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Thread: Character Profiles for Wuxia RPG Game #2

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    Default Character Profiles for Wuxia RPG Game #2

    Each player who is playing the 'Create Your Own Wuxia Character Game! #2' please post only ONCE with the profile of your character.

    IF you need to update your profile, please use the edit icon instead of posting a reply.

    IF you wish people to know that your profile was updated, you can say Profile Updated and highlight the parts which were updated.

    If anyone has comments to make, please DO NOT post here. We have a discussion thread for the game

    for the game itself the thread is (no comments allowed in this thread either as the rules state)

    By the way, I think it would be nice if you all can develop your character profiles in order to give them more life, instead of being static and impersonal.
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    Default Profile of Akira the wanderer

    Name : only given as Akira
    Age : appears to be around 22-24
    Date of birth : unknown
    Place of Birth : what is present day Kyoto
    Physical : around 5’9”, thin and lean and in near perfect health condition

    Martial Arts : Soul of Sword
    This skill is the perfect embodiment of the sword and the user. Mastering it depends on the practitioner’s ability to balance all aspects of life and have a pure heart. A person who has mastered this skill no longer needs to rely on an actual sword for fighting. Swordsmen throughout the ages have always believed that their swords possessed a soul. Hence a master of this skill can manipulate any weapon as the soul of the weapon can be sensed. Combining a master of this skill and a sword forged with a pure soul will bond them spiritually. Once mastering this skill, everything comes forth from nothingness.

    Inner Energy : Elemental Flow of Natural Harmony
    Throughout the ages, people have always believed that all life in the world is created from the natural harmonic balance of the Five Elements (Earth, Wind, Water, Fire and Spirit). How each individual life acts depends on how it balances these elements. Giving favor to one or more elements over the rest will result in an imbalance which the shift the person’s soul. Usually people who are evil and corrupt tend to have a large favor in one direction while the remaining four are nearly non-existent. Each of these elements has their own power and a person who can balance these five elements, usually achieved through-
    1. control of the seven emotions
    2. respect of the five virtues
    3. spiritual peace and harmony
    4. a clear conscience and soul,
    will gain access to a power far beyond what can be ever imagined.

    Weapons : A sword (blade: 3’ length, handle 9” in length usually made of silk twined bamboo, the width of the blade at its widest is around 1”)
    The blade of the sword is made of very rare metal, and the sword is the first of its kind to be made with heat/fold techniques in Japan. The final blade resulted from being heated and folded over 1000 times. However unlike a traditional Japanese sword, this sword is not curved. Over the years due to use, the scabbard and handle has been repeatedly changed many times.
    A Trinity of Daggers (the blades of these three daggers are made from crystalline steel and quartz and carry no magnetic properties)
    Two of these daggers are no more then 6 inches in length while the third is about 1’, are made to be as thin as possible while carrying the strength of iron.
    Both the sword and these three daggers are extremely sharp weapons, with the sword having the ability to cut through 6 inches of pure steel if handled by a master user and the daggers having the ability to pierce through at least 3 human bodies if thrown well.

    Dress : Akira will always been seen wearing dark clothes, including a pair of black silk gloves. On his head he wears a black cloth covered wide rimmed had with a thin black veil around the rim surrounding his entire head. Hence not many people ever see his face. What many find strange (for those who have seen his face) is why he would cover himself.

    Skills : Akira is a master of the shadows, he can move around easily in stealth and is extremely hard to detect even by the most skilled opponents. His speed is faster then even that of lightning, having the ability to strike down several opponents within a split second. In his eyes, all the moves made by the enemy seem to be in a very slow motion, allowing him time to respond to their attacks quickly. At his optimum condition, he can shift from his spot strike an opponent (or opponents) and move back to his spot so quickly, it’s as if he never moved at all. He often uses an extremely fast single thrust technique with his sword that can kill a person instantly (if landing at the proper spot).
    He is very intelligent, observant, and cunning person. He prefers to use the minimum force to defeat an opponent, and when he strikes, it’s always at the opponent’s weak spot. However he is a silent person, keeping to himself often and just listening/observing the situation. Contrary to what people may think of him, he is an honorable and honest person, very loyal to his friends and will go through any hardship to protect those around him and the innocents. He cherishes all life, never harming both animal and plant life. Does not eat any form of meat nor vegetables, fruits are his basic diet. Nor does he enjoy killing, only inflicting death to those who deserve it, and even then it will be an instant painless death without any suffering. Draws his sword only when it is needed otherwise he will use his hands, leaves, broken branches, etc.
    Because he is a master of both the Soul of Sword and the Elemental Flow of Natural Harmony, he can withstand very powerful attacks from enemies. Sometimes a blow which would kill a first rate fighter would mean no more then a scratch to him. He possesses a fair knowledge of medicine, poisons and herbs which allow him to have a good chance of surviving if injured or poisoned.
    Aside from these two skills, due to his intelligence he can adapt to any form of weapon and attacks and will modify his style to fit the situation. He also will create any new temporary form/style using all his experience and understanding in order to gain an advantage over an opponent.

    Habits : He is a very neat and tidy person, all his belongings are properly taken care off and never allowed to be misused. He can often been seen (when not in a serious situation) sitting alone on top of a roof or a tree branch playing a sometimes sad, sometimes blissful melody on his flute. He has no desire for power, wealth nor fame often acting in mysterious and strange manners. Most of the time, his greatest actions go unnoticed, allowing him to move around freely without catching any attention.
    From several of his actions, it is safe to assume that he is a well cultured and educated person possibly of noble birth, though he pretends to be otherwise.

    Love Interest : A mysterious woman only known by the name of Minamoto Atsuko and a Han maiden he met during his adventures, Yue Liang. However his affection for Yue Liang is more like a brother to a sister then that of a lover. Sometimes he can bee seen buying small trinkets or toys for two people known as Sui’er and San’er. Who these two are remain a mystery but it can be guessed that they are two young girls he adopted as sisters as he is often heard referring to them as Little (San’er, Sui’er) and are assumed to be under the protection of Yue Liang.

    Friends : His closest friends are Master Lao and his disciples Tiang Chong, Yang Kiang, Nan Kuo Tang (Tang'er) and Doctor May Yin (future wife of Tiang Chong).

    Short Profiles of my support characters:

    Master Lao : Formerly a high ranking minister within the Imperial Court who resigned with the death of Emperor Hongwu (Zhu Yuen Cheng). Before Emperor Hongwu’s death, Master Lao was awarded with the Emperor’s Golden Jeweled Dragon Sword which can be used to punish anyone in the Emperor’s name. Master Lao is a master of medicine, feng shui, formations, martial arts and is very knowledgeable about many matters. Now he travels around Wulin helping anyone in need.

    Tiang Chong : A former high ranking commander in the Imperial Guard Regiment, was discharged when he was framed for a crime he did not commit. Now he travels with Master Lao acting as both disciple and bodyguard. His main weapon is a sword which he carries wrapped around his waist as a belt. (Age around 25)

    Yang Kiang : Also a former high ranking commander, resigned in protest to his best friend Tiang Chong’s innocence. Like Tiang Chong, he now travels with Master Lao acting as both disciple and bodyguard. His main weapon is a spear. (Age around 23)

    Nan Kuo Tang : Granddaughter of the late General Nan who fought alongside Zhu Yuen Cheng in their struggle against the Mongols. Being an orphan like Tiang Chong and Yang Kiang, she now travels with Master Lao as his adopted daughter and acts as a maid. (Age around 19)
    All three of them are loved by Master Lao as his children.

    Doctor May Yin: Descendent of a long line of famous doctors, she is very skilled in medicine. She was once engaged to Tiang Chong but just before their wedding day, her entire family was murdered and she was injured leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. Now she travels using a wheeled chair with the help of a priestess from Heng-Shen school. (Age around 22)

    Yue Liang : An orphan abandoned by her parents as a baby, she was raised by a hermit who lived in seclusion. She knows some martial arts and possesses a fair degree of lightness skills. Since the passing of her adopted father, she lives alone in a small hut in a remote area. Was rescued by Akira and Master Lao and group when people from a nearby village accused her of stealing and killing their livestock. Acts as a younger sister to Akira, keeping her affections for him to herself. Whenever Akira stops by to check in on her, she usually ends up mending his clothes or making new ones for him. She also possesses a fair knowledge of medicine and has a fair degree of inner energy. She also takes care of her two younger siblings San’er and Sui’er, who are orphans like her, adopted by her father. (Age around 18, 12 and 6 respectively)

    Minamoto Atsuko : Little is known about her except that for a brief moment in Akira's life they met and fell in love. However how they came to be apart is not explained (clearly a hidden secret of Akira's). She is always mentioned as being a few years older then Akira. From the fact that her surname is Minamoto, it can be assumed that she is a lady of noble birth. She is also mentioned to possess a skill in swords on par with Akira. (Age assumed to be around 27-29)
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    Name: Ling Feng (Ling Yun Jian Xing)
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Handsome if he isn't that nerd, scholarly looking.. 176 cm tall..
    Talents: Healing(times 10), Knowledge of poisons(sort of ZWJ)
    Inner Power: Ermm.. 7 I guess..
    Lightness Kung Fu: 7
    Martial Arts: Cloud-Approaching Swordplay (An ancient, extremely mysterious swordplay from the Spring-Autmn era, 770-476 BC, focuses on speed, precision, strength and most importantly, its qing清(simple yet destructive)
    Weapons: Cloud_Approaching Sword(an ugly piece of blade with a tip, and had ancient words carved on it), ordinary needles(for throwing)
    Background: During day, Ling Feng is an ordinary physician who cowers in fear in a fight. At night, he becomes the mysterious masked swordsman Ling Yun Jian Xing who recently terrorises Jiang Hu. He is also the disciple of Venom-Hands Medicine King(from the book: Other tales Of the Flying Fox) who should be the great great grandmaster of Cheng Ling Su as this is the Ming era. But, he has no need for using poison at all as he finds his swordplay unmatched. A decade ago, he managed to stumble upon the Cloud_Approaching Manual. He spent many years in Medicine king Manor practising it, and finally mastered the unorthodox skill. His intention of killing is unknown, but if one watches him kill carefully, one might notice his eyes are filled with bitterness, misery and hatred.

    Name: Qin Feng
    Personality: Pretty like Zhao Min.. well, i'm a Zhao Min fan..
    Martial arts: Zither Phoenix Swordplay and other Zither Phoenix kung fu..
    Qinggong rating: 8.5
    Neigong rating:6
    features: Striking resemblance to Ling Feng's ex-lover. Indescribable beauty.
    Backgroung: From a Korean female sect called Zither Phoenix sect. wants to show that women are not weaker to men in terms of kung fu.. wants to challenge China's wulin sects. Composed a song"Mei Li De Shen Hua" in Korean, and loves to play it on a zither, although the tune is super melodious, there is something sad about the tune, gives the listener the feeling of loneliness..
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    Default When I die, I wanna be buried face down so y'all can kiss my @$$!

    NOTE: I super-edited my character, because there was too much information given thus it made many things contradict. MORE UPDATES TO COME...

    [ Real Name: ] *Duan San-Si (Member of the Duan Royal Family)

    [ Alias: ] Yue Ying Zhi (Shadowmoon) & *Yang San-Si

    [ Gender: ] Male

    [ Age/Zodiac: ] 22/Dragon

    [ Height/Weight: ] Height: 182cm/69 kg

    [ Ethnicity: ] Mixed (Bai, Miao, Han)

    [ Appearance/Attire/Distinguishing Features: ]

    [ ]

    Yue Ying Zhi has long braided deep reddish-brown hair and blue eyes. He has blue eyes due to a certain incident (read the background history). His body type is lean and he is in optimal condition.

    His attire tells people that he is not from the Central Plains. He wears a mixture of black and crimson clothes with coral embroidered and leather accessories such as boots and gauntlets. He wears a black mask that covers the lower half of his face and neck (from the tip of his nose) down. His left ear is pierced, and he wears finger armor on all his fingers. He wears a silver necklace as well.

    [ Demeanor: ]
    Yue Ying Zhi is socially aloof, but is quite articulate, can be humorous, and has excellent communication skills. He is mature but still needs a lot of polishing when it comes to little things, such as flirting. He speaks Common with a slight accent. He can speak several languages.

    [ Martial Arts/Techniques/Training: ]
    Five Poisons Sect Martial Arts
    Five Poisons Sect Internal Power
    Five Poisons Sect Qing Gong
    *Yi Yang Finger

    [ Weapon Techniques/Swordplay: ]
    Flying Dagger Techniques of Five Poisons Sect

    [ Internal Power/Qing Gong: ]
    6 (Has average internal power)/8+ (has exceptional qing gong)

    [ Weapon(s): ]
    The Divine Zither
    On the outside, this mysterious zither has an imprint of a demonic looking hand engraved into it. It somewhat has a life of its own as it can detect who its owner is; if stolen from owner, the box will roar a constant deafening sound and will not open. Also, it can detect impending danger to a certain extent; in doing so the box roars and shakes violently, begging to be let out and "played." It is kept in an elegant and finely crafted box that has leather straps. It combines chi with music to attack and defend. It requires internal power of at least six to play; higher internal power uses less chi, but certain conditions also exist. Also, it requires proficiency in playing zither or else melody will kill/harm user and others in a 10 feet radius. The zither and box have several mysteries that have yet to be uncovered. So far, Ying Zhi has unraveled a few such as being able to manipulate the strings like a spider weaving a web and being able to detach them and use them like darts.

    Defensive Capabilities (discovered so far):
    -User has a choice of three defensive barriers, but only one barrier can be used at any one time although user can change barrier type at will; one barrier protects from inanimate projectiles, one from chi-based projectiles, and one from outside sources of sound.

    Offensive Capabilities (discovered so far):
    -dissipate chi
    -shatter inanimate objects
    -sever limbs
    -cause temporary or permanent deafness (depending on victim’s internal power)
    -cause temporary insanity (depending on victim’s internal power)

    Flying Daggers (recently acquired from a duel)

    [ Background History: ]

    Yue Ying Zhi is from Sichuan province. His father is assumed to be deceased and a Han "scholar" and his mother is Miao musician. Both are members of Five Poisons Sect. His aunt is the current leader of Five Poisons Sect, Li Fei-Yan. She instructed him in using two of the three treasures of Five Poison Sect. The three treasures of Five Poisons Sect are the Five Poisons Sect Manual (which includes martial arts), the Golden Snake Swordplay, and the Flying Daggers. Of the three, he did not learn the Golden Snake Swordplay.

    He had a strict childhood alternating between reading and writing and zither. During his late teens, he encountered one of Holy Dragons of Five Poisons Sect. Because it had attacked him and wrapped its body around him, the only way to escape was to kill it. In doing so, he drank the blood of the Holy Dragon. The result was that his eyes turned a frightening blue, and his sense of hearing was heightened (to this, he honed his skills to point where he can see without his using eyes) Also, he recently discovered that he was immune to poison, but suffers from frequent attacks to his internal energy.

    Killing the Holy Dragon is one of the biggest violations in sect rules punishable only by death, thus he abandoned the sect and became a wanted fugitive in three provinces of Yunan, Sichuan, and Guizhou.

    [ Supporting Characters (NPCs): ]

    Tao Mei Liu aka An Xin:
    [ Real Name: ] An Xin

    [ Alias: ] Tao Mei Liu

    [ Gender: ] Female

    [ Age/Zodiac: ] 25/Monkey

    [ Height/Weight: ] 165cm (5’5”) / 45kg (100 lbs.)

    [ Appearance/Attire/Distinguishing Features: ]

    [ ]

    An Xin has beautifully haunting eyes which are atypical for women from the Central Plains; these are her best facial features besides her rosy lips. She has long black hair but usually keeps it down and neat in the front, but strands in the back are braided. She usually wears some sort of headdress accessory. Her outfits are simple yet elegant. She wears earthly and neutral colors most of the time and nothing too flashy. She has a pair of pointy-toe, knee-high brown leather boots that she sports quite often.

    When she was young, she was very mischievous and climbed some trees. She fell and hit her cheek against some rocks. This is why she appears to have a dimple on the left side of her face; when seen from afar it looks like a dimple, but it is actually a scar.

    [ Demeanor: ]
    An Xin is independent and has a strong will. She has a weird but fiery temperament and an immense dislike for males who make a pass at her. She comes off as rather arrogant. She is intelligent but inpatient and often acts on feelings instead of thinking things through. She is the only daughter in her family, thus she is spoiled and doted on by everyone in her family.

    [ Martial Arts/Techniques/Training: ]
    The Way of the Shadow
    -Consists of Stealth Arts, Assassin Arts, and Internal Power Cultivation Skills (passed on to women only)

    Silent Death (Assassin Arts)
    -Its techniques are for small and medium sized bladed weapons.
    -Its techniques focus on quick and lithe moves, and target vital organs.
    -When fully mastered, the art form looks like someone dancing.

    Shadow Principle (Internal Power Cultivation Skill)
    -This technique is incomplete because the original manual was lost. Only the basic stances are left.
    -It amplifies all aspects of the Way of the Shadow.

    Silent Steps (Stealth Arts aka Qing Gong)
    -These series of techniques are elegant yet effective as the Way of the Shadow was passed down only to female practitioners. Once fully mastered, the user’s qing gong elevates to incredible levels. It is said that a master of this technique cannot be heard nor their footsteps be traced.

    [ Internal Power/Qing Gong: ] 4 (Has average internal power)/7+ (has exceptional qing gong)

    [ Weapon(s): ]
    -Twin Blades (twin curved long daggers with a detachable chain that can link both at the hilt)
    -Chain (Can be used as a whip and make trip and capture attacks)

    [ Background History: ]
    Her father was never around always running around on government business. She is the only daughter in the family and is often doted upon. Her father is a Han military and government official and her stepmother is a daughter of a Korean government official. An Xin is literate; she was taught by her father’s sworn brother, Imperial Scholar Tian.

    She was a good but spoiled child up until her mother’s death. Her father remarried but her personality changed. She was still spoiled but was often rebellious and mischievous. At one point, while being followed by her maids, she climbed a tree and slipped. She feel upon some rocks thus scarring her left cheek, however it does not resemble a scar rather it resembles a dimple. She also does not know how to cook. She recently learned how to make only Char Sui Rice.

    Her father and stepmother arranged for her to marry an official’s son; she never agreed nor met the guy. However, before that could happen, she ran away and befriended Tao Mei Liu, a Korean pugilist, who now resided in the Central Plains. This pugilist took her as a student and taught her everything she knew about “The Way of the Shadow.” Upon her master’s death, she took her name to disguise her true background and honor her master by keeping her legacy alive and joined her group, The Elite Seven, which consist of seven elite pugilists from Korea and China. She is the youngest and newest member.
    Shih Wen-Gong aka Elder Shih (sorry, couldn't find an ancient costume picture for this one):
    [ Real Name: ] Shih Wen Gong

    [ Alias: ] Elder Shih & Uncle Shih

    [ Gender: ] Male

    [ Age/Zodiac: ] Mid-50s/Rat

    [ Height/Weight: ] 172 cm (5’8”)/ NA

    [ Appearance/Attire/Distinguishing Features: ]

    [ ]

    Uncle Shih as he likes to be called is an unusual man. He has aged somewhat well for someone who is in his mid-50s; he still looks at least 10 years younger. His hair is still black with patches of gray. He has an usual smile on his face and a wide range of facial expressions that can make people happy, laugh, or repelled.

    [ Demeanor: ]
    He is a man of good humor and knows how to make people laugh. He is also known to a be a notorious prankster. His attitude is mostly positive. His words of wisdom are often hidden or blatant depending on how the others project their thoughts. He still feels like he is in his 20s and knows when to appreciate good women but not in a perverse way, although he often wipes his drool when he sees a knockout. Overall, he knows when it is time to be silly and time to be serious.

    [ Martial Arts/Techniques/Training: ]
    Huashan Swordsmanship
    Huashan Internal Power
    Huashan Qing Gong

    [ Internal Power/Qing Gong: ] 7 (Has above average internal power) / 5 (Has average qing gong)

    [ Weapon(s): ]
    Metal Rod
    -A thick, heavy, blunt metal rod shaped and decorated like a sword.

    [ Background History: ]
    Not much is known about Uncle Shih other his love of wine and women and him being a sworn brother of Yue Ying Zhi’s father, Yang (Duan) Tian Shou. He carries a thick metal rod that is shaped like a sword. He carries this around instead of a long sword, because he once hurt innocent people accidentally thus he swore he would never carry a sword as a weapon again. He does not talk much about his days at Huashan but a curious Yue Ying Zhi would like to know.
    Mu Yang Mi:
    [ Real Name: ] Mu Yang Mi

    [ Gender: ] Female

    [ Age/Zodiac: ] 23/Horse

    [ Height/Weight: ] 170cm (5’7”) / 55kg (120 lbs.)

    [ Appearance/Attire/Distinguishing Features: ]

    [ ]

    Mu Yang Mi can be described as one of the Miao beauties of her time. She is fair skinned, has atypical round eyes, and face. She looks like a typical girl from the Central Plains except she is dressed in Miao clothing that mixes and matches black and blue hemp and silk fabrics.

    She ties her hair back but lets her bangs hang down by her cheeks; she braids her bangs with beads. She wears a Miao silver necklace indicating her heritage.

    On missions, she usually wears mostly black and a veiled wicker hat to mask her face. She also wears an additional mask to cover the lower half of her face.

    [ Demeanor: ]
    Mu Yang Mi is the eldest daughter of two. Her younger sister is Mu Xiong Mi. Mu Yang Mi is the dutiful daughter. She does things without question. She is quiet and does not express herself much. However, this hides the fact that she is an emotionally strong woman.

    [ Martial Arts/Techniques/Training: ]
    Miao Twin Sabre Arts
    -This style is similar to the military saber arts except it focuses on reach with sweeping arcs and wicked speed and requires the use of two sabers.

    Five Poison Sect Internal Power
    Five Poison Sect Qing Gong

    [ Internal Power/Qing Gong: ] 4 (Has average internal power) / 5 (Has average qing gong)

    [ Weapon(s): ]
    Twin Miao Sabers
    -These sabers are unique to the Miao as they are not the typical military saber. They are more slender and have longer reach thus anyone trained in Miao Twin Saber Arts can wield two at the same time. They look like curved long swords.

    [ Background History: ]
    Being born into Miao society, Mu Yang Mi has no knowledge of affairs of the world outside her own. She has only recently began to learn about them after joining Five Poisons Sect. Her father is an expert swordsman and thus passed her his knowledge and arts. She is a quick learner and a serious student.

    She is childhood friends with Yue Ying Zhi, who she knew as Yang San-Si. At first, both only saw each other as friends, but a certain incident brought them closer. Yue Ying Zhi sees her as a potential partner but is not interested in the idea of settling1 down when his heart yearns to wonder the world. Her feelings for him are quite subtle and often times she tries to mask them. Since she worries that her feelings might not be returned and fears that once she tells him, their friendship would fall apart. Therefore, she is quite hesitant to tell him and would rather keep stability.
    Mu Xiong Mi:
    [ Real Name: ] Mu Xiong Mi

    [ Gender: ] Female

    [ Age/Zodiac: ] 18/Hare

    [ Height/Weight: ] 165cm (5’5”) / 42kg (92 lbs.)

    [ Appearance/Attire/Distinguishing Features: ]

    [ ]

    Mu Xiong Mi is fair skinned, has atypical round eyes, but a longer facial structure. She is not considered as comely as her elder sister, because she is thinner and looks younger than she really is. She is usually dressed in Miao clothing that mixes and matches black and blue hemp and silk fabrics, but she sports a black cape lined with fur.

    She ties her hair back but lets her bangs hang down by her cheeks; she braids her bangs with beads and wears flowery material to decorate her hair. She wears a Miao silver necklace indicating her heritage.

    On missions, she usually wears mostly black and a veiled wicker hat to mask her face. She also wears an additional mask to cover the lower half of her face.

    [ Demeanor: ]
    Mu Xiong Mi is the youngest daughter of two. Her older sister is Mu Yang Mi. She is the opposite of Mu Yang Mi. Although she is somewhat dutiful, she dislikes being bound by rules and regulations. She is still immature and quick to act on emotion and usually gets into situations that are way over her head. She is very vocal and lets everyone know when she is not very happy. She looks to her sister for guidance and emotional support.

    [ Martial Arts/Techniques/Training: ]
    Miao Twin Sabre Arts
    -This style is similar to the military saber arts except it focuses on reach with sweeping arcs and wicked speed and requires the use of two sabers.

    Five Poisons Sect Internal Power
    Five Poisons Sect Qing Gong

    [ Internal Power/Qing Gong: ] 3 (Has low internal power) / 5 (Has average qing gong)

    [ Weapon(s): ]
    Twin Miao Sabers
    -These sabers are unique to the Miao as they are not the typical military saber. They are more slender and have longer reach thus anyone trained in Miao Twin Saber Arts can wield two at the same time. They look like curved long swords.

    [ Background History: ]
    Having a carefree attitude and being somewhat of a tomboy, Mu Xiong Mi has some knowledge of affairs of the world outside her own. She is not a full-fledge member of Five Poisons Sect but looks to follow her sister’s footsteps. She is not a serious student and tends to gossip and daydream. She is only average in swordplay.

    She has a major crush on Yue Ying Zhi and proclaims to be his significant other. He sees her only as a younger sister. Her antics amuse him and does not take them seriously as he figures that she still has a lot of growing up to do.
    Li Fei-Yan:
    [ no profile available at the moment ]
    YYZ's aunt and leader of 5 Poisons Sect...
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    [ 空蕩的街景 想找個人放感情 做這種決定 是寂寞與我為鄰...我們的愛情 像你路過的風景 一直在進行 腳步卻從來不會為我而停...給你的愛一直很安靜 來交換你偶爾給的關心 明明是三個人的電影 我卻始終不能有姓名...你說愛像雲 要自在飄浮才美麗 我終於相信 分手的理由有時候很動聽...給你的愛一直很安靜 來交換你偶爾給的關心 明明是三個人的電影 我卻始終不能有姓名... 一直很安靜 ]

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    Default Wang Zong Yueh

    Name : Wang Zong Yueh

    Sex: Male

    Age: 24

    Martial Arts: Tai Chi
    EDIT: In the course of the story he had also learned 9 Yang and the Collapsing Mountain Stroke Manual.

    Weapon: Sword (Tai Chi Sword Style)

    Internal Power: 6.5 Using Tai Chi's ability on using the enemy's own energy, he has a chance defeat enemies with energy rating of up to 8. At 8.5 or above, he can defend himself for a while but probably unable to attack back, and in a prolonged fight he will lose.
    EDIT: After learning 9 Yang his internal energy has gradually moved to 8. Now he has a chance to defeat those w/ energy rating of up to 9. Will lose in a prolonged fight to those with 9+ energy rating.

    Other skills: Rudementary herbal and medicinal knowledge

    Background: He studied ONLY Tai Chi and have become very adept at it. Because of his sole focus on tai chi, he cannot initiate an attack in a fight. Further his response on an attack depended on how strong the enemy's attack is. The stronger the attack, the more damage he can dish out (using the enemy's own energy). However, if the enemy is a low level fighter, he can only dish out a correspondingly small amount of damage.
    Edit: The last sentence no longer applies when he combined 9 Yang with Tai Chi.

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    Real Name: Yeung YueYou (meaning happy and friendly). However, early in the fic, she will appear as an older male and under the name of Lam ChangCong (Uninhibited and intelligent)
    Age: 20 yo female disguising as a 45 yo male
    Gender: Female
    Pertinent facts: this historian is still new so not much is known about him except for the fact that he is the best as he has the most unbiased account of events...and among all the historians, he possesses the best martial arts. s/he earns a living by telling selected accounts of the molam events to an audience who's willing to pay.

    Martial Arts: 1) Dragonfly Sword Stance
    Inner Power (from a scale of 1-10): 5; later on in the story, her inner power is 8
    Weapon: a sword hidden in her flute
    Talents/skills: great culinary skills, great with disguises (but not fully a master of disguise), knowledgable with wulin history (she is an historian afterall); later on in the story, she possesses rudimentary herbal/medicinal knowledge
    Features: 5 feet 4 inches, 99 pounds. very frail looking for someone who's so powerful. As a young girl, she is quite beautiful but her most appealing quality is her very captivating pair of eyes that speaks louder than words...eyes so wise looking that when dressed as a 45 yo, others do not doubt her disguise.

    Background: Yeung YueYou's entire household of 77 was killed when she was 5 yo and she was spared for a crazy man saved her in time. it is later revealed that she is xiao chao/ziao's daughter and yuen jie's niece (her father's side). Her real name is actually Yuen YueYou. currently she is suffering memory loss and is traveling with likang...never once believing her past with wang zong yueh who has master the collapsing mountain strokes with her.

    not that it matters to anyone, but i imagine yang mi taking on this role...
    here's her look for the rpg when dressed as a girl!

    i esp love the second pic.
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    Name: Tian Huang Long (天 皇龙)

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Martial Arts: Heavenly Dragon Nei-Gong

    Techniques: Jiu Long Mai (9 Dragon Pulse), Long Qi Lun (Dragon Qi Cycle) & Long Wei Xia Fan{Level 6/10} (Dragon Falling To Earth)

    Inner Power : 7

    Lightness : 8

    Weapons: You Long(The Dragon) & Tian Tao(The Heaven’s Fall)

    Features: 1.75m tall and muscular. His hairstyle consists of a ponytail and matching spiky hair-do. His cold blue eyes show emptiness and rave the complexity of thoughts moving through his mind. Downing a long overcoat of blue concealing a brown gown underneath it, he looks like a typical son of an affluent businessman.

    Character: Inculcated from young by his mother, Huang Long has a heart of gold. Often after seeing his “shifu” injuring his opponents, Huang Long would use his Dragon Breath Cycle technique to heal the injured. He firmly believes that the 9 Dragon Pulse passed on to him is not meant for killing innocent lives and refrains from using his maximum strength in fights. However his righteous nature encourages him to help the suffering and bullied, and this often leads to him being reprimanded by his “shifu” for being to kind.

    Background: The youngest son of the late Heavenly Dragon Sect leader Tian Wai Long, (天外龙) he is the only surviving member of the family, after a plague wiped out the rest of his village. Huang Long managed to completely inherit only two of his family’s wide range of fighting and healing techniques, because he was only 14 when his family passed away. He inherited the sacred manuals passed down by his ancestors but they fell into the evil hands of his “shifu”, Shen Mo, who was jealous and wanted the techniques for himself.

    Information: Being part of the Heavenly Dragon Sect Huang Long had a solid foundation of the techniques required to display the awesome power of the 9 Dragon Stance. The height of the true essence of the 9 Dragon Stance when accompanied by the Chu Zhaonan the skill is almost undefeatable. He secretly hides a copy of the manuals which were forcefully taken away from him by his master and hopes that someday he can release himself from the clutches of his evil “shifu”.
    "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." "不闻不若闻之,闻之不若见之,见之不若知之,知之不若行之" Confucius

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    The Wang Twins

    Name: Wang Jian Yi

    Age: 25

    Status: Secret disciple of ZWJ

    Martial Arts: 9Yang, QKDNY, TaiJi Quan etc. (inherited all of ZWJ's martial arts) and Cui Ye 9 Yang Palm, taught to him by ZWJ.

    Internal power rating: 8+

    Qing Gong rating: 8+

    Weapon usage: Mainly barehanded, but if in need uses a sword.

    Info: 1.85m tall, Lean yet well bulid, cool and relaxed expression, scar on left forearm, good looking but not handsome. Roaming Jiang Hu looking for friendly duels to improve himself as well as making lifelong friends. Currently experiences his first crush/love...

    Skills info:

    Fully mastered of this art from.

    Has only reached up to stage 5. Currently reaching level 6.

    Sacred Fire Divine Skill
    Has learned but have not used it.

    Taji Quan/Sword
    Mastered fully.

    Cui Ye 9yang palm
    Mastered all levels of it. There are 10 levels as taught to him by ZWJ.


    Name: Wang Wu Jian (Sightless)

    Age: Same as Wang Jian Yi; 25

    Appearance: Identical as Wang Jian Yi

    Status: Long lost twin brother of Wang Jian Yi who was separated by birth.

    Neigong rating: 8+

    Qing gong rating: 7+

    Skills: Knowledge of all ZWJ’s skills and many other unorthodox skills. Fully mastered the Heavenly Crippled Foot skill.

    Weapons: able to use any weapon.

    Background: If Wang Jian Yi were to be held as a good guy, then Wang Wu Jian would be his complete opposite. (Not entirely bad yet still bad when compared with Jian Yi.)

    Separated by his brother several months after they were born, due to an attack on their house hold by a mysterious highly skilled pugilist who sought after the household’s secret kung fu manual. A follower of the pugilist saved his brother (Wang Jian Yi), as he could not bear to fulfill his master’s commends of slaughtering the entire household. Yet this follower could not saved both brothers for fear of his master knowing. Grabbing Jian Yi, he dashed off while Wu Jian was left in the arms of his near dying mother. The entire house was on fire and all assumed to be dead… yet nothing is what it seems…
    At the age of 19 when Jian Yi left ZWJ and ZM for Mt. Wudang, ZWJ was traveling to town to obtain supplies when he saw a group of mid-aged men beating up a youngster as this youngster was caught stealing food and money from them. ZWJ wanted nothing to with this, yet a glimpse at the youngster’s face changed at that. He was looking at his beloved disciple being pummeled to death.
    Interfering and thus saving Wu Jian from death, ZWJ took him home and took him as his second disciple.
    Because of the identical looks of the two, ZM then theorized that the two maybe be long lost brothers. Hopping that Wu Jian is very much like Jian Yi; ZWJ began to impart all his skills to him very much like how he did to Jian Yi.
    But Wu Jian was never like his brother. Because of 19years of suffering in the streets, Wu Jian’s thoughts and mentality focused on the darker sides of things: Personal glory, personal benefits, revenge etc. Because of this, Wu Jian found that he could master his master’s QKDNY and the Persian Sacred Fire faster and easier then his brother. Yet when it came to orthodox skills such as 9yang; Wudang Kung fu etc, he could not master them simply because his mindset was firmly trenched in the dark ways.
    His master and ZM came to know that in time and decided to use his brother as an example in the hopes that he would follow in Jian Yi’s footsteps. But it backfired. Wu Jian grew to hate his brother that he never knew deeper and deeper as both ZWJ and ZM continued their unending praises of Jian Yi.
    At the age of 23, after learning and memorizing all of his master’s skills, Wu Jian left the couple and roamed Jiang Hu learning all unorthodox skills that he came across in the hopes of facing his brother and beating him to show that he was way stronger then what ZWJ and ZM thought and then the dark side of things were much superior.
    In possession of the Banishing Light Swordsplay that is so long lost in the realm of Wulin that no one alive knows about them.
    Although hatred flows deep in Wu Jian’s veins… Deep down he still cares a lot for his master and his well being.

    Updated the profiles of my twins...
    " Forgo your past and embrance the future OR abandon your future to save your past?"

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    Name: Ban Meihua (瓣 梅&#33457
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Hobbies: Reading, calligraphy, and practicing kungfu
    Martial Arts: Studied the 9yin manuel, knows Ancient Tomb sect kungfu, and Divine Flicking Skill created by the Peach Blossom Island Master
    Inner Power (from a scale of 1-10): 7
    Weapon: A flute and fan (can use a sword, but prefers flute and fan)
    Features: 5 feet 2 inches, around 100 lb, petite, long black hair that's usually tied up.
    Background: When Ban Meihua was born during an ill-fated event, which resulted in her being abandoned. She was then found by a slaver and was then sold to a brothel when she was 7. She didn't like it there and soon ran away, where she lived her life as an orphan wandering around with no purpose. After a few years living the street life she was then taken under the wing of a woman who taught her kungfu. The woman was very kind and caring. That woman came to be known as her Shi Fu and has raised her ever since. Although it's unknown how her Shi Fu knows the 9yin manuel, and Ancient Tomb Sect kungfu.
    She had just recently found out she is the daughter of Shen Mo and helped him in plotting the downfall of Shaolin. Even after his "death", although now she has many doubts. Currently Meihua is following Wang Zong Yueh around (or at least is always nearby), and seems to have started to really like him.
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    Here's my character.

    Name: Da Tou (literally "Big Head")

    Age: 37

    Status: right-hand man of Shen Mo, clan leader of a small clan in Southern Central Plains, blind, big head, white hair

    Weapon: a wooden rod given by Shen Mo.

    Martial arts: Unknown only Shen Mo knows.

    Internal Power: 8+

    Lightness: 8+

    Favourite Line: "Just call me Da Tou."

    Info: Seems to have a bigger head than most ordinary people. He is also blind (he have no eyeballs at all, being digged out) due to an incident when he was harmed by his father's enemies. Now he is the right-hand man of Shen Mo. Nobody knows his real name, they just call him Brother Da Tou.

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    Name: Li Kang

    Sex: Male

    Age: 28

    Martial Arts: Demon's Waltz Swordplay (Imperfect) and Japanese Iaido sword art. A small amount of taiji. he understands the concept of it, but has yet to put it to use.

    Info about the Demon's Waltz Swordplay: It is not known how Li came across this art. Very few people have seen Li display this art since it consumes a lot of his qi. If it were not for his tuberculosis, he could perform this art without any hinderance.

    Weapon: Bamboo sword which conveniently looks like a cane.

    Appearance: 179cm tall. Facial features pleasing to the eyes and scruffy facial hair. Green Eyes. Long black hair tied in a pony-tail. Lean Build.

    Internal Power Rating on a Scale of 1-10: 7, but operating at 6

    Technique Rating:10

    Lightness Kung Ku Rating: 9, but operating at 7

    Info: Spent last 5 years in Japan where he integrated Japanese Matial Arts with Chinese Martial arts. Suffers from tuberculosis. Frequently using his nei gong to fight the disease, which stops him from using his nei gong at optimal power. Integrated Iaido Swordmanship with his own in an effort to not draw out battles that could negatively affect his illness. He is currently looking for someone to cure him of his illness. He can get arrogant sometimes.

    *I promise to update this profile very soon*
    Formerly DuGu Qiu Bai

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    Name: Li Xiao Sheng [李小笙]

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Physical appearance: Can be considered pretty but face was marred by a light knife scar on the right cheek. 5'6" (1.67m) tall and slim.

    Personality: Generous and friendly because parents are those humble generous kind of people who likes to do charity. Has gone through a period of sadness and introverted behavior after the scarring but has since gotten over it. Less jovial than she used to be, but still generous and friendly. Addition: she values life.

    Martial Arts: Ling Bo Wei Bu, 6 Mai Shen Jian and Bei Ming Shen Gong. All 3 martial arts were taught by a wandering xia ke (who has since became her teacher) after she saved his life when she was 15. Other basic fighting skills. Ice Frost Palm (entry level)

    Internal Power: 6.5+

    Lightness: 8+

    Weapon: None, but carry around some fainting power.

    Other skill: Knowledge in medicine and herbs

    Other ability: She can learn things fast because she has a very good memory. So, she can re-execute moves only after seeing them once, but it will usually be inferior to the real stuff because she does not know the principle behind it (got practical but no theory).

    Brackgound: Comes from a rich merchant family specialised in trading medicinal product. Both parents are alive and has 6 older brothers. Grows up normally and lives a generally happy life except for the scarring incident which left her some difficulty in getting good marriage proposal. Currently traveling around to see the world. The scar on her face was caused by a crazy woman (see Duan Fei info) who mistaken her as her teacher's love interest.

    Otherf info: In love with Wang Jian Yi. Loved by Wang Jian Yi and Huai Suan. A fan of Dr.Shui.


    Name: Duan Fei [段飞]

    Gender: Male

    Age: 38

    Appearance: Very Handsome with a well-built body.

    Internal Energy Level : 8-9

    Lightness : 9+

    Skills: BMSG, 6MSJ, LBWB, Ice Frost Palm (can Frost opponent, and surroundings), some other martial art skills (haven't thought up the exact martial art yet. So, feel free to name anything if u guys use him to fight)

    Info: A wanderer. Dali citizen. Related to Xiao Yao Sect but not related to Duan royal family. Use to have a woman really crazy about him who poisoned him to force him to marry her. Poison healed by Li Xiao Sheng. Crazy woman has later become a nun.
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    Default New Character

    Name: Shi Hei Long
    Sex: Male
    Age : 30

    Looks: Good-Looking. Lack of Jianghu experience. 5ft 9in tall.

    Inner Strength: Shaolin Yi Jin Jing (Max 10 Level, mastered till 9th level) - 9


    1. Shaolin Jin Zhong Zhao (Golden Bell) Max 12 Level, mastered till 10th Level. Weakness acupoint - at the throat 2inches wide. ability to withstand high level of damage without hurting oneself and reflecting 50% back to the opponent. Understand that achieving max of 12 level, you can be invincible, but no one has achieved that before, even Damo Zu. Need a very high level of internal energy to break thru.

    2. Ru Lai Shen Zhang - Mastered completely all 10 strokes. Most powerful 10th stroke - Tian Shang Di Xia, Wei Wo Du Zun.

    1st stroke - Fo Guang Chu Xian
    2nd stroke - Jing Ding Fo Deng
    3rd stroke - Fo Dong Shan He
    4th stroke - Fo Ye Fa Wo
    5th stroke - Wan Fo Gui Yi
    6th stroke - Fo Dong Jia Lan
    7th stroke - Fo Guang Zai Xian
    8th stroke - Wan Fo Chao Zhong
    9th stroke - Fo Fa Wu Mian

    Weapons: Not a user of weapons.

    Was an orphan, picked up by a monk and raise him. The monk teaches all the moral values and martial arts. After 25 years in Shaolin, his teacher passes away. Not willing to stay in Shaolin forever and feeling that he doesnt have the will to be a monk, he slips out and decides to roam around JiangHu. Though equipped with high level of martial arts, he has not actually use them in a real fight before and no idea how high damage it will cause to others. Esp with his max level Ru Lai Shen Zhang.
    Always avoiding trouble affairs, cause with his Jin Zhong Zhao, he can substain high level of damage without hurting.
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    Thumbs up RPG Profile for *WuxiaRpgThread*

    Name: Bao Jiang

    Alias: Demon Lotus of the North Or Jiang Khan

    Sex: Male

    Age/Zodiac: 22/Dragon

    Height/Weight: 6'3, 165 Pounds

    Appearance/Attire/Distinguishing Features: Bao Jiang is a tall Mongol Warrior with Short spiked red hair, Very Muscled, with Green Eyes inhereted from his father a Famous Khan, he wears a Torn Black Kimono that he took from his dead teacher, and his upper Torso is Bandeged from his many Battles.
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