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Thread: How to disable one's martial arts ability forever?

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    Default How to disable one's martial arts ability forever?

    I watched a lot of wuxia films since I was little and whenever someone wants to disable one's martial arts they would aim for the head with their palms. Is this the way to disable one's martial arts in novels? I am really curious because if they really did brought their palms down on someone's head then wouldn't that person be dead, considering the force?

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    they aren't trying to break the head but aiming for the hundred-meetings accuipoint on top of the head. the idea is to send chi through the accuipoints the wrong way and damage the veins and energy channels. also one way is to damage the energy channels connecting to the 'diantian' where inner power is stored. the hundred-meetings accuipoint is connected to all the important accuipoints, a strike on it can kill or disable. but a divine doctor or divine medicine can cure internal injuries and restore the exponents martial arts. or if the injured person practises a special high level inner power skill, he can heal himself and regain his inner power. the only effective way is to cut the tendons in the arms and legs to cripple them(as gongsunzhi did to qiuqisiu).
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