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Thread: which female artiste whose style of fashion /dress sense do u like on screen

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    Default which female artiste whose style of fashion /dress sense do u like on screen

    Having seen CIB lately...on there i admire Maggie's range of jackets and the way in which she wears her clothes in the series. They look good for her age and suits her. Christine is alright. So is the girl who plays christine's sister.

    On-screen...i like yoyo's in FH - only in some scenes though.The casual short white jacket which is biker jacket like.
    Kenix wore nice outfits for work in "RDOV"..suited her well teamed with her long hair. The boots too

    Off screen.. kenix dresses nicely no matter what she wears - Casual or formal.
    So does ada AR4..especially with the bobbed look hairstyle.
    There's many other ones who i like off-screen too who dress-sense i admire.

    Who are yours?

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    I think Kenix Kwok has one of the best wardrobes onscreen. TVB dresses her pretty well. Too bad she's so darn skinny...
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    i liked niki chow's clothings in utcol...they were pretty and i liked her hairstyle
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