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Thread: O Ji Shi Lu - Criminal Investigator 1 & 2 (Felix Wong, Sunny Chan, Gallen Lo)

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    Thumbs up O Ji Shi Lu - Criminal Investigator 1 & 2 (Felix Wong, Sunny Chan, Gallen Lo)


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    Gallen is only in part 2. Other cast members include Kenix Kwok, Gigi Lai (part 2 only), and Joe Ma.

    I watched part 1 awhile ago and am currently watching part 2. These series are alot more hardcore when it comes to cop work compared to the DIF series. It's difficult to expect a happy ending to the cases all the time. Unfortunately, TVB doesn't seem to make 'em like this anymore.

    Review of part 2 by sukting:

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    Poor Wang Zhi Chong. First his wife perished in a car accident, and then his would-be girlfriend... It's a shame there hasn't been a part 3. The ending of part 2 left it totally open for one.

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    I would very much like to watch them again butta it's not in the stores no matter how hard i tried to find.
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    I loved this series. Im pretty sure Part 1 and 2 will eventually come out on DVD. Felix Wong was pretty bad *** in this. Loved it.
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    Oh the nostalgia. I remember sitting with my dad and watching Felix and co on Sunday afternoons. I kinda miss those days... It might be because I was much younger (or it could be because I had really good taste even back then) but the plot and acting seemed much much better than the ones TVB are coming out with lately. :P
    Hope they'll put out the DVD. I don't mind shelling out some decent money for this series.

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