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Thread: The fan as melee weapon in wuxia fiction

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    Default The fan as melee weapon in wuxia fiction

    The folding fan and other manual fans have appeared as melee weapons for numerous characters in wuxia fiction. Let's take an inventory of who used fans as their regular weapon and how they were used.

    1. Ding Chun Chou (DGSD): this seemed to be a feather fan rather than a folding paper one. Ding used it as a melee weapon, but also to emit his blend of poisons at his enemies.

    2. Chu Chung (LOCH): The second of the Gong Nam 7 Freaks used an ironclad folding fan in melee combat. Did he use it open or closed primarily?

    3. Au Yeung Hak (LOCH): Another practitioner of folding fan martial arts (open or closed)?

    4. Fok Do (ROCH): Ditto.

    I'm not certain, but I think Mo Yung F'uk (DGSD) also favored the fan as a weapon, as did Chan Ga Lok from B&S: G&R. Over in Gu Long's universe, I picture Fa Mun Lau, Fa Mo Keut, and Chor Lau Heung as at least occassionally using fans as weapons.

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    if u don't throw it, it's a melee weapon

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