SBS Drama Spring Days A Painful Triangular Love Story Testing the Brotherhood Spirit in Romance

Greetings from Singapore!
I was prompted to buy "Spring Days" VCDs mainly because I would like to appreciate Mr Ji Jin-Hee acting skills in a modern drama after watching his role as "Da-Ren" in "Jewel in the Palace" dubbed beautifully in Mandarin. As such, my spoken Mandarin has also improved after watching numerous K-dramas.

Secondly as I have not seen real Spring season thought that I would have the chance to see its beauty in "Spring Days" drama.

Although there isn't any spring season captured in the drama, I truly appreciate the performance of all cast (be it big or minor role) for bringing to live the various characters each played in "Spring Days" which is a painful triangular love story involving two step-brothers falling for the same girl.

I believe most audience would feel heartache over the shattered wish and dreams in this character, the elder brother by Mr Ji Jin-Hee.

Besides, I'm equally impressed too by all cast members versatile acting skills in managing their multi- roles in Spring Days and in expressing the respective inner world feelings. For example, the character of the elder step-brother whom Mr Ji has to play the multiple roles such as:

1)As a child (suffered by the separation from his mother)
2)As a boyfriend being rejected
3)A step-brother to a new brother
4)A step-son to a new mother
5)Ultimately as a natural son to his mother

I sincerely believe "Spring Days" is a love story that really tests out the spirit of brotherhood between the step-brothers whereby at the end of the day "blood is thicker than water" prevails.

This drama depicts how the two step brothers manage their relationship after learning that both fall for the same girl. In part it could be due to the fact that the elder one have learned that his younger brother has always been acting in the interest of this brotherhood and doing so sensibly which has prompted the elder brother to opt out of this 3-party relationship after discovering where the girl's heart finally lies.

The elder brothers big heart shows when he finally conveys this message to his younger brother against his pride as a man which eventually brings a happy ending for the younger brother to be together with the girl who has been "living" in his heart.

This is truly a brotherhood love story from an Asian perspective. It's concept of love and romance is very different from those portrayed by the West. As such audience from Asia can connect very well with such storylines.

Although it is difficult to find if not impossible perfect love, perfect relationships or loyalty in romance in the real world, somehow I sincerely believe that K-dramas with their inspiring storylines packed with profound life philosophies would still influence us, the audience in a positive way to work towards a less imperfect world. In the long run helping us to preserve those good old Asian values and Asian identity!

Best regards,
Wee Fong-Fong