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Thread: Jinyong Character Level Ranking Chart

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    For something like this, I think we need more than one chart, perhaps multiple profiles as this kind of thing is highly subjective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bao Long View Post
    What a mess there !!

    I agree more with the pre - updated chart a long time ago...

    Yang Gu - 78
    Guo Jing - 75
    Xiao Feng - 82
    Murong Bo - 82
    Xiao Yuan Shan - 82

    There's no way Guo Jing is at the same level as XF, XF is like on completely another class, just like a lot of DGSD characters.
    7 level difference between Murong Bo and Guo Jing/Yang Guo seems too far IMHO..

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