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Thread: Jiu Yue Ying Fei (Flying Eagles in the Ninth Month) - Unabridged

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    Default Jiu Yue Ying Fei (Flying Eagles in the 9th Month) - Unabridged - TRANSLATION COMPLETE

    Firstly congrats and thanxs a bunch to fastclock for finishing the translation of this great GL novel...

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    Early morning ….

    The first clear morning after a long period of snow, yet the cold was bitter enough to turn the snow that had gathered on the long streets into ice. Icicles hung in staggered lengths under the eaves, as if they were the teeth of wolves that waited for the opportunity to sink themselves into their chosen victims.

    But there was nobody on the street, all of the windows and doors of the homes were tightly closed, dense fog hung near the ground. The heaven and earth were like inseparable, creating an environment that freeze and kill any signs of life.

    There was no wind, even the winds had all been frozen like they were dead.

    Tong Tong-shan gathered his fur coat around him, sitting on a tiger-skin-chair at the head of the long street, facing this deathly stillness in the long street, feeling very smug in his heart because his order had already been carried out.

    He had warded off this long street for the battlefield, in not even half an hour, he will take Xi Cheng (the western city) Du Huo-tang’s blood, to cleanse the amassed snow on this street.

    Before that moment arrived, if there were a single person who dared to step on this long street, he would cut off his foot. This was his city, anyone should just gave up any idea of entering a foot in his domain, including Xi Cheng Du Huo-tang.

    Besides Wei Ba Tai-ye (Old gentleman Wei Ba), he definitely would not allow anyone else to be in front of him, blocking his path. He simple striped blue clothing, his hands bunched together in front of his body.

    Beside him, there were also two similar tiger-skin-chairs. A young person with a pale complexion and a face full of arrogance, lazily leaned against the left side of one of the chairs. He wore a purple sable worth one thousand pieces of gold on him. He used his little finger to hook the handle of the gem-decorated sheath of a long sword, swinging it back and forth without stopping. To him, this matter was very boring and very senseless. Because the one that he wanted to kill was not this Du Huo-tang, this person was not even worthy of him to make a move

    The person on the right was rather young and was using a snow-bright goose feather sabre to manicure his own fingernails. He wanted to maintain a calm appearance as much as he can, however his long face, filled with youthfulness, was turning red with excitement.

    Tong Tong-shan really understood this young person’s state of mind. He was similarly anxious the first time he performed a task for Wei Ba Tai-ye. However, he also knew that this young person held the twelfth position among 13 great protectors in Wei Ba Tai-ye’s organization, moreover he handled a goose feathered sabre, therefore he would not disappoint him.

    Inside a shut-tight room, suddenly a child’s crying erupted, breaking the silence in this world. The sound of crying just resounded and then muffled. The child’s mouth had been obviously clamped by the grown-ups.

    A furry old dog then darted off from a dog-hole in the corner of a wall, wagging his tail, and fled along the long street.

    That long faced youthful person looked at that dog running to the heart of the street, with a very strange expression in his eyes. The left hand slowly went inside his coat, then suddenly it came out very quickly.

    With one flash of the sabre, the dog was nailed to death at the heart of the street. The sabre skillfully penetrated its throat, its blood flowing through the snowy area, painting it brightly red…

    Tong Tong-shan spirit was aroused, he approvingly said: "Good, Twelfth brother moves really fast."

    This youth was also obviously very satisfied with his move and proudly said, "When Old Man Tong issue an order, no matter whether it is a person or a dog, so long as it dares to rush through here, I, Duan Shier (12) will want his life."

    Tong Tongshan with a big laugh said, "It’s good to have fourth brother Xin and twelfth brother, two young heroes here. Even if ten, and not one, Xi Cheng old man Du who come here, what is there to fear?"

    Xin Si however coldly said: "I only fear today it is not my turn to make a move."

    His little finger that hooked the long sword suddenly stopped rocking, Tong Tongshan's laughter also suddenly stopped.

    A change occurred, there was somebody else on the long street, a group of people very quickly approached. A group of 26-28 people, all wearing the black short coat, the foot-binding trousers, and the thin boots on the foot, were treading on the snow and ice, causing the "rustling" sound.

    The person heading the group, with dense eyebrows, big eyes, and an energetic face, was precisely the number one bandit of western city, "big eye" old man Du.

    Seeing this person, Tong Tongshan's face tautened immediately, his pupil contracted. A sturdy-cloth youth with a sabre emerged from behind, leaping forward one step, holding the sword. At the same time, they could hear the sound of the series of knives leaving the sheaths and held upfront of the body by the dozens of people behind the black-clothed person. The aura of thick enmity blended with the rustling sound of the footsteps. Besides this noise, there was no other sound in the world.

    They saw with their own eyes the opposite group of pedestrians walking nearer and nearer. Who knew at this moment, in the nearby street, a narrow door was suddenly opened. 13-14 white-clothed persons walked one after another, and approached Xi-cheng’s old man Du. A person said two sentences in a low voice. Xi-cheng’s old man Du unexpectedly did not say a word, and halted on the spot. This group of white-clothed people then all walked to Tong Tongshan.

    Tong Tongshan now at last saw that they had very thin clothing on their body without any jackets. They carried a straw mat behind them, a short walking stick in the hand, with the straw sandals on their feet.

    In this kind of bitter cold weather, these people did not looked like being afraid of the cold at all. Only the hands and the feet had all been frozen and turned bluish. The faces were also pale white, devoid of any expression. These faces looked unexpectedly similar to dead people’s faces, that evoked surreptitious horror in the heart.

    When passing through nearby that dead dog, one of them suddenly bent down his body, loosened the straw mat, and tucked in this dead dog with a long rope into the straw mat bundle just like before. Then he hung this on the wooden stick, and strode forward to overtake his companions.

    Duan Shier complexions had changed, the left hand slowly entered the bosom, as if ready to wield the knife. Tong Tongshan actually cast a meaningful glance to stop him, and lowered his voice: "All these people looked very strange, we should first find out their purpose in coming, then we can decide."

    Duan Shier sneered and said: "They may look a little strange now, but after they become dead people, they would not look strange anymore.” Although he said this, he did not move after all.

    Tong Tongshan actually lowered his voice and called: "Tong Yang!"
    The youth that hold the saber in the front immediately responded: “Yes.”

    Tong Tongshan said: "As soon as they meet you, try first to estimate their wugong skill. You cannot be too hasty, surely you can still fight if it comes to clinging for your dear life."

    Tong Yang’s eyes had flickered, while holding the sword he said: "The disciple understands!"

    They saw that white-clothed person who spoke a moment ago, gave a signal with his hand. As soon as he did that, the group of pedestrians stopped ten feet away.

    This person had a horsey face, blue penetrating eyes, and high cheekbones. As soon as he spoke out, everyone else would follow. Although his attire was not any different from the other people, he showed that he was worthy to be looked at, and he was surely the leader.

    Tong Tongshan certainly also saw that, a pair of shining eye was staring at this person. He suddenly asked: "Your honored name?"

    This person said: "Mo Bai (White Ink)."

    Tong Tongshan said: "Comes from where?"

    Mo Bai said: "Qing Cheng (Blue City)."

    Tong Tongshan said: "What are you doing?"

    Mo Bai coldly said: "See if we can turn the spears into the silks of a king."

    Tong Tongshan suddenly released his breath and smiled, said: "Turns out this friend wants to act as a mediator for this quarrel."

    Mo Bai said: "Precisely."

    Tong Tongshan said: "How will you enforce this wish?"

    Mo Bai’s face and others did not show any expression, all did not say any words.

    Tong Yang was already eager to try, this moment he stepped forward quickly, in a severe voice: "If you want to mediate a quarrel, it is easy. But I must ask first whether this sword will comply."

    He pulled with his hand, "trang", the sword already left its sheath.

    Mo Bai had not looked behind but behind him the thinnest smallest white-clothed person actually had stepped forward. He was unexpectedly just a 14-15 years-old child.

    Tong Yang knitted his brows: "What do you little rascal want?"

    The white-clothed young lad's face was unexpectedly icy, devoid of any expression. He lightly said: "I am asking your sword to comply."

    Tong Yang said: "This would depend on you?"

    Said the young lad: "You are with a sword, by chance I am also with a sword."

    He suddenly laughed wildly and said: "Good, I will first dispatch you and then we can talk again."

    Silently, he thrust the sword forward with “the poisonous snake spit” style, straight at this white-clothed young lad's chest. The white-clothed young lad split his hands, he had unexpectedly also extracted the narrow sword from the short club. The child raised the sword forward with "the poisonous snake spit" style also. He unexpectedly did not evade nor dodge from the sword, all parts of his body did not flicker including the eye. They listened to the "rip" sound, when the child raised his sword, his chest is pierced.

    The blood red splashed similarly, when his sword also using "the poisonous snake spit" style, pierced Tong Yang’s chest.

    Suddenly, all movement stopped including the breathing, as if the world had stopped completely. In one instant, this battle had ended!

    Each person's complexion had all changed. They could not believe there was really such a person in this world, there was really such a matter.

    The rain of blood had splattered, the fog had dissipated.
    In the snowy area, there were already many spots of blood splashes, bright like the hungmuy(?) tea.

    There was no expression at all on the white-clothed young lad's face, only a pair of cloudy sad eyes protruding like a dead fish. He looked like he was just leaving his childhood, his eyes looked like he was callously ridiculing this matter.

    Tong Yang’s face on the other hand, was completely distorted, his eyes were filled with surprise, anger, and fear. In his mind, he could not believe there was really this kind of person, this kind of matter. He died in disbelief!

    They presented such appearance standing there, suddenly both persons' eyes becoming empty with no life. They were just two dead people.

    A white-clothed person slowly went out from behind, loosened the straw mat behind him, tucked in the dead corpse, tied it up the straw mat with a long rope, hung it behind him, and slowly walked. There was no expression on his face, just an icy look that was quite similar to his companion’s when tucking in that dead dog a moment ago.

    The strong winds broke out, blowing from afar, bringing the icy feeling from the far mountain.

    The people behind Tong Tongshan could feel their palms sweating.

    Mo Bai stared emphatically at Tong Tongshan, before he lightly said: "Would your excellency be willing to turn swords into plowshares?"

    Duan Shi-er suddenly raised his stern voice: "You must also ask my willow sword... "

    A white-clothed person slowly emerged behind Mo Bai and said: "I ask you."

    Duan Shi-er claimed: "You also use a sword?"

    This white-clothed person: "Right."
    His hand split, from the center of the stick, he had really extracted a sword.

    Duan Shier now at last saw that the sticks in their hands had different width and thickness, obviously the weapons inside them were also different. If the other party used a sword, they would use a sword to cope with him. If the other party used a sabre, they would also used a sabre.

    Duan Shier sneered to him: "Good, you must first have a look at this knife."
    He turned in a half circle, his wild goose feather sword swooshed in the fresh wind, aiming to cut this white-clothed person's left shoulder. The white-clothed person unexpectedly did not evade nor dodge, but used the sword style "stands by Huashan ravine", aiming to cut Duan Shier’s left shoulder also.

    But Duan Shier’s wugong was obviously not comparable to Tong Yang’s, his style was more mature. Just before the final execution, before commiting the same mistake, the sword reversed the direction, using the ‘Eight sides swordstyle’ suddenly aimed at the center, and instead thrust towards the white-clothed person's chest.

    Who would have thought the white-clothed person also reined in his sword at the last moment, using the ‘Eight sides swordstyle’ suddenly aimed at the center!

    Although, he moved slower by half move, if Duan Shi-er continued with his move, the opposite party would be executed under his sword, but he himself would not be able to avoid the other’s sword.

    The white-clothed person did not feel awful about it, but he did.

    When his knife moved, he had guarded against this possibility. He suddenly changed direction again, raised his arm and flew high, brandished his sword aiming at the white-clothed person's left neck.

    He occupied the attacking position from above, the white-clothed person’s whole body seemed liked had been covered in his knife wind. Not only he would be unable to make any changes, including defending himself. But the fearful thing was, he did not want to defend himself.

    When Duan Shi-er’s sword chopped his neck, his knife also pierced Duan Shi-er’s lower abdomen! Three feet long sword was slammed completely to the hilt. Duan Shi-er crazily roared, his entire body flew upward like a rocket for about 20 feet! The blood fell heavily like raindrops, falling all over this white-clothed person's body. His white clothes was suddenly dyed red, but there was just the icy look, no expression on the face.

    When Duan Shi-er had dropped down from the midair, he would only then dropped down also. To him, dying was just like going home, there was nothing to be dreaded about it.

    Tong Tongshan complexion had changed, suddenly shouted: "What kind of wugong is this?"
    Mo Bai lightly said, "This does not really count as any kind of wugong."

    Tong Tongshan got angry: "What does this count as?"
    Mo Bai said: "This can count only as a lesson."

    Tong Tongshan said: "A lesson?"
    Mo Bai said: "This lesson tells us that if you must kill others, others can also kill you similarly!"

    Xin Si suddenly sneered said: "Not necessarily."
    He pulled out the little finger from the sword ribbon, and slowly walked, the sword towed behind in the snow and ice, sending out intermittently a grating sound.

    But there was a light on his pale face, with a sparkle in his eyes he coldly said: "When I kill you, you will give up any hope of killing me."

    A white-clothed person lightly said that, "Not necessarily."
    His speech said, the person arrived in front of Xin Si, his skill was obviously much better than the two people a moment ago.

    Xin Si: "Not necessarily?"
    The white-clothed person: "Regardless of any vicious swordstyle, someone would be able to break it."

    Xin Si sneeringly said: "Nobody can break a killing swordstyle."
    The white-clothed person: "Only a certain person can."

    Xin Si: "What kind of person?"
    The white-clothed person: "A person who is not afraid of death!"

    Xin Si: "You are a person who is not afraid of death?"
    The white-clothed person coldly said: " What happiness does living bring? What is to be feared of dying?"

    Xin Si sneered said: "You are living because you are preparing yourself to die?"
    The white-clothed person: "Perhaps!"

    Xin Si said: "Such being the case, I have to help you."

    His sword suddenly left the sheath, punctured seven times in an instant, the sword wind like the bamboo flutes, the sword light like the lightning, one could only see the sword shadow like the colorful rain splashing all over the sky, it would be difficult to distinguish how he move from his position.

    But the white-clothed person simply did not want to distinguish his moves, he also did not want to fend the moves, he just calmly stood there, calmly waiting. He was ready to die, from which direction the opponent’s sword struck, he did not really care.

    Xin Si struck with the sword seven times, but this white-clothed person unexpectedly had not moved at all. Xin Si’s sword went around several times, but these seven moves were all empty moves.

    Then, he suddenly slid sideways to be behind the white-clothed person. He had calculated that this spot was precisely the white-clothed person's weakest point, nobody could move in this weakest spot.

    He must kill this person, and he did not want this person to have an opportunity to kill him. When the sword pierced, the empty move had changed to a solid move, the sword light flash pierced towards the white-clothed person's back.

    With a "rip" sound, the sword had entered the flesh! He even felt the sword glancing on the opponent’s bone, but at this moment, impressively he discovered that this sword had not pierced his opponent’s back, instead it was his chest.

    During that brief period when he executed his style, the white-clothed person had unexpectedly turned around quickly and received his sword on the chest.

    Nobody could imagine that any person would be willing to use his own flesh and blood to receive the sword. The white-clothed person had used himself as a weapon.

    Xin Si lost the color on his face. He made an effort to withdraw the sword, but the sword had been gripped within his opponent’s ribs.

    When he wanted to let go, the white-clothed person's sword silently moved forward. It was like a young gentle girl slowly inserting fresh flowers in the vase, slowly the sword got inserted on his chest.

    He did not feel the pain at all, only some coldness on the chest. Then, his entire body suddenly felt cold completely.

    The blood splashes came sputtering out, they stood face-to-face, you look at me, I think of you!

    There was no expression on the white-clothed person’s face, however Xin Si’s face were actually surprised and twisted with fear.

    Although his swordskill was much higher, also he could move much quicker than the white-clothed person, but the result was actually the same. This fight had suddenly ended.

    Tong Tongshan suddenly stood up, then sit down again, with no color at all on his face. This was not his first time looking at a killing, nor the first time looking at a killer, but he actually never thought that a killing could be so cold, so fearful.

    The killing and the killer were similarly cold, frigid, similarly fearful. He suddenly wanted to vomit.

    Mo Bai stared and said: "If you kill other people, the others can also similarly kill you, you can certainly believe this lesson now."

    Tong Tongshan slowly nodded, could not say any word, because he had been radically stupefied.

    Mo Bai said: "Therefore you should understand also that the killer and the person who got killed, often suffer a similar pain."

    Tong Tongshan acknowledged that, he had no alternative but to acknowledge.

    Mo Bai said: "Then why do you still have to kill people?"

    Both Tong Tongshan's fists tightened and suddenly said: "I only want to understand why you do such things, actually why?"

    Mo Bai said: "No reason!"

    Tong Tongshan said: "You are not Lao Du’s person?"

    Mo Bai said: “No, I do not know you, I also do not know him!"

    Tong Tongshan said: "But, you actually do not want him to die."

    Mo Bai said: "We do not, we who died for him, only want other people to live."

    He looked at the corpses in the pool of blood and continued: " Although these people have died, they have allowed at least 30 individuals to live on."

    Tong Tongshan gave a startled look and said: "You really come from Qing Cheng?"

    Mo Bai said: "You do not believe it?"

    Tong Tongshan really did not believe it, he thought these people must have come from hell. There was just no such kind of people in the world.

    Mo Bai said: "Do you comply?"

    Tong Tongshan said: "Comply with what?"

    Mo Bai said: "Turning the swords into plowshares."

    Tong Tongshan suddenly sighed, said: "It is a pity that even if I comply, it would not be useful."

    Mo Bai said: "Why?"

    Tong Tongshan said: "Because, there will be someone who will not comply."

    Mo Bai said: "Who?"

    Tong Tongshan said: "Wei Ba Tai-ye!"

    Mo Bai said: "You might as well tell him to look for me."

    Tong Tongshan said: "Look where?"

    Mo Bai desolate eyes suddenly looked into the far off distance. After a very long time, he slowly said: "In Chang An city, the plum blossom in Leng Xiangyuan (the cold fragrant garden), should have already bloomed now... "

    When Wei Ba Tai-ye’s mood was good, he would be similar to any other person, smiling and patting your shoulder, or laughing at his own joke. But when he was angry, he would become quite a different person. Usually he would have a glowing healthy face, but this would change to look like a hungry and angry lion, the eyes project a swift, fierce and fearful look. He just looked like an angry lion who will snap and grasp at anyone near him, ripped him into fragments and swallowed them pieces by pieces.

    He was angry now.

    Tong Tongshan knitted his eyebrows, standing in front of him. This prestigious person in this town’s martial arts world were usually very bold, but now he just looked suddenly like a lamb, was restless yet he hardly dared to breathe in a low noise.

    Wei Ba Tai-ye with a pair of red flushed eyes stared at him and while clenching his teeth, he repeated: "You said this son of a ***** is called Mo Bai?"

    Tong Tongshan said: “Yes."

    Wei Ba Tai-ye said: "You said that he comes from Qing Cheng?"

    Tong Tongshan said: “Yes."

    Wei Ba Tai-ye said: "In addition, you don’t know anything else?"

    Tong Tongshan's head hung low and said: “Yes."

    Wei Ba Tai-ye sent out an angry lion's roar: "That bastard has killed my two good apprentices, you actually do not know his origin, you also have some face to see me. Your old grandmother, I can’t think why you shouldn’t die." (obviously some derogatory remarks)

    He suddenly jumped from the chair and seized Tong Tongshan's front clothes, ripped it suddenly apart, and from side to side gave Tong Tongshan 16-18 boxes on the ears.

    Tong Tongshan's corners of the mouth which had been hit did not stop bleeding, but he did not have any angry painful expression at all, instead he looked like he was very, very relieved.

    He knew when Wei Ba Tai-ye hit ominously or scolded ominously, this expression meant that he was still taking the person’s side as his own. As long as Wei Ba Tai-ye wanted him to be on his side, his life could be considered as safe.

    If Wei Ba Tai-ye was being polite to him, he should give up any idea of leaving this room alive today. After 16-18 hits around the ears, Wei Ba Tai-ye kicked him additionally on the belly.

    Although Tong Tongshan was bleeding profusely from the hits, drenched in cold sweat, he actually just stood there obediently, not daring to move an inch.

    Wei Ba Tai-ye finally while breathing heavily, stared at him roaringly shouted : "Do you know those helpers are supposed to help you kill people?"

    Tong Tongshan said: "I know it."

    Wei Ba Tai-ye said: "Now they were killed by these persons, you instead joyfully come back, what thing are you?"

    Tong Tongshan said: "I am not a thing, but I’m not worthy."

    Wei Ba Tai-ye said: "Your bastard, you are unworthy? Couldn't you clamp your tail and run away to faraway places, as to avoid this old person’s anger?"

    Tong Tongshan said: "I also know you would be angry, therefore if you must hit, go ahead and hit, if you must kill just kill me, I do not have any word to say, but I will not run away, I am not willing to die like that."

    Wei Ba Tai-ye stared at him, suddenly loudly approved with a smile: "Good, you have guts!"

    He put out a hand to pat Tong Tongshan's shoulder and loudly called out: "All of you have a look, now at last this is my good son, you should completely imitate him. Why would you be afraid when you make a mistake? His old grandmother, anyone makes mistakes in his lifetime, all make mistakes, including me, Wei Tianpeng, even more so."

    As soon as he smiled, the ten people in the hall immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

    Wei Ba Tai-ye said: "Does any of you know who this bastard Mo Bai is?"
    Although this speech included everybody, but his eye actually only stared at one person.

    This person had a vain face, with two slivers moustache and small beard, he looked very refined, and also very friendly. Who wouldn’t recognize this person, who couldn’t see this refined young bookworm, was the most fearful character in Wei Ba Tai-ye’s clan, "hard awl Han Zhen". He indeed was described as a hard awl, regardless of how hard was your shell, he could still drill a big hole in you. But he looked like a very friendly person, with a constant serene smile on the face, he spoke in a slow and stable voice.

    He had made sure no one else would reply to the question, and only then he slowly said: "Many years ago, there was a person surnamed Mo, to evade the calamity he lived in seclusion in Qing cheng, this person was perhaps Mo Bai."

    Wei Tianpeng smiled, casting a sidelong glance in all directions he loudly said with a smile: "I have already said, this boy seems knowledgeable in any world matter,."

    Han Zhen smilingly said: "But actually I do not know their hiding place, only every 35 years, they actually must come out."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Why do they comes out?"

    Han Zhen said: "To meddle in other people's business!"

    Wei Ba Tai-ye face sunk, he always did not like a person who meddle into other people's business.

    Han Zhen said: "They have no alternative but to barge into other people's business, because they call themselves as Mo Zhai's descendant, the Mohist school descendant, the Mohist school disciple, originally he was a recluse which try to improve his own moral’s worth."

    Wei Tianpeng knitted his brows: "What thing is Mo Zhai again?"

    Han Zhen revealingly said: "He is not a thing, but an individual."

    Wei Tianpeng had instead smiled, there certainly weren’t many who would dare to contradict him in front of him. The majority would call him "the old man", occasionally he also liked some people to contradict him.

    Han Zhen said: "Mo Zhai Jiu is Mozi, the Mohist school spirit, he is eager to help the distressed, even he does not hesitate to undergo any hardship for the sake of good, to go through fire or water, therefore the Mohist school disciple, cannot be just a recluse, but need only to be a chivalrous person as well."

    Wei Tianpeng sank the face, said: "That bastard Mo Bai is also a chivalrous person?"

    Han Zhen smiled, said: "There are many kinds of chivalrous persons."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Oh!"

    Han Zhen said: "A chivalrous person would have guts, although he may seem pompous, actually he would secretly make the attempts."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "This kind of chivalrous person can be handled easily."

    Han Zhen said: "How?"

    Wei Tianpeng said: "By killing a few of them."

    Han Zhen said: "You can’t kill them."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Why not?"

    Han Zhen said: "The chivalrous person is the same with the gentleman, regardless of the genuine and fake, we can’t kill them."

    Wei Tianpeng unexpectedly laughed, said: “Right, if you kill them, there are bound to be some people who say that you are cruel, not righteous, a villain."

    Han Zhen said: "Therefore you can’t kill them."

    Wei Tianpeng stared and said: "Certainly we can’t kill them! If someone suggests killing them, I will kill him first!"

    Han Zhen said: "Moreover, it is also not easy to kill them."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Does that bastard really have real skill?"

    Han Zhen said: "His skill perhaps is not fearful, what is fearful is the deadly gentlemen under him."

    Han Zhen again said that, "These deadly gentlemen are all prepared to die for him as necessary."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "These people are not skilled?"

    Han Zhen nods said: "Not so skilled person is the most fearful person, not so skilled wugong is the most fearful wugong."

    Wei Tianpeng waited for him to explain.

    Han Zhen said: "Because if you kill him with a knife, he may similarly kill you with a knife."

    Wei Tianpeng was obviously unsatisfied with this explanation.

    Han Zhen said: "Even if you act much faster than him, when you kill him he could still kill you, because when your knife attacked, he simply does not want to fend, therefore when the knife enters his flesh, in that flash he still has enough time to kill you!"

    Wei Tianpeng suddenly made a break through, patting his shoulder, he said: "Well said! Truly spoken!"

    Han Zhen looked at him, understanding his meaning. If not the foe, make them your friends. If I could not kill you, I would make you as friends. This was not just Wei Tianpeng’s principle, but also people in the martial arts world through the ages, this principle was without doubt absolutely correct.

    Han Zhen said: " Tong Tongshan had said that they would go to Chang An city."

    Wei Tianpeng slowly nodded and said: "Heard Leng Xiangyuan (Cold fragrant garden) is a good place, I already want to have a look."

    Han Zhen said: "Leng Xiangyuan encompasses thousand acres of good soil, with 11,000 plum blossoms, now is precisely the most colorful plum blossom blooms, therefore... "

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Therefore?"

    Han Zhen said: "Since we must go, might as well go in full force."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "That’s true."

    Han Zhen said: "We can invite Mo Bai, let him have a look at Wei Ba Tai-ye’s might, if he is not a simpleton, he will think twice later before opposing us!"

    Wei Tianpeng said: "He is not a simpleton?"

    Han Zhen said: "Certainly is not!"

    Wei Tianpeng clapped his hands and said, "Good, great idea."

    It was very peaceful in the corridor, while the plum blossoms filled outside the porch. Tong Tongshan and Han Zhen slowly walked on the corridor, they were originally old friends, and haven’t seen each others for many years. The wind was very cold, yet filled with the plum blossom's fragrance.

    Tong Tongshan suddenly stopped, he was staring at Han Zhen and said: "I have a matter which I find continually to be strange."

    Han Zhen said: "What matter?"

    Tong Tongshan said: "Why as long as you say the word, the old gentleman thought it is a great idea?"

    Han Zhen smiled and said: "Because that is already his idea, I just say it for him."

    Tong Tongshan said: "Since it is his idea, why does he want you to say it?"

    Han Zhen hesitatingly said: "How long were you with the old gentleman?"

    Tong Tongshan said: "More than 10 years."

    Han Zhen said: "Do you see what type of person is he?"

    Tong Tongshan hesitatingly said: "What do you see?"

    Han Zhen said: "I think you certainly considered him very boorish, very hot tempered, always do not understand small details kind of person."

    Tong Tongshan said: “Isn't he?"

    Han Zhen said: "Across Jiangnan, there were eight outstanding individuals in the years past. The most astute was Liu the third master, the fiercest is Li the seventh master, and the most confused is Wei the eight master."

    Tong Tongshan said: "I have also heard about it."

    Han Zhen had smiled and said: "But now, the most astute Liu the third master and the fiercest Li the seventh master have all died, and the most confused Wei the eight master is actually living, moreover fares very well."

    Tong Tongshan smiled too, he had suddenly understood Han Zhen’s meaning. Only a person who looked confused and acted confused, could really be the most astute and the fiercest.

    Tong Tongshan suddenly also sighed and said: "It is a pity that acting confused is not an easy matter."

    Han Zhen said: "Indeed it is not."

    Tong Tongshan said: "It seems like you cannot act confused."

    Han Zhenku said with a smile: "If I want to appear confused, I simply can’t reveal this confused appearance."

    Tong Tongshan said: "Why?"

    Han Zhen said: "Because nearby a confused person, you have to have an astute person! Now I am playing the role of an astute person."

    Tong Tongshan said: "Therefore as long as you say it, the old gentleman think that is a great idea."

    Han Zhen said: "Even if afterwards it is discovered that it is not a great idea, the one who is wrong is me, not the old gentleman."

    Tong Tongshan said: "Therefore the others will disparage you, not the old gentleman."

    Han Zhen sighed, said: "Therefore you should understand by now, why an astute person always die early."

    Tong Tongshan suddenly smiled and said: "But there is a gutsy person who could die earlier compared to an astute person."

    Han Zhen said: "What kind of person?"

    Tong Tongshan said: "A person who opposes the old gentleman."

    Han Zhen also smiled and said: "Therefore I have great sympathy with this kind of person, they can’t really have an easy life."

    Feng Liu slowly walked through the snow, from afar, he could see the bright colored plum blossoms in Leng Xiangyuan.

    "Reserve the entire Leng Xiangyuan, if there were anyone there, just expel him/her, whether living or dead, just expel them."

    This was Wei Ba Tai-ye’s order, a typical order from Wei Ba Tai-ye. He sent you simply to complete a task, where not being successful was not an option. As far as how you did it, he didn’t really care, no matter how difficult it was, it didn’t matter. If there was any difficulty, he wanted you to take care it, if you can’t overcome it, you are simply not worthy as Wei Ba Tai-ye’s disciples.

    Feng Liu was ordered to come here. He was always a discrete person, extremely discrete. He had assessed the difficulty which might occur, considering everything carefully.

    Making way through this snow trail, he found the Leng Xiangyuan’s gatekeeper. He hoped this steward was a smart person. The smart people all knew that Wei Ba Tai-ye’s request could not be turned down.

    The steward of Leng Xiangyuan on duty today was a middle-aged person over 30 year-old, although he didn’t appear to be intelligent, he didn’t seem stupid.

    "You can tell me, Yang Xuan, everything. Whether the master would like to enjoy the view, drink wine or just want to linger in this place for several days."

    Feng Liu reply was direct and brief: "We must reserve this whole place!"

    Yang Xuan appeared very disturbed, but he was smiling as he said: "Here altogether there are 21 courtyards, 14 buildings, seven halls, 28 reception rooms, more than 200 guest rooms, master wants all of these to be reserved?"

    Feng Liu: “Yes."

    Yang Xuan hesitated: "How many people will come altogether?"

    Feng Liu: "Even if only one person comes, this whole place must also be reserved."

    Yang Xuan’s face became clouded, he coldly said: "This has to be a certain kind of person."

    Feng Liu: “It is Wei Ba Tai-ye!"

    Yang Xuan changed his countenance and said: "Wei Ba Tai-ye, Baoding’s government officer Wei Ba Tai-ye?"

    Feng Liu nodded with high satisfaction in his heart, after all Wei Ba Tai-ye’s reputation was known by almost everyone.

    Yang Xuan looked at him, suddenly he exposed a very sly happy expression and said: "I won’t dare to violate Wei Ba Tai-ye’s, only... "

    Feng Liu: "Only what?"

    Yang Xuan said: "There was also a customer a moment ago who wanted to corral this whole place, moreover he pays 1,000 silver taels per day, if I promise master this place also, where will I move this customer?"

    Feng Liu had wrinkled his brow and said: "Where is this person?"

    Yang Xuan had not replied, he just looked over his shoulder.

    Feng Liu had turned round, then he saw a bluish face with no expression. A person stood behind him, with a very frail hemp clothing on his body, carrying a mat behind, and a short stick in his hand.

    When Feng Liu came in a moment ago, he certainly did not see this person, now this person did not seem to have seen him, a pair of cold eyes with no expression, eyes fixed at a distant point.

    In this world, all person, all matters, he only viewed them momentarily with the tail of his eyes. He only cared for a distant illusory place. Only there, could he obtain the true tranquility, the peace and the happiness.

    Feng Liu looked at that person, not recognizing who this person was, he certainly did not want to look too carefully nor to speak with this person, he knew talking to this person would be an extremely stupid thing to do. In Yang Xuan’s eyes, there was also that gleam of sly happiness.

    Feng Liu smiled and said: "Do you do business?"

    Yang Xuan said: "I am a businessman."

    Feng Liu: "Why do you do business?"

    Yang Xuan said with a smile: "Certainly to make money."

    Feng Liu: "Good, I will give you 1,500 silver taels a day, and 1,000 taels for the sales commission." He knew discussing the transaction with a businessman was much easier than talking to that reserved person. After many years with Wei Ba Tai-ye, he knew how to make the correct judgement and choice.

    Yang Xuan was obviously moved, before he heard that white-clothed person coldly said: "I will pay 1500 silver taels, and add this."

    Feng Liu heard a swift and gentle swish of knife behind him, he could not stop himself from turning his head. The white-clothed person had extracted a thin knife from the short stick and cut a piece of flesh from his thigh. He slowly put it on the table, he had no expression at all on his face, like it did not cause him any pain at all.

    Feng Liu looked at him, and felt the corner of his eyes keep flickering. After a very long time, only then he slowly said: "I will also pay for this price."

    The vacant indifferent eyes of the white-clothed person only looked at him, but also kept staring at the distant place.

    Feng Liu slowly extracted his short knife, and also cut a piece in his thigh. He did it very slowly, very carefully. Regardless of any matter, he was always very careful, the flesh being cut, although very painful, but Wei Ba Tai-ye’s order if he was unable to complete, certainly could be more painful. His surmise and his choice were similarly correct, perhaps he had no choice anyway. Two pieces of bloody flesh were put on the table, Yang Xuan had already become quiet.

    The white-clothed person looked at Feng Liu, suddenly brandished a sword, and cut his own ear. Feng Liu thought his own arm became very stiff. He had sheared others' ear, at that time he only thought that was a pleasing brutality, but shearing his own ear was actually another matter.

    He might have brandished his sword and killed this white-clothed person rightaway, but he had not forgotten Han Zhen’s speech. Even if you move much quicker than him, when you kill him, he could still kill you. A discrete person would treasure his own life.

    Feng Liu was a discrete person, he slowly regained his composure, he started cutting his own ear, shearing slowly and carefully. The white-clothed person's shoulder was dyed red with his blood dripping from where the ear was, but suddenly there was a brutal pleased expression in these pairs of indifferent vacant eyes.

    Feng Liu’ ear looked different from his own. The two bloody ears were put on the table, Yang Xuan’s body could not stop shivering.

    The white-clothed person looked at the blood that kept flowing from Feng Liu’s ears before he coldly said: "Can you also pay this price?" He suddenly brandished his sword and chopped at his own left wrist.

    Feng Liu’s heart sank with this swing of the knife. However at this moment, he suddenly felt a rushing wind, with a strange fragrance in it.

    Then he saw a person. A woman. In a short interval, Feng Liu thought he certainly had not seen such a beautiful woman, that was like a fresh picture blown by the wind.

    When the white-clothed person saw her, he detected immediately that his own knife was grasped by her hand.

    She kept smiling while looking at him. With a gentle and happy voice, she spoke happily, "If the knife cut on the flesh, it can hurt very badly."

    The white-clothed person coldly said: "This is not your flesh."

    This beautiful woman said gently: "Although it is not my flesh, I can also love it dearly." She sprung her bamboo-like slender fingers gently, like a sweetheart plucking a fresh flower from the vase.

    The white-clothed person noticed the knife in his hand had been transferred to her hand. This knife was tempered from fine steel, thin and sharp.

    This perfect slender figure, with a ‘trang’, unexpectedly broke this fine steel knife into several broken pieces. "Moreover, this place has been reserved by me, why do you have to fight it?"

    While speaking, she hold the broken pieces with her two fingers, and slowly putting them in the mouth, swallowing them one by one. Then on her beautiful face, she revealed a very satisfied expression, just as if she was swallowing delicacies or candies.

    Feng Liu was astounded, he nearly could not believe his own eyes. Even the white-clothed person's eyes were also to unable to restrain revealing his extreme fear. How could there be such strange and fearful wugong in this world? Wasn't she afraid of getting an ulcer or a decaying stomach?

    This beautiful woman kept swallowing the broken pieces until the last one, before gently sighing and smilingly said: "This knife is actually really good, not only it is made from very good steel, but it is also made very purely, it tastes much better than the knife I ate yesterday."

    Feng Liu could not bear saying: "You eat a knife everyday?"

    This beautiful woman said that, "I certainly do not want to eat too many, every day only three knives. Eating a knife or a sword is also similar to eating pork, if you eat too much, the stomach would not feel comfortable."

    Feng Liu’s eyes kept looking at her. He realized he was being very rude in front of the beautiful woman, but right now he completely had no control over himself.

    This beautiful woman looked at him before saying: "Like the knife in your hand, this one is not very delicious."

    Feng Liu could not bear saying: "Why?"

    She smiled and lightly said: "Your knife has been used to kill a lot of people, the smell of blood is too heavy."

    The white-clothed person looked at her, before he suddenly turned walked away. He did not fear death, but if he were supposed to eat pieces of a knife, he could not manage it. Nobody could manage it, that was just an impossible achievement.

    She smiled and said: "He doesn’t really want to fight me, how about you?"

    Feng Liu did not open his mouth, he just couldn’t open it.

    This beautiful woman also said that, "A real man, even if he wins against a woman, that still wouldn’t be an honorable matter, right?"

    Feng Liu finally sighed and said: "I need your honored name, so next time I will be able to recall this meeting."

    She also sighed and said: "I am only a maid, even if you ask my name, that would not be helpful."

    So, this peerless grace and talent, beautifully illuminated person, immeasurably skillful wugong woman, was just a maid. Then, how unique would be her master?

    “You might as well go back to Wei Ba Tai-ye, and say that this place has been reserved by Nanhai Niang-zi (the South Sea Lady), if he has some spare time, then he may please come to visit after several days."

    Feng Liu asked again: "Nanhai Niang-zi?"

    This beautiful woman nodded and said: " Nanhai Niang-zi is my master, You go back and tell Wei Ba Tai-ye, he would certainly know."

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    Chapter 2: Nanhai Niang-zi (The South Sea Lady) - TRANSLATED BY FASTCLOCK

    When Wei Ba Tai-ye was happy or angry, he would become like two different people, but now he looked like a third person. No one had seen him so anxious like now, so agitated, that his healthy glowing face had turned dark green all of a sudden.

    "Nanhai Niang-zi! Hasn't she died already?" He clenched both of his hands, his voice was filled with anxiety and surprise, and even fear.

    Nobody dared to make a noise, no one could think there was someone in this world who inflicted such fear in Wei Ba Tai-ye.

    Wei Tianpeng suddenly stared at them and shouted: "Do you know what kind of person Nanhai Niang-zi is?"

    Although this sentence was aimed at the whole group, but the eyes were directed at only Han Zhen. Instead, Han Zhen did not open his mouth this time.

    Wei Tianpeng darted forward, seized the front of his clothes and said sternly: "If you all do not know Nanhai Niang-zi, what else do you know?"

    Han Zhen’s face suddenly became like those white-clothed persons, completely devoid of any expression, the pair of eyes also kept staring at a distant place.

    Wei Tianpeng stared at him, the anger on his face gradually lessened, he started to draw back, the hands that held the front of the clothes also gradually released the grips, before he suddenly gave a long sigh and said: "This really cannot blame you, your age is also too young. When Nanhai Niang-zi run amok among all living things, crisscrossing the whole world, you were not born yet."

    He suddenly pumped his chest, and in a loud voice: "But I actually have seen her, all over the world, I, Wei Tianpeng, is the only person who have seen her actual face with my own eyes, no one else can claim that."
    His face became flushed red, the fact that he could see Nanhai Niang-zi's true face with his own eyes, were unexpectedly something to feel extremely proud of.

    Within themselves, each one wanted to ask, “Actually who is this Nanhai Niang-zi, what is she, how does she look?"

    No one dared to ask the question in front of Wei Ba Tai-ye. He didn’t like a person who talked too much.

    Wei Tianpeng suddenly said loudly: "Nanhai Niang-zi is like the Thousand Goddess of Mercy (Guan Yin?), this means, not only she has a few, but also more than 1,000 different appearances." He suddenly asks Feng Liu: "When you met that woman, what was her appearance?"

    Feng Liu said slowly: “She looked very good."

    Wei Tianpeng said: “When you say good, was she extremely attractive?"

    Feng Liu responded: “She was extremely attractive."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "How old did she appear to be?"

    Feng Liu’s head hang lower, he suddenly discovered that he could not predict clearly that woman's age.

    When his first saw her, he thought she was very young, although perhaps about 25-26 years old. But when he heard her speak afterwards, he thought she looked like she was only 15-16 year-old girl. But when he looked at her again, he discovered that the corners of her eyes seemed to have some wrinkles, so she should be 30 or older. But now that he remembered how she swallowed the knife, if she had not practiced for 40-50 years of painstaking effort, how else could she have that depth and maturity of wugong?

    Wei Tianpeng said: "You could not see that she was old already?"

    Feng Liu’s head hung very, very low.

    Wei Tianpeng suddenly clapped his hands and said: "This woman could very possibly be the Thousand Goddess of Mercy."

    Feng Liu could not bear saying: "If she had retired for 30-40 years already, wouldn’t she be now an old lady?"

    Wei Tianpeng sneeringly said: "When she was 17-18 year old, some people thought she was an old lady, 20-30 years afterwards, there were some people who said she was only a young girl."

    Feng Liu was astounded, he really could not comprehend this.

    Wei Tianpeng said: "This person could manifest herself in 1,100 ways. For any kind of person, she could play that role if she wants. It is said that a Shaolin master was preaching in Taishan, there were several old friends in the audience. After listening for two days and two nights, suddenly the true master really came, thereupon at last these people discovered that the one who preached as that master was actually Nanhai Niang-zi!"

    This kind of story might seem to be just a myth, nobody would believe it, but everyone knew that Wei Ba Tai-ye never lied.

    Wei Tianpeng said: "If someone had looked at Nanhai Niang-zi’s true face, undoubtedly, he had to die, therefore the person who knows her reputation best is only me... only me... "

    His voice became softer, with a very strange expression on his face. After a very long time, he slowly said: "She can throw and receive hidden weapons exquisitely, nobody can be compared to her, her disguise skill is exquisite and unprecedented. However, just at the peak of her reputation, she suddenly went missing, nobody knew anything, not where she had gone to. For 30 years, nobody in jiang-hu heard her news, including me."

    Everybody looked at each other in blank dismay, certainly they did not dare to speak.

    Now everyone could see there were special and mystical relationship between Wei Ba Tai-ye and Nanhai Niang-zi, which increased their curiosity even further. Since this Nanhai Niang-zi had been missing for 30 years, why had she appear so suddenly?

    After a while, Wei Tianpeng suddenly shouted: “Come out ‘Old powder’!"

    A thin handsome youth with a silvery fox shawl walked forward accordingly. His attire was very magnificent, with tailor-made good fit. He had an extremely attractive face, which would show some happiness even if he was not smiling, just a face that would be loved by women. The eyes were a little suffused as if he had not had enough sleep.

    Perhaps if he could fulfill the wish of each woman that favored him, his sleep would not be enough. This youth was one of Wei Ba Tai-ye’s 13 disciples "Old powder young lord" Ximen Shisan.

    Wei Tianpeng stared at him with a pair of slanted eyes, after a very long time, he coldly said: "In the evening of midautumn festival in the eighth month, did you meet a new bosom friend called Lin?"

    Ximen Shisan was a little startled, finally lowered his head to acknowledge: “Yes."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "After you had met that bastard, what else have you done this month?"

    Ximen Shisan’s face suddenly become flushed, his tongue got tied up.

    Wei Tianpeng sneeringly said: "I also know that you would not dare to speak, good! Han Zhen, you said it for him."

    Han Zhen slowly said immediately: "In the evening of 20th of the eighth month, he had borrowed 30,000 silver taels from the official storehouse. In the 30th of the eighth month, he had borrowed again."

    Wei Tianpeng sneeringly said: "In ten days you have spend 30,000 silver taels, these two bastards could spend so generously."

    Han Zhen you then said: "In the evening of the sixth of the ninth month, they being drunk came upon three young Kunlun Mountain disciples. After some altercations, they actually pursued them for 80 miles and killed them."

    Wei Ba Tai-ye coldly said: "It looks like Kunlun Mountains school disciples have degenerate since the last time they assisted the emperor in his great tasks."

    Han Zhen said: "After killing these people, their escapade instead intensified and they intruded Shijiazhuang, snatched a pair of 14 year-old twin sisters, and force them to accompany them for a full day and night."

    At this point, Ximen Shisan’s eyes seemed to beg Han Zhen to stop with the meaningful glances. However Han Zhen acted as if he had not seen them, and continued to say, "After that, their courage got even bigger, on the 13th of the ninth month ... "

    Ximen Shisan did not wait for him to finish, "puff" he had knelt in front of Wei Ba Tai-ye, ripped open his own clothes and said: "The disciple understands. You can kill me for my mistakes."

    Wei Tianpeng stared at him, looking at him for a while before he suddenly laughed and said: "Good, you have guts. A real man would dare to kill other young fellows who are not as useful, or play around with some beautiful young girls."

    Ximen Shisan was startled and said: "You do not blame me?"

    Wei Tianpeng laughed and said: "Why do I blame you? If those two young girls did not like you, why couldn't they escape? Why did they have to accompany you day and night? If they like you, what is wrong then? Young girls have fallen in love with other young fellows, this is a perfectly justifiable matter, no one could control this, even a king."

    Ximen Shisan could not stop smiling and said: "These girls certainly have looked for me secretly in the last few days."

    Wei Tianpeng laughed and said: "For a man to live in this world, he must have the courage to kill, have the capacity to entice a young girl, otherwise he would not really count as a real man."

    His laughter suddenly stopped, staring at Ximen Shisan he said: "Since I do not blame you, do you know why I called you to come out?"

    Ximen Shisan: "I do not know."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Do you know who that bastard Lin is?"

    Ximen Shisan: "I do not know."

    Wei Tianpeng suddenly let fly a foot, kicked him so he tumbled away about ten feet, then he pulled at his hair, lifted up his entire body, and gave him 17-18 boxes left and right on the ears, then asked: "Do you know why I hit you?"

    Ximen Shisan said: " I do not know." He indeed did not know, he was simply too astounded.

    Wei Tianpeng said sternly, "A real man, getting killed and torched does not really count, but if he actually do not know his own friend, then he is really a live bastard, that should be beheaded 100 times."

    This speech was just finished when suddenly a person’s shadow flashed by, and a person stood at Ximen Shisan’s side. The 30 pairs of eyes in the hall had not seen clearly where this person came from.

    Under the shining light, they could only see that this person had a fair and clear face, with a tall stature. He looked delicate, and had refined manner, his face showed a little part of girlish shyness. But he had swiftly covered the ground silently, the levitation skill of the 13 disciples was nothing compared to this person’s.

    As soon as his body came to a stop, he bowed with one hand cupped in the other and said: "The younger generation Ding Lin, comes purposely to pay a visit to Wei Ba Tai-ye.”

    Wei Tianpeng stared at him and said sternly: "You dare to come here?"

    Ding Lin said: "The younger generation wouldn’t dare!"

    Wei Tianpeng suddenly loudly said with a smile: "Good! You have guts, this old person likes a young fellow like you who have guts!"

    He let Ximen Shisan go while saying, "You bastard should understand now, this Lin fellow is Ding Lin, when you can obtain this kind of friend, your good fortune is finally good!"

    Ximen Shisan was startled looking at his friend, all people looked at his this friend, everyone had heard Ding Lin’s name, but actually nobody could guess that this refined, girlish youth, was unexpectedly the martial arts world’s master of the highest levitation skill "wind young lord" Ding Lin.

    Besides Han Zhen and Wei Ba Tai-ye, indeed no one else could have guessed. Ding Lin's face actually turned red.

    Wei Tianpeng said: "I punch this young bastard, instead of punching you."

    Ding Lin blushed and said: "Actually I do not know what instruction does the senior have?"

    Wei Tianpeng said: "I have a matter I want you to do for me, you may turn down this matter if you do not want to." His expression suddenly became very serious, before he finally said: "But I do not want you to go unprepared, therefore I also want to have a look at your levitation skill."

    Ding Lin was standing still, his shoulder had not moved, the arm had not lifted, the fingertips were all linked together not moving. But at this moment, he suddenly flew like a swallow, like the wind blowing on top of the head of the numerous people.

    When this wind had blown, he had unexpectedly became stationary again in the original place, in his hand there were actually many lanterns.

    These lanterns were originally hanged on a bamboo pole outside the hall, this bamboo pole was at least 30 feet high, and about 50-60 feet away from where he was standing. But he swiftly went there and back without breathing heavily.

    Wei Tianpeng clapped his hands and laughed aloud, "Good! All other people said that 'wind young lord '’s levitation skill is high, and possibly among the top five masters in the world, today I can see that it really lives up to the reputation." He pat Ding Lin's shoulder and also said: "You have such levitation skill, you might go."

    Ding Lin could not bear to ask: "Go where?"

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Go to Leng Xiangyuan, to actually have a look at that Nanhai Niang-zi."
    Ding Lin's complexion was suddenly pale.

    Wei Tianpeng said: "You know Nanhai Niang-zi?"
    Ding Lin nodded.

    Wei Tianpeng said: "You also know her ruthlessness?"
    Ding Lin nodded again.

    Wei Tianpeng stared at him for a moment before suddenly asking: "Who is your master?"

    Ding Lin felt embarrassed, suddenly stepping forward two steps, he gently said a name near his ears.

    Wei Tianpeng changed his countenance immediately and said: "No wonder you know about her, at Tianshan war in the years past, your master once ran across her."

    Ding Lin blushed, said: "The younger generation only knows a little, I do not dare to be impolite."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "But there is a matter you do not know."
    Ding Lin said: "Please advise!"

    Wei Tianpeng said: "In order to keep her face immortal, Nanhai Niang-zi had practiced a kind of weird internal strength. For some reason, everyday at a certain time between midnight and noon, she suffered a relapse for at least half an hour, the whole body will become stiff as wood and not able to move.”

    Ding Lin was calmly listening.

    Wei Tianpeng said: "But her whereabout is usually very much concealed, even if she suffer a relapse at this moment, the time is also extremely short, therefore although some people knew her weakness, no one also dare to look for her!"

    He slowly continued: "Now that we know that she is staying in Leng Xiangyuan, your levitation skill is so good, that when you find her martial arts practicing place, she might be suffering this relapse, and therefore you can open her mask... "

    Ding Lin could not bear asking, "Mask? What mask?"

    Wei Tianpeng said: "She usually wear a mask on her face, even when she is not disguised, she still does not want to show her true face."
    Ding Lin said: "Since nobody has seen her true face, although the younger generation can open her mask, but still cannot confirm her identity."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "I have seen her true face, she has a very special mark, as long as you see it, you can certainly recognize her."
    Ding Lin said: "What marks?"

    Wei Tianpeng suddenly has bent down, and gently said two words near his ears.

    Ding Lin's face changed his color, after feeling embarrassed for a long time, he probingly said: "Since senior has seen her real appearance, and since you are her friend, why don't you have a look at her on your own."

    Wei Tianpeng’s face suddenly showed anger, and called out: "I call you to go, you must go, you should not think about any other matter or you had better be strongly disciplined."

    Ding Lin did not speak, when Eight Master Wei was greatly angered, nobody dared to speak.

    Wei Tianpeng stared at him, fiercely asking: "You will not go?"

    Ding Lin sighed and said: "Since the younger generation already knows this secret, even being afraid will not do any good!"

    Wei Tianpeng suddenly said with a smile: "Good, you really are a smart person, this old person always like a smart person!" He pat Ding Lin's shoulder again and said: "As long as you go, regarding any other matter, I will comply with all your requests."

    Ding Lin had also suddenly smiled, he said: "Now the younger generation only wants to ask one matter from the senior."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "What matter?"

    Ding Lin said: "The younger generation wants to hit a person."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Who do you want to hit?"

    Han Zhen suddenly sighed and said: "Me."

    Ding Lin had really turned around, slowly walks to in front of him, smilingly said: “Good, indeed I want to hit you!"

    His smile seemed very gentle, giving a very shy appearance, but his hand suddenly had moved and the fist connected with Han Zhen’s nose.

    Han Zhen’s entire body were thrown back.

    Ding Lin had finally turned around to Eight Master Wei and smilingly said: "The younger generation will go to Leng Xiangyuan, within five days, you will have some news." ‘Some news’ was barely spoken when he disappeared.

    Wei Tianpeng unexpectedly also sighed, muttering: "This young generation looks different compared to ours, but regarding this matter... "

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    Tall wall, cold night.

    Under the tall wall at the corner gate, suddenly a person quietly slipped out. The extremely handsome face that was half swollen belonged precisely to Ximen Shisan. As soon as he showed up, a shining black horse-drawn carriage came and stopped nearby him.

    When the carriage door was opened, he jumped in. In the compartment there was a cup of wine already waiting for him. A cup presented just right by the girl in red, one of the two beautiful sisters that were redder than even the drunken men. The elder sister looked just like the younger sister, however if the younger sister was tender, the elder sister was more mature.

    A young fellow, wearing the marten coat, was holding a wine cup, languidly leaning on the elder sister’s bosom. He actually pushed the younger sister to Ximen Shisan and said with a smile: "This boy suffered several punches today, you should comfort him well quickly!" The younger sister then began to kiss Ximen Shisan lightly on the places that were swollen.

    The horse-drawn carriage speedily went along to Chang An city! The cold outside, cut like the knife because it was already near the year's end, however inside the compartment it actually felt warm just like spring.

    Ximen Shisan drank that cup of wine in a gulp, then he took a look at that youth in the marten coat. He said: "You knew I was coming?"

    This young fellow was certainly Ding Lin, only now he did not looked the same as he was a moment ago. That Ding Lin a moment ago was very refined, very shy youth. Now this Ding Lin, was actually an unconventional loose prodigal son.

    He cast a glance at Ximen Shisan from the corner of his eyes and languidly laughed while saying: "I certainly know it, if that old bastard had not asked you to get the news about me, who else could have come?"

    Ximen Shisan had also smiled and said: "Since you have lots of guts, why didn’t you call him an old bastard to his face? Why did you have to turn in that kind of appearance like the grandson of a turtle!"

    The elder and younger sisters all smiled at this. Their ages were not very old, but looking at their bodies, a blind person could see that they are no longer children.

    Ximen Shisan continued with a smile: "No matter what, you did punch Han Zhen hard a moment ago, that’s a reason for joy!"

    Ding Lin said: "Although he said those words, all of those were what the old bastard wanted him to say, he was only a live puppet."

    He sneered and continued: "That old bastard was a sly old fox, although he staged his appearance so he looked like a tiger. It is a pity although he can hide the truth from the others, he cannot hide the truth from me."

    Ximen Shisan sighed, said: "No wonder the old man said that you are formidable, he has not really judged you wrong."

    Ding Lin coldly said: "This generation of young people can only become famous in jiang-hu if he is formidable, truly formidable, otherwise he would not be visible."

    Ximen Shisan: "There are also many formidable persons in jiang-hu nowadays?"

    Ding Lin said: "At least there are ten people like me. Only you, the grandsons of turtle, who hide all day in the old man's pants who can only see the outside sky is bright, and cannot see the dark shadow."

    He sneered and continued, "I thought you 13 disciples eat too much, therefore your brains are addled and fuzzy. Even if the old man put out a fart, you all think it is fragrant."

    Ximen Shisan, instead of getting angry, sighed and said painstakingly with a smile: "Recently they indeed eat too much and live too comfortably. Therefore in a single incident, two people have died."

    Ding Lin said: "Does it seem like an important matter to you?"

    Ximen Shisan: "Although it is not big, it is not too small also. It is for this matter also, the old man is trying to act quickly."

    Ding Lin said: "Oh?"

    Ximen Shisan: "Because he has prepared to execute the responsible party, therefore he asks you to eavesdrop on the news in Leng Xiangyuan."

    Ding Lin said: "You think he is really trying to cope with Mo Bai, only then he will go to Leng Xiangyuan?"

    Ximen Shisan: “It isn't?"

    Ding Lin said: "Even if Mo Bai is not there, I guarantee that he will actually go as well to Leng Xiangyuan."

    Ximen Shisan’s eyes flashed, he said that, "So even if he was not looking for you, you would still go to eavesdrop on Nanhai Niang-zi's whereabouts?"

    Ding Lin said: “Right!"

    Ximen Shisan: “This other matter is the truly important matter?"
    Ding Lin agreed: “Yes."

    Ximen Shisan’s eyes shone brighter and said: "Has Nanhai Niang-zi come because of this other matter as well?"
    Ding Lin sighed, said: "You have finally become smart."

    Ximen Shisan: "This matter, not only can make the old man and you to act, moreover the already missing for 30 years Nanhai Niang-zi also become alarmed, looks like this is a really important matter!" His face became flush with excitement, he was obviously an excitable youth.

    Ding Lin's eyes were also is shining, said: "Besides these people you knew already, as far as I know, within five days, at least some 6-7 individuals are also going to Leng Xiangyuan!"

    Ximen Shisan: "What kind of people are these 6-7 people?"

    Ding Lin said that, "Certainly all are people with a lot of real skill."

    Ximen Shisan: "They also know the old man is ready to move as well?"

    Ding Lin lightly said that, "Although these people are not too old, they still keep a watch on your old man."

    Ximen Shisan reluctantly smiled said with a smile: "The old man is certainly not a person who is easy to cope with."

    Ding Lin said: "But in the same generation in jiang-hu, actually not many people think highly of him, just like he also looks down upon these young people."

    Ximen Shisan cannot bear to say: "No matter what, young people's experience is always more shallow.”

    Ding Lin said: "The experience is certainly not the biggest factor in deciding a victory or a defeat!"

    Ximen Shisan: "Oh?"

    Ding Lin said: "As far as I know, any person who dares to go to Leng Xiangyuan, the wugong is certainly not under Wei Tianpeng, in particular... "

    Ximen Shisan: "You?"

    Ding Lin has smiled, said: "I certainly also have this ambition, but since this person comes as well, I am prepared to stand on the side and look at the live events."

    Ximen Shisan knitted his brows: "You also yield to this person?"

    Ding Lin also sighed and said: "I have said before, I am a person who has a lot of knowledge."

    Ximen Shisan appeared to be not so convinced, said: "Actually who is this person?"

    Ding Lin slowly sipped the wine and easily said: "Have you heard of Little Li’s flying dagger?"

    Ximen Shisan’s face change color and almost spilled his cup of wine.

    "Little Li’s flying dagger!"
    These four words could instill fear into someone’s guts.

    Ximen Shisan lost his voice and whispered, "Little Li’s flying dagger also comes?"

    Ding Lin smiled and lightly said: "If Little Li’s flying dagger also came, your old man and the thousand Goddess of Mercy would not even bother to come, instead they would just hide inside."

    Ximen Shisan finally breathed out and said: "I also knew Little Li Tan Hua had not been involve in jiang-hu’s matter for many years, some people even said that he followed the example of another former days famous hero Shen Lang, transcended to immortality overseas. (There is another sentence here which explains this process, I have no idea how to translate it)"

    Ding Lin said: "He traveled all over the world, and someone obtained the Little Li’s flying dagger method."

    Ximen Shisan unable to restrain his excitement and said: "But why nobody in jiang-hu had heard that Little Li’s flying dagger had an apprentice?"

    Ding Lin said: "Because he was not not truly Little Li Tan Hua’s disciple, I just learned about him and Little Li Tan Hua’s relationship recently."

    Ximen Shisan: "Why don't we know about it?"

    Ding Lin lightly said, "Perhaps because you all ate too much."

    Ximen Shisan displayed a forced smile, but could not bear to ask: "What is his name?"

    Ding Lin again slowly sipped the wine and slowly said: "He is surnamed Ye, he is called Ye Kai."

    Ye Kai!
    Ximen Shisan was silent, with sparkling eyes, he obviously had decided to remember this name in his heart.

    Ding Lin again said that, "Although Ye Kai is great, these other young people are similarly also very fearful." He had suddenly smiled and said: "You are ‘Powder young lord’, I am ‘Wind young lord’, do you know there are several ‘young lord’s as well?"

    Ximen Shisan nodded, said: "I know there are ‘Wooden young lord’, ‘Iron young lord’, ‘Single-devil young lord’."

    Ding Lin easily said that, "Perhaps when you arrive there, only time will be the barrier before you see them, but then you could regret it."

    Ximen Shisan: "Regret?"

    In Ding Lin's eye suddenly there was a very strange expression, he slowly said: "Because regardless of anyone who saw these people, he would not feel better in the occasion, because sooner or later he must see their skills."

    Nighttime, it was cloudless yet without the moon.

    The horse-drawn carriage had stopped in a thatched shed behind Leng Xiangyuan. This thatched shed seemed to be prepared already for them there. That pair of lovable twin sisters, actually were curled up, resting in the corners.

    Ximen Shisan looked at the younger sister’s completely mature body, he could not bear to sigh and say: "Tonight, we rest here?"

    Ding Lin nodded and reasoned: "If you could not get hold of yourselves, you could treat me as a blind person."

    Ximen Shisan smiled also and said: "I am not that anxious as it may appear to you. I only feel it’s strange why you suddenly change to be so law-abiding today?'

    Ding Lin said: "Tonight I have an appointment."

    Ximen Shisan: "An appointment? With whom?"

    Ding Lin smiled and said: "Certainly with a woman."

    Ximen Shisan anxiously asked immediately: "How does she look?"

    Ding Lin smiled very mysteriously and said, “She looks very beautiful."

    Ximen Shisan became more anxious and said: "Can you manage another person to slip in, include me in there?"

    Ding Lin said: "If you must go, that is also good."

    Ximen Shisan: "I know you are not a selfish person."

    Ding Lin suddenly said that, "But, if we go, we may not necessarily come back to tell the tale."

    Ximen Shisan changed his countenance and said: "Who are you meeting?"

    Ding Lin said: "Thousand Goddess of Mercy, Nanhai Niang-zi."

    Ximen Shisan was astounded.

    Ding Lin casted a glance at him with the corner of his eyes and said: "Do you still want to go?"

    Ximen Shisan replied very simply: "I don’t think so." He cannot bear to ask: "You are really prepared to go tonight?"

    Ding Lin said that, "Actually I am very anxious to be able to see whether or not Nanhai Niang-zi is indeed a beautiful woman."

    Ximen Shisan: "What then are you waiting for?"

    Ding Lin said: "I am waiting for a person."

    Ximen Shisan: "And wait for who?" He just said these two words, when he heard the cart driver to snap his fingers.

    Ding Lin's eyes also shone, said: "He has come!"

    Ximen Shisan shove open the window, he saw a person in a raincoat in the distant darkness, with a bamboo hat on his head. He used three long bamboo poles in the hands, the bamboo poles moving on the ground, the person passed over gently and swiftly every 5-10 feet, buoyantly dropped outside the thatched shed.

    Ding Lin said: "What do you think of his levitation skill?"

    Ximen Shisan painstakingly said with a smile: "This person seems to have real skill."

    By now that person had loosened the raincoat, hung it on the pillar, and smilingly said: "I didn’t intend to show off my levitation skill, I was only afraid of leaving a trail behind in the snowy area."

    Ding Lin then said, "I didn’t expect you to work so discretely."

    This person said, "That’s because I want to live longer."

    He slowly walked nearer and finally also took off the bamboo hat. Ximen Shisan could now see that he was older than 30 years-old, wearing fox fur outside his robe, but also with a wrapper of blue cloth. He looked like a well-mannered businessman, only a pair of extremely bright eyes and the sly smile conveyed extreme astuteness.

    Ding Lin also smiled and said: "This is Leng Xiangyuan’s guardian, Yang Xuan."

    Yang Xuan looked at Ximen Shisan’s eyes, after a while said: "I have long heard of Eight Master Wei’s highly-skilled disciples, very fortunate to meet you."

    Ximen Shisan was startled looking at him, he could not bear to ask: "Are you the same Yang Xuan that my sixth brother saw?"

    Yang Xuan said: “Yes."

    Ximen Shisan said painstakingly with a smile: "He said you are only a timid businessman, it looks like he just ate too much as well."

    Yang Xuan lightly said that, "I am just a timid businessman, he has not looked wrongly."

    Ding Lin said: "I am the one who is mistaken."

    Yang Xuan said: "Oh?"

    Ding Lin said with a smile: "I thought you are 'the flying fox' Yang Tian."

    Yang Xuan knitted his eyebrows, Ximen Shisan also unable to restrain to change his countenance.

    He had heard of "the flying fox" Yang Tian. In fact, very few people in jiang-hu had not heard the name of this person, he was the most famous solitary robber in jiang-hu for the last ten years. He was reported to practice the best wugong skill in the last ten years, when you had locked him with handcuffs and foot shackles, he could use Niu Jinkun (making your body and bones smaller), that he could still escape. Such a person was unexpectedly willing to become a steward in Leng Xiangyuan, this certainly was very surprising. His schemes could in no way be a very ordinary matter.

    Ximen Shisan suddenly realized that this matter had become more and more interesting, but also had become more and more fearful.

    Ding Lin seemed to realize that he had talked too much, then changed the topic immediately, and said: "That Nanhai Niang-zi has come?"

    Yang Xuan nodded and said: "She just arrived."

    Ding Lin said: "You saw her?"

    Yang Xuan shakes the head, said: "I only see some servants and maids of her sect’s."

    Ding Lin said: "How many people do they altogether have?"

    Yang Xuan said: "37."

    Ding Lin said: "That woman that can eat the knife is also here?"

    Yang Xuan nodded, said: "She is called Auntie Tie, she seems to manage the group efficiently."

    Ding Lin said with a smile: "Not to forget that you also are the steward, how could the matter not be managed correctly by both of you."

    Yang Xuan put on a serious face, clamping his mouth, he didn’t seem to like cracking a joke.

    Ding Lin cough drily twice, and changed the subject, "Which courtyard do they live in?"

    Yang Xuan said: "Ting-tao storied-pavilion."

    Ding Lin said: "How long has it been since midnight, compared to noon time?"

    Yang Xuan said: "It is already more than halfway there, if there is a person inside, as soon as you go in, they may hear you."

    Ding Lin eyes shone, he said: "It looks like I can go back to drinking the wine again, and leave."

    Yang Xuan looked at him, after a very long time, he suddenly said: "This time we form this partnership, because I need you, you also need me."

    Ding Lin has smiled, said: "We are good partners."

    Yang Xuan lightly said that, "But we are not friends, this point you should better remember."

    He does not let Ding Lin speak again, he had slowly turned around, wore his bamboo hat and his raincoat, swiftly moving the bamboo pole in his hands, very soon the person was already five to ten feet away, and soon he could not be seen anymore.

    Ding Lin gazed at his vanishing shadow and smilingly said: "Fine skill, he is really worthy to be called 'the flying fox '."

    Ximen Shisan could not bear to ask: "Is he really that 'flying fox ' Yang Tian?"

    Ding Lin said: "Only the flying fox has that capability." He suddenly sighed, and said painstakingly with a smile: "Luckily only he has such skill."

    Taking off his marten coat, he revealed a set of tight-fitting night clothes, black, like the color of the night.

    Ding Lin had taken off the marten coat, he certainly did not drink that final cup of wine again. His eyes were sparkling, on the face no one could not see the smiling face. The jet black night clothes, wound closely his thin and keen body.

    Suddenly, he seemed to have turned into another person. Not a moment ago he was a loose prodigal son, he had become extremely, extremely calm and fearful.

    Ximen Shisan kept staring at him, the eyes exhibited a very strange expression, as if envying the person in front of him.

    Ding Lin said: "You’d better wait in here, in a while, I will come back."

    Ximen Shisan suddenly smiled and said: "What if you do not come back?"

    Ding Lin also smiled and lightly said: "Then you may carry off these two girls, isn’t that what you have been thinking of? ... " When he finished these words, he had already vanished in the darkness.

    Ximen Shisan thereupon sat in there, not moving at all. He originally thought his Wugong was not under other young people, only now did he realized the truth. This young generation was much more fearful than what he had imagined. He lifted his hands, lightly caressing his own swollen face, with a very painful expression in his eyes.

    The older sister seemed to be in a deep sleep. Suddenly she turned her body and grasped at his leg. Ximen Shisan did not moved. The elder sister was not his, the younger sister was.

    Who knew the elder sister suddenly nip on his leg, nipped very sharply, causing extreme pain. But Ximen Shisan’s pain actually disappeared suddenly. He discovered that if a person wanted to exceed the others, he could depend not only on his wugong. Thereupon his face revealed a smile, a smile that glowed like the wine that had not been drunk by Ding Lin ...

    Ting-tao storied-pavilion certainly was not located in an ocean wave. In Leng Xiangyuan besides ten thousand plum blossoms, there were also several hundred dark green pines, and several thousand bamboo trees for decoration. Ting-tao storied-pavilion had the bamboo trees lined up like the wave of the ocean.

    Ding Lin was concealed in the dark recede of the bamboo grove. He opened a leather bag, and pulled out a cylinder. Inside the cylinder was one kind of black crude oil that he obtained from a herdsman in Tibet, by trading with the salt.

    He rotated the cylinder cover, and there was a gust of the wind coming out with the crude oil from inside the tube, the oil spurted out in a very fine mist. That mist of the oil beads, flew out along with the wind, sprinkling the outside of the Ting-tao storied-pavilion.

    Then he lay aside the cylinder, and took out ten pellets that were sized slightly bigger than a pill, and using two fingers’ strength, he shot them and hit the opposite eaves of the roof.

    Suddenly, with only a "clang" sound, the Ting-tao storied pavilion’s eaves turned into an ocean of fire, the bright red flame, rose about 30 feet. The distant place started to rumble, just around midnight. The rousing alarm sound that just started to roar had flattened.


    Dozens of people shadows called out in alarm to flee from Ting-tao storied pavilion. The extreme intensity of the fire caused the calmest person to unavoidably be in a state of panic.

    During this moment, Ding Lin leaped into the pavilion through an open window, blowing away at the light smoke. The small hall was extremely stranded and quite calm, no one was around

    Ding Lin suddenly shouted loudly. "Fire, this place is on fire!"
    Nobody came out.

    Ding Lin started opening the doors one by one, he certainly did not know where Nanhai Niang-zi exercised her martial arts, therefore he moved very quickly. He felt he also needed to have good luck along the way.

    It turned out his luck was not so bad. The third door was bolted from inside, so he drew a sword and shouldered open the door bolt.

    Inside the door was a hall for worshipping Buddha. Inside the copper bowl, the fragrance was burned, the long sticks crackled, causing an additional mystical appearance inside the deserted and quiet hall for worshipping Buddha. Behind the incense table, a yellow curtain hung down, nobody was seen.

    Ding Lin actually did not believe that a room with a bolted door would have nobody inside. He rushed in without hesitation, and raised the hanging curtain.

    He was astounded. Behind it, there were unexpectedly four people.

    Four people wearing a long purple satin gown, the black hair was pulled up above the head, each face wearing a wooden mask. These four people had exactly the same appearance, all were motionless while sitting cross-legged on the floor. Although the flame was burning brightly outside the building, there was no fear detected behind that fierce similar masks.

    These four people could all possibly be Nanhai Niang-zi, but Nanhai Niang-zi was actually only one. Ding Lin knew he wouldn’t have a second opportunity, therefore he decided to plunge into the danger.

    He rushed in, and opened the first person’s mask. Under the mask was a pale and beautiful face, the long eyelash, which covered the closed eyes, insurmountably pointed out that she could not have been older than 20, Nanhai Niang-zi could not be so young.

    Ding Lin next uncovered the second person. This person turned out to be a man, the face also had the grayish Hu corn. Nanhai Niang-zi certainly could not be a man.

    Although the third person looked also very young, but there were actually wrinkles on the corners of the eyes.

    The fourth person was full of wrinkles on the face, she looked like a faltered old lady who was very frail.

    Ding Lin was astounded again. He had not seen the face that he wanted to see, but by now he could not stop anymore, nor had he the time to linger. He turned around wanting to leap away.

    However, he saw the hand of the person with the Hu corn on his face slightly moved. He noticed that and wanted to fend for himself, but the speed of this person’s move was unexpectedly quick and so difficult to imagine. As soon as he saw this person's hand move, he felt a stabbing pain on the waist, like being gently punctured by a sharp needle. Then he fell down.

    In the hall for worshipping buddha, everything was quiet and tasteful, outside the ashes of the flame were extinguished, in the copper bowl the long sticks were formed in a circle, but the smell had changed to a light fragrant wood.

    Ding Lin finally awoke, his eyes got wider. He suddenly discovered that he wore a typical skirt worn by a woman. He put out a hand to trace his hair and in a great surprise, his hair had been unexpectedly combed into a high bun like the one usually worn by the Yang imperial concubines. This is typical hairstyling for woman, although the hair bun was slightly askew, it was hold at the root by an ornamental hairpin.

    When "the wind young lord" Ding Lin was 16-17 years-old, he started to make a living as a wandering fortune-teller, in three years, he had won a very big reputation.

    In jiang-hu everybody all knew, not only that his levitation skill was extremely high, moreover he was extremely vigilant, also extremely adept at escaping any tricky situation.

    But now he actually could not escape at all. He had not run away, because from his waist down, every part of his body did not have any strength, and felt soft. Actually his entire body all felt soft, and his heart sank at this reality.

    On the incense table, there was a three feet high Guanyin statue that was smiling, the hand was bent as if she would perform the universal restoration. With the long sticks smoke which wound around her, her smiling face offered some unknown hidden surreptitious meaning.

    Ding Lin suddenly discovered that this goddess of mercy's face was unexpectedly the same as the beautiful young girl that wore the mask a moment ago. Was that young girl Nanhai Niang-zi? But the one who acted against him so quickly was actually the Hu corn's man, earlier he thought this man was a disguise of Nanhai Niang-zi. By now he was utterly confused, he did not even dare to think of anything. Otherwise, he feared that he would go crazy. Luckily by now even if he wanted to think, he did not have the time to do it again as the hall for worshipping buddha’s door had been opened slowly.

    A person slowly walked in, the face brought a beautiful and surreptitious smile, just like the smiling face of the goddess of mercy. Ding Lin had another look at the Goddess of Mercy statue, and then looked at her again, he suddenly sighed and closed his eyes...

    This young girl's face was simply this goddess of mercy's face. He did not want to look again, because he feared that after looking so many times he could go crazy. It was a pity that not looking could also similarly make you go crazy.

    This young girl walked to him and suddenly said with a smile: "Your hair is combed attractively today, who combs it for you?"

    Ding Lin could not stop himself from opening his eyes further, staring past her he said: "I want to ask you, who combs it for me?"

    This young girl seemed very surprised and said that, "Don’t you know that?"

    Ding Lin said: "How can I know?"

    This young girl said that, "Can you remember anything at all?"

    Ding Lin said with a smile: "How can I remember, basically I was not aware of this before, even so after you broke my head. I also can’t guess correctly why you have me play the role of a woman?"

    This young girl seemed startled and said: "What did you say? You said we forced you to play the role of a woman? Have you forgotten at all that you were originally a woman?"

    Ding Lin could not bear saying out: "Who said I am originally a woman?"

    This young girl was so startled looking at him, that her face expressed the disbelief of a person looking at a lunatic.

    Ding Lin could not bear saying: "If you say that I am originally a woman, you are certainly insane!"

    This young girl sighed, said: "I am not insane, instead it’s you!"

    She suddenly turned her head and called out: "Everybody, here everybody looks, how can younger sister Ding could suddenly be like this?"

    Younger sister Ding?
    "The wind young lord" Ding Lin suddenly turned into younger sister Ding! Ding Lin wanted to smile but he could not smile, wanted to cry but also could not cry. He saw 4-5 women walked into the room, including the middle-aged beautiful woman who also wore a mask a moment ago.

    She turned out to be Auntie Tie, because that young girl was greeting her. "Auntie Tie, you quickly have a look, younger sister Ding acted strangely a moment ago, how could she suddenly be like this?"

    Auntie Tie was also looking at Ding Lin, smilingly she said: "She looks very good, what else is wrong. The hair combing is even more attractive than usual."

    This young girl said that, "But... But she unexpectedly is not willing to acknowledge that she is a woman."

    Ding Lin tried to control himself as much as possible, he knows that he need great calmness to go through this. But he actually could not stop himself from saying, "I am indeed not a woman!"

    Auntie Tie looked at him, suddenly sighed and said: "I understand your mood, sometimes like me you wish that you are not a woman, in this world, a woman indeed has to suffer a greater loss than a man."

    Ding Lin also sighed, said: "Actually I do not oppose to being a woman, what a pity I was born as a male, therefore when I arrived a moment ago, I was also a male." He had really tried to use his greatest strength to control himself.

    There was a very surprised expression on Auntie Tie's face, she suddenly turned her head and asked another woman: "How long do you know this younger sister?"

    "About 2-3 months."

    "Is she a man? Or woman?"

    "Certainly she is a woman."

    All women are smiling now: "If younger sister Ding is a man, everyone of us is a man as well."

    Ding Lin felt his own face turning pale and green, still trying to endure patiently and said: "It’s a pity I am not really younger sister Ding."

    Auntie Tie brought her smile and asked: " Then who are you?"

    Ding Lin said: "I am also surnamed Ding, called Ding Lin."

    Auntie Tie said that, "I know that you are called Ding Ling Lin."

    Ding Lin said: “It is not Ding Ling Lin, it is Ding Lin."

    Auntie Tie said that, "It is not Lin-er, but Ding Ling Lin, how could you forget your own name."

    After a long time, suddenly the young girl whose face was like the goddess of mercy's smiled and said: "Luckily her voice has not changed, anybody can hear that that is a woman's voice."

    Ding Lin sneered and said: "Anybody should be able to distinguish my male... "

    His voice suddenly stopped, the cold sweat suddenly broke out from his back. He suddenly detected that his voice had also changed, changed so it was light, just like a woman’s voice.

    ‘How did I suddenly turn into a woman?’

    He was never really afraid of anything, but now this kind of fear, penetrated his brain like a sharp needle. He wanted to try to move certain parts of his body, but pitifully he was completely numb from the waist down. He even wanted to put out his hand to trace that particular spot, but in front of so many women, he really did not have that kind of courage.

    Auntie Tie looked at him, her eyes filled with sympathy and pity, with a supple voice: "Recently your mood has not been good, you have also drunk a lot of wine. Unavoidably you forget some matters, moreover you originally were not willing to remember it again."

    Ding Lin was listening carefully.

    Auntie Tie said that, "But we all may remind you, although the past events were sad, but if you completely forget everything, this will not be good to yourself."

    Ding Lin had to sigh, said: "Good, you say it, I am listening."

    Auntie Tie said that, "You are called Ding Ling Lin, an extremely attractive girl, you originally had a very kind sweetheart, but afterwards you two had a falling out, therefore you ran to the seashore to commit suicide, but fortunately Auntie Xin was there to rescue you."

    That young girl with a smile like the Goddess of Mercy was called Auntie Xin, she immediately responded: "If I had not pulled quickly, that day you would be lost to the sea."

    Ding Lin clenched his teeth, and did not open his mouth. He suddenly became very afraid of hearing his own voice.

    Auntie Tie said that, "Your sweetheart is surnamed Ye, is called Ye Kai, he... "

    Ye Kai!

    Hearing this name, Ding Lin felt his brain suddenly heard a "bang" sound. Suddenly, he understood everything.

    He knew that he fell into the most treacherous and the most ingenious snare. This snare was actually prepared for Ye Kai, he had somehow stumbled into this mess.

    Auntie Tie was saying something, but he did not hear anything, as he was trying to focus his thought. He certainly wanted to find a way to escape from this snare, but he also knew that this was not an easy matter. Not easy at all.

    After a very long time, Auntie Tie's actually had not stopped speaking.

    Originally she spoke repeatedly to him many orders, just like she was forcing Ding Lin to accept the fact.

    "Your sweetheart is surnamed Ye, called Ye Kai, he was originally the son of the hall leader of 'the god knife hall’ (shen-dao-tang), afterwards adopted by Ye family!"

    "Your father's name is Ding Chengfeng, your aunt's name is Ding Baiyun, originally they were Ye family's enemy, but afterwards this hatred had been dissolved by Ye Kai, your feeling towards him therefore had gone deeper instead."

    "You originally would have been married to each other by now, but suddenly a woman called Shangguan Xiaoxian appeared."

    "This woman was said to be the daughter of the prestigious ‘gold coin clan’ (jin-qian-bang) ‘s leader in the years past Shangguan Jinhong, who lived at that time with the world’s most beautiful woman Lin Xianer. Although Lin Xianer was beautiful like a fairy maiden, she actually would tempt men to go to hell."

    "Her daughter was equally malicious and caused you to break up with Ye Kai."

    "This matter you certainly cannot forget, must not forget!"

    Ding Lin listened to her speak on and on, and then suddenly he discovered that he no longer could focus on his own, moreover he felt what she said was true.

    Suddenly, he felt like competing with this woman who was called Shangguan Xiaoxian, and hated her with his entire body. He almost acknowledged that he was Ding Ling Lin, acknowledged that he was originally a woman. In the stove the smoke from the fragrance sticks fluttered intermittently, entering his breath, permeating into his brain. He unexpectedly started to lose the ability to determine what is right and wrong.

    Auntie Tie looked at him, her face revealed a surreptitious and self-satisfied smile, slowly spoke: "You are called Ding Ling Lin, an extremely attractive girl, you... "

    Ding Lin suddenly exhausted all his strength to bite his own lips, the severe pain caused him to be suddenly sober. He bellowed immediately said: "You do not have to say it again, I have understood you!"

    Auntie Tie smiled and said: "You have really understood?"

    Ding Lin said: "I certainly look very much like Ding Ling Lin, therefore you want to use me to harm Ye Kai!"

    Auntie Tie said that, "You are Ding Ling Lin."

    Ding Lin said: "Actually you do not have to use such method, I am not unwilling to follow your direction."

    Auntie Tie said that, "Oh?"

    Ding Lin said that, "But you must agree on several matters first."
    Auntie Tie said, "You say it."

    Ding Lin said: "I want you to tell me first, actually do you discover that I look like Ding Ling Lin by chance, and only then set up this snare, or do you already know that I would come?"

    Auntie Tie suddenly did not open the mouth.

    Ding Lin said: "Then you should release my accupoint and let me have a look at Nanhai Niang-zi. After this trouble, at least I need to understand this!"

    Auntie Tie had suddenly smiled, said: "Nanhai Niang-zi is here all along, can’t you see her?"

    Ding Lin puzzled asked: "Where is she?"

    Ding Lin puzzled asked: "Where is she?"

    Suddenly he heard a graceful and mystical sound slowly said that, "Here!"

    This sound impressively came out of the Goddess of Mercy statue.

    Ding Lin suddenly stopped, looking at this mystical statue, his eyes could no longer leave this spectacle. Looking between the indistinct dense of smoke, he suddenly discovered that the statue had unexpectedly changed into a face.

    Originally it had a smiling face, but now it had became severe, with the sign of anger between the forehead. This statue with no life within, suddenly became alive.

    "I am the person who you inferred, therefore now you should look at me, what I say now, you will believe every words!" The smoke swirled around, this voice came out so unexpectedly from within.

    Ding Lin only felt his whole body go ice-cold, and helplessly nodded. Although in his heart, he did not want to look again, but his eyes could not be averted from this mystical but monstrous statue.

    "You are Ding Ling Lin, Ye Kai is your sweetheart, your husband, but Shangguan Xiaoxian actually snatches him from your side."

    "Now, they spend day and night together all the time, while you are actually left all alone, a lonely person!"

    Ding Lin looked at her, there was a sadness on her face. "I know that you and her have this deep unforgettable hatred, therefore you certainly must fight against her."

    On Ding Lin’s there was suddenly a flush of hatred, he muttered: "I certainly must retaliate... I certainly must retaliate... "

    "Now Ye Kai will bring that hateful woman to here soon, you would have the opportunity."

    Ding Lin was listening, the shining eyes had gradually became empty, but the flush of hatred on the face had actually became more intense.

    "Ye Kai absolutely do not suspect that you could be here, therefore when he sees you suddenly, he will be very started."

    "But he actually will not harm you, therefore you may seize the opportunity to snatch that malicious woman from his side, and to destroy her beautiful face, so she will not have the way to entice any other man forever."

    "Have you understood me now?"

    Ding Lin slowly nodded, said: "I have understood."

    "Are you willing to execute my words?"

    Ding Lin said: “Yes!"

    "All I have said to you, you believe it all?"

    Ding Lin said: “Yes!"

    "Good, you now stand up, your accupoint is released, you can stand up."

    Ding Lin really slowly stood up. Both of his legs were completely numb, but now suddenly they had the strength in them.

    "Good, you have a knife on your body, now I want you to use this knife to kill a person for me."

    Ding Lin said: "Who?"

    "Yang Xuan."

    Ding Lin slowly has turned around, slowly walked away from Auntie Xin and Auntie Tie. His eyes just looked straight ahead, the hand grips the knife tightly to the bosom, there was only one thought in his heart, "with this knife, kill Yang Xuan!"


    Although there was a fire in the gatekeeper’s house, it was still very cold. Yang Xuan calmly sat near the brazier (the pan holding the charcoal), although his thoughts were already anxious and restless. He was waiting for Ding Lin's news. There were no news from Ding Lin until now.

    At this moment, a person had slowly opened the door and walked in. A very beautiful woman, the long black hair, stylishly pulled up, with a phoenix ornamental hairpin inserted into the hair bun.

    Yang Xuan stood up and smilingly said: "What do you Miss need?" He obviously thought of this woman as one of Nanhai Niang-zi's disciples, and avoided looking directly at her. This woman instead was actually staring at him continuously, with a very strange expression in her eyes.

    Yang Xuan snatched a few glances from looking at the ground, and suddenly found out that he liked this person very much.

    This woman's eyes was still staring at him, and emphasized each word, said: "You are Yang Xuan?"

    Yang Xuan nodded, before he was suddenly startled and called out: "You are Ding Lin!"

    Ding Lin said: "I am not Ding Lin, but Ding Ling Lin."

    Yang Xuan still looked at him with astonishment, said: "You... How can you turn like this?"

    Ding Lin said: "This is who I am, I am a woman."

    Yang Xuan complexion had changed, said: "Is it possible that you have gone insane!"

    Ding Lin said: "I am not insane, you are the one who is insane, therefore I must kill you." He suddenly extracted the short knife from his bosom, and the knife entered Yang Xuan’s chest.

    Yang Xuan could not dream that he could be suddenly betrayed, he did not guard against it, he tried to avoid it but without enough time. The fresh blood splashed from his chest, a few spots sprinkled on Ding Lin’s clothes.

    Ding Lin's face did not have any expression, he coldly saw Yang Xuan dropped down, then he slowly turned around.

    Outside the gate the snow swirled, the night was deeper.

    He slowly walked into the fog, there was suddenly the exquisite and the mystical voice in the darkness: "You did very well, but now you are already too tired, so tired that your eyes could not open at all."

    Ding Lin said: "I am indeed too tired!" His eye really slowly closed.

    "Here lies a very comfortable bed, now you can go to sleep. When Ye Kai and that malicious woman arrive, we will awaken you!"

    On that accumulating thick snow and ice, Ding Lin actually lay down. It seemed like he was really lying down on a very comfortable bed, and he could sleep well.

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    Default Chapter 4: Pretty girls have hard luck

    Chapter 4: Pretty girls have hard luck - TRANSLATED BY FASTCLOCK

    The fog was getting thicker and thicker.

    The younger sister continuously slept well, the elder sister was gently panting for breath, the windows were also shut, her face showed a weary satisfied smiles.

    Ximen Shisan looked at both of them, there was unspeakable happiness and self-satisfaction in his heart, because it seemed like he had defeated Ding Lin.

    "A person could not be triumphant in everything, just know your strong points."

    He smiled, and then he wanted to drink the wine cup, suddenly there was someone knocking on the door outside. Ding Lin could not possibly have come back.

    He pulled down the screen, but he could not see any person outside the door.


    No one responded.

    Ximen Shisan hesitated, but finally could not bear to shove open the door. Outside there was nobody.

    Outside it was all dark, the cold fog just rose from the ground. Who was knocking on the door a moment ago? He tightened his jacket, and asked again, again no one responded, was it that cart driver who acted as the lookout?

    The weather was really cold, he originally did not want to leave this warm compartment, but after making that matter which weighed on his conscience, he unavoidably had become terribly suspicious and fearful.

    He finally put on his boots, jumped alight, looking at the four directions of darkness, cold and silent. That cart driver who was wearing a black cotton jacket, hid himself in the pile of straws, the head resting on the knees, the hands were holding up the head, as if he was resting.

    Was he the one who knocked on the door a moment ago? Did he made a mistake about the knockings? He could not have made a mistake. His age was also young, the eyes and the ears were still very sharp.

    If there were really some people who came a moment ago, this cart driver who was ordered by Ding Lin to keep a watch , would have heard some sound of something astir.

    Ximen Shisan walked to him, wanting to push him awake and ask him. The cart driver suddenly flew high from the haystack like an arrow. His levitation skill was really quick, although not comparable to Ding Lin, he was actually not under Ximen Shisan at all.

    Ximen Shisan has not expected this, and while hesitating, this cart driver's shadow had vanished in the darkness.

    The snow kept swirling and the cold wind cut like a knife.

    His aroused spirit had suddenly hit a shiver, so he decided to go to the compartment first and wait for Ding Lin to come back. The compartment door was unexpectedly closed, he did not know whether he shut it himself a moment ago.

    There was an exquisite copper lamp shining inside from the carriage roof, shining through the purple fabric of the window blind.

    Ximen Shisan really regretted leaving this compartment a moment ago, so he quickly pulled open the door.

    Then his heart sunk, he froze outside the compartment, not able to move at all. In the compartment there was an additional person.

    A hawkish nose, a flushed shining face, a brocade gown old person, sat on the seat occupied by him a moment ago. Impressively that was Eight Master Wei!

    The sisters continued to curl up in the quoin, deeply sleeping.

    Eight Master Wei’s pair of bright eye stared at him like a knife before he coldly said: "Come up!"

    Ximen Shisan had bent down his head, across the compartment, he suddenly glimpsed that cart driver had unexpectedly returned to his position on the haystack, without changing his posture, as if he had not moved at all.

    The compartment was very low, so nobody could stand up straight. Ximen Shisan actually did not dare to sit down, only hanging down his head, bending the waist, and stood in there.

    Eight Master Wei coldly look at him, said: "Your good friend?"

    Ximen Shisan: "He had already gone in."

    Ximen Shisan hang his head, he was unable to reply, also did not dare to reply, because he drastically had forgotten everything. His mind just went blank up to just a moment ago.

    Eight Master Wei stared at him saying severely: "After he walked, what did you do?"

    Ximen Shisan did not dare to reply. He already knew that this matter was a little shameful. A real man could play with several women, because that didn’t really count. But playing with a friend’s woman openly, that was actually another matter.

    Eight Master Wei sneered and said: "It looks like you really got a lot of courage, aren't you afraid that Ding Lin will know?"

    Ximen Shisan blushed, stuttered: "We... We are good friends."

    Eight Master Wei got angry: "Since you are good friends, how can you behave like this, stealing his woman, how can you?"

    Ximen Shisan did not dare to answer.

    Eight Master Wei said: "If you think Ding Lin will not act towards you, you are horribly mistaken, this kind of matter any man could certainly act accordingly."

    Ximen Shisan nodded.

    Eight Master Wei said: "It depends on you yourself, how he may behave towards you. Once he know about this, how do you prepare to act?"

    Ximen Shisan found his courage, muttered: "I thought he might not know."

    Eight Master Wei sneered said: "You think he might not know, why do you think like that?"

    Ximen Shisan painstakingly said with a smile: "I certainly will not tell him... "

    Eight Master Wei interrupted him: "Although you do not say it, how about this woman?"

    Ximen Shisan: “That’s what she wanted, how could she tell other people?"

    Eight Master Wei said: "You thought she really liked you, therefore she seduced you?"

    Ximen Shisan although did not dare to acknowledge, actually he did not deny it.

    Eight Master Wei said: "I ask you, you snatched these two women from Shijiazhuang?"

    Ximen Shisan nodded.

    Eight Master Wei said: "Why do you think they are willing to be snatched by you?"

    In this world, certainly nobody would be willing to be snatched by any person at midnight.

    Eight Master Wei sneered said: "Can't you see, this w-h-o-r-e entices you, so you are jealous of Ding Lin, so they can have the opportunity to retaliate."

    Ximen Shisan was obviously not convinced, and said: "She perhaps... "

    Eight Master Wei got angry: "Do you still think she really likes you? How small are you compared to Ding Lin? Moreover, even if a 14-15 year-old young girl live wildly, she cannot do this in front of her own younger sister."

    Ximen Shisan did not dare to debate again.

    Eight Master Wei said: "Moreover, the acrobatics you performed a moment ago in this compartment, I could hear it from afar, do you really think her younger sister was a pig, that although she was so close to you, she could really sleep so deeply?"

    Ximen Shisan complexions had changed, he suddenly realized that this matter could indeed have been arranged by the sisters, therefore when Ding Lin walked out a moment ago, the elder sister woke up immediately, and the younger sister continued to sleep soundly, for this arrangement would be convenient for them. He suddenly discovered this old ginger was really spicy after all.

    Eight Master Wei suddenly also asked: "Did these two w-h-or-e-s grew up in Shijiazhuang?"

    Ximen Shisan: "Probably not, I have never seen them before in Shijiazhuang."

    Eight Master Wei sneered and said: "That is to be expected."

    He looked at the two sisters, before slowly continuing, "These two young girls seemed pretty as a flower, I wouldn’t endure it to look at them dying in front of me."

    The two sisters still curled quietly there, the breath was very even, they seemed to be in a very deep sleep.

    Eight Master Wei suddenly turned his head, stared at Ximen Shisan, said: "Therefore when you kill them, I will completely close my eyes."

    Ximen Shisan aghast, said: "I?"

    Wei Tianpeng sunk his voice, “Right, you."

    Ximen Shisan: "I... I must kill them?"

    Wei Tianpeng coldly said: "If you do not want to kill them, I will allow them to kill you."

    Ximen Shisan complexions had turned white, said: "When Ding Lin comes back, if he sees them dead, what would he say..."

    Eight Master Wei had interrupted, "He will not see it."

    Ximen Shisan: "Why?"

    Eight Master Wei said: "A dead person cannot see anything."

    Ximen Shisan lost her voice: "Ding Lin is dead?"

    Eight Master Wei said: "If he does not die, you will die."

    Ximen Shisan looked at him, before he finally understood. When Ding Lin came back, the plan was not to let Ding Lin escape. Regardless of what happened, whether or not he could find out about Nanhai Niangzi, when he came back, he must die!

    Since this required a lot of effort, Wei Tianpeng had come himself, and exchanged the cart driver with his own disciple.

    Ximen Shisan looked at his calm and brutal face, he nearly could not believe that he was an old person that was known for his raging fire, hot temper. He suddenly became a completely different person, even more thorough than Ding Lin.

    Ximen Shisan suddenly discovered that if a person wanted to become famous in jiang-hu, he need to have several different faces, then no matter what, the appearance became more unpredictable, more formidable.

    Wei Tianpeng sharp eyes rested on his face, lightly said: "Waiting for death is more painful than dying, if you really have pity, just let them die quickly."

    Ximen Shisan bit his lips, suddenly moved, the middle finger knuckle bulged, punching at the younger sister vertebra below, the elder sister had offered him excitement a moment ago, he was not a cruel and merciless person after all.

    Who knew at this moment, the two deeply-sleeping two sisters suddenly stood up, wielding unusual blue curved sabres. They seemed like gentle pigeons, but when moving, they suddenly became like poisonous snakes, or even ruthless wolves.

    When the elder sister stood up, her foot had kicked his lower abdomen, the curved sabre was aimed at Eight Master Wei throat like lightning.

    Ximen Shisan exhaled quickly, while holding and threatening the girl’s waist, the younger sister lashed out with a sword at his left neck.

    Eight Master Wei’s face did not have any expression, it seemed he had expected all this. The sisters’ knives were just wielded, when suddenly with four “crack” sounds, the knives were broken into four pieces.

    In Eight Master Wei hands, there suddenly appeared a foot three inch long club. The short club was jet black, dark without any brilliance, didn’t look unusual at all. But that fine steel that made the curved sabres, was unexpectedly broken by the knock.

    The sisters looked startledly at the hands that hold the broken sabres, couldn’t believing that it was real. Then they felt that the arms were sore, the partly broken sabres could not be held with confidence.

    Eight Master Wei looked at them coldly, before he coldly said: "You look like a pair of treasure, why do you do this?"

    The elder sister suddenly gave a long sigh, painstakingly said with a smile: "You already see the real us."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Humph."

    The elder sister said that, "The younger generation is from the pearl city of Chopsticks island(?) in the East China Sea, the disciples of master Ouyang Cheng, comes on purpose to pay a visit to Eight Master Wei."

    She didn’t appear to be frightened, and she seemed to respect Eight Master Wei very much.

    Wei Tianpeng said: "You are here to visit me?"

    The elder sister said that, "Master Ouyang Cheng has heard Eight Master Wei’s name for a long time already."

    Wei Tianpeng said: “He is the one who ordered you to come?"

    The elder sister said that, "Precisely."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "When you hide in Shijiazhuang, it was also to look for me?"

    The elder sister said that, "Your household’s entrance was heavily guarded, sisters like us would not be able to convince senior to accept us easily.."

    Wei Tianpeng sneered said: "Therefore you intentionally let this lascivious timid leecher see you, you already calculated that he would sooner or later look for you."

    The elder sister's face became red unexpectedly, blushing with a smile: “Senior has all the facts, we had not really thought he could steal us at midnight, although his method was not good, it was actually very effective."

    Wei Taipeng suddenly loudly said with a smile: "I have long heard that Master Ouyang Cheng’s disciples are intelligent and beautiful sisters, today I can clearly see that it is not really false." His face lit up, it seemed like he had forgotten the trouble this pair of treasures had caused.

    At this moment, the two sisters acted together, with a "zing" sound, dozens of cold stars like a storm shot from their sleeves, the rainstorm aimed at Wei Tianpeng’s chest.

    Wei Tianpeng laughter uncertainly, but he had made a very quick circular arc with the short club. That dozens of rainstorms cold glitters, suddenly became strangely attracted to this circular arc, with a succession of “zip” sounds, the dozens of cold flashes were completely stuck to the short club, like a crowd of flies nailed on the stick.

    The two sisters were astounded.

    Wei Tianpeng lightly said that, "I already know that this precious mission of yours, you wouldn’t easily give it up."

    The younger sister suddenly also gave a long sigh, painstakingly said with a smile: "Looked like they all had been wrong about senior."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Oh?"

    The younger sister said that, "They thought you are too old to be considered in jiang-hu today, as this is the time for the younger generation, but now to me it looked like that senior could be as good as the best of them."

    She hung her head low, secretly casting a glance at Wei Tianpeng with the corner of her eyes, glances mingled with gentle respect. The same meaningful glance that young girls could only have when looking up at their genuine heroes.

    Eight Master Wei appeared to look much younger suddenly, smilingly he said: "An old ginger is more spicy, these words should be remembered by the young people."

    The younger sister hung her head while reasoning: "We acted a moment ago, was not really our choice, we sisters are in pitiful position, if master ordered us to do it, we have to do it, we cannot revolt, and also do not dare to revolt."

    While saying this, her tears started to flow.

    Eight Master Wei showed a sympathetic face, sighingly said: "I do not blame you, how Master Ouyang Cheng ordered his disciples around are well known in jiang-hu."

    The elder sister said with a hating voice: "But besides senior who is such a big hero, who else can understand our pain?"

    Eight Master Wei’s voice also became much more gentle: "As long as you say your purpose in coming, I will not embarrass you."

    The elder sister said that, "In front of senior, we do not dare to lie."

    The younger sister said that, "Senior certainly knows already that we come for Ye Kai and Shangguan Xiaoxian."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "For this matter, how many people in the pearl city altogether have come?"

    The younger sister said that, "Only us, two sisters."

    The elder sister said that, "Master Ouyang Cheng meant us to have a look at what kind of person is Ye Kai, how formidable he is."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "If you can quickly obtain the information, he will surely come?"

    The elder sister said that, "But we... "

    Wei Tianpeng smiles said: "You are already free to go, later when you want to look for me again, if necessary, you can hide again in Shijiazhuang and wait there."

    The elder sister smiled and said: "Later we certainly will visit senior."

    The younger sister continued immediately: "We certainly will go."

    The two sisters smiled very sweetly and turned around to open the compartment door, they jumped down like a pair of swallows flying away from the perch.

    Ximen Shisan, standing dejectedly throughout, was looking very surprised. He could not guess that Eight Master Wei can let them leave.

    At this moment, he suddenly heard two very strange sounds, like an awl piercing the flesh.

    After that, he heard two incisive and short pathetic shouts. He could not bear to turn his head and look. That black cotton-wadded jacket person, that were stationed outside the compartment, was cleaning off the blood from the awl with the snow. In his hand was an impressive shining awl.

    Han Zhen!

    Only now Ximen Shisan understood that the cart driver was Han Zhen. Han Zhen’s nose was crooked, the bridge of the nose had been destroyed by Ding Lin’s fist, this crookedness disrupted the look of the nose, instilling an unusual and strange expression to the face.

    Eight Master Wei’s face actually did not have any expression, he suddenly said: "Both of them are dead?"

    Han Zhen nodded.

    Eight Master Wei lightly said that, "Looks like you really are not a person who pity pretty girls."

    Han Zhen said: "I am not."

    Eight Master Wei showed some happiness, said: "If Ding Lin knows you killed them, your nose is in higher danger."

    Han Zhen said: "He will not know."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Oh?"

    Han Zhen said: "A dead person is will not know any matter at all."

    Wei Tianpeng had smiled, he liked this tone.

    Han Zhen actually also said that, "He has actually left for a while."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "He certainly has been there for a very long time."

    Han Zhen said: "In any matter, he is considered very adept."

    Wei Tianpeng coldly said: "He is indeed a very formidable person, the only shortcoming is he is too young."

    Han Zhen said: "But he will never walk free anymore."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Why?"

    Han Zhen said: "A dead person just cannot walk."

    Wei Tianpeng smiled.

    Han Zhen said: "Since it has been quite a while, he is not coming back."

    Wei Tianpeng’s eyes flashed and said: "Therefore it seems he will not be coming back again!"

    Han Zhen nodded.

    Wei Tianpeng sneered, and he slowly said, "Therefore this Nanhai Niang-zi cannot be false."

    Han Zhen agreed: "There are certainly not many people who can force Ding Lin to stay behind."

    Wei Tianpeng’s complexion suddenly changed darker, he slowly said that, "Qingcheng city's Mo Bai, Pearl city’s master Ouyang Cheng, in addition to Nanhai Niang-zi... In this world, there are not many things that can move them, now unexpectedly they all have come out."

    Han Zhen said: "If Ye Kai knows about it, he certainly will be very happy!"

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Happy?"

    Han Zhen said: "If you wanted these people to come out, that certainly would not be an easy matter. Besides him, there is probably no other person who can attract them to come here."

    Wei Tianpeng was silent, he had also acknowledged it.

    Ximen Shisan certainly did not dare to cut in, but his heart actually grew more curious. He suddenly detected that when each person mentioned Ye Kai’s name, they would reveal very strange expressions, whether it was admiration, detest, or dread, all of these were displayed intensely. How could such a young person have such a big charm, big influence?

    Ximen Shisan thought himself as very lucky, because he was not Ye Kai. He suddenly realized that being an ordinary normal person, could sometimes be considered very lucky.

    Wei Tianpeng was silent for a very long time, before he slowly said: "A year ago, I have not heard Ye Kai’s name."

    But now he suddenly became the most famous person in jiang-hu!

    Han Zhen said: "This person’s rise in jiang-hu, has indeed been a miracle."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Creating this miracle is not an easy matter."

    Han Zhen said: “It is not."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "He is really that fearful as in the stories?"

    Han Zhen said: "He certainly has not killed any worthy person, nobody even knows the actual depth of his wugong."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Perhaps this is what is so fearful."

    Han Zhen said: "But the most fearful part is his dagger!"

    Wei Tianpeng said: "What dagger?"

    Han Zhen said: "His flying dagger!"

    His face became very strange when he said word for word: "It is said that his flying dagger, when it is launched, it has never failed."

    Wei Tianpeng complexion had also changed, he suddenly remembered: "Little Li’s flying dagger, the dagger would not come up empty!"

    These words could seize a person’s soul like a charm. For dozens of years, no one in jiang-hu who heard this saying would dare to challenge it. Even the four famous monks from Shaolin in the years past did not dare to!

    Twenty years ago, Little Li Tanhua in Mt. Songshan was alone, on the steps of Shaolin Temple, the several hundred masters in Shaolin Temple unexpectedly did not dare to attack him.

    Today does Ye Kai also have such power and prestige, such heroic spirit? Even if he was truly worthy of the widespread stories, the master of Pearl city, Nanhai Niang-zi's skills could not be compared to those peaceful monks.

    Wei Tianpeng slowly said that, "The Pearl city was so far away from here, the leader Ouyang Cheng twins‘ brothers or sisters wugong was very strange, in the years past it was all unfathomable, therefore they were not included in Bai Xiao Sheng’s weapons list."

    Han Zhen said: "That’s also because the disciples in that chopsticks island are all twins, brothers or sisters, just like chopsticks, they always cannot be separated, therefore it was difficult to rate them in the weapons list."

    Wei Tianpeng nodded and said: "In Bai Xiao Sheng’s weapons list, none of the evil sects masters were included. But Bai Xiao Sheng himself would have to acknowledge that if wugong skills that could kill people effectively were included, the Devil’s Sect (Mo-jiao) would at least have seven people listed in the first 20 people in the weapons list."

    Han Zhen said: "The Devil Sect’s leaders in the Evil spirit Palace could understandably kill people quickly and cleanly."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "But Nanhai Niang-zi’s ever changing, “the evil spirit skill”, was also not under the seven Sons of Heaven from the Devil Sect."

    Han Zhen smiled and said: "But the ten-direction-equally stick in senior’s hand should also be included in the weapons list, at least it should be the first stick listed, when compared to the others in the years past!"

    Wei Tianpeng suddenly laughed heartily and said: "If Ye Kai knew that these people were waiting for him here, would he also dare to come?"

    Suddenly a person easily said, "He certainly can come, because he must come."

    This graceful and mystical voice seemed to be spoken by a nearby person, but could also be from a person afar.

    Wei Tianpeng’s laughter suddenly stopped, the complexion had also changed, after a very long time, he probingly asked: "Nanhai Niang-zi?"

    "A dead person for many years, can’t you recognize my voice at all?" That voice seemed to be coming nearer, but they actually could not see any person.

    Wei Tianpeng had produced cold sweat, he reluctantly said with a smile: "Why do you come already but not meet us presently?"

    "You really want me to?"

    "Many years has been thirstily thinking about you, now will ask to see you as soon as possible."

    "Good, you come with me."

    That sound seemed to come from afar in the darkness, but suddenly there was a bright light in the darkness. The blue glowing light, like a jack-o'-lantern that glittered continuously in the cold wind. Wei Tianpeng hesitated slightly, before he suddenly patted Han Zhen’s shoulder and said: "You also come with me."

    Ximen Shisan finally sat down, the position he held a moment ago with the bent waist, standing all the time, was also very uncomfortable. It seemed he was the only one left hanging in this lonely world.

    Eight Master Wei was his master, but he actually asked Han Zhen to go with him, as if he had basically forgotten that he was there beside him.

    No one in this world seemed to regard him as important, no one was watching him with the tail of his eyes. If you didn’t consider yourself good enough, how could other people respect you?

    He clenched his fists, with the anger glowing in his heart, he pledged to make several astonishing matters, to let everybody know that Ximen Shisan was not someone to be trifled with. Then everybody would kneel in front of him, and kiss his feet.

    But, how could he make the astonishing matter? He didn’t have any clue. This caused him to become very sorrowful. He only thought if he could get himself drunk, then he might imagine himself being a big hero, not someone just to drive a cart around.

    He sighed, standing listlessly, when suddenly he heard people outside the compartment said, "You sit in there, aren’t you lonely?" It sounded like that mystical and graceful voice, although spoken more slowly.

    Ximen Shisan’s whole body which were already ice-cold, suddenly fell into a well of ice without any bottom. He suddenly saw this person very clearly.

    Her face was dead gray, the gentle long gown was dripping with blood, there was also a bleeding hole on the throat. That was the elder sister who died under Han Zhen a moment ago. There was no expression on her dead gray face, the beautiful eyes had protruded like a dead fish, the corners of the mouth stained with blood, in darkness, this presented a very gruesome horror appearance.

    Ximen Shisan legs became like jelly, the cold sweat had soaked the clothes. He really did not dare to look at her again, but the vision just could not be put aside.

    "You look at me... I know you certainly will look at me!"

    This was not the same voice as the one before she died, but this voice came out of her.

    "I was very sincere to you, and I had determined to accompany you forever, instead they cruel-heartedly killed me, let you be lonely, nobody will accompany you."

    That voice became miserable with hidden bitterness, that eyes like the dead fish seemed to be crying with two lines of tears.

    Ximen Shisan thought his own heart had broken to pieces, a moment ago with fear, suddenly now it became filled with grief and indignation. No one in this world regarded him as important at all, but this person who had died, moreover that died in front of him had cared. He actually had only looked from the sideline helplessly.

    "They were really ruthless in their hearts, killing me without respecting your face, they simply did not treat you as a person." Her voice was filled with hidden bitterness. "But I know you certainly would not let this matter alone, you will revenge me for this injustice, and let them know that you are not a timid useless coward!"

    Ximen Shisan clenched his fists again, slowly nodded, and bitterly said: "I will let them know, I certainly will let them know!"

    "Here is a knife, why don't you kill them?"

    Suddenly something fell from the midair, "Tring", it was a really sharp knife.

    "If you can kill Han Zhen and Wei Tianpeng, you will be the greatest hero in jiang-hu, from then on, nobody will dare to look down on you again, I will be also die content in the next world."

    The sound gradually fluttered away gradually.

    "This is my final request, you certainly must promise me, certainly must promise me... " The sound became further and further, finally vanishing in the cold chilly wind. Then her body dropped down.

    Dark, limitless darkness.

    Ximen Shisan suddenly ran forward and shook her hand. Her hand was already stiff, obviously she had died for a long time already, but a moment ago, she was the one who spoke, and indeed gave him that cold bright knife.

    Ximen Shisan rubbed his palms to wipe away the cold sweat, and picked up this knife.

    "... if you can kill Han Zhen and Wei Tianpeng, you will be the greatest hero in jiang-hu... "

    His face became twisted with excitement, but the pair of eyes were actually empty, like a dead person. He got hold of this knife, and softly walked forward slowly.

    Chilling swirling fog, was spreading above the earth.
    The wind was colder.

    But he was completely unaware of the cold, there was only one thought in his heart, "Kill Wei Tianpeng with this knife!"


    It was a calm night without the snow, but the darkness caused the feeling of depression among the people.

    The bright jack-o'-lantern glittered in the wind, Wei Tianpeng and Han Zhen walked behind on the snow. They knew that they should keep their mouth shut in the present, so they did not open their mouths. The road was very slippery, the snow had formed some ice, in this vast garden, there were only a few lights, sparse like the morning star.

    The trail went through the plums grove, the snow piled up on the plum blossoms, making the snow fragrant as well. Suddenly there was a line of ten white-clothed people that followed the jack-o'-lantern like spirits, suddenly appeared.

    Wei Tianpeng went out of the plums grove, where he saw a row of low-ceiling one-story houses, the placing of the houses was very unusual.

    These white-clothed spirits had walked on. At this moment, the jack-o'-lantern that led the way also suddenly vanished. But the graceful and mystical voice in the wind had said something again. This time she only said, "Please enter."

    Upon entering, it was evident that this room was not only low-ceiling, but also extremely high. The floor was covered with brand-new, spotless straw mat, on one of the wall, there was a drawing of the snow mountain, the bright red tree, that looked like the scenery of an area south of the Yellow River (Jiangnan). However, looking again at the inscription, only then it was clear that the picture is the scenery of Hibiscus Island. That bright red tree was precisely the special cherry in Hibiscus Island. The cherry was bright like the plum blossom, but smaller in the body.

    This row of one-story houses was also built to the model from the Hibiscus Island. There was no furniture, only several tables, several candlesticks, the candles were lowly lighted, in the room there was a fragrant burning stove, the fragrance was actually very thick. In the center, there was a three foot high Goddess of Mercy statue, the hand was picking up the willow branch, the face had a smile on.

    Two beautiful women dressed in white as white as the snow stood at each side out of respect, showing off peerless grace and beauty, actually even more beautiful than the young, as the beauty was refined that it was inconceivable. They were Auntie Tie and Auntie Xin.

    The people in white had sat cross-legged on the straw mat, each face still did not have any expression, the eyes stared at a distant place. Although they were inside this room, they did not seem to be of this world.

    The winding incense smoke, the room appeared to be peaceful. Like now it was not the time to speak.

    Wei Tianpeng also sat down cross-legged on the straw mat. Only then he saw two brocade-clothed youths standing proudly holding their swords. Each sword sheath was inlaid with the pearl as big as a longan, each piece was priceless, the world’s unusual treasure. Not only their appearance was extremely similar, their foreheads also showed similar threatening arrogance, as if not regarding any person in the room as worthy to be looked at.

    Wei Tianpeng and Han Zhen looked at each other, they knew in their hearts that these two young fellows were certainly from the pearl city.

    After a very long silence, these two brothers suddenly asked: "Where is Nanhai Niang-zi actually? Since she called us to come, why she hasn’t met us?"

    He just finished his words when a graceful and mystical voice said, "Can't you two see that I am here?"

    The voice seemed to come from that statue of Goddess of Mercy, Auntie Tie and Auntie Xin had not moved at all including their lips.

    The two brothers’ complexions had changed, they coldly said: "We brothers make light of traveling for thousands of miles just to be here, certainly not only to look at a mere statue."

    "You must look at me."

    "You are 'Thousand Goddess of Mercy, Nanhai Niang-zi' ?"

    "I am."

    The two brothers suddenly sneered, drew the swords, and in a flash, had pierced this statue of Goddess of Mercy. When they moved, the styles, the postures were all the same, as if one was the shadow of the other one.

    Their swordstyle was light and lively, after a sword pierced forward, the direction suddenly changed, the sword light was scattered like the colorful rain. Suddenly with "tring" sound, the two swords light merged like lightning aimed at the statue of Goddess of Mercy’s face.

    In this flash, they suddenly discovered that the expression on this Goddess of Mercy’s statue had changed to serious and indifferent. Also in this flash, the middle-aged beautiful woman (Auntie Tie) had suddenly moved! With a "pa" sound, the two swords had been completely clamped in her palm, and with a "crack" sound, those swords had been broken into two by her.

    The Pearl brothers were obviously shocked because of the expression on the statue of Goddess of Mercy had changed, that particular moment of confusion was dangerous that they slid back simultaneously by eight feet, however their two swords had been broken already. Although they were quick, nevertheless the faces revealed the surprise. Because they saw this beautiful woman, unexpectedly ate the broken sword. They nearly did not believe their own eyes, these two sharp swords, they certainly know very clearly. How could this woman's stomach be so strong?

    Nanhai Niang-zi’s mystical voice actually gave a gentle sigh, said: "Master Ouyang Cheng should not have ordered you to come."

    Only now the Pearl brothers were listening.

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "If he depends only on you brothers, how could he got Ye Kai?"

    The Pearl brothers finally cannot bear to retort, "Ye Kai is only an individual." Only one of the brothers spoke, but the other’s lips were also moving.

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, “Good, Ye Kai is only an individual, but actually he is not any average person."

    The Pearl brothers’ mouths sneered, the faces were not convinced.

    Nanhai Niang-zi lightly said, "If discussing wugong only, perhaps none of our people is comparable to him."

    The Pearl brothers sneeringly said: "If he comes, we brothers will first go and ask for the advice."

    Nanhai Niang-zi also sighed, said: "Perhaps he has come now."

    Once this was said, not only Wei Tianpeng changed his countenance, the deadpan expression on Mo Bai also inevitably revealed the strange expression.

    The Pearl brothers’ faces also changed color: "He has really come?"

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, “At the same the time you came, his horse-drawn carriage also drove into Leng Xiangyuan."

    The Pearl brothers said that, "Shangguan Xiaoxian?"

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "If Shangguan Xiaoxian does not come, how can he come?"

    Ye Kai came only because of Shangguan Xiaoxian.

    The Pearl brothers said that, "Is she Shangguan Jin Hong and Lin Xianer’s daughter?"

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, “Yes."

    The Pearl brothers said that, "Shangguan Jin Hong and Xiao Li could not coexist together, why can his daughter be with Ye Kai?"

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Because the swordsman Ah Fei gave her to Ye Kai, he wanted Ye Kai to protect her to come here."

    The Pearl brothers said, "What relationship does this matter have with the swordsman Ah Fei?"

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Lin Xianer had hard luck in the end, she got really disappointed in her old age. The only person she could trust in life was only Ah Fei, therefore just before the end, she had asked Ah Fei to look after her daughter."

    The Pearl brothers said, "But how could she prove that she was really Lin Xianer’s daughter?"

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "She certainly had a very good proof, otherwise how could Ah Fei believe her?" She suddenly also asked: "It seems you brothers information about this matter is not a lot."

    The Pearl brothers said that, "We only know a matter."

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Oh?"

    The Pearl brothers said that, "We come mainly to bring Shangguan Xiaoxian back."

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Therefore you must bring her back?"

    Pearl brothers said that, “Yes."

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Now she already has come, why do you wait?"

    The Pearl brothers no longer spoke, suddenly they flew up, passed over the wall gently and instantly disappeared.

    Wei Tianpeng blurted approvingly: "Fine skills!"

    Nanhai Niang-zi's voice suddenly became very desolate, she coldly said, "Deliver two coffins to the other courtyard, prepare some things for the death of these brothers."

    Although the Pearl brothers' swords were broken already, but the movement of the sword, the sword wind showed deep strength, their levitation skills were light and lively, the coordination was wonderful, they were without a doubt already first-class masters in the martial arts world.

    That double sword merging at the destination in particular was very strong. Wei Tianpeng also not necessarily had the assurance to be able to resist that.

    But it seemed that Nanhai Niang-zi had condemned them to die under Ye Kai’s hand. Nanhai Niang-zi certainly could not be wrong.

    In the hall suddenly everyone was silent like the grave, everybody seemed to wait for the others to lift the pearl brothers' corpses.

    After a very long time, Wei Tianpeng hesitatingly said: "In Shangguan Jinhong’s time, the Divine Knife clan had not risen left and right, now the Divine Knife clan's descendants have all grown up, Shangguan Xiaoxian must be no longer that small."

    Nanhai Niang-zi's voice said: "She should be at least 20."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Over 20 year-old woman, and she hasn't gotten married?"

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "If she already has a husband, why would Ye Kai need to protect her?"

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Lin Xianer was known to be the world’s most beautiful woman, her daughter also could not be ugly."

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Not only she is not ugly, moreover she may also be an exceptionally beautiful woman."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Since she is a beautiful woman, why can't she find a husband to live with?"

    Nanhai Niang-zi sighed, said: "Only because although she is beautiful like an angel, but her intelligence, is probably comparable to a 7-8 year-old children."

    Wei Tianpeng knitted his brows: “Such a beautiful woman is unexpectedly an idiot?"

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "She was certainly not born feeble-minded, it is said that she suffered a severe wound when she was six year-old, that her mental ability had suffered injury, therefore the wisdom stopped growing as if she was still just a seven year-old girl."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Oh."

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "But her beauty, actually is enough to make any man want her."
    Wei Tianpeng sighed, said: "Unexpectedly, this young girl seems to have a destiny that is more pitiful than her mother."

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Such a woman, if nobody protects her, then there will be countless men who will deceive her and play with her."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Therefore at the point of death, Lin Xianer had asked Ah Fei to protect her."

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "But Ah Fei always roams about in jiang-hu, he does not have any family ties, therefore when he met Ye Kai in Jiangnan, he gave this burden to Ye Kai."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Can he equally trust Ye Kai like Lin Xianer trust him?"

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Anybody may trust Ye Kai, although this person is carefree and easygoing, but he really honors friendship, therefore even if he needs to go through the fire or across the ocean, he will never refuse it under any circumstances."

    Mo Bai was attentively listening, at this moment he suddenly said: "Good, fine man! Good man!"

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "In order for him to manage Shangguan Xiaoxian, his sweetheart Ding Ling Lin had kicked up a fuss with him, and went away in anger, without any news until now."

    Wei Tianpeng smiled and said, "I also had heard that Miss Ding get jealous easily."

    Nanhai Niang-zi sighed, "In this world, is there a woman who does not become jealous?" It was only then that she showed a woman’s side, with a human’s sentiment.

    Wei Tianpeng hesitatingly also said: "The prestigious ‘gold coin clan’ (jin-qian-bang) ‘s domination in the years, encompassed seven provinces in the south and six in the north, completely controlling them. The clan’s wealth was like a nation’s wealth, but Shangguan Jinhong himself was actually a very thrifty person."

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "He certainly was not thrifty, it’s only he did not enjoy all the luxury, the money itself didn’t motivate him."

    Besides power and authority, there was nothing else in the world that could motivate Shangguan Jinhong. Even Lin Xianer who was certainly the most beautiful woman of that generation, was only a mere tool in his hand.

    Wei Tianpeng said: "It is said that Shangguan Jinhong before death, had already collected the wealth of the clan and his wugong’s transcript and put it in a very secret place."

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "In jiang-hu indeed there is this kind of fable."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "But Shangguan Jin Hong had died for more than 20 years, actually people never could find this buried treasure.'

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Indeed, it had never been found."

    Wei Tianpeng’s eyes flashed and slowly said: "But this buried treasure location, certainly is not known to anybody."

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Oh?"

    Wei Tianpeng said: "The one who know this secret, is only Jing Wuming. But he is also the kind of person who did not get motivated by this, therefore for many years, he never had the ambition to coral this buried treasure."

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "He was Shangguan Jin Hong’s shadow."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "His swordskill was vicious, attacked heartlessly, the others did not dare to understand him, moreover he kept drifting from place to place, even if some people wanted to look for him, they also could not find him."

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Even if they found him, they would surely had died under his sword."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "He only told this secret to Shangguan Jinhong’s flesh and blood!"

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Shangguan Xiaoxian?"

    Wei Tianpeng said: “Good, precisely to Shangguan Xiaoxian, therefore she is now not only the most beautiful woman in the world, also the richest woman in the world. In addition, Shangguan Jinhong left behind his wugong’s transcript. So if someone can find her, not only he can be transformed immediately into the richest man in the world, moreover he will certainly conquer the martial arts world, this enticement is not really small."

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "It is only a pity that she doesn’t know all this, she is only a 7-8 year-old child."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Therefore if anyone wants to protect such a person, it is almost impossible."

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Possible."

    Wei Tianpeng said: “It is impossible!"

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "The others cannot, but Ye Kai can!"

    Wei Tianpeng sneeringly said: "He is certainly the most famous wuxia fighter currently, but even if he has the highest invincible wugong in the world, but if it is only him alone, how can he resist dozens of world-class wuxia masters?"

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "He is certainly not alone."

    Wei Tianpeng said: “He is not?"

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "There are certainly many people who will try to seize Shangguan Xiaoxian, but there are also people who owed him a favor from the former days, who decide that they must protect him with all their strength, and there are several of them."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Favor from the former days?"

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Don’t forget, he is the only person who has received Little Li Tanhua’s teachings. There are many people who have received Little Li Tanhua’s kindness in the years past."

    Wei Tianpeng coldly said: "This matter happened many years ago, even if these people have not died, it is only feared that they has already forgotten his kindness, the kindness always gets forgotten quicker compared to the hatred."

    Nanhai Niang-zi replied, "At least some people will not forget!"

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Who?"

    Nanhai Niang-zi exclaimed, "I!"

    When this was said, everybody was unable to stop changing their countenance.

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "If you think I also want to scheme for Shangguan Xiaoxian, you are mistaken."

    Wei Tianpeng’s eyes flashed, said: "Why do you ask us to come here then?"

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "I only want you to show your consideration and dispel this idea."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "You want us to let Ye Kai go."

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, “Yes."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "What if I do not comply?"

    Nanhai Niang-zi coldly said: "Then, not only you are Ye Kai’s enemy, but also my enemy, today if you want to leave this room alive, do not think it’s going to be easy!"

    Wei Tianpeng suddenly laughed, said: "I understand, I finally understand now!"

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "What do you understand?"

    Wei Tianpeng laughter suddenly stopped and said: "You want us to dispel this idea because you want him only for yourself, you intentionally speak as if for Ye Kai, but you actually have thought of a method to cope with him."

    Nanhai Niang-zi's voice had also changed, suddenly said: "Old man Wei, you look at me!"

    Wei Tianpeng actually turned his head away, looking at the entrance and coldly said: "If you want to use the Devil Sect’s bewitching soul method to cope with me, you are looking at the wrong person."

    Nanhai Niang-zi said, "I only want to remind you, 30 years ago I have let you go."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "30 years ago, I nearly have died in your hand."

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "At that time you took a heavy oath, as long as I see you again, regardless of anything, you will not go against me, otherwise you will be pierced by a sharp knife on the chest and die."

    Her voice suddenly became gloomy and fearsome, very coldly she continued, "Do you also remember these words?"

    Wei Tianpeng said: "I certainly remember, but... "

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Only what?"

    Wei Tianpeng said: "I said those words to Nanhai Niang-zi."

    Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "I am Nanhai Niang-zi."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "You are not!"

    His corners of the mouth twisted into an unusual sneer, when he continued word by word, "Nanhai Niang-zi have already died, do you think I do not know?"

    When this was said, even Mo Bai’s face also changed!

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Just a moment ago, you asked how I could not recognize your voice. At that time, I know that you are not Nanhai Niang-zi, I know that she has died already. Otherwise how would I dare?"

    That mystical voice was quiet for a very long time, only then slowly said: "How can you know?"

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Because you should not ask that question."


    "Because I have not listened to her voice at all. Although I have seen her actual face, actually I have never heard her say one word."

    Wei Tianpeng smiled very much strangely and continued, "Although you know that I have seen her real face, you certainly do not know the matter between us, because she did not tell this matter to you."

    That voice was silent again for a very long time, only then asked: "Why?"

    "Because that is a secret, the only secret in the world not known to anybody."

    This old person's face suddenly glowed with a youthful radiance, like he was returning to many years ago, when he was filled with dreamy youth. Then he said a strange and beautiful story, as beautiful as a myth:

    "30 years ago, I was young and liked to stir up trouble. At one time, I caused trouble in Miao-nationality region, and run away into the remote mountain, and actually became lost in the area."

    "In that Miao province, not only it was rampant with poisonous snakes and wild beasts, but also the malaria disease was prevalent. In order to avoid this, every day at dusk, when the malaria became contagious, I hid into in a very deep cave."

    "That cave was originally a fox lair, so I wanted to kill the fox and roasted it to appease my hunger. While I pursued this fox, only then I met the matter which became unforgettable in my life."

    His sharp eyes had became very gentle, then he continued saying: "I continuously pursue that fox to the deepest part of the cave, only then I discovered a secret outlet under the mountain wall."

    "I broke a dry cane to enter the hole. After a long time, I heard an intermittent running water sound. I proceeded along the river when suddenly there was a light from the sky, outside was unexpectedly like the paradise, a fairyland in this world."

    "That time was late spring season, all flowers bloomed together, the carpet of green grass, water trickled down the mountain, and it was very hot."

    "I suddenly discovered the hot spring pool, but unexpectedly there was a beautiful young girl taking a bath."

    At this point, everybody had known who this young girl was. Wei Tianpeng’s eyes looked gently into a far distant, as if he saw that exquisite mountain valley, and the beautiful woman that bathed in the hot spring.

    "At that time, she was also very young, the pitch-black shiny hair was smooth and soft, like satin, her eyes, I had never seen those exceptionally beautiful eyes."

    "I stood like a dumb person at her, I was just completely lost."

    "At first, she was very frightened, very angry, but afterwards she began to slowly calm down, and then she could calmly look at me."

    "We stared at each other mutually like that for I don’t know how long, suddenly there was a smile on her face, and it seemed like the flowers on the earth had all blossomed in that flash."

    "I could not help but walk to her, I completely had forgotten there was a pool in front, I had also forgotten I still have my clothes and shoes. I simply had forgotten everything, and I just wanted to go there and grasp her... "

    By now, everyone listening became more subdued with gentle expressions on their faces, as if they were all fantasizing that moment of warmth and happiness.

    After a very long time, Wei Tianpeng suddenly sighed and slowly said. "We have not said a single word, nor have we asked the other’s name and origin."

    "These matters occurred very naturally, but also magically, because it was just like heaven to arrange the two of us to meet in that place."

    "Finally it got completely dark, and she had to go, only then I knew she was a special person."

    "Because only at that time, I found a black lotus flower on her forehead behind the wispy hair."

    "That was Nanhai Niang-zi's symbol, I was surprised, I made a mistake that I regretted my whole life."

    "I called her name."

    "In that flash, she changed dramatically, the gentle beautiful eyes suddenly became murderous, unexpectedly she executed the evil spirit skill to hit me, she must destroy my heart."

    "I did not want to fend, also could not fend, at that time I indeed thought that if I could die under her hands, it would have been an extremely happy matter."

    "Perhaps because of this point, only then she did not continue. I already felt her hand touching my chest, that characterless slender white hands had suddenly turned into a sharp knife. I had even closed my eyes, preparing myself to die."

    "But she suddenly took back her hands, I was waiting for a while. When I opened my eyes, she had disappeared."

    "The dim light of night had covered the mountain valley, the mountain valley remained beautiful, but she had suddenly vanished in the spring breeze."

    "I seemed to just have a daydream, if not for the blood on my chest, I simply could not believe this was real."

    "I knelt on the place, asking her to come back, to let me see her again, but in my heart I knew that would never come back again."

    "Therefore, I pledged when saying goodbye that if she wanted to wish for anything from me, I would never turn it down."

    "But since that one day, I have never seen her again, never ... "

    His voice became lower, finally it became a long sigh. This is a beautiful, a miserable, moreover an illusionary mystical story. This story was beautiful like a myth, yet when you saw Auntie Tie and Wei Tianpeng’s faces, you realized each word in this story was real.

    Auntie Tie’s beautiful and indifferent face had became sorrowful and distorted with shock. Auntie Xin's look had also changed. Only that wood-carved Goddess of Mercy likeness still had a smile on behind the smoky incense.

    After a long time, Wei Tianpeng had became calm again, he coldly said: "Therefore I knew Nanhai Niang-zi have died, I knew the Devil Sect has the mystical abdomen language technique. You used this puppet to frighten me, if you expected some result that would be too naive."

    Auntie Xin suddenly said that, "Good, I had borrowed the statue of Goddess of Mercy to say the words, but what I said was also equally true."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Oh?"

    Auntie Xin said that, "If you think you can get Shangguan Xiaoxian, I guarantee that you will regret the move."

    Wei Tianpeng suddenly laughed and said: "I, Eight Wei, made my debut when I was 13 years old, after 50-60 years in jiang-hu, I had not regretted anything afterwards."

    Auntie Xin said that, "You are not willing to let them go?"

    Wei Tianpeng said: "I only hope you can apportion this bowl so everybody can eat and not try to take the sole possession of it."

    Auntie Xin sneered and said: "Good, considering your relation to us and the founder’s sentiment in the years past, I will let you go alive."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Then?"

    Auntie Xin said that, "As soon as you go outside, from this time on you have become our worst enemy, you should better prepare things for your relatives because you might all die soon."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "If you decide to oppose me, how long do you think you can live?"

    He sneered, suddenly he smiled at Mo Bai and said: "At this point, our gratitude and grudges can be written off, from now on, whether you and I will become friends or enemies will depend on you."

    Once he said these words, he started to walk away.

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    Default Chapter 5: The flying fox Yang Tian

    Chapter 5: The flying fox Yang Tian - TRANSLATED BY FASTCLOCK

    Outside the door the cold swirled, the night became deeper, the wind was colder.

    Wei Tianpeng braced the wind before he suddenly said: "Han Zhen."

    Han Zhen came forward and said: "Here."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Do you know where is this Piao-xiang-bie-yuan (Fluttering fragrance courtyard)?"

    Han Zhen said: "We go there now?"

    Wei Tianpeng said: "’The one who starts first is the strongest’, you must have heard of this saying."

    Han Zhen said: "But that Ye Kai... "

    Wei Tianpeng said: "What about Ye Kai?"

    Han Zhen said: "Ye Kai surely have some kind of protection. If we go now against him without enough preparation, no matter who win or who lost, both sides must be injured badly, wouldn’t that allow the others to reap the benefit as the third party in a dispute?"

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Who said we must fight him?"

    Han Zhen: “We are not?"

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Certainly not." His corners of the mouth revealed the sly foxy smile, he easily said: "We have the good intention to help him reveal the secret plot, thus making friends with him rightaway."

    Han Zhen’s eyes had shone and smilingly he said: "Because Little Li Tanhua’s also granted graciousness to us in the former days, therefore we certainly come this time not to get him, but as a repay of debt of gratitude."

    Wei Tianpeng said: “Good."

    Han Zhen said: " Since Nanhai Niang-zi has died, other people are not skilled enough to cause worry, therefore we must urge him to capture this good opportunity, the first one to start is the one who can reap the ambition."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "He is a smart person, he certainly can understand it."

    Han Zhen said: "Moreover he also has us as his backing, if he needs to kill someone, we all may help him."

    Wei Tianpeng loudly said with a smile: "Good, you become really more and more sensible."

    They walked into the plum grove, the spring breeze had blown intermittently, in the dense fog suddenly there appeared a shadow like a spirit.

    Wei Tianpeng shout out: "Who is it?"

    “It’s me!" This person walking about was unexpectedly Ximen Shisan.

    Wei Tianpeng sank his face and said: "Who asked you to come here?"

    Ximen Shisan said with a bow: "The disciple must report an important matter to senior."

    Wei Tianpeng said: "What matter?"

    Ximen Shisan approached for several steps, walking nearer and said: "I know Ye Kai... "

    His sound was really too low, Wei Tianpeng had to collect his ears. He had killed many people in his life , therefore he never let down his guards against the others that wanted to kill him. But this time, even in his dream he could not expect that his most doted apprentice had prepared to pierce his chest with the knife. They got very closed to each other.

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Just say what you need to say quickly."

    Ximen Shisan: "I want you to die."

    Wei Tianpeng was only startled upon hearing the word "die", but that didn’t leave enough time for him to fend the moves. He felt the ice-cold knife pricking his skin, puncturing his chest, he could even feel the taste of dying.

    In that brief flash, Ximen Shisan suddenly gave a pathetic shout and dropped down. The murdering knife in his hand gave a glimmer of blue light in the dim light of night, and the knife had been wetted by the bloodstain. Wei Tianpeng’s blood. Wei Tianpeng’s body now at last started to tremble, only then he truly felt the panic of dying.

    Ximen Shisan was lying face up the snowy area, the eyeballs were protruded, there were blood seeping everywhere, from the ears, the nose, the eyes, the mouth. The blood was unexpectedly black.

    Wei Tianpeng turned his head to look at Han Zhen, Han Zhen was stunned with fear. Ximen Shisan was obviously not killed by him.

    Actually who had rescued Wei Tianpeng in secret? Wei Tianpeng had not expected this cold space in the plum grove could have such strong murderous intention everywhere.

    He stamped his feet and said in a low voice: "Let’s quickly withdraw."

    Suddenly someone said, "You should not move about, otherwise with the poison on the knife, you will surely die without a doubt." The voice was clear and charming, the shadow that appeared in the fog was amazingly Auntie Tie.

    Wei Tianpeng said in consternation, "Was it you that a moment ago had rescued me?"

    Auntie Tie nodded.

    Wei Tianpeng said: “The one who summoned him to kill me was also you?"

    Auntie Tie nodded. Only her ‘soul absorbing method’ could confused someone and achieved this deed.

    Wei Tianpeng said: "Since you had ordered him to kill me, why did you come to rescue me then?"

    Auntie Tie's pale face had the unspeakable expression, who knew what was actually in her heart. But the way she looked at Wei Tianpeng, there was a very intense expression in her eyes as if wrenching her guts. Obviously she was not easy to have deep sentiment, as she was nearly devoid of any sentiment.

    Wei Tianpeng looked at her back, suddenly his eyes also revealed a hard-to-say sentiment. Suddenly he said, "You... You are her daughter?"

    Auntie Tie nodded.

    Wei Tianpeng backed up two steps and said: "Then you... you... Are you also my... "
    The word "daughter" was not said, because he simply did not dare to say it. But he did not need to say it, others knew that already.

    Auntie Tie certainly had not denied it, the face became very sad, suddenly she said: "In her life, she only had a man, you."

    Wei Tianpeng retreated for two steps, his body suddenly started to tremble. In Nanhai Niang-zi’s life, she unexpectedly only had him. He did not know whether to feel surprised, or just sad.

    Auntie Tie's eyes had some tears in it, she said: "Therefore I cannot let you die." She certainly could not do it. Any person in the world certainly could not see his or her own father dying under someone else’s knife. But, was she really his own daughter?

    Wei Tianpeng nearly did not believe that, but he had no alternative but to believe. In his life the biggest regret, was not having a daughter. Who knew at the old age, he suddenly found a daughter. So beautiful, so proud daughter.

    He looked at her, tears started to well in his eyes, completely forgotten was her confession that she was trying to kill him just a moment ago. Blood was thicker than water. The wild animal also hold on to the dear ones, more so people!

    Wei Tianpeng shivering extended his hand, as if he wanted to trace her hair, her face. But he did not dare.

    At this moment, there was a person emerging quickly from the plums grove, watching him with a startled look. Auntie Xin also came.

    Auntie Tie suddenly gave a long sigh and said: "You should not have come."

    Auntie Xin tried to nip her lips, suddenly said loudly: "Why shouldn't I come... Since he is your father, he is also my grandfather, why can't I come to see him."

    Wei Tianpeng was astounded. Originally he did not have any daughter, but now he also had a granddaughter. He only felt his whole body became boiling hot, and nearly could not stop himself from loudly crying out.

    Who knew at this moment, Auntie Xin suddenly moved swiftly, like the lightning, she had sealed seven accupoints on his chest first.

    Han Zhen had planned to be just on the sideline, as in this kind of matter you could only expect to be on the sideline looking.

    He saw Auntie Xin moving so quickly, he wanted to rescue him, but he already didn’t have enough time. Unexpectedly then she supported Wei Tianpeng and said: "I saw the blood on the knife, he must have been poisoned already, you quickly hug him and come with me."

    It turned out she moved quickly to rescue him, Han Zhen sighed, today he saw and heard matters which he knew he wouldn’t forget for the rest of his life. In this life, he also had not met such wonderful secret.

    The fragrance, the winding incense smoke inside the hall for worshipping buddha was the same. The cold fog around the plum grove was also the same.

    Han Zhen had helped to put Wei Tianpeng down on a soft cot. On the wall, there were some wreath ornaments, on the other side, sat a beautiful brocade-clothed young girl. Her heavy eyebrows were knotted together, sitting cross-legged over there as if in deep contemplation. There were many people entering from outside, but unexpectedly she was not concerned as if she simply had not seen anything.

    But Han Zhen actually could not stop himself from taking a look at her. She looked so beautiful at first sight, therefore she could not be a man. Yet, Han Zhen felt uncertain about one thing.

    He looked on, stealing a look or two, when he suddenly discovered that this young girl looked very much like a person, like Ding Lin.

    How come the “Young Wind Lord” that run left and right in jiang-hu could suddenly turn into a woman? Han Zhen certainly could not believe it, but the more he looked, the more convinced he was that this young woman was not Ding Lin, but certainly Ding Lin's sister.

    But what about Ding Lin? If he had been killed by Auntie Tie, how could his sister sit untroubled here?

    Han Zhen certainly was not a very curious person, he always did not like meddling into other people's business. But now he felt very strange, and his curiosity was aroused unavoidably. After all, Han Zhen was a person.

    Auntie Tie and Auntie Xin had managed the wound of Wei Tianpeng to cure him from the poison, but he certainly was not aware of it.

    Han Zhen could not bear to slowly walk closer and softly called: "Ding Lin."

    The brocade-clothed young girl looked up at him as if not recognizing this person before she shook her head and said: "I am not Ding Lin."

    Han Zhen could not bear to ask: "Who are you?"

    The brocade-clothed young girl said that, "I am Ding Ling Lin."

    Ding Ling Lin! Han Zhen had heard this name... Wasn’t Ding Ling Lin Ye Kai’s sweetheart? How could she be so much alike with Ding Lin? What was her relationship with Ding Lin? This brocade-clothed young girl shut her eyes, no longer looking at him.

    Auntie Tie was actually looking at him.
    As soon as Han Zhen turned his head, he held Auntie Tie's gaze, which was almost as bright as the knife.

    Han Zhen gave a forced smile and asked: "Do you think he is out of danger now?"

    Auntie Tie nodded, she suddenly asked: "When you look, is she Ding Lin, or Ding Ling Lin?"

    Han Zhen said: "I cannot tell."

    This was not actually a lie, he indeed could not tell the difference.

    Auntie Tie said that, "You should be able to see, anybody can see that she is a woman."

    Han Zhen said: "He is now indeed a woman,"

    "Before she is not?"

    "I feel only a little strange, how can Ding Lin suddenly disappear?"

    "You are very close to him?"

    Han Zhen traced the crooked nose and said: "He hit my nose crooked."

    "You want to retaliate?"

    "Nobody can hit my nose crooked, and walk away after that."

    "What if he is already dead?"

    Han Zhen said: "He does not look like a person who can die quickly."

    "But he has died."

    "You said Ding Lin has died?"


    "But Ding Ling Lin still lives."

    Auntie Tie stared at him for a very long time, then she slowly said: "You know it?"

    Han Zhen laughed, "I cannot tell, but I can guess correctly."

    "What have you guessed correctly?"

    "Although Ye Kai is a very astute person, but to his own ex-sweetheart, he will not be as alert."

    "That’s well-said."

    Han Zhen said further, "If someone in this world can plot against Ye Kai and snatches Shangguan Xiaoxian from his hand, then this person will certainly be Ding Ling Lin."

    "That’s well-said."

    "It is a pity that Ding Ling Lin will not plot against Ye Kai, therefore...”

    "Therefore what?"

    Han Zhen said: "If a person looks very much like Ding Ling Lin that he or she can pass as Ding Ling Lin, then this person would precisely be the best weapon against Ye Kai."

    Auntie Tie argued, "What if this person is a male?"

    Han Zhen smiled, "Whether a male or a female does not have strong relevance."


    "It is said that Nanhai Niang-zi’s disguising skill was not only the best in the world, moreover they have also the technique to control other people’s throat muscles, that his voice might change."

    Auntie Tie coldly said, "You actually know a lot."

    Han Zhen said further, "If this person is not obedient, no problem, because the south sea people have the skill also to control other people’s mind with the soul absorbing method."

    Auntie Tie stared at him for a long time, before she slowly said: "It is said that people in jiang-hu called you ‘the awl’?"

    Han Zhen said: "Not worthy."

    "It is said that even if other people have a hard skull, you still can drill it open."

    "That is only a rumor."

    "But this story doesn’t look like it is false."

    "Even if there is a little positive result, that is the hand of Eight Master Wei."

    Auntie Tie sneered, "You don’t need to remind me, I already know that you are his most trusted subordinate."

    Han Zhen calmly said: "As long as madame understands this point, I feel relieved."

    "Since I have let you come here, I do not plan to hide the truth from you anymore."

    "Many thanks."

    "What matter have you not completely understood?"

    Han Zhen said: "I still do not understand several points."

    "Just say it."

    "How did madame know that Ding Lin will come here?"

    Auntie Tie said that, “Good, I knew it, therefore I was already prepared, and was waiting for him here."

    "But how did madame know for sure that he would come?"

    "Someone told me."

    "Is this person a prosperous man?"

    “ He is a friend."

    “Is he Ding Lin's friend, or madame's friend?"

    "If he is not Ding Lin's friend, how will he know his whereabouts."

    Han Zhen sighed and said: "Some time friends are indeed more fearful than the foes." He suddenly also asked, "Has madame seen Ding Ling Lin before?"

    "I have not."

    "The how did madame know that Ding Ling looks very much like her?"

    Auntie Tie said that, "It is said that they are originally twin brother and sister."


    "It is part of their custom that the twin brother and sister, must be raised separately since they were born."

    Han Zhen said, "We also have a similar custom."

    Auntie Tie said, "Therefore, not many people in jiang-hu know that Ding Lin is also the descendant of Ding family."

    "How can madame know?"

    “A friend told me."

    "The same friend you mentioned just now?"


    Han Zhen nodded and said: "Since he is Ding Lin's good friend, he certainly knows a lot more than other people."

    Auntie Tie said, "Don’t you really want to know who this person is?"



    Han Zhenly lightly smiled, "Because I do not want to make friend with him."

    Auntie Tie showed amusement, "You really are a very astute person."

    "Moreover an awl."

    "Moreover a perceiving awl."

    "Although the nose has been hit crookedly, luckily it still works well."

    Auntie Tie smiled: "Therefore if you are willing to see something, this is a good chance to go."


    "You are willing to go?"

    Han Zhen said: "Even if madame wants me to go through the fire or the ocean, I will still go."

    Auntie Tie sighed, "No wonder Eight Master Wei trusts you so much, it looks like you really are a very loyal person."

    "With such a praise from madame, Han Zhen can die without any regret."

    Auntie Tie smiled and said: "I certainly do not want you to die, I only want you to go to piao-xiang-bie-yuan.

    "Well, that will be convenient to also have a look at that seven years-old beautiful woman."

    Fluttering-fragrant courtyard was full of fragrance from the fluttering flowers.

    The lamp cast shadows of two people on the window shade, a man and a woman. There was no trace of Pearl brothers. In the snowy area, there were broken swords, glittering under the light of the lamp. It seemed that Pearl brothers’ luck today was not really good.

    Suddenly, the window was opened.

    An extremely beautiful woman, holding a clay baby doll in her hand was standing on the window. Her face was pinkish white, the round eyes were shining, the red small mouth partly open, she exuded naive charming appearance. She herself looked like a clay baby doll. But her stature was not of a clay baby doll. Each part of her body, every inch of it, exuded an irresistible warmth.

    The child's face, the woman's stature, although these were not very congruent, actually formed a certain kind of marvelous combination, this synthesized a kind of wonderful enticement, a kind which would be enough to make the majority of men fell under the enticement. It certainly was not easy to protect such a woman. Behind her, stood a man, who although looking very young, he seemed to be outstandingly skillful.

    Ye Kai was obviously also an extremely attractive man, but it was a pity that he stood quite far. Although Han Zhen could see him too, he actually could not see his face clearly.

    Shangguan Xiaoxian was hugging the baby doll, humming a lullaby, the voice was very gentle and sweet.

    Ye Kai said, "The wind outside was very cold, why don't you close the window?"

    Shangguan Xiaoxian pouted, "The baby felt too stuffy, he really wants some fresh air."

    Ye Kai sighed, "The baby is already sleeping."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "But he is not willing to sleep yet, the baby is fortunately very playful."

    Ye Kai said with a smile, "A baby that has not slept yet so late is a bad child."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian cried out immediately, "Baby is not a bad child, baby is very clever." She stretched out the white hand, gently patting the bosom of the baby doll, and hushed: "Baby don’t cry, he is a bad person, baby don’t cry, mother will nurse you so you’re full."

    Unexpectedly she really untied the front of her clothes, and nursed the baby doll. Her mature chest stood tall and erect.

    Han Zhen looked closer then, the heart jumped quickly and suddenly.

    Who knew at this moment, Ye Kai suddenly caught up with her and "bang" had closed the window.

    Shangguan Xiaoxian was heard to say something with a laughter, "Why do you pull me back? Do you want to nurse too? Humph... "

    In the hall for worshipping buddha, the fragrance stick had burnt through.

    Eight Master Wei was lying on the soft cot with closed eyes. His complexion was very haggard, but he seemed to be resting.

    Auntie Tie listened to what Han Zhen said and then responded, "When the window was closed, you came back?"

    Han Zhen said with a smile: "I could not go in and asked to be nursed too."

    Auntie Tie seemed amused, "You seem to envy Ye Kai very much."

    Han Zhen sighed, "I also sympathize with him very much."

    "You sympathize with him?"

    “Accompanying such a woman all day would not really make you feel better."

    Auntie Xin suddenly said that, "Isn’t she very beautiful?"

    Han Zhen secretly cast a glance at her and said: "She is passable."

    This was not the whole truth, but actually it was a smart move. Any woman would not be willing to listen to a man praising another woman in front of herself.

    Auntie Xin coldly said: "I heard that all idiots are very beautiful."

    Han Zhen acknowledged.

    Auntie Xin suddenly smiled and said: "Luckily not all beautiful women are by any means idiots." She was certainly also a beautiful woman, moreover extremely beautiful.

    Auntie Tie suddenly also asked: "In that courtyard, was there anyone else besides those two persons?"

    Han Zhen replied, "I have looked from all sides, it does not look like there is anyone else."

    Auntie Tie said, “Does not look like or indeed there isn’t anyone?"

    Han Zhen thoughtfully said: "Indeed there is no one."

    Auntie Tie said, "Perhaps there was someone else resting?"

    Han Zhen said, "There was nothing burning in other room, in such a cold day, nobody can sleep in the room without the heat."

    Auntie Tie finally smiled and said: "Seems like you are not only intelligent, but also very careful."

    Auntie Xin suddenly said, "It is only a pity that the nose is crooked."

    Auntie Tie stared at him and said: "You do not want to marry him, why do you mention the crooked nose."

    Auntie Xin said, "Crooked nose or not, it does not necessarily mean a person cannot marry."

    Auntie Tie smiled and said: "The little rascal, you talk nonsense, aren’t you afraid that others might listen to your joke."

    Han Zhen suddenly detected his own heart jumping very quickly. He had not thought of this possibility, nor had he dared to even think about it. That would create a difficult problem for him.

    Auntie Tie was probing him again, "Did you learn your wugong from Eight Master Wei Ba?"

    Han Zhen said: “No."
    He was not Wei Tianpeng’s disciple, nor was he also part of the "13 great protectors".

    Auntie Tie said that, "You use the pointed weapon, the awl?"

    Han Zhen said: “Yes."

    Auntie Tie said, "I have not heard anyone in jiang-hu use the awl as the weapon."

    Han Zhen said with a smile: "That’s because I was the first one to use it."

    Auntie Tie said, "The awl was of your own style?"

    Han Zhen said, "No, but any pointed weapons style can be used with the awl."

    Auntie Tie said, "Listening to you, your wugong style must have plenty of variations."

    “Unfortunately, plenty doesn’t mean it’s excellent."

    Auntie Xin puffed and smiled, "I don’t realize you could be so modest."

    Han Zhen’s palpitation became quicker.

    Auntie Tie said, "You have been with Eight Master Wei for several years. To be his most efficient follower, your wugong must be good."

    Han Zhen acknowledged that, "It is allright."

    Auntie Tie said, "Therefore I want to ask you to do something."

    Han Zhen said: "Please say it."

    Auntie Tie said, "The quicker this matter is done the better, tonight happens to be a good opportunity."

    Han Zhen said, “Yes."

    Auntie Tie said, "I think it’s time for Ding Ling Lin to do her act."

    Han Zhen pondered, "Actually I am not sure whether Ye Kai can tell the difference?"

    Auntie Tie said, "He shouldn’t be able to tell. Even if there is a little flaw, just keep her from under the light."

    Han Zhen said, "But they are old sweethearts, if he looks several times, perhaps... "

    Auntie Tie said, "How can we give the opportunity for him to look clearly, so long as he gets nearby Ding Ling Lin, the soul absorbing method will bring about the successful conclusion."

    Auntie Xin said with a smile: "He can attack very quickly, otherwise how can he make your nose crooked so fast?"

    Han Zhen showed the forced smile, in the heart actually he felt sweet.

    Auntie Tie said, "But, we also have no alternative but to add extra care, providing against contingencies, therefore I want you to accompany him."

    Han Zhen was astounded, "How can I accompany him?"

    Auntie Tie said, "Why can't you?"

    Han Zhen said, "I... What person am I?"

    Auntie Tie said, "Assuming you’re the steward, you can lead him to Ye Kai, because Ding Ling Lin has not come to this place, therefore she will need guidance."

    Han Zhen could not bear to sigh, "Madame is really thorough."

    "If not thorough, how can someone dare to get rid of Ye Kai?"

    "Now I am only worried of a matter."


    "Worried about Ye Kai’s flying dagger."

    "Are you afraid?"

    Han Zhen said with a smile: "I am only afraid Miss Ding Ling Lin did not attack quick enough to cause him to meet his doom, that he had the opportunity to counter-attack."

    Auntie Tie coldly said, "Not to forget, I also have a knife, under my knife, nobody could avoid it." She suddenly waved her hand, the knife "clang" falling in front of Ding Lin. A bluish knife. Ding Lin had opened his eyes immediately, and kept looking at this knife.

    Auntie Tie said, "Pick up this knife and come forward, hide it in your sleeve."

    Ding Lin really picked up the knife, and slid it into the sleeve.

    Auntie Tie said, "Now come over there and have a look at this person."

    She was pointing at Han Zhen. Ding Lin walked over, the eyes kept staring at Han Zhen.

    Auntie Tie said, "Do you recognize this person?"

    Ding Lin nodded.

    Auntie Tie said that, "Ye Kai is a heartless person, not righteous. He has broken off with you, and brought another woman instead. Therefore when you see him, you have to use this knife to kill him, then bring back that woman."

    Ding Lin said, "I certainly must kill him, then bring back that woman."

    Auntie Tie said, "You go now."

    Ding Lin said: "I go now."
    His face had this very strange expression, as if in ignorance, also as if in much pain.

    Auntie Tie said, "Why don’t you go?"

    Ding Lin said: "I am going."

    Although his mouth said those words, he was still sitting there, not moving.

    Auntie Xin sighed, "Seems like he has good disposition towards Ye Kai, maybe he is not cruel enough to kill him."

    Auntie Tie sneered, "He will go."
    She certainly know that although a person's mind was under control, but to make him do the things he didn’t want to, his mind might struggle at the last moment. This was a very normal phenomenon, therefore she already prepared for it. She suddenly clapped her hands.

    A side door opened immediately, a person slowly walked in.

    An over 30 years-old person, wearing a fox-skinned gown, with another blue fabric wrapped around him like a well-mannered businessman. This person was amazingly the flying fox Yang Tian!

    Ding Lin's face suddenly became twisted with fear, the body could not stop trembling.

    Yang Tian looked at him coldly without any expression on his face, the chest was amazingly still inserted with the knife, bloodstains all over the clothes.

    Auntie Tie said, "You recognize this person?"

    Ding Lin nodded with fear. He certainly recognized this person, his memory was not completely lost.

    Auntie Tie said, "He is now a dead person, do you remember who has killed him?"

    Ding Lin said: “Yes... it’s me..."

    "He was your good friend, but you have actually killed him."

    “It’s you who want me to kill him."

    "Now I want you to kill Ye Kai, can you go now?"

    "I... I go."

    Auntie Tie said, "You go now."

    He really stood up, slowly walked away, his body was still trembling.

    Auntie Tie said, “Wait outside the gate, wait for Han Zhen before you go."

    Ding Lin said, "I am waiting outside the gate, wait for Han Zhendai before I go, I will kill Ye Kai!"

    When he went out, Auntie Tie smiled to Han Zhen and said: "You ought to know by now, who this good friend is?"

    Han Zhen looked at Yang Tian with a forced smile.

    Auntie Tie said, "Do you recognize him?"

    Suddenly, Yang Tian coldly said: "He will not recognize me, he does not want me as a friend." He tore off the knife that was inserted in his chest, but that was actually only the hilt. With a “puff” sound, the section of the knife shot out, with another press from the fingertip the sharp edge retracted back into the hilt. Surprisingly, this knife was not supposed to kill anyone.

    Han Zhen sighed, "If there is such knife in this world, no wonder there is such friend like you."

    Auntie Tie said, "But you also remember that such friend has his own use."


    After they passed through several hundred plum blossoms, they arrived at the Fluttering fragrance courtyard. Ding Lin calmly followed Han Zhen step by step continuously. Han Zhen walked a step, he walked a step as well. Han Zhen suddenly stopped. Ding Lin stopped again.

    Han Zhen turned his head, stared at him and said, "Your friend Ximen Shisan has died."

    Ding Lin said, "Ximen Shisan has died?"

    "Do you want to know how he died?"

    "I do not want to know."

    "But if you are really his good friend, you should revenge him."

    Ding Lin said: "If I am really his good friend, I should revenge him."
    If you said a speech, he would repeat it, but you would never know whether or not he had really understood your meaning.

    Han Zhen sighed, "You seems like an intelligent person, that you can be under her control, I simply do not believe it."
    He cast a glance at Ding Lin with the corner of his eyes, Ding Lin’s face didn’t have any expression.

    Han Zhen sighed again, "The place with the lights in front of us is Fluttering fragrance courtyard."

    Ding Lin said, “Yes."

    "Can you really be mean enough to do it?"


    "Actually you do not really need to kill him."

    "I do not?"

    Han Zhen said: "You may grasp him, seal his accupoint, and make him unable to move."
    Han Zhen again said, “When I can carry off that bad woman to a distant place, she will not be able to see Ye Kai ever again."

    "Will not be able to see Ye Kai ever again?"

    "Then you can accompany Ye Kai forever." He looked at Ding Lin, there was a spark in Ding Lin’s eyes.

    "Isn’t this method good?"

    "Later I can accompany Ye Kai forever?"

    Han Zhen said, “Yes, moreover I also can guarantee that nobody will be able to come between you two ever again."

    Ding Lin thought about it, there was fear in his eyes, "But I have killed Yang Tian, troubles will not let me go."

    Han Zhen smiled, "You have not killed him, he is well and have not died."

    "But, I have killed him for sure."

    Han Zhen had put out the knife he got and said: "You killed him with this knife?"


    Han Zhen said: "But this knife actually will not kill anyone, look... " He smiled and thrust this knife on his own chest.

    Suddenly the smile on his face became stiff. Just a moment ago, when he pressed the knife, the sharp blade had retracted, but presently it would not. The sharp blade had caused the wound, although it was not deep enough, yet there was blood dripping. Perceiving the blood wounds, he knew he would die if not rescued.

    Han Zhen only felt his whole body gone ice-cold, from the chest down to his feet. Suddenly he heard someone coldly said: "You should better stand and not move, as soon as you move, the poison will spread, and you will surely die."

    Han Zhen certainly just stood there, not daring to move. He had heard Auntie Xin's voice.

    Auntie Xin really walked out from the plums grove, there was a person following behind, unexpectedly it was Yang Tian. Han Zhen’s face became contorted, he reluctantly smiled, actually he could not really smile.

    Auntie Xin coldly looked at him and said: "This the knife is the evil spirit knife, although it cannot kill other people, it can actually kill you."

    Yang Tian sneered, "Since there is such person like you in this world, there is also such knife."

    Auntie Xin charmingly said, “Good, this kind of knife is specially designed to cope with his kind of person."

    Han Zhen said in broken voice, "I... I only... "

    Auntie Xin sank her face and coldly said, "You only want to betray us, therefore you must die."

    Han Zhen said, "Miss, please consider Eight Master Wei’s face, and forgive me."

    Auntie Xin said, "You want that?"

    Han Zhen nodded, the cold sweat had been billowing under.

    Auntie Xin said, "Then you should stand there obediently, you cannot move at all, just wait for me to feel happy, then I may come to rescue you."

    Han Zhen’s face fell, "Actually I do not know when Miss can be happy?"

    Auntie Xin easily said, "This is difficult to say. I am usually happy, but as soon as saw your kind of person, I can suddenly feel very angry."

    Han Zhen clenched his teeth, and wished he could use his fist to destroy her nose. But, it was a pity that he did not dare to move at all, not even the fingertips.

    Auntie Xin suddenly stretched out her hand, lightly caressing his face, "Actually I wanted to marry you, what a pity you unexpectedly fail the test, really I am very disappointed."
    She sighed, turning towards Han Zhen’s face, she had deliver to and fro, ten boxes on the ears. Han Zhen simply wished to vomit the blood, but he could only endured it.

    Auntie Xin seemed to be satisfied at last, turning her head she had smiled at Yang Tian and said, "Now you may lead away this Miss Ding ."

    Yang Tian: “Yes."

    Auntie Xin was smiling, looking at him, said, "I know you cannot be like him suddenly starting to have conscience, right?"

    "At least I cannot be so stupid like him."

    Han Zhen suddenly thought that he was indeed really stupid, wishing himself dead. Ding Lin looked at him without any expression on his face.

    Yang Tian patted his shoulder and said, "Come with me."

    Ding Lin was walking with him. Yang Tian walked a step, Ding Lin also walked a step, two people very quickly went out of the plum grove.


    The night breeze indistinctly transmitted a singing sound, like the song children would sing. The fog was thicker.

    The lamp on the window lamp was still bright, Yang Tian knocked on a door.

    "Who is it?"

    "The servant Yang Xuan is here."

    “Does Steward Yang know what time it is?"

    The man's voice was certainly not too polite. Anyone who heard someone knocking on the door at midnight time could not be too polite.

    Yang Tian, "The servant know it’s late, but there is a visitor who is anxiously looking for Master Ye."

    "Come to look for me?"

    “It’s a girl with surname Ding, Miss Ding Ling Lin."

    Ye Kai quickly opened the door.

    Yang Tian prodded Ding Lin, Ding Lin was standing still in the entrance.

    The light filtered out of the door, just illuminating his body, the clothes were very casual, but the person who opened the door was a very attractive person. He was also standing astounded, with a surprise expression on his face. "Really it is you."

    "Really here am I," Ding Lin had responded.

    Ye Kai laughed, laughingly jumped out and grasped her: "You are not angry at me?"

    He also grasped Ye Kai, his hand already sealed Ye Kai’s accupoint. Ye Kai called out in alarm, falling down, still staring at Ding Lin with surprise.

    Ding Lin said, "You should not leave me for that bad woman."

    Ye Kai sighed, and fell down.

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    Default Chapter 6: A seven-years-old beautiful woman

    Chapter 6: A seven-years-old beautiful woman - TRANSLATED BY FASTCLOCK

    Ye Kai fell to the earth.
    This person who everybody in jiang-hu thought was the most difficult person to cope with, suddenly had fallen, could not move anymore.
    Suddenly, this matter was finished.

    Yang Tian looked from aside, looking very started as well. He didn’t expect this matter could be concluded so easily.
    It looked like that nobody should really feel that anxious.

    Ding Lin lowered his head to look at Ye Kai, his face had that ‘lost’ expression.

    At this moment, a person run out from the room, an extremely beautiful person, with a clay baby doll in her hand. She saw Ye Kai, there was anger and surprise in the beautiful eyes, she suddenly shouted, "You have killed him, he is a good person, why do you want to kill him?"

    Yang Tian could not bear asking, "You are Shangguan Xiaoxian?"

    Shangguan Xiaoxian nodded, "You have killed him, you certainly are a bad person."

    Ding Lin suddenly shouted, "You are a bad woman... "
    He shouted while throwing himself forward, as if trying to cut off this woman's throat.

    But his hand was actually held on... held on by Auntie Tie.
    "Your matter is completed, now you certainly feel very tired, why don't you lie down and rest?"
    The sound was mystical and graceful.

    Ding Lin eyes straightened, slowly nodded and said, "I am tired, I must rest."
    He unexpectedly really had lain down, lay down on the snow in the door area, like it was the most comfortable bed.

    Shangguan Xiaoxian with a startle looked at him, suddenly greatly shouted, "I am not a bad woman, I am a clever child, you are the bad woman, therefore you have now died."

    Auntie Tie said with a supple voice, “Good, he is a bad woman, Ye Kai is also a bad man."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "Ye Kai is a good person."

    Auntie Tie said, "He is not a good person, he is not willing to let you nurse the baby, right?"

    Shangguan Xiaoxian thought and said, "Right, he is not willing to let me nurse the baby."

    Auntie Tie stared at her eyes and said, "The baby must be awfully hungry now."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "Right, the baby has been hungry, the baby no need to cry, mother will nurse you."
    She unexpectedly really pulled open the front clothes, and revealed the strong snow white breast.
    Yang Tian’s breath stopped immediately, the palpitation actually sped up three times.

    Auntie Tie sighed in amusement, "It seems she is simply seven years old."

    Auntie Xin sneered, "That look can be seen at any place."

    Auntie Tie smiled.

    Auntie Xin said, "If you look at her chest, I do not believe she will not make a man trip."
    She nipped her lips, her eyes were filled with envy. Any woman who saw Shangguan Xiaoxian’s chest will certainly envy her.

    Auntie Tie walked to Shangguan Xiaoxian, holding her shoulder with her arms, she said, "Your baby is very attractive."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian’s face revealed the pure delight, immediately she said, "He is truly a little darling."

    Auntie Tie said, "Can you let me hug her?"

    Shangguan Xiaoxian hesitated, "But you certainly must be very careful, you cannot hug him too tightly as it may hurt him."

    Auntie Tie said with a smile, "I know that, I also have a baby."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian hesitated momentarily, finally she gave her the baby doll.
    Auntie Tie received the baby doll, when suddenly she turned around and run.

    Shangguan Xiaoxian shouted immediately, "Why do you snatch the baby... You are a bad woman."

    Auntie Tie ran in front, she pursued from behind.

    Two people one in front one behind, very quickly ran away. Yang Tian stood there dumbly, looking very surprised, but also very sympathetic.

    Auntie Xin coldly said, "That girl who was nursing had just left, why are you standing so dumbly?"

    Yang Tian reluctantly smiled, "I... I only think this matter seems too simple."

    Auntie Xin said, "Regardless how difficult is the matter, as long as you plan beforehand, it can turn out very simple."

    Yang Tian sighed, he had no alternative but to acknowledge, "This plan is really very good."

    Auntie Xin looked at him and suddenly smiles, "My chest is also much more attractive than hers, do you believe me?"

    Yang Tian was astounded, the face became flushed, "I... I... "

    Auntie Xin charmingly smiled, "Later I will let you have a look, at that time you will believe me."

    Yang Tian’s palpitation grew quicker.

    Auntie Xin said, "Now first you carry this person surnamed Ye."

    Yang Tian said, "This Ding... Ding girl?"

    Auntie Xin said, "He can walk with me."

    She kicked Ding Lin’s foot, turning her head to Yang Tian and smiled, "As long as you act smart and help us well, mother will let you nurse later."


    Auntie Tie ran for the hall for worshipping buddha.

    Shangguan Xiaoxian kept pursuing, "Gives me my baby, quickly give me."

    Auntie Tie said, "If you sit down obediently, I will give you."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian crumpled and sat down immediately.

    Auntie Tie said, "I have some questions to ask you, if you want the little darling, just answer them."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian nodded.

    Auntie Tie said, "What is your name?"
    "Shangguan Xiaoxian."

    "What kind of person is your daddy?"
    "My daddy is a deity (in heaven), I have never seen him."

    "Your mother?"
    "Mother is sleeping."

    "What place does she sleep in?"

    Shangguan Xiaoxian answered, "She sleeps in a long wooded box, she has rested for a very long time." Her face had the sorrowful look, she also said, "She said she will be awake quickly, but she has not became awaken at all."

    Auntie Tie said, "After your mother rested, you were with whom?"
    "I was with Uncle A Fei, mother want me to call him Uncle Fei."

    "Afterwards uncle Fei looked for Ye Kai, and asked him to be with me."

    Auntie Tie’s face showed satisfaction and said, "That uncle Fei was certainly very good to you."
    "He liked me very much, he treated me very well."

    "Did he gave you many things?"
    "He bought me some new clothes, also some food to eat."

    "Did another uncle with one hand also gave you many things?"
    Shangguan Xiaoxian knitted her brows, "An uncle with one hand?"

    Auntie Tie said, "Donn't you remember him? He wore yellow clothes, the appearance was very scary."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian suddenly clapped and smiled, "I remembered, one day he dropped in on uncle Fei and saw me. He also help me catch the butterfly."

    "Did he give you something?"

    Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "No."

    Auntie Tie’s face sank, "Really?"

    Auntie Tie’s eyes flashed, "Did he tell you about something?"

    Auntie Tie closely examined , "What did he tell you?"
    "He said there was a place that had many, many amusing things, he wanted me to take them when I grow up."

    Auntie Tie's eyes had shone, "Did he tell you where that place is?"
    Shangguan Xiaoxian nodded.

    Auntie Tie said, "Do you remember now?"

    Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "He said that to me many, many times, he certainly wanted me to remember."

    Auntie Tie smiled, "I know you are a smart child who is also very intelligent and obedient. As long as you tell me the words he told you, I will also give you this baby."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "But that uncle said that I cannot tell this to other people."

    Auntie Tie said, "If you tell me that won’t matter. I am a very, very good friend of him, he will not blame you."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian was still hesitating, "But he said if I tell this to other people, my mother will never be awake again."

    Auntie Tie sank her face and said, "If you do not tell me, I will throw down this baby to death."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian’s face lost its color, she loudly called out, "You cannot throw him down to death, he is a little darling."

    Auntie Tie coldly said, "I knew he is clever and obedient, but if you don’t tell me the place, you will never see this baby again, and nobody will want to play with you."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian quickly cried, bursting into tears, "I ask you... Ask you... "

    Auntie Tie said, "Asking me won’t be of any use, only if you tell me the place."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "When I tell you that, you will give me the baby"

    Auntie Tie said, "Moreover I will also buy you many, many new clothes, many, many things eat."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "Good, I will tell you. That place is... "

    She has not said it, Auntie Tie suddenly shouted, "Wait, wait before you say it."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "Why?"

    Auntie Tie sneered, "Because you can only tell this to me, surely no one else can hear it."

    Some people gently coughed outside the door, Yang Tian had carried Ye Kai in. Auntie Xin also walked in with Ding Lin walking behind her.

    Auntie Tie in a calm face said severely, "Who told you to bring them here?"

    Auntie Xin said, "What else can we do?"

    Auntie Tie said, "Couldn't you just kill them?"

    Auntie Xin said, "Kill them both?"

    Auntie Tie said, "Who do you want to let go?"

    Auntie Xin said, "Kill them now?"

    Auntie Tie said, "Now!"

    Ye Kai lay curled up, looking like a dead person already. Although Ding Lin could stand, but his eyes were vacant, if other people said they must kill him, he actually seemed not to hear anything.

    Auntie Xin sighed, "Such attractive men, I really do not want to kill."

    Yang Tian coldly said, "I will kill them."

    Auntie Xin cast a glance at him, she tenderly said with a smile, "You are being jealous." Auntie Xin said, "Good, I will give you the knife."

    "Cling", a knife fells on the floor.

    Yang Tian bent his waist and picked it. Looking at Ding Lin, he sneered, "You have killed me, now I will also have to kill you, this account may now be settled."

    Ding Lin looked at the knife in his hand, there was no response at all.

    Yang Tian gathered his murderous intention, the knife moved forward.

    Suddenly someone shouted out, "Wait, wait."

    Yang Tian retracted his hand, knitting his brows, he had turned his head only to discover that the one who told him to wait was Wei Tianpeng. Didn’t know when Wei Tianpeng was awake, but he had slowly sat up on the soft cot.

    Auntie Tie knitted her brows, "Why do you want him to wait?"

    Wei Tianpeng said, "You must kill them both?"

    Auntie Tie said, "Yes."

    Wei Yaopeng said, "Kill here?"

    Auntie Tie said, "Here."

    Wei Tianpeng said, "In the hall for worshipping buddha you can also kill people?"

    Auntie Tie said, "We brought the Buddha, it is the Buddha that kills."

    Wei Tianpeng sighed, "I know you cannot let Ye Kai go, but this surname Ding... "

    Auntie Tie said, "You want to let him go?"

    Wei Tianpeng said, "Now he is already like a disabled person, why do you still want his life?"

    Yang Tian coldly said, “Is it possible that Eight Master Wei has shown tender affection, and want to hire this maidservant as a concubine to raise a son again?"

    Wei Tianpeng got angry, "What person are you, how dare you to be so impolite in front of me?"

    Yang Tian, "I only want to remind you, so you won’t be disappointed."

    Wei Tianpeng said, "Disappointed?"

    Yang Tian, "This Miss Ding cannot raise a son."

    Wei Tianpeng said, "You thought I did not know him?"

    Yang Tian, "Since you know, why do you want to let him go?"

    Wei Tianpeng said, "Wait until you reach my age, then you know, if you can avoid killing someone, don’t kill him." He sighed and slowly said, "When young, one killed a lot of people, when one became old, you will unavoidably regret it."

    Yang Tian sneered, "When did Eight Master Wei have a change of heart?"

    Wei Tianpeng said, "A moment ago."

    Yang Tian, "A moment ago?"

    Wei Tianpeng sighed, "When a person know he has children, the mood could be different from before."

    Auntie Tie suddenly sneered, "You have children? You think I am really your daughter?"

    Wei Tianpeng said in consternation, "You are not?"

    Auntie Tie sneeredly, "In Nanhai Niang-zi’s life, there were countless men she had, but she actually didn’t have any children."

    Wei Tianpeng said, "You?"

    Auntie Tie said, "I am not your daughter, and also not her daughter."

    Wei Tianpeng said, "You... Actually what person are you?"

    Auntie Tie said, "[天魔无相,万妙无方,上天入地,唯我独尊] Heavenly demon no other, thousands of mysteries not only, highest heaven descends on earth, only us alone to be honored." (ed. Sorry I’ve no clue really how to translate this).

    Wei Tianpeng suddenly changed color, "You are with mo-jiao (Devil’s sect)?"

    Auntie Xin easily said, "Good. Eight Master Wei should know that she is the third princess of the four princesses."

    Wei Tianpeng’s face was blanched, no words could go out.

    Auntie Tie said, "Nanhai Niang-zi was a Sect rebel, she aspired to be equal to the Sect founder, therefore I intentionally became her disciple, first to study her evil spirit skill, and bid my time to kill her."

    Auntie Xin said, "This is the Sect's way to capture the good wugong skill of hers."

    Wei Tianpeng’s face became ashen like the dying embers, he muttered, "You are not my daughter... I do not have a daughter... "
    His repeatedly saying these words, like he had become an idiot. This matter had attacked him like a solid chop of a knife, causing him extreme pain.

    Auntie Xin also said, "We intentionally rescued you a moment ago, only because at that time to kill you would certainly not bring any advantage to us."

    Auntie Tie said, "But presently Han Zhen only know that I am your daughter, if the father has died, the family property naturally will be inherited by the daughter."

    Auntie Tie also said, "The capable persons in the Sect have started to grow in the recent years, inspiring like the strong wind drawing near, the only problem is the lack of financial resource."

    Auntie Xin said, "But after your wealth and Shangguan Jin Hong’s wealth, we will have all the things needed."

    Wei Tianpeng kept repeating those two sentences, suddenly he gave a loud shout and vomited blood. Then he just collapsed.

    Auntie Tie no longer looked at him, she coldly said, "Yang Tian, now you still have not begun??"

    Yang Tian had the ghastly pale look, fearful of mo-jiao. He had only heard of it before, but now he had come into contact with it.

    His hand grasped that handle of that deep green demon knife, for the second time it moved forward.

    Ding Lin was still standing motionless, not knowing how to avoid or fend it.

    At this moment, there were some pathetic sounds outside, the sad and shrill cry, seemed to be coming from several people simultaneously. It’s like a number of people were suddenly cut by their throats, and just as the sad and shrill call suddenly resounded, it suddenly stopped.

    Yang Tian’s hand stopped, he couldn’t move it forward with confidence, Auntie Xin suddenly turned around and pulled open the door.

    A person in white stood motionless outside the door in the snow white long gown that had been fully splashed with blood like the plum blossoms. He carried the straw mat behind, the short club in his hand.

    Mo Bai.

    Auntie Xin not only did not turn a hair, instead she smiled, "Since you have come, why do you stand in the entrance? Quickly please come in and have a seat."

    Mo Bai said, "Standing can also be very good."

    Auntie Xin said, "You come here, to stand guard in station here?"

    "I come here not for Shangguan Xiaoxian."

    "Really not?"


    Auntie Xin said, "I heard the place in Qingcheng city is big and also expensive, that would quickly make you short of money."

    Mo Bai said, "We have the means."

    Auntie Xin winked shortly, with the charming smile she said, "Then do you come for me?"

    She was originally cold like the autumn frost, as if she had this sacred inviolable appearance, but at present this had actually changed, she turned as a temptation for any man interested in a woman.

    Who knew Mo Bai stayed aloof and coldly said, "I do not come for a woman."

    Auntie Xin said with a smile, “If not for a woman, you... You like a man?"

    "I come for the person Ye."

    "You like him?"

    "I liked killing him."

    "You have a grudge with him?"

    Auntie Xin said, "Has he killed your father? Or snatched your wife?"

    Mo Bai found his face becoming red, "I only hope you can give him to me."

    Auntie Xin said, "We should kill him, but since you asked, this might not matter, only... "

    "Only what?"

    "How do I know you are going to kill him? Perhaps you want to rescue him?"

    Mo Bai, said, "I may kill him in front of you."

    Auntie Tie said, "Good, give him the knife, let him do it."

    Yang Tian waved his hand and threw the knife to him, "clang", it fell under Mo Bai’s foot.

    Mo Bai kicked it upwards with the tip of his toe, his hand took the knife, and slowly walked, his eyes stared at Ye Kai, suddenly the knife moved forward.

    He moved very quickly.

    But this knife was not aimed at Ye Kai, the knife tip moved towards Auntie Tie like a flash, Auntie Tie seemed to stand motionless not expecting this, and did not have enough time to fend.

    Mo Bai’s knife punctured her chest, Auntie Tie's complexion had not changed, his complexion had changed instead. He had felt that this knife was alive, the knife stabbed, yet the sharp part of the knife had shrunk.

    At this moment, with "zips" sound, the hilt had projected three cold stars and hit on Mo Bai’s own chest. His body shook immediately, the eyeballs actually seemed to protruded, the icy face became twists with distortion because of surprise and fright.

    Auntie Tie coldly looked at him and said, "This is the demon knife, the demon knife will not kill the master."

    The knife returned back to its original shape, with a ‘zip’ sound the hilt machine had moved back.

    Mo Bai’s face was usually blanched white, now he suddenly turned into dead gray, clenching his teeth he said, "You have killed me, but my master will not let you go."

    Auntie Tie knitted her brows, "You also have a master... Who is your master?"

    Mo Bai’s throat tried to say something, but actually no words came out, suddenly with a crazy roar, he threw himself at Auntie Tie. Auntie Tie remained motionless.

    Mo Bai’s hands had clamped on her throat, but he actually was dead already.

    Auntie Tie sighed, "This person seemed to have died too early?"

    Auntie Xin said, “That leaves Ye Kai and Ding Ling Lin."

    Yang Tian, "Why don't we let them be a lifeless couple?"

    Auntie Xin said, "You dummy, even if they live they will just suffer more hardship."

    Yang Tian suddenly extracted the knife from his sleeve, the knife was aimed at Ye Kai, "I will kill him first."

    Suddenly, someone shouted out, "Wait, wait."

    This time the one who called him to wait was unexpectedly Auntie Tie.

    Yang Tian could not bear to say, "Why do we have to wait?"

    Auntie Tie said, "Mo Bai did not hesitate to put his life into danger just to get him."

    Auntie Xin said, "If he really had a grudge with Ye Kai, he could just do it here."

    Auntie Tie said, "But he seemed to have to bring back Ye Kai with him."

    Auntie Xin said, "Why does he want to do such thing?"

    Auntie Tie said, "Mo Bai is not a simpleton, he certainly has some hidden intention."

    Auntie Xin’s eyeballs rotated and said, “Is it possible that this Ye Kai had a secret too?"

    Auntie Tie said, “That’s very possible."

    Auntie Xin said with a smile, "Good, I will search him first."

    Yang Tian said, "He is a man, let me just do it."

    Auntie Xin stared, "Why can’t I search men? I like searching man's body, in particular attractive man."

    Yang Tian nipped his lips and closed his mouth.

    Auntie Xin smiled, "If you are jealous, wait for a little while, and I will search you too."

    With a charming smile, she squatted down and put out a hand on Ye Kai’s clothes. But as her hand just stretched out, suddenly she called out in alarm. She retracted the hand quickly like she had been bitten by a poisonous snake.

    Auntie Tie knitted her brows, "What’s the matter? Haven't you touched a man before?"

    Auntie Xin’s face was full of surprise, "But he was actually a woman."

    Auntie Tie changed her countenance, "Woman? You said Ye Kai is a woman?"

    Auntie Xin said, “Yes, the genuine goods of a woman, the chest looks even bigger than Shangguan Xiaoxian’s."

    Auntie Tie’s vision flashed and sneered, "Ding Ling Lin is a man, Ye Kai instead is a woman, this matter is really interesting."

    Auntie Xin said, "Much more interesting."

    Auntie Tie in a calm face said, "No matter whether he is a male or a female, just chop his two hands then we can discuss it again."

    Auntie Xin had seized Yang Tian’s knife and chopped down.

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    Default 07th chapter: An awful baby doll

    07th chapter: An awful baby doll - TRANSLATED BY FASTCLOCK

    This knife emitted cold brightness, obviously very sharp, if it chopped a person's hand, that would be easier than cutting the bean curd.

    Who knew at this moment, Ye Kai who was not able to move, suddenly jumped up, a foot kicked Auntie Xin’s belly.

    Auntie Xin was in great surprise, she retreated, and moved to the back of Yang Tian. Yang Tian was already waiting for her, the right hand had selected her five accupoints behind her, the left hand had grasped her around the waist.

    Auntie Tie's face lost its color.
    Yang Tian coldly said, "You should better not move, otherwise I will first kill your precious daughter."

    Auntie Tie had not moved. She was certainly not a person who acted rashly.
    By now Ye Kai grinningly had stood up, smiling beautifully and also sweetly.

    Auntie Tie could not bear saying, "... You really are a woman?"

    Ye Kai said: “In every sense of the term, the genuine goods are of a woman."

    Auntie Tie said, "You are not Ye Kai?"

    This "Ye Kai" said with a smile: "Ye Kai is in every sense of the term, a genuine man, how can I be Ye Kai."

    Auntie Tie said, "Who are you?"

    "Ding Ling Lin."

    Auntie Tie said in consternation that, "You are Ding Ling Lin?"

    “In every sense of the term, the genuine goods belong to Ding Ling Lin."

    Auntie Tie was astounded. Her face seemed to have been bitten by someone.

    That other Ding Ling Lin was still standing motionless there.

    Ding Ling Lin looked at him and said with a smile: "You do not look like me, I must be more attractive than you."

    They really do not look like each other.

    Auntie Tie could not bear to ask: "If you are Ding Ling Lin, where is Ye Kai?"

    Ding Ling Lin said: "Ye Kai has come already."

    Auntie Tie said in consternation, "He has come already?"

    Ding Ling Lin said, "Not only he has come already, moreover he has been here all the time.”

    Auntie Tie said, “Is it possible that he is Yang Tian?"

    Yang Tian said with a smile, "Yang Tian is always Yang Tian, not Ye Kai."

    Auntie Tie nearly went insane, she could not bear to shout out, "Then where is Ye Kai?"

    Someone easily said, “It’s me."

    "Where is Ye Kai?"

    Ding Lin said “It’s me, I am Ye Kai."
    His face suddenly lost the idiotic expression, the eye no longer stared dully. Suddenly, he became a completely different individual.

    Auntie Tie looked at him, her face no longer showing surprise or any other expression. Her entire body had become stiffened like a solid wood... She also thought that she had become a solid wood. In her life, she had never been so surprised.

    Ding Ling Lin smiled, she pulled out a solid snow white silk handkerchief from her bosom, and threw it to Ye Kai, saying, "Quickly remove that rouge from your face, I don’t want to look at that disgusting face."

    Ye Kai smiled and said, "You said disgusting? But actually there are many people who think I am extremely beautiful."

    Ding Ling Lin said, "Beautiful fart."

    Ye Kai said, "If I am not beautiful, how can some people think I am like Ding Ling Lin."

    Ding Ling Lin could not bear to say with a smile, "If I look really like you, I would rather be dead."

    Ye Kai said: " If I were really like you, how would you know me?"

    Ding Ling Lin tapped on her chest and said, "You are not like me, who can look really well as you."

    Ye Kai said: "Right, not too bad at all, only the chest was too high, therefore other people can see through you quickly."

    Ding Ling Lin had blushed, suddenly put out a hand in front of her clothes.

    Auntie Xin had been hanging her head all this time, looking like she was being strangled. But at this moment she could not restrain herself from shouting out, "What do you want to do?"

    Ding Ling Lin said: "I do not want to do anything, but only a moment ago you were trying to search my body, I must also now search your body, I am a person who never suffer a loss."

    Yang Tian said, "If you have to search her, turn it over to me."

    Ding Ling Lin said, "But she is a woman."

    Yang Tian: "No problem with woman too. I like searching woman's body, in particular attractive woman."

    Ding Ling Lin laughed, Yang Tian also laughed. They had a reason to smile, because what they had accomplished was really a splendid matter.


    Auntie Tie looked like her face could no longer cry.

    Shangguan Xiaoxian had snatched the baby doll from her hand, "Baby is clever, the little darling, mother will not let the bad person snatch you again from me."

    This baby doll was the one she cared about, even if other person had any other important matters, she will just ignore it.

    How could children always think their own fantasy were real?

    But Auntie Tie's fantasy had actually become like a burst bubble.
    She originally thought that all people could fall under her snare, now only then had she known that she had been captured in Ye Kai’s snare all along. Wouldn’t her fantasy be just similar to this idiot with the baby doll?

    She looked at Ye Kai, could not bear to give a long sigh and said: "Only now I believe it."

    Ye Kai said: "Believe what?"

    Auntie Tie painstakingly said with a smile: "Believe that you are the world’s hardest person to deal with, the most fearful person."

    Ye Kai also sighed, painstakingly said with a smile: "I acknowledge that, I indeed cannot always be a gentleman."

    Auntie Tie said that, "Can acknowledge that oneself is not a gentleman, is also not an easy thing."

    Ye Kai said: “Willing to admit own’s defeat is not any easier."

    Auntie Tie said that, "You already knew our people were waiting for you here?"

    Ye Kai nodded.

    Auntie Tie said, "Therefore you discussed with Yang Tian, asked him to intentionally let him be hired by me, let me think that Ding Lin was Ding Ling Lin's brother, again helped plant the idea with me to convert Ding Lin into Ding Ling Lin?"

    Ye Kai said with a smile: "That was a great idea, I knew you would certainly accept it."

    Auntie Tie said, "Then you appeared as Ding Lin, intentionally fooled me again?"

    Ye Kai said: "I am originally Ding Lin."

    Auntie Tie did not understand, she said: "Actually are you Ye Kai? Or Ding Lin?"

    Ye Kai said: "Ye Kai is Ding Lin."

    Auntie Tie did not understand.

    Ye Kai said: "Ding Lin was my name before I entered jiang-hu."

    Auntie Tie had finally understood, painstakingly said with a smile: "Actually have you used several names altogether?"

    Ye Kai said: "Not too many."

    Auntie Tie said, "All the name you have used became famous."

    Ye Kai said with a smile, "My luck is always good."

    Auntie Tie sighed, said: "It seems I really should not pick you as my match."

    Ding Ling Lin charmingly said: "You pick the wrong person, I have not actually picked the wrong one."

    She looked at Ye Kai, the beautiful eyes were filled with admiration and respect.

    Auntie Tie said, "Haven't you kicked up a fuss with him?"

    Ding Ling Lin said, "Who said I haven’t, I have kicked up a fuss with him for I don’t know how many times."

    She blushed while smiling, as she said, "But after each time we fight, three days later, I will go look for him."

    Auntie Tie sighed, "My mind already imagine it."

    Ding Ling Lin said, "Imagine what?"

    Auntie Tie said, "A man like him is certainly not many, if I were you, I could not afford not paying enough attention to him."

    Ding Ling Lin said, "Therefore I certainly will look after him well, will not let other people after him." Her smiling face seemed to change like a fox.

    Auntie Tie also sighed, "No matter what, even in my dream I could not expect you to play the role of Ye Kai."

    Ding Ling Lin said, "Since Ye Kai is already under cover, there must be a person to protect Xiaoxian, besides me protecting her, how else can she be safe?"

    Auntie Tie responded, "When she is looked after by you, not only other people could not get her, Ye Kai also could not get her."

    Ding Ling Lin said, "Ye Kai could not have the wrong idea about her."

    Auntie Tie said, "You seem to be very self-confident?"

    Ding Ling Lin said: "I always have the self-confidence, therefore anyone should give up on trying to sow some dissension among us."

    Auntie Tie produced a forced smile and addressed Ye Kai, "I also could not think why my soul absorbing method fail to work on you."

    Ye Kai said, "It is indeed not too useful."

    Auntie Tie said, "Actually I already should know."

    Ye Kai said: "Know what?"

    Auntie Tie said, "I heard your mother was also in the Devil Sect before, but for a person surname Bai, 20 years ago had revolted from the Devil Sect."

    Ye Kai’s face showed some pain, he obviously was not willing to listen to other people mentioning this matter.

    Therefore Auntie Tie raised the issue again, "The Devil Sect has the four great heavenly gods, and four princesses. Your mother is one of them, I am also one of them, therefore you should call me by aunt, only then it is proper."

    Ye Kai showed a calm face, said, "If you must kill me, this is certainly a good reason."

    Auntie Tie also sank her face and said, "I do not deny it. There is no Sect rebel that can escape the Sect’s punishment according to the rule."

    Ye Kai said, "Oh."

    "The punishment is not only for herself but also for her descendant."

    "I only hoped you understand a matter."

    "Just say it."

    "My mother is not one of your Devil Sect’s leader, nor does she have the least bit of relationship with you."

    Auntie Tie coldly said, "Anyone who entered the Sect for even one day is a life-long member of the Sect, this relationship will continue forever unceasingly."

    Ye Kai lightly said, "Since you are a smart person, you should not say such words now."


    "Now seems to be the time for me to punish you."

    "I said these words so you can understand that in your blood there is also our blood, as long as you want it, we will welcome you back."

    "I will remember it."

    Ding Ling Lin said, "But he cannot go back."

    Auntie Tie said, "Then both of you will regret it."

    Ye Kai said: "Oh?"

    Auntie Tie said, "This time the Sect is preparing for the big movement in the Divine Peak, to set up the leadership again, the four great heavenly gods and three of the four princesses' have agreed to open up the Sect again and also punish the rebels."

    Ye Kai said, "Therefore you want me to be careful?"

    Auntie Tie coldly said, "For 50 years, the Sect altogether only had five rebels, now four had died."

    Ye Kai said, "With me it is five."


    "It’s a pity I seem to be destined to die."

    "You may run away the first time, not necessarily you can run away the second time, even if you can run away the second time, but also there will be the third, fourth time, as long as you have not died, you need to keep your guard against us, therefore you life can only be considered as being forfeited, no hope for a calm day."

    Ye Kai said, "I know."

    "You do not care about it?"

    Ye Kai said, "I care about it very much, also I fear it a lot."

    Auntie Tie said, "Then let me bring Shangguan Xiaoxian back with me, then the punishment will be adjusted appropriately."

    Ye Kai smiled.

    Auntie Tie said, "These speech is not funny."

    Ye Kai kept smiling, "I also fear for a dog biting me, but should I eat the excrement with the dog?"

    Ding Ling Lin had laughed until she had to bend down her waist.

    Auntie Tie's complexion became quite pale.

    Ye Kai said, "I already know how you want to get me, but I actually did not prepare only against you."


    Ye Kai lightly said with a smile, "If just to cope with you, I certainly do not need to work on so many things."

    Auntie Tie sneered, "You knew Wei Tianpeng and Mo Bai also wanted to get you, therefore you intentionally first let us achieve it, let me cope with them in this strife, wait for us first to kill one another, then you lay the good plot against me."

    Ye Kai sighed, "If only to cope with Wei Tianpeng and Mo Bai, I did not need to work on so many things."

    Ding Ling Lin said with a smile, "If he has to play the role of a woman, it is really not an easy matter."

    Auntie Tie cannot bear to say, "Then who were you trying to cope with?"

    Ye Kai said: “This person is a lot more fearful than you."

    Auntie Tie sneered.

    Ye Kai said, "How we arrived here, you already knew about it."

    Auntie Tie had no alternative but to acknowledge this point.

    Ye Kai said, "So this person had known about it, then he intentionally spread the news, and let you look for me here."

    Auntie Tie said, "He also want us to tangle with you, so he can benefit later as the third party in a dispute."

    Ye Kai said, “Right ! "

    Auntie Tie was obviously moved, she hesitatingly said, "We indeed received a letter several months ago revealing the secret about you and Shangguan Xiaoxian. If not for this letter, we would not have conceived a plan for you."

    "When you received such letter, wasn’t it absolutely strange?"

    "In that letter, he said he was your personal enemy. He sent this letter to us to borrow our hands to take revenge for him."

    Ye Kai sighed, "But that wasn’t reasonable."

    "After we verify the information, we discovered that what he said was not false, therefore we started to plan it all."

    Ye Kai said, "Mo Bai, Eight Master Wei and Master Ouyang Cheng had also received the same letter, therefore they also made a move."

    Auntie Tie said, "Only now I realize that he must have wrote this letter to use us to attack you together, so then he will reap the benefit."

    Ye Kai said with a smile, "You have finally thought it through."

    "You do not know who wrote this letter?"

    "I can guess, but I may not guess correctly."

    "He knew clearly your movement, but you actually did not know about him."

    "Because of this, I considered him as fearful."

    Auntie Tie sighed, easily said, "At this point, it is a given that we will saw this person soon."

    "I thought if he saw that your plan went well, he would appear."

    "Therefore you were waiting."

    "I want to have a look him very much."

    "It’s a pity we accidentally revealed your secret, therefore you could not wait anymore."

    Ye Kai sighed, "Do you think he will not come out now?"

    "It looks like it."

    Ye Kai sighed, "He doesn’t seem to see me face to face, otherwise why would he wait until now?"

    Auntie Tie said, "Therefore even if you wait any longer, you don’t think it’s going to be useful."

    Ye Kai acknowledged.

    Auntie Tie suddenly smiled, "Then, what do you want to do now?"

    Ye Kai said, "Sooner or later, I will go."

    "You should better go away quickly."


    "If you go with your two women, I will guarantee that I will not look for you anymore."

    Ye Kai smiled, "Why do you want me to go?"

    Auntie Tie sneered, "If you don’t go, do you think you can kill me?"

    Ye Kai smiled, "A Devil Sect’s person cannot be killed?"

    Auntie Tie sneered, "If you must oppose the Sect, I do not care, but I may also guarantee that anyone who oppose the Sect will not have any happy ending."

    Ye Kai also sighed, "This is not actually false."

    "If you have killed in a member of the Sect, I can guarantee that you will never have a peaceful day again."

    "If I release you?"

    "I had promised you a moment ago, from then on, regardless where you go, the people in the Sect will not look for you again."

    Ye Kai hesitated, "This condition doesn’t seem too bad."

    Auntie Tie said, "Therefore you should consider."

    "But you also wanted us to go back with you a moment ago."

    "I change my mind."

    "If your thought can change, how can still believe your words?"

    "You have to believe it."

    Ye Kai smiled.

    Auntie Tie said, "I should remind you, even Li Xunhoan did not dare to oppose the Sect, more so you." She sneered, "Not to forget that you have to bring along a seven years old child. Even if you can take care of yourself, if she had any kind of accident, you will not feel good about it."

    Ye Kai could not bear to look at Shangguan Xiaoxian.

    Shangguan Xiaoxian was gently holding the baby doll in her bosom, moving closer she smiled at him and said, "The baby has slept, you have rescued him a moment ago, now I will let you hug him."

    After a short period of time Ye Kai said, "Will the baby pee and wet all over my body?"

    Shangguan Xiaoxian said with a smile, "Baby will not do that, baby is clever and obedient."
    She unexpectedly really passed the baby doll to Ye Kai.

    Ye Kai received it and said painstakingly with a smile, "A little hug is enough for me, it’s easy for me to get content."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian pulled Ding Ling Lin's hand and said with a smile, "Wait until he finishes his hug, you can hug him next."

    Ding Ling Lin hurriedly shook her head, "I had hugged him yesterday. Such happy matter, it cannot be done daily. It’s like eating candy, if you eat it daily... "

    Her voice suddenly stopped, her complexion had changed, she was startled staring at Shangguan Xiaoxian and lost her voice, "You... "

    She just said "You", but she could not continue.

    At this moment, that baby doll belly emit a "swish" sound, Ye Kai’s complexion had also changed, suddenly he bend down his waist, like someone had hit him on the belly with a fist.
    He could no longer hug the baby, the baby doll fell down, "crash" and smashed to pieces.

    Out of the baby doll’s belly smashed pieces, came a bright shining part, unexpectedly an extremely exquisitely-made dark cylinder machinery.

    Ye Kai wrapped his hands around his belly, the face was full of cold sweat rolling down, he wanted to speak, but actually he couldn’t say anything.

    Shangguan Xiaoxian’s small mouth pouted, "Look at you, you fell and broke my baby, no wonder your belly suffer some pain."

    Ye Kai looked at her, the eyes were filled with fear and surprise, suddenly bellowed, "You... "
    He had not finished his words, before he also dropped down.

    Auntie Tie's complexion has also changed, this sudden change really surprise her. Only Yang Tian’s face still had the smile, he kept hugging Auntie Xin's waist with his hand.

    Shangguan Xiaoxian had also smiled, smiled happily and charmingly. The stupid expression on her face had completely disappeared.

    Auntie Tie could not bear to sigh, “It’s you, it’s you all along."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian tenderly said with a smile, "So you couldn’t guess it too."

    "I couldn’t guess it even in my dream."

    "You also admire me."

    Auntie Tie painstakingly said with a smile, "It seems not admiring you would be very difficult."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian clapped her hands, "I didn’t know that some people could admire me, I had begun to lose hope."

    "Ye Kai certainly admires you."


    "He protected you wholeheartedly, he could not guess that you didn’t really need his protection, when he was trying to find that chief instigator, your position was so strategic, he could not guess that the person was you." She also sighed, "Ye Kai, Ye Kai, you think you are extremely intelligent, you think yourself is terrific, actually you don’t compare to even this person’s finger."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian said with a smile, "Have you forgotten whose daughter am I?"

    Auntie Tie said with a smile, "I should have guessed it." Indeed she should have guessed it. How can Shangguan Jin Hong and Lin Xianer’s daughter be crazy or retarded?


    The beauty of the dawn had just been revealed, the gloomy light had started to settle.

    Shangguan Xiaoxian’s eyes were actually brighter. Now everybody could see that she was not an idiot.

    Auntie Tie said, "They all thought that you are a simpleton, an idiot, actually they did not realized that the true bonehead was not you. From your point of view, they are the true idiots."

    “A man who is not an idiot is not that many."

    "Yang Tian is not."

    "He certainly is not."

    "Only he knew your secret."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian cast a glance at Yang Tian, charmingly said, "A woman must have a man she can depend upon, otherwise she would be too lonely."

    Auntie Tie sneered, "It seems that you have not gotten the wrong person. A man like him, is certainly not that many."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian smiled sweetly, "My judgment is always good."

    "Did you write that letter? Or he wrote it?"

    "Certainly it was him, the words he wrote were far more attractive than mine."

    "You want us to come here, in order to look for Ye Kai and fight among ourselves. Then you waited until we became mutually wounded, then you could sit idly and enjoy the fruits."

    "I always thought there were too many people in this world, if several more died that would be okay."

    "It seems your plan is really flawless, mysteriously appear and disappear, no wonder Ye Kai can also be deceived."

    "If you want to deceive him, that is indeed not an easy matter."

    Auntie Tie suddenly sneered, "It’s a pity you fail to complete one matter."

    "What matter?"

    Auntie Tie coldly said, "You should not pull us in this turbulent water."


    "I have said that whoever oppose the Sect, certainly he will not have the advantage, you are not an exception."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian stared at her, "Who said I must oppose you? I do not mean that."

    "You really don’t mean that?"

    "I certainly don’t."

    "But you... "

    Shangguan Xiaoxian interrupted her, "Do you know that your Devil Sect recently had a treaty with someone?"

    Auntie Tie's complexion changed. She certainly knew it, how she couldn’t figure out how Shangguan Xiaoxian was able to know it. This was an enormous secret.

    Shangguan Xiaoxian nodded, "Do you know who that person is?"

    Auntie Tie's eyes suddenly shone, “Is this person you?"

    Shangguan Xiaoxian charmingly said, "Actually you should have guessed it."

    "I could never have guessed it even in my dream."

    "At least you ought to know that the four heavenly gods in the Devil Sect must be formidable persons."

    Auntie Tie acknowledged.

    "If we didn’t have the treaty already, how could they supply not too many people!"

    "Did they already know that your wrote the letter?"

    Shangguan Xiaoxian colored, "This was what we had already discussed, how would he not know about it?"

    Auntie Tie had also smiled, "It seems no one could ever dream about your doings."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian charmingly said, "If I were not this kind of person, how can your Devil Sect be willing to get involved in a union with me?"

    Auntie Xin could not bear to say, "Since we are friends, why haven’t you released me?"

    Shangguan Xiaoxian said with a smile, "Look at me, I have almost forgotten about you."

    Auntie Xin also said with a smile, "As long as you remember it, that is good."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "Yang Tian, why don't you pat this girl's accupoint?"

    Yang Tian said, “Yes." He smiled, and gave a pat.

    Auntie Xin suddenly shouted pathetically, blood was spurted along with the startled call. Her body suddenly bent down like a rag, the vertebra had been unexpectedly broken by his palm.

    Shangguan Xiaoxian knitted her brows, "I only wanted you to pat her accupoint, who asked you to use such power."

    Yang Tian said, "Didn’t I already pat her accupoint?"

    Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "But after you patted her, she died."

    Yang Tian lightly said, "I patted her accupoint by all means, whether she is dead or alive, I don’t care."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian smiled, "This saying is not completely devoid of the truth."

    Auntie Tie suddenly jumped high, ready to flee. But her way had been blocked by Shangguan Xiaoxian. She gritted her teeth, pulled back her hair, and lifted her wrist to extract the curved sabre.

    The knife flashed, but unexpectedly it was not aimed at Shangguan Xiaoxian, but at her shoulder.

    Who knew that Shangguan Xiaoxian pulled a strip of satin ribbon from her sleeves, and suddenly it flared like a poisonous snake and caught both her hands together.

    "I can’t even die?"

    Shangguan Xiaoxian sighed, said: "You certainly may die, but actually I do not want to die in your hand."

    Auntie Tie said, "I certainly was not killing you."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian lightly said, "I know that, you plan to use the heavenly knife blood, the devil blood skill to cope with me. When your blood splashed out, even if just one stain hit me, it was already the same as if your knife killed me."

    Auntie Tie changed color, "You also know the devil blood skill?"

    Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "Among your Devil Sect’s ten major skills, the ones I do not know are not that many."

    Auntie Tie suddenly opened her mouth, like she wanted to bite her own tongue. But her chin was suddenly also clamped down.

    When Shangguan Xiaoxian moved, her moves was much faster than her thought. Auntie Tie's whole body were already cold.

    Shangguan Xiaoxian sighed, "I told you, your ten major devil skills cannot be performed in front of me. I may even perform 1 or 2 skills to show you."

    She had suddenly let Auntie Tie's chin loose, seized that curved sabre, delivered it into her own mouth, like eating a sugar cane, and swallowed the section of the knife.

    She smiled, "Look at it, your chewing the iron skill, how can you still use it in front of me."

    Auntie Tie’s eyes had protruded with fear, she stuttered, "You... Actually how do you know it?"

    Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "You should know it, why do you need to ask?"

    Auntie Tie said, "Since you are an ally of the Devil Sect, why do you betray us like this?"

    Shangguan Xiaoxian said simply, "Only because I am an ally of the Devil Sect, therefore they won’t suspect me to commit this betrayal, therefore I can feel uninhibited in killing you."

    She smiled while saying that, "You had also mentioned that our plan would not have been guessed by other people in the Sect, even in their dreams."

    Even before she finished her sentence, she has moved the curved sabre in her hands, and cut Auntie Tie's throat. Auntie Tie’s eyeballs protruded immediately, without anything more to say, she just fell down.


    Shangguan Xiaoxian looked as she fell as she gently sighed, "I always consider killing people as not a happy matter, why are there many people who like killing people?"

    Yang Tian smiled, "Because there are too many people in this world."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian charmingly said, "It seems that I only have you in this world as my friend."

    "I am a smart fox, a fox that can fly."

    "This nickname is actually pretty good."

    "A person's name can have the wrong meaning, but the nickname actually cannot be wrong."

    "But those two brothers actually did not look like pearls, more like two potatoes."

    Yang Tian laughed.

    "What happened?"

    "They wanted me to lead them to Fluttering fragrance courtyard, a moment ago. Instead I took them to the coffins."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian sighed, "Poor two coffins."

    "Then I broke their swords and scattered them outside the Fluttering fragrance courtyard. I intentionally let Han Zhen see it, so he thought they were done by Ye Kai."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian also said with a smile, "You really are a smart fox."

    "If they really arrived at Fluttering fragrance courtyard and to force Ye Kai to fight, when Ding Ling Lin attacked, wouldn’t the different style show immediately what’s up?"

    "You surely couldn’t despise this Miss Ding, her timing is very good."

    Yang Tian smiled, "I always do not dare to despise any woman."

    Then Shangguan Xiaoxian also asked, "Han Zhen?"

    "He is still standing in that plums grove, waiting for Auntie Xin to rescue him."

    "He had plenty of thoughts already and suddenly had to die."

    Yang Tian said with a smile, "A person standing solitarily in the snow wouldn’t feel too good."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian glanced, "Why don't you relieve his pain?"

    "Sooner or later he can get himself released."

    "But why don't you release him quicker? It’s meddlesome to make a person wait for 1 or 2 hours."

    "You want me to go?"

    "I want you to go and perform the good deed."

    Yang Tian sighed, "Originally I stipulate to myself that in one day I can only kill a person at the most, evidently I need to make an exception today."

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    Default Chapter 8: Jin-qian bang-zhu (The gold coin gang leader)

    Chapter 8: Jin-qian bang-zhu (The gold coin gang leader) - TRANSLATED BY FASTCLOCK

    Yang Tian walked out, the beauty of the sun had entered through the window.

    Shangguan Xiaoxian looked at Mo Bai, Wei Tianpeng, Auntie Xin and Auntie Tie, her face revealed the sweet smile, she muttered, "This place seems to be too spacious indeed... "

    Sunlight of the dawn entered the window, signifying this long night had finally gone past.

    Shangguan Xiaoxian bent down, and gently shook Ye Kai’s body. She said, "The day is already bright, shouldn’t you lazy bones also wake up?"

    Ye Kai groaned, finally open his eyes, looking at a loss. He struggled to get up, but he tumbled quickly, like his whole body didn’t have an ounce of strength.

    Shangguan Xiaoxian looked at him, her eye were filled concern, "Are you uncomfortable?"

    Ye Kai nodded, painstakingly said with a smile, "It seems like I am sick."

    "What illness?"

    "Being stupid illness."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian said with a smile, “Is being stupid also an illness?"

    "Not only it’s an illness, moreover a very dangerous illness."


    "Do you know how the black bear’s grandmother die?" [你知不知狗熊他奶奶是怎么死的? – Hope someone can make sense out of this sentence]


    “Died because of being stupid."

    "How can a person die because of stupidity?"

    Ye Kai sighed, "I originally did not believe that too, now I know that there are many people in this world who die because of stupidity."

    "You are afraid you also die because of stupidity."

    "My illness is already at a late stage."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian sighed, "You certainly are not stupid, only your heart is too soft."

    Ye Kai smiled, "If my heart is not soft, how can I hug other people’s baby doll?"

    "That is not just a baby doll, that is my good baby, the little darling."

    "He is not only clever, he can also bite a person."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian had also smiled, "But he certainly did not really want to bite you to death, otherwise wouldn’t your stupidity had led you to be killed by poison?"

    "When you gave it to me, you had already switch on the mechanism on its belly?"

    "Certainly I did not completely switch it on, only turned by one half."

    "When I saw Ding Ling Lin dropped down, your hand quickly moved and started the mechanism completely."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian said with a smile, "Although he had bitten you, but you also had your revenge." She was pointing at the broken baby doll and said, "You look at it, didn’t he plunge to death because of you?"

    Ye Kai did not look at the baby doll. If there had been some dead people nearby, nobody could have looked at just a baby doll.

    Looking at the corpses in that place, Ye Kai could not bear to sigh deeply, "It looks like you are really worthy of being a daughter of Shangguan JinHong and Lin Xianer."


    "Lin Xianer’s poisonous heart, Shangguan JinHong’s vicious hands, these two kind of merits you have mastered entirely."

    Shangguan XiaoXian smiled, "You can gradually discover that I have also many other skills."

    "Now I only want to ask something."

    "Just ask."

    "Are a person?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian smiled and without turning a hair said, "I am certainly a person, a woman, moreover a very attractive woman."

    "It’s a pity. I thought you are someone who would not be able to do such a thing."

    "What thing?"

    "I can understand your point of view that you want to take revenge on me because I am, by chance, Little Li Tanhua’s disciple."

    Shangguan XiaoXian said with a smile, "This is really very reasonable."

    "But these other people did not have any enmity with you, why must you kill them?"

    "Because of the same thing."

    "What thing?"

    "Do you see what this is?" She put out something, a bright yellow flashing gold.

    "That is a written coin."

    "What coin?"

    Ye Kai said, "Gold coin."

    "Can you see the words on the coin?"

    Ye Kai certainly could see it, there were four words on the coin.
    "Devil’s servant heaven’s pass"

    The first wisp of sunlight illuminated this coin by chance.

    Shangguan XiaoXian’s eyes also flashed, "Coin can serve the devil, but can also bring heaven, you gradually will discover that there is no better thing in this world other than money."

    Ye Kai’s face changed countenance, "This was the symbol used by the gold coin gang (Jin-qian-bang) in the years past?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian nodded, "The gold coin gang was Shangguan JinHong’s establishment, I am by chance Shangguan JinHong’s daughter."

    Ye Kai sighed, "It is really too opportune."

    "Although Shangguan JinHong has died, I am not dead yet."

    "Therefore you must raise the gold coin gang again?"

    "At the least, I cannot let the gold coin gang be destroyed just like that."

    "How long have been planning about this?"

    "Not only I have planned it for a very long time, moreover I have planned it very well."

    "Yang Tian has also been bought by you?"

    "He is originally a smart fox, a fox that can fly."

    "Not only he can fly, moreover he also can bite a person, specially bite a friend."

    Shangguan XiaoXian smiled said with a smile, "Luckily I am certainly not his friend."

    "What is your relationship then?"

    “I am his boss, his gang leader."

    Ye Kai was startled, "You are already the gold coin gang leader?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian easily said, "It’s Father's enterprise, how could it not be inherited by his child?"

    Ye Kai could not bear to ask, "Except Yang Tian, how many helpers do you have?"

    "The helpers are countless, the big helpers are actually only six."


    "The rule of gold coin gang, two as the law protectors, four as the great hall leaders."

    Ye Kai said, "I haven’t heard of this rule before?"

    "That’s because this rule has just been initiated."

    “By whom?"

    "By me."

    Ye Kai showed his forced smile.

    "Now four great hall persons are complete, Yang Tian is also one."

    "Who else?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian smiled very mystically, "Later you will find out gradually."

    "Now I cannot guess correctly?"

    "You can’t even guess in your dream."

    Ye Kai sighed, "The two law protectors?"

    "The two law protectors are equal to my right-hand men, I certainly cannot be careless."

    "Therefore you have only found one."

    Shangguan XiaoXian smiled mystically, "Now I am looking for the second one."

    "Who are you looking for?"


    Ye Kai laughed.

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "I am certainly not making a joke, as long as you comply, you are the law protector of the gold coin gang."

    Ye Kai said with a smile, "If I comply, are you are willing to believe me?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian also sighed, "I won’t."

    She stared at Ye Kai, sighing, "You really don’t look like a man that a woman can trust."

    Ye Kai said, "Then why do we even need to discuss about this?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian was sighing, "Therefore this is really a very regrettable matter."

    "Therefore you have to kill me."

    "I certainly do not worry about it."

    "I do."

    "Why are you anxious?"

    "What if I suddenly regain my strength, jump and get hold of you, overcome you when the baby doll has already fallen and broken, wouldn’t that be very embarrassing?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian said with a smile, "That is really embarrassing, luckily you cannot suddenly regain your strength."


    "Although the needle on you did not have any poison, it actually had some disabling potion."

    "Disabling potion?"

    "A kind that can make a person wholly disabled, unless someone drinks five catties of wine will it be neutralized."

    Ye Kai said with a smile, "This kind of medicine certainly fit for a drunkard, I am also by chance a drunkard."

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "Unfortunately there is no wine at all in this vicinity."

    Ye Kai gave a forced smile, "You are really not a good host, you don’t prepare the wine for the visitor."

    Shangguan XiaoXian glanced and gave a charming smile, "You should know that I always nurse others until they’re full ."

    "It’s a pity I am not a baby doll."

    Shangguan XiaoXian said with a smile, "Who said you are not? I will later treat you as a baby doll."

    Although she smiled very sweetly, Ye Kai actually felt very cold. If someone became this woman’s baby doll, the taste would be even more uncomfortable than dying.

    At this moment, he saw Yang Tian walk in. Yang Tian’s complexion was very ugly, he looked like a jealous husband.

    Shangguan XiaoXian knitted her brows and turned her head. She smiled immediately, "You don’t seem like a person who have just killed someone, after you kill someone, you are always very happy."

    Yang Tian calmly said, "I really do not have anything to be happy."


    "Because there was nobody I could kill.”

    "That person?"

    "The person disappeared."

    The person disappeared!

    Shangguan XiaoXian wrinkled her eyebrows and said, "You said that Han Zhen disappeared?"


    "His entire body disappeared?"

    “Yes, completely disappeared. Nothing there even a single bone."

    "Has he suddenly been swallowed by a big monster?"

    "He himself walked away."

    "You have looked at the footprints in the snow?"


    "Where did the footprints go toward?"

    "Leaving the plum grove, the footprints suddenly disappeared."

    "You have not looked in the surrounding area?"


    "You could not find anything?"

    "Not even a single bone."

    "How about other people's footprints?"

    "There were several people's footprints."

    "Only Auntie Xin’s, Ding Lin’s, and our footprints?"


    "Therefore it is impossible that he was killed by other people or being carried away by force?"

    “It is impossible."

    If there was no footprint around the area, it was impossible for a person to kill another person.

    Shangguan XiaoXian hesitated, "He was poisoned, as soon as he walked away, the poison would cause death immediately."


    "Therefore we all thought he would not dare to walk away."


    "But he has actually walked away."


    Shangguan XiaoXian suddenly sighed, "It seems we are actually mistaken, we underestimated him."

    Yang Tian agreed.

    Shangguan XiaoXian sighed, "Originally among all these people, he was the least able to resist us."

    Yang Tian agreed again.

    Shangguan XiaoXian’s eyes flashes, "He had already thought through this matter, therefore he intentionally pretended to be poisoned. Therefore when other people did not guard against him, he could withdraw entirely."

    Yang Tian said, "His nickname is the awl."

    "A person's nickname cannot be wrong."

    "Therefore however thick your skull is, he can still drill a hole on it."

    Shangguan XiaoXian hesitated, "There are two ways to cope with such a person."

    Yang Tian was listening.

    "If we cannot attract him as our friend, we need to quickly kill him."

    "It’s a pity he has walked away now."

    "There is no one in this world that can completely vanish suddenly."

    "But I actually cannot find him."

    Shangguan XiaoXian had smiled, "Although you cannot find him, not necessarily other people will not be able to find him." She passed by Yang Tian while patting his shoulder, "Don’t forget about me."

    "You must find him?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian said softly, "You obediently wait here with Ye Kai, I will bring back some candies for you to eat."


    Yang Tian sat down, sat opposite of Ye Kai. He sat in a well-mannered posture, really looking like a well-mannered businessman.

    Ye Kai looked at him and suddenly sighed, "She said she will bring back some candies for us."


    Ye Kai said with a smile, "Since three years old, I have not eaten any more candies."


    "Now I only want to drink some wine."

    Yang Tian, "If you do not want to drink, that is strange."

    Ye Kai said with a smile, "You understand me very well indeed, after all we are old friends."

    Yang Tian coldly said, "With a friend like me, you are indeed very lucky."

    Ye Kai said, "No matter what you did to me, we are old friends after all, friends are like wine, the older the better."

    "You really want to drink?"

    Ye Kai sighed, "You know that my mood now is not very good."

    Yang Tian acknowledged that, "Anyone who stumbled on something like your problem, will not have good mood."

    "The worst the mood, the more one wants to drink."

    Yang Tian agreed again, "Besides drinking, you don’t have anything else good to do."

    "Therefore for old friend's sake, you should give me some wine."

    Yang Tian considered for a while. He suddenly stood up and said, "Good, I will go to find some wine for you, you should better wait here obediently, and not run away."

    Ye Kai looked as he went out, his eyes were shining.

    A person always had his human nature. He was suddenly filled with the human nature to hope.

    Although Yang Tian was not a person to be counted upon, unexpectedly Yang Tian came back very quickly. His hand held a big copper pot, looking very heavy. Even if the pot was not full, at least it contained 5-6 catties of wine.

    Ye Kai always drank very quickly, but he had decided that after his strength was restored, he would not retaliate to Yang Tian. If a person was willing to fetch some wine for his old friend, this person was certainly not incurable.

    "You have not run away."

    Ye Kai said with a smile, "Because I know I could not run away."

    “Very good." He held the copper pot still.

    Ye Kai could no longer stand it, "You will not give it to me?"

    "It’s good if I keep far away from you."

    Ye Kai sighed, struggled to crawl and opened his mouth to drink.

    He drank.
    His complexion had suddenly changed, "This is not wine."

    Yang Tian coldly looked at him without any expression on his face, "We are not friends."

    "You... Why do you deceive me?"

    "Because I want to look at you crawling about in this place."

    Ye Kai tried to swipe the cold water away, simply wishing to put away this pot of cold water that were filling his throat.

    Yang Tian sneered, "This is only water, you are lucky I did not fill the pot with urine."

    Ye Kai also sighed, , "I really do not understand, why do you hate me so much?"

    "I always do not like a baby doll."

    Ye Kai had suddenly understood, "You are being jealous?" He startlingly looked at Yang Tian, "Do you really like Shangguan XiaoXian? Don't you understand what kind of woman she is?"

    Yang Tian’s eyes oscillated, he clenched both of his fists, and said word by word, "I only understand one thing."

    "You say it."

    Yang Tian face turned green, he said sternly, "If you open your mouth again about her character, I will wipe out all the teeth in your mouth."

    The mouth without any tooth, will not feel any good.

    Ye Kai gave a sigh. He suddenly discovered that any intelligent man, if he really liked a woman, could become stupid immediately in front of this woman.

    How one could manage it? There was no way to achieve things, even if someone came the only possible way was to wait.

    Wait for death?
    Ye Kai sensed his despair, he really wanted to drink now.

    Yang Tian slowly stood up and shove open the window. Outside the window the wind was cold.

    Yang Tian looked out for a long time, suddenly he heard someone behind him saying coldly, "You are looking for me?"

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    Default Chapter 9: Songyang’s iron sword

    Chapter 9: Songyang’s iron sword - TRANSLATED BY FASTCLOCK

    Han Zhen!

    The awl unexpectedly arrived behind him.
    Yang Tian did not turn his head, but his body suddenly jumped up, flying up to the ceiling and pasted himself there.

    He did not see Han Zhen.

    There was someone’s voice outside, "Good levitation skill, it is really worthy of the flying fox." This was also Han Zhen’s voice.

    Yang Tian flicked his wrist, took a bright silver short spear from his waist, slid ten feet on the ceiling, slid over the door, and suddenly wielded the spear while running out.

    There was no one outside.

    Suddenly someone said behind him, "I am here."
    Han Zhen had entered from outside through the window, and arrived behind him.

    Yang Tian backhandedly wield the spear, the pointed weapon shook and aimed straight at Han Zhen’s throat. Anyone could see, that he had practiced his spear skill for at least 20 years.

    Who knew that Han Zhen’s wugong was ten times more fearful.
    Suddenly he moved aiming at his sharp spear.

    Yang Tian did not expect this person could move so quickly, he grabbed the spear and pulled back with all his might.

    Suddenly Han Zhen released his hold.

    Yang Tian lost his balance and fell backwards.

    Han Zhen threw himself forward like lightning, and sealed the accupoint on his chest.

    Ye Kai sighed, he also really did not expect his person whose nose got flattened by his fist, unexpectedly had such high level of wugong.

    "Thud", Yang Tian fell crumpled straight down. Han Zhen no longer gave attention to him, he turned around to support Ye Kai, and sunk his voice, "Can you stand up?"

    Ye Kai shook his head, painstakingly said with a smile, "You really rescue me?"

    Han Zhen calmly did not open his mouth, nudged him and said, "You first walk with me."

    Ye Kai said, "Also Ding LingLin."

    Han Zhen knitted his brows, "You must take her with you?"

    Ye Kai sighed, "Someone said a moment ago that my biggest problem is my heart is too tender."

    Han Zhen coldly said, "Now your leg is also very tender."

    Ye Kai said, "Luckily Miss Ding only suffers sealed accupoint, if you can pat open her accupoint, that will be good." He hurriedly smiled and continued, "Only don’t pat as heavy as Yang Tian, I certainly do not want a dead wife."


    The gloomy room was wet and awfully cold.
    Luckily the attic has a plank bed, and unexpectedly there was also a cotton-wadded quilt on the bed.

    Ye Kai lay on the bed, only then gave a sigh, he knew that he would not need to be someone’s baby doll.
    Ding LingLin rubbed her hands vigorously and said, "This good place is cold."

    Han Zhen said, "Cold is better compared to not cold."

    Ding LingLin could not bear to ask, "Why?"

    Han Zhen said, "Because you are still living then, a dead person could not feel the cold."

    Ding LingLin sighed mournfully, "No matter what, living is always not a bad thing."

    Ye Kai also sighed, “Not bad at all."

    He looked at Han Zhen, suddenly asked, "How is your nose?"

    Han Zhen said, "It still hurts."

    Ye Kai said with a smile, "If my nose is still painful, I will not rescue the person that hit my nose flat."

    "My heart is probably softer than you."

    "Luckily your heart is certainly not bad." He suddenly also asked, "Do you know something?"


    "I have seen many local martial arts masters, all may be masters, but do you know who has the highest level of wugong?"

    “It’s me!"

    Ye Kai smiled, "You don’t seem to be too modest."

    Han Zhen said, "I always say the truth."

    Ye Kai said, "Therefore I feel strange." Ye Kai shook his head, "I feel very strange."

    "You may say what is bothering you."

    Ding LingLin had walked closer, she linked her arms with Ye Kai and also listened.

    Ye Kai smiled, "I heard that you were hit by a poison which will kill you as soon as you move. But now you have moved quite a bit, but you are still alive."

    "Any poison will have its own antidote."

    "So, you can solve the Devil Sect’s poison?"

    "I am still alive."

    “Therefore I feel strange."

    Han Zhen said, "Feel strange that I can live?"

    "I feel strange that your life is not that good."

    "Why not?"

    "A person like you should have a better life."

    Han Zhen hesitated, "What you are saying is, I should not have been with Wei Taipeng, begging to eat his food?"

    “Right." He kept smiling. "Wei Tianpeng is certainly not a very good master, you originally should not have to put yourself under my fist and suffer."

    Han Zhen was silent like he was considering some things he probably should not say.

    "You suffered my fist, obviously because you were not willing to reveal your wugong in front of the other people."

    Han Zhen finally sighed, "I have a reason."

    "I knew there was certainly a reason."

    "I am evading an enemy."

    "What enemy?"

    Han Zhen said, "My personal enemy would absolutely not suspect I am evading under the patronage of Wei Tianpeng."

    "Your name is not really Han Zhen?"


    "Who is your personal enemy?"

    “It’s a very fearful person."

    Ye Kai sighed, "I know someone who you want to avoid would certainly be very fearful."

    Han Zhen said, "Then you should also think why I wanted to rescue you."

    "You want me to help you cope with your personal enemy."

    "I know that you are a very useful friend, also a person who distinguishes between gratitude and grudges."

    Ye Kai has smiled, "I do not want to be too modest."

    Han Zhen said, "A person who distinguishes between gratitude and grudges, can save a gracious life for heroic spirit and often a very hard-worker at that."

    "Then you should at least tell me what I should actually do."

    "Later I will certainly tell you, now... " He suddenly changed the topic, "You don’t seem to receive a heavy wound, how come you cannot stand?"

    Ye Kai said, "Because I have not drunk enough wine."

    "Now you want to drink?"

    Ye Kai smiled, "After drinking, perhaps my heart will be softer, but the leg will actually no longer be soft."

    "The wine can heal your wound?"

    Ye Kai said with a smile, "My wound is very special."

    Ding LingLin could not bear to interrupt, "I believe many people will be willing to have your kind of wound."

    "Good, I will look for it."

    "The wine should not be too little."

    Ding LingLin said with a smile, "Next thing, the food and the wine cannot be too little, also look for a set of man’s clothes. I really cannot get used to seeing him in this kind of neuter appearance."

    Han Zhen countered her, "Your appearance is almost the same as his."

    Ding LingLin blushed, she suddenly remembered that she had put a set of man’s clothes on herself. Too many people could see other people’s mistake, but forget their own.


    Han Zhen walked away again, this place only had one door, inside another courtyard in Leng Xiangyuan. Han Zhen thought that Shangguan XiaoXian would not suspect that they were still in Leng Xiangyuan.

    Ye Kai agreed.

    The more obvious the place, the more people would not pay attention to it. This was one of everyone’s weaknesses.

    Ding LingLin sighed, "Besides us, only Shangguan XiaoXian knew our whereabouts, we should have thought she was the one who intentionally divulged the news. This was actually a very obvious thing."

    Ye Kai gave a forced smile, "Perhaps it was too obvious, therefore we didn’t suspect it."

    Ding LingLin said, "We also should have thought that if Shangguan JinHong and Lin Xianer’s daughter was an idiot, then all the people in the world should be idiots, too."

    Ye Kai said, "She certainly regards us as idiots."

    Ding LingLin said, "She really seems to be even more formidable than her parents."

    Ye Kai sighed, "Shangguan JinHong was a great tyrant, Lin Xianer was too weak, but she actually does not have these two problems."

    "But she also has a weakness."


    "If she doesn’t have a weakness, how can we be safe here."

    "Her only mistake was underestimating Han Zhen."

    "I do not like this person."

    "You do not like Han Zhen?"

    "Mmm." "

    Ye Kai had smiled, "He certainly does not want you to like him."

    Ding LingLin winked her eye, "Perhaps because he knew that I would be your wife soon."

    Ye Kai seemed to be startled, "Did you say anything?"

    Ding LingLin said with a smile, "You said you did not want a dead wife, I am certainly not dead now."

    Ye Kai sighed, "Your ears are really long."

    "At that time although I could not move and could not speak, but I could hear all your words clearly."


    Ding LingLin sprightly said, "That girl wanted to nurse and feed you, I really wish I could bite her."

    Ye Kai sighed, "To be honest, I also really want to bite her."

    Ding LingLin smiled, but suddenly she grasped Ye Kai’s neck and gently said, "To be honest, when do you plan to marry me?"

    Ye Kai said, "When you are no longer jealous."

    Ding LingLin said with a smile, "Fool, a woman who is no longer jealous, is not a woman, you really don’t understand this truth."

    Suddenly someone coldly said, "He does not understand, he can only kill people."

    The room door was above them, the voice also came from above. When Han Zhen went, they did not locked the door from inside. Now, even if they wanted to, there would not be enough time. Once the sentence was finished, a person walked in.

    Ding LingLin was startled at first, but then she breathed out the sound of relief as the person who came was not Shangguan XiaoXian. Finally they were fortunate.

    A man came in.

    Anybody would not hope that they would see this kind of man... because anybody would not want to see a corpse.

    This person looked just like a corpse, the face is dead ashen, the cheekbones stood out, the hawkish nose, the extravagant mouth, did not seem to have any flesh, even the eyes emitted a miserable bluish reflection.

    He was very tall wearing a bright red long gown embroidered with black peonies. The sleeves were also very long and covered both of his hands.

    Anybody would be really surprised too see such a person, Ding LingLin instead breathed a sigh of relief.

    She would say that this person was at least more attractive than Shangguan XiaoXian. In her eyes, there was simply no one in this world who was more fearful than Shangguan XiaoXian.

    Ye Kai looked at this person going down, his heart was sinking.
    He saw from this person’s walking posture that Ding LingLin was not this person's match.
    He was nothing to be compared with Ding LingLin, like a ten year-old child who could only throw a fist by him.

    Ding LingLin actually jumped and said loudly, "Why didn't you ask good or bad and just rushed into another people’s home, don’t you understand good manner?"

    This person coldly said, "I do not understand it, I also only understand how to kill, but I actually cannot be compared to you."

    Ye Kai smiled bitterly, "You are too polite."

    This person said, "I have counted a moment ago that there were 83 people who have died in this place, inside and outside."

    Unexpectedly, all the Mohist school disciples, Auntie Tie's disciples and Leng Xiangyuan’s stewards, did not live.

    This person sadly said with a smile, "A person who could kill 83 people in one night must have very high skill, very daring spirit."

    Ye Kai said, "You think I killed those people?"

    "I only know that they have all died, but you are actually still living."

    “The ones that are living are not only me."

    "Only you."

    "You have not seen any other person?"


    Ding LingLin could not bear to ask, "Shangguan XiaoXian?"

    This person said, "I want to ask you where is she?"

    Ding LingLin said, "How can we know where she is? We are hiding from her."

    This person smiled.

    Ding LingLin did not like this kind of smile, nobody liked this kind of smile.

    This person very sadly said, "She was with you, now you are actually hiding from her?"

    Ye Kai’s heart sank further, he knew that this matter was indeed very difficult to explain.

    Ding LingLin actually continued giving a righteous appearance, “Right, she came with us, but that was only because she was working against us."

    This person sneered.

    Ding LingLin said, "She killed all those people."

    This person sneered and interrupted, "Why didn't she kill both of you then?"

    Ding LingLin said, "Because Han Zhen rescued us."

    "Han Zhen?"

    "He was looking for some wine now."

    "At this time, you still want to drink, and he was actually willing to go look for wine for you?"

    Ding LingLin said, "You do not believe it?"

    This person said, "When Shangguan XiaoXian killed these people, you all just looked?"

    Ding LingLin said, "That’s because my accupoints were sealed."

    This person said, "And you?"

    He asked Ye Kai, but Ding LingLin argued, "He also suffered against her, his whole body did not have any strength, how... " Speaking at this point, she discovered that she had misspoke.

    This person's eyes glittered, staring at Ye Kai he said gloomily, "You don’t have any strength?"

    Ye Kai gave a forced smile.
    He suddenly discovered that if you wanted a woman to stop talking too much, it must be more difficult than passing a camel through the eye of the needle.

    This person was staring at him, he said word by word, "If you really don’t have any strength, I will kill you."

    Ding LingLin gave a loud shout and threw herself forward.

    Her wugong was certainly not weak, and this moment was a matter of life and death so she struck with all her strength, any other person will not be able to resist easily.

    Who knew that as soon as this person with the long sleeves moved, she hit the wall with a ‘crash’ sound.

    From afar, you could see the hand stretching out from the sleeves. This hand was unexpectedly red. Blood red!

    Red demon!

    Anyone who was captured by the red demon will die without a doubt. Ye Kai certainly did no want to die, but he did not dare to resist too, only when he had his whole strength did he dare to retaliate.

    Suddenly, he jumped up. His strength had unexpectedly came back, he flew against the wall.

    The red demon did not take the advantage and pursue. He only coldly looked at him and sneered, "You said you did not have any strength, where does this strength come from?"

    Ye Kai painstakingly said with a smile, "I do not understand either."

    This was a truth, a truth that nobody could believe.

    Someone outside the door coldly said, "Do you not understand the killings?"

    The person who came was not Shangguan XiaoXian, but a big man in black, behind his back was a long sword. The sword was black, the clothes were black, the face was also black, a pair of jet black pupil were sparkling. He was a very big person, but he certainly did not appear to be fat. He looked like a black hawk, vigorous, agile and formidable, full of power.

    The red demon advanced, saw the long sword behind him, the pupil suddenly contracted.

    The man in black's eyes were shining, staring at that blood red hand... That was certainly vivid colored hands. Only in your nightmare could you see such hands.

    The man in black's pupil was also contracting, "You are Yi YeKu?"

    Yi YeKu nodded, slowly said, "The green demon in the day, the red demon at night, the world all rules." Yi YeKu lightly said, "I know you."


    "You are Guo SongYang’s descendant."

    "Guo Ding."

    Yi YeKu coldly said, "SongYang’s iron sword excels in killing people, but I’m afraid it’s still not comparable to this person."

    Guo Ding said, "Ye Kai?"

    Yi YeKu said, "I didn’t expect you know him too."

    Guo Ding coldly said, "In one night, he took 83 human lives, this is certainly not easy."

    Yi YeKu said, "But he denied flatly."

    Guo Ding sneered.

    "According to him the killer is Shangguan XiaoXian."

    "Shangguan XiaoXian is an idiot, a killer idiot."

    "You do not believe it?"


    "He said he nearly died under Shangguan XiaoXian, that he did not have any strength."

    "He certainly did not look like a person who can be plotted against."

    Yi YeKu said, "You do not believe it?"


    "He said he could live now only because of Han Zhen.

    Guo Ding said, "As far as I know, Han Zhen was hit by this person and plotted against him."

    "He said Han Zhen was not here at this moment because he is buying some wine for him."

    "It doesn’t look like the time to drink now."

    "He said those words, and you completely do not believe them?"

    Guo Ding said, "Completely not."

    "I do not believe it either."

    Ye Kai sighed, he also thought these words were very difficult to believe.

    Ding LingLin suddenly said, "You knew that Han Zhen had plotted against him and knew that Shangguan XiaoXian came with us?"

    Guo Ding stared at her, slowly nodded.

    Ding LingLin said, "Who told you these matters?"

    "Luckily a person who has not died."

    "How did you know what he said was the truth?"

    "He was a friend of mine."

    Ding LingLin could not bear to sneer, "You have such friend, it is really your luck."

    Yi YeKu said, "Although he is not friend of mine, I also believe his words."

    Ding LingLin said, "Why?"

    Yi YeKu said, "The fact matches, I have no alternative but to believe."

    Ding LingLin said, "What fact?"

    Yi YeKu said, "You killed all the people who know the story after laying aside Shangguan XiaoXian, you prepared to shift the blame to her. Then, wouldn’t the buried treasure of the gold coin gang fall in your hand?"

    Ding LingLin’s face lost its color.
    She suddenly also detected that this analysis was not unreasonable.

    Guo Ding stared at her, in a deep voice he said, "If someone else could back up your story, I will believe it."

    Ding LingLin’s eyes had shone, "Our words luckily can also be proven by someone."

    Guo Ding said, "Han Zhen?"

    Ding LingLin said, “Yes."

    Guo Ding said, "He went to look for some wine for you?"

    Ding LingLin said, “Yes."

    Guo Ding said, "Since he only looks for the wine, he will certainly come back very quickly."

    Ding LingLin said, "You should better wait for him."

    Guo Ding said, "Good, we wait."

    Yi YeKu said, "You really must wait?"

    Guo Ding said, "I had said it."

    Yi YeKu said, "Wait for them to get a helper, so they could kill us both?"

    Guo Ding sunk his face, he coldly said, "You are you and I am I, certainly it is not we."

    Yi YeKu stared at him, the eyes were glimmering like jack-o'-lantern, he coldly said, "Is it possible that you are not my friend?"

    Guo Ding sneered, the meaning was like a tacit approval.

    Yi YeKu said, "In the years past, Song Yang’s iron sword placed fourth in the weapons list, indeed he could have been a great big hero, it is only a pity... "
    His calm face said, "It is only a pity that you are not Guo SongYang, I’m afraid Guo SongYang’s corpse had already turned into dusts."

    Guo Ding’s shiny black face suddenly turned pale.

    Yi YeKu coldly said, "A dead person is a dead person, all dead people are the same, not to forget that the big sword had died away in a foreign country, the corpse could also become rotten and stale just like others."

    Guo Ding clenched both hands tightly, saying word by word, "You should better not forget one thing."

    Yi YeKu said, "What matter?"

    "Although Guo SongYang has died, SongYang’s iron sword has not died."

    Yi YeKu sneered, "SongYang’s iron sword also wants to become a murderer to cope with me?"

    Guo Ding did not speak.

    Yi YeKu said, "Guo SongYang died under Shangguan JinHong's Jing WuMing's sword."

    Guo Ding still clenched his fists.

    Yi YeKu said, "If you are a true descendant of Guo household, you should collaborate with me, against Ye Kai, discover whereabouts of Shangguan XiaoXian and find Shangguan JinHong’s wugong secrets. Once you discover the slight defect in their swordstyle, you can overcome Jing WuMing's swordstyle, thereby atoning for the soul of Guo SongYang."

    He looked very eccentric and strange, but his words were extremely powerful and inciting strong emotion.

    Guo Ding again could not restrain the change of his countenance.

    Yi YeKu looked at his face and easily said, "How does that sound?"

    Guo Ding said, “Very good."

    Yi YeKu said, "You agree?"

    Guo Ding said, "Mmm."

    Yi YeKu loudly said with a smile, "As long as you collaborate with me, even if this place is full of Ye Kais, with the world ahead of us, can we indeed overcome by finding the weak points and the strong points of former experts?"

    Guo Ding had gripped his sword handle.

    Yi YeKu’s laughter suddenly stopped, he stared at Ye Kai with a measured sadness, "This place does not have any other escape route. It looks like today your death has already been decided."

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    Default Chapter 10: Flying eagles circling above

    Chapter 10: Flying eagles circling above - TRANSLATED BY FASTCLOCK

    Clear dawn.

    The weather was actually colder than last night, the snow had stopped, but it was always colder compared to when it was snowing. Now that the snow had stopped, the sunlight had shone from the east, illuminating the plum grove.

    It was still cloudy in the room.

    Ding LingLin had walked closer to Ye Kai.

    Ye Kai stood calmly, not opening his mouth, not moving either. His eyes seemed to show a kind of strange happy expression.

    Yi YeKu stared at his hand, sinking his voice, "You cope with him, once I kill this woman I will help you."

    Guo Ding said, "Mmm."

    Yi YeKu said, “Be careful of his flying dagger."

    Guo Ding said, "You also need to be careful, careful of my sword."

    Yi YeKu said in consternation, “Be careful of your sword?"

    Guo Ding said, "Mmm!"

    Suddenly, the sword light flashed, his sword had been released like lightning to pierce Yi YeKu. The sword light was certainly not like the lightning. The sword was pitch-black, no brilliance, but the aura of the cold sword was anger, like the fearful lightning.

    This was SongYang’s iron sword.
    Over all the world, this was the unique SongYang’s hard iron.

    Yi YeKu thought fearfully that this person's sword was too dangerous, compelling him to raise his eyebrows. In great surprise, with a violent rage of fury, he crazily roared, the blood red demon shot forward.

    In the past, the demon hand was placed ninth in the weapon list. It actually should not be listed under the sixth weapon Divine Whip’s snake whip, or the seventh the golden steel staff. But this weapon was too evil, therefore Bai XiaoSheng intentionally had lowered it.

    [Note: This is the top 10 weapon list by Meh.

    1. Pipe/stick (Used by "Mysterious Old Man" Old Man Sun)
    2. Dragon & Phoenix Rings (Used by ShangGuan JinHong)
    3. Little Li’s Flying Dagger (Used by "Little Li Tan Hua" Li XunHuan)
    4. Solar Apex Iron Sword (Used by Guo SongYang) : Died in Jin WuMing's hands
    5. Marquis Silver Halbred (Used by Lu FengXian)
    6. Wind & Rain Twin Meteors (This weapon is never mentioned in the novel, or later novels)
    7. Snake Whip (Used by "Divine Whip" XiMen Rou)
    8. Golden Steel Staff (Used by "One Sweep Across a Thousand Soldiers" ZhuGe Gang) : Died in Guo SongYang's hands
    9. Green Devil Hand (Used by "Green Devil Hand" Yi Ku) : Died in Ah Fei's hands
    10. Jade Reed of the Eastern Seas (Used by Priest of the Jade Reed)*

    There is a slight discrepancy in the order – but it doesn’t detract the meaning of the story. So we can go on...]

    The red demon was more exquisite compared to the green demon, the style was stranger and also more sinister. Weapons were like many other matters in the world, they didn’t stay the same, they did not stop evolving.

    A bright red ray flashed accompanied by a blood fishy smell which could make anyone sick.

    Guo Ding sneered, retreated two steps, before he suddenly cried loud and long, flushes forward, the iron sword had unexpectedly made the pitch-black rainbow. His person and the sword unexpectedly resembled into one entity.

    This is the SongYang’s iron sword killing style, nearly approaching flawlessness.

    With a "clash" sound, the red demon was crushed by this sword. It looked like the blood rain all over the sky as the demon hand was scattered.

    Guo Ding cried loud and long uncertainly, he flew high, the rainbow swordstyle made some extensive shadows of movement. The blood rain all over the sky had immediately been supressed, Yi YeKu’s energy was also captured by the sword. Whatever direction he wanted to fend, he still could not have avoided the pressure.

    At this moment, the howl became certain, the sword was moving with a purpose, Guo Ding stood back on earth, the iron sword already entering the sheath.

    Yi YeKu’s hands fell down, the entire body seemed to have crumpled, there was a strange gloominess on the face, the perspiration already fell like the rain.

    Guo Ding coldly looked at him, and said word by word, "You want collaborate with me? You are not worthy."

    Yi YeKu nipped his teeth, "Why don’t you just kill me with your sword?"

    Guo Ding said, "You are not worthy."

    Yi YeKu said, "What do you want?"

    Guo Ding said, "I want you to go away."

    Yi YeKu suddenly smiled sadly, "If I walk away, you will regret it one day." He certainly did not run away. He slowly passed in front of Guo Ding, slowly walking like a drop of blood that fell slowly.

    Guo Ding had surely turned around facing Ye Kai.

    Ye Kai was smiling.

    Guo Ding calmly said, "You seem to be very much alive."

    Ye Kai nodded.

    Guo Ding said, "You did not fear that I would collaborate with him to cope with you?"

    Ye Kai said, "I know."

    Guo Ding said, "What do you know?"

    Ye Kai smiled, "I know that SongYang’s iron sword is a good person, he cannot collaborate with that kind of person for anything."

    Guo Ding stared at him, but his eyes showed a very strange expression. After a very long time, he slowly said, "Guo SongYang was my eldest brother."

    Ye Kai smiled, "If he had a brother, it must be his younger brother."

    Guo Ding said, "He was a hero, unexpectedly he unfortunately died under Jing WuMing’s sword."
    Ye Kai sighed, "That was also precisely Little Li Tanhua’s biggest regret in life."

    Guo SongYang’s iron sword met with Little Li’s flying dagger, from enemies who respected each other mutually, into friends who respected each other mutually, they did so till the end of their lives. In order to keep an appointment for Li XunHoan, Guo SongYang died under Jing WuMing’s sword. Although this involved a hatred, it also generated heartwarming stories.

    Guo Ding said, "Yi YeKu certainly did not speak incorrectly, my coming is indeed to get Shangguan JinHong’s secrets."

    Ye Kai said, "I know."

    Guo Ding said, "Therefore I must wait for Han Zhen."

    Ye Kai said, "I know."

    Guo Ding said, "I should not believe your words, I believe you only for the time being, only because you are someone who has been taught by Li XunHoan."

    Ye Kai sighed, "He certainly did not really receive me as a disciple, his wugong was not all mine."

    Guo Ding said, "But he actually had bequeathed his flying dagger unique skill to you."

    Ye Kai did not deny it.

    Guo Ding said, "My elder brother’s greatest desire was to see whether Xiao Li’s flying dagger was better or not."

    Ye Kai said, "I know."

    Guo Ding low-spiritedly said, “In the battle in the maple grove outside the popular cloud village, he was finally defeated under Xiao Li’s flying dagger."

    Ye Kai said, "He was certainly not defeated."

    Guo Ding also sighed, "He was defeated, a defeat was a defeat."

    Ye Kai said, "But that fight of the martial arts world was actually thought to be unprecedented, a preventive battle."

    In that fight, Li XunHoan this had three opportunities to send Guo SongYang to his doom, but he had actually not done that. Afterwards Li XunHoan’s knife was broken, Guo SongYang had the opportunity to kill him, but Guo SongYang not only had not done that, instead he was willing to recognize his defeat and conceded.

    Ye Kai said, "People like them was truly real men, no doubt they have the quality of real heroes."

    Guo Ding said, "But in any event, SongYang’s iron sword was finally defeated under Xiao Li’s flying dagger."

    Ye Kai was silent, he no longer had anything to say.

    Guo Ding looked at him, suddenly his spirit was aroused, he sneered, "It is said that some people recently updated the weapon list, and your flying dagger is evaluated to be the world’s first weapon."

    Ye Kai gave the forced smile, he had also listened to this. Ever since he heard about it one day, he knew that many troubles will come. Any real man in the martial arts world would not be willing to be under anyone else. These words were enough to cause many killings, many bloody battles.

    Guo Ding said, "Therefore for these sayings, no matter what you say, after this matter I want to see whether I can accomplish victory to see whether today, SongYang’s iron sword is not under the flying dagger."

    Ye Kai only gave the forced smile.

    Ding LingLin actually cannot bear saying, "You had better understand something."

    Guo Ding was listening.

    Ding LingLin said, "His knife was evaluated to be the world’s first weapon, because his knife has rescued many, many people, certainly not because it kills people."

    Guo Ding said, "I also have heard of it."

    Ding LingLin said, "Therefore if you want to exceed him, you should go rescue other people, and should not kill other people."

    Guo Ding calmly but coldly said, "If I had killed him, I would have exceeded him."

    Ding LingLin sighed, "You are mistaken. If you think you could really kill him, you still could not exceed him."

    Guo Ding sneered. A sneer could mean a denial.

    Ding LingLin also could not bear saying with a smile, "You thought you have won against the red demon and therefore you are already very great. Although red demon was more poisonous compared to the green demon, actually he could not be compared to the green demon."

    Guo Ding said, "Oh?"

    Ding LingLin said, "Because this Yi YeKu does not have the breadth of spirit, also lacking the human nature."

    Guo Ding said, "Oh?"

    Ding LingLin said, "He seems arrogant, but actually he is a person with sweet words, like a machine who steals when opportunity arises, based on these points he is already not comparable to the green demon."

    Guo Ding looked at her, his eyes showed some very strange expression.

    Ding LingLin said, "Through the ages, genuine martial arts world masters all are individualists, not a person who depends on someone else, if a person does not have his own unique individuality, how can he obtain his own unique wugong style?"

    Guo Ding suddenly coldly said, "Your words certainly is not devoid of the truth, but it is a pity you speak too much."

    He turned around, facing the wall, no longer looking at Ding LingLin.

    Ding LingLin had actually smiled, "It seems this person actually really has his own individuality."

    Ye Kai smiled, "Indeed he has."

    Ding LingLin winked, "It is a pity he is actually a little unclear about what is right and wrong, does not know the good from the bad, unexpectedly he considers Yang Tian as a friend."

    Ye Kai sighed, "Before, even I also once treated Yang Tian as a friend?"

    Ding LingLin said, "Therefore you can have such bad luck now."

    Guo Ding originally seemed to be determined not to listen to the words they said, however at this moment he suddenly turned his head and said, "Yang Tian is not a good friend."

    Ye Kai had no alternative but to acknowledge that, "He is not."

    Guo Ding said, "He has betrayed you?"

    Again Ye Kai could not deny it.

    Guo Ding said, "He and Shangguan XiaoXian were in cahoots and have betrayed you?"

    Ding LingLin said, "It seems he has been charmed by Shangguan XiaoXian."

    Guo Ding said, "But you originally also must protect Shangguan XiaoXian, except you, who else can take advantage of Shangguan XiaoXian."

    Ding LingLin said, "She must resurrect the Golden coin clan. Yang Tian has become the hall leader of the Golden coin clan."

    Guo Ding said, "Therefore she must oppose anyone who is against the Golden coin clan."

    Ding LingLin sighed, "You have finally understood."

    Guo Ding said, "If Golden coin clan emerges once again, I will certainly oppose them."

    Ding LingLin said, "Therefore he let you come here, perhaps he cannot have any good intention."

    Guo Ding said, "Now I have come, why don't they start after me? Don’t they know you had escaped with Han Zhen? Do they intentionally want me to cope with you? Han Zhen belongs to the Golden coin clan, did he intentionally rescue you to cope with me?"

    Ding LingLin could not say anything.
    She thought over some possible answers carefully, but this questions did not seem to have possible answers.

    Ye Kai suddenly sighed, "In any event, Han Zhen was always our savior."

    Guo Ding said, "He has a reason to rescue you?"

    Ye Kai said, "Yes."

    Guo Ding said, "He does not have a reason to betray you?"

    Ye Kai said, "I am not willing to think so."

    Guo Ding said, "You are a person who clearly distinguishes between gratitude and grudges."

    Ye Kai said with a bitter smile, "Some people have said so."

    Guo Ding said, "If Han Zhen is your friend, he should have come back by now."

    Ye Kai said, "Certainly it can be difficult to find the wine nearby."

    Guo Ding said, "As far as I know, this place should have a wine cellar."

    Ye Kai said, "Perhaps Shangguan XiaoXian has destroyed that wine cellar."

    Guo Ding said, "Why?"

    Ye Kai said, "Because only wine can solve my poison."

    Guo Ding said, "You certainly have not drunk anything, but your poison is already neutralized."

    Ye Kai also could not say anything.

    Guo Ding coldly said, "Detoxifying with the wine is an absurd thing that is counter intuitive, moreover it is contradictory to what is accepted everywhere, even a three year-old child cannot believe it."

    Ye Kai did not want to plead his innocence, but he also could not even do that.

    Guo Ding looked at him, suddenly he gave a long sigh, "But I don’t know why, I still believe you."

    Ding LingLin's eyes had shone and said with a smile, "I knew you are a sensible person."

    Guo Ding sank his face again, "Perhaps because I am not a sensible person, therefore I can believe something like this."
    Ding LingLin said, "You can be rest assured that we will not let you regret it."

    Guo Ding coldly said, "But if you cannot find Shangguan XiaoXian, Yang Tian and Han Zhen, I will never ever let you forget my regret."

    Ding LingLin said, "As you said, we must certainly find them."

    Guo Ding said, "I will give you 3 days to look for them."
    He did not let Ding LingLin interrupt and continued, "After three days, I will return here to look for you, if you want to be alright, you had better find these people."

    Ding LingLin said, "In three days time, I think that will be enough."

    Guo Ding went out, but suddenly returned, "I must tell you something."

    Ding LingLin said, "We are listening."

    Guo Ding said, "If you must look for these persons, you too need to be careful in these two days. Even if I believe your words, others will not believe it."

    Ye Kai could not bear asking, "Besides you and Yi YeKu, who else?"

    Guo Ding hesitated, he suddenly asked, "Have you ever hunted for a fox?"

    Ye Kai nodded.

    Guo Ding looked far away, he slowly said, "Fox hunting is best usually in the ninth month."

    Ding LingLin said, "In the ninth month?"

    Guo Ding said, "At that time, the days in the fall season are bright and crisp. In the vast wilderness, when a fox appears, some many eagles will fly above, and as long as the eagles fly above it, the fox will surely die."

    Ding LingLin said, "Why do you say these words now? It is certainly not the ninth month now."

    [NOTE: It’s very likely that the time of the story is a little later than the ninth month – which explains the cold weather. The title “flying eagles in the ninth month” is an idiom describing the circling predators flying above their target, just like Ye Kai’s enemies circling above him, waiting to prey on him.]

    Guo Ding slowly said, "But the present is actually the time to hunt the foxes, a crowd of eagles fly above... " His eye flashed as if he saw many vigorous eagles soaring in the sky of Chang An city.

    Ding LingLin finally understood, "Are we the foxes?"

    Guo Ding surely did not have to say anything else. He did not return, stepped onto the stone steps, and walked out.


    Ding LingLin gazed after him, crazily stunned for a while before she muttered, "Actually is this person our friend, or our foe?"

    Ye Kai had not replied to that, as he did not know how to reply to that.

    Ding LingLin sighed, "No matter what, this person actually can't be a bad person."

    "Indeed he cannot."

    "Not only he is very honest, moreover he is also very interesting."

    Ye Kai had smiled, "He seems to like you a lot."

    "He likes me?"

    "I can see that."


    "When a man likes a woman, when he sees this woman, his look would be different."

    Ding LingLin had suddenly smiled, "You are being jealous."
    She smiled like the first lily which blossomed in the spring breeze, "I like a man who is jealous, I did not know that you could also be jealous."

    Ye Kai sighed, "I certainly do not want to be jealous right now, I only want to eat a warm big rotten piece of leg."

    Ding LingLin looked at him, her eyes showed a very strange expression, nipping her lips she said, "What else?"

    "Also a big tub of water and also a soft clean bed... "

    He looked at her, his eye also had a kind of very strange expression.

    Ding LingLin groaned and sighed, she gently said, "Why is your thought just the same as my thought?"

    Ye Kai smiled said, "Because we have not met for very long, right?"

    Ding LingLin's face suddenly reddened, she suddenly jumped and bit him, "You are really not a good thing, I will bite you to death ... "


    The bed was very soft and also very clean.

    Ye Kai sighed on the bed, he had not been bitten to death, but he didn’t seem to be too happy either.

    Ding LingLin bent down on his chest. His chest was broad and solid.

    The room was very warm like the spring, the fire in the trough was also blazing.
    In such a warm room, a person does not need to put on thick clothing.

    More so if there were two people.

    Ding LingLin suddenly gently sighed, she gently said, "We have not gotten married, we should not have done this."


    Ding LingLin dreamily whispered, "I always thought this deed is immoral, I always thought we seemed to be committing a crime, but I do not know why each time I do not have the will to reject you."

    Ye Kai said, "I know."

    "You know?"

    Ye Kai looked at her, his eyes were filled attached happiness, he said with a great feeling, "You have not rejected me, only because you like me enough to commit this kind of crime."

    Ding LingLin's face was also red, she made an effort to nip his ear, she bitterly said, "You bad person, what else do you know?"

    Suddenly someone said, "He also know how to kill people."

    This clear sound was sweet and pretty, moreover it also had some kind of child's naivety.
    This was Shangguan XiaoXian.

    "We have not gone look for her, instead she’s above on the door."
    Ding LingLin crawled.
    She certainly did not really like to crawl, but this time, she discovered that herself lacking a few things.

    At this moment, the bolt on the door had snapped, the door was opened and Shangguan XiaoXian was smiling sweetly. She slowly walked in, her hand unexpectedly was holding a baby doll, the pair of eyes did not stop rotating looking on the two people’s faces.

    Ding LingLin really, really wanted to dig out these two eyeballs.

    Shangguan XiaoXian shook her head and continued with a smile, "If you really want to do something like this, you should at least put some table against the door. You ought to know that the inside bolt was not that difficult to open from outside."

    Ding LingLin with a hatred said, "Who would think someone could have no decency and rush inside."

    Shangguan XiaoXian said with a smile, "I have no decency, how about you? The day is not turned into night yet, aren’t you shameful?"

    Ding LingLin blushed and hurriedly change the topic, "You come just at the right time, we were just about to look for you."

    "It’s you who were doing things secretly, why do you have to look for me?"

    "Why do you have to depend on us for your own doing?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian easily said, “It’s not that I have to depend you, it’s just other people must think so. I have other methods."

    Ding LingLin said, "You acknowledge that you kill those people."

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "I acknowledge it."
    She smiled again, "I only acknowledge this in front of you, if there are other people, I will not acknowledge it."

    Ding LingLin got angry, "If you do not acknowledge it, we will kill you."

    Shangguan XiaoXian said with a smile, "If you really kill me, it will be so much worse. The death will not verify anything, even if you jump into the Yellow River, it still could not be washed clean."

    Ding LingLin gritted her teeth and sneered, "We always have the method to force you to acknowledge it."

    "Oh? I want to listen to the method that you have?"

    "If you do not acknowledge it, I will dig out both of your eyeballs, then no one would dare to look at you."

    "You are ready to dig it out now, or you wait to do it in front of other people?"

    She was still smiling and easily said, "Now even if I acknowledged that loudly, and you do not need to force me, if you wait till other people have come, they all know that I am only an idiot, only can hug the baby doll and nurse it. If you admittedly looked cruel enough to me and subject me to this ridicule, other people will not let it be."

    Ding LingLin’s face turned blue, she actually could not find out any method to cope with her.

    Shangguan XiaoXian supple voice, "Therefore you cannot kill me, also you cannot force me, even if you get hold of me, you still cannot do anything."

    Ding LingLin bitterly said, "You consider things very thoroughly."

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "If I did not consider thoroughly, how can I dare to do such things."

    Ding LingLin was nearing insanity very quickly, she could not stop herself boxing Ye Kai and said, "Why don't you speak?"

    Ye Kai sighed, "I do not have anything to say."

    Shangguan XiaoXian charmingly said, "Either you are an intelligent man after all, or you can look on the bright side."

    "Moreover I also very much feel relieved."

    "Feel relieved?"

    "Now although we do not have the method to cope with you, you cannot cope with us too."


    "Because you also must force us to go all out with other people."

    Shangguan XiaoXian said with a smile, “It is also good, Guo Ding, Yi YeKu, they are all people who are very difficult to cope with, I did not hesitate to spend large amount of money to find you such good helpers. If you help me to cope with them, how can I let you die easily."

    Ding LingLin cannot bear to say, "Therefore you intentionally let Han Zhen save us?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian winked her eyes, "You guess already?"

    "Is Han Zhen under your command?"

    “It is very possible."

    Ding LingLin sneered, "You said so, instead I know he is not."

    "You really think that you can get better situation.”

    "Therefore as long as we can find him, we will prove what kind of person you are."

    "So other people can believe his words?"
    She sighed and argued, "I think you really think I am only a seven years old child. If Han Zhen can really reveal my secret, how can I let you find him."

    Ding LingLin changed color, "Is it possible that you have also killed him?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian had not denied it, "No matter what, I am not willing to acknowledge anything in front of other people, otherwise you will be accused of violating justice."

    Ding LingLin gritted her teeth, bitterly said, "Very vicious woman."

    Shangguan XiaoXian lightly said, “Upon justice cause, this is really not a happy occasion. In Chang An city, there are at least 16-18 people now who want your head, therefore... "

    Ye Kai finally opened his mouth, "Therefore what?"

    "Therefore you quickly think of a way to acknowledge me."

    "You are willing to do that?"

    "Other people must know sooner or later in any case who the Golden coin clan leader is."

    Ye Kai sighed, "It is a pity, this big exposition might only happen after I die."

    “That is very possible."

    "Are you willing to tell them first?"

    "As long as you are willing to obey me, I will not let you die earlier."

    "What do you want me to agree on?"

    "Agree to marry me."

    Ye Kai was astounded, "Who do you want to marry?"

    "I want you."

    Ye Kai smiled.

    "Why do you smile, a man may marry a wife, why can’t a woman marry a husband?" She unexpectedly smiled, but then put on a serious face and said, "Moreover, I am the world’s biggest clan leader, even if by my status I marry ten husbands, that will still be perfectly justified."

    Ye Kai still had the little smile.

    "I originally wanted you to be the law protector, but I actually cannot trust you, therefore I find it necessary to force you to be my husband, because I can always manage you as a husband."

    Ding LingLin’s face had been very red, she sneered, "You do not need to do this reluctantly, he is already married to me, he will not turn to you."

    Shangguan XiaoXian smiled and easily said, "Don’t forget, a man can also marry someone else again."

    Ding LingLin finally could not bear calling out, "I will die first before letting him marry you."

    Shangguan XiaoXian sighed, coldly said, "Then you have to die."

    Ding LingLin punched Ye Kai with her fist, she bitterly said, "Don't you know how to speak, why do you suddenly turned a mute?"

    Ye Kai said, "I am considering."

    Ding LingLin called out, "You are considering, what are you considering?"

    "Considering how I should I turn her down."

    Ding LingLin's sulking went out immediately, her face cleared and she said with a smile, "You indeed should consider carefully."

    Shangguan XiaoXian sighed, "This business of injustice against me, and then you do not agree to my request, you really should not do this to me, I am at least your visitor."

    Ding LingLin said, "We certainly did not invite you to come."

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "But I have actually come."

    "How did you find this place?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian smiled, "Not only this place has the best chef, but also the most comfortable bed. I knew by chance that these are the things you enjoy."

    Ding LingLin’s eyeballs transferred to outside, "Since you are the visitor, you should be a good example."

    "What good example as a visitor?"

    "You should at least exit first, then let us greet you properly."
    Now that her anger had now dissipated, she suddenly became smart.

    Shangguan XiaoXian said with a smile, "I understand you."

    "You should."

    "If I just turn around and not look at you, aren’t that good enough?"

    Ding LingLin hated her like an achy tooth, but if she was not willing to go out, she also could not do anything.

    Luckily Shangguan XiaoXian had really turned her body around facing the wall as she easily was saying, "I feel really strange, in this kind of weather, you unexpectedly seem to be insensitive to the cold."

    Ding LingLin did not open her mouth, did not have the chance to.

    “I heard you are always have many bells hanging with you, if you did not take them off, wouldn’t that be even more amusing."

    Ding LingLin already regretted not having these dangerous gold bells, if not, she would already make quite a few holes on Shangguan XiaoXian.

    At this moment, Shangguan XiaoXian suddenly shouted out loudly, as if she suddenly saw a ghost. She dashed through the window and fled, the baby doll in her hands also fell down smashed on the floor.

    Ding LingLin had also called out, "No matter what, we cannot let her go."

    This words were not even finished as Ye Kai also fled through the window.

    A woman was always slow in putting on her clothes. By the time she finished putting on the clothes, Shangguan XiaoXian’s shadow was nowhere to be seen.

    Ye Kai was a very strange person. He originally did not want to be famous, therefore at the beginning of his entering jiang-hu, he had used several names. But the things in this world also often ended up very strange, when someone did not want to become famous, he became famous instead.

    All of the names he had used, nearly all of them had become famous. The most famous one was certainly the Wind Young Lord. It became really famous because of his levitation skill.

    Some people even thought his flying dagger would not compare to Little Li Tanhua, but his levitation skill was actually not below any person. Some people even believed that, in the recent 80 years, the person with the highest levitation skill in the martial arts world was him.

    But unexpectedly he could not pursue Shangguan XiaoXian. When Shangguan XiaoXian left that room, she seemed to have vanished suddenly like a miracle.

    Ye Kai left not so long after her, but he still could not see any of her shadow.


    Now it was already dusk.

    The dusk wind was colder, Ye Kai certainly was not a fool staying outside without anything to eat. Since the situation was like that, he just had to go back inside again.

    Although he did not know why, he had also become more and more attached to Ding LingLin recently.

    He went back inside, the cold wind blew through the window that was crashed open a moment ago. He approached the window, but suddenly he was astounded, there were some quick changes happening in this room.

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    Default Chapter 11: Eastern Sea Jade Reed (Donghai Yu Xiao)

    Chapter 11: Eastern Sea Jade Reed (Donghai Yu Xiao) - TRANSLATED BY FASTCLOCK

    In that small room, there were unexpectedly about 8-9 people, nearly all of them were women. moreover all were very young, very beautiful young girls, who wore a complete Daoist garments.
    Where had so many female Daoist priests come from?

    Ye Kai had nearly thought he was lost and gone to the wrong place, but Ding Ling Lin was actually also in room. She was also motionless sitting there, her eyes were filled with surprise, not only surprise, but unexpectedly also some fear. Behind her, stood two female Daoists, in front of here there were five, but her eyes were actually staring at a man.

    An old person, an old Daoist.

    He sat on a chair by the window, wearing a brocade Daoist robe, the silver hairs were pulled up into a taoist priest hair bun, slanting across him was a crystal clear jade reed.

    His age should at least be above 60, but the complexion was actually still ruddy, could not find any wrinkle, the pair of eyes was still clear and distinct, bright like the light.

    Even by sitting there, she could still see that his stature was still very straight, certainly did not have any bent back, the silvery long beard blown by the wind, but still neat and clean.

    Ye Kai had never looked at a Daoist priest whose appearance was so gorgeous, paying a lot of attention to the detail in applying the adornments.

    Ding Ling Lin saw him, she looked as if she wanted to call him, but actually she did not call. Unexpectedly, her accupoint was sealed by him.

    Ye Kai sighed, "It seems like this room’s geomancy is really good, instead of just one visitor, eight has come together,"

    This old Daoist priest in the brocade gown stared at him and lowered his voice, "You are Ye Kai?"

    Ye Kai nodded, "Ye for leaf, Kai for open."

    The Daoist said, "Wind young lord is also you?"


    "In recent years, I (pin-dao, an expression by a daoist priest to address himself) have not seen such a great talent in jiang-hu that could kill 83 people in one night."

    Ye Kai said: "I have not seen it either."

    "How dare you speak so frivolously in front of pin-dao (me)."

    Ye Kai smiled, "If the Daoist priest cannot get used to seeing a frivolous person, why do you come to a frivolous person's room?"

    "You do not know who I am?"


    "Pin-dao is Yu Xiao."

    "Eastern Sea Jade Reed (Donghai Yu Xiao)?"


    Ye Kai also sighed, painstakingly said with a smile, "I should really be very surprised, it is only a pity that I have been startled so many times today."

    Eastern Sea Yu Xiao!
    Any one who had heard of this name should be surprised.

    Formerly when Bai Xiaosheng wrote the weapon list, Eastern Sea Yu Xiao was listed at tenth, this priest Yu Xiao was the contemporary of the top ten martial arts world’s masters, and he was the only survivor besides Little Li Tanhua. It was said that he lived far away in the overseas, but unexpectedly he had also arrived here.

    Priest Yu Xiao lowered his voice, "You should know pin-dao’s intention."

    "I do not know."

    "You don’t look like a stupid person."

    "But I can also play the fool."

    Meanwhile, these young female priests kept looking at him secretly, and now they could not bear to smile secretly.

    Priest Yu Xiao’s complexion had changed, he coldly said: "You should have feigned death."


    "Pin-dao does not kill a dead person."

    "If alive, you will kill them all?"

    "Only a person who wants to die."

    "Luckily I certainly do not want to die."

    "If a person wants to live well, he should tell the truth in front of pin-dao."

    "What I said was the truth."

    "Whose is this baby doll?"

    “Shangguan Xiaoxian’s."

    "She was in this room?"

    "She was my first visitor."

    "Where is she now?"

    "I don’t know."

    Yu XiaoDaoist coldly said, "She was here a moment ago, now you are saying you do not know where she has gone?"

    "Now you are also here, but after you leave, I will not know where you are either."

    Priest Yu Xiao suddenly sighed, "Life is so valuable, why do some people certainly want to die?"
    He suddenly extracted that crystal clear white jade reed from his waistband.

    In the years past, Eastern Sea Yu Xiao was listed tenth, Priest Yu Xiao’s wugong was profound, it was said that he had exceptional weapon, this jade reed in his hand, might hit accupoints, but also might become a sword weapon, as well as laden with extremely formidable hidden weapon in the tube of the reed.

    Ye Kai thought he was preparing to attack.

    Who knew Priest Yu Xiao had not moved from his sitting position, instead he lightly caressed the reed and played.

    His reed sound started very gentle, as if coming from the spring fountain on a green hill under the cloud. It made people to be filled with tranquility and happiness.

    Then his reed sound gradually became low and deep, directed the person to a more beautiful dreamland. Having no anxiety and pain in this dreamland already, now it appeased the anger and the struggle to kill one another. Anyone who heard this reed sound, would not be able to plot any mean dangerous matter.

    But at this moment, Yu Xiao Daoist suddenly made a very mean dangerous move. There were three points of cold stars zipping from the tube of his reed, shot towards Ye Kai’s chest.
    These hidden weapon like nails were arriving quickly like the lightning. Who could have guard himself against this poisonous plot that sprung from the exquisite peace?

    But Ye Kai seemed to be ready against it. Any poisonous hidden weapons in front of him seemed to lose their power, helpless. Becasue he had one way to conquer the hidden weapons. There seemed to be a strange attractor in his hand.

    With a single move of his hand, the three cold stars disappeared without a trace.
    Was this the internal strength of the martial arts world which was known as "ten thousand cups returning to their homes"?

    Priest Yu Xiao’s complexion had somewhat changed.

    Ye Kai was actually smiling and said, "Please blow the reed again, you must not stop, I like listening to a reed."

    Priest Yu Xiao had not really stopped, but the reed sound had actually changed, becoming something like a primal, alluring power, like a young girl who was lovesick in the spring boudoir, tossing and turning, unceasingly groaning.

    What was the most primitive desire of a man? Two of the female Daoists were looking at Ye Kai, smiling at him charmingly with a strong allure in it.

    Ye Kai had no alternative but to look at them, and he discovered he somehow seemed to become a youth that see a naked woman for the first time. He imagined, them turning completely naked with each snow white breasts, slender waist and slender legs.

    He suddenly discovered that his own body unexpectedly felt different, experiencing a kind of desire that could not be controlled by any man. Their smile was flattering, coquettish like silk. They resembled the inviting swaying limbs that sway from side to side.

    Could someone leave after this twisting show-off?
    Could someone take note of anything else?

    Two other female Daoists unexpectedly lifted Ding LingLin up and carried her outside. Any other man would not possibly notice them.

    But Ye Kai was not any other man.
    Ye Kai was still Ye Kai!
    His eyes seemed to be staring at the swaying limbs from side to side while other people had actually plundered her.

    Suddenly, the reed sound stopped.

    The crystal clear jade reed had slanted and attacked at the point on his waist at the small of his back.

    This is the judge’s pen style, aiming at the accupoint, hitting it quickly.
    By now the judge's pen turned into sword, the light and lively sword, like blooming leafs that grew like a sphere.

    Ye Kai saw Ding LingLin being carried off by other people, fighting a master whom he had never met. If he went after Ding LingLin anxiously, it was very possible that he would be struck by the attack.

    Suddenly he stopped completely, like a revolving top that was suddenly nailed down.
    When masters fight decisive battles, they would certainly never do such things.

    Priest Yu Xiao had fought many battles, had seen all kinds of matches, but he actually had never seen this. His jade reed sent abrupt, and suddenly stopped also.

    He was not fully correct in assuming Ye Kai’s intention.
    But he had seen that Ye Kai was an extremely intelligent person, an intelligent person will not make a stupid mistake suddenly, so there must a big reason behind this?

    Priest Yu Xiao sneered, "What are you doing?"


    "What do you mean nothing?”

    "Nothing as in there is no reason."

    "You want to die?"


    “Is it possible that you don’t know within that moment just now, I could have killed you ten times?"

    "I know."

    He smiled and lightly said: "But I also knew that as soon as I stopped, you would also stop."

    "If I had not stopped?"

    "Then I have died ten times now."

    Priest Yu Xiao's complexion was suddenly pale, he had obviously regretted his chance. But a pity the regrets came too late. When he missed this kind of opportunity, it will never come again.

    "I stopped also because I was not sure I could win."

    Priest Yu Xiao sneered.

    "Because right now my heart is frantic, you are also surrounded by many attractive helpers. When you saw your beloved woman being carried away by force by someone else, the heart will be frantic."

    Priest Yu Xiao sneered, "You actually confess a lot."

    "I do not want to deceive you, also with you, you certainly also knew that my heart was frantic."

    "A mentally confused person has to die."

    "You really have the assurance to kill me?"

    Priest Yu Xiao had not opened the mouth, he was not sure because the essence of this youth’s wugong was wonderfully unique, the vigilance was strange, so the result of the match would be most unpredictable.

    Moreover he also had the dagger, the flying dagger!
    Ye Kai’s flying dagger had not attacked, therefore Priest Yu Xiao certainly did not want to force him to attack with it.

    Ye Kai lightly said, "Sooner or later, you and I will unavoidably fight each other, but actually that will not be tonight."


    “When I don’t feel frantic in my heart, when I have the assurance to win."

    "Even if there is such a day, why do I want to wait till that day?"

    "Because you cannot afford not to wait."


    "Evan if you can kill me now, you still won’t attack because who you truly want is Shangguan Xiaoxian."

    Priest Yu Xiao could not deny it.

    "Even if you can kill me, you still won’t get Shangguan XiaoXian. Therefore you have kidnapped Ding LingLin and you want me to get Shangguan Xiaoxian to trade for her life."

    Priest Yu Xiao suddenly gave a long sigh, "You really are not stupid."

    "I do not lie too."


    "Right now, I really don't know where Shangguan XiaoXian is."

    Priest Yu Xiao coldly said, "Then I don't know where Ding LingLin is, too."

    Ye Kai sighed, "I may find a way to find her."

    "In 24 hours?"


    Priest Yu Xiao nodded, "Tomorrow this moment, if you do not give me Shangguan Xiaoxian, you should also give up any idea of seeing Ding LingLin again in this life."

    He slowly continued , "Heartless golden rings, sentimental flying dagger, honorable iron sword, lascivious jade reed, I’m sure you have heard of this saying."

    Ye Kai certainly had heard of it.

    Priest Yu Xiao said, "Ding LingLin is an attractive woman, I am a lascivious man, therefore you should better quickly find Shangguan Xiaoxian, otherwise... "
    He did not have to say anymore. His meaning was heard loud and clear.

    Priest Yu Xiao walked out, leading his young and beautiful girl students.

    "Tomorrow I will come again at this moment."


    24 hours.

    Who could have the assurance to find Shangguan Xiaoxian in 24 hours? Who could have the assurance to find that sly fox, poisonous viper of a woman in one day?

    Ye Kai was not sure.
    But honorable iron sword, lascivious jade reed.
    Who could feel secure when one’s beloved woman was kept nearby a lascivious man?


    The dimness of night arrived, Ye Kai calmly sat in the darkness, he had not lit the lamp, he felt disinclined to move at all.

    The room seemed to preserve Ding LingLin’s body fragrance, her two frightened eyes seemed to glow in the darkness.

    How could he rescue her? How could he find Shangguan Xiaoxian?
    This time, Ye Kai did not have any idea at all.

    In this calm place which was very suitable to think deeply, his response was usually extremely quick, the thought was extremely lively.

    But now his brain seemed to have turned into a block of wood.

    However outside the very quiet courtyard suddenly became alive with sounds of people. It looked like there were many people coming all of a sudden.

    Everybody was discussing a hot topic which was unexpectedly about Guo Ding.

    "The brother of Songyang’s iron sword really lives up to the reputation."

    "Nangong Yuan should not have challenged him with the sword."

    "But Nangong Yuan is also a young person representing an illustrious martial arts world aristocratic family, how could he just ignored his contempt."

    "Nangong Yuan, not only was handed down the family’s wugong, moreover he was also the disciple of swordsman Yun, the sword skill is high. It is said that he might be one of seven renown masters in jiang-hu."

    "Therefore everybody was originally favoring Nangong Yuan in this fight, after all Guo Ding was just someone who was making his debut."

    "As far as I know, the odds in propitious teahouse was ten to one for Nangong Yuan’s victory."

    "If I had known that, I would have started gambling all of a sudden."

    "At that time you dared to bet on Guo Ding?"

    "Some people like Nangong Yuan as he was such a famous swordsman, unexpectedly he could not spar for more than ten moves with Guo Ding."

    "Songyang’s iron sword was really, really overbearing. That last move of him, ‘the world all burns(?) ' ', I dare to make a bet, people in jiang-hu who can receive this move of him cannot surpass five people."

    "This Songyang’s iron sword of Guo Ding was really like the high crest of wave. The keen eyesight of Mister Yu Ding from ‘Several ordinary days escort bureau’ had prompted him to invite him to drink."

    "Now he is the person who is sought by everyone in the city seeking for the limelight. Many people want to invite him to drink, everyone wants to invite him including me. A person who can drink some wine with this kind of person will have shining favors."

    "Now he if wants to go find a woman, I dare to guarantee, certainly there will be many women who would rather give it to him instead of taking anything."

    "Although he did not have a young white face, a little black sprinkle was just fine."

    "I heard that a black-skinned person appeal to the women."

    "Speaking of women, that place also... "

    Their words become more and more unreasonable.

    Ye Kai did not listen anymore.


    It turned out that it was so quiet outside just a moment ago because all the people were looking at Guo Ding and Nangong Yuan’s decisive battle. Usually, Ye Kai would go and have a look.
    He knew this Nangong Yuan, as he also truly knew that he was from true line of sword masters.

    In recent years, he was always shining bright and most renown in jiang-hu, but now his bright light was obviously overshadowed already by Guo Ding.

    Guo Ding must now be very happy.
    When a youth became famous, that would be one of the most happy occasions in life.

    Ye Kai understood this kind of feeling, but he certainly did not envy him.
    He only wanted to look for a peaceful place, calmly drinking two cups of wine. Although wine could paralyze someone’s brain, it also might make it clear-headed for a while.

    He stood up and slowly walked out.

    Nobody was paying attention to him, nobody even looked at him, only the winner would be the center of people’s attention. He was actually evading reality now.

    At the end of a narrow lane, there was a small family wine shop which was all blackened by the oil smoke including the advertisement board.

    The light was dim within the room, a listless waiter was inside, the seats were warmed by a fire in the nearby small charcoal stove. There was someone else inside, his back was to the door, sitting in the gloomiest part, drinking alone, drinking depressing wine.

    Ye Kai thought he was like him, a person evading reality, a person who was frustrated with life.

    Usually, Ye Kai would not have simply passed him, he would have asked him to drink two cups with him – wasn’t finding a lost person within the same horizon like a heaven-sent opportunity to get acquainted with one another? But now he actually wanted to be alone.

    The listless waiter passed by, offering the chopsticks to him, the bamboo chopsticks covered with mildew. But Ye Kai did not care about it.

    "What is the main menu?"

    "Wine, five catties of wine, the usual wine is good."

    "Do you have seasoned vegetable?"

    "We have some ready-made."

    This guest did not look like a nitpicker, the waiter revealed his smile, "That guest is having a small meal, why don’t I give you the same kind?"


    That guest obviously was not a nitpicker as well.
    A frustrated person, who would nitpick?

    The wine had not come, Ye Kai was calmly waiting, he knew he could not expect this kind of place to be very attentive to the customers.

    That guest had not turned his head when he came in, but suddenly at this moment he said, "I have wine with me here, why don’t you drink a cup here first?"
    This voice was very familiar, who was this person?

    Ye Kai turned his head, this person lightly said again, "Actually you should at least come to give me respect by a cup, you owe me."

    “It’s you!"
    Ye Kai finally recognized his voice.


    This person drinking depressing wine all alone in a small wineshop, was the present man of the hour in this city Guo Ding.

    Guo Ding had finally turned his head, he lightly smiled, "You did not think it was me?"

    Ye Kai indeed could not guess it.

    He walked to him, sat down, and looked at Guo Ding, "You really should not be here."


    "This kind of place can only be visited by a talented person like me."


    Ye Kai had smiled, "Do you know that you have now become the person who everyone wants to see to seek the limelight?"

    Guo Ding coldly said, "Because I have overcome Nangong Yuan’s sword?"

    "Defeating Nangong Yuan is certainly not an easy thing to do."

    Guo Ding sneered.

    Ye Kai looks at him, said, "Now there are many great people in the city trying to win your favor and invite you to drink, why do you come to this kind of place instead?"

    Guo Ding had not replied, he drank some more and said, "You said too much and drink too little."

    Ye Kai raised his cup and gulp it down.

    Guo Ding looked at him again before he suddenly said, "Have you defeated someone before?"


    "When you defeated someone, was there also many great people trying to invite you to drink?"


    "But you did not go?"


    Guo Ding smiled, the smiling face actually had attached unspeakable loneliness. Drinking his cup of wine, he slowly said, "Before I always want to defeat other people, crush them, but now..."


    Guo Ding kept staring at the empty cup and said, "Now I know that the taste of victory is inferior to what I have imagined it to be."

    He suddenly put the empty cup on the table and said, "What do you see this is?"

    "This is an empty wine cup."

    "After a person has defeated someone, sometimes he can suddenly become like an empty wine cup, suddenly becoming empty.”

    Although he had not told this kind of feeling, actually Ye Kain also understood this kind of indescribable void and loneliness, because he had also once experienced it. He did not have to say anything else, instead he filled the empty cup to the brim for Guo Ding and smiled, "You also said too much and drink too little."

    Guo Ding raised his cup.

    Ye Kai kept smiling, "In any event, a victory will always taste better than a defeat."


    The cold wind howled outside the window.

    Soon the fire in the small charcoal stove would extinguish, that listless waiter would shrink his neck into the broken cotton-wadded jacket and quickly go to sleep.

    In such a cold night, only the family could keep someone warm.
    But where was the family of prodigal sons who roamed about faraway? Why would that happen?

    The thick liquor felt cold through the body, but once it was in the belly, it could also turn into a fire.

    How many cups had they drunk? Who kept the record? Who would remember clearly?

    Ye Kai’s was only promised a cup, that was gone very quickly.

    Did he want to be drunk? Want to evade the reality?
    If someone met something unsolvable, something that was not nice, who wouldn’t want to be greatly drunk?

    Guo Ding looked at him, "I thought only a person who wants to get drunk come here, actually I didn’t expect to find you here."

    "You didn’t expect I could be in this kind of place to drink?"

    "I didn’t expect you to be here."

    Ye Kai again drank a cup, suddenly had smiled, "I didn’t expect it too."
    He smiled very bitterly.

    "You didn’t expect it too?"

    Ye Kai was silent. After a very long time he asked; "Do you know Eastern Sea Yu Xiao?"

    Guo Ding certainly knew, "But I have not seen him."

    "I have seen him."

    Eastern Sea Yu Xiao had not appeared in jiang-hu for a long time, Guo Ding could not bear asking, "When did you see him?"

    "A moment ago."

    Guo Ding’s eyes suddenly brightened, "You fought him?"

    Ye Kai nodded.

    "Did you win against him? Therefore you came here to drink?"

    "I have not won, nor been defeated."

    Guo Ding did not understand.
    In his thought, when two people started to fight, the result would either be a victory or a defeat.

    "Although we had fought, but we did not continue."


    "Because I did not want to be defeated by him."

    "You were not sure you could win?"


    "You thought his wugong was better than you?"

    Ye Kai smiled, "His wugong is very profound, perhaps because of this, it cannot be pure."

    "Originally you could win against him?"

    Ye Kai did not deny it.

    "But today, you were actually not sure you could win?"

    "Completely not sure."


    "Because my heart was very frantic."

    "You don’t seem like someone who can break down mentally very often."

    "Indeed I do not often break down mentally, but today... "

    Guo Ding suddenly understood, "Has Miss Ding fallen in Yu Xiao’s hand?"

    Ye Kai nodded, raised the cup once more, and gulped the content.

    Guo Ding also drank a cup. He certainly had heard of "honorable iron sword, lascivious jade reed." He suddenly seized Ye Kai’s wine cup and said loudly, "Today, you cannot get drunk."

    Ye Kai gave him a forced smile.

    "You must find a way to rescue her quickly."

    "I cannot find out a good way."

    "What does Yu Xiao want?"

    "He wants me to surrender Shangguan XiaoXian in exchange with her."

    "You are not willing to do that?"

    "I am willing, but I cannot find Shangguan Xiaoxian."

    "You don’t know where she is staying?"

    "Nobody knows it."

    "She is really not an idiot such as in the stories?"

    Ye Kai smiled bitterly, "I have also been deceived by her, there was no one who is slier than her in my life, nor a more fearful person."

    Guo Ding kept staring at him. After a very long time, he slowly said, "I cannot believe these story-telling scripts."

    "I understand."

    "But now I have believed it."

    Ye Kai was silent again for a very long time, before he slowly said, "Originally I was not planning to tell you this, but now I have actually told you."

    He certainly had not gone to find Guo Ding.
    Guo Ding also was not looking for him.

    They tried very hard to avoid looking at each others’ eyes.
    They were not the kind who revealed their own emotion to other people.
    Were they afraid if they showed their emotion then the tears would start to flow?

    But this kind of friendship was not something that was visible.
    Even though they did not look at each other, the seeds of friendship had already been sown, and the hearts were ready to give way to the new roots.

    This was indeed a very strange matter.
    A person often could have the most wonderful time in the strangest place, even in a place no one would have expected to make new friends. No one could understand where this kind of emotion come from.

    After quite a long time, Guo Ding suddenly said, "Although we can’t find Shangguan XiaoXian, but we certainly can find Eastern Sea Yu Xiao."

    Ye Kai was listening.

    "He is a person who enjoys life, there are not that many good places in this city."

    "The best place is Leng Xiangyuan, but it is not really fragrant in this cold."

    "But it is very possible that he stays there, as every time he goes anywhere , it is said that there would be many people accompanying him.."

    Ye Kai said with a smile, "After knowing where he is?"

    "When he’s there, Miss Ding will also be there."

    "You want me to rescue her?"

    "You should not stay."

    Ye Kai smiled bitterly, "My heart is even more frantic now, I am not sure I can win against him."

    "Aren't I a person?"

    Ye Kai suddenly looked up, staring at him he said, "You... "

    "Can't I go together with you?"

    "But... But Ding LingLin is also in his hand."

    "I understand why you are worried. You are cautious about harming the evildoers lest the innocent be hurt, you fear he will use Miss Ding to cope with you, you fear he will injure Miss Ding."

    Ye Kai nodded.

    "But you have actually forgotten something."


    "He thinks that you are now anxiously looking for Shangguan Xiaoxian, certainly he doesn’t expect you to look for him, therefore he will not guard the place heavily."

    “That’s right."

    Guo Ding said, "Moreover, he cannot suspect that we have become friends."


    How warm, how sacred was this word?
    This word could unexpectedly be coming out from this arrogant rough youth’s mouth.

    What else could Ye Kai say? Why did he need to say anything?
    He lost his worried look. Standing up, he suddenly gripped Guo Ding’s shoulder.

    "Let’s go."


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    Default Chapter 12: Cold Night, Strange Spirit

    Chapter 12: Cold Night, Strange Spirit - TRANSLATED BY FASTCLOCK

    Leng Xiangyuan.

    Such cold night, the fragrance of the plum was lost.
    There were some sounds in the plum grove, was it the wind? Or was it coming from the ghosts of people dying here yesterday?

    "You did not see Han Zhen?"


    "Then perhaps he is still here."

    Ye Kai sighed, "I only hope I will not find his corpse."

    Other people's corpses?
    They could not be found.

    Ting-tao storied-pavilion had been all washed from the bloodstains cleanly.
    But who gathered up the dead bodies?

    "Wei Tianpeng’s corpse and others were here last night."

    "Who had removed their corpses?"

    There was no reply, nobody could answer.

    The overnight icy rain had formed ice this evening.
    The wind blew on the face, no longer refreshing, but sharp like the knife.
    The cold plums in the garden served like the incense for the night-watch.

    "You don’t see any lights?"


    "Yu Xiao is not here?"

    Suddenly, ahead on the icy trail, there seemed to be a very faint sound of footsteps.

    So in this cold night, there were some people who walked alone in the snow? Maybe they were those people's ghosts?
    But why would ghosts produce the sound of footsteps?

    No light, no stars, and no moon.

    There appeared a shadow of a person as if he were slowly moving out of the plum grove trail.

    He walked very slowly, but he was also looking around him often as if he was looking for something.

    In such a cold night, in the center of this plum grove, what was he seeking?

    He walked near, and then he was heard of muttering constantly, "Wine... Any place has the wine... "

    Ye Kai nearly could not bear to call, "Han Zhen!"

    This person was unexpectedly Han Zhen.
    He was still looking for wine for Ye Kai?

    The snow light was reflected on his face, his face was all covered with blood, with some ice forming as well.

    Ye Kai felt blood rising on his chest, and rushed forward immediately to Han Zhen, grasping Han Zhen’s shoulder.

    Han Zhen looked at him, he suddenly said, "Wine? ... Do you know what place has the wine?"
    He had not recognized Ye Kai, yet he was searching for some wine for Ye Kai.
    His face was nearly completely broken like a rotten nut that was stepped on by someone.

    Ye Kai did not dare to look again, "You... How can you turn into this? Who committed this dastardly deed?"

    Han Zhen tried to smile but he actually could not smile, the mouth kept muttering, "Wine? What place has the wine?"

    Ye Kai’s heart seemed to be stepped on little by little by someone’s foot.

    Behind him, Guo Ding could not bear to say, "He is Han Zhen?"

    Ye Kai nodded.

    Guo Ding was also unable to restrain his sigh, "It looks like when he was looking for some wine for you, he has been beaten thoroughly that he could not remember anything."

    Ye Kai clenched both of his fists, low-spiritedly he said, "He only remembers looking for some wine for me."

    Guo Ding sadly said, "It looks like he is also a good friend,"

    "It is a pity I do not know who committed this dastardly deed, otherwise... "

    "I think this is not by Shangguan Xiaoxian."


    "A woman cannot have such a heavy hand."

    Han Zhen was indeed hit very badly, not only his face was broken and distorted, all parts of his body were broken as well, there must be at least 6 or 7 broken ribs, how could he live up to now? Wouldn’t he have frozen to death in this kind of icy and snowy weather?

    Ye Kai wanted to ask, but Han Zhen already wriggled out of his hands, "Let me go, I must find some wine."
    Besides this matter, he had no memory of anything else.

    Ye Kai sighed and said simply, "Good, I will help you find some wine."
    Having said this, he pressed Han Zhen’s sleeping accupoint, and held up Han Zhen by his waist.

    Guo Ding said, "As long as he can sleep peacefully for a day, he might become sober."

    Ye Kai sighed, "I hope so."


    The room has the bed and the lamp.

    Ye Kai laid Han Zhen on the bed and said, "Do you have the fire lighter?"

    Guo Ding ignited the lamp, under the light, Han Zhen’s face was even more horrible to look at.

    Ye Kai could not endure looking at that, but actually he had no alternative but to look, because he wanted to find out who committed this dastardly deed.

    Although he was not the kind of person who always remember the grudge of other people, but this situation was actually very different.

    If Han Zhen had not look for some wine for him, how could he fall into such state.
    For such a friend, he would do anything regardless of the difficulty.

    Guo Ding kept staring at Han Zhen’s face and said, "This is not produced by the iron tool."

    Ye Kai nodded, if injured by the iron tool, the scars will be visible.

    "Who has such heavy technique?"

    "Han Zhen’s wugong is certainly not weak, can as soon as fight with the fists his face, such person are not certainly many."

    He suddenly remembered himself depositing his fist on Han Zhen’s face, but that scar was actually much lighter than the present, obviously this person's hand was not only heavier than his, he also had more time in his hand.

    Untying the front of his jacket, they found out there were five broken ribs.
    In such a cold day, Han Zhen’s clothes were certainly also very thick.

    Guo Ding knitted his brows, “Through such thick clothes, but still the fist could break five ribs of his, there were not that many people who could do that."
    Ye Kai said, "Moreover this is only external wounds, no internal injury."
    Even if not using the iron tools, anyone would still guess this was done with a kind of iron hammer.

    Guo Ding said, “Is this person's hand unexpectedly as hard as an iron hammer?"

    "Looking at his scars, this was not done with the iron sand technique."

    "With that kind of palm strength, surely that would incur wounds in the internal organs."

    Ye Kai sighed, "Therefore I really do not understand, who actually did this?"

    "Sooner or later... "
    Suddenly he stopped. In the cold wind, there was suddenly heard a miserable reed sound.

    Eastern Sea Yu Xiao!

    Guo Ding quickly waved his hand to extinguish the light, "He is really here."

    "Can you stay here for me... "

    Guo Ding interrupted him immediately, "Han Zhen is sleeping, with me here guarding, you actually cannot go."

    This is friendship, the friendship filled with understanding and concern.

    Ye Kai looked at Han Zhen, "But he... "

    Guo Ding again interrupted him, "Now he cannot cause any more trouble for other people, but you... "
    He did not have to say anything else.

    Ye Kai felt his blood in the chest became warmer, he had no alternative but to acknowledge that his words made sense.
    "Good, we go together."

    The miserable reed sound in the cold night could really break someone’s heart to pieces.

    The reed sound was coming from the unknown part of the plum grove.
    There small octagonal pavilion nearby the outside rockery. In the secluded part, there was a dim shadow of a person playing the reed.

    Ye Kai and Guo Ding circled from behind quietly, their motion did not make any sound.

    The person playing the reed was still playing but now the reed sound seemed like the player was shivering.

    Ye Kai suddenly discovered that this certainly was not Eastern Sea Yu Xiao’s reed sound. Getting closer, this person turned out to be wearing a Taoist robe, but the body was actually very slender, a female Taoist.

    At this moment, the reed sound suddenly stopped, the female Taoist who were playing the reed suddenly broke down in a low sob.

    Ye Kai hesitated, finally going closer he gently coughed. This female Taoist suddenly seemed to be whipped, the whole body was all shivering, in a sorrowful voice she said, "I will blow... I will not dare to stop again."

    Ye Kai said, "But I certainly do not want to force you to start playing again."

    The female Taoist had turned her head, seeing him, although she was also startled, she seemed to be relieved and blurted out, “It’s you."

    She recognized Ye Kai, Ye Kai also recognized her.
    She was the prettiest of Priest Yu Xiao's disciple.

    Ye Kai could not bear to ask, "Why do you continue playing the reed here?"

    The female Taoist said, “Yes... I was forced by someone to be here."


    “A masked person."

    "Why does he have to force you to play the reed here?"

    "I do not know. He forced me to go here, ordered me to blow continuously, otherwise he would remove my clothes completely, and hang me here."

    "How can you fall in his hand?"

    "At that time I... There was only me behind, but suddenly he rushed for me."

    Ye Kai certainly knew the meaning of "behind". When a girl went to a private facility, certainly any person would be kind of embarrassed when saying this.
    But Ye Kai actually also asked, "At that time, where were you?"

    "Behind that gracious assembly courtyard."

    The gracious assembly inn was where Ye Kai stayed. Not only it had the best chef, but also it had the most comfortable bed. A person who enjoyed life would certainly stay there.

    Ye Kai sighed and smiled bitterly, "Originally you are in the courtyard behind me, I actually need to come here to find you."

    The female Taoist suddenly shut her mouth, resolving to die without saying anything more. She knew she had talked unwisely, even without saying anything else, it was bad enough already.

    Ye Kai said, "I have something to ask, although you may choose not to answer.."

    The female Taoist kept shutting her mouth.

    Ye Kai said, "But if you do not answer, I will keep you here to let that masked person find you again."

    The female Taoist’s face immediately became fearful and quickly said, "I will answer."

    Ye Kai said, "You carried off that Miss Ding, is she also in that courtyard?"

    Although, the female Taoist did not open her mouth, actually she had tacitly agreed.

    Ye Kai said, "Right, we might as well make a deal, you will lead me to find her, I will deliver you back."

    The female Taoist did not reject it, she feared that masked person so much, far deeper than any other fear. Even if she died, she was not willing to stay there.

    Who was that masked person? Why forced her to play the reed here? Did he know that Ye Kai was here looking for Yu Xiao, therefore he used this special method to direct Ye Kai to the correct way? Why would he do that? Did he have some other purpose?

    Ye Kai certainly could not answer all these questions, so he could not bear to ask again, "Actually what kind of person was that masked person?"

    "He was not a person, simply a ghost, a wicked ghost." Remembering this person caused her body to tremble.

    Obviously when this person caught her, she completely did not have any ability to resist.
    But the wugong of Eastern Sea Yu Xiao’s disciple would not be that bad.

    Ye Kai looked at Guo Ding, gave a long sigh and said, "What you said was correct, although now it’s not the ninth month, but actually a crowd of eagles are flying high, moreover they all fly here."


    The sheets was disorderly, on the pillow perhaps there was a piece of Ding LingLin’s silk.
    As soon as he returned here, Ye Kai’s heart started to feel the slight pain – now she could be with Eastern Sea Yu Xiao...

    Ye Kai did not want to guess anything.

    Guo Ding looked at the disorderly sheets on the bed, his eyes showed very strange expression.
    He did not look again, his heart was as if it was feeling the slight pain.
    Now he had finally completely understood Ye Kai and Ding LingLin's relationship.

    Han Zhen was still on the bed, still sleeping very deeply. Sleep was really a very strange matter.

    That female Taoist hung down her head, her pale face finally had some red color.

    Eastern Sea Yu Xiao’s disciples were all very beautiful, but she was especially beautiful.
    Her beauty and Ding LingLin’s were different, not only she was beautiful, moreover she had the alluring look showing that she was already a completely mature woman.

    Anyone who saw her in the dim light, shifting her legs from one to other, with the coquettish look in her face, would unavoidably felt the heart jumped.

    Ye Kai looked at her and said, "Have a seat."

    The female Taoist slowly shook her head, she suddenly said, "Now may I go back?"

    "You may not."

    The female Taoist hung down her head, biting her lips she said, "If you want to use me to coerce Priest Yu Xiao’s hand, you are mistaken."


    "Even if you killed me in front of him, he would not care less about it." Her face was flushed as she showed the hidden bitterness, before she gently continued, "I have never seen him care about anyone."

    Guo Ding stared at her before he suddenly said, "What if we kill him in front of you?"

    The female Taoist said, "I will not shed a drop of tears."
    She said very simply, not giving it a thought.

    Guo Ding said, "Why do you want to go back then?"

    The female Taoist said, "Because I... I... "

    Ye Kai understood her.

    She certainly must go back, because basically she did not have any other place to go.

    Ye Kai was certainly not someone without feelings, he suddenly asked, "What is your surname?"

    "I am surnamed Cui."


    "Cui... Cui YuZhen."

    Ye Kai smiled, "Why don't you sit down, do you fear this chair will bite you?"

    Cui YuZhen could not help but smile, when she was smiling, the beautiful face immediately became like the glow of the sunset.

    Ye Kai saw her swaying limbs from side to side following the reed sound at the time, and thought that she was a woman who had forgotten how to be ashamed. Only now he discovered that she had retained a young girl's charm and purity.

    But anyone who could make other people despise her, must have regrets of her own. Sometimes that person was being hoodwinked like a donkey whose eyes were covered to turn the millstone and just lived on a whip. When the whip struck your back, you could only proceed forward, although actually you did not know what direction you were walking towards.

    Ye Kai gently sighed, "If you do not want to, you do not need to go back."

    Cui YuZhen hung her head, "But I... "

    Ye Kai said, "I understand you, but this world is very big, you can slowly discover other places you can go to."

    Cui YuZhen also understood him, she could not bear looking up at him, her eyes were filled with gratitude.

    “You also do not need to help us to find Miss Ding, as long as you tell us where she is, that is enough."

    Cui YuZhen hesitated before finally saying, "Behind that courtyard."

    Ye Kai waited for her to say more.

    "That courtyard is very big, altogether it probably has 13-14 rooms, Miss Ding is locked in the deepest part where there is a three-branched tree outside the window."

    "Is there any person who guards her there?"

    "Only someone accompanies her inside. Because she cannot walk by herself, Priest Yu Xiao does not fear that she will run away."

    "Where does Priest Yu Xiao sleep?"

    "He only sleeps briefly in the evening."

    "What does he do if not sleeping?"

    Cui YuZhen clenched her teeth tightly. She had not replied, but her face showed grief and indignation of the hidden bitterness. She did not need to say anymore.

    "Yu Xiao is lascivious". Now he should be 70 years old, but it looked like he was much younger.
    He had many beautiful and young disciples. What he did every evening, Ye Kai could certainly guess correctly.

    Guo Ding’s face suddenly became angry and he said, "Are you compelled to be with him?"

    Cui YuZhen shook her head, disappointedly said, "We are all originally poor people’s children."

    Guo Ding said, "You were all bought by him?"

    Cui YuZhen hung her head low, the tears had flowed down her cheeks.

    Guo Ding suddenly slapped the table and coldly said, "Even if there is no problem with Miss Ding, I cannot let him go."

    Ye Kai said, "But now... "

    Guo Ding said, "I know. Now we certainly must rescue Miss Ding first."

    Cui YuZhen suddenly also said, "Although he did not sleep in the evening, but once the day arrives and the sun shines, he certainly must sleep for three hours."

    Now it was already more than half the time towards dawn. Winter nights were always quite long.

    Ye Kai looked outside, "Good, we wait."


    On the bed, Han Zhen suddenly turned his body, and said something in his dream – when Ye Kai sealed his accupoint, he certainly did not use too much strength.

    He seemed to be saying, "Wine... Is there any place that has the wine... "

    After saying this repeatedly for several times, he suddenly jumped out of the bed and loudly called out, "Surnamed Lu, I recognize you well, you are ruthless." Having said these words, he dropped down again, his face full of cold sweat.

    Ye Kai strangely said, "Surnamed Lu?"

    Guo Ding said, "It looks like the person who injured him was surnamed Lu."

    Ye Kai was pondering, "Do you know a Master Lu in jiang-hu?"

    "In recent years, there was someone."

    "Lu Di?"

    “Right, 'the white-clothed swordsman' Lu Di."

    "You have seen him fight?"

    Guo Ding shook his head and said, "I only know that although he is 'Marquis silver halberd' Lu Fengxian’s nephew, what he practices is actually Wudang’s swordstyle, Wudang is an orthodox school, he cannot... "

    Ye Kai had suddenly interrupted him, "You said whose nephew is he?"

    "Lu Fengxian the ‘Marquis silver halberd’, the fifth in the former weapon list."

    Ye Kai’s eyes suddenly brightened, "Lu Fengxian, how could I forget this person."

    Guo Ding said, "You thought it is him?"

    "The marquis silver halberd was placed fifth in the weapon list, which is already worth the glory for many people. But to him, this was actually kind of shameful."

    Guo Ding understood this kind of mood, many people just could not endure being under anyone else.

    Ye Kai said, "But he also knew that Bai XiaoSheng could not be wrong, therefore he had destroyed his own silver halberd, and practiced another kind of fearful wugong."

    "What wugong?"

    "His hands!"

    Guo Ding’s eyes also shone.

    "It is said that he had practiced his hands to be almost as sharp as the steel and iron."

    "Who said those words?"

    "Someone who had seen the hands with his own eyes.."

    "Little Li Tanhua?"

    Ye Kai nodded, "If there were someone who could bare handedly make Han Zhen like this, that person would certainly be Lu Fengxian."

    "But he had been missing many years ago."

    Ye Kai sneered, "Even a person who had died could be alive again, more so for a person who were just missing."

    "You think he had arrived here too?"

    "You have said that although it is not the nine month, it is actually the hunting period."

    Guo Ding’s eyes flashed bright, "Lu Fengxian is without doubt also an eagle."

    "Perhaps he is the most fearful eagle in the group."

    "If he has really come, you must also find him?"


    On Ye Kai’s bed, Han Zhen lay quiet with eyes closed.
    He no longer needed to open his mouth again.

    Guo Ding’s eyes became brighter, looking afar he muttered, "If a person could be listed in the fifth in the weapon list, that should also count as a big happy event in life."

    "But this is actually of not your concern."

    “It is not?"

    Ye Kai gave a serious expression, “It is not."

    Guo Ding smiled and continued, "You do not need to fear I that I will interrupt, Han Zhen is your friend, not mine."

    Ye Kai had finally smiled also, "I hope you will not forget your word."

    Guo Ding’s expression also became very serious, "You should also not forget something." He stared at Ye Kai, before slowly continuing, "I do not want to see you getting hit by a person like Han Zhen."

    Ye Kai had suddenly turned around and shove open the window.

    The cold wind outside the window was like a knife, but his heart was actually hot, like just drinking a full glass of pure strong wine.

    The empty valley in the distant was very dark, however at this moment it just turned into ashen grey.

    Then he heard a chicken crowed.

    “It is in the deepest room, where there is a three-branched tree outside the window.”

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    Default Chapter 13: Mirage

    Chapter 13: Mirage - TRANSLATED BY FASTCLOCK

    The courtyard behind was really very big, although the sun had risen in the East, the window still showed a lit lamp.

    There were some laughter coming from the room, "This time, pin-dao is entering this bustling place, should have a look at what is in jiang-hu of today, who controls this world?" This is Priest Yu Xiao's voice.

    In the room there was unexpectedly another person.

    "The younger generation certainly does not dare to contend with the Taoist priest about the weak and strong points of wugong. But it is a pity that there are some ignorant juniors in jiang-hu who actually do not know the immense difference between the heaven and earth." This was not Priest Yu Xiao's sound, but sounded very familiar.

    Yi YeKu.
    He really took the very opportunity to flatter the villain.
    It looked like he had unexpectedly get himself hired by Priest Yu Xiao.

    Ye Kai’s heart sunk.
    Not only Priest Yu Xiao had not slept, moreover he also had many helpers.

    Priest Yu Xiao asked further, "Who are these ignorant juniors that you know?"

    "Songyang’s Guo Ding, Wudang’s Lu Di, the awl Han Zhen, flying fox Yang Tian, South Sea leaders, Qing Cheng’s Mo... I know all these people had come to Chang An city."

    He had obviously not forgotten the person whom he hated the most, the first name he mentioned was Guo Ding. He really hoped very much that Priest Yu Xiao would kill Guo Ding.

    Priest Yu Xiao asked, "There are others who have come?"

    "Certainly, at least there is also Ye Kai."
    Yi YeKu sneered, "But, Ye Kai is not to be feared."

    Priest Yu Xiao appeared to be very surprised. He knew enough about Ye Kai’s wugong.

    "Because this person is like a dead person already."


    "Now in Chang An city, there are many people who want to kill him, his death is just a matter of time."

    Priest Yu Xiao loudly said with a smile, "My bad, need to pour out more wine for gentleman Yi."
    It looked like he unexpectedly planned to drink endlessly, not planning to have any sleep.

    But Ye Kai’s time to act was not that much now. If he didn’t make a move now, there would even be less opportunity later. Guo Ding said softly to his ear, "I will divert them here while you rescue the person."

    Ye Kai firmly shook his head, “That is not good."

    “Why isn't it good?"

    Ye Kai coldly said, "I do not want to gather up your dead body."

    Although his voice was cold, but his emotion actually could be compared to the heat-giving pure strong wine.

    Guo Ding had opened his outer jacket as he coldly said, "Do you want to receive Ding LingLin's corpse instead?"

    Ye Kai said, "I will think of a way, there must be a way... "
    Actually he didn’t have any other way, his heart was also very frantic for Ding LingLin's safety, he could not take any risk.

    Guo Ding knew that he was not really a very calm person. As soon as he made his move, surely Ye Kai would also be prepared to rescure the person. But he was wrong.

    If he made a move, Ye Kai would not leave him behind. Although they might be able to cope with Yi YeKu and Priest Yu Xiao, but Ding LingLing was still under Yu Xiao’s disciples. If Priest Yu Xiao forced Ye Kai with Ding LingLin, it would be impossible for Ye Kai to ignore this fact.

    His body had leapt forward.

    Suddenly, there was a sudden change coming from the window that was like Yi YeKu’s startled voice.

    "You... What are you doing?"

    Priest Yu Xiao's voice was ice-cold, "I must kill you."

    "I only come with good intention, why must you kill me?"

    Priest Yu Xiao sneered, "What kind of person do you think I am? Unexpectedly, you want to use me, you ignorant petty person, tell me why I must not kill you?"

    There were sounds of the furniture bumping around in the room, and noisy sounds of cups and plates crashing to the ground.

    Although Guo Ding had started his leap, he changed his direction quickly, and instead pasted himself on the wall.

    Ye Kai had not fallen behind too.
    They both saw this as a very good opportunity to rescue the person. Yi YeKu at least could resist Priest Yu Xiao for 20 or 30 moves. Although that was not very long, but as long as they moved quickly enough, that should be enough. Therefore they did not waste any opportunity and moved like a flash.

    Luckily the windows with a three-branched tree was a very obvious sign, they did not need to search for it. There was a light on the window also.

    There were two shadows of people on the window, a female Taoist and Ding LingLin.
    Looking at their posture, they were sitting facing each other as if playing chess.

    Guo Ding had dashed through the window, he made everything look very simple indeed.

    Ye Kai’s heart had actually sunk, he knew the shadow was not of Ding LingLin’s.

    Ding LingLin could not play chess, her eldest brother was quite an expert in this field, but the other children could not play the game. She always thought that it was quite boring for two people to just sit there, waiting to take turn placing some black and white stones on the board.

    “Is this also a trap?"
    But since Guo Ding had rushed in, Ye Kai had to just brace himself and jumped downward.

    As soon as he rushed into the room, Guo Ding immediately discovered that Ding LingLin was certainly not in this room.

    Although the young girl who sat opposite to the female Taoist was wearing Ding LingLin's clothes, and had the same hair style as Ding LingLin's, she was actually not Ding LingLin.

    If he were someone else, he might have just stood there, staring blankly at them. But Guo Ding had his own unique way to solve the problem. He pulled out his sword quickly and send it at the neck of the female Taoist. She collapsed without a sound. The other young girl did not make a sound too as Guo Ding’s sword was already at her throat.

    "Where is Miss Ding?"

    Although this young girl’s complexion had turned green with fear, but she actually exhibited a deathly calm face, not saying anything.

    Guo Ding had not asked again, instead his left hand had stretched out and ripped open the front of her clothes completely in half, revealing her snow white body, tall and erect chest, slender waist.

    This young girl's face became green with fear.

    Guo Ding said, "If you still do not say anything, I will rip you into two!"

    This young girl could not say anything in fear, just pointing out into a closet at the corner.

    The closet was very big.
    Ye Kai broke through, pulling it open, inside there was really a person who was wearing the Taoist garment. She seemed to have her accupoints sealed, but she was precisely Ding LingLin.

    Guo Ding said, "She’s there?"

    Ye Kai said, "Right!"

    With the short exchanges, Ye Kai carried Ding LingLin rightaway and fled through the window.

    Guo Ding had gently patted this young girl slightly bulge lower abdomen and smiled, "You have quickly gain some weight, later you will remember surely not to eat too much meat."


    The lamp was extinguished, the sun rays just caught the window paper.

    Cui YuZhen was using a wash cloth to dry the cold sweat of Han Zhen, she had not really walked away.

    Seeing Ye Kai carrying Ding LingLin back, she unexpectedly smiled.

    On the bed Han Zhen was still in a deep sleep. Ye Kai put down Ding LingLin carefully on the chair. He finally breathe a sigh of relief.

    Cui YuZhen said, "There was nobody pursuing behind you?"

    Ye Kai shook his head and smiled, "Even if Priest Yu Xiao discovered that she had been rescued, he also could not think of us being here."

    Guo Ding came back as he coldly said, "Now we hope he would pursue here, if he still does not come, I will also go find him."

    Ye Kai said with a smile, "If not for you, I really did not know how to force that girl to tell the truth."

    Guo Ding said, "If you want a woman to say the truth, that is certainly not difficult."

    Ye Kai said, "Oh?"

    Guo Ding said, "If you ripped a woman's clothes suddenly, very few would dare not to tell the truth."

    Ye Kai said, "I did not realize you had a lot of experience dealing with women."

    Guo Ding had smiled, "What I practice was certainly not a young lad’s achievement."

    Ye Kai had also smiled, "Such a man like you would be very difficult if you want to practice a young lad’s achievement."

    Guo Ding looked at Ding LingLin, but then shifted his eyes immediately, "Her mute accupoint is sealed?"

    Ye Kai said, "Mmm!"

    Guo Ding said, "Now she no longer needs to be mute."

    Ye Kai smiled, patted Ding LingLin's accupoint, and saw both of Ding LingLin’s beautiful eyes opened wide to see him, he thought she must be extremely happy.

    Ding LingLin actually seemed not to be awake, the eyelids were dim, after hesitating for a while she said, "Ye Kai!"

    Ye Kai said with a smile, "Didn't you recognize me?"

    Ding LingLin said, "I recognize you."

    She suddenly stretched out her hand. In her hand, there was a knife, a knife that penetrated Ye Kai’s chest.

    Fresh blood flow spouted out, spurted straight on Ding LingLin’s face, her pale face was dyed immediately with the red blood.

    Ye Kai’s face was drained of all blood, he was so startled looking at her.

    Each one of them were looking at her with astonishment. Anybody, even in his dream, would not think she was capable of committing this act of betrayal to Ye Kai.

    Ding LingLin was actually laughing like crazy, jumping up immediately and suddenly fled.

    Ye Kai had one hand to suppress the wound on chest wound. He wanted to pursue, but instead he had dropped down, and said with a trembling voice, "Pursue... Pursue her to get her back."

    Without waiting for him to say that, Guo Ding had pursued her.

    Ye Kai wanted to walk and have a look at where they were going, but the leg had become soft, and suddenly the world turned into darkness. The darkness of despair.

    The last thing he saw was Cui YuZhen’s eyes that were filled with alarm and fear and kindness.
    The last thing he heard was the sound of his head hitting the table.


    At the crack of dawn.
    The sky was gloomy, the people were all also sleeping peacefully.

    Ding LingLin was like an antelope, jumping from one ridge to the other while emitting the sound of the crazy laughter.

    "I have killed Ye Kai, I have killed Ye Kai... "

    She unexpectedly seemed to think that this was an extremely happy occasion.

    "She must be insane."

    Guo Ding displayed his own levitation skill, but only after pursuing her for a while that he could overtake her.

    "Miss Ding, please come back with me."

    Ding LingLin stared at him, completely not recognizing him, suddenly her knife slid forward towards him.

    There was blood on the knife, Ye Kai’s blood.

    Guo Ding bit his lips, evading to his backhand side and seized her knife. But before he seized her knife, his other hand had moved like lightning at her left neck. Ding LingLin's eyes suddenly straightened and her body dropped down immediately.

    There was nobody in four directions, the ridge was glowing like silver.

    Ding LingLin's call had unexpectedly not alarmed Priest Yu Xiao.

    Guo Ding carried Ding LingLin quickly as he was anxious to be back and have a look at the condition of Ye Kai’s wound. He could not care too much about male female inhibition.

    But there was nobody in that room ... nobody that lived anyway.

    The deeply-sleeping Han Zhen had been nailed tight on the bed by a long sword.
    There was congealed bloodstains, Ye Kai’s blood.

    There was also bloodstain on the table, also Ye Kai’s blood.

    But Ye Kai had disappeared, Cui YuZhen had also disappeared.

    Whose long sword was it? Who committed this act of betrayal? Why did they have to kill a half-dead person for this act of betrayal?

    Which way had Ye Kai gone to? Had Cui YuZhen brought him back to Yu Xiao Taoist?
    In any event, he was likely to be more unfortunate rather than fortunate.


    The room was very small, but it was actually very neat and clean.

    There was a locked small wooden cabinet in it. Beside it, was hanging a bronze mirror for adorning oneself.

    The cold wind blew against the window paper creating a rustle sound. There was a hanging ornament on the door, and there was an intermittent medicinal fragrant odor coming from the door.

    Ye Kai certainly had not died.

    He was awake, when he woke up, he found himself in such a place.

    Only then he discovered himself totally naked lying down on the bed, covered with three very thick cotton-wadded quilts.

    His chest wound had been wrapped up by someone with a plain white cloth, and it was wrapped up very well.

    Who wrapped it up for him?
    Actually where was that place?

    He wanted to sit, but the chest felt as if there was a knife in it. As soon as he moved, the whole body felt hurt as if it was being torn apart.

    He wanted to shout out, but by now the curtain had been raised, a person carrying the medicine bowl slowly walked in.

    Cui YuZhen.

    She had taken off her Taoist robe, instead she wore a set of black women's clothing. Her beautiful eyebrows looked tired, there was no powder on her face, the whole look was of deep concern. Seeing Ye Kai awake, her eyebrows became clear.

    "How did I get here?"
    When Ye Kai asked this, he immediately realized this was just a useless question, certainly Cui YuZhen had rescued him and brought him here.

    Cui YuZhen had walked closer, gently putting the medicine bowl at the side of the bed.
    Each of her movement looked very gentle, completely different from that alluring swaying limbs that moved from side to side following the reed sound.

    Ye Kai looked at her, suddenly he felt safe, his heart had concluded this for him.
    But he actually could not stop himself from asking, "What place is this?"

    Cui YuZhen hung her head, gently blowing the medicine. Only after a very long time she replied, “Someone’s home."

    "Whose family?"

    “A businessman selling tea."

    Ye Kai said, "You know him?"

    Cui YuZhen had not really replied, instead she gently said, "You receive a very heavy wound. I feared Priest Yu Xiao would look for you, so I had to get you away quickly."

    She was a very careful woman, she thought of consequences very thoroughly.

    If Ye Kai had stayed in that room, perhaps he would also have been already nailed tight by a long sword on the bed.

    Cui YuZhen also said, "But this is my first time to Chang An city, so I did not know anyone. When the day started, I really did not know where I should take you."

    Ye Kai said, "Therefore you rush in to this place?"

    Cui YuZhen reasoned, "This is a very ordinary small family’s house, absolutely nobody will suspect of you being here."

    Ye Kai said, "You do not know the master here?"

    Cui YuZhen had to acknowledge, "I do not know him."
    She had said that she did not know anyone in Chang An city.

    Ye Kai said, "Now where are they?"

    Cui YuZhen hesitated, after a very long time, only then she gently said, "They have been killed by me."

    She hung her head and did not dare to look at Ye Kai, she feared that Ye Kai would scold her.

    But Ye Kai did not even said one word.
    He was certainly not an overly virtuous gentleman, he knew that if not for Cui YuZhen, he might have died easily under someone’s hand.

    There were really many people who wanted to kill him in Chang An city.
    A woman braved the danger to rescue him, also wholeheartedly looked after him for his safety, instead of trying to kill him.
    Did you expect him to be cruel enough to blame her, or even saying rebuke for her?

    Cui YuZhen said, "When I rushed into this place, there were two people sleeping on the bed, I originally thought that they were husbands and wives."

    Ye Kai finally could not bear asking, "Aren't they?"

    Cui YuZhen shook her head and said, "That female was over 30 years old, the male was actually at most only 17-18 years old. I forced them to talk before the youth told the truth. The original husband was buying tea at a far place, the wife had enticed the apprentice which did some odd jobs for the family.

    Cui YuZhen’s face seemed to blush as she continued, "These two people had betrayed her husband, betrayed his own master, only then I dared to kill them, I... I only hoped you do not think I am a cruel and merciless woman."

    Ye Kai looked at her, his heart was suddenly overwhelmed.

    She had done these matters for him, had braved such big danger for him, but she did not expect him to feel grateful, did not expect him to repay the debt.

    Her only hope was unexpectedly the hope that he would not take her lightly.
    His consideration was unexpectedly so important to her.

    Ye Kai could not bear to sigh, "I also hope you understand something."

    "What is it?"

    Ye Kai said, "If some people thought you did not do the right thing or thought that you were a cruel and merciless woman, that person would certainly be a hypocrite, a big bastard."

    He was smiling and continued, "I hope you believe than I am not this kind of bastard."

    Cui YuZhen had really smiled, she smiled as if the cold winter had already passed by, and spring had arrived.

    “Are you ready for the medicine?"

    She helped Ye Kai up, like a mother taking care of her child, she was feeding this bowl of medicine to his mouth.

    "This is a medicine which I made, I do not dare to look for a doctor as I fear other people can find out your whereabouts from the doctor’s mouth."

    She was really an extremely careful woman, she thought of the consequences very thoroughly.

    Ye Kai looked at her, his heart was filled with warm and gratitude. He smiled, "When I met you, it was really fortunate. It seems that anything is possible for you to obtain."

    Cui YuZhen hesitated before suddenly saying, "I cannot actually think through why she tried to kill you?"

    Ye Kai’s smiling face had lost its brightness.

    Cui YuZhen said, "I know I really should not mention this matter, but I really cannot think through. You went through all the consequences to rescue her, why must she commit this act of betrayal to you?"

    Ye Kai had actually smiled, "I thought... She certainly had her reason."

    "What reason?"

    "In jiang-hu there are many possible reasons for something bad. I do not necessarily know the exact reason."

    "Your do not blame her at all?"

    Ye Kai shook his head and said, "She did such thing certainly was compelled by an evil plan that could confuse someone’s mind and purpose. After regaining her consciousness, she certainly will feel even more hurt than I do, how can I still blame her?"

    His voice was filled with concern.

    The person’s knife had nearly killed him, but he was actually considering that person’s feeling after regaining consciousness. As for his pain, he did not really care about it at all.

    Cui YuZhen looked at him, her beautiful eyes suddenly started to shed teardrops quickly.

    "Are you crying? Why are you suddenly sad?"

    Cui YuZhen had slowly wiped the tear drops, she reluctantly said with a smile, "I am certainly not sad, I was only thinking that if one day, someone will do the same for me, thinking about me everytime, everywhere, then I..."

    She had not finished her words, her tears had flowed off again because she knew that she would never meet such a person. Because she knew that although this person now was in her embrace, but his heart actually belonged to someone else. Moreover he could very well leave her in a very short time.

    She certainly did not envy her, nor feeling painful about it. She only felt the kind of sadness which could not be spoken.

    She was already a mature woman, but all of her life had always been very lonely.
    Lonely, how fearful was loneliness...

    The ice-cold teardrops, drop by drop fell on Ye Kai’s clothes.
    But it started to burn on Ye Kai’s heart, sending the heat of the pain it originated.

    He was certainly not someone whose heart was made of stone, nor of wood.
    But what could he do?


    The room gradually became darker, dusk had silently became closer.
    Dusk was always beautiful, beautiful time for people to meet the loved ones.

    Earlier, Cui YuZhen had boiled some rice mixed with grease and ate a bowl with some sauce. But actually for Ye Kai, she made a pot of thin rice gruel.

    She blushingly said, "I originally wanted to buy some ginseng to make soup... "

    But she did not have any money. Ye Kai also did not have any. He suddenly noted her jade hairpin had disappeared in the background.

    "I originally wanted to open that cabinet inside, to see whether it had some money, but I did not dare to do it."

    She really had the natural disposition of a very good girl, moreover she was truly a gentle girl.

    Ye Kai had slowly sipped the gruel, his heart was suddenly overwhelmed.

    If he were only a small businessman who had some small business transactions. If they were truly husbands and wives. If they had not suffered all these past events, wouldn’t they actually be more happy?

    But presently... If he could still abandon everything, if she were also willing to accompany him, if...

    Ye Kai wanted to lay low forever, but he could not wish for it. The tranquil life might call him, providing an irresistible enticement to him. But how could such a person like him have those kind of days? How many people that were born in this world could also have their own wish, who could choose their own life style?

    Dimness of the night gradually became deeper.

    They had not spoken at all, wholeheartedly enjoying this moment of tranquility, because they knew this that kind of day would end very quickly.

    Ye Kai were not willing to think of anything. Only he felt his eyelids gradually becoming very heavy. He had shed a lot of blood, he had thought a lot, and he felt his body grown very cold.

    In this dim place, he felt himself gradually sinking to an icehouse, his whole body felt cold and trembling, even the lips were so cold that it turned into blue. But how could that happened? After all those cotton-wadded quilts that served as cover for him?

    His complexion became more and more fearful, shaking like a piece leaf in the cold wind. What method could be done to make him warm?

    As long as he could stay warm, she was willing to do anything within her means. Suddenly, her face became red. She had thought of a method, the most primitive way to warm up someone.

    Ye Kai no longer trembled, his face also gradually became reddish again. Only then he discovered that there was a totally naked person resting near his body, making an effort to cuddle him. Her body was smooth and soft, but also hot like a collection of fire.

    Ye Kai let his eyes look at her. Her face was also as if being burned. If there were someone else, she would shrink herself inside of anything.

    What was the taste of happiness for Ye Kai?

    There was no words of gratitude that could describe his emotion at the moment. While no words could describe what happened, he also could feel her body gently trembling. But that was certainly not because of the cold...


    Darkness reigned outside the window.

    The cold wind howled in the dark, but the dark and cold had seemed to move very, very far away from them.

    They had suddenly completely belonged to their own world. This world was filled with happiness and tranquility. But it was only a pity that this kind of happiness was like a mirage. Although it was beautiful, it was also actually unreal. Like the blossom of a wild flower, although it was beautiful, it was only for a very short time.

    Suddenly, the door was opened, a person rushed in.

    They never expected anyone.
    The lamp had not been extinguished.

    The person’s face was pale. The eyes were filled with anger. They were looking at them bitterly, as if he wished he could kill them on the bed with a knife.

    They actually did not recognize this person, they had never seen his face before.

    Cui YuZhen in a fluster had shouted out, "Who are you, why do you rush in here?"

    This person bitterly stared at her, suddenly he sneered, "This is my home, why can't I come here?"

    Cui YuZhen was astounded, Ye Kai was also astounded.

    This head of the family had suddenly come back. When a man got home, and discovered two strange man and woman resting on his own bed, regardless of how angry he was, it was easy to sympathize with him.

    Although Cui YuZhen was originally very startled and very angry, now she was discouraged like a burst bubble, she could not say anything at all.

    This person clenched his teeth, stared at her and roared, "I only went for two months, how dare you to sneak in someone here, aren't you afraid I will butcher you?"

    Cui YuZhen was startled, "You... What did you say?"

    "I ask you, why you do commit this shameful matter, who is this lover?"

    Does this person's eyes have problem that he unexpectedly regarded her as his own wife?

    Cui YuZhen said that, "You... You are not looking at the wrong person?"

    This person got angrier, "I am looking at the wrong person? You were married since 16 years old to me, even if you turned into burned ash, I will still recognize you."

    Cui YuZhen could not bear to shout out, "You are insane, I have never seen you."

    "Do you also dare not to acknowledge that you are my wife?"

    "Certainly I am not."

    "If you were not my wife, why are you sleeping on my bed?"

    Cui YuZhen could not say anything.

    This person stared at Ye Kai, he maliciously said, "What thing are you? Why do you and my wife sleep on the same bed?"

    Ye Kai also did not know what to say, he suddenly discovered that the conversation was so absurd that he really did not know actually how the matter stood.

    This person said, "Luckily I am the kind of person who is both lenient and tolerant. What matter you have made, I have forgiven both of you. But now since I have come back, shouldn’t you give this warm bed to me?"

    Unexpectedly he really walked closer, and seemed to start taking off his clothes, ready to go to bed and sleep.

    Cui YuZhen shouted out, making an effort to push Ye Kai forward, "I am not his wife, I simply do not recognize him, you surely cannot let him here."

    Ye Kai certainly could not, but how should he manage this?

    When a totally naked person lying down on someone else’s bed found himself in this mess, how could he manage to resolve this?

    At this moment, there was a big laughter from the door. A person was holding her belly, laughing while walking.

    Seeing this person, Ye Kai could not smile.

    Shangguan XiaoXian!

    This awful person had unexpectedly appeared just at this awful time.

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    Default Chapter 14: Life-snatching flying dagger

    Chapter 14: Life-snatching flying dagger - TRANSLATED BY FASTCLOCK

    If you were looking for that person, you would not be able to find, but if you did not want him to come, he would suddenly appear right in front of you.

    Shangguan XiaoXian seemed to be this kind of person.

    With her hand holding her belly, she said to Ye Kai with a smile, "You have occupied someone else’s room, someone else’s bed. When that person came back, you did not have anything to say. And then that person only asked you to yield that place, but you were still not willing to yield that. This seems to be quite unreasonable."

    She had not finished her words, before she laughed tearfully, laughing until she bent her waist.

    Ye Kai instead swallowed his anger. Now he had finally understood what was happening.
    This woman was not only a smart fox, she was simply a all-knowing ghost. Simply, she could obtain anything she wanted, she could find out any pattern.

    Cui YuZhen looked at her with a startle, and she could not bear asking, "What person is she?"

    Ye Kai said, "She is not a person."

    Shangguan XiaoXian said with a smile, "Right, I am not the person, I am a living deity. Wherever you go for your hiding place, I will find you."

    Ye Kai had not asked how she found them.
    She obviously had watched Ye Kai continuously in secret, like a smart shadow.

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "But I had not actually expected that the taoist priest girl could bring you to such a place. If she were not anxiously trying to get some medicine for you, I really almost could not find you."

    She walked closer to the head of the bed, taking the empty medicine bowl up to smell it. She said with a smile, "It is only a pity that she is not really a good doctor. Even if drink 800 catties of this kind of medicine, it still would not be useful."

    Cui YuZhen’s face became suffused with anger. However she had to ask, "You can cure his wound?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "I am not a doctor, but I actually asked the best doctor to come for him."

    That angry husband now did not appear to have the blazing anger he had a moment ago, instead he was looking at them with a smile.

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "This was the skilled artist and the highly skilled doctor in the last few years 'the skilled artist and physician Hua' Hua Ziqing. If you have any experience, you would certainly know him."

    Ye Kai indeed knew him.

    Hua father and son were indeed very famous physicians in jiang-hu. They had the best prescription for the treatment of flesh wounds.

    But both these father and son had similar problem, they would steal from the patients.

    They simply did not need to steal, but since they were born they had liked stealing, they would steal anything. If you asked them to cure of a wounded person, they could steal the person clean. The words “the skilled artist" originated from this habit.

    Ye Kai finally smiled, "I did not know that your excellency is not only wise in the medical knowledge, but also capable of acting very well."

    Hua Ziqing had also smiled, "You should understand something, if you want to steal something, you certainly must learn how to act well."


    "Because you certainly learn how to impersonate all kinds of person, only then, can you steal all kinds of thing from various places."

    He smiled as he continued, "For example said, if you want to steal something from the temple, you need to impersonate the buddhist priest, if stealing the ceramics, you must impersonate the brothel customer (?)."

    Ye Kai said, "If you steal from the big shop owner, you must impersonate a boss of a big shop owner."

    Hua Ziqing clapped his hands and said, "Your excellency is a very quick learner, you understand everything right off. If you study this line of work, I can guarantee that within three months you will become an expert."

    Shangguan XiaoXian charmingly said, "Now he is already an expert, therefore if you are curing the wounds for him, you must be very careful, otherwise he might steal you clean instead."

    Hua Ziqing said with a smile, "I have stolen from other people for several dozens of years, if other people can steal from me at one time, that should also be interesting." He smiled as he walked closer, while also saying, "As long as there was no poison on the knife, I dare to guarantee that in three days, your excellency could kill people again."

    Cui YuZhen suddenly said loudly, "Wait, wait."

    Hua Ziqing, "Wait for what?"

    Cui YuZhen said, "How do I know you really come to cure his wound?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian interrupted her and coldly said, "If I wanted to kill him now, that would be simply easier than eating the bean curd, why do I have to spend so much to do that?"

    Cui YuZhen sneered.

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "You do not believe me?"

    Cui YuZhen was still sneering.

    Shangguan XiaoXian’s body suddenly fluttered up lightly like the cloud, fluttering above them. Cui YuZhen suddenly felt an ice-cold hand lifting the bedding and gently pinched her chest. When she looked again, Shangguan XiaoXian had flew back, standing in her original place, grinning while looking at her, "I heard Eastern Sea Yu Xiao could pick and tire people, but your body is still very elastic. It seems that you can cope with the man very well."

    Cui YuZhen’s face became red and blue, as the anger was quickly replaced by her near-to-crying.

    Shangguan XiaoXian easily said, "This is something that a women should be proud of, no need to feel embarrassed. When we have the time, perhaps I also must study with you."

    Cui YuZhen complexion had turned white, she knew this woman was intentionally insulting her, but she could only endure it.

    Why did some people who had managed to move forward and left the past, still had to pay the painful price?

    Why did some people had to force these other people to relive the pain? Only then would they feel their own joy?

    Cui YuZhen’s tears had flowed off, but Shangguan XiaoXian’s face had actually revealed the smile of victory.

    Ye Kai suddenly said that, "Tumble out!"

    Shangguan XiaoXian seemed to be startled, "Who are you calling to tumble out?"


    "I came with good intention to ask him to cure your wound, you actually order me to tumble out?"

    Ye Kai said sternly, “Right, I order you to tumble out!"

    Shangguan XiaoXian’s complexion had changed a little before she sneered, "Don't you fear I will kill you?"

    "You think you can really kill me?"

    "You do not believe me?"

    "I only want to remind you something."


    "This matter."

    His hand slowly stretched out from under the blanket.

    His hand impressively held a knife, three inches seven minute long dagger, the flying dagger!
    The thin but very sharp dagger was sparkling under the lamp.

    Shangguan XiaoXian’s face became green, seemingly frozen by the light of the dagger’s reflection. Hua Ziqing’s face seemed to quiver.

    Little Li’s flying dagger!
    This was a flying dagger which was directly descended from Little Li Tanhua!
    This was the flying dagger which never came up empty.

    Regardless of how fearful a master was in jiang-hu, all could not hide from the attack of this knife.

    Ye Kai coldly said, "Originally I am not willing to kill people, but you should better not force my hand."

    Shangguan XiaoXian sneeringly said, "You can still kill people now?"

    "You want to try?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian did not dare to try.

    Nobody dared! Nobody dared to gamble with his own life as this was like losing the whole stake, decided only on a single throw of the dice.

    Shangguan XiaoXian gave a long sigh before reluctantly said with a smile, "Do you think your wound will recover soon?"

    "I only want you to tumble out."

    Shangguan XiaoXian sighed, "I cannot roll away, but I will go out?"

    She really walked away, Hua Ziqing certainly walked quickly behind. At the entrance, she suddenly turned her head and said, "I almost forgot to tell you something."

    Ye Kai said, "What?"

    "Do you want to know Miss Ding’s whereabout presently?"

    Ye Kai did not speak, he certainly wanted to know.

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "She was sharing the same place with Guo Ding, just like you, they were also resting on a bed."

    Ye Kai sneered, "Why do you say something like this in front of me? You know perfectly well that it will not be useful."

    Shangguan XiaoXian easily said, "You do not believe they can do something like that?"

    Ye Kai certainly did not believe her.

    Shangguan XiaoXian easily said, "Perhaps they intended to be faithful to you. But what if, Miss Ding’s body felt awfully cold? Guo Ding would share the same kind intention as this Taoist priest girl? If there were some poisonous injury in a shameful place, Guo Ding still need to rescue her, why could not he suck the poison out??"

    Ye Kai’s complexion had changed.

    Shangguan XiaoXian revealed the victorious smile, pulling Hua Ziqing by the hand, she said with a smile, "Although he is heartless towards me, I still cannot abandon my righteousness towards him. Leave behind the package of medicines for him, let us go."

    With that she finally really walked away.

    Ye Kai had sat up to talk, but suddenly he crumpled down.

    Cui YuZhen lost her composure, "You... You alright?"

    Ye Kai sighed and said painstakingly with a smile, "Luckily you put my dagger under the pillow, luckily she had not tried to oppose me."

    Cui YuZhen said, "You could not injure her a moment ago?"

    Ye Kai looked at the dagger in his hand, his face had became very serious. He said, "This dagger cannot just rely on the hand to throw it to kill. It needs all the spirit and strength of the whole body before I can throw the dagger, but now... "

    But now, that possibility was not even worth speaking of.

    Cui YuZhen looked at him, her tears had flowed off, "I knew you did that for me, because only then would she walk away. But why did you have to take this kind of danger for me... I am someone who deserved to be insulted."

    "Nobody should receive any insult. Also nobody has the right to insult someone else." Although his voice was gentle, it was actually very firm.

    "He taught me how to use this dagger, so other people in this world should understand this truth through me, that they should not forget this."

    Cui YuZhen’s eyes had also brightened, she slowly said, "I think he must be a great person."

    Ye Kai’s eyes looked afar, with an indescribable feeling, "He often said that he was only a very ordinary person. But what he had accomplished, actually nobody had been able to achieve it."

    This was also why Li XunHoan was considered great, therefore no matter where he was, he would always live forever in people's heart.


    The light had gradually become dimmer, the lamp oil seemed to have run dry.

    Cui YuZhen suddenly heaved a long sigh, "Now I am only worried about one thing."

    "You are worried she can tell my whereabouts to other people, you are also worried she might come back?"


    "She cannot do that, she only hopes my wound will heal quickly."


    "Because she wants me to fight other people for her."

    Cui YuZhen did not understand.

    "That day she intentionally directed Yu Xiao to look for me because she wanted me to fight him, creating enmity between people. She also want me to kill Guo Ding and Yi YeKu for her, to kill anyone who could possibly block her road."

    "But, she should know also that you will not kill other people for her."

    Ye Kai smiled bitterly, "As long as we fight each other, regardless of who wins or who loses, she will always benefit as the third party bystander."

    Ye Kai nodded, "Therefore she certainly do not hope I am injured because she does not want me to die quickly."

    Cui YuZhen felt her hands and feet became ice-cold, she really did not expect that there was such a sinister poisonous woman in this world.

    Ye Kai seemed to be thinking deeply about something, suddenly he said, "Therefore there is one thing I still don’t understand."

    "What is it?"

    Ye Kai hesitated before he said, “That person who forced you to play the reed in Leng Xiangyuan was possibly under Yu Xiao’s order."

    Cui Yu said in consternation, "Why would he do that?"

    "Because he already knew that you had the disposition of being a very nice person. He also had already known that you were discontented with him, that you wanted to leave him."

    Cui YuZhen hung her head as she gently said, "Recently, I had always tried to find excuses to evade him."

    Ye Kai said, "He also knew that I would come to Leng Xiangyuan to find him, therefore he intentionally installed you to wait there, intentionally letting you know Ding LingLin's whereabouts so I could find out."

    Cui YuZhen had not understood it, "Did he intentionally want you to rescue Miss Ding?"

    Ye Kai nodded, "Because he had used the soul absorbing method to control Ding LingLin, so as soon as Ding LingLin saw me, she would kill me."

    Cui YuZhen changed her countenance and said, "Right, therefore he intentionally put her in the room, which window had the three-branched tree outside, so you could easily find it."

    "But in order for me not to suspect anything, he could not reveal this opportunity to be that easy."

    "Therefore he had intentionally created many mysteries, so you could never suspect this as a setup."

    "He did not kidnap Ding LingLin to get Shangguan XiaoXian, but for my life."

    Cui YuZhen clenched her teeth bitterly, "I never knew he was such a sinister poisonous person before."

    "But he was actually not someone from the Gold Coin Clan, because Shangguan XiaoXian certainly did not want me to die, as she also did not know that he used this method. Therefore I somewhat cannot understand something."

    "What can't you understand?"

    "I can't understand how he could also use the soul absorbing method."

    "The people who can do this evil technique are very few?"

    "The people who knew the method are many, but the people who are truly skilled are actually only a few, and most of them are the Devil Sect’s leaders."

    Cui YuZhen’s countenance changed, "Devil Sect?"

    "You also have heard of it?"

    "I always think that is only in the stories, I did not know there is really the Devil Sect in this world."

    "You have never heard Yu Xiao mentioning the Devil Sect?"


    "How long have you been with him?"
    Cui YuZhen averted Ye Kai’s eyes, "Nearly two years."
    Her face revealed a great deal of sorrow and detest.
    During these two years, she felt her life had been in hell.

    Ye Kai waited for her mood to calm down, and only then asked, "During these two years, in what places had he been usually?"

    "He has a very sleek big ship, usually he always stays on the ship. But every 12 months, who will look for a seaport to anchor, to replenish grain and fresh water."

    She thought before she continued, "But every several months, he actually stopped on a deserted island for 6-7 days. He would not let any other people go ashore or disembark."

    Ye Kai’s eyes had brightened, he suddenly remembered Auntie Tie’s words, "... This time the Sect is preparing for the big movement in the Divine Peak, to set up the leadership again, the four great heavenly gods and princesses ..."

    "What are you thinking?"

    Ye Kai gave along sigh, "I originally suspected this, but I did not dare to believe it."

    "What did you suspect?"

    "I suspected Yu Xiao belonged to the Devil Sect, moreover he was one of the four great heavenly gods of the Devil Sect’s leaders."

    Cui YuZhen’s complexion became pale, suddenly she gripped his hand and said, "Does your wound hurt?"

    Ye Kai nodded.

    "It is said the Devil Sect’s knife is always poisonous."


    "If the knife is poisonous, why do you only feel the pain from the wound?"

    If the knife is poisonous, one could not think of any pain, one would just lie still numbly.

    Ye Kai said with a smile, "Even when the knife is poisonous, I will not die."


    "Because I am a strange person, my blood has an anti- poison effect which especially reduce the poison effect from the Devil Sect."

    Cui YuZhen was startled, staring at him with big eyes, "You were born with it?"

    Ye Kai shook his head and said, "I only acquired it recently."

    "How can you have it?"

    "My mother used to be one of the princesses of the Devil Sect’s leaders."

    Cui YuZhen was startled, she could not bear asking, "Now?"

    Ye Kai smiled, "Now she was only a very ordinary old woman, living peacefully enjoying her years, hoping that her son can go back often to visit her."

    "But you do not live with her?"

    "That is because she also has a son that accompanies her."

    He looked afar gently as he slowly said, "Although this son is not really of her own, but he is actually more filial than myself, her own son."

    "Is he similar to you?'

    Ye Kai smiled, "He is not like me, he is a very strange person. But actually compared to me, he is more attractive, he does not speak about useless things, I hope I will become like him some day."

    Cui YuZhen charmingly said, "I hope I can see him also. Since he is your brother, he is certainly also a very good person."

    Her heart was suddenly filled with future happy expectation that she could not stop herself from asking, "What is his name?"

    Ye Kai spoke his name, "Fu HongXue!"


    Hua Ziqing had left two packages of medicine behind, one to be taken orally, and the other one to be externally applied. The one that was to be taken orally had a soothing and calming effect that let Ye Kai slept a lot. He woke up a lot happier because the pain from his wound had been diminished significantly, moreover he smelled something good from the cooked gruel.

    Cui YuZhen must be cooking some gruel for him in the kitchen. The sunlight came in through the window, the wind was very light, today’s weather must be really good.

    Ye Kai nearly forgot all his worries and bawled, "If the boiled gruel does not come immediately, you have to add three big bowls for me."


    The curtain suddenly raised, the big bowl of gruel flew in and “crack” at the wall.

    Ye Kai was astounded. The chicken gruel slowly dripped down the wall. Finally someone sneered and appeared suddenly.

    Yi YeKu.
    He wore a red long gown with black peony embroidery, still looking very much like a corpse.

    Ye Kai had suddenly smiled to him, "You came early."

    Yi YeKu coldly said, "Although you didn’t wake up early, it is just at the right moment."


    "If you had woken up later, I fear you would never wake up again.."

    Ye Kai had smiled, "Although it is unfortunate that you come, it is still really too early."

    Yi YeKu coldly said, "The early bird get to eat the worms, the late ones will have to eat the waste. If I did not get here early, I would not be so fortunate to be able to see that female rebel, who betrayed us."

    Ye Kai sighed, "It seems that being early is not that good. If she was not early, how could she got hit preposterously?"

    "That is your fault."

    "My fault?"

    "If she had not been charmed by you, that she would wake up so early, how could she have gone to that inn to inquire the news about Han Zhen?"

    Ye Kai’s heart sunk low. Yesterday evening, he had asked Cui YuZhen. She did not know how Han Zhen was. As she saw that Ye Kai was injured, she only considered saving Ye Kai and run away from the place. She was not so worried about the other people.

    Ye Kai had not asked her again, nor blamed her. But his heart actually felt a little ashamed, a little uncomfortable, as he felt sorry for Han Zhen.

    Therefore Cui YuZhen’s heart was also very uncomfortable. She could see that Ye Kai, although he did not mention it, wanted the information. Disregarding the possible consequences, she had gone to inquire about it for him.

    "She predicted correctly that Yu Xiao had walked away, but she did not realize that I had unexpectedly stayed there."

    Ye Kai could not bear asking, "That evening he had not killed you?"

    "You think he was really trying to kill me?"

    “That is not real?"

    "We were only playacting. We set it up for you to see, so you could have the opportunity to rescue the person."

    "At that time you had discovered that I was outside?"

    "As soon as you entered that courtyard, he had known that."

    Ye Kai sighed and said bitterly, "It seems that I had truly underestimated him."

    "He also had underestimated you, he thought you must have died for sure."


    Yi YeKu said, "I knew that you were not the kind of person to die easily."

    "Finally, you were not wrong."

    "But now, if you do not hand over Shangguan XiaoXian, you will surely die."

    Ye Kai sighed, "Ah... but you are wrong this time."

    "You should better understand something."

    "Just say it."

    "I like killing people."

    "That is true."

    "Most of all, I want to kill you!"

    "That is also true."

    "Therefore, if you do not quickly hand over Shangguan XiaoXian, I will not wait anymore. I rather not have her, as I must kill you too."

    "You should better understand something too," Ye Kai said.

    "I will let you say it."

    "I do not like killing people, but you are the kind of person that is actually the exception."

    Yi YeKu sneered, "Now you can kill me?"

    "I cannot, but this can."

    As soon as his hand fllipped, the dagger was already in his hand. Three inches seven minute long dagger, the flying dagger.

    Yi YeKu looked at this dagger, his pupil contracted immediately.
    He certainly knew that this is the descendant of Little Li Tanhua’s flying dagger, which never come up empty once it is dispatched.

    Ye Kai said, "I only hope you do not compel me to kill you."
    Before he made his move, he always say this same sentence.

    Because this dagger was not just thrown with the hand. To send this dagger, one must use the spirit and the strength of the whole body. Once the dagger was dispatched, he no longer had control over it

    Yi YeKu stared at this dagger before he slowly said, "I recognize this dagger."

    "You should recognize it well."

    "It is a pity though that you are not Little Li Tanhua."

    "I am not."

    Yi YeKu said, "You are now lying here wasted and injured. Your dagger has become a dagger that cannot kill even a dog."

    Ye Kai said, "This dagger does not kill dogs, only kills people."

    Yi YeKu said loudly with a smile, "But actually I must try to see whether it can kill me."

    Other people had gauged Ye Kai’s reputation and claimed his ability to handle hidden weapons, but this dagger was not a hidden weapon.

    This dagger was not merely a common knife, but was one of a kind that could not be broken, offering the irresistible power.

    With a flash of the dagger, Yi YeKu’s body suddenly flew and twisted in the air before he fell down.

    He had not shouted, nor shown some struggles. All of a sudden, he became like an empty sack.

    There was a dagger on his throat.

    The flying dagger! The only above and under, unique flying dagger.

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    Default Chapter 15: Unsentimental pity

    Chapter 15: Unsentimental pity - TRANSLATED BY FASTCLOCK

    Ye Kai calmly sat there, there was an indescribable expression in his eyes, like pity, like loneliness. Killing someone was definitely not a happy occasion.

    But there was actually a sound of tinkling laughter outside, Shangguan XiaoXian’s laughter.

    "Good quick dagger." The laughter was heard outside the window, but she herself had come in from window, gliding in like a swallow.

    Ye Kai calmly sat there, not even looking at her. Now, whenever she appeared, Ye Kai was no longer surprised.

    Shangguan XiaoXian clapped her hands with a smile, "I was not wrong at all, I have never seen such a quick dagger."

    Ye Kai suddenly sneered, "You want to see that again?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "I did not say that. I also know that you will not kill me, killing a wretched solitary girl with this dagger. If Little Li Tanhua had known about it, he would be very angry."

    She tenderly smiled as she continued, "Moreover, you really should feel grateful to me. If I had not asked Hua Ziqing yesterday to leave that two packages of medicines behind, you probably would not be able to kill him today."

    Ye Kai could not deny it.

    Shangguan XiaoXian charmingly said, "But I am also very grateful to you, because you have finally killed someone for me."

    These words were like a sharp whip that hit Ye Kai. Knowing fully well that someone had used you, was indeed not something to make you feel better.

    Ye Kai coldly said, "I have already killed one, I can kill for the second time."

    "I believe you."

    "Therefore you should better go away quickly."

    "You really want me to go away?"


    Shangguan XiaoXian gently sighed, "Am I really that uglier compared to that female taoist priest? Can't I serve you just like her?"

    At the head of the bed, there were several folded clean clothes. This must have been prepared by Cui YuZhen. But where was she now? How about Ding LingLin?

    Ye Kai had picked up the clothes, he did not want to lie down again.

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "You had to go? Where to?"

    Ye Kai kept silent.

    Shangguan XiaoXian easily said, "If you want to find her, I urge you to just lay aside your anxiety, because you certainly will not find her."

    Ye Kai wanted to say something, but then just close his mouth. He had understood Shangguan XiaoXian very well. If she did not want to say something, nobody could obtain that information. If she wanted to say it, you did not need to ask her.

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "If you wanted to find Ding LingLin, you should be better off talking with me here. Because even if you found her, you would not feel comfortable with what you might find."

    Ye Kai did not listen.

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "Perhaps you can find someone now."

    Ye Kai started putting on his boots.

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "Now, the only person you can find is Han Zhen. You may even find him as soon as you start looking, do you know why?"

    Ye Kai did not ask. her

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "Because he had lain down in the coffin, his whole body cannot move at all."

    Ye Kai had suddenly stood up, his eyes that stared at her, were burning like fire.

    Shangguan XiaoXian had smiled, "You know perfectly well that I did not kill him, why are you staring at me? You should consider taking the revenge for him by finding first his enemy."

    She lightly continued, "But I urge you not to go. Now, you should only do one sensible thing, to lie down and sleep well."

    Ye Kai had not listened to her saying these words as he had rushed out of there.


    The lid of the coffin had not been nailed on.

    Light coffin, short life.
    Han Zhen’s face seemed to be in a deep sleep, he originally died while in a deep sleep.

    "When we discovered him, he already could not be saved. We had to buy the coffin first and set him up temporarily for burial. But we actually did not know his name or whether he had relatives. We only hoped he had some relatives or friends to receive his corpse."

    This innkeeper was actually not an unkind person. Although the coffin was thin, it was always much stronger than the straw mat.

    "Thank you."

    Ye Kai was really very grateful. But he actually felt strong regret and guilt.

    If not for him, Han Zhen would not be injured. If not for his carelessness, Han Zhen’s wound might originally be cured, but presently Han Zhen had died while he had actually lived.

    "How did he die?"

    “He was nailed tight by a sword on the bed."

    "A sword?"

    "The sword is here."

    The sword glittered. It looked like a very classic elegant sword, the fine steel was extremely strong and sharp. The sword had been cleaned of the bloodstains, and wrapped in a yellow cloth.

    "The two helpers had to make a really big effort to draw out this sword."

    The innkeeper was flattering himself, taking some undeserved credit. Although he was not an unkind person, but he hoped he could gain something , a compensation, and he would not want to miss the opportunity.

    Ye Kai surely understood about that. But he was thinking deeply about something else.

    “Is it possible that this sword was thrown inside from the window, then it pierced Han Zhen’s face, and nailed him on the bed?"

    "The strength needed to throw like that would not be small at all."

    The innkeeper also said, "That girl who stayed with you at the inn together with you, also came back the evening before yesterday evening. She looked like she had gotten sick as she was being carried by the person who defeated Nangong Yuan, Hero Guo."

    "Where have they gone to?"

    "We did not know that, they only appeared all of a sudden."

    A helper added, "That evening I was on duty. I had just entered the courtyard and then I saw a flash of light in the room, that looked like the lightning."

    "I tried to go quickly over there, but by then your friend had been nailed to the bed. Then, Hero Guo came back carrying that girl. When Hero Guo and Nangong Yuan clashed with their swords, I was also supporting their fight, therefore I recognized him."

    "Then I reported the occasion to the storekeeper, by the time I came here again, Hero Guo and that girl had disappeared."

    Ye Kai nodded his head.

    This sword was really thrown inside from the window, therefore this inn helper only saw that flash of the sword. When this murderer wanted to retrieve his weapon, Guo Ding came back.

    The only time the murderer had was the time between Cui YuZhen carrying Ye Kai out of the front door and Guo Ding returning with Ding LingLin.

    That time could not be that long, perhaps then he did not have the time to retrieve the sword. Perhaps because he was anxious, he had left the sword. The two helpers needed to expend a lot of effort to retrieve the sword.

    "Where did Guo Ding take Ding LingLin?"

    "Why did they not stay here and wait? Should he go and look for him?"

    He could only consider these questions, but for now he only want to think about one thing. He could not let Han Zhen die in vain. The regrets in his heart had slowly turned into anger.

    "Will you let me carry this sword?"

    "Certainly... "

    Ye Kai requested that and then started walking.

    The innkeeper became anxious, "Doesn't your honor want to help prepare this friend's corpse?"

    "I will come back, I will come again the day after tomorrow."

    Ye Kai certainly knew what was in this innkeeper’s mind, but at the time he did not have a single cent on his body, so instead he pretended not to know.


    The sunlight was bright.
    It was the first time in ten days that the sun was shining so brightly.

    The snow on the street had melted, causing the road to be full of mud.
    But there were many people walking on the street, everybody wanted to enjoy this rare good weather, so they went out for a walk.

    "Eight sides Escort Bureau"

    The gold-lettered signboard that glittered under the sunlight that, had an uncommon styling. An old person wearing black clothes was cleaning the snow and the mud in front of the door.

    Ye Kai strode in.
    When he walked even a little quickly, the wound of his chest started to hurt, but he was actually walking very quickly. He did not care about the pain in his body.

    When he entered the courtyard, two people were coming out from the front hall.

    One was a person that was over 40 years old. His attire was very magnificent, the face was very stern and authoritative, his hands were inside his waist, making some “tinkling” sound. The other one was comparatively young. He kept a very neat small beard, and he had fair face and clean hands.

    Ye Kai quickly greeted them.

    When his mood was good, he was a very polite person, however his mood was not good now. He held the fist of one hand in the other but not the other way around, then he asked, “Whose escort bureau is this?”

    The older one looked at him up and down with both eyes, and then responded with a calm face, “I am the owner.”

    To an impolite person, he certainly could not be too polite. The “iron guts in eight sides of town” Dai GaoGang was certainly not someone to be trifled with.

    "Who are you, who are you looking for?"

    Ye Kai said, "I am looking for you."

    Dai GaoGang said, "What instructions do you have for me?"

    Ye Kai said, "Two things."

    "You might as well say the first one."

    "I need to borrow 500 taels, I will give them back to you in three days."

    Dai GaoGang smiled, but his eyes did not look happy at all. He was staring at Ye Kai’s chest coldly and said, "You are injured."

    Ye Kai’s wound had cracked open and seeped through his clothes.

    Dai GaoGang coldly said, "If you do not want to receive another wound, it is best to quickly roll back to wherever you come from!"

    Ye Kai was staring at him, as he slowly said, "I have heard that the “iron guts in eight sides of town” is someone who is domineering and tyrannical. It seems that they have not spoken incorrectly."

    Dai GaoGang sneered.

    Ye Kai said, "I am borrowing 500 tails from you. If you do not want to lend me, why do you want me to receive more wounds? Also why should I roll away?"

    Dai GaoGang got angry, "I want you to roll away."

    He suddenly moved forward, caught the front of Ye Kai’s clothes, the intention was to grasp Ye Kai and drop him. His hard hand was rough and angry, he had obviously practiced an eagle claw skill.

    Ye Kai had not moved. But his grasp certainly had not held the front of Ye Kai’s clothes.

    What he had held was Ye Kai’s hand. Ye Kai’s hand had welcomed his, ten fingers of the two people clasped tight.

    Dai GaoGang sneered lightly while scolding, "Break!" He relied on his eagle claw skill which he had accomplished to about 80-90% excellence, he desired to break off Ye Kai’s five fingers.

    Ye Kai’s fingers had certainly not been broken.

    Dai GaoGang suddenly felt his opponent’s fingers strength to be ten times stronger than his. Whenever he wanted to, his five fingers would be broken instead.

    The flying dagger originally required a lot of strength to dispatch. If someone did not have the required strength, how could he send the flying dagger without coming up empty?

    Dai GaoGang’s face lost its color, there were cold sweats coming down profusely as big as the soybean.

    But Ye Kai did not seem to make a huge effort, he just looked at him coldly and said, "You have broken off several people's fingers?"

    Dai GaoGang clenched his teeth, he did not dare to open it.

    Ye Kai said, "When you hold other people’s fingers under your hand, you had better think about this moment." He suddenly opened his clasp and turned around to walk.

    The young one that continued to shoulder both hands at the side said, "Please stop."

    Ye Kai stopped, "You have 500 taels to lend?"

    This young person had smiled and asked back, "What is your honor’s name?"

    Ye Kai said, "Ye."

    "Ye for leaf?"

    Ye Kai nodded.

    The young person were staring at him, "Ye Kai?"

    Ye Kai nodded, “Right, Kai for open."

    Dai GaoGang changed his countenance and said, "Your excellency is Ye Kai?"


    Dai GaoGang gave a long sigh, and painstakingly said with a smile, "Why didn’t your excellency say it earlier?"

    Ye Kai lightly said, "I was not blown here by the autumn wind, only borrowing money, moreover I will only borrow it for three days."

    Dai GaoGang said, "500 is enough?"

    "I only want to buy two coffins."

    Dai GaoGang could no longer ask more, the vigilant accountant behind him had forwarded him 500 taels. "Please accept."

    Ye Kai was certainly impolite, Han Zhen’s funeral must no doubt be managed, Yi YeKu’s corpse also need the coffin. No matter who the person he had killed, he would need this sum of money.

    After being arrogant initially, Dai GaoGang respectfully asked, "A moment ago, your excellency said there were two matters."

    Ye Kai said, "I also must inquire about an individual."

    Dai GaoGang said, "Who?"

    "Lu Di, the white-clothed swordsman Lu Di."

    Dai GaoGang’s face suddenly became really strange.

    "It is said that he had arrived in Chang An city, do you know where he is at?"

    That young person that kept the small tidy beard suddenly smiled, "He’s here."

    This young person’s manner was very refined, very delicate. He wore a snow white gown, his eyes were bright, he exuded the charm that could not be ignored.

    Ye Kai finally saw him clearly. "You are Lu Di?"


    Ye Kai had carried the yellow cloth wrap in his hands. He took out the sword, then handed it over backward with the point towards himself, holding the point with his fingers.

    "Do you recognize this sword?"

    Lu Di only looked at: "This is Wudang's loose grain sword."

    Ye Kai said, “Only Wudang disciples can use this sword?"

    Lu Di said, “Yes."

    “Is this your sword?"

    “Is not."

    "Where is your sword?"

    Lu Di proudly said, "I have not used sword recently."

    "With your hands?"

    Lu Di had continually folded his arms as he coldly said, “Right, some people's hands can also be like a sharp weapon."

    Ye Kai said, "But if you want to kill people from outside the window, you still need the sword."

    Lu Di had knitted his brows and seemed at lost about these words.

    "Because your hand is not long enough."

    "What do you mean?"

    "You should understand what I mean."

    "You are saying I use this sword to kill someone?"

    "You do not acknowledge it?"

    "Whom have I killed?"

    "When you kill someone, don’t you ever ask the other party’s name?"

    "Now I am asking."

    "He is surnamed Han, called Han Zhen."

    "Han Zhen?"

    Lu Di had turned his head asked Dai GaoGang, "Do you know this person?"

    Dai GaoGang nodded and said, "He was Wei Tianpeng’s brain trust, other people called him ‘the awl’."

    Lu Di’s face showed disdain and asked Ye Kai, "What person was this awl of yours?"

    “My friend."

    "You want to take revenge for him?"


    "You think I had killed him?"


    Lu Di proudly said, "How can I kill him? But, even if not only one person like him that had been killed, even if there were eighteen of him, you might as well calculate that into my account."

    Ye Kai sneered said, "You know what kind of person you are?"

    “Someone who does not fear if someone else is looking for trouble. You wait for your wound to recover, then you or anyone can come again to me to take the revenge.”

    "That is not necessary."


    "You do not have to wait."

    "You want to begin now?"

    "Today’s weather is good, this place is also good."

    Lu Di looked at him, suddenly asked, "You said a moment ago that you must buy two coffins, was one for Han Zhen?"

    Ye Kai nodded.

    "There is someone else?"

    "Yi YeKu."

    "The red demon?"


    "He died in your hand?"

    "After I had killed someone, I cannot neglect his dead body."

    "Good, if you die, I will buy these two coffins for you. I will also buy your coffin."

    "If I die, you might as well take away my corpse and feed it to the dogs."

    Lu Di suddenly laughed and lifted his face up, "Good! Extremely good."

    "What if you die?"

    "If I die, you might as well cut apart my corpse, put it in front of Han Zhen’s body as the offering, next to the wine."

    Ye Kai also laughed, "Good, extremely good. After all, this is about taking revenge for a friend."

    He had suddenly turned around, his back facing Lu Di. Because he laughed, his wound had cracked open and bled again.

    The sunlight was bright.

    Many people like to kill in this kind of weather, because the blood dried quickly. If Ye Kai had been killed, the blood would have dried quickly too.

    Lu Di stood under sun, still folding his arms. He really treasured his hands like the miser treasuring his wealth, almost not letting anyone else have a look.

    Ye Kai slowly came forward, for the second time he gave the sword to him. "This is your sword."

    Lu Di sneered while receiving it. Suddenly his hand waved, and the long sword was sent away, "zip" into the tree about 50 feet away. The sharp part of the sword entered the wood cleanly almost up to the sword handle. The strength of this throw was enough to pass anyone’s body, and nail it on the bed.

    Ye Kai’s pupil contracted, he sneered, "Good, really a sword that can kill."

    Lu Di folded his arms again as he proudly said, "I said I do not use a sword."

    Ye Kai said, "I heard you."

    Lu Di said, "When you kill people you do not use a sword, right?"

    Ye Kai said, "I never use it."

    Lu Di was staring at his hands, he suddenly asked, "Your dagger?"
    He certainly knew about Ye Kai’s dagger.
    There was nobody in jiang-hu that had not heard of Ye Kai’s dagger.

    Ye Kai was staring at him, after waiting for a very long time, he coldly said, "This is the dagger." As soon as his hand moved, the dagger was in his hand, the bright as snow dagger, the razor thin blade, the flashing brightness could seize someone’s soul, yet it was in Ye Kai’s hands. Ye Kai’s hand was dry and steady, like the summit of the far away mountain.

    Lu Di’s pupils also suddenly contracted. Dai GaoGang stood 50 feet further away, he and the others felt their breath had stopped. He suddenly felt he had never experienced this kind of anger.

    Lu Di quipped, "Good! It is really a dagger that can kill."

    Ye Kai had smiled, suddenly waving this dagger, and as quickly, the dagger disappeared. It seemed to have vanished suddenly in the wind, suddenly disappear without a trace.

    Even the person with the sharpest eyes could only see the dagger sparkle moving away to the distant, but could not see the actual thing. The strength and the speed of the knife, certainly nobody could describe it.

    Lu Di could not stop himself from changing his countenance as he blurbed, "What is this?"

    Ye Kai lightly said, "You already refuse to use the sword, why do I want to use my dagger?"

    Lu Di was staring at him, his eyes showed a very strange expression. After a very long time, he suddenly stretched out his hands, "You have a look at my hands."

    Just like other people’s hands, these hands seemed not to be very unusual. The fingers were fine and long, the nails were cut very short. These hands were always maintained very well, like those of a refined young gentleman.

    But Ye Kai quickly saw that these hands were very unusual. The hands did not seem to have the veins of the blood vessels, the smooth skin almost seemed to be shiny and glossy. These hands did not look like it was part of flesh and blood, but like an unusual metal, not gold, even more precious than gold, not of steel and iron, even harder than the steel and iron.

    Lu Di was staring at his own hands as he slowly said, "You saw clearly that these are not like any other hands, this is a sharp weapon that can kill."

    Ye Kai had no alternative but to acknowledge.

    Lu Di said, "You know my uncle?"
    He meant "Marquis Silver Halberd" Lu FengXian.

    Ye Kai certainly knew him.

    Lu Di said, "I am luckier than him, because I am now seven years younger than when he started practicing this technique."

    Lu FengXian only started to practice the technique after he became famous, so he could only perfected three fingers.

    Lu Di said, "He practiced this at the time, because he was never willing to be under anyone else."
    In the weapon list, Marquis Silver Halberd was placed under the Divine stick, the Dragon and Phoenix Rings, Little Li’s flying dagger and Songyang’s iron sword.

    Lu Di said, "After Bai Xiaosheng listed the weapons, uncle trained hard for ten years before entering jiang-hu again. He must use these hands to achieve something better, noticing the weak points and strong points of the people placed above him."

    He did not need to say that.

    Because Lu FengXian had been defeated, defeated by a woman.
    A beautiful woman that looked like a fairy maiden, but actually a woman, Lin Xianer, who would direct a man straight to hell.

    Lu Di said, “Uncle also had done this to convince people that this hand is not just a hand, but a weapon that is sharp enough to kill, a weapon that is worthy to be included in the weapon list.”

    Ye Kai had listened to him calmly, knowing that Lu Di was saying the truth with each word he said. He never interrupted someone else who was telling the truth.

    Lu Di again came closer and stared at him. He said, "How will you win by a pair of your empty hands, how can you handle this murder weapon?"

    Ye Kai said, "I will try."

    Lu Di no longer asked anything, Ye Kai also no longer said anything.

    Any other words right now would be meaningless.


    The sunlight was bright.

    But this bright sunlit courtyard, had now been filled with a different force that could wither anything.

    Dai GaoGang suddenly felt very cold. The sunlight was very warm, but he suddenly felt the chill in the air everywhere. He also did not know how it got into you, but it had drifted inside his collar, had penetrated into his heart.

    The dagger already flew somewhere into the cloud, the sword was already buried in the tree. There was no coldness of the dagger, nor the anger of the sword, but the surrounding felt even colder than the sharp sword, full of threat.

    Dai GaoGang nearly did not want to stay in this courtyard anymore, but he also did not want to go and leave this occasion.

    In anyone’s imagination, this fight must be the most soul-stirring fight in the recent years. It would forever be etched as part of the martial arts world. If you could watch this fight with your own eyes, this would be an opportunity of a lifetime. No one would be willing to miss such an opportunity. Dai GaoGang only hoped that they would start quickly, and end this quickly.

    But Ye Kai had not moved.
    Lu Di had not moved either.

    All the observers, including Dai GaoGang, already could not bear this invisible, fearful pressure, however both of them were just standing there aloofly.

    Was this pressure really coming from them, therefore they could not feel it? Or perhaps because they had turned themselves into a block of steel, or rock. If not, how in the world could this kind of pressure energy not sway them?

    Dai GaoGang could no longer see clearly. He could only see that Ye Kai’s manner was very, very calm, because the heated anger a moment ago had now completely subsided. He certainly knew, at this kind of time, that anger and excitement certainly would not bring the victory, but actually could be fatal.

    Lu Di’s arrogance had also disappeared, he could not have the slightest negligence in this kind in the life and death decisive battle. Being arrogant was also similarly a fatal mistake.

    Arrogance, anger, forsaken mourning, anxiety, were timidity... All could similarly cause one to make the wrong judgment that ended up being lethal.

    Dai GaoGang also saw many masters fight a decisive battle once. These mistakes were precisely the kind of mistakes no one could completely avoid.

    But at the present, he suddenly discovered that these two young people unexpectedly did not seemed to have made such mistakes.

    Their mood, their manner, their standing posture, all were absolutely perfect.

    Actually who would win this fight? Dai GaoGang could not tell as well. He only knew what many people would think in such condition.

    Right now, Ye Kai was the most fearful opponent in the martial arts world. He knew that some people had said, that if the weapon list was redone today, Ye Kai’s dagger would very possibly be the first weapon listed.

    But now, he did not have his dagger. Although he did not have his dagger, he actually had his guts, the spirit of the dagger, and the ability to cool of his anger.

    Could Ye Kai win this time? Dai GaoGang certainly could not tell.
    He did not know whether Lu Di could win. Dai GaoGang simply could not tell.

    Ye Kai seemed really calm. It seemed that he had great assurance that he would win. Besides the dagger, he must have a more fearful wugong. Some wugong that no one could ever imagine.

    Now if some people came to Dai GaoGang and wanted to make a bet, he would put it on Ye Kai. He felt Ye Kai had a better opportunity, at least two tenths more than Lu Di.

    But he was wrong. Because he could not tell Ye Kai’s mood at the moment, he also could not tell what Ye Kai actually saw.

    Somehow, Ye Kai felt the upcoming bitter water he would have to swallow. Since Lu Di shot the sword out, Ye Kai had gotten some favorable impression of this arrogant young man which resembled the unsentimental pity.

    But he had also heard of two sayings:

    "Distinction between a foe and a friend is just like the distinction between life and death."

    "If someone wants you to die, you must also want him to die, there is no other choice."

    This was Ah Fei’s words. Ah Fei grew in the law of the jungle, of the wilderness. This was precisely the principle of living in wilderness, but also the principle of life and death.

    In this brief moment of life and death decisive battle, one could not extend friendship to the enemy, could not have the compassion.

    Ye Kai realized this truth. He knew also that the factors which will bring the victory were not quickness and ruthlessness, but steadiness.

    Because Lu Di was probably quicker than him, possibly more ruthless than him. Because at the present, his chest was burning with pain. Not only the wound has split open, it had been festering.

    “The skillful artist physician Hua” was not a divine being, he could not create some miracles for him.

    Although pain could sometimes bring about awareness, it was a pity that his physical strength could not be synchronized with his spiritual coordination. Therefore as soon as he moved, he must make his opponent met his doom. Therefore he wanted to have at least seven tenth of a chance before he made his move.

    Therefore, it was essential for him to wait, wait for the opponent to expose his own weaknesses, wait until he became feeble, collapse, wait until he gave him the opportunity.

    But he had been disappointed. Until now, he could not find a flaw in Lu Di’s stance.
    Lu Di seemed to just stand there casually, his whole body seemed to have many weak points to attack.

    If Ye Kai wanted to start from any place, that looked like everything would be easy. But suddenly he remembered what Little Li Tanhua said to him. During the fight between Ah Fei and Lu FengXian, only Li XunHoan was there to see it with his own eyes.

    At that time, Lu FengXian had been just like Lu Di at this moment.

    "At that time Ah Fei’s sword might casually pick any part of his body."

    "But most of the weak points, instead became not weak anymore."

    "His entire body resembled to have became elusive."

    "This elusiveness was precisely from Wu Xuezhong to Gao Zhishen boundary (?)."

    "If I were to attack with the flying dagger, I would at least have 90% assurance. But at that time if I were Ah Fei, I would not necessarily dare to attack Lu FengXian with the flying dagger."

    When Li XunHoan said something, Ye Kai would never forget that.

    Now Lu Di’s open body also had become elusive? Ye Kai suddenly realized that he had underestimated this young person, this talented person was truly a master that he never encountered before. Although he had not made any fatal mistake, he had actually lost the important factor in getting the victory. He had lost his confidence to win.

    Lu Di coldly looked at him, his eyes became brighter and brighter, more and more hardened.

    Suddenly he also said three words, "You have lost."

    "You have lost."

    Ye Kai had not attacked, but Lu Di said that he had lost.

    These three words were certainly not unnecessary, because those were almost like a sword, piercing Ye Kai’s confidence.

    Ye Kai had not refuted the claim. Because he suddenly discovered that Lu Di had finally given him an opportunity. A person who opened his mouth to speak, the spirit and the muscle part of the body tended to relax.

    His face showed some pain, because he knew if he showed some pains, Lu Di could not let him off even more. In this life and death decisive battle, if someone would suffer under his own problem, the other party could not let him go.

    Lu Di coldly continued, "Your physical strength is unable to support you anymore, sooner or later you will certainly collapse, therefore you do not need to attack, I know that you have lost."

    As he said the last word, Ye Kai had attacked. This was the best opportunity he could find.

    When Lu Di said those words, that was precisely the time his spirit and muscles relaxed. Although he did not appear to have any flaw, Ye Kai grabbed that opportunity to find the flaw.

    Ye Kai did not use the dagger. But the speed of his move was certainly not slower than his dagger.

    His left hand formed the leopard’s nails, like the eagle claw. The five fingers in the right hand opened and closed continuously, no one knew whether he would use the fist, or the palm? Or was it the eagle claw skill? Or was it the iron fist skill?

    He moved in several directions at the same time, as nobody could tell which was the particular spot he was attacking. He essentially was trying to get Lu Di to move, to fend against him. As soon as he moved, the vacant part of the body could be realized, as he would reveal some of the flaws in his movement.

    Lu Di had really moved, and he revealed a vacant spot at the top of his head. Ye Kai’s pair of fists were arriving one by one at the top of the head. This was the fatal attack.

    But his heart had actually sunk. Because he had detected that his own move had revealed the weakness on his chest. His chest was the most frail spot of his whole body, because the wound was in his chest. Anyone would know that when someone’s most frail spot received an attack, then the heart would be vacant, the hands would be limp.

    Ye Kai’s offensive movement had been far inferior in strength to what his usual standard. The speed had been far inferior to his usual quickness.

    He suddenly realized that Lu Di’s flaw was intentionally revealed. Lu Di’s mind had intentionally gave him the opportunity to attack, because he was just waiting for him to reveal his own most frail part of the body.

    This was a fatal trap, but he had fallen into it like a blind person. He wanted to recover but he did not have enough time.

    Lu Di’s hand suddenly arrived at his chest. This was not an ordinary hand, this was a sharp weapon that could kill.

    Dai GaoGang’s face changed color. Now he knew that he was mistaken a moment ago, he saw the fatal attack which would not be able to be avoided.

    Who knew at this moment, suddenly Ye Kai’s body was like plucked from its root, like the body was being blown by the wind. Nobody else, at that kind of time and position could leap away like that, a nearly impossible feat. But Ye Kai’s levitation skill unexpectedly had achieved the almost impossible limit.

    Dai GaoGang could not stop himself from shouting loudly, "Good levitation skill!"

    Lu Di was also unable to restrain from approving the move, "Good levitation skill."

    These two sentences were not completed as Ye Kai fell down helplessly.

    Lu Di’s hand had hit his hipbone. When Ye Kai extended his stroke that had saved his life, he knew he could handle Lu Di’s first move, as well as the second move.

    But when his body flew up to leap away, the lower part of his body became widely vacant. He only did that because he absolutely knew that his chest could not withstand Lu Di’s strike. But the strike on his hipbone was also devastating, it certainly did not feel any better.

    He only felt that Lu Di’s hand was like a steel awl that had entered his bone seam. He even thought he heard his own bone breaking sound. And loudly too.

    Ye Kai had never thought that this muddy land could feel so hard, exactly like a sheet of iron. Because when he fell down, the first part that got hit, was precisely the broken hip bone. His pain nearly caused him to faint.

    He suddenly sobered lightly, because he found out that Lu Di’s hand had arrived on his chest. First, he was truly unable to fend against it, secondly, he could not put up his hand to resist against it. His hand was just a hand. But Lu Di’s hand was actually like a sharp weapon that could kill easily.

    What was the taste of death?

    Ye Kai had not begun to think about it, before he heard Dai GaoGang loudly shouted out, "Show mercy."

    Lu Di’s hand had stopped, as he coldly said, "You do not want me to kill him now?"

    Dai GaoGang sighed out, "Why must you kill him?"

    Lu Di said, "Who said I wanted to kill him?"

    "But you... "

    Lu Di sneered, "If I really wanted to kill him, would a simple word from you really be able to save his life?"

    Dai GaoGang gave a forced smile, he knew himself could not stop it, perhaps there was nobody in the world who could stop it.

    Lu Di said, "If I had really wanted to kill him, he would have died ten times."
    This was certainly not a mere boast.

    Ye Kai looked at this arrogant young person, although the pain caused his face to contract, but his pair of eyes actually became extraordinarily tranquil, even became happier.

    Why did he smile?
    Was being defeated by someone a very interesting matter?

    Lu Di had turned his head again to stare at him. He suddenly asked, "Do you know why I did not kill you?"

    Ye Kai shook his head.

    Lu Di said, "Because you have been injured initially. Otherwise by your high levitation skill, even if you could not win, I would also be unable to overtake you."

    Ye Kai smiled, "If you had pushed me hard, even if I could not win against you, I still would not run away."

    Lu Di was staring at him, after a very long time, only then he slowly nodded: "I believe you."

    His eyes also revealed a similar expression as Ye Kai, before he continued, "I believe you are not that kind of person, therefore I cannot kill you, because I also must wait for your wound to heal. After that, we could fight to decide the victory and the defeat."

    Ye Kai said, "You... "

    Lu Di had interrupted him, "Because I believe you will not run away, therefore I know you certainly will come."

    Ye Kai said, "On that day, if I am defeated under you, you have to kill me?"

    Lu Di nodded, "On that day, if you win against me, I would also rather die under you."

    Ye Kai sighed, "Human affair is like a game of chess, constantly changing, how do you know we can wait until that day?"

    Lu Di said, "I know."

    Someone suddenly sighed outside the wall, "But there is something else you actually do not know."

    Lu Di had not asked what it was nor pursuing the speaker to see. He was listening.

    The person outside the wall slowly said, "Today if you really wanted to kill him, you would have become a dead person. There is more than one dagger on his body."

    Lu Di’s pupil suddenly contracted. Within than flash, he had flew outside the wall to pursue.

    Dai GaoGang did not follow, he actually caught up with Ye Kai and helped him up. He sighed, "I really did not expect you to be beaten."

    Ye Kai was also smiling, "I also did not expect you to rescue me."

    Dai GaoGang painstakingly said with a smile, "I certainly did not rescue you, I simply could not."

    Ye Kai said, "As long as you meant to, that is enough."

    Dai GaoGang reluctantly smiled and stood up suddenly.
    He loudly shouted out, "A set of horses."

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    Default Chapter 16: A beautiful girl in the tiger's den

    Chapter 16: A beautiful girl in the tiger's den - TRANSLATED BY FASTCLOCK

    The compartment was spacious and very comfortable.

    This carriage was originally assigned to send consignments of the escort business, for passengers to sit for a long journey. Eight-sides escort bureau was not only extremely successful, it was also very thorough in its treatment of the visitors.

    Ye Kai did not expect that Dai GaoGang could be a very thorough person.

    First he padded the compartment with a very thick cotton-wadded quilt, he also helped Ye Kai to board the carriage.

    "Your wound is heavy, we must certainly quickly find a good doctor."
    His thoroughness and politeness had forced Ye Kai to have no alternative but to feel grateful.

    Ye Kai sighed and painstakingly said with a smile, "You really should not do this for me, I certainly did not behave well to you before."

    Dai GaoGang said, "Anyone who was in your kind of mood would not have behaved in good manners too."

    Ye Kai sighed, "It seemed that not only I underestimated Lu Di, I was also wrong about you."

    Dai GaoGang also gave a sigh, "Indeed, he is a master that I have never seen before in my life, but he actually cannot be compared to you.."

    "I was defeated."

    "But if he meant to kill you, he would have died under you."

    "You also believed those words?"

    Dai GaoGang nodded.

    Ye Kai was staring at him as he suddenly asked "Did you know who was the person who said those words outside the wall?"

    Dai GaoGang shook his head, "I wanted to ask you, you certainly know who he is."


    "Because not only he said the words you were not willing to disclose, moreover for fear that you would fall under Lu Di’s betrayal, he said them to intentionally lead him away."

    Ye Kai also sighed, "Your analysis is indeed very thorough, but actually it is wrong."

    "This person is not your friend?"

    Ye Kai smiled bitterly, "I originally thought he was a friend of mine."


    "Now I only wish I had never seen him before, nor will ever see him again."

    "You know who he is?"

    Ye Kai had not responded, instead he asked, "Which doctor are you taking me to?”

    "That doctor is also a very strange person, but his medical knowledge is very good."

    Ye Kai had suddenly smiled, "A doctor who is medically wise but with strange temperament is just like a martial arts master with strange temperament."

    Ye Kai was smiling, "Your temperament is not strange."

    "How can I be counted as a martial arts masters?"

    "But I actually know that in recent years, the consignments guaranteed by Eight Sides Escort Bureau had never been stolen."

    Dai GaoGang said with a smile, "That is because my luck in these two years have been good, but also because I have many friends with me."

    Ye Kai slowly nodded, "I believe you have many good friends."

    Dai GaoGang wanted to say something, but Ye Kai had actually closed his eyes.
    Indeed, he looked very weary, he certainly was not made of iron.

    Dai GaoGang pulled up the cotton-wadded quilt and gently covered his body. His face was very strange, as if he wished he could cover up Ye Kai’s head with this cotton-wadded quilt and suffocate him.

    But he actually used the cotton and kapok quilt to comfort Ye Kai.

    Ye Kai was resting.

    Now if someone really used the cotton-wadded quilt to suffocate him, he certainly would not know, he could not have struggled free.

    Therefore he was really resting.


    Right in the middle of day, high noon.

    The horse-drawn carriage continued to move forward, as if the journey was going to be very long.

    "You certainly must find a good doctor quickly... "

    But this good doctor that Dai GaoGang must find, actually lived rather too far.

    While looking at deeply-sleeping Ye Kai, he was chewing a chicken leg in his mouth.
    He was already prepared for a very long trip, therefore he had also prepared lunch inside the carriage.

    He was truly a very thorough person, but he actually only had lunch enough for one person. Only a chicken leg, with some beef, bread and a bottle of wine.

    He seemed to have already known that Ye Kai would be asleep, because near the window, he had prepared a herbal soup for Ye Kai.

    The beef tasted good, the chicken leg also tasted very good. Although this would not compare to the lunch he usually had, but when carrying out a task, he had no alternative but to put up with any inconveniences.

    Although he seemed to be on a strict diet, now he felt very satisfied, very full.
    Moreover, his duty was now almost completed. After a little while, he will deliver Ye Kai so he would have enough time to hurry back and enjoy a rich dinner.

    Drinking the last part of the wine, suddenly he also felt very weary.
    He usually never had a nap in the afternoon, but presently he felt he could use this opportunity to take a nap for a while. His spirit increased quite a bit as he thought about 1 or 2 interesting things he could do after dinner.

    The carriage was rocking back and forth like the cradle.

    As he closed his eyes, his heart began to wander and started planning on what to do for the evening? Was it going to be a young spirit who could act like a spoiled brat? Or would this time be a specially mature old wine?

    These activities were all very expensive, but for the next two years he actually did not have to worry anymore about money.

    "Perhaps I should look at both of them and do a comparison."

    With the thought, his spirit increased fully.
    The corners of his mouth slowly formed a smile, as he finally fell asleep.


    It seemed that he had only slept for a short period. But by the time he woke up, Ye Kai had disappeared.

    The carriage door was still closed, the horse-drawn carriage was also still moving forward.
    But Ye Kai had disappeared already without a trace.

    Dai GaoGang's complexion suddenly became very pale as he loudly shouted, "Stop!"

    He stepped out and held on to the driver, "Did you see that person surnamed Ye alighting?"


    "Or anyone else?"

    The driver sneered, "You are the one who stays in the carriage with him, how do I know about it?"
    This driver was obviously not one of his subordinates, he certainly did not show respect in his manner.

    Dai GaoGang suddenly felt his stomach contracted, and could not stop himself from vomiting the chicken leg and the beef that he ate.

    The driver was staring at him as he coldly said, "You should better board again quickly, and report on your accomplishment together with me."

    Dai GaoGang certainly did not want to run away, he knew that running away anywhere would be useless.

    The horse-drawn carriage started to move forward again. He bent down on the window and did not stop vomiting. Fear was just as bad as a smelly fish, it always made one vomit involuntarily.

    After the horse-drawn carriage had circled a flat area in the mountains, it unexpectedly faced a street. This was an extremely lively street in the city, with all kinds of shop on both sides and all kinds of persons in the street.

    If you looked carefully, you could see that this street and the liveliest street in the city looked very similar, including the shops on both sides of the street and their names.

    This place turned out to be Chang An city.
    But once you passed through this street, the front was also a barren hill.

    Now the horse-drawn carriage had already slowed down. The pedestrians on the street showed very leisure and carefree expression, did not seem to pay special attention to this large carriage.

    That was because they had recognized this carriage, and they also recognized the person who drove this cart. If a stranger caught up with Che ZouRu on this street, regardless of he was, if he did not leave quickly, he could just die in the street corner. There was certainly no one as brave, nay, no fighter more fearful than he was.

    The horse-drawn carriage had entered the courtyard of a guest inn.

    This household inn had the plank written “The great wild goose guesthouse”. This looked very similar to the one Ye Kai found to lodge for the night in the city.

    The cafetaria waiter with a cleaning rag on his shoulder had greeted them from a great distance, "Escort leader Dai had come?"

    Dai GaoGang reluctantly smiled and said, "Yes."

    The waiter’s face did not have any expression, "The room is ready, please came along with me."

    Behind the courtyard there were about seven very spacious rooms behind, just like the one Priest Yu Xiao had stayed.

    At the front of the living room, there was a pot of wine on the table, and seven colors of the spectrum hors d’oeuvres. A person with his back facing the door was pouring out some drink. The hair was tied up above like the cloud, full of green-colored gems, which reflected the most magnificent, extremely beautiful woman.

    Dai GaoGang entered the room with the head hung low, he just stood there behind her, not daring to disturb the atmosphere.

    She did not make any noise, as she slowly brought up the wine cup, the sound of the mouth sipping the wine, before she finally said, “You have come?”


    “With someone?"

    "He escaped." Dai GaoGang's sound was trembling.

    This outstandingly beautiful woman had slowly turned her head, the face had this fairy maiden smile.

    Shangguan XiaoXian!
    She was certainly Shangguan XiaoXian.

    Dai GaoGang saw this beautiful-like-a-fairy woman, as if he was seeing someone who was more fearful than the devil.

    Shangguan XiaoXian looked at him as she said lightly, "Are you saying that Ye Kai managed to escape?"

    Dai GaoGang nodded, the teeth shivering like he could not speak.

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "He did not have the herbal soup that was prepared for him?”

    "He... He had some."


    "Then I helped him board the carriage."

    Although it was a cold winter, he was sweating profusely.

    "He did not sleep in the carriage?"

    "He was sleeping."

    "How were his wounds?"

    "He was heavily injured."

    Shangguan XiaoXian sighed and said, "I do not understand this. He had received a severe wound, he was sleeping, how could you let him go?”

    Dai GaoGang replied, "I... I did not let him go."

    "I also knew that he must try to escape, but couldn't you detain him?"

    Dai GaoGang's perspiration became heavier, "When he walked away, I simply did not know."

    "You did not ride the carriage with him?"

    “I did."

    "This sounded very weird. You rode the carriage with him, he escaped, and yet you did not know about it?"

    "Because... because... because I was also asleep."
    He had finally found his courage to say it.

    Shangguan XiaoXian had suddenly smiled, smiling gently and happily, "My, I know you are very tired, you have been very busy recently."

    Dai GaoGang’s face lost its color, "I... I am not tired, not tired."

    Shangguan XiaoXian said lightly, "You need to treat many people with courtesy, not only you must treat the visitors with courtesy, but you must treat the old and young spirits with courtesy, how could you not feel tired?"

    She was gently sighing, "I think you should sleep for some time, so I will let you rest for 20 years."

    Dai GaoGang blurted out, "Tw... twenty years?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian lightly said, "After 20 years, you will certainly burst out with energy like a real man."

    She took hold of the ivory chopsticks, inlaid with silver, and suddenly attacked the accupoints on Dai GaoGang’s throat.

    Dai GaoGang could not to fend. He did not dare to fend, but also he simply cannot fend against the attack.

    When Shangguan XiaoXian attacked, there were very few people in this world who could fend against her moves.

    But in this brief moment, suddenly the light of a dagger flashed.

    "Zip", Shangguan XiaoXian’s ivory chopsticks broke, that flash of dagger still continued as it hit straight into the wall.

    A three-inches seven-minute long dagger.

    The flying dagger.
    The flying dagger was nailed on the wall, the sharp point was totally embedded in the wall.

    A person held the door open and walking slowly inside.

    Ye Kai.
    Ye Kai unexpectedly had come.

    When his flying dagger attacked, it only killed a few times, but it had saved someone’s life many many times.

    His face had no color as he struggled to walk closer. He patted Dai GaoGang's shoulder as he said, "You rescued me, I have also rescued you, now we are even."

    Shangguan XiaoXian smiled, "What I said was really true, you have more than one knife on you."

    Ye Kai had also smiled: "What about Lu Di?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "How could he pursue me?" She stared at Ye Kai as she smiled gently, "Besides you, no other man in the world could pursue me."

    This sentence was a very interesting pun, with an extremely interesting twist.

    Ye Kai pretended not to understand. Playing a fool is one of his adept skill.
    His had not even looked at her, he looked around sizing up the surrounding before he gave a long sigh and said, "This is really a good place."

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "You like this place?"

    "If I continued to sleep and only wake up now, I would not have thought that the headquarter of the Gold Coin Clan could be in such a place."

    Shangguan XiaoXian sighed, "It is a pity that you were not willing to sleep well."

    Ye Kai lightly said, "I certainly did not treat many people with courtesy, nor did I know any young or old spirit. Therefore I was never too tired."

    Shangguan XiaoXian certainly knew what he meant about who the spirit was, but she also pretended not to understand, only she was not really better than Ye Kai.

    She smilingly said, "I originally thought you must be very tired. The last time I saw you, you were lying on the bed, therefore I had asked someone to prepare some herbal soup for you. I was anxious for your welfare, who knew you unexpectedly did not appreciate the kindness rendered.”

    Ye Kai said, "I appreciate the sentiment."

    Shangguan XiaoXian winked her eyes as she said, "You did not eat that bowl of herbal soup?"

    “It is a pity that the potion in that bowl of soup was insufficient. If I should rest for a long one, at least it needed ten catty of potion to be useful."

    Shangguan XiaoXian sighed, "I am the one to be blame. I had unexpectedly forgotten that you are the young master of the Devil Sect’s princess."

    "Therefore you cannot blame Escort leader Dai. I believe he did not know how he could fall asleep."

    "But you know?"

    "As soon as I boarded the carriage, I had discovered his food and wine which he had prepared for himself."

    "You also carry around the potion to make someone sleep?"

    Ye Kai smiled, "I only spit a little on his chicken leg."

    Shangguan XiaoXian had smiled, "Your saliva was also mixed with the herbal soup?"

    "Therefore that chicken leg taste was certainly very good."

    Dai GaoGang hung his head. His facial expression was like someone whose mouth was filled with mud.

    Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "How did you know that Escort leader Dai was planning to take you to me?"

    Ye Kai had smiled and said, "Who else could obtain that kind of herbal soup besides you?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "Since you have escaped, why do you still come?"

    Ye Kai also sighed and said, "Because I have no where else to go."

    This was the truth.

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    Default Chapter 17: Gentle sentiment, sweet thought

    Chapter 17: Gentle sentiment, sweet thought - TRANSLATED BY FASTCLOCK

    He knew the severity of his wounds. If he stayed in Chang An city any longer, it could probably only last for the day. He was indeed like a smart fox that was being pursued by the hunters. There was a crowd of eagles circling above Chang An city.

    Shangguan XiaoXian charmingly said, "You finally have a little conscience, you finally also realize that only I is truly good to you."

    Ye Kai said, "Therefore I did not escape, I had stayed in the carriage."

    Dai GaoGang said, "You have not escaped?"

    Ye Kai smiled, "That carriage was very comfortable, the seat was also very spacious, under the seat was also vacant. I am not a very fat person, so I could lie down comfortably in there."

    Dai GaoGang clenched his teeth and said, "I only do not understand something."

    "What matter?"

    Dai GaoGang bitterly said, "Since you were coming here anyway, why did you have to play around?"

    Ye Kai lightly said, "Because I am not willing to let other people consider me as a fool. I do not go to any place without knowing clearly where the place is."

    Shangguan XiaoXian also sighed, "Now you have finally found out this place."

    Ye Kai said with a smile, "I had said before, this is really a good place. Anyone will not expect this, including me."

    Shangguan XiaoXian was sighing as she said, "Luckily I have also understood one thing now."


    Shangguan XiaoXian cast a glance with the corner of her eyes at Dai GaoGang and said, "I have finally realized who the real fool is."

    Dai GaoGang said, "I... "

    He only said this word. As he opened his mouth to speak, suddenly there was a flash of light that entered his mouth. He only felt there was something sweet and cool like candy.

    Shangguan XiaoXian smiled, "I know you like eating. This killer hidden weapon certainly tasted as sweet as candy, even more delicious, wouldn’t you say so?"

    Dai GaoGang did not reply. His complexion suddenly turned into dead black, the throat had suddenly constricted like the invisible two hands were choking his breath.

    His breath suddenly stopped. He died with a sweet taste in his mouth. This candy silver thread was really too sweet, so sweet that could make a person dead.

    This Shangguan XiaoXian person was also very sweet, right?
    Shangguan XiaoXian smiled sweetly, even sweeter than the candy.

    Ye Kai had not actually smiled, as he could not smile.

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "You are not happy?"

    Ye Kai shut his mouth.

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "He rescued you, you had also rescued him, your account has now been settled? If I have killed him, it does not have anything to do with you."

    Ye Kai could not stop himself, "At the very least, you do not need to kill him in front of me."

    "I certainly must kill him in front of you."


    "Because I want you to understand two matters."

    Ye Kai was listening.

    "If you want a fool to change so he will not be more stupid than anyone else, there is only one way."

    She was smiling as she looked at Dai GaoGang, "Is he more stupid than anyone else now?"

    A dead person was a dead person. All dead people would always be the same, no one would be more stupid than anyone else.

    Shangguan XiaoXian slowly continued, "I also want you to understand, if I have decided to kill someone, no one in this world could save him, including you."

    Ye Kai kept his mouth shut.

    Shangguan XiaoXian looked at him before she suddenly smiled, "You are living now, because not only I do not want to kill you, I also cannot take this sweet silver thread to feed you anyway, so why are you shutting your mouth?"

    This was actually but a lie. If she had really wanted to kill Ye Kai, there were really many opportunities for her to do that.

    Ye Kai was sneering, he obviously did not appreciate this kindness being rendered.

    Shangguan XiaoXian was still smiling, "Sometimes you can be very stupid too, why didn't you use your knife to cope with Lu Di?"

    Ye Kai silence was very long, only then he slowly said, "Because I want to prove something."

    "What matter?"

    "I want to know whether Han Zhen actually died under his sword."

    Shangguan XiaoXian sighed, "If you die under him, even if you know, what is the use then?"

    Ye Kai also could not bear sighing, "Indeed I had severely underestimated him."

    "His wugong was much higher than what you imagined?"

    Ye Kai nodded.

    "Now you know that Han Zhen did not die under his sword?"

    Ye Kai nodded, "If he really killed Han Zhen, he could also certainly kill me."

    "When he really tried to kill you, what would you do then?"

    Ye Kai lightly said, "You said that I always had a dagger with me."

    Shangguan XiaoXian charmingly said, "Therefore I had also said that luckily he did not really want to kill you."

    Ye Kai coldly said, "But this is certainly not good for you."

    "What is not so good?"

    "If he had not killed Han Zhen, you must certainly have killed him. You killed Han Zhen, then you shifted the blame to him as you wanted me to fight him to death."

    Shangguan XiaoXian was staring at him, the beautiful eyes were looking at him with an unspeakable kindness. After a very long time, she slowly said to him, "You really know for sure that I had killed Han Zhen?"

    Ye Kai kept staring at her, "Except you, I cannot think of another one."

    "You do not believe me?"

    She gently sighed, "I know you cannot believe me, regardless of anything I say, you cannot believe at all."

    Ye Kai acknowledged.

    "But what if I can prove that I have not killed him, what will you do?"

    "You can prove it? How?"

    "I certainly have a way."

    Ye Kai sneered, "I know you have a way, you even have a way to prove that I had killed Han Zhen."

    "I have an evidence."

    "I also know that you have an evidence, you can make several hundred evidences if necessary."

    "I only have one evidence. When I reveal this evidence, and you still do not believe me, I would rather let you kill me if you want to take your revenge for Han Zhen."

    She said this very firmly, with great confidence.

    Ye Kai was nearly swayed by her confidence, but he immediately warned himself that he should not believe it. "Regardless of any evidence that you may reveal, I still will not believe you."

    "What will you do if I convince you?"

    "If you can really convince me that you have not killed Han Zhen, I... "


    Shangguan XiaoXian was sighing, "You know that I cannot do anything to you. I already said I do not want to kill you, nor cause pain in your heart. I only want you to consent on one thing for me."

    "What matter?"

    "One thing that will not cause injury towards other people, nor cause injury to you."

    "Good, I consent."

    He did not believe that Shangguan XiaoXian would be able to obtain the kind of evidence that could exonerate her, nothing in the world could.

    But he was wrong.
    There was someone in this world who could prove that Shangguan XiaoXian had not killed Han Zhen.

    Who was this person?
    This person was Han Zhen himself.
    Han Zhen had not died, he unexpectedly appeared live and well in front of Ye Kai.

    Shangguan XiaoXian beckoned towards him.

    He walked forward, his hand was holding a pot of wine. While smiling, he walked towards Ye Kai while saying, "I have finally found some wine for you. If this is not enough, I can get some more for you."

    Ye Kai was astounded. This time he was really stunned.

    Shangguan XiaoXian said with a smile, "Isn’t this person Han Zhen?" Certainly he was.

    Ye Kai could see the scar on this person's nose, a reminder of his landed fist.

    "Isn’t he alive?"

    He was certainly alive.

    "Since Han Zhen is alive, I have not killed Han Zhen."
    This truth was as simple as adding one and one, it became two. Similarly simple, similarly correct.

    Shangguan XiaoXian gently sighed and said easily, "Now you should believe me when I say I have not killed him?"

    Ye Kai had not spoken. He had finally understood that the person who died was certainly not Han Zhen.

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "You thought you knew Han Zhen. If I were to be disguised as him, you might still be deceived."

    There was really such an exquisite disguise skill in this world. If a person could really act as someone else and disguise this fact from his family or friends, that would be an impossible disguise skill. That happened only in a myth, as something that was a miracle.

    "But that evening you saw that Han Zhen’s face had been destroyed, only then we could totally hide the truth from you."

    Ye Kai gave a forced smile as he said, "It looks like that there are many talented people in the Gold Coin Clan."

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "Indeed there are."

    "You first disguised someone else as Han Zhen, then destroyed his face just to deceive me?" Ye Kai asked

    “It was Han Zhen himself who hit him. His fists were also very hard, he hit at least harder than me."

    Ye Kai sighed: "But I actually cannot imagine how some people would be willing to make this sacrifice for you. After being beaten mercilessly and suffered horribly, yet he could still deceive other people for you."

    "When you walked in from the carriage a moment ago, have you seen these people outside?"

    Ye Kai nodded.

    Shangguan XiaoXian nodded too. "As long as I tell them to do anything, they would be willing to do it for me."

    "After completing such order, you equally must kill them."

    Shangguan XiaoXian lightly said, "I am a truly cruel and merciless woman. These people's lives, in my opinion, are not worth a single cent."

    She stared at Ye Kai, the nimble eyes revealed a strange emotion, as she gently continued, "But I to you... What I would do for you, your heart should know too."

    In order to let Ye Kai thought that Han Zhen was killed by Lu Di, she did not hesitate to kill some people. Now, in order to let Ye Kai believed that she had not killed Han Zhen, she did not hesitate to let Han Zhen appear alive again.

    In order to let Ye Kai befriend Han Zhen, she had spent such a lot of care to achieve it, but now all her careful preparation had obviously gone wasted.

    Now, not only Ye Kai knew that Han Zhen was from the Gold Coin Clan, he also knew more about the Gold Coin Clan. On the other hand, she only wanted Ye Kai to consent to one thing.

    Actually what this request was going to be, Ye Kai did not dare to think about it at all. He knew that Shangguan XiaoXian could request anything that was very difficult to do.

    Shangguan XiaoXian was also staring at him, as she slowly said, "As long as you can promise me to stay here and wait until your wound is fully healed before you walk away."

    “Is that your request?"


    Ye Kai was again stunned.

    She had acknowledged herself as a cruel and merciless woman. Other people's life, in her eyes, were not worth a single cent. She had taken a lot of pain and sacrifice a lot of money, just to have Ye Kai consent to do one thing from her.

    Who would have thought that she only wanted him to stay in her place, as an advantage for Ye Kai. Unexpectedly, she did all those not for herself, but for Ye Kai.

    Ye Kai looked at her, there was suddenly a surge of sentiment in his heart which he himself did not fully understand. Although she was cruel and merciless towards other people, but “what I feel for you”, his heart understood that very well.

    Ye Kai had not fully understood that before, and he even could not believe her. But now, he had no alternative but to believe her.

    Shangguan XiaoXian could have used this opportunity to let him suffer with a very strange request she devised. When she looked at Ye Kai, was the strange emotion in her eyes real? There must some part of it that was real.

    Shangguan XiaoXian also said leisurely, "I may have a lot of ways to have you stay here, but I am not willing to force you, therefore I only want you to consent to my request."

    Ye Kai finally gave a long sigh and said, "I consent."


    There was a small kitchen in the rear court. This kitchen emitted some intermittent fragrant smell of cooked gruel. The gruel that was prepared in Shangguan XiaoXian’s kitchen was chicken gruel with the ginseng.

    "I originally wanted to prepare the gruel with the ginseng, but I... "
    Ye Kai had suddenly remembered Cui YuZhen, remembering Cui YuZhen’s gruel that was prepared for him. She was indeed a good and lovable girl, her life experience was actually that pitiful, the bitter experience was very unfortunate. Now, her presence was unknown, maybe suffering more bitter experience.

    There was also Ding LingLin. Now, had she recovered her own sanity? Had Guo Ding also been looking after her? Where was he now? ... If she knew that she had stabbed Ye Kai by her own hand, her pain would certainly be deeper than the wound inflicted by the knife.

    Ye Kai did not really want to dwell on these problems, but actually he had no alternative but to think about them. So, what could he do now?

    He consented to Shangguan XiaoXian’s request, but he did not realize that his wounds were far more serious than his imagination. The vigor he had just a moment ago, as he lay down only he realized that it was indeed a miracle he could have sustained it for so long. Not only his wounds caused him severe pain, his whole body felt awful.

    Shangguan XiaoXian held the bowl of gruel while entering the room as she charmingly said, "This is something I make myself, tell me how it tastes?"

    She unexpectedly also cooked in the kitchen now? She unexpectedly could cook the gruel for him?

    "When you have waited for two days so you become slightly better, I will prepare several different vegetables for you to eat. I guarantee that there is no other person in the building that can match my skill."

    The gruel tasted really good, Ye Kai was really hungry.

    Shangguan XiaoXian also said with a smile, "This gruel has some potion inside, not the one that cause someone to sleep, but a genuine strength-building potion."

    She had cleaned the powder from her face, changed into a very simple set of black dress. If anyone saw her now, he would not believe that she was the Gold Coin Clan’s leader, would not believe that she was a cruel-hearted dangerous woman. Now she had changed from an idiot into a devil and into a gentle, obedient, thrifty and competent housewife.

    Ye Kai looked at her, now he really could not tell what kind of woman was her. Perhaps each person had two kind of appearance. Each person have a good side, and also an evil side. Ye Kai himself was not an exception. Only he could always control his evil side very well. Would he be able to keep the evil side of Shangguan XiaoXian under lock and key? He had no confidence, but he was determined to at least make the effort.

    Shangguan XiaoXian fed him the gruel. As she looked at the wound on Ye Kai’s hipbone, she gently sighed, "Your wound is really heavy. It seems like Lu Di’s hands were simply like the iron."

    Ye Kai smiled bitterly, "If they do not feel like the iron, the hands would not be that fearful."

    Shangguan XiaoXian was sighing as she slowly said, "I originally planned to have you take revenge on Lu Di for Han Zhen. I wanted you to kill him for me."

    Ye Kai was listening.

    "Now, although Little Li Tanhua, the swordsman Ah Fei and Jing Wuming might still be alive, but they no longer have any concern for jiang-hu’s matter."

    These three people were no longer moving about in the busy world, their whereabouts was already like in the myth.

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "Besides these three people, the people who can truly threaten me in this world are only three people."

    Ye Kai could not bear asking "Which three?”

    Shangguan XiaoXian winked her eyes briefly, "Can you guess?"

    Ye Kai had smiled, "You certainly include me."


    Ye Kai was surprised, he could not stop himself from asking, "Am I not a master?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian charmingly said, "If we are talking about the wugong skill, you are certainly the absolute master, if we are talking about intelligence and quick-wit, you are not worse than anyone else. Your flying dagger, after all is also Little Li’s flying dagger, the most fearful weapon in the world."

    This was the truth. Ye Kai never interrupted someone when he or she was telling the truth, especially when she was praising him. At any time, a person’s commendation was something to be happy about.

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "But your heart is not dark enough, your method is not sinister enough, your flying dagger saves people more often than killing them."

    Ye Kai had smiled, "Therefore I cannot threaten you?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian was staring at him and said lightly, "I thought you could not threaten me, most importantly because ... because we are friends. I cannot really injure you, I believe you could not endure to injure me."

    Her eyes were gentle and sincere. No one else could have such sincere eyes. In Ye Kai’s heart, a sudden surge of sentiment gushed out open, the kind he would not be willing to acknowledge. He changed the topic immediately, "Since I am not included, is Eastern Sea Yu Xiao included in it?"


    Ye Kai knitted his brows, "He is not?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "30 years ago, he had managed to be listed as the tenth most skillful weapon in the weapon list, now he seems to still have the skill, his wugong is certainly very fearful. But he actually cannot threaten me."


    "Because he travels around, moreover he has a main weakness."

    "Yu Xiao is lascivious," Ye Kai said.

    Shangguan XiaoXian had smiled, "Therefore it looks like I do not need to fear him. For a lascivious person, I have the way to cope with him."

    This was also the truth. She was not only extremely beautiful, extremely intelligent, moreover she was not sentimental. This kind of woman was precisely the most difficult adversary for a lascivious person.

    A young beautiful woman should have many ways to cope with a lascivious old man. In this world, an old man who had a lot of wisdom could simply be deceived by a most ignorant young girl, whose family would become broken up and decimated, bringing ruin and shame upon himself.

    Ye Kai sighed. He knew that Yu Xiao would sooner or later die in Shangguan XiaoXian’s hand. He certainly did not sympathized with Yu Xiao, but he could not understand how an old man could still be attracted to young girls.

    "Yu Xiao does not count, how about Guo Ding?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "Guo Ding also does not count."

    Ye Kai did not agree, "As far as I know his sword skill is high, his is definitely not under Guo SongYang’s iron sword in the years past."

    "His swordskill is very possibly already above Guo Songyang, Nangong Yuan is a famous first-class wuxia swordsman, actually he could not compete in ten moves."

    Ye Kai said, "You saw that fight?"

    "When contemporary martial arts fight, I will catch up with them, as I cannot miss the fight."

    Ye Kai smiled, "Sometimes you can even secretly peep from outside the wall."

    Shangguan XiaoXian smiled too, "His attack is overwhelming but calm, the change is also very quick, nearly impossible to penetrate, but he also has a weakness."


    "He is full of affection."

    Ye Kai had no alternative but to acknowledge that. Guo Ding was indeed a person full of affection. He seemed to be strong and callous, but he was actually very sentimental, very easily excited.

    "A person that is full of affection is frail. If a person is frail, no matter how good is his sword skill, that still will not be enough to cause fear."

    Ye Kai sighed.

    He had thought of Guo Ding, had thought of Ding LingLin. Ding LingLin was not only full of affection, moreover she also had unreasonable passion. He was not willing to think anymore about it.

    "Pearl city leaders?"

    "Pearl city leaders are brother and sister twins. They are indeed considered as an outstanding pair, their sword skill is wonderful, and may also be called the world best."

    "The 490 pearl-combination swordstyle?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian nodded, "The brother and sister are two people, one has a right arm that is seven inches longer than the left, one has a left arm that is seven inches longer than the right arm. This causes their long sword play to be very specific towards the original twins, interlinked completely and collaborates flawlessly to attack the enemy. These two people are like a person, when they display the sword skill, with one in front and the other one behind, they would become like four people."

    Ye Kai said, "It is said that when they use the 490 pearl-combination swordstyle, once they start it, nobody in the world can break the moves."

    "Not only nobody can break it, moreover there are only very few people in the world who could still be alive after their 490 moves."

    "Do they count?"


    "They do not count? Why? ...”

    "Because they are dead."

    Ye Kai blurted out, "When did they die? How?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian lightly said, "Each people will unavoidably die sooner or later, why are you so surprised."

    "Although they have died themselves, but their swordskill will always continue," Ye Kai said.

    "Even if they had managed to teach their sword skills, but where could they find themselves such unusual pair of brother and sister that could practice this unusual sword skill?"

    Ye Kai was unable to restrain his sigh. Throughout the ages, there were countless peerless sword skill such as this 490 pearl combination swordstyle that only appeared briefly and then became lost like many other historical items.

    "If you just continue mentioning the famous people, you will never find out."

    "You are saying that these three people are not well-known?"

    "At least they are not known by common people."

    Ye Kai was hesitating before he suddenly asked, "Do you know Fu Hongxue?"

    "I know that he is your friend, he may also be your brother. He is a very strange person, the sword skill is also very strange."

    “Not strange, it is just quick, very quick."

    "I have seen him attack."


    "When he attacks with his fast sword, it is possibly as quick as when the swordsman Fei made his name, but...."

    "But he does not count?"



    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "Because he does not want to meddle with jiang-hu again, he seems to be very weary of life. It seems that he like being a recluse, not a hero who can conquer the world. Moreover, he also has this foul disease that is eating him deep inside."

    Shangguan XiaoXian had not spoken incorrectly. She knew the heroes of the martial arts at the present age from A to Z, their disposition, the temperament. Not only she could analyzed very clearly, moreover she judged them extremely well. The most fearful thing was, anyone with even a slight weakness could not hide this from her.

    Ye Kai certainly thought that she had changed from a virtuous wife, into a political analyst, who knew the important matters in this world from A to Z, a tactician who could determine the final outcome from a great distance. She had changed little like someone in the green plum garden who were boiling the wine to discuss about heroic Cao Cao. But this change was really too big.

    Ye Kai became weary with thinking about this. But as he listened to her words, his spirit suddenly began to arouse. He could not bear asking again, "You said there were three people, actually who are they?"

    "I said these three people are the most fearful people in this world because they nearly do not have any weakness."

    Shangguan XiaoXian’s eyes had suddenly sparkled as she said, "The first person is surnamed Mo, called Mo WuXing."

    "Mo WuXing?"

    "You have not heard of this person?"

    Ye Kai said, "He is also from Qingcheng?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian nodded, "He is the true Master Mo of Qingcheng House, Mo Bai was only his lackey."

    Mo Bai was also a very fearful person, but he was actually only this person's lackey.

    "You killed me, my master will certainly cause you to die miserably... " He thought about Mo Bai’s curse at the point of death, remembering the sad and shrill expression. Ye Kai was unable to restrain feeling a little bit colder.

    “Actually what kind of person is this Mo WuXing? How is his wugong?"

    "I cannot say."

    "You also cannot say?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian sighed, "Because I also cannot say, therefore he is more fearful."

    She continue saying, "Not only that, he also has at least 500 people who are prepared to die for him. Only from this fact, you can imagine how fearful is he as a person."

    Thinking about those people dying calmly, solemnly, and devoid of expression, Ye Kai was unable to restrain the terror insurrected by this group of people.

    "The second individual, you have fought with him."

    "Lu Di?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, “Right, Lu Di. You continue to underestimate him all the time."

    Ye Kai smiled bitterly, "At least now I will never underestimate him again, I have nearly died under him."

    "But you actually cannot realize why he is so fearful."


    "You have seen his wugong, what do you think about it?"

    "His moves are exactly correct, impregnable, when attacking, it feels like a rolling thunder. Moreover when he moves, he has adaptable cleverness with cunning deception. He could set up the snare, and hook the opponent right through."

    "But if you had attacked with your flying dagger, he might not be able to defend against it."

    Ye Kai had not acknowledged that, but he actually had not denied it either. He was never willing to comment about his flying dagger.

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "There are at least 8 words that could describe his fearful character. You have only mentioned two."
    "Which two?"

    “Adaptable cleverness."

    "What are the rest?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "Deeply callous, adaptable cleverness, wolf’s heart, gentleman appearance."

    Ye Kai said with a smile, "Isn’t it too excessive to heap such words on this young person."

    Shangguan XiaoXian suddenly asked, "You may know why he can defeat you?"

    Ye Kai shook his head. Not that he did not know, he was just unwilling to say it.

    Shangguan XiaoXian actually said it for him, "He could win because you did not use your flying dagger." She also asked, "But did you know why your flying dagger did not attack him?"

    This time Ye Kai wanted to speak, but Shangguan XiaoXian actually did not let him speak, insted she continued, "Because he has thrown his sword first, so you certainly cannot use the dagger anymore."

    "So at this point, he had calculated about the dagger, therefore he did not use a sword??"


    Ye Kai said, "But he had also stated over and over that his hands were also a sharp weapon that could kill."

    "That was because he had calculated that you were such a person that when he said something like that, you would not use the flying dagger to attack, therefore he did that intentionally and naturally."

    Ye Kai gave a forced smile.

    "Do you know why he finally he didn't kill you?"

    "Because ... "

    Shangguan XiaoXian had interrupted him, "Because he knew that if he had really wanted to kill you, you might attack with your flying dagger. He certainly also knew that you had more dagger on your belt."

    "But, he finally invited me to fight him once again... "

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "This time he had shown mercy to you, next time even if you fight him, will you be able to kill him?"

    She smiled, "Moreover, after this fight, you felt that he was a hero, someone who could some unsentimental pity. Even if you were compelled to attack him later, you would try to avoid that as much as possible."

    Ye Kai could not deny it.

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "Therefore, not only he had defeated you, not only he had turned you into a useful friend, but he had also gained the reputation of being chivalric that would spread all over the world."

    She slowly continued, "Therefore, I can say that he is deeply callous, adaptable cleverness, wolf’s heart, gentleman appearance. These words are not wrong."

    Ye Kai gave his forced smile again.

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "Not only he has the political skill, he also has friends, a nice plot and the ambition to succeed."

    "Therefore you hoped I could kill him for you."

    Shangguan XiaoXian acknowledged that, "When such a person lives in the world, he is indeed a kind of threat to me. Up to now, I have not found out a surefire method to overcome him."

    "Therefore you thought he is more fearful than Mo WuXing?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian nodded, appearing somewhat tired, "But the most fearful was actually this third person."

    Ye Kai said, "Who is this third person?"

    "Han Zhen."

    Ye Kai was astounded.

    "You did not expect him?"

    Ye Kai gave a forced smile again, "Indeed he is a very sneaky person who can scheme very well, but... "

    "But you actually do not believe that he can be more fearful than Mo WuXing and Lu Di?"

    Ye Kai acknowledged it.

    "You thought his wugong is very bad?"

    "He... "

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "You have not grasped it because you simply do not know how is his wugong compared to you. Perhaps there is no one in this world who actually how good is his wugong.

    "You do not know?"

    "I do not know."

    Ye Kai hesitated, "You feel he is not really loyal to you?"

    "I am not sure."

    "But you have kept him by your side."

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "That is because up to now, I have not discovered him being disloyal."

    "Perhaps he is very faithful to you, perhaps you suspect him wrongly. A woman’s doubt usually tends to be a bigger worry than necessary."

    "But a woman actually can have a clearer instinct, like a third eye, that can fathom matters some men cannot see."

    "What do you see?"

    "I already feel that there is a spy among my most trusted subordinates. If I am not careful, someone could possibly destroy me from a great distance."

    "You suspect this person is Han Zhen?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "Because he is the most suspicious candidate, I even suspect him being one of the four great heavenly gods from the Devil Sect."

    "But you actually do not have any evidence."

    Shangguan XiaoXian sighed, "No evidence."

    Ye Kai said, "Therefore the actual spy may not be him either, but someone else."

    "It is because I am not completely sure that I cannot act on him. He has helped in quite a few problems. If it is truly him and not someone else, I would be really disappointed and felt that it is a big loss."

    Ye Kai lightly said, "It looks like being the 'Gold Coin Clan' leader is not an easy work after all."

    “It is indeed not easy."

    "Why do you want to do this strenuous, dangerous adventure then?"

    Shangguan Xiaoxian’s stared at a distant place. After a very long time, she slowly said, "Because I am Shangguan Xiaoxian, Shangguan Jin Hong’s daughter."

    "Therefore you are only waiting for the spy to act?"

    Shangguan Xiaoxian nodded and sighed deeply, "I can only wait for him to make the first move."

    "When he makes his first strike, it can very possibly destroy you at the time."

    “It is possible."

    "Therefore if you want to sleep at night, it is not an easy thing."

    Shangguan Xiaoxian’s eyes came back from the distant place and was staring at him. She slowly said, "Only when you accompany me for several nights in all these years, that I could feel at ease and slept well."

    Ye Kai had avoided her eyes as he coldly said, "That was something from the past, at that time I did not know what kind of person you were, now... "

    Shangguan Xiaoxian had gripped his hands and said, "Now it is still the same, as long as you are willing to be by my side, I will not fear anyone."

    "You do not fear me...”

    "I do not fear you, I trust you. I have only trusted you in my whole life." Her sound was gentle like the spring breeze, she slowly continued, "As long as both of us share the same place, even if ten Lu Di’s, or ten Han Zhen’s attack me at the same time, I still have the assurance that I can strike back at them, as long as we share the same feeling in this world."

    Ye Kai did not open his mouth again, in fact his eyes were closed already. Unexpectedly, he was sleeping.

    Shangguan Xiaoxian was staring at him. After a long time, she gently laid down his hand, and gently walked away. When she looked at Ye Kai, her eyes were full of confidence, like knowing already that this person belonged to her. She seemed to have a very strong assurance.


    Han Zhen hung his head low, standing out of respect in the courtyard. He had to wait for a long time because Shangguan Xiaoxian wanted him to wait here. Even if Shangguan Xiaoxian wanted him to stand on a super hot pot, he would not move a half step. His obedience was total, his loyalty would make one have no alternative but to feel moved.

    Shangguan Xiaoxian was going down the stairs. When she looked at him, her eyes also could not restrain the color of satisfaction. Regardless of her nitpicking, having such a helper should help one feel well satisfied.

    Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "You found the people I want you to find?"

    Han Zhen nodded, “I will call them to come in."

    Han Zhen clapped his hands. There were ten people who came in from outside, both men and women. There were some traveling peddlers, shopowners, small traders. Although their attires were different, they were actually the same kind of people. They belonged to the Gold Coin Clan. People who were absolutely loyal, and absolutely obeyed only a person.

    Shangguan Xiaoxian gave the order. This was practically her order, "Everyone will go to Chang An city and disseminates the news of Ye Kai’s death. Any method can be used, but you have to make sure that everyone will believe that Ye Kai has died. If there is anyone who think that Ye Kai still lives, you must die."

    Although her order was brief, it was actually effective. Looking at how these people went out, her eyes showed a deep satisfaction. Calling these people to disseminate the rumor was as easy as wanting the honeybee to disseminate the pollen. She knew that this plan would be very effective.

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    Default Chapter 18: Feeling sorry not having met sooner

    Chapter 18: Feeling sorry not having met sooner - TRANSLATED BY FASTCLOCK

    "Ye Kai has died!"

    "How could Ye Kai die?"

    "Everyone will die, Ye Kai is also a person."

    "But he is actually a person who will not die easily, it is said that he could be the best master in the world."

    "The world’s number one master can die as well. If not, where are the previous number one masters in the world now?"

    "A master is not always the master forever, if someone is the number one master in the world, he might actually die quicker than anyone else."

    "But I cannot think of anyone who could kill him."

    "There were two people who killed him."

    "Which two people?"

    "Lu Di."

    "Lu Di? Wudang’s 'the white-clothed swordsman' Lu Di?"

    “That’s him."

    "His kungfu is comparable to Ye Kai?"

    "That might not necessarily be true. Ye Kai had been injured first by someone else, if not, he probably would not die."

    "Someone could injure him? Who is this person?"

    “She is a woman, it is said she is originally the woman that Ye Kai likes the most."

    "Why such an intelligent person like Ye Kai could fall under such woman?"

    "Because a hero often feels bad about a beautiful woman."

    "Who is this woman?"

    "She is surnamed Ding, called Ding LingLin!"


    Ding LingLin was sleeping on the bed. The room was very gloomy, but the bed was actually warm. She had been sleeping for a very long time, but she had not moved any part of her body.

    She felt very weary, like she had just walked through a very difficult road, but she also felt like she had an extremely frightful nightmare. In the dream, she seemed to have tried to pierce Ye Kai with a knife.

    That was certainly only a dream, she certainly could not injure Ye Kai. She would rather die than injure Ye Kai.

    There was sound of footsteps.

    “Is it possibly Ye Kai?"

    Ding LingLin really hoped to see Ye Kai as she widened her eyes. But a pity, she could only see Guo Ding.

    Guo Ding’s complexion also looked very weary, very thin and pale, but his eyes actually showed some happiness, "You are awake... "

    Ding LingLin did not wait for him to say these two words and interrupted him, "What place is this? How did I get here? Ye Kai?"

    Guo Ding said, "You are in an inn, you were affected by Yu Xiao’s confusing potion, then I rescued you and we came to this place."

    Ding LingLin certainly remembered Yu Xiao’s sudden appearance and Ye Kai’s effort to free her. But what happened next, and how Guo Ding was able to rescue, she was not completely clear.

    But she was not being nice. She cared only about a person. "Ye Kai? Is Ye Kai here?"

    Guo Ding shook his head, "He is not here, I... I have not seen him."

    He had not said the truth, because he feared that Ding LingLin could not bear such a burden. If she knew that she had stabbed Ye Kai initially, what sadness and pain could affect her, Guo Ding did not even dare to think.

    Ding LingLin's complexion had sunk as she said, "You have not seen Ye Kai? Is it because you have not gone to look for him?"

    Guo Ding had to acknowledge this.

    Ding LingLin sneered, "You rescue me to this place but you actually had not told him, what are you trying to do?"

    Guo Ding was unable to reply to that, he did not understand himself what he was trying to do.

    They did not know each other very well, but he actually accompanied Ye Kai to take the risks to rescue her. In order to avoid Yu Xiao, he had brought her here to look after her. He had stayed three days in this gloomy very small room. Also he suffered a lot of pain and hardship to protect her.

    A woman who had completely lost her consciousness was not an easy person to serve, moreover he had never served anyone else before. These three days, he nearly never closed his eyes, staying up all the time. Instead, she was sneering at him now with the suspicion that his motive was not pure. But he would rather be suspected than to say the truth, as telling her the truth would be a major blow to her.

    Ding LingLin stared at him as she coldly said, "I was asking you, why don't you open your mouth?"

    Guo Ding did not open his mouth.
    He could not open his mouth, as he could not say anything that was in his heart.

    Ding LingLin's hands tried to find out whether she wore something under the bed sheet. Her expression became slightly more friendly as she asked, "How long have I been here?"

    Guo Ding said, "It is nearly three days now."

    Ding LingLin nearly jumped, "Three days? I have been here for three days? You have been here all the time too?"

    Guo Ding nodded.

    Ding LingLin’s eyes grew bigger, "These three days, I slept all the time?"

    Guo Ding said, “Yes."
    He spoke very softly, because what he said was a lie.

    These three days, Ding LingLin certainly did not sleep all the time. She had done many things, things that could not be considered done by many people, things that would cause people to not know whether to laugh or cry.

    Only Guo Ding knew about these things, and he would never mention them to anyone else.

    Ding LingLin was biting her lips. After hesitating for a while, she finally could not stop herself from asking, "You?"


    "What are you doing while I was sleeping?"

    Guo Ding said bitterly, "I did not do anything."

    Ding LingLin breathed a sigh of relief, before putting on a serious face and said, "I hope what you said is not false, because if you are lying, I will find out sooner or later."

    Guo Ding just listened.

    Ding LingLin said, "You rescued me, so I will need to repay you later, but if I find out that you lie to me, I will want your life." She seemed to feel disinclined to look at Guo Ding, as she coldly said, "Now I only hope that you go out, go out a little quicker."

    Guo Ding had not looked at her. In his heart, he was asking himself, "Actually what am I doing here? Why do I have to receive this kind of insult?"
    He walked out, never looking back.

    Looking at his thin weary back vanishing outside the door, Ding LingLin could not stop herself from feeling some relief. She certainly did not dislike this person, also she certainly realized his sentiment towards her. But she had to pretend not knowing about it, because she could not let this kind of sentiment from developing again. Because in her heart, there was only a person.

    Ye Kai, she must find Ye Kai quickly.


    Her first place to look for must certainly be the great wild goose guest inn.

    But when the people in the great wild goose guest inn saw here, they all seemed like seeing a ghost, with loath and fear. Someone who had stabbed her own sweetheart with a knife would certainly not receive a nice welcome.

    "Have you seen that Ye person?"


    "Do you where he went?"

    "No – regarding this Ye person, we do not know anything. Why don’t you inquire at the escort bureau?"

    Thereupon Ding LingLin arrived at the Tiger and phoenix escort bureau.

    When the people at Tiger and phoenix escort bureau heard Ding LingLin"’s name, their expressions were almost similar to the people at the great wild goose guest inn.

    "We and Hero Ye are not associated with each other, but if you want to inquire about his news, you might as well go to Eight Sides Escort Bureau. It is heard that the head of the escort bureau Dai GaoGang was a life-and-death friend of Hero Ye."

    Ding LingLin felt very strange, as she had never heard why Ye Kai had such a "life-and-death" friend? She wanted to ask further, but now she could not do that anymore. She also really could not face seeing those faces in this escort bureau.

    No matter what, as long as she found Dai GaoGang, she would know Ye Kai’s whereabouts... Her heart felt better because she did not know that she would never have the luxury of asking anything from Dai GaoGang’s mouth again.

    In the courtyard of “Eight-sides Escort Bureau” several servants were scrubbing a large black carriage. A tall middle-aged person was folding his arms in front of him, standing looking on the stone steps. He was none other than the vice leader of the escort bureau, Du Tong.

    Ding LingLin opened the conversation, "You are escort leader, Dai GaoGang?"

    Although she did not speak with great politeness, and although her complexion was not too attractive, but she as a very beautiful girl after all, moreover she was also very young.

    Du Tong sized her up with his eyes as he reluctantly smiled, "What is the surname of Miss, and what matter do you have with him?"

    "I am surnamed Ding, I want to inquire someone from him."

    Hearing the character "Ding", Du Tong’s complexion changed, "You are surnamed Ding? Is it possible that your name is Ding LingLin?"

    Ding LingLin nodded, "Is he here? I want to ask him several questions."

    Du Tong’s calm face looked at her when he suddenly sneered, "You are not looking for Ye Kai?"

    Ding LingLin’s eyes had shone, "You know Ye Kai too? Is he here?"

    Du Tong coldly said, “Right, he is here. He came back from the same place as Escort leader Dai, riding the same carriage."

    His face was filled with sorrow and anger, it was only a pity that Ding LingLin had not seen it. As long as she thought she could see Ye Kai, she did not care about any other things.

    "Where are they?"

    Du Tong sneered before turning around, "You come with me."

    In the gloomy hall, the feeling was like in the graveyard. Because this hall had now become a graveyard.

    As soon as Ding LingLin entered the hall, she saw two coffins.
    Two brand-new coffins that had not been closed yet. In these coffins, there were the corpses of two persons, who did not have the head.

    Du Tong coldly said, "They went out together, they also rode the carriage back together. But, although they have come back, they are actually not back."

    Ding LingLin had not listened clearly to what he said as she had recognized the clothes on the corpses - life-and-death friendship! It was mentioned that Ye Kai and Dai GaoGang had a life-and-death friendship, they went out together, now they lay together in the coffins.

    Ding LingLin felt the entire room turned upside down. The people at the great wild goose guest inn waiter and Eight Sided Escort Bureau seemed to rotate around her, each face showed a brutal sneer at her.

    "They already knew that Ye Kai has died?"
    "Did Ye Kai really die?"

    Ding LingLin wanted to cry loudly, but she could not utter a single sound.


    Gloomy hall, gloomy light.

    Ding LingLin woke up discovering that she still lay at the same place she dropped down a moment ago.

    Nobody held her up, also nobody comforted her.

    Du Tong folded his arms, standing there coldly looking at her. His face showed an unspeakable detest of her.

    Ding LingLin was forcing herself to stand up as she clenched her teeth and said, "He... In whose hand did he die?"

    Du Tong coldly said, "You do not know?"

    "How can I know."

    "You should know."

    Ding LingLin said loudly, "What do you mean, actually who has killed him?"

    Du Tong also clenched his teeth, as he seethed out two words, “It’s you!"

    These two words was like an iron hammer that hit Ding LingLin hard on the face, “It’s me?

    Du Tong coldly said, "If you had not stabbed him with a knife in the first place, how could he have fallen defeated under Lu Di? If Escord leader Dai had not rushed him away to cure his wounds, how could he have died together with him inside the carriage?"

    Ding LingLin's heart had exploded, the entire people in front of her seemed to have exploded.

    She remembered her nightmare, as she also remembered Yu Xiao staring at her, both evil eyes that completely filled her mind - Quickly kill Ye Kai with this knife...

    Wasn't that a dream? Did she unexpectedly really commit that frightful deed?

    Ding LingLin did not believe it, would not believe it until she died.
    She moved forward and seized Du Tong’s clothes shouting loudly, "You lied."

    Du Tong coldly said, "I did not lie, you should know it in you heart."

    Ding LingLin greatly shouted, "I know that you are lying, if you say something like that again, I will kill you."

    Du Tong sneered, suddenly he attacked with a slanting chop at Ding LingLin's shoulder.
    He did not expect that Ding LingLin's kungfu was unexpectedly much better to what he imagined.

    When he attacked, Ding LingLin suddenly turned around and poked with her fists on his rib.
    He was hit against the wall immediately, the pain caused him to bend down on his waist.

    Ding LingLin had actually rushed forward and clutched him, she hissed, "You said you were not lying?"

    Du Tong with a pale face, full of cold sweat, was panting for his breath. But he suddenly sneered, "Good, you kill me, you killed Ye Kai as that no one else could kill him. Even if you kill me, I will still say these words."

    Ding LingLin suddenly released him, the whole body all trembled, shaking like a copper bell in a squall.

    It seemed there were like a thousand eyes that looked at her all around the hall, each pair of eyes were filled with hatred and loathing.

    "I should kill you to avenge Escort leader Dai and Ye Kai, but you are such a kind of woman that is so unworthy to kill, you go, just go… just go…"

    ”I have killed Ye Kai... I unexpectedly really have committed this frightful deed?"

    Ding LingLin covered her face and dashed about wildly. She rushed through the escort bureau, rushed through the long street. The street resembled a rotating world, as she actually fell on the street. The mud on the street was cold as ice, as there were some ice droplets inside the mud, but she did not care about it.

    All the people in the street were looking at her, looking like they had already judged her as a female killer. So, she did not care. She just hoped that she could transform herself into a blown-high ash, that the piercing cold wind will blow her away, dispersed like the dust.

    By now there was actually a hand extending to her, pulling her. A strong steady hand, with a face that was filled with sadness and the sympathy.

    She did not burst into tears, she simply could not have cried. When she saw this face, her tears that were just flowing out by trickles, suddenly burst out.

    Guo Ding helped her up as she was actually pouring out her cry in his bosom. He let her cry, he hoped her sadness could be vented.

    After waiting until she had cried enough, only then she found herself back in that gloomy very small room.


    The light was dim, Guo Ding sat under the solitary lamp looking at her. He certainly had not said any comforting words to her, but his eyes were already a kind of comfort.

    Ding LingLin finally struggled to sat up, crazily looking at that dark lamp. After we did not know how long, only then she crazily said to him, "I have killed him... It was me who have killed him."

    Guo Ding said, “It was not you!"
    His sound was gentle and firm: "This matter could not be blamed upon you."

    "You know about this?"

    “Ye Kai was with me when you came out."

    "When I pierced him with that knife, you were there as well?"

    "Because I was there, therefore I simply could not blame you. Because at that time, you were simply not yourself."

    Ding LingLin hung her head, looking at her own hand. No matter what, the knife was in her hand, this is a fact. She knew that her own heart felt sorry and painful, and forever would carry the scar. Nobody could give her comfort with any soothing words…

    Guo Ding slowly continued saying, "If you want to take revenge for Ye Kai, the one to suffer is not you, but we should go and find Yu Xiao and Lu Di."


    Guo Ding nodded: "You and me."

    "But this matter has nothing to do with you."

    "How could it not be related, you are a friend of mine, Ye Kai was also a friend of mine. Your matter is my matter."

    Ding LingLin suddenly perked up her head, staring at him. After a very long time, she slowly said, "You were not willing to tell me this matter, you would rather endure my insult than telling me because you only feared that I will be sad."

    "I... "

    Ding LingLin did not let him open his mouth as she interrupted, "Now you must take revenge for Ye Kai, also only because you know that I am not a match for Yu Xiao and Lu Di."

    Guo Ding looked down at his own hands, because he did not dare to contradict her analysis.

    Ding LingLin's eyes were dry, "What you are trying to do, I fully understand, so now I also hope you understand what I am trying to do."

    Guo Ding was listening.

    Ding LingLin said, "This is my problem, I do not want you to meddle in. Regardless of how fearful Yu Xiao and Lu Di are, I already have the way to cope with them, as I also cannot cause you to worry."

    Guo Ding could not stop asking, "You have the way?"

    Ding LingLin clenched both of her fists as she said, "I am a woman, when a woman must cope with a man, she always have a way."

    Her voice became callous and firm. She was originally a naïve sweet and pretty girl, but at the present she resembled into another person.

    Guo Ding’s heart sank.
    He suddenly felt very fearful as he felt that Ding LingLin could certainly make a very fearful matter. He wanted to prevent that, but he actually did not know how to achieve that.

    Ding LingLin stood up and slowly walked to the window. She looked at the dimness of the night outside the window.

    The dimness of the night was not too dark.

    She suddenly turned her head and asked, "Do you have any money?"


    "How much?"


    Ding LingLin gathered her hairs together and said, "Now it is not too late. I would like to go get something to eat, do you want to accompany me?"


    The restaurant had not really stop working. Ding LingLin had ordered 7 or 8 type of vegetables, she ate very slowly, but also had some wine.

    Then she took a stroll in the liveliest street in Chang An city, and bought the rouge powder, several very bright-colored clothes. She also bought a piece of not inexpensive, but very attractive jewelry.

    These things were the stuff that girls most liked, especially a girl at her kind of age.
    These matters were usually very normal. But, in her situation, that she could be in the mood to conduct these matters, that was far from normal.

    She appeared very calm. Only a very determined person could suddenly turned into such a calm person. But what determination did she have?

    Guo Ding thought about it deeper, but he just silently walked along with her without anything to say.

    Despite of her seeming firm resolve, she did not appear to make any move after all. She took a leisurely stroll along the streets, before she suddenly took a stroll to Eight-sided Escort Bureau.

    Ding LingLin gave her large package to Guo Ding and calmly entered. There were several guards at the gate that gave her the startled look, but unexpectedly nobody detained her from entering.

    Because they had all realized that this girl had changed dramatically, changed into a fearful person. It was just a moment ago that this girl was so pitiful, so excited. Bt now she had suddenly changed into a calm girl, that was hard to imagine.

    When Du Tong saw her, he abandoned all his thought and asked, "What are you doing?"

    Ding LingLin said, "I want to ask you to pass on to Priest Yu Xiao and Lu Di that if they want to find Shangguan Xiaoxian, if they want to obtain this secret and the buried treasure, they can come to the Great Wild Goose guest inn at tomorrow noon."

    Du Tong said, "I... How can I find them?"

    Ding LingLin said, "Just think of the possible ways. If you cannot find them, just do your best."
    Her voice was very tranquil, her corners of the mouth also showed some smile. But that smile was such a fearful expression, that Du Tong did not dare to make any comment.

    Ding LingLin already went out calmly. Unexpectedly she went to a small food stall, ate most of the bowl, and drank some wine.

    She was smiling as shesaid, "Today, my appetite is very good."
    Looking at her smile, Guo Ding no longer could say anything.


    By now the night was very late, they were miserably treading the severe winter path and the tranquil dimness of night. They slowly made their way to the small inn, returning to that gloomy very small room.

    Ding LingLin said, "I must sleep."

    Guo Ding silently nodded, preparing to walk out.

    Ding LingLin actually suddenly smiled and said, "You do not need to go out, this bed is big enough for two people to sleep."

    Ding LingLin had actually pulled open the bed sheet, "You sleep first, I like sleeping on the outside."

    Her voice was very tranquil, like a mother telling her child to sleep on the bed.

    Guo Ding was unable to reject her, so he had gone straight to sleep, his body was glued tight to the wall.

    Ding LingLin had also rested, she smilingly said, "Tonight I might have a nightmare, you should better not be frightened by my sudden move."

    Guo Ding nodded.
    Besides the nod, he did not dare to move at all.

    Ding LingLin suddenly gently sighed, "Do you know that I have not slept with any other man? I originally thought that I would never sleep with anyone else in my lifetime... "

    Her voice became lower and lower. After a while, she resembled to have sleep soundly.


    The night was very calm.

    Her breath was very light, like the spring breeze.

    Guo Ding was tired and also felt sleepy for a while, but how could he get some rest?
    His heart had never been as chaotic as now. He thought about many things, things that he should think, but also things which he was not supposed to think.

    He had never dreamed of sleeping with Ding LingLin on the same bed, but he had never dreamed also that sleeping with a girl could present such situation.

    He was a man full of vigor. He had also had a woman before so in this aspect, he certainly did not feel too seriously about it.

    Now the one that slept beside him was the kind of woman he had been searching for all of his life. Since he saw her for the first time, he already had the sentiment to this woman which could never be explained by logic.

    But now, he actually did not have any desire for her, instead his heart was full of fear and sadness for her.

    He knew that Ding LingLin had resolved firmly to do something. Something that could turn a woman into such a fearful woman when she was set to die for her resolve.

    He had also made the resolution that he would not let Ding LingLin die, as long as he could let this woman live, he would not hesitate to do anything.

    The night was still calm, although the cold wind howled outside the window. He suddenly detected that Ding LingLin’s body started to shiver. She did not stop shivering, or groaning, or changing her position. With the light from the stars through the window, her face was filled with tears.

    His heart was like being rend by a knife. He almost could not stop himself from crossing over, hugged her closely, telling her that she still could have so many nice things in life, that it was still possible to forego the deep painful scar and return to normal life gradually.

    But he did not dare to do such things. He could only accompany her with his own tears…
    When he was done, he lightly rested. But then, his body suddenly started to shiver and did not stop shivering.

    By now if he opened his eyes, he would discover that Ding LingLin was staring at him, her eyes were filled with sadness, sympathy, pity and gratitude. The one that could not be expressed by words, and the gratitude that could never be repaid…


    Guo Ding woke up, the day was already bright.

    Ding LingLin had changed into the clothes she had bought last night, and was combing herself in front of the window.

    Her movement was gentle and exquisite. She looked really healthy and glowing with her face under the sunlight from the window.

    This gloomy very small room suddenly seemed to change because she suddenly had this new life, had this inspiration.

    Guo Ding looked at her crazily.
    If this was his family, and this was his wife, that when he woke up, he would see his wife combing in front of the window.

    Was there any other kind of happiness in the world that was comparable to this?
    His heart was throbbing with pain.
    He never wanted to come down from this height, as he did not dare to think about what was coming.
    He knew that this magnificent moment was only a prelude to death.
    Death itself could sometimes be very beautiful.

    Ding LingLin suddenly said, "You are awake."

    Guo Ding nodded and sat up reluctantly with a smile, “When I sleep, it seems that I would resemble a dead person."

    Ding LingLin said lightly, "You should sleep well for a change because I knew you had not sleep for several days."

    "What time is it?"

    "It seems almost noon already."

    Guo Ding’s heart had sunk.


    “I will call here again tomorrow noon so they can wait for me in the great wild goose guest inn.”

    Noontime was the brightest moment of the day, but now that it was mentioned, it was actually the time of death.

    Ding LingLin suddenly stood up, she showed up herself in front of him. While smiling she said, "When I dress up, do you think I am beautiful?"

    She was indeed beautiful.
    She had not always looked liked so beautiful like at that moment, because she almost never dress up like this. She looked like a peacock preening her colorful feathers for everyone to see. Perhaps that was only because until this moment, she was not yet a mature woman.

    This kind of magnificent beauty, actually caused Guo Ding a painful feeling.
    He suddenly remembered how his mother died. When putting her in the coffin, that was precisely the most beautiful appearance in her life.

    Ding LingLin was staring at him, while asking, "Why don't you speak? What are you thinking?"

    Guo Ding did not reply, he only looked at her blankly, before suddenly asked: "You must go?"

    Ding LingLin said, "I... I will only go for a while."

    Guo Ding said, "To see Yu Xiao and Lu Di?"

    Ding LingLin nodded, "You know that for me, sooner or later I need to see the right and the wrong executed."

    Guo Ding said, "I will also need to see the right and the wrong executed."

    Ding LingLin said, "You must accompany me?"

    Guo Ding said, "You are not willing?"

    Ding LingLin charmingly said, "Why aren't I willing, it is good to have you accompany me."

    Guo Ding was astounded again.

    He originally did not expect Ding LingLin to let him go with her - "this is my matter, I do not want you to manage." He did not expect her to change her mind today.

    Ding LingLin smiled, "If you want to go, you need to get up quickly, wash your face with the water I’ve prepared for you."

    She had really prepared the tub of water for him.

    Guo Ding got out of bed, flushed with excitement as he felt himself being filled with the strength for the whole body.

    He knew that Yu Xiao and Lu Di were extremely fearful opponents.
    But he did not care about it.
    He did not care whether he won or he lost.
    The only important thing was that now Ding LingLin would not surely die, that suddenly there was hope in the fight, that there was confidence and strength in him now.

    He bent himself as his hands skimmed the surface of the water.
    The ice-cold water actually worked like the knife, causing him to be more sober and ready.

    Ding LingLin walked closer behind him and said lightly, "You do not need to worry, they certainly will wait for us."

    Guo Ding said with a smile, "Good, let them wait for a while… I…"

    He had not finished his sentece as he felt his accupoint was hit from behind. He fell down immediately.

    He could only heard Ding LingLin gently said, "I have no alternative but to do this. I cannot let you die for me, you certainly must forgive me."

    Although Guo Ding could hear her words, he actually could not move, nor open his mouth.

    Ding LingLin helped him across the floor, held him against the bed, and let him lie down on the bed. She looked at him from the head of the bed. Her eyes were filled with pity and gratitude and sadness, “Your regards for me, I understand completely. I also fully understand what kind of person you are. It is a pity… a pity that we met too late."

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    Default 19th chapter: Sweet act of love for the dying

    19th chapter: Sweet act of love for the dying - TRANSLATED BY FASTCLOCK

    "It was only a pity that we met too late."
    This was the sentence that Ding LingLin asserted to Guo Ding, the same sentence that had been uttered and received by many other people throughout the ages. But only for those who really had to say it, had to listen to it, that could feel how bitter it was, how painful.

    Looking at Ding LingLin walking out, Guo Ding suddenly felt the world becoming empty, turning into a cold and misty place, a fathomless abyss.

    In the severe winter, it was rare that the sun which just rose in the east, the sunlight immediately entered the gloomy tiny room.

    But for Guo Ding, this room had been left cold and dark.
    He knew that his life would never felt the sunlight and the warmth, because as she went out, she would surely never come back again. He knew that he could never see her again.

    When a woman had to deal with a man, obviously she had a lot of options. But dealing with a person directly, was something that was really too dangerous, too fearful. Moreover, even if she could really deal with them, she would never come back again alive. Because she had determined to die.

    When she pierced the knife on Ye Kai, her pain and lamentation could only be alleviated by “dying”. She had already determined to make her reparation by “dying”.

    Now Yu Xiao and Lu Di were already waiting for her in the great wild goose guest inn, waiting to kill her?

    Such men like them surely had a lot of options to deal with a woman.
    What option will they choose?
    Thinking about Yu Xiao’s ugly method, Lu Di’s callousness, Guo Ding could not endure it anymore.

    The sunlight in the cold winter would be forever gentle and warm, like the strokes of a sweetheart. As the sunlight illuminated his face, his tears began to flow.


    High noon in the great wild goose guest inn.

    When Ding LingLin entered, the sunlight had already touched that green gold-lettered signboard outside.

    She had not brought her life-snatching golden bell, nor any weapon.
    Today the weapon she must use was her determination, her courage, her wisdom and her beauty.
    She pumped herself with self-confident.

    In this world, there were many men who fell under this kind of weapon by women.
    She was indeed an extremely beautiful woman, moreover today she had sedulously dressed up.

    When a man saw her enter, his eyes would not be able to restrain from revealing the admiration and the desire.

    There was only that good old storekeeper who actually appeared a little anxious and worried. He knew that there would be a disaster, a murder – and most probably a disaster that would occur to this young girl.

    As soon as Ding LingLin entered through the door, he welcomed her from the counter, reluctantly making a smiling face, he asked, “Is it Miss Ding?"


    "Miss, your two visitors have already waited in the rear court."
    Both Yu Xiao and Lu Di unexpectedly had really come.

    Ding LingLin suddenly detected her own heart jumping wildly, jumping very quickly.
    Although she had made her resolution to die, but she was still feeling anxious.
    She certainly also knew that these two people were dangerous and fearful.

    "Only two people come?"

    The old storekeeper nodded, suddenly lowered his voice and said, "If Miss does not have any important matter, it is not too late to go back."

    Ding LingLin had smiled and said, "You know perfectly well that they come for me, why do you want me to go back!"

    The old storekeeper hesitated, "Because of... "

    He did not finished his words as he became anxious and frightened. Finally he only sighed gently. Ding LingLin had smiled as she walked in, she certainly knew this old person's good intention in her heart.

    But she knew she had to go. Even knowing what was waiting for her inside was a poisonous snake or a malicious ghost, she had to go in.

    The rear court had just been cleaned, the main hall was clean, bare, even more cold, deserted and desolate.

    "That two visitors are in the hall." The guiding waiter said this, and then quietly withdrew from the courtyard immediately. He obviously saw that today’s appointment was not something amusing.

    The living room door was open. There was no sound coming from inside. Priest Yu Xiao and Lu Di were not the kind of persons who like to talk, nor laugh heartily in happiness.
    They smiled only because the person they must kill had died in front of them.

    Ding LingLin gave a deep attractive sigh, her face revealed the most radiant smiling face, entering with the most graceful posture.

    The ones waiting inside were precisely Priest Yu Xiao and Lu Di.

    This room was also filled with sunlight, but anyone who entered the room would immediately felt like entering an icehouse.

    Priest Yu Xiao sat on a chair by the door. He had to sit down, as he always chose the most comfortable position for himself. His clothing was magnificent, looking very arrogant, insufferably arrogant.

    Although there was someone else in the room, he actually seemed not to know that. He even did not cast a single look at the person.

    Lu Di looked at him with an indifferent look on his face. Just like looking at an old lion, bluffing and blustering in its cage. His pale face showed some disdain, because although this lion had a plethora of magnificent knowledge, the teeth were already obtuse, the claws were already spent, he basically could not threaten him.

    He looked indifferent, the attire was simple, Although the room had some other similarly comfortable chairs, he actually preferred standing.

    Ding LingLin stood in the entrance, looking at them and smiling happily. These two were precisely a sharp contrast with each other. Since she saw them initially, she already knew that they would not be able to coexist peacefully.

    "I am surnamed Ding." She smiled as she entered, “I am called Ding LingLin."

    Priest Yu Xiao coldly said, "I recognize you."

    Ding LingLin said, "You two recognize each other?"

    Priest Yu Xiao proudly said, "He should know who I am." His hand was lightly caressing his white jade flute. "He should recognize this flute."

    Ding LingLin had smiled, “Should everyone recognize this flute? Otherwise he should die?"
    She used the corner of her eyes to cast a glance at Lu Di. Lu Di’s face was devoid of any expression. He was obviously not someone who could easily be moved.

    Ding LingLin’s eyes traveled to him as she charmingly said, "I really did not expect that Master Lu could also come, I... "

    Lu Di had suddenly interrupted her, lightly said, "You should know why."

    Ding LingLin said, "Why?"

    Lu Di said, "Shangguan Jinhong’s left buried treasure and secrets that could easily move anyone."

    Ding LingLin said, "Master Lu is also moved?"

    Lu Di said, "I am also a person."

    Ding LingLin said, "It is a pity then that the place of this buried treasure and secrets, Master Lu does not know."

    Lu Di acknowledged.

    Ding LingLin's eyes flashed, "But I actually know it, only I know."

    Lu Di said, "Oh?"

    Ding LingLin said, "I originally did not want to reveal this secret, but right now, I have no other choice but to reveal it."

    Lu Di said, "Why?"

    Ding LingLin sighed, smiled a little miserably, "Because Ye Kai has died already, and depending only on my strength, there is absolutely no way I can get that buried treasure."

    Lu Di said, "Therefore you asked us to come?"

    Ding LingLin nodded, "I thought that no other heroes could be compared to you two."

    Lu Di was listening, but Yu Xiao was actually sneering.

    Ding LingLin said, "Today I ask you two to come, in order to tell this secret. Because of..."

    Lu Di had suddenly interrupted her "You do not need to tell."

    Ding LingLin was astounded and said, "Why?"

    Lu Di lightly said, "Because I do not want to know."

    Ding LingLin was astounded, the smiling face suddenly seemed to stiffen.

    Lu Di said, "But I actually know something."

    Ding LingLin could not bear asking, "What is it?"

    Lu Di said, "If two people simultaneously know this secret, there is only one who can live to walk away."

    Ding LingLin’s smile had not changed.

    Lu Di actually smiled and said, "Although that buried treasure is enough to move anyone, but I actually do not think it is worth me and Eastern Sea Yu Xiao fighting all out."

    Priest Yu Xiao had suddenly smiled as well and said, "It looks like that you are a smart person."

    Lu Di said, "The Daoist priest has also understood what she wants?"

    Priest Yu Xiao said, "She is inferior to your intelligence."

    Lu Di said, "But she is not too stupid, moreover she is very beautiful."

    Priest Yu Xiao said, "She always likes to think that she is clever, I never like a woman who thinks she is clever."

    Lu Di smiled, "In this world, there is some women who do not think they are clever?"

    Priest Yu Xiao’s eyes stared at him deeply as he coldly said, "Actually what do you want to say?"

    Lu Di lightly said, "I only want to remind the priest, that there are not many woman like her in the world."

    Priest Yu Xiao could not help but looked at Ding LingLin twice, the eyes were filled with appreciation, but he suddenly sighed and muttered: "Pity, it really is a pity."

    Lu Di said, “It is a pity?"

    Priest Yu Xiao said, "If a sword lacks something, would you be able to see it?"

    Lu Di nodded.

    Priest Yu Xiao said, "This woman lacks something."

    Lu Di said, "You can see it?"

    He certainly understood clearly Priest Yu Xiao's meaning. Ding LingLin and Ye Kai’s relationship was not kept a secret.

    Priest Yu Xiao said, "If I cannot see it, when she fall in my grasp, I will not let her go."

    Lu Di had also once heard that Guo Songyang never lacked something with his sword, Yu Xiao never need someone else’s woman.

    He looked at Priest Yu Xiao, no longer just a slit, the eyes showed some ridicule.

    Priest Yu Xiao said, "You also?"

    Lu Di said, "I only felt strange, why you do choose to sit on this chair?”

    Priest Yu Xiao said, "You should readily see that this is the only best seat in this place."

    Lu Di lightly said, "I can see that, but I also know that this seat can be occupied by anyone." He had suddenly ended this conversation, and suddenly strode to Ding LingLin.

    Ding LingLin's heart sank, her blood also became cold, the whole body felt ice-cold already.

    Priest Yu Xiao was looking at her, seeing from the head to the foot, also slowly looking again from the top to the tip of the toe. His vision seemed to penetrate underneath her clothes.

    Ding LingLin only felt she had become completely naked.

    She certainly did not return his look, instead she felt she could no longer bear it and suddenly turned around, ready to run out. She certainly did not fear death, but she also knew that there were things more fearful than death in this world.

    Who knew that when she just turned around, Priest Yu Xiao had arrived in front of her, folding his arms, blocking her way, and looking at her with a very meaningful look.

    Ding LingLin was clenching her fists as she stepped back one by one. She suddenly arrived at the seat that he had sat just a moment ago. She suddenly said, "I... I know you will not do anything to me."

    Priest Yu Xiao said, "Oh?'

    Ding LingLin said, "Indeed I lack something, moreover it is a very big deficiency."

    Priest Yu Xiao smiled, he kept smiling as he said, "I originally thought that you have grown up, because the thing you come to achieve today is something which can only be done by a grown-up. But now I realize that you are really just a child."

    Ding LingLin never willingly acknowledge that she was a child, especially in front of Ye Kai. But now, she actually only nodded.

    Priest Yu Xiao gave a long sigh, "Do you know that when a child wants to do a grown-up's work, it is always very dangerous."

    Ding LingLin courageously said, "I actually cannot see any danger right now."

    Priest Yu Xiao said, "Indeed I did not plan to do anything to someone else’s woman, but let me make an exception for you.”

    Ding LingLin could not move at all, all parts of her body from the top to the tip of her toes could not move at all.

    Priest Yu Xiao saw that her complexion had changed. Ding LingLin only felt that his eyes suddenly seemed to have a kind of strange attraction, absorbing her vision, her entire body got absorbed. She wanted to struggle, wanted to evade him. Instead, she could only sat there frozen, bewitched by him. His eyes were flashing as if a glowing blue light, just like an illuminated jack-o'-lantern.

    Ding LingLin looked at this pair of eyes, as she had finally remembered deep down.

    " ... Kill Ye Kai! Take this knife to kill Ye Kai."
    The thing he wanted to do now, would it be more fearful than the previous one?
    She had exhausted her whole strength to struggle against it, the cold sweat had soaked her clothes, but she actually could not get rid of this absorbing power.

    To resist that jack-o'-lantern that belonged to Priest Yu Xiao, she had seemed to burn all part of her strength. Yet now, she could only obey him.

    Now, if Priest Yu Xiao wanted her to do anything, she would be completely unable to fight him.

    At this moment, suddenly with a loud "crack" sound, the door burst open, and a tall person stood outside the door.

    Priest Yu Xiao was startled and turned around angrily, "Who is it?"

    "Songyang’s Guo Ding."

    Guo Ding had come here after all.

    How could he come?
    Who had unsealed his accupoint?
    Was it Shangguan XiaoXian?
    Or Lu Di?

    They certainly knew that when Guo Ding arrived here, he and Priest Yu Xiao would surely have a fight-until-you-die battle.


    The sunlight had for the first time hid behind the dark clouds.
    Bitter cold had conquered the earth.
    The cold wind cut like a knife.

    Guo Ding and Priest Yu Xiao stood readily in this piercing cold wind.

    Everyone understood that by the time these two would be done, one of them must have surely gone down. The person who got to go out of the courtyard, would have to pass beside the opponent’s corpse...

    Guo Ding’s sword was already in his hand.
    The sword was swarthy, dark-looking without any brilliance. The aura was like the bone-chilling cold wind that would cool off any kind of anger.
    The sword looked just like the person holding it.

    Yu Xiao’s white gems were actually very bright.

    These two people were also an extremely striking sharp contrast as well.

    Guo Ding was staring at the jade flute in his hand, continuously avoiding the eye-contact as far as possible.

    Priest Yu Xiao’s brightened with anger as he suddenly asked, "You are Guo Songyang’s disciple?"


    Priest Yu Xiao said, "20 years ago, I had planned to compare my skill with Guo Songyang, unfortunately he had died."

    "I am still living."

    Priest Yu Xiao sneered, "What are you thinking? Songyang’s iron sword was placed fourth in the weapon list, but in your hand the sword is proven to be unworthy."


    "You simply are not worthy of even parts of this sword."

    Guo Ding closed the mouth.
    He also managed to control his own anger reluctantly.

    The anger, although sometimes could provide some strength, but when contending with a master, it could poison someone’s ability and caused fatal result.

    Priest Yu Xiao was staring at him as he slowly said, "They say that you are also Ye Kai’s friend."

    Guo Ding acknowledged.

    "What kind of friend are you?"

    "A friend is a friend, there is only a genuine kind of a friend."

    Priest Yu Xiao said, "But your kind of friendship actually seems to be very special."


    Priest Yu Xiao coldly said, "After Ye Kai died, you unexpectedly get his woman immediately, a friend like you is indeed really rare."

    Guo Ding suddenly felt the anger in him welling up and could not bear lifting his head up.

    Priest Yu Xiao's eyes were waiting for him.

    His enthralling vision was like a magnet absorbing the nail.

    Ding LingLin had meanwhile kept sitting on the chair, panting for breath. But just then, she started walking to the door.

    She saw Priest Yu Xiao's eyes, and also saw Guo Ding’s eyes.
    Her heart sank immediately.

    Priest Yu Xiao’s glimmering eyes, sooner or later would also burn Guo Ding’s entire strength.
    She could not stand looking at Guo Ding sinking just like her just now, sinking towards the abyss, beyond redemption.

    But she actually had to look.
    Now she could not distract Guo Ding. If Guo Ding got diverted, he would surely die quicker.


    The wind became colder, as there even seemed to be some snowflakes falling gently from the dark clouds.

    By the time the snow had fallen, the blood might have already been splashed.
    It would certainly be Guo Ding’s blood.

    He originally did not need to fight all out with Priest Yu Xiao, he originally might stay well alive and be joyful. Why did he have to be there?

    Ding LingLin knew why, only she was clear about it.

    He had not enjoyed the joy of love, he had only tasted the pain of love.
    Why was the sky (god) could be so unfair to him?

    Ding LingLin's tears would fall soon, but they are not fallen yet.
    She suddenly heard Priest Yu Xiao saying, "Drop your sword and kneel down."

    His voice had the strange power that would make someone be unable to resist it.
    Guo Ding’s sword in his hand was no longer steady, the whole body started to tremble.

    Priest Yu Xiao slowly said, "You have to struggle, why? Why suffers the hardships? As soon as you let go, all the pain would be completely gone."

    A dead person certainly would not suffer any more pain.
    As soon as as he let go, immediately he would extricate himself from this pain.
    This was indeed too easy.

    Guo Ding’s hand on the sword hand became relaxed, the blue vein had vanished, the strength had also just vanished.

    His hand was gradually relaxing...
    This fight had passed, he did not need to attack or resist anymore.

    For many years, he did not have to fight a close battle with his opponents. He had found an easier method. He did not have to make small things or efforts to gain the advantage, where he could then strike his opponent.

    This caused him to become arrogant, also lazy.
    He could get away with the shortcut, but this time he had finally gone astray.
    The shortcut was not the right way.

    Guo Ding’s sword had seemed to fall down, but he suddenly got hold of it, the sword light flashed, striking forward.

    The skill of Songyang’s iron sword was like a flower which had bloomed smartly and perceptibly.

    Guo Ding’s swordskill was also similar.

    When he was not sure, he did not attack. When the sword struck, it surely must be effective.
    Simple, rapid, true, effective.
    This was precisely the essence of "Songyang’s iron sword".

    Therefore this sword had not attacked Priest Yu Xiao’s throat, because the chest area was far bigger than the throat. When the target area was bigger, it was easier more difficult to get away.
    When contending with a master, just a little mistake could surely prove to be fatal.

    Priest Yu Xiao’s himself was focusing his spiritual strength through his eyes, as he thought that he had fully controlled the overall situation.
    It was a pity that the eyes were certainly not a weapon.

    Regardless of how fearful were the eyes, they would be unable to resist this thunderous sword.
    He waved his hand and raised the white jade flute, however the tip of the sword had passed by the flute and pierced his chest.

    The snowflakes started to fall gently, the blood had also splashed.
    But actually it was not Guo Ding’s blood - Priest Yu Xiao’s chest splashed blood, bright red blood.

    His face twisted immediately, the eyes protruded, but the glimmering eyes had actually dimmed away.

    He had not fallen, the eyes were still considering Guo Ding with malicious intent, suddenly humph at him, "Your name is Guo Ding?"

    Guo Ding nodded, said, "Guo Ding (means: calm and sure)!"

    Priest Yu Xiao sighed deeply, "You are indeed really calm, I have actually taken you too lightly."

    Guo Ding said, "I have not taken you lightly, and I already planned how to cope with you.”

    Priest Yu Xiao miserably said with a smile, "Your method is very good."

    "Your method was actually wrong."


    "By your wugong skill, you did not really need to use this soul absorbing skill to cope with me."

    Priest Yu Xiao’s pair of eyes stared emptily afar, he slowly said, "I did not intend to use it. But once a person learned an easy way to achieve victory, he would not be willing to take the trouble... "

    He spoke very slowly, filled with lamentation.
    He could only understand just now that success did not involve only being lucky, but for you to triumph, you also must have to pay the price.

    Guo Ding also could not stop sighing.

    Priest Yu Xiao suddenly hissed loudly, "Just draw out your sword and let me lie down, let me die."

    The tip of the sword was still in his chest.
    He started to cough non-stop.
    If the sword was not pulled, perhaps he could still have time to say many things, but now, he only strived to die faster.

    Guo Ding said, "You... What is your last word?"

    "Nothing, not even a word."

    Guo Ding sighed, "Good, if you die with relieve, I certainly can arrange things for you after your death."

    He had finally drawn out his sword.
    When drawing the sword, his elbow pulled away, leaving his chest empty without any protection.

    Suddenly, with "zing" sounds, the white jade flute spewed out three sparkling stars at his chest.

    Guo Ding tumbled down on his face.

    Priest Yu Xiao actually stood up, while panting for breath, he cluck-clucked with a smile, "Now I can die relieved, because I know that you would certainly come with me."

    He finally dropped down at the pool of his own blood.

    The snowflakes fell one by one, falling on his pale face...

    "Great fortune just ahead, your home when away from home."

    Outside the front door of the great wild goose guest inn, hung the spring festival’s couplet, as preparation to celebrate the new year.

    Tonight was the lunar New Year's Eve.
    Visitors, waiters who had their own family, all hurried back to their family, the well-managed inn suddenly became desolate.

    But the kitchen was actually busy, because not only the old storekeeper's family lived in this inn, but also because several unmarried waiters also were preparing to have the New Year’s dinner. Once they had finished eating good food, then they would start to bet.

    The wind was filled with the fragrance of roasted chickens, intermittently blowing through the rear court.

    In the rear court side of the building, the lamp was ignited.
    Only prodigal sons who roamed about far away knew what was the taste of celebrating the new year away from home.

    Ding LingLin sat under the solitary lamp, looking at Guo Ding on the bed.

    Guo Ding’s shining eyes were shut, the face was dead ashen. If not for the occasional weak breathing, he would not have looked any different from a dead person.

    He had not died, but for how long could he live?
    That he could live up to now was because Priest Yu Xiao’s hidden weapons unexpectedly were not poisonous.

    The jade flute’s honor was held up until the last moment.

    Although Priest Yu Xiao's personality had changed, his white jade flute had not changed.
    He finally was able to retain the purity of the weapon. After all he was a proud person.

    When the hidden weapons were dispatched, the distance between the two of them was really close. That three white jade nails had nearly severed Guo Ding’s arteries near his heart.
    That he could still be alive, was already a miracle.

    Ding LingLin sat quietly at the head of the bed, not knowing for how long she had sat there. Her face was stained with dried-up tears, no longer wet.

    There was the sound of knocking on the door.

    "Who is it?"

    The one knocking on the door was a young waiter, smiling reluctantly he said, "Our storekeeper especially told me to invite Miss to have the New Year’s dinner in the front."

    "Have the New Year’s dinner?

    Ding LingLin’s heart suddenly became startled, "Is today already the lunar New Year's Eve?"

    The waiter nodded.

    It looked like that his company had not forgotten the young woman while celebrating the new year. While his heart was very sympathetic towards her, he was also very uncomfortable.

    Ding LingLin sat there quietly not speaking for a while. Her heart did not know what to think.
    Even if the waiter asked her again, she would not have heard him.

    The dim solitary lamp shed light on the dying patient. If you were her, would you also be in the right mind to have New Year’s dinner with other people?

    The waiter gently sighed and slowly closed the door to go back. His heart could not help thinking bitterly. So young, why did the beautiful girl have to suffer this bitter experience that were so pitiful?

    "Celebrating the new year... A new year is coming."

    Since the beginning, Ding LingLin’s memory when celebrating the new year had always been filled with happiness.

    From the first day to the fifteenth, for the whole half month, everyone did not have the right to be angry. Everyone need to say gracious things, because this was a gracious day. But this year?

    There were sound of ear-spitting firecrackers outside.
    Firecrackers had been there since the old times, as a symbol that things would be renewed from the years past, one by one. A symbol that the new year would always bring a new hope.

    But what hope did she have now?

    The sound of the firecrackers awakened Guo Ding. He suddenly opened his eyes, as if wanting to ask, "What sound is this?" It was a pity that although his lips moved, he actually could not say any word.

    Ding LingLin understood what he meant to say. She smiled reluctantly as she said, "Tomorrow is the new year’s celebration, there are some people outside who are setting off the firecrackers."

    A new year, finally passing a new year.

    Guo Ding was staring at the dark outside the window; The hope was to see the sun rose again, but would he be able to see that?
    He suddenly started to cough non-stop.

    Ding LingLin said lightly, "Do you want to have a bowl of hot soup? Tonight, they certainly have prepared some chicken soup for you."

    Guo Ding made an effort to shake his head.

    "What do you want then?"

    Guo Ding looked at her as he finally said, "You go away."

    "You... You want me to go away?"

    Guo Ding smiled very miserably, "I know I am not well, you do not need to accompany me anymore."

    Ding LingLin gripped his hand tight, "I certainly must accompany you, you look well, I know you certainly will get better."

    Guo Ding shook his head again and closed his eyes.
    If a person lost his confidence to salvage his life, who else could rescue him?

    Ding LingLin bit her lips, as she withheld the tears, "If you really think you will die soon, you need to apologize to me."


    "Because of... Because I am ready to marry you." Ding LingLin said simply, "Do you want me to be a widow?"

    Guo Ding became pale, suddenly he blushed, "For real?"

    "Of course, for real."

    Ding LingLin hardened her determination, "We will need to get married."
    As long as that would let Guo Ding live, she would do anything, she would do them willingly."

    "Tomorrow is a gracious day, we do not need to wait anymore."

    "But I... "

    "Therefore you can be certain about it!"


    The old storekeeper sat in the counter, his face showed some part of his tipsiness.

    He had sat in this counter for 20 years, and it looked like he must continue to sit there among the crowd for some more years.

    There were all kinds of persons, all kinds of sudden events in life, from birth until death.
    He looked to reap the benefit from these events. Whenever the wine got consumed, his heart could not become involved with what was happening.
    Therefore he would rather be the person sitting there.

    He had not expected Ding LingLin to come, he could not stop himself from asking the question, "Miss has not rested? The patient is not well?"

    Ding LingLin had reluctantly smiled, she suddenly said, "Will you be able to manage several tables of wine tomorrow for me?"

    "Tomorrow? Tomorrow will be the lunar New Year's Day, perhaps... "

    "Certainly I want tomorrow," Ding LingLin smiled very miserably, "It might be too late, perhaps there is not enough time to prepare."

    The old storekeeper hesitated, "Miss, you are asking people to come for the spring wine?" (I think it means new year’s celebration.)

    “Not the spring wine, it is a marriage celebration."

    The old storekeeper opened his eyes really big, "Celebration! Miss wants to get married tomorrow?"

    Ding LingLin hang his head lower, nodded.

    The old storekeeper smiled but also nodded immediately. "Full of happiness is good, when the patient becomes fully happy, the sick can immediately become better."

    Ding LingLin knew that he could not understand, therefore she did not really want to explain, "Therefore I hope this marriage celebration can be very lively. The more lively, the better."

    The old storekeeper's spirit had buoyed up, he had forgotten about the recent killing. He also hoped for the upcoming happiness, "Don’t worry, let me take care of this problem."

    "Tomorrow evening is decided?"

    The old storekeeper was patting his chest, "Tomorrow evening, it is."

    Since the day she knew Ye Kai, Ding LingLin had never thought of marrying anyone else besides him.

    But tomorrow evening...

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    Default Chapter 20: New Year's Eve

    Chapter 20: New Year's Eve - TRANSLATED BY FASTCLOCK

    The red chamber, the red window, the red table, by all accounts, everything was red.

    Shangguan XiaoXian smiled very sweetly as she looked at Ye Kai, "You said you liked this nuptial chamber?"


    Shangguan XiaoXian scoffed at him, "Why don’t you like it? Don't I look like a new bride?" She was wearing the red robe, the red skirt, the red embroidered shoes, even the face was also red.

    Ye Kai’s eyes kept avoiding her eyes, "You look like a new bride, I actually do not look like the bridegroom."

    He had his own robe, the sparkling face also looked red under the light of the candle.

    Shangguan XiaoXian looked at him and charmingly said, "Who said you do not look like one."

    "I said it."

    "Why don't you go and look at yourself in the mirror."

    Ye Kai lightly said, "Without the mirror I can still see that, moreover I can see very clearly."


    "My main strong point among this generation is that I can always see things very clearly."

    He suddenly stood up and shoved open the window. Outside the window, the situation was peaceful. On the gate, there were couplets of the spring festival being posted. Some children wore new clothes and new hats to cover their ears. Some put the firecracker near the entrance.

    All of these must have been obviously prepared by Shangguan XiaoXian for him, hoping that this kind of new year's celebration’s atmosphere would let him become happier. For the last two days he had become grumpy and restless.

    Shangguan XiaoXian was asking him, "Do you like celebrating the new year?"

    "I do not know."


    Ye Kai was staring at the distant, lunar New Year's Eve night was just as dark as the other evenings. "I do not seem to like entering into a new year."


    Ye Kai’s eyes had the emptiness and loneliness that could not be spoken. After a very long time, he slowly said, "You should know that there is one kind of people who do not celebrate the new year."

    "What kind of person?"

    "Someone who does not have a family."

    For prodigal sons who roam about across the horizon, when other people were enjoying "the new year's celebration" gracious and happy for the new year, wouldn’t that time be also the loneliest time for them?

    Shangguan XiaoXian suddenly gently sighed and said, "Actually I... I also have never had the new year's celebration."


    "You know what kind of person was my mother, but you would never know that regardless of how old she was at the time, while the others were celebrating the new year, she always hugged me and hid under the sheet, bursting into tears."

    Ye Kai had not turned his head, nor opened his mouth. He could imagine that kind of situation - regardless of who she was, everybody must pay the price for her own sin.

    Lin Xianer was not an exception, but Shangguan XiaoXian?
    Did she have to beat the guilt as soon as she was born?
    Why couldn't she be like any other child who enjoyed the happiness of the childhood?
    That she turned out to be such a person today, who created it?
    Whose mistake was it?

    Ye Kai was also unable to restrain his gentle sigh.
    "When two persons are divided by the horizon and met by chance – how would they became acquainted with one another?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian was softly sighing: "Actually you should know that we are very similar persons, then why are you so distant to me?"

    "That is because you have changed."

    Shangguan XiaoXian walked closer: "What kind of person you think I have turned into?"

    Ye Kai was silent, only silent. He was not willing to give a slap to someone’s face, to injure other people.

    Shangguan XiaoXian suddenly sneered, "If you think I have changed ... She has also changed, you know."

    Ye Kai also knew who she meant by "she".

    Indeed he thought that Shangguan XiaoXian had became very similar to Lin Xianer, and even more fearful than her.

    Shangguan XiaoXian suddenly moved closer and stared at him, "Look at me, I have something to ask you."

    Ye Kai smiled bitterly, "Just ask."

    "If I tell you that I have never had a man in my whole life, will you believe me?"

    Ye Kai had not replied, he just could not reply to it.

    "If you think that I behave similarly to any other man, then you are mistaken."

    Ye Kai could not bear to ask, "You... Why do you do this to me?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian bit her lips and said, "You don’t understand it in your heart? Why do you still need to ask?"

    She looked at him, her eyes were filled with hidden bitterness. Anyone who saw her eyes should readily understand her sentiment.

    Was she being sincere to Ye Kai?
    Did Ye Kai really not believe her?
    Certainly he did not disbelieve her. But he could not bring himself to believe it, nor did he dare to believe it.

    Ye Kai has suddenly smiled and said, "Today is the lunar new year's eve, why do we want to discuss this unhappy matter."

    "Because no matter what I say, you will still remain unhappy." She did not let Ye Kai interrupt her as she continued, "Because I know that in your heart, you will always think of Ding LingLin."

    Ye Kai could not deny it, therefore he painstakingly said with a smile, "I continually remember her, because she was really a very good girl, and she is always good to me,"

    "I am not good to you?"

    "You are different."

    "What is the difference?"

    Ye Kai was sighing and said, "You are a very great woman, you have the ability, you also have the ambition, you also have very many things to take care, but... She actually has only me to depend on."

    This was his real feeling from deep within his soul, this was also the first time he said it to Shangguan XiaoXian. He had no alternative but to say that now, because he was certainly not made of wood, a person who could not be moved at all.

    Shangguan XiaoXian dangled a bait for him, "You think no matter where you are, no matter how long you are gone, she would still wait for you?"


    Shangguan XiaoXian suddenly sneered.

    "You do not believe it?"

    "I only want to remind you, that some women could not stand the test."

    Ye Kai said, "I believe in her."

    "Have you heard of Zhuang Zhou's story?"

    Ye Kai waited.

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "They were originally loving husband and wife, but the day her husband died, his wife remarried someone else immediately."

    Ye Kai smiled, "Luckily I do not have a wife, I also do not have Zhuang Zhou’s magical power and feign my own death.”

    He did not want to continue arguing about this matter. To him, regarding Ding LingLin was something private, that should be discussed only between themselves. No one else need to understand about it.


    The sound of firecrackers was already sparse, the night was deeper.

    Each family had all closed the door although the light through the window was still shining. The children went back to their homes, impatient to look at the money they had gotten for the new year.

    Lunar New Year's Eve was the night for the revelry, but it was the night where people circled the stove and met with one another after some time. It should be a peaceful happy evening, except for prodigal sons like Ye Kai. They had to wait for another time until they could enjoy this kind happiness and peace?

    He unexpectedly felt weary, feeling the urge to search for a cup of wine to drink.

    At this moment, there resounded a slight and unsual sound of whistle. A pigeon flew by from afar, alighting on the opposite eaves. The feather was unexpectedly jet black, shiny black, just like a black hawk.

    Ye Kai had never seen such an extraordinary pigeon. He could not help stopping in his footstep and looked again several times. Only then did he discover that Shangguan XiaoXian’s eyes seemed to have brightened.

    Suddenly this black pigeon flew again immediately, entering the window, and perched on her palm. The steel beak, the sharp claws, the sparkling eyes, it really looked like a hawk, even more fierce than a vigorous and healthy male hawk.

    Whose was this domestic pigeon? Ye Kai felt a twinge that the owner of this pigeon must also be a very fearful person.

    Underneath the pigeon’s claw there was a pitch-black iron pipe. Shangguan XiaoXian was loosening this and took out a sheaf of paper from inside. The red paper was full of small writings.

    Shangguan XiaoXian walked to under the lamp, very carefully she perused the paper. The way she was absorbed with it, Ye Kai seemed to have been forgotten.

    Ye Kai kept looking at her, the light was illuminating her face, her bright red face had become pale, the face had become serious and stern. In this flash, she seemed to have turned into a different person, into Shangguan JinHong.

    This correspondence was obviously extremely secret and important. Ye Kai certainly did not want to pry into the secret of other people, but he actually pondered about this pigeon curiously.

    He looked at the pigeon, the pigeon was unexpectedly also maliciously staring at him. He wanted to trace its shining feather, but this pigeon suddenly flew and fiercely pecked at his hand.

    Ye Kai sighed and muttered, "Such ominous pigeon... this is really one of the most unusual bird in the world."

    Shangguan XiaoXian suddenly moved closer and smiled, "This kind of pigeon is indeed very rare. As far as I know, there are only three of them in this world."

    Ye Kai said, "Oh?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian sighed, "Raising such a pigeon is really not an easy matter, therefore the people who can raise them cannot be more than three in the world."

    Ye Kai felt strange, "Why?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian asked in reply, "Do you know what this kind of pigeon usually eats?"

    Ye Kai shook his head.

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "I know that you would never guess."

    Ye Kai had reluctantly smiled, "It won’t have a person’s flesh for food, right?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian had also smiled. She actually had not replied, suddenly she clapped her hands to call, "Small green jade."

    A very young girl with a dimple came in, smiling very sweetly.

    "Your knife?"

    Small green jade put her hands inside her bosom and pulled out a silver knife inlaid with pearl.

    “Very good, now you are allowed to feed it."

    Small green jade had untied her clothes immediately, cut a piece of bloody meat from her body, although her face was covered with cold sweat from the pain, she still smiled very sweetly.

    That pigeon flew away like the hawk. It held this piece of meat in the mouth and departed outside the window. Like many other people, when eating the meal, it was not willing to let the others see.

    Ye Kai’s face changed countenance. He said, "It really eats a person’s flesh."

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "Not only any person’s flesh, moreover it needs to be cut fresh from a living person, and a young girl at that."

    Ye Kai only felt his stomach contracting, nearly could not stop himself from vomiting.

    "Do you know where this pigeon flied from?"

    Ye Kai shook his head.

    “It flew from a great distance, moreover it also has brought a very important news for me. Even if I have to shear a piece of flesh for it, I will do it."

    Ye Kai could not bear asking, "What news?"

    "The Devil Sect’s news."

    Ye Kai was unable to restrain changing his countenance and said, “Is this pigeon's master the founder of the Devil Sect?"

    “Not the founder, a princess, a very beautiful princess."

    "How can she pass the news to you?"

    "Because she is also a person. As long as it is a person, I have the way to buy her out."

    "What does she know?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "She only knows that there are three great princes from the Devil Sect that will arrive in Chang An city. But she actually did not know how they will show up here."

    "She does not know these three people's name?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian sighed, "Knowing them would not be useful. Once they went inside the Sect, they must give up their own names and would never use their own name again, there.."

    Ye Kai said, "Therefore she only knew the names of the three people that are used in the Devil Sect."

    Shangguan XiaoXian nodded, "Devil Sect’s leaders are the four great princes, their old names have disappeared. The first one is called "Die-er-bu", the second one is called 'Duo-er-jia', the third one is called ' Bu-da-la', and the last one is called 'Ban-cha-ba-na'. These are all in ancient Tibetan. 'Die-er-bu' means conquering with bright wisdom. 'Duo-er-jia’ means conquering with powerful rule.' Bu-da-la' is the solitary peak. 'Ban-cha-ba-na' is god of desire and love."

    Shangguan XiaoXian continued, "Now besides Duo-er-jia who needs to remain behind to take care of things in the Devil Sect’s mountain, the other three great princes have all arrived in Chang An city."

    "This news is reliable?"

    “Yes. Absolutely reliable."

    "Can't you possibly guess who they are?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "I had only thought of one person, 'Ban-cha-ba-na ' the great prince, is very possibly Priest Yu Xiao."

    Priest Yu Xiao’s life was indeed filled with love and desire.

    "Can you extracted the information about the other two from Yu Xiao?"

    "I cannot."

    "You cannot?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian said, "Even if I have the ways to handle any kind of people and force them to tell the truth, there is still an exception for a certain person."

    "A dead person?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian nodded.

    Ye Kai said, "How did he die?"

    "Someone has killed him."

    "Who has killed Eastern Sea Yu Xiao?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian lightly said, "This person is in this Chang An city."

    Ye Kai was pondering for a while before suddenly giving a long sigh, "I have been here in only ten days. But there are many things that have changed in Chang An city. Many, many things."

    Shangguan XiaoXian was staring at him and gently said, "You do not want to leave?"

    Ye Kai had reluctantly smiled, "My wound is better."

    Shangguan XiaoXian’s face revealed some hidden bitterness, "Once the wound is better, you must leave?"

    Ye Kai avoided her eyes, "Sooner or later I have to go."

    "When do you want to leave?"

    Ye Kai said, "Tomorrow... " He reluctantly smiled while saying, "If I leave tomorrow, I can arrive in Chang An city in time to leave the old year behind."

    Shangguan XiaoXian was biting her lips, she unexpectedly had also smiled, "Besides paying the new year's call, you may also catch up on a drink for celebration."

    "Whose celebration drink?"

    Shangguan XiaoXian lightly said, "Certainly your friend, a very good friend of yours."

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