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Thread: A question on pictures copyright infringement...

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    Default A question on pictures copyright infringement...

    Hi moderators,

    I would like to know when I post a pic on spcnet and I get it from another site, am I allowed to do that?

    If so, do I need to get anyone's permission?

    Would a simple "I got these pics from "so and so" website, give credit to these sites" work?

    I don't want to get into trouble or spcnet into trouble by posting pictures.

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    generally if the picture is from online news like yahoo or sina, then just saying where you got the picture from is fine.

    If you googled the pic from a commercial website, like a picture of a serial for sale from yesasia, then just crediting the website where you got it from is fine.

    If the pic is posted by another user at another forum, or is obviously a screencap or otherwise self altered picture, it's best to ask the person for his/her permission. most ppl don't mind, but some ppl might ask you not to hotlink.

    just saying, i got this pic off soompi is sorta...shady. -_-
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