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Thread: Who is the best Yang guo and best Xiao long nu?

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    I like the 1995 version a lot. But one thing upsets me. The encounter between yang guo and xioa long nu at the bottom of the valley is not impressive. Actually i expect something else which is more touching. When yang guo was examining the hut in which xiao long nu lived, she stepped in, I expected yang guo to rush towards her in tears and so did xiao long nu. But ......dont know what to say. it seemed like they were not really emotional to see each other after being 16-year apart. I indeed watched that version on tv programme since i was in primary school, i liked it a lot, but never had a chance to keep up till the end coz u know, .....class.........., just started to rewatch last week and now was so long.Now doing master degree. I watched some clips of the 06 version on the same part (the encounter counter at the bottom of the valley), it was more touching comparing to the 95 version. Despite being aged, upon seeing xiao long nu, yang guo acted like a kid as he once did in the old tomb. It reminds me one saying"Love can't make a kid to act like an old, but an old to act like a kid.) I'm planning to watch the 06 version soon, now still downloading, any comments?I dont know chinese,so does the version come along with eng sub,i can't review yet. if u guys have the sub, attach it to my email: [email protected]. Thanks in advance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Asahi View Post
    I like the 1995 version a lot. But one thing upsets me. The encounter between yang guo and xioa long nu at the bottom of the valley is not impressive. Actually i expect something else which is more touching. When yang guo was examining the hut in which xiao long nu lived, she stepped in, I expected yang guo to rush towards her in tears and so did xiao long nu. But ......dont know what to say. it seemed like they were not really emotional to see each other after being 16-year apart.
    Whenever I clean my house, especially wiping off dust, I always remember YG ('95 version)--the part when he exclaimed "there's no dust, there's no dust!"

    I thought their reunion scene was quite touching in a non-mushy way. It was well done than the 80's and '06's versions, IMO. I hate the encounter in the 06 version; to me it was lame.

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    I think I'm one the odd one out here but I'm still proud to admit that my fav is still the 1998 Richie and Jacklyn version, despite that version earned ALOT of criticism for so many differences compared to the novel. Black XLN, changes to couple of parts, etc etc; but the choreography of that version is like imprinted in my head forever. I still can remember clearly that omg-so-cool scene from that ROCH version, when Richie's YG and Jacklyn's XLN team up and showed their Jade Maiden Sword Stance for the very first time in front of all the jianghu folks in that big meeting. Dismissing the fact which that version was the most unoriginal, i liked the acting it that. I don't feel bored or agitated watching that(very entertained instead)compared to the 2006 version which i gave up watching cause' i couldn't stand the too-much-drama
    I've watched Andy's, Louis's and HXM's version too, but the one version that still stuck to my head till this day is still the so-called sucky Richie version.
    I so much preferred the acting in the 1998 compared to the 2006 version..i tried watching that one, but it's just over-dramatic and over acting to me although yes, LYF brought out the XLN of the novel. Only thing was her age, XLN was suppose to look a lil' older than YG in the beginning of the novel and yet youthful for her age (though overtime, yes, YG got so much older looking due to the sorrow separation) For that, my preferred XLN is probably Carmen Lee. Elegant, graceful, matured and yet youthful looking at the same time...CL in that was like how Jin Yong described XLN: beautiful and elegant beyond convention but appears cold and indifferent

    Jacklyn's black XLN probably made alot of ppl went: "OMG, u call that XLN??", but i still enjoyed it. Probably cause' it was special to me and different from the original cold-maiden-in-white-robe persona..She did alright too in that, though not as pretty as CL or fairly-looking like LYF, she's still beautiful in her own manner and preserves XLN outside-cold-inside-warm demeanor

    As for YG, as much as I adore the sucky 98 version, I think Andy Lau was the best YG in the sense of acting. Rebellious, playful but yet passionate and loyal youth going to a mature, loving and heroic man; longing to be together with his one true love. Andy Lau did the best, from all the 4 YG i've watched. Louis had the charm and love, but his portrayal as the early YG wasn't that convincing. Richie's one was yes, playful and rebellious in the early days of YG but somehow, i dunno, it LACKS that cool aura of an heroic been-through-so-much character as the Condor Hero in YG later years. As for HXM, too much acting and drama...=.=

    Anyways, everyone has their own version of YG, XLN and ROCH but i think we can all agree that, ROCH is one of the best and memorable wuxia masterpiece. My respect and thanks to Jin Yong for his hardwork with his superb imagination and mind to bring us that wuxia story and so much more...

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    In my opinion, Andy Lau's one was the best. I didnt really watch the other versions, but HXM's one was horrible...

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    I havenít watched any other versions beside ROTCH Ď95 and ROTCH Ď06 so I will have to only compared between the two.
    Yang Guo ó
    Louis Koo: I think Louis had the handsome look that matched this character, but he was too clean cut. I understand that YG is YKís son, but his growing up was different. Heís not a little prince. He was too pale, and I have to agree with someone who already mentioned this but he looked more like a scholar than a fighter. Why didnít they choose a younger kid to play the young YG? Louis def did not pass for the early YG look.
    HXM: He was 28 playing the role, hence, the crew used a kid playing the 14 yr old part. Iím really glad they did. However, I was still a little frustrated when he played the older Yang Guo in the first quarter of the drama. I donít think he still suited that, although his acting as kiddish and playful was rather natural. On the good side, I have to say he looked superb as the older YG. So handsome and dangerous. To me, Louis is more handsome than HXM but his post-16 yr look was too average. HXM has that down to earth look of Yang Guo when he has experienced all the vengeance, hate, bitterness of the world, the ups and downs of love, and the loss and given of a lover ó this Louis did not have.
    Xiao Long Nu ó
    Carmen Lee: Okay, I have to say she was extremely gorgeous. There was hardly any actress in TVB at that time whose look was up to par with Louis, let alone over. Next to Louis, her appearance was not overshadowed. Although many people say that she has that cold look, I think too much coldness is a minus. I think the good thing is that her eyes were very round and naive which appropriately showed the innocence in XLN. However, unlike most people who thought XLN is supposed to look older than Yang Guo (which is false), I think she looked a bit old for the role. Also, Carmen had the ghostly part of XLN but lacked the fairy part in which XLN also has.
    Crystal Liu: She possessed both the fairy/ghostly look and was drop dead gorgeous as well. People say Crystal isnít as cold as Carmen, but I beg to differ. In actual life, sheís actually the queen of ice. However, I am very glad that coldness of her did not interfere her look, as well as her acting, at that time. She gave off the cold from inside out, yet, it was much more moderate and appropriate. She had that other worldly air to her. It bugs me when people say she was too young as XLN. In the novel, XLN supposed to be only 4 years older than YG but should look younger than him. XLN possess an 18-year old maiden look throughout the whole novel because she sleeps on the jade bed, which preserves or even enhances her youthful beauty. At that time, Crystal was 18 year old playing the role, so that was PERFECT! Whatís even better was the fact that sheís 1m70 made her look more matured and superior to the rest of the girls. I can definitely sense her presence despite of her young face. She has the Ďgu guí, authoritative aura next to YG. To be a lil off-topic, I want to acknowledge how great the Ď06 version is by saying how much I like the way the director featured XLN from every angle here to emphasize her heavenly beauty. XLN is a very special character and should be treated more special than most female protagonists before. Her beauty ďshould not be underestimatedĒ as described in the novel itself. If you think ROTCH Ď06 effect is too fancy, do you think had the older versions able to they wouldnít have gone for more fancier effects? This is, after all, a wuxia novel. It gives room for creativity and imagination. I donít expect everyone to like over-the-top special effects, but this film really did its best to stay true to the novel while making it glamorous. The beautiful effects really didnít seem too unrealistic (actors risk their lives in here too and the action scenes were nicely done!) like itís an animated movie or cosplay game.
    Acting ó
    Louis: There were several scenes where he did great at. One of them would be the part after XLN first left him and he was having a monologue on top of the mountain. Another would be those parts when he wore a mask. However, I really hate his expression whenever he reunited with XLN. His overjoyed look was so forced.
    HXM: I think aside from those parts when he was living in the Ancient Tomb with XLN, he did great in almost every part. However, I think he did exceptionally well in that scene when he found out XLN left him once again. He was going crazy looking over her, then he was becoming suspicious of Huang Rong, and yelling at her. He was so great! Another would be when he found out that Huang Rong lied to him, he screamed so painfully and jumped down the mountain. I think he did best at expressing his emotions. I also think that his transition in acting was so natural that I can tell what age YG was through each episode.
    Carmen: She did the best as the Ďcoldí gu gu. However, her post-rape acting was average. I donít see much transformation in the role. She didnít do a great job portraying the character development of XLN. Like she would only smile whenever she showed that she loves her Guo Er, but I donít see any real love in her eyes. Whenever she said how much she loves her Guo er, I would question whether she really does or was she just delivering her lines. I guess that would suit the old edition but honestly, if thatís the XLN of the old edition, Iíd prefer the edition that Crystal Liu portrayed.
    Crystal: She was indeed XLN. She came right out from the novel. This is the XLN who is rather more emotionless than cold, which was more accurate. XLN should not be cold, but indifferent and emotionless because she learned the Jade Maiden art. Her acting was superb and itís weird to see how she improved too fast after Chinese Paladin. She was so cool too other people, yet so warm at the same time to Yang Guo. While she was the XLN living in the Ancient Tomb, she was ruthless. The way the director showed the bond developed between the two growing up helped the viewers understand that XLN did not just suddenly love Yang Guo after he vowed to stay with her in the tomb, instead, we see a smooth transition from fondness into true love. I also like the way Crystal portrayed XLNís indifference as well as naive toward the outside world. A mask of superiority to hide her insecurities. Crystal did so well in portraying how much she changed living with YG. I like the way she portrayed the after in love XLN. She was so natural at expressing her love for her Guo er. If it were any other couple, I would have puke at the overly cheesy scenes. But to me, itís so appropriate when she did it and for this couple to act like that. Itís because XLN-YG supposed to be licentious and disregarded of the views of the world. What a paradox when people said she was a wooden and emotional XLN. To me, if thatís how they see it, this explains what I said earlier. Also, so I guess XLN is supposed to just say ĎI love youí to Yang Guo with a cold face on? This novel is all about how powerful love can be. Love changes XLN from an emotionless to emotional person. It makes her went from ruthless to someone who loves hard. I also like her martial skills a lot more than Carmen. She knew what she was doing and her fighting scenes were awesome.
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    I first watched both 1995 and 2006 recently in 2012, hence both series are very clear and fresh in my mind.

    My favourite Yang Guo is Andy Lau, next is Louis Koo. Don't like Huang Xiaoming in some scenes like screaming suddenly as Yang Guo, his acting needs to be improved, just being handsome is not enough.

    Carmen Lee is the best XLN, even though Chan Yu Niang (1983) also good. Liu yi fei is too young for the role even though she is very pretty.

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    Best-looking (though not that good acting) - Liu Yifei and Huang Xiaoming

    Best acting - Andy Lau and Idy Chan
    I ship Shi-Harem

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    I watched all the version excluding, and my favorite has to go to Louis Koo and Carmen Lee, even re-watching it right now.

    My fav young Yang Guo was the 80's version, I didn't mind Louis Young Yang Guo , I hate the 06 one, he was pretty annoying :P.

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    I loved ROCH 2006, the only time that ROCH didn't make me fall asleep. I think the characters of ROCH were never that well developed and having this one big to die for love as the focus of the storyline, that's not my type, but I think the 2006 version gave a different feeling perhaps it was zjz, it made me not sleep while watching it.
    But if I have to choose the best yg and xln, it should still be Andy and Idy, they were such a good match and also age-wise they were right, the other actors/actresses either were too old or too young, didn't suit the character.

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    Louis and Carmen are the best for sure.

    Andy and Idy were really good too.

    Ritchie's version was the worst, but the 2006 version was almost as bad.

    HXM was miscast, though I really like him as an actor for other stuff, while LYF is just a bad actress, instead of "cold" she just looked emotionless.

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    I have to admit that among the 3 jin yong series, The Return of The Condor Heroes is my least favorite, but if I have to choose from all the version, Andy Lau and Idy Chan's is still the best!

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