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Kiu Fung's story was short. We didn't follow his story through childhood, adolescence, and mature adulthood the way we did Gwok Jing, Yeung Gor, and Cheung Mo Gei. The main part of his story was essentially two years of his adult life. I'm impressed that *without* any special manuals, he managed to reach the equivalent of an ROCH Great on his own talent by the age of thirty. This is quite a singular feat in Jin Yong's works.
Yeah that's why I think maybe only mysterious figures like Dugu Qiubai or Murong Longcheng could do especially for Dugu Qiubai since he proclaimed that he is "unparalleled" at his 30s though he still need "super weapon" like HIS and snake gallbladders which mean Xiao Feng is the only one which reach great-hood without "cheat" at the age 30🤭🤭🤭🤭