by his illness.

    In the Young Flying Fox, the former leader of the Weitou Guardian School Wan Hesheng suffered from a stroke and died a few months later. We don't know whether he was a great martial artist or not, he was probably okay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Loke-Gao-Zhu
    martial arts is for self defense, nothing related to health

    although taichi is affects health
    Of course it's related to health, in real life as well as in Wuxia.
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