Hello Dear All ,

One of the Taiwanese tv series “Bai Se Qing Ren Meng” that airs in one of our tv channel.

This drama is an interested one about the snow skiing.

I like the main actor(Htong Yi Xiang, Sorry! Don’t familiar with the Chinese pronunciation ) a lot , he is handsome, very rich (owns family business snow skiing) and very kind to the actress (Yei’ See Yin(a) Yei’ Xhaung Kyai ) who had a love story with the other actor(Yan Lin Kyae)from their native town. But other supporting actress (Lin Sann Chi) loves Yan Lin Kyae. But Lin Sann Chi has an evil mind since Lin Kyae only loves to See Yin and Yi Xiang & See Yin are in deeply love each other so she decided to take away Yi Xiang from See Yin.

This is just the beginning and it has reach to the climax.
See Yin & Yi Xiang run away to the native town on the day Lin Sann Chi & Yi Xiang have to celebrate their engage party.

Will Yi Xiang has a happy ending with See Yin since it drags a little bit long and though Yi Xiang & See Yin love each other so much but they pretend to stay away from each other.

Since I have already tried to find the review in other sites such as Yesasia, IMBd , I only found just the name, but no review for it.

So, could you pls. kindly relay this to someone who can know and seen this one already or reply by this email address: [email protected], I will be very grateful for your help.

Thanks in advance.

Nyar Nyar