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    Default TVB Forum Series Index

    The Great Eunuch 《大太監》Ancient
    Ladder to Heaven 《天梯》Ancient
    The Prominent Family 《名媛望族》Pre-Modern
    Triumph in the Sky II 《衝上雲霄II》Modern

    7 Days In Life 《隔離七日情》Modern
    Curse Of The Royal Harem 《萬凰之王》Ancient
    Home Troopers 《居家兵團》Modern
    Forensic Heroes III 《法證先鋒III》Modern
    Ghetto Justice 《怒火街头》Modern
    Grace Under Fire 《女拳》Pre-Modern
    Lives of Omission 《潛行狙擊》 Modern
    Men with No Shadows 《不速之約》Modern
    Only You 《只有您》Modern
    Relic Of An Emissary 《 洪武三十二》Ancient
    River of Wine 《九江十二坊》Ancient
    Super Snoops 《荃加福祿壽探案》Pre-Modern
    The Life And Times of A Sentinel 《紫禁驚雷》 Ancient
    The Season of Fate 《五味人生》Pre-Modern
    The Rippling Blossom 《魚躍在花見》Modern
    The Other Truth 《真相》Modern
    Wax and Wane 《團圓》Modern
    When Heaven Burns 《天與地》Modern
    Yes Sir Sorry Sir 《點解阿Sir係阿Sir》Modern

    A Watchdog's Tale 《老友狗狗》 Modern
    The Comeback Clan《翻叮一族》 Modern
    Cupid Stupid 《戀愛星求人》 Modern
    The Exploration of Meeting Lines 《囧探查過界》 Modern
    A Fistful of Stances 《鐵馬尋橋》 Ancient
    Flirting Scholar 《秋香怒點唐伯虎》 Ancient
    Fly With Me 《飛女正傳》 Modern
    E.U. 2 《學警系列IV》 Modern
    Every Move You Make《 讀心神探》 Modern
    The Iron Horse Searches for the Bridge 《鐵馬尋橋》 Ancient
    Growing Through Life 《摘星之旅》 Modern
    Ghost Writer 《蒲松齡》 Ancient
    Gun Metal Grey 《刑警》 Modern
    Links to Temptation《 誘情轉駁》 Modern
    My Better Half 《老公萬歲》 Modern
    No Regrets 《巾幗梟雄之義海豪情》 Ancient
    The Mysteries of Love 《谈情说案》 Modern
    Sisters of Pearl 《掌上明珠》 Pre-Modern
    When Lanes Merge 《情越雙白線》 Modern

    2009 (tentative)
    A Bride for a Ride 《王老虎抢亲》 Ancient
    A Chip Off the Old Block 《巴不得爸爸》
    The Beauty of the
    Game 《美麗高解像》
    Beyond the Realm of Conscience 《宮心計》 (Grand Production) Ancient
    Born Rich 《金钱诱罪》 (Grand Production) Modern
    Burning Flame III 《烈火雄心III》 Modern
    D.I.E. Again 《古靈精探B》 Modern
    E.U. 《學警狙擊》 Modern
    A Great Way to Care 《杏林心處》 Modern
    In the Chamber of Bliss 《蔡鍔與小鳳仙》 Ancient
    The King of Snookers 《桌球天王》 Modern
    Pages of Treasures 《Click入黃金屋》 Modern
    Rosy Business 《巾帼枭雄》 Ancient
    The Stew of Life 《有營主婦》 Modern
    Sweetness in the Salt 《勝雪鹽棧》 Ancient
    The Threshold of a Persona 《ID精英》 Modern
    You're Hired 《絕代商嬌》 Modern

    Be My Guest 《志雲飯局》 (TV Talk Show)
    The Empress of the Office 《女皇辦公室》 Sitcom

    《刑警》 Modern Cop Series

    A Journey Called Life 《金石良缘》 Modern
    Catch Me Now 《盜亦有道》 Modern
    D.I.E. 《古靈精探》 Modern
    Forensic Heroes II 《法證先鋒II》 Modern
    Man in Charge 《幕後大老爺》 Ancient
    Moonlight Resonance 《家好月圓》 Modern
    The Four 《少年四大名捕》 Ancient
    The Gem Of Life 《珠光寶氣》 Modern
    The Greatness of a Hero 《盛世仁傑》 Ancient
    Last One Standing 《與敵同行》 Modern
    Legend of the Demi-Gods 《搜神傳》 Ancient
    Love Exchange 《疑情別戀》 Modern
    The Seventh Day 《最美麗的第七天》 Modern
    The Silver Chambers of Sorrows 《銀樓金粉》 Ancient
    The Master Of Tai Chi 《太極》 Pre-Modern
    The Speech Of Silence 《甜言蜜語》 Modern
    Wasabi Mon Amour 《和味濃情》 Modern
    Wars Of In-Laws II《野蠻奶奶現代版》 Modern
    When A Dog Loves A Cat《當狗愛上貓》 Modern
    When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West 《東山飄雨西關情》 Ancient
    Your Class or Mine 《尖子攻略》 Modern

    Off Pedder 《畢打自己人》 New Sitcom

    Strictly Come Dancing Season II Variety Show

    A Change Of Destiny 《天機算》 Ancient
    Best Bet 《迎妻接福》 Pre-Modern
    The Building Blocks Of Life《建築有情天》 Modern
    Dicey Business 《賭場風雲》 Modern
    The Drive Of Life 《歲月風雲》 Modern
    Heart Of Greed 《溏心風暴》 Modern
    Marriage of Inconvenience 《两妻时代》 Modern
    Men Don't Cry《奸人堅》 Pre-Modern
    On The First Beat 《學警出更》 Modern
    Phoenix Rising 《獄焰驚情》 Pre-Modern
    The Price Of Greed 《千謊百計》 Pre-Modern
    Slicing Of The Demons 《凶城計中計》 Ancient
    Steps 《舞動全城》 Modern
    Survivor's Law II 《律政新人王II》 Modern
    The Ultimate Crimefighter 《通天幹探》 Modern
    Word Twisters' Adventures《铁嘴银牙》 Ancient

    Strictly Come Dancing 《舞动奇迹》 Variety Dancing Show

    A Pillow Case of Mystery 《施公奇案》 Ancient
    At Home With Love 《樓住有情人》 Modern
    Bar Bender 《潮爆大狀》 Modern
    The Biter Bitten 《人生马戏团》 Modern
    C.I.B. Files 《刑事情報科》 Modern
    Dance of Passion 《火舞黃沙》 Pre-Modern
    Face to Fate 《布衣神相》 Ancient
    Forensic Heroes 《法證先鋒》 Modern
    Glittering Days 《東方之珠》 Pre-Modern
    La Femme Desperado 《女人唔易做》 Modern
    The Land Of Wealth 《匯通天下》 Ancient
    Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion 《覆雨翻雲》 Ancient
    Love Guaranteed 《愛情全保》 Modern
    Maiden's Vow 《鳳凰四重奏》 Mixed Eras
    Safe Guards 《鐵血保鏢)》 Ancient
    Trimming Success 《飛短留長父子兵》 Modern
    Under the Canopy of Love 《天幕下的戀人》 Modern
    Vagabond Vigilante 《游剑江湖》 Ancient
    War And Destiny 《亂世佳人》 Pre-Modern
    When Rules Turn Loose 《識法代言人》 Modern

    Always Ready 《隨時候命》 Modern
    Guts of Man 《肝膽崑崙》 Ancient
    Healing Hands I-III 《妙手仁心I-III》 Modern
    Into Thin Air 《人間蒸發》 Modern
    Just Love 《老婆大人》 Modern
    Life Made Simple 《阿旺新傳》 Modern
    Lost in the Chamber of Love 《西廂奇緣》 Ancient
    Love Bond 《心花放》 Modern
    Misleading Track 《奪命真夫》 Modern
    My Family 《甜孫爺爺》 Modern
    Real Kung Fu 《佛山贊師父》 Ancient
    Revolving Doors of Vengeance 《酒店風雲》 Modern
    Sunshine Heartbeat 《赤沙印記@四葉草2》 Modern
    Ten Brothers 《十兄弟》 Pre-Modern
    The Academy 《學警雄心》 Modern
    The Charm Beneath 《胭脂水粉》 Pre-Modern
    The Herbalist's Manual 《本草藥王》 Ancient
    The Last Breakthrough 《天涯俠醫》 Modern
    The Zone Modern
    Wars of In-laws 《我的野蠻奶奶》 Ancient
    Women on the Run 《窈窕熟女》 Modern

    Blade Heart 《血薦軒轅》 Ancient
    Greed Mask 《謎情家族》 Modern
    Hearts Of Fencing 《當四葉草碰上劍尖時》 Modern
    Placebo Cure 《心理心裏有個謎》 Modern
    Shades of Truth 《水滸無間道》 Mixed Eras
    Split Second 《爭分奪秒》 Modern
    Summer Heat 《心慌心郁逐個捉》 Modern
    The Conqueror's Story 《楚漢驕雄》 Ancient
    To Get Unstuck In Time 《隔世追兇》 Modern
    Twins Of Brothers 《大唐雙龍傳》 Ancient
    War And Beauty 《金枝慾孽》 Ancient

    Armed Reaction I-IV 《陀槍師姐I-IV》 Modern
    Aqua Heroes 《戀愛自由式》 Modern
    Dream of Colours 《下一站彩虹》 Modern
    Life Begins At Forty 《花樣中年》 Modern
    Lofty Waters Verdant Bow 《雲海玉弓緣》
    Net Deception 《追魂交易》 Modern
    Riches and Stitches 《鳳舞香羅》 Pre-Modern
    The "W" Files 《衛斯理》 Pre-Modern
    Survivor's Law 《律政新人王》 Modern
    Virtues of Harmony II 《皆大歡喜》 Modern
    Triumph in the Skies 《衝上雲霄》 Modern

    Colourful Life 《錦繡良緣》 Ancient
    Golden Faith 《流金歲月》 Modern
    Burning Flames II 《烈火雄心II》 Modern
    Invisible Journey 《彩色世界》 Modern
    Not Just A Pretty Face 《美麗在望》 Modern
    Square Pegs 《戇夫成龍》 Pre-Modern
    The Trust of a Lifetime 《情事緝私檔案》 Modern
    Vigilante Force 《智勇新警界》 Modern
    Where the Legend Begins 《洛神》 Ancient

    A Step Into The Past 《尋秦記》 Ancient
    Country Spirit 《酒是故鄉醇》 Pre-Modern
    Reaching Out 《美麗人生》 Modern

    A Matter of Customs 《雷霆第一關》 Modern
    At the Threshold of An Era 《創世紀》 Modern
    Crimson Sabre 《碧血劍》 Ancient
    Heaven Sword Dragon Sabre 2000 《倚天屠龍記》 Ancient
    Law Enforcers 《勇探實錄》 Modern
    Return of the Cuckoo 《澳門街》 Modern

    The Battlefield 《楚河漢界》 (1985)
    The Blood-Stained Intrigue 《神劍魔刀》 Ancient
    The Bund 《上海灘》 Modern
    Burning Flames I 《烈火雄心》 Modern
    Cold Blood Warm Heart 《天地男兒》 Modern
    Detective Investigation Files I-IV 《刑事偵緝檔案I-IV》 Modern
    The Disappearance 《隱形怪傑》 Ancient
    The Fallen Family 《武林世家》 (1985) Ancient
    The File Of Justice I-V 《壹號皇庭I-V》 Modern
    Game of Deceit 《騙中傳奇》 Modern
    Gods of Honour 《封神榜》 Ancient
    The Grand Canal 《大運河》
    Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 1986 《倚天屠龍記》 Ancient
    Looking Back In Anger 《義不容情》 Modern
    Love Is Beautiful 《無頭東宮》 Ancient
    The Mark of Triumph 《92鍾無豔》 Modern
    The New Adventure of Chor Lau Heung 《楚留香之蝙蝠傳奇》 (1984) Ancient
    The Reincarnated Princess (Gun Sai Yam / Guan Shi Yin)
    Romance of the White Haired Maiden 《白髮魔女傳》 Ancient
    Shell Game 2 (Chin Wong Ji Wong / Qian Wang Zhi Wang)
    Secret of the Heart 《天地豪情》 Modern
    State of Divinity 《笑傲江湖》 Ancient
    Thief of Time 《群星會》 Ancient

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    Default List of TVB Series and English Names from Wikipedia

    Found this - some of you might find it useful!

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    Default TVB Series List...


    Can anyone provide me a list of TVB Series with the EXACT year of release (from HK)? I google the net and can't find any truth source.

    1. At wikipedia, the accuracy is not good:
    As you see, the serie "Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love" is stated as 2003. I can tell you that this is false because this serie was released in 2002 because I have it!

    2. At SPCNET.TV, the accuracy is not good either:

    As you can see, the serie "The Last Breakthrough" is stated as 2005 (

    But you can find the same thing at 2004 (

    Thank you.
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    Thank you for posting this. Here are my thoughts:

    "E.N.I" looks interesting as the two main characters begin to work on major cases to tackle a criminal network. I enjoyed the first and second instalments and hopefully will be even better. Look forward to seeing Sammul Chan, who I think is a great actor and his character in this story is great.

    "Iron Horse" appears to a kung-fu comedy, which means it likely to be one of the pointless series that TVB run each year. I enjoy watching the fighting scenes with Yuen Wah and Yuen Chau; and I'm a big fan of Raymond Lam. Unfortunately, I don't think this is going to be a drama which can sustain itself for even twenty epsiodes being a comedy with no apparent plot. It's disappointing to know that Raymond will only be in at most one series next year.

    "Superwoman" has a good cast, but looks like an unrealistic comedy like "Iron Horse".

    "Rogue Merchants" and "Grand Entrepreneur" both have a great cast, but look too serious with complex family relationships and business affairs that featured in the series which flopped like "The Drive of Life" (60 episodes) and I might add "The Gem of Life" (which is 80 episodes - simply unsustainable).

    "General Chai" has a good cast with Damian Lau and Chow Hoi Mei, but I don't really like post-emperial period of China.

    "Heaven and Earth" has a good cast barring Kate Tsui (who simply can't act). The male cast (Nick Cheung, Bowie Lam and Moses Chan) is great. The idea behind this story is interesting but I'm uncertain if TVB can sustain in a drama as it features some intense conflict. I'm afraid it might end up like a disaster where everyone dies after everyone exerts revenge on one another.
    Overall, I don't think I'll be watching a lot of TVB next year. Hopefully, it turns out better than what I currently perceive.

    Weird - the last time TVB only planned one series for Raymond Lam was in 2005; in the same year Ron Ng featured in four series. In 2009, Raymond Lam is once again scheduled for one series while Ron Ng is scheduled for four.

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    Interesting ones: Palace Schemes, E.N.I, Rouge Merchants, heaven and Earth, Grand Entrepreneur

    The most appealing is 'Palace Schemes' with Tavia and Charmaine Simply gorgeous and intense scenes. The story is interesting and has a high potential and the characters especially Tavia's are splendid. I'm very keen on this series.

    I fully agree that 'E.N.I' also looks interesting and eyecatching Ron Ng said this series is better the the past installments since this one involved undercover story played by Ron himself and there will be many intense emotional elements. Interesting indeed . Police series are always exciting to watch

    'Rouge Merchants' look very strong too especially lead by Wayne and Sheren. It looks like 'Safe Guards' which was a very good series. Ron also in this he's in so many good series

    'Heaven and Earth' do have good casting and a provoking storyline. It has potential.

    'Grand Entrepreneur' looks great too with the grand casting but another business-family drama?

    The other series are either bland or look ridiculous.
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    Please include:

    Rural Hero (離島特警)
    Cast: Jackie Lui, Jessica Hsuan, Roger Kwok


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    Please update title of series thread:

    《天與地》 When Heaven Burns

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    Please add for 2012:

    Let It Be Love 《4 in Love》

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    Default 螳螂小子 mantis kid tvb series

    anyone know anything about the Mantis kid series?

    thanks for your help in advance


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    Hi ,

    Please also add " Missing You " , this is a very good series with Jason Chan & Linda Chung. Be prepare to bring a box of tissue
    when you watch this series. This is a recent series I find that is worth watching !!

    ** Also how come I don't see series such as "Off Pedder, & Come Home Love" ?

    Regarding "Come Home Love" in Episode 174 ...If someone who has also watched this episode can tell me... Tung Tung's pink diamond watch who was given to her by Bill - Does anyone know what brand name is the watch ? Is it an item only can be brought in HK ?? (I can not find a forum for "Come Home Love" ) Sorry !!!

    Thanks so much !

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    Have we added The Foundation 1984? It's not here yet:

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