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Thread: Eight Immortals (Ba Xian?)

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    Default Eight Immortals (Ba Xian?)

    Hello everyone:

    Would someone please give me a suggestion (or two ) for a good film (not television) version of the fable "Eight Immortals Crossing The Ocean"?

    I am interested in DVD, if available.


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    I think theres a movie version with Adam Cheng as one of the stars in it.
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    Thank you, Suet Seung.

    I checked on the movie with Adam Cheung and found:

    1. It has been out of print.

    2. The movie is a comedy.

    The version I am hoping to find is the story of the Eight Immortals who went to the longevity banquet of the Western Goddess and later crossed the ocean and got into the heavy fighting with the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea.

    I read the Vietnamese translation long time ago. I really enjoy the part of the story where the Eight Immortals use their enblems (fan, gourd, lotus, etc.) to carry them across the ocean. Also, the part of the story in which the Monkey King lent his support to the Immortals against the Heavenly Armies is one of my favourites.

    Maybe someday, someone will make a film version of this wonderful fable.

    Thanks again for your help.

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    i don't know if this what u have been looking for..Just give it a look..

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