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Thread: ZWJ earlier edition or later edition

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    Default ZWJ earlier edition or later edition

    I recently started reading HSDS and found many parts I am not at all familiar with (i.e. Fire/Ice monkey). According to wuxiapedia, the version I am currently reading should be first edition translation. He seems a bit darker (but always overcoming dark intentions) and decisive and would sometimes lie to get things across.

    The ZWJ from adaptations seems more mellow and heroic and more consistent with 2nd edition HSDS. I like the heroism but now I am starting to wish JY left more of the "dark" ZWJ intact. What other stories have better or significantly different earlier editions?

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    What's the Fire/Ice Monkey? I've only read the 3rd edition, and don't recall them at all.

    I'm curious, could you give a few examples of how ZWJ was "a bit darker"?

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