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    Default 7 Weapon Series by Gu Long - Unabridged

    This is a thread to collect the various 7 weapon series translations into one uninterrupted thread for people who want to read without all the comments. It'll also make it much easier to find something and to pickup when a new translation appears.

    Please do not post comment here, you can do that at the original thread here:

    The following are translators responsible for doing the translations job: Huang YaoShi, Siven & Fastclock. Thank you guys for using your free time to do this for others.

    First book: Longevity Sword - TRANSLATION COMPLETE!

    Li Bai's Poem - translated by Fastclock

    A city of white jade in the sky,
    Has five towers and twelve castles,
    Where a divine being touched the top of my head,
    Making the hair grow long and my life with it.

    ~ Li Bai* [Famous Tang dynasty poet]

    Chapter 1: Wind & Cloud Inn - TRANSLATED BY Huang YaoShi
    *Wind & Cloud (Feng Yun) implies an unstable or stormy situation


    Upon the stone plated road, nine eccentric looking people appear, all wearing yellow hemp tunics, hemp shoes, and large bowl-sized golden earrings stringed on their left earlobe. They all have a head full of untidy red hair that spreads across their shoulders like flames.

    Among the nine, there are tall, short, old, young; each with a different countenance, but they all have the same dead facial expression. They walk, without moving their shoulders or bending their knees, like zombies.

    They slowly march through the long street, silencing everywhere they pass. Even the children suddenly stop crying because they are too scared.

    At the end of the street, four giant lanterns sat atop a ten-meter flagpole.

    Bright red lanterns, lacquer black words!

    Written “Wind & Cloud Inn”.

    The nine red-haired strange people walk to doorstep of the inn and stop. The first person takes off his golden earring and waves his hand. THUMP! The large earring strikes upon the stone wall besides the lacquer black gate.

    Sparks flash as the earring wedges into the stone. The second person lifts a bundle of read hair from his shoulder and gently slices his left hand, as if it were a knife, through the hair.

    The second person ties the locket of hair he had just cut to the golden earring upon the wall. The nine continue to walk forward.

    The strands of red hairs wave in the wind as if they are flames, but the nine people have already disappeared into the boundless darkness.

    Just at this moment, eight sturdy steeds came galloping from the darkness. The sounds of hooves thunders upon the stoned street as if they were rain hitting a wind sill or drums beating in battle.

    All the riders wear green cloth robes, white cloths wrapped around their head, pointed shoes, and puttees around their lower leg. Every single one of them appeared bold and nimbly skilled.

    As the eight horses fly pass “Inn of the Moment,” the eight riders all wave a hand at the same exact moment.

    The sabers flash like lightning and another THUMP thudded. Suddenly, there are now eight glistening steel sabers stuck on the thick flagpole.

    The sabers’ handles still vibrate as the red silk pieces at the handle butts puff and roll along.

    The eight horses vanish.


    Darkness thickens. The sound of hooves suddenly reappears in the street, seemingly more intense than the horde that had just passed.

    But, there is only one horse.

    A purely white without a single strand of mixed hair from head to toe arrives at the doorstep. With an unexpected neighing sound, the rider straightens up.

    Now we can see clearly that the rider is a burly shirtless man with a curly beard. He black muscles seemed to be made of steel.

    The husky man pulls the reins and sees the golden ring and red hair by the door and the eight sabers on the flagpole. With a smirk, he jumps off the saddle and his left and right hand, each grabs a leg of the his horse.

    With a thundering howl, the man raises his horse up in the air and places it atop the door eave.

    Another neigh sounds. Its manes dance in the air, but its four hooves, without a single movement, seem to be nailed to the eave.

    The bearded man throws back his head with a sound of laughter and strides away. In a twinkle, he is gone, but the white horse is left deserted, standing under dark clouds and west winds, leaving an eerie feeling in the air.


    The long street is desolate, for all the households have closed their doors.

    “Wind & Cloud Inn” is also uninhabited. When customers saw the gold earring and eight sabers, they slipped away through the back door.

    But, the white horse still stands not moving, as if it were a stone statue, in the face of the west wind.

    Suddenly, a middle-aged thin-faced scholar wearing a blue robe and white socks slowly walks in a very leisure mood, but his pair of pupils shines with glory.

    He folds his hands behind his back, walks slowly towards the inn, raises his chin to take a look, and sighs, “Excellent horse! Indeed an excellent horse, but pity the owner is heartless and wronged you.”

    He suddenly waves an arm from behind his back, flying his long sleeves, sweeping a wave of strong wind.

    The white horse is frightened and neighs again, as it leaps down from the door eave.

    The middle-aged scholar supports the horse stomach with both his hands and places it lightly on the ground. He pats its rear and says, “Go back to tell you owner to come. Just say there is a good friend waiting for him.”

    As if it understood the man’s intentions, the white horse instantly kicks its hooves and gallops away.

    Middle-aged scholar pulls down the golden ring on the door side, then walks into the inn and taps the flagpole.

    Eight steel sabers all fall down at the same moment.

    The scholar sweeps his sleeve again and wraps the eight sabers within his sleeve. He then asks solemnly, “Where is the flag?”

    A thin small shadow suddenly sweeps from within the inn, climbs atop the flagpole like an ape, and within seconds, reaches the top.

    A large flag all of a sudden rolls out from the pole tip.

    Upon the snow white flag is rampant jet-black dragon, looking as if it will burst pass the clouds and fly away any moment!


    There are no stars or moon, with dark clouds and intense winds.

    But in the garden, the lights are brightly lit and the table is presented with wine.

    The middle-aged scholar murmurs to himself slowly while drinking. Suddenly, he raises his cup towards the a large banyan tree outside the garden and smiles, “I’ve heard that Clan Leader Miao has the quality of rivers and oceans. Since you’re already here, why not come and have a drink?”

    From the think shady banyan leaves rises an owl-like strange laughter. A shadow flies like an arrow and lands on the ground lightly as if it were a four ounce cotton.

    The man has a pug nose, wide mouth, a head full of red hair, and wears three golden earrings upon his ears. Even when he has already reached the ground, his earrings still jingle. He is the Red Hair Clan Leader, “Flame God”, Miao Shao-Tian.
    * Miao Shao-Tian: Miao=Surname, but also imply “tongue of fire”; Shao=Burn; Tian=Sky

    His pair of eyes, as if they too have flames burning within, glares at the middle-aged scholar, and said heavily, “Is your excellency Sub-Clan Leader Gong-Suen of the Green Dragon Clan?”

    The scholar stands and bows with his fists in front of his chest and replies, “Yes, it is I, Gong-Suen Jing.”
    * Gong-Suen Jing: Gong-Suen=Surname; Jing=quite, still, calm

    Miao Shao-Tian’s owl-like laughter roars again, “Indeed worthy of being a top figure in the Green Dragon Clan, such an keen pair of eyes.”

    Suddenly, there is the sound of horse hooves, thick as rapid successions of heavy rain, galloping towards them.

    Miao Shao-Tian’s pair of think flaming eyebrows wrinkled as he said, “Little Zhang has arrived, too. Not at all slow.”

    The hooves sound abruptly stops; a clear voice laughs, “Green Dragon’s important date, who on earth is bold enough to be late?”

    While the clear voice laughs, a person had already jumped over the wall to within. The man wears a study suit, purposely opened at the chest to show off his muscular pectorals that are even whiter than his suit.

    Miao Shao-Tian gives a thumb up and snorted, “What a fine ‘White Horse’ Little Zhang San. Haven’t seen you for a few years, but you seem to have grown younger and more handsome? If Old Miao had a daughter, I’d definitely pick you as a son-in-law.”
    * Zhang San: Zhang=Surname; San=three

    “Even if you had a daughter, no one is daring enough to want her,” lightly replies White Horse Zhang San.

    “Why?” Miao Shao-Tian stares at him.

    “With your dignity, your daughter cannot be any better.”

    Miao Shao-Tian stares at him, stares for a while until he finally replies, “We’ve come here today to do business, and don’t be impatient to start a fight.”

    “How about drinking wine?” asks White Horse Zhang San .

    “Then the more impatient, the better. Come, let’s toast three cups to Sub-Clan Leader Gong-Suen first.”

    Gong-Suen Jing chuckled, “I have a weak wine capacity, how about let me first toast a cup for you three?”

    Miao Shao-Tian folded his eyebrows, “Three?”

    Only to hear a person chuckle from the ridge of a neighboring roof, “East-River Red Hair and West-River White Horse have already arrived, how could I be bold enough to be late?”

    Miao Shao-Tian asks “Zhao Yi-Dao of Tai-Xing?”

    But, he doesn’t need to wait for an answer.

    He has already seen the bright saber, sharp saber!
    * Zhao Yi-Dao: Zhao=Surname; Yi=one; Dao=saber

    There is no scabbard.

    The bright saber is inserted directly in the strap of his red belt.

    A green cloth robe, white head wrap, and a belt redder than Miao Shao-Tian’s hair, match perfectly with his saber’s cloth.

    Gong-Suen Jing’s eyes were sharp like the saber, slicing across the man’s face, “Green Dragon Clan passed out twelve invitations, but only three of you arrived tonight. Are the other nine no longer coming?”

    “Nice, very directly asked,” says Zhao Yi-Dao.

    “The three of you have come from thousands of miles away, of course you’ve not come to listen to nonsense,” Gong-Suen Jing says.

    “Indeed not.”

    Miao Shao-Tian hideously grinned, “Of the rest of the nine guests, at least three will not be showing up.”

    Zhao Yi-Dao corrects, “Six.”

    “the Bamboo Clan, Steel Ring Sect, and Li Family of Tai-Yuan were all my doing,” says Miao Shao-Tian.

    Zhao Yi-Dao adds, “Our three friends from Twelve Chained Chickens, Yangtze Waterways, and Yen Family Fists of Chen-Zhou, suddenly felt headaches when they were halfway here, so…”


    “Now, their heads don’t hurt anymore,” Zhao Yi-Dao answers.

    “Who cured them?”



    Zhao Yi-Dao replies, “I sliced their heads off.”

    He then adds slowly, “No matter whose head is cut off, they will have no more headaches.”

    Miao Shao-Tian laughs, “Good method, very straight forth.”

    White Horse Zhang San abruptly declares, “I’m afraid the two elders form Thousand Bamboo Village and Flying Fish Temple will not be coming.”


    “They are sleeping, and in very deep sleep.”

    “Where are they sleeping?”

    “Bottom of Dong-Ting Lake.”

    Miao Shao-Tian chuckles, “Clever. It’s not just a cooling area, but will never be disturbed.”

    White Horse Zhang San calmly replies, “I have always given great care to the elders of Wulin.”

    Zhao Yi-Dao says, “Those that should be here, should have already arrived, but where is Green Dragon Clan’s good?”

    “Nice, directly asked,” replies Gong-Suen Jing.

    “Sub-Leader has invited us here not to listen to nonsense either, I assume.”

    Gong-Suen Jing nodded, “Indeed not.”

    Zhao Yi-Dao asks, “Would you first like to hear my price?”

    “Not now.”

    “What are we still waiting for?” asks Zhao Yi-Dao.

    “The good did not come to us easily; the more people willing to auction, the better the price will be.”

    Miao Shao-Tian stares, “You are still waiting for someone?”

    “Don’t forget, I’ve invited nine more guests here, but you all have only finished off eight.”

    “Who’s the one that’s left?”

    “A person who neither has a headache or sleeps.”

    “Honestly, this good is definitely going to us Red Hair Clan, so it doesn’t matter if there is someone else coming or not,” sneers Miao Shao-Tian.

    White Horse Zhang San scoffs coldly, “Green Dragon Clan is generally fair in business deals. As long as your price offer is the highest, the good will go naturally to Red Hair Clan.”

    Miao Shao-Tian says sternly, “Unless you want to compete with my price?”

    “Why else would I come?”

    Miao Shao-Tian rapidly stands up, staring at him. The golden earrings on his ears still jingled.

    A sudden sound of a rattling and neighing reverberates a magnificent carriage, pulled by six horses, stops outside.

    Four burly chest-puffing men strides the shaft of the cart, leaps off, and bends over to pull open the door.

    After a long time, a beardless and obese pale man steps out of the carriage, panting. Having not even taken three steps, he is already tired and gasping for air like a bull.

    Behind him is a tall and thin man dressed in black, following him like a shadow. He has a toasty tanned face and two eyes that sank in, as if he were a sickly ghost. But, his footsteps are extremely light and a shinny objects hang from his waist. At a closer look, the objects are a pair of solitary shaped swords.

    These types of weapons are not only hard to practice, but also hard to make. People who use this type weapon are very rare, but those who do use this weapon, nine out of ten are experts.

    Miao Shao-Tian, Zhao Yi-Dao, and White Horse Zhang San, three pairs of eyes, all immediately focuses on this pair of solitary swords.

    White Horse Zhang San frowned as asked quietly, “Who is he?”

    Gong-Suen Jing replies, “Young Master Zhu from Million Gold Hall of Suzhou.”

    “And his bodyguard?”

    Gong-Suen Jing smiles, “I’m afraid he’s only a bodyguard.”

    White Horse Zhang San goes silent, but he then suddenly turned to Zhao Yi-Dao, “Didn’t he come from your way?”

    “I think so,” replies Zhao Yi-Dao.

    “How come he doesn’t have a headache?”

    “Even if he did, I can’t cure it.”


    “His head is too big,” says Zhao Yi-Dao lightly.


    Young Master Zhu has already sat down, but he still constantly wipes his sweat and pants.

    He had only walked a grand total of at most twenty or thirty steps, but looks as if he had just climbed seven or eight mountains.

    The man in black still stuck behind him like a shadow, never more than an inch from his side, his pair of claw-like bony hands never able to leave the pair of rare weapons hanging from his waist.

    Within his deep sunken in eyes contains a strange jeering spirit, as if mocking those who stand before his eyes, asking them why they have wasted their time in coming here.

    The lanterns of Wing & Cloud Inn sway in the wind; just as Miao Shao Tian’s golden earrings jingle.

    White Horse Zhang San feels a chill, and gently pulled his clothes over his bare chest, narrowing the gap of uncovered skin.

    However, Zhao Yi-Dao looks contemplatively at the wine cup atop the table, as if deciding upon a harsh dilemma.

    No one speaks because there is much hostility between the people present.

    Gong Suen Jing is obviously enjoying their air of animosity. He slowly sighs and smiles, “The four of you do not know each other, but surely have heard of each other’s names. Therefore, you won’t need me to introduce yourselves.”

    “Indeed not,” says Miao Shao-Tian.

    “We didn’t come here with the purpose of making friends,” adds White Horse Zhang San.

    “Even if we were originally friends, for this object, we won’t be anymore.” Miao Shao-Tian rolls his eyes sideways to look at him.

    White Horse Zhang San scoffs, “Leader Miao has always been a sensible person.”

    Miao Shao-Tian also scoffs, “Now that everyone is here, where is the stuff?”

    “Of course there is the stuff, but…” says Gong-Suen Jing.


    “The Green Dragon Clan always follows the rules exactly while doing business. We stress attention to equal honesty with aged and young customers and money exchange on the spot.”

    “Okay!” agreed Miao Shao-Tian.

    He clapped his hands, and the nine hemp dressed freaky men suddenly appears from the darkness. Every one of them holds a hemp bag, obviously not of lightweight.

    At this moment, there is again the sound of heavy footsteps at the door. The curly bearded man carries a large iron chest above him, walking slowing inside. Blocks of his iron-like black muscles protrude out. Every step he takes, his foot leaves a deep impression in the ground.

    “Golden ring surrounds eight walls, white horse neighing in wind, now that I’ve seen, I see that Red Haired Nine Heroes and Giant Hercules have arrived,” smiles Gong-Suen Jing.

    “Don’t forget about Eight Blasting Sabers,” adds White Horse Zhang San.

    Zhao Yi-Dao finally lifts his head and chuckles, “Red Hair of East-River and White Horse of West-River are both of great wealth and power. How can Fast Sabers of Tai-Xing compete for first? This stuff, us brothers will resign from competition.”

    Miao Shao-Tian laughs wildly, “Good, Chief Zhao is a sensible man.”

    His laughter suddenly stops, his fire-like vision nailed at Young Master Zhu, “So what is Million Gold Hall’s young master’s intention?”

    Young Master Zhu’s heavy breathing has finally stopped and gazes at his hands like a young man looking at his first love.

    But, he still replies to Miao Shao-Tian’s question by asking, “You are asking for my meaning?”


    “I have no meanings. I’m usually too lazy to think.”

    Miao Shao-Tian’s face now shows anger, “No meanings? No gold?”

    “I have.”

    “How much did you bring?”

    “You want to see?”

    “Here, they stress attention on hard money exchange on the spot.”

    “You’ve already seen it.”


    “My words are the gold.”

    Miao Shao-Tian’s face turns solemn, “So however much you say, is amount counted?”


    “You mean, if I offered one hundred thousand, you would offer one hundred thousand and one?”

    “You are indeed a sensible man.”

    Miao Shao-Tian’s eyesight suddenly moves toward the pair of solitary shaped swords.

    The nine hemp-dressed red haired freaks has already quietly moved themselves to surround Young Master Zhu. But, Young Master Zhu still stares at his pair of hands, as if except for this pair of hands, there is nothing worth looking at.

    With a sudden “ding” sound, as if two golden cups striking each other, Miao Shao-Tian’s hand has already clawed toward the pair of solitary swords.

    His movement is both swift and accurate.

    He never would have thought that another pair of hands is faster than his—a pair of fat and well maintained hands.

    His hands has not yet reached the pair of solitary swords, but this pair of hands suddenly took the golden earrings off his ear.

    The golden earrings clashed against themselves, and another “ding” sounded.

    Miao Shao-Tian turns his body over high in the air and retreats six meters.

    The man in black still sticks behind Young Master Zhu like a shadow, not moving.

    Young Master Zhu still gazes at his pair of hands, only this time, astonishingly, they hold an extra pair golden rings.


    White Horse Zhang San’s facial expression changed, too.

    Zhao Yi-Dao looks at the wine cup in front of him and suddenly sighs, “Now you understand what I mean?”

    “What meaning?”

    “Even if he had a headache, I can’t cure it.”

    White Horse Zhang San couldn’t help but also sigh, “Yes, his head is truly too large.”


    Gong-Suen Jing, showing a slight smile, says slowly, “Since everyone has brought their money, we shall go see the stuff.”

    “Right, it’s best to see the stuff first. Perhaps I might not even be willing to offer a price,” says Young Master Zhu leisurely.

    He puts the golden rings in the hands atop the table, takes out a snow-white silk cloth to carefully wipe his hands, and finally rises up, “please, please show the way.”


    “Please, please follow me,” says Gong-Suen Jing.

    He is the first to walk toward the inn, followed behind by Young Master Zhu slowly, as if about to pant again.

    The man in black still follows, no more than one step away, Young Master Zhu. Now, White Horse Zhang San understands why his eyes contained such jeering spirit.

    He isn’t scorning the people around him, but instead, himself.

    Because only he understands that the person he is protecting, simply does not need his protection.

    Miao Shao-Tian walks at the end, tightly gripping his pair of golden rings, with the blue veins on the back of his hand popping out.

    He wasn’t suppose to come, but he must come.

    The stuff seems as if it has a strange magnet, sucking him towards it step by step.

    Not until the last moment, he will not give up any chances.

    The stone stairs had originally faced upward, but now they suddenly sink downwards, revealing a shady tunnel.

    At the entrance of the tunnel, there stand two statue-like men. For every ten steps afterward, there also stand two men, alike the first two. Their faces sullen like the green stoned walls.

    On the stonewall, there is a carved rampant green dragon.

    It has been rumored that the Green Dragon Clan has three hundred sixty-five secret alters. This place is no doubt one of them.

    At the end of the passage, there are a couple very thick iron bars.

    Gong-Suen Jing takes out a large chain of keys from his belt and used three of the keys to open three locks. Only then, did the two guards behind the bars pull open the door.

    But this is still not the last door.

    Gong-Suen Jing gently smiled, “I know many people are able to come here; the security here is not the most difficult to pass. But, to move forward from here on is an arduous task.”

    “Why?” asks Young Master Zhu.

    “Between here and the stone door over there, there are a total of thirty hidden triggers. I can guarantee that there are no more than seven people in this world that can pass all thirty of them.”

    Young Master Zhu sighs, “Luckily, I’m definitely not one of these seven people.”

    “Why don’t you give it a try?” says [/I]Gong-Suen Jing[/I] in a even more amiable manner.

    “Perhaps I’ll try sometime in the future, but as of the present, I won’t.”

    “Why not?”

    “Because I’m still very happy with living right now.”


    The distance from the iron bars to the stone door is not very far, but after hearing Gong-Suen Jing’s words, the stone door seems to be ten times farther away.

    The stone door is very heavy.

    Gong-Suen Jing, again, used three keys to open the locks on the door.

    Behind the two feet thick door, lays a stone cell that is nine feet wide.

    Inside the room seems ghastly and frosty, as if inside the heart of the tomb of an ancient king.

    Where the coffin is supposed to lie, lays instead a giant iron trunk.

    To open this trunk, requires at least three more keys.

    But, these three keys were not the last three, for inside the giant trunk was another, smaller iron chest.

    Young Master Zhu sighed again, “Just judging by this unbeatable security, we should offer higher prices.”

    “Young Master Zhu is indeed a sensible man,” grins Gong-Suen Jing.

    He raises the small chest out and opens it.

    His amiable smile suddenly disappears, his expression seems as if someone had stuffed a rotten persimmon in his mouth.


    Inside the small iron chest is empty, save a single piece of paper.

    On the paper is written, “Thank you, you are truly a kind man.”

    The stone room was ghastly and frosty, but Gong-Suen Jing actually starts to sweat. Drops as large as soybeans drip down his pale face.

    Young Master Zhu looks at him, his eyes as gentle as when he was looking at his own hands, and tenderly says, “You must know.”

    “Know…know what?”

    “Know who is thanking you.”

    Gong-Suen Jing clenches his fists and suddenly turns and dashes outward.

    Young Master Zhu sighs and murmurs, “Looks like he really is a kind man. Too bad they say that kind people don’t live long…”


    “Suppose there really is only seven people who can pass the thirty triggers, which seven are they?”

    “There is one that definitely does not have any problem. No matter how you count them, he must be one of the seven.”

    “Who is it?”

    “Bai Yu-Jing!”

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    Default Chapter 2: Heavenly Bai Yu-jing

    Chapter 2: Heavenly Bai Yu-jing - Translated by Siven and Fastclock

    Chapter 2 part 1 and 2 done by Siven, the rest done by Fastclock


    Bai Yu Jing* was not in heaven, but on a horse.
    [Bai: surname, literally means white; Yu: jade; Jing – capital city; taken together the name becomes “White Jade City,” which appears in the famous poem, and is used by the author for the name of the protagonist as a wordplay.]

    His saddle was worn with age, his boots and scabbard just as old, but his clothes were brand new.

    The scabbard dangled loosely against his saddle; the spring breeze blew softly across his face.

    He felt very pleased, very comfortable.

    An old saddle was better for sitting; well-worn boots felt cozier on his feet; a used scabbard would never harm the finely-hone edge of his sword; new clothes always made him feel alert and rested, full of energy.

    What he was most pleased about, however, were not these things, but a pair of eyes.

    In a large carriage in front of him, a pair of captivating eyes peered at him furtively. This was not the first time he had seen these eyes. He remembered that the first time he saw them was in the inn of a small town.

    He had just entered the inn, she was coming out.

    She bumped into him.

    Her apologetic smile was full of self-conscious shyness, her face bright red as rain-soaked sunset.

    Embarrassed as she was, he secretly hoped that she would bump into him again, because though she really was a very attractive woman, he really was not a perfect gentleman.

    The second time he saw her was in a restaurant. He had just began his third drink when she came in, saw him, and gave him that same smile, bowing her head demurely.

    Her smile was still filled with shyness and embarrassment. That time he smiled too.

    This was because he knew, had she bumped into another person, she would never have smiled again and again.

    He also knew that he was not a dislikable man, something he was quite confident about.

    That was why he left first, but did not hurry along the road.

    As expected, her carriage had now caught up to his horse -- did this happen for a purpose? Or was it pure chance? He thought himself a vagrant, born to wander, and had met all kinds of people along the road of his travels.

    There were barbarians with red beards who roamed outside the walls of civilization, and cataphracts that rumbled across the great desert; there were fearless outlaws who slaughtered without blinking, as well as young, idealistic champions of chivalry.

    During his wanderings, his saddle and scabbard gradually became worn and old; his beard grew stiff and thick.

    But his life was always fresh and colorful.

    He could never foresee these things -- what events might take place in the next stage of his journey? What kind of people he would meet?

    The wind grew cold.

    Misty spring rain suddenly fell from the clouds, wetting his new clothes.

    The carriage before him stopped. He approached it, only to find the curtain already pulled aside, and those captivating eyes gazing intently at him.

    Captivating eyes, shy smile, a face the shape of sunflower seed*, untouched by makeup, but wearing a dress vivid as clouds at sunset.
    [”Face like a sunflower seed” is a commonly used Chinese expression to describe beautiful women, something like “teardrop-shaped face” in English.]

    She pointed at her delicate feet, then at his wet clothes.

    Her hand was frail and slender as scallion in the spring.*
    [Again, another common Chinese literary expression to describe the slenderness of a woman’s hands.]

    He pointed at himself, then at the inside of the carriage.

    She nodded, and with a charming smile, opened the door.

    The interior of the carriage was cushy and dry, the silken seat covers smooth like her skin.

    He dismounted, stepping up into the carriage.

    Rain was still falling in a suffusing and playful mist; it rained just at the right time.

    In spring time, it seemed that nature often indulged in the arrangement of serendipitous encounters, to bring fascinating people together in unexpected places.

    There was not the least bit of awkwardness, nor unnecessary words.

    It was as if he had known her since he was born. It was as if for his whole life he had expected to sit in this carriage.

    It was a lonely journey, the travelers forlorn -- who can say that they should not have met by chance?

    As he thought about wiping his rain-drenched face with his sleeve, she passed him a handkerchief of soft, red silk.

    He gazed at her, but she lowered her head to play with a corner of her dress.

    “You’re welcome.”

    “My surname is Bai, call me Bai Yu Jing.”

    She smiled charmingly and said, “A city of white jade in the heavens? Has five towers and twelve castles, where a divine being touched the top of my head, making the hair grow long and my life with it.”

    He too smiled. “You like Li Bai too?”

    She held a corner of her dress between her slender fingers, and began to recite in a soothing voice, “Traveling on the eastern sea, I beheld a mirage of the mountain of Lao. Upon the mountain I met the legendary Master An, who fed me plums big as melons, so that I grew old with no thought of my homeland. The pink vibrancy of youth left my face, and my hair took on the whiteness that signaled the end of life. I thirst for the golden elixir, and to step onto the chariot of clouds. I wish to follow the master into the heavenly beyond, and while away time by sweeping fallen flowers, accompanied by fairy maidens*.”
    [An unskilled, rough translation of the original Chinese poem, as was the one in a prior paragraph.]

    At the part about the mountain of Lao, she voice seemed to pause.

    Bai Yu Jing ventured, “Miss Lao?”

    Bowing her head even lower, she replied softly, “Yuan Zi Xia*.”
    [Yuan: surname; Zi: purple; Xia: wispy clouds at sunset.]

    Suddenly there came the sound of galloping hooves, as three horses dashed past, and three pairs of sharp eyes swept the inside of the carriage.

    As the horses sprinted away, the rider in the rear suddenly leaped up from his saddle, lunging backward over the distance of two zhang to land in Bai Yu Jing’s saddle, and with a tap of the point of his foot, picked up the scabbard that hung from the saddle.

    The three horses turned back toward the carriage.

    With another twist of his body, the rider moved nimbly onto his own saddle.

    In an almost imperceptibly short time all three horses disappeared into the hazy mist, no longer to be seen.

    Yuan Zi Xia’s beautiful eyes widened as she exclaimed, “They stole your sword!”

    Bai Yu Jing gave her a slight grin.

    Yuan Zi Xia said, “You saw them taking your property, and you’re not going to do anything about it?”

    Bai Yu Jing kept grinning.

    Biting her lip, Yuan Zi Xia said, “It is said that there’re some people in the kung-fu world, who hold their swords dear as their lives.”

    “I’m not that kind of person,” said Bai Yu Jing.

    Yuan Zi Xia sighed softly, seemingly disappointed.

    Are there any girls who did not adore dashing heroes? If you fought to the death for a sword, they might liken you to a fool, or they might shed tears for you.

    But if you sat there watching others take your sword away and did nothing, they would invariably feel disappointed.

    Bai Yu Jing looked at her, then grinned once more and said, “You seem to know a lot about things in the kung-fu world.”

    Yuan Zi Xia replied, “Not a lot, but I like to listen, and watch.”

    “Is that why you left home to travel alone?” asked Bai Yu Jing.

    Yuan Zi Xia nodded, and took to playing with the corner of her dress again.

    Bai Yu Jing then said, “Fortunately you have not seen much; when you have seen too much you are bound to be disappointed.”

    “Why?” Yuan Zi Xia asked.

    “The things you see are never as romantic as the stories you hear,” Bai Yu Jing replied.

    Yuan Zi Xia appeared to want to ask something more, but stopped herself.

    Just then, galloping hooves resounded once more, as the three horses that just flew past them returned.

    The rider in the lead leaned back suddenly like a flag blown away by the wind, and with an outreached hand, returned the scabbard to its former place on the saddle.

    At the same time, his two companions brought their raised hands together, open palm covering balled fist*, and bowed forward from their saddles, before disappearing into the fine mist again.
    [A gesture of respect.]

    Yuan Zi Xia’s eyes became wider, looking perplexed and excited. “They brought back your sword!”

    Bai Yu Jing simply grinned.

    Yuan Zi Xia blinked, then said, “You knew they were going to return it?”

    Bai Yu Jing grinned again.

    Yuan Zi Xia stared at him, eyes bright with intensity. “They seemed afraid of you.”

    “’Afraid of me?’” Bai Yu Jing repeated.

    “You…you must have killed a lot of people with this sword!” Yuan Zi Xia’s voice trembled with excitement.

    “Do I look like a killer?” Bai Yu Jing asked.

    “No,” Yuan Zi Xia admitted.

    “I didn’t think so either,” said Bai Yu Jing.

    “But then, why were they afraid of you?” Yuan Zi Xia asked doubtfully.

    “Maybe they were afraid of you, not me,” Bai Yu Jing suggested.

    Yuan Zi Xia smiled. “Me? Why would they be afraid of me?”

    Bai Yu Jing said with a sigh, “’One smile can conquer a city, another smile can lay low a country.’ No matter how sharp a sword is, it can never compare to the smile of a beauty.”

    At this Yuan Zi Xia’s smile became even more alluring. Eyes winking, she said, “You…are you afraid of me or not?”

    There seemed to be an irresistible power in her eyes, something that seemed to challenge him.

    Sighing, Bai Yu Jing said, “Even if I didn’t want to be afraid of you, I can’t help it.”

    Yuan Zi Xia bit her lip, then said, “If you’re so afraid of me, you better do as I say, right?”

    “Of course,” Bai Yu Jing nodded.

    “Good,” Yuan Zi Xia seemed satisfied, “Then I want you to have a drink with me.”

    Bai Yu Jing looked surprised. “You can drink?”

    “I don’t look like I can hold my liquor?”

    “You do,” Bai Yu Jing answered with another sigh.

    He had no choice but to admit.

    Because he knew, drinking is like the business of killing, you could never tell who is good at it just from looks.

    Chapter 2 Part 2 - TRANSLATED BY SIVEN

    Bai Yu Jing had been drunk before, quite often, but never as drunk as this.

    When he was very young, he had already learned a lesson.

    In the kung-fu world three types of people were most difficult to deal with – beggars, monks, and women.

    If you wished to pass your days in peace, it was best not to bother them, whether in picking a fight, or in drinking.

    Regrettably he forgot this lesson little by little, maybe because he did not want his days to be so peaceful.

    This was why he ended up with a splitting headache.

    He only remembered that at the end he lost three rounds in a row in their drinking game, and downed three large drinks, very quickly and coolly.

    Afterwards his mind seemed to have abruptly became empty, and if not for something icy cold suddenly lying on his face, he might not have awakened.

    Something this cold, must be the hand of Xiao Fang*.
    [Xiao: little, a prefix of endearment between friends used before a person’s first name, similar to “little brother.”]

    No person could have a hand this cold, except that Xiao Fang did not have a right hand.

    In place of his right hand was an iron hook.

    Xiao Fang was called Fang Long Xiang*, though he was not little.
    [Fang: surname; Long – dragon; Xiang – aromatic, sweet-smelling.]

    If you heard this name, and thought him a woman, you would be solely mistaken, as there probably were very few men in this world more manly than him.

    Though their corners had become lined, his eyes were still sharp and bright, and could often see things you might not notice.

    Now he was staring at Bai Yu Jing.

    Bai Yu Jing looked up, and, clasping his head in both hands, said, “Heavens, it’s you. Why have you come?”

    “I’m here because your ancestors earned enough karma,” Fang Long Xiang replied.

    With the iron hook he lightly stroked Bai Yu Jing’s neck, and said in a nonchalant voice, “If I was Twin-Hook Wei Chang*, I’m afraid your head might be elsewhere already.”
    [Presumably one of Bai Yu Jing’s enemies, who wielded a pair of hooks.]

    Bai Yu Jing sighed, murmuring, “A quick death like that might not be so unpleasant.”

    Fang Long Xiang too sighed. “It’s one of your problems, your life has always been entirely too pleasant.”

    “How did you know I was here?” Bai Yu Jing asked.

    “Do you know how you got here?” Fang Long Xiang enquired in return.

    They were in a very clean-looking room, with a window showing the shade of a large maidenhair tree outside.

    Bai Yu Jing took a look around, grinned helplessly and said, “Could it really be you who brought me here?”

    Fang Long Xiang said, “Who do you think did?”

    Bai Yu Jing said, “Where’s Miss Yuan?”

    “She was drunk as you,” Fang Long Xiang replied.

    Bai Yu Jing smiled. “I knew from the start, there was no way she could drink more than me.”

    “She couldn’t drink more than you? Then how did you become drunk first?” Fang Long Xiang asked.

    “I drunk a lot more.”


    “Being a man, I didn’t insist that she drink the same amount as me every time, and while we played the drinking game, I didn’t hold her to the rules too seriously, so how could I not have drunk so much more than she did?” Bai Yu Jing reasoned.

    “If you two were to fight, you’d naturally be too much of a man to take it seriously,” said Fang Long Xiang.

    “Of course.”

    Fang Long Xiang sighed. “The words of old timers’ in the kung-fu world indeed are never wrong.”

    “What words?”

    “It’s because most men have the same problem as you, so old timers understood, whether for fighting or drinking, never ever go up against a woman.”

    “You’re an old timer now?” Bai Yu Jing smirked.

    Fang Long Xiang continued, “Still, there’s one thing I wouldn’t have thought, which is how big your ego has grown.”

    “What ego?”

    “While you’re taking a nap here, there’re at least ten people standing guard outside.”

    Appearing startled, Bai Yu Jing asked, “What kind of people?”

    “Naturally people who were sent by powerful backers.”

    “Who are they anyway?”

    “If you can still stand up, you can see for yourself.”

    This room was the last one on the upper floor of a small building. It had a rear window overlooking a narrow alley.

    A hunchback wearing a tattered felt hat and shabby winter coat sat napping under the spring sun.

    Fang Long Xiang pushed open the window with his hook. “Can you tell who this hunchback is?”

    “I can only see that he’s a hunchback,” Bai Yu Jing observed dryly.

    “You’ll know who he is if he took off that hat.”

    “How would I know?”

    “Because the color of his hair is different from others’.”

    Frowning once, Bai Yu Jing said, “East River Red Haired Clan?”

    Fang Long Xiang nodded. “Judging by his look, if not the second of the Nine Crimson Haired Fiends, he must be number seven.”

    Bai Yu Jing asked no more, having always trusted Fang Long Xiang’s sharp eyes.

    Fang Longxiang said: "You have a look again at that person under the lane entrance tree."

    At the entrance to the narrow alley stood another large fruit tree, beneath which was a cart hawking soup made from the ground up roots of the lotus. The vendor was just pouring a pot of boiled water into a bowl of powder.

    The pot looked very big, very heavy, yet he picked it up with one hand, seemingly without much exertion.

    “His wrist strength isn’t bad,” Bai Yu Jing noted.

    “Of course it’s not bad,” Fang Long Xiang replied, “Otherwise he wouldn’t be able to wield a twenty-seven-pound* saber.”
    [The Chinese pound is about half a kilogram.]

    “Twenty-seven-pound saber? He’s from Tai-Hang Mountain?*”
    [A famous mountain in China, presumably known for its style of kung-fu utilizing heavy sabers.]

    “You finally got it right this time. His saber is hidden in the cart.”

    “What about the man having the soup?” Bai Yu Jing pointed out.

    Crouched at the foot of the tree was a man holding a bowl of freshly made lotus root soup. He was drinking it slowly, but his eyes appeared riveted in the direction of their room.

    Fang Long Xiang said, “The cart has two sabers.”

    Bai Yu Jing asked, “Both are brothers of Zhao Yi-Dao*?”
    [Zhao: surname; Yi-Dao: roughly, “one stroke of the saber.”]

    “He is Zhao Yi-Dao,” Fang Long Xiang replied. He patted Bai Yu Jing on the shoulder. “Having Zhao Yi-Dao as a guard, you can’t say your ego is small.”

    Bai Yu Jing smiled. “My ego isn’t small to begin with.”

    Just then a government detective, wearing a red ball-tipped hat* and pale colored uniform, meandered over from the other end of the alley. When he reached the foot of the tree, he too bought a bowl of soup.
    [A symbol of office, part of the uniform.]

    “Looks like Zhao Yi-Dao should really change his job to selling lotus root soup,” Bai Yu Jing said with a grin, “The business doesn’t look bad, and there doesn’t seem to be any risk.”

    “No risk?” asked Fang Long Xiang.

    “What risk is there?” Bai Yu Jing asked in return.

    “The man in the red ball-tipped hat, there’s no telling when he might give him a knife in the back.”

    “Since when did government detectives kill people at will in small alleys?”

    “He may be wearing a detective’s hat now, but he got here on a white horse.”

    “White Horse Zhang San*?” said Bai Yu Jing.
    [Zhang: surname; San: three. Zhang San is something like John Doe in English, usually used as a pseudonym.]

    “It didn’t occur to you?”

    “White Horse Zhang San always worked by himself. How did he get on the same boat as these guys?”

    Fang Long Xiang replied drily, “That’s what I wanted to ask you.”

    “Could it be coincidence?”

    “Few things on earth are as coincidental as this then.”

    Bai Yu Jing poured himself a cup of cold tea, drained it in one gulp, then asked, “Other than the four of them, who else are here?”

    “Don’t you want to take a look outside?” said Fang Long Xiang.

    “These ones are enough for me to look at already.”

    “Take a nice and long look then, though I assure you the other characters are no less interesting.”

    “How did you know all these people came?” Bai Yu Jing asked.

    “Don’t forget whose turf this is,” Fang Long Xiang answered with a grin.

    Bai Yu Jing too grinned. “If I had forgotten, I wouldn’t have passed out in a drunken stupor.”

    Fang Long Xiang eyed him disapprovingly. “So it was all in your plan then. You counted on me to be your bodyguard.”

    “You’re my bodyguard, and you’ll pick up my tab too,” Bai Yu Jing said, smiling. “Since I’m a guest here, I’m going to leave everything in your hands.”

    “What are you going to be in charge of then?”

    “I’m going to be in charge of eating and drinking, until you cry for my help.”

    Fang Long Xiang sighed and smiled weakly. “A person like you never gets drunk in the wrong place.”

    Below the room’s front window was a courtyard, neither too big nor too small.

    A purple-veined tree grew in the courtyard, beneath which stood a large vat of goldfish.

    A plump young man, with hands crossed behind him, was looking at the goldfish. A tall and skinny figure in black followed behind him like a shadow.

    An elderly woman, her hair all white, led a small, thirteen to fourteen-year-old boy across the courtyard in slow and faltering steps.

    Three burly men in light-colored, athletic clothes stood in a row before the rooms on the west side of the courtyard, staring straight at the gates as if expecting someone to enter.

    “I saw these three yesterday,” Bai Yu Jing mentioned.

    “Where?” said Fang Long Xiang.

    “On the road.”

    “They were looking for you?”

    “They only wanted to borrow my sword for a look.”


    “Then they brought it back, naturally,” Bai Yu Jing replied coolly. “Even if it were the boss of the Green Dragon Clan who borrowed my sword, he would have returned it all the same.”

    Fang Long Xiang frowned, and said, “You know they’re from the Green Dragon Clan?”

    “If not from the Green Dragon Clan, I doubt others would have that much guts.”

    Fang Long Xiang glanced at him from the corner of his eye, then shook his head and said, “Who do you think you are?”

    “I’m Bai Yu Jing.”

    Fang Long Xiang blinked. “What kind of person is Bai Yu Jing then?”

    Bai Yu Jing replied with a grin, “A person who can’t be killed easily.”

    Suddenly with a sharp sound the vat holding the goldfish cracked open, struck by some unknown object. The water within spilled out, and was about to drench the plump young man from head to toe.

    No one could have expected it, but the body of the plump young man, weighing several hundred pounds, suddenly floated upward. With one finger he hooked a branch of the veined tree and hung himself in midair, as if his body were made of paper.

    Surprisingly, it was the man in black whose pants became drenched.

    “Who’d have thought, his flying technique isn’t bad,” said Bai Yu Jing.

    “You can’t tell who he is?” Fang Long Xiang asked.

    “From his moves, he seems to be from the Eh-Mei sect, except that since some thirty years ago, all that remained of the sect were nuns, who were all vegetarians. They couldn’t have produced a fat guy like him.”

    “You’re forgetting the head mistress of the Eh-Mei sect,” Fang Long Xiang prompted. “Which family did she come from, before she became a nun?”

    “The Zhu family, from the province of Su.”

    “Correct,” Fang Long Xiang confirmed. “This fat guy is the family’s oldest son, the young master.”

    “What about his bodyguard?”

    “Not sure,” said Fang Long Xiang, “But judging by his kung-fu, a third-rate character at most.”

    “He evidently knows first-rate kung-fu himself, so why take on a third-rate bodyguard?”

    “Because it pleases him?” Fang Long Xiang shrugged.

    The goldfish in the vat had poured out with the water. They thrashed about on the ground spastically.

    The black-clad man, however, stood with his feet in the water motionlessly. His deep-set eyes showed seven parts of gloom, and three parts of grief.

    Fang Long Xiang suddenly let out a long sigh, and said, “Now this is someone that deserves sympathy.”

    “You pity him?” Bai Yu Jing asked.

    “If not backed up against the wall with nowhere to go, who would willingly take a job like this? Also, judging by his weapon, he probably had a little fame in the kung-fu world, but now…” Fang Long Xiang abruptly changed the subject, asking instead, “Can you tell who broke the vat?”

    “Si-Ma Guong*?” Bai Yu Jing offered.
    [Si-Ma: surname; Guong: light; a famous scholar and official during the Northern Song dynasty, who in a well-known story broke a vat with a brick to save a friend.]

    Fang Long Xiang gave him an annoyed look. “Funny, almost funny enough to die for.”

    Bai Yu Jing grinned and said, “If it wasn’t Si-Ma Guong who broke the vat, then it must be someone hiding in the third room on the east side.”

    Having dropped down from the tree branch, Young Master Zhu was snickering at that very room.

    The white-haired old woman appeared with a wash basin, apparently wanting to put the goldfish inside. Her footing unsteady, she suddenly stumbled, and the water in the basin again splashed all over the ground.

    “Who do you think this old lady is?” Bai Yu Jing asked.

    “She’s an old lady,” Fang Long Xiang replied wryly.

    “Why would an old lady come here?”

    “This is an inn, anybody can come.”

    “At least, she’s not here because of me?”

    “You aren’t old enough yet.”

    “Pale Dragon, Quick Saber, Crimson Hair and White Horse, all these people are here just for me?” Bai Yu Jing sounded doubtful.

    “What do you think?”

    “I don’t know.”

    “You never ran afoul of them before?”

    “No,” Bai Yu Ying shook his head.

    “Never took their property?”

    “Am I a robber?”

    “Even if not, you can’t be far from one.”

    Bai Yu Jing gave a quick chuckle, then said unhurriedly, “If they’re really here for me, why haven’t they sought me out?”

    “Perhaps they’re afraid of you, or perhaps they’re waiting for someone,” Fang Long Xiang suggested.

    “Waiting for whom?”

    “The Pale Dragon Clan has three hundred and sixty five separate altars*, each led by an altar-master. None of them are easy to deal with.”
    [Here it means a division of the clan.]

    “I don’t seem that easy to deal with either,” Bai Yu Jing said with a smile.

    “What about her?” Fang Long Xiang asked.


    “Your drunken heroine.”

    “What about her?”

    “Since she came with you, you aren’t going to just leave her are you?” Fang Long Xiang questioned. “They already know she’s with you, so you think they’ll just let her go?”

    Frowning, Bai Yu Jing became silent.

    Fang Long Xiang sighed. “You were living a pretty good life. Why throw all that away and come here to suffer?”

    Bai Yu Jing smiled coolly. “I’m not suffering yet.”

    “If it hasn’t began yet, can’t be far now,” Fang Long Xiang said with a grin.

    As his words ended, the sound of someone knocking on the wall came from next door.

    “Is that her?” Bai Yu Jing asked.

    Fang Long Xiang nodded and slapped him on the shoulder. “I’m afraid your suffering is about to begin.”

    “What suffering?”

    “Sometimes suffering is a pleasure, and pleasure, a suffering,” Fang Long Xiang observed wisely.

    Yuan Zi Xia lay against the pillow upon a head of disheveled hair, her face pale as if she had been deathly sick.

    The door to her room was shut but not barred. It was not known whether she had just unbarred it or never did in the first place.

    She held a shoe in her hand, the print of which remained on the plaster wall.

    Bai Yu Jing entered the room quietly and looked down at her.

    He discovered suddenly that a woman who had been drunk the night before, took on a new, indescribable allure the morning after.
    His heartbeat quickened.

    If a man, who had been drunk the night before, saw a beautiful woman the next morning, his heart was bound to beat faster.

    Yuan Zi Xia was gazing at him too. Biting her lip lightly, she said, “My head feels as if it’s about to split open, and you’re still laughing.”

    “I’m not laughing,” said Bai Yu Jing.

    “There’s no laughter on your face, but your heart is laughing.”

    Bai Yu Jing grinned. “You can see into my heart?”

    “En*,” Yuan Zi Xia made an affirmative sound.
    [A Chinese interjection, meaning yes or a positive reply.]

    The sound seemed to have come from her nose.

    The sounds a woman makes with her nose, are often far more appealing than those that come out of her mouth.

    Bai Yu Jing could not resist but ask, “You can tell what’s in my heart?”


    “Tell me.”

    “I can’t,” Yuan Zi Xia shook her head emphatically.


    “Because…because…” Her face reddening suddenly, she pulled up the blanket to hide behind, then smiled and said coyly, “Because your heart is having impure thoughts.”

    Bai Yu Jing’s heart beat even faster.

    Indeed he was having impure thoughts.

    A man who was drunk the night before usually became more vulnerable the next morning, and less able to withstand temptation.

    What about a woman who was drunk the night before? Bai Yu Jing almost could not resist going over to her.

    Yuan Zi Xia’s eyes peered out at him from under the blanket. She too seemed to wish that he would come closer.

    He was not a gentleman, but when his thoughts turned to those outside “standing guard” for him, his heart sunk.

    Her face bearing the trace of a scarlet sunset, Yuan Zi Xia bit her lip and said, “When I saw you keep trying to get me drunk last night, I knew you weren’t really a nice guy.”

    Bai Yu Jing sighed, and said with a strained smile, “I was trying to get you drunk?”

    “You weren’t?” Yuan Zi Xia eyed him with annoyance. “Then why did we drink out of big bowls? Since when have you seen girls drink out of big bowls?”

    Bai Yu Jing could say nothing.

    When a woman is quibbling with you, even if you have something to say, it is best that you keep your mouth shut.

    This was something he understood well.

    Unlucky for him Yuan Zi Xia was not about to let him off so easily. “Now my head is hurting so much, how are you going to make it up to me?” she went on to say.

    “You tell me.” Bai Yu Jing gave her a pitiable grin.

    She looked at him thoughtfully. “You…you should at least make my headache go away.”

    A voice suddenly yelled, “That’s easy, just cut her head off.”

    The voice came from the hallway.

    Before it had ended, Bai Yu Jing leaped out of the door.

    The hallway was very narrow. The leafs of the maidenhair tree were swaying in the breeze.

    There was no one to be seen, not even a shadow, Fang Long Xiang having departed a while earlier.

    He did not like being the slice of pickle sandwiched between opponents.

    If not Fang Long Xiang, then whose voice was it? The courtyard was once again silent.

    Some one had cleaned up the goldfish on the ground. Young Master Zhu and his bodyguard likely went back to their rooms.

    Only the three burly men from the Green Dragon Clan remained, still standing there staring at the gates, waiting for someone unknown.

    Bai Yu Jing could only go back into the room.

    Yuan Zi Xia had sat up in bed. Face turning pale white again, she asked, “Who’s outside?”

    “No one,” Bai Yu Jing replied.

    Her eyes widened. “No one? Then who was talking?”

    Bai Yu Jing smiled rigidly, the only response he could think of.

    Yuan Zi Xia’s eyes became clouded with fear as she spoke hesitantly, “He…he told you to cut off my head…You won’t do it will you?”

    Bai Yu Jing could only sigh.

    Suddenly Yuan Zi Xia jumped up from the bed and dove into his arms, her voice trembling, “I’m scared. This place is creepy, you can’t leave me here by myself.”

    Her hands hung from his neck tightly. The sleeves of her dress slid down, revealing arms smooth as jade.

    All she wore was a flimsy gown. Her chest felt warm and firm. Bai Yu Jing was not made of wood, nor was he a sage untroubled by wants.

    Yuan Zi Xia whispered, “I want you to stay here with me. You…why don’t you close the door?”

    Her soft and inviting lips hovered near his ear, a breath away.

    Just then, the sound of crying came from the courtyard, heartbreakingly sad.

    Who was crying? Whoever it was had picked the worst time.

    Yuan Zi Xia’s hands let go. No matter who heard such cries, their hearts would have sank.

    She stood on the floor on naked feet, her eyes once more filled with apprehension, like a child who had become lost.

    The cries seemed to come from a child too.

    Bai Yu Jing walked up to the window and saw a casket. The white-haired old woman from before, and the small boy, were slumped against the coffin weeping loudly, their voice nearing exhaustion.

    It was unclear who the pallbearers were, but they had placed the casket where the vat of goldfish once stood.

    Enough of the living had come to this place, and now out of the blue, one of the dead as well.

    Bai Yu Jing sighed, murmuring, “At least the dead can’t have come because of me…”

    Chapter 2 Part 3 - TRANSLATED BY FASTCLOCK

    Yuan Zi Xia closed the door, moved a chair, and sat by the window.

    In the courtyard, there were two monks who were chanting the scripture. From the building upstairs, looking down on the this harmony, the shiny head of the monks might appear very amusing, but their sutras sound was actually dignified and sorrowful.

    In addition to this monotonous melancholy sound, there was the old lady and child's weeping sound. This caused the people who listened to it to think of the unspeakable sadness and void in their hearts.

    Yuan Zi Xia sighed, and looked up to see the weather. She did not know when she got up, but the present actually already looked like dusk.

    The weather was gloomy, as if it would rain. That three guys from the Green Dragon Clan, had also moved their chairs, sitting under the gallery. They looked around while waiting, with great anxiety on their faces.

    Bai Yu-jing and Fang Longxiang were walking away, slowly going out of the door. They certainly had not looked at other people, but they actually felt many eyes staring at them behind their backs. If by any chance they turned their head to them, these people's vision would all avoid them immediately.

    Yuan Zi Xia certainly was the exception. In her eyes, there was the indescribable kindness flowing like a silk thread locking up on Bai Yu-jing's heel.

    Outside the door, it looked as beautiful as a painting. The dark brown path, gracefully started from here like a worm, passing through the lush green woods, along the deep blue lake water, extending to the bustling streets.

    The far mountain looked cloudy, like in the fog, appearing beautiful as well as mystical. The small town was certainly not far away from here, but there was this deep lake water and lush green forest which actually isolated this from the bustling places down the mountain.

    Bai Yu-jing took a deep breath of the fresh air moist and become mellow. He could not bear to sigh and said: "I like this place."
    Fang Longxiang said: "There are many people who like this place."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "There are live people, and also dead people."
    Fang Longxiang said: "Usually all the dead people are not welcomed here."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Today is an exception."
    Fang Longxiang said: "Any visitor who resides in this place, regardless of who he is, must abide with the custom and cannot oppose it."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "If he kills people?"
    Fang Longxiang has smiled, said: "That depends on who does the killing and whom he killed."

    Bai Yu-jing coldly said: "This is actually the talk of a standard businessman."
    Fang Longxiang said: "I am originally a businessman."

    Bai Yu-jing walked several steps toward the front and said: "I thought they would not allow me to leave, but when I went out, nobody wanted to block me."
    Fang Longxiang said: "En."

    Bai Yu-jing also said that, "Perhaps, they did not come for me."
    Fang Longxiang said: "Perhaps."

    Bai Yu-jing had suddenly patted his shoulder, said with a smile: "This time your luck is good."
    Fang Fanglong said: "What luck?"

    Bai Yu-jing said: "You do not need to fear that I am invading your hospitality. I will go early in the morning tomorrow."
    Fang Longxiang said: "Tonight you... ... "

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Tonight I want to drink, don’t let your cabinet stay close, and let’s make the daughters blushed."
    Fang Longxiang complexion suddenly changed somewhat melancholy, and regarded the cloudy mountain far away. He slowly said: "Tonight certainly can be very long."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Oh."
    Fang Longxiang said: "Such a long evening, there will be many matters."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Oh."
    Fang Longxiang said: "Also long enough to kill many people."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Oh."
    Fang Longxiang had suddenly turned his head, and stared at him. He said: "You must wait for that person to come, and only then you would be willing to go?"

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Who is that person?"
    Fang Longxiang said: " The person that the Green Dragon Clan people is waiting for."

    Bai Yu-jing was smiling, in the eye actually brought a kind of very unusual expression. After a very long time, only then he slowly said: "To be honest, I gradually thought indeed this person is very interesting,"

    Fang Longxiang said: "You don’t know anything at all about him."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Because I do not know, therefore only then I would think him as interesting."

    Fang Longxiang said: "So long as it is an interesting matter, you must certainly go?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Usually yes."

    Fang Longxiang said: "Is there any person who can cause you to change your mind?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "No."

    Fang Longxiang sighed, said: "Good, I take the wine and lead your drunken heroine down to drink."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "I also must go and change into a new set of clothes."

    Fang Longxiang said: "Now?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "When it is time to drink the wine, I always like putting on the new clothes."

    Fang Longxiang the vision flashed, said: "When it is time to kill, you also like to change into a new set of clothes?"
    Bai Yu-jing smiled and lightly said: "That depends on whom I kill."

    Yuan Zi Xia sat on the bed, holding the padded quilt and said: "Why don't we take the wine here, and drink in this room."
    Bai Yu-jing smiled and said: "To drink the wine, we need the right place, otherwise the good wine will also fade badly."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Why isn’t this place right?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "This place is for sleeping."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "But... ... there are many people downstairs, I do not have new clothes to change, how can I go downstairs?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "I am your new clothes."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "You?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "With me in the same place, you don’t need to change clothes, the others may not necessarily look at you."

    Yuan Zi Xia has smiled charmingly and said: "You always think yourself as very great?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Usually yes."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Do you blush at all?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Nope."

    He suddenly turned around, said: "But here I submit to you."
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Why?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Because I am blushing now. When I blush, I am not willing to let other people see".

    Yuan Zi Xia brought out the box, and put out the set of clothes. Although these are not brand-new clothes, they actually looked gorgeous like pink clouds. She liked the bright colored clothes, and like the bright colored person.

    Bai Yu-jing looked like this kind of person. He was arrogant, did as he pleased, sometimes impulsive very much like a child, sometimes shallow but also deep like the cunning fox. She knew this kind of man was not easy to cope with. When a woman wanted to capture him, it would not be easy. But she was determined to try.

    Chapter 2 Part 4 - TRANSLATED BY FASTCLOCK

    The restaurant was certainly not big, but it was actually a very fine dining place. The table was made of solid teak wood, inlaid with beautiful stones. There were suitable calligraphy and painting on the wall, and hanging plants with blossoming flowers by the door. As soon as a person entered the room, he could see that having the meal here would make a person feel honored. Therefore the price was more expensive than the other place, but nobody cared about it.

    The three people from Green Dragon Clan, occupied a table by the door, the eyes were staring outside the door. They were obviously waiting for a person. Young Master Zhu's table was nearby the window. He already started to eat and drink extravagantly, while that man in black was like a shadow standing behind him.

    "Does this customer eat?"
    "He will wait for me to finish eating, then he will eat."
    Let the person take the lead, and wait for the person to finish eating before being able to eat. This is a destiny which some people chose.

    The Buddhist ceremony was completed, unexpectedly that two monks also had their meal in here. The light illuminated their heads that were bright like the bottle gourd. They looked like they just had their heads shaven.

    In the wind that old woman's weeping sound may also be heard faintly. Actually who died?
    Why did she cry so sadly?
    Did the person who broke the golden fish bowl ever made an appearance?
    Why did he hide straight in the room like he did not dare to see anyone?

    The tea was good, the wine was also a good wine.

    Bai Yu-jing changed into a new precious blue clothes. He had drunk several glasses of wine, as if he did not have any unhappy matters to forget. Fang Longxiang actually appeared listless, drinking only a little wine, and also not eating many vegetables.

    Yuan Zi Xia charmingly said: "You are eating less than a young girl."
    Fang Longxiang painstakingly said with a smile: "Because I am paying for myself, I always avoid paying dearly."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "I do not pay dearly."

    He suddenly clapped to call a waiter and said: "Deliver several type of best food and wine for the person in the lane behind, to a person with a tattered felt hat and a shabby coat(?)."

    Fang Longxiang coldly said: "Also to the wearer of the felt hat?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "It is said that they who do not follow the seasons, may not be able to find the food to eat."

    Fang Longxiang said: "Centipedes, geckos, small snakes."
    Yuan Zi Xia complexion was suddenly pale, she could not bear it and must vomit.

    In the room every person had secretly looked at her, even the two monks were not an exception. Their mouths were like a vegetarian, but the eyes were certainly not of a vegetarian.

    Suddenly the sound of clapped hoofs was heard. A sturdy horse stopped outside the door. The three people from Green Dragon Clan suddenly stood up. Immediately there was happy expression revealed on their faces. The person they waited for had finally come.

    Fang Longxiang looked at Bai Yu-jing, lifted the wine cup and said: "I respect you a cup."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Why do you suddenly respect me?"

    Fang Longxiang sighed, said: "I only fear I will not have the opportunity to give the respect again."
    Bai Yu-jing smiled, said: "We might as well looked first at the person, then giving me the respect would not be too late."

    With him saying that, each person's eyes were all staring at the entrance. The sturdy horse stood outside, a person came in in a hurry. A sturdy chap in the black clothes, entered in strides while sweating profusely.

    The three people from Green Dragon Clan saw him, on the face revealed some disappointment, and two people actually sat down. The one who came was obviously not the person.

    The one person who gave the welcome, frowned and asked: "Why."
    The others could hear him say this word, but his sound suddenly changed into the low like whisper. That person who just came in was speaking in even lower voice. He only said several sentences before leaving again in a hurry.

    The three people from Green Dragon Clan looked at each other. They sat down and started to drink. The anxious restless color actually could not see again on their faces. Although the person they waited for had not come, they obviously had some news. What news?

    Young Master Zhu wrinkled his eyebrows anxiously, the resemblance of the restlessness others exhibited was now evident on his face.

    The two monks suddenly also stood up, gathered their clothes and said: "These poor monks’ account, please record in Ms. Guo‘s account." The monks specially ate here, certainly did not lift a finger to pay.

    But for some reasons, Bai Yu-jing always thought that these two monks did not look like monks. His eyes gave the expression of thinking deeply. When they already went out, he suddenly said with a smile: "I heard you have a pair of keen eyes like a fox since you were born. I want to test you."

    Fang Longxiang said: "What kind of tests?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Two matters."

    Fang Longxiang sighed, said: "Test me."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "You looked at those two monks, what body part was missing a moment ago?"

    Yuan Zi Xia was baffled. These two monks’ five senses were entirely complete, and they were not disabled persons. How could they miss anything?

    Fang Longxiang had not thought all that complicated and blurted out: "Fragrant scar."
    Yuan Zi Xia could not help sighed: "Your eyes are really keen, very likely they don’t have fragrant scars."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Both people don’t have them."
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "They.. . Aren't they real monks?"

    Bai Yu-jing smiled, said: "Reality is an illusion, the illusion is real, the genuine and the fake, why are we so earnest?"
    Yuan Zi Xia pursed her lips to smile and said: "When do you also turn into a monk? How can you speak so wisely?"

    Fang Longxiang said: "He not only can speak wisely like a monk, moreover he can also eat without paying." He did not let Bai Yu-jing open his mouth and also said: "You have tested one, what about the other?"

    Bai Yu-jing lowered his voice and said: "Actually, do you know who the person the Green Dragon Clan people are waiting for?"
    Fang Longxiang shook his head.

    Bai Yu-jing said: "They are waiting for Wei Tian-ying!"
    Fang Longxiang wrinkled the eyebrow immediately and said: "Wei Tian-ying? The 'Demon knife' Wei Tian-ying?"
    Bai Yu-jing nodded.

    Fang Longxiang changed his countenance and said: "Isn’t this person already compelled by his personal enemy to go east to Fu Sang Island?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Fu Sang island is not the hell, even if he went, it’s possible for him to come back."

    Fang Longxiang wrinkled his eyebrows tightly and said: "Not only the knife skill of him is said to be fearful, but also he has learned Fu Sang’s 'the enduring technique' (ren-zhu). He in the Green Dragon Clan is thought to be one of the fabled 'Green Dragon 12 ghosts '."
    Bai Yu-jing lightly said, "I thought so."

    Yuan Zi Xia her eyes focused, said: "What is the enduring technique?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "The enduring technique is a specific wugong which teaches you how to covertly injure someone, so you’d better not listen."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "But I want to listen."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Even if you want to listen, I am not able to say."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Why?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Because I do not know."

    Actually he did know something about it. The enduring technique passed on from Jiu Mixian (Long distance immortal), in Virtue Manor period (mu-fu-de-chuan 幕府德&#24029, carried forward by "the flying ape clan" and "the hidden fog talented vault", as well as the martial art masters from Fu Sang island.

    Although mystical, this kind of wugong fable was accommodated by the levitation skill, the disguise skill, the internal energy, diving skill -- these wugong's deforming skill. The special skill was that they can use the space underground using animals as the tool to avoid enemy's tracing. This was divided into seven disciplines: the one’s celebration, the armor celebration, the mustard plain, the root arrival, the black one, the martial field, and the autumn leaf. The armor celebration was good at using the cats, the one’s celebration was good at using the mice.

    Although Bai Yu-jing understood these matters, he was actually disinclined to say them because these are too complicated. If you wanted to explain a very complicated matter to a woman, then it became an unbearable matter, precisely too clumsy.

    Fang Longxiang was pondering when he suddenly asked: "How did you know they were waiting for Wei Tian-ying?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "They said so a moment ago."

    Fang Longxiang said: "You could hear them talking?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "I could not hear, but I actually could see."

    Yuan Zi Xia did not understand, and could not bear to ask: "They talked and you could see? How could you see?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "By looking at their lips."

    Yuan Zi Xia sighed, said: "You really are a fearful person. It looks like no matter can be hidden from you."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Do you fear me?"
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Mmm."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "If you fear me, you should listen to my words."
    Yuan Zi Xia smiled. She had said the exact words to Bai Yu-jing. She gently smiled and said: "You really are not a good person."

    Young Master Zhu swaggered out. "You eat in here, after finished eating go back immediately."
    The man in black had dug up the food in the bowl in a hurry. He really must hurry back in a hurry.

    Bai Yu-jing suddenly said, "Friend, wait, wait!" .
    The man in black stopped his footsteps, but did not turn his head.

    Bai Yu-jing said with a smile: "Here the wine is good, why don't you stay and drink three cups?"

    The man in black had finally turned around. His face did not have any expression, but the sorrowful gesture was even deeper. He saluted with the double fist while saying: "I also want to drink very much, but it is a pity that there are also eight people in my family that have to eat."

    Although this was a very simple speech, it brought an extremely unspeakable painful meaning.

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Your Young Master Zhu has called you to go?"
    Man in black's reply was simpler: "I fear so."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "You do not want to do anything else?"
    The man in black: "I only know wugong. Although I was also mixed up in jianhu world, but now…” He hang his head and low spiritedly said: "Although I am old, I do not want to die, and also cannot die."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Therefore you can only stay with Young Master Zhu?"
    The man in black: "Yes."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "You with him, certainly are not to protect him, but because you want him to protect you!" He said this sentence incisively with a penetrating vision.

    The man in black was as if being slapped with an open palm, fell backward several steps before turning around to rush out.

    Yuan Zi Xia nipped her lip and said: "You... Why do you want to hurt someone’s heart like this?"

    Bai Yu-jing’s face also revealed a sorrowful expression.
    After a very long time, he gave a long sigh and said: "Because I am not a good person... "

    Nobody can clearly hear his words, because at this moment, there was suddenly a miserable shout in the silent night. The kind that made a person’s blood froze. The call looked like it was coming from outside the front door. Fang Longxiang fled like an arrow step, he wielded the iron hook. With the "thud" sound, he crushed the window.

    Illuminated from the front door, the lonely peaceful courtyard was large. The coffin had already been brought inside. In the center of the courtyard there had been nobody. But now, there was suddenly a person crazily rushing inside the front gate.

    A monk.

    The dim light showed there was no fragrant scar on his bald head. No fragrant scar, but actually there was blood! The blood that did not stop flowing and had flowed onto his face. It had flowed into his eyes, into the wrinkles at the corners of his eye. Under the dim light of night light, this face looked surreptitiously fearsome. He broke into the courtyard, and saw the broken window.

    Fang Longxiang was rushing out the window. His eyes were filled with the alarm, fear, grief and indignation.

    The twitching of the corners of his mouth did not stop. It was likely that he made an effort to clean his face with his hands but had injured the corners of his mouth.

    As soon as Fang Longxiang got through the window, he lowered his voice: "Who is it? Who commited this violent treachery?"
    This monk produced the high pitch voice and hissed: "It’s Green... Green... Green... "

    Fang Longxiang said: "What Green?"
    This monk had not said the second word before his four limbs suddenly went into convulsion. He jumped on one foot, and fell down!

    Fang Longxiang knitted his brows and muttered: "What is green? ... Green Dragon?"
    He slowly turned his head. The three people from Green Dragon Clan formed a row under the eaves. They looked like they were also very startled.

    The blood slowly flowed off from the top of the head, and gradually coagulated. It revealed a golden flash that Fang Longxiang squatted down immediately and turned the head to the light to see the source of the flash. He saw a golden link immediately. The seven inches diameter golden link, embedded in the head, only partially seen.

    Fang Longxiang finally understood why this monk was acting crazily and fearfully a moment ago. A seven-inch diameter golden link, if inserted in anybody’s head, this person would become crazy immediately.

    Bai Yu-jing knitted his brows and said: "Red Hair Clan’s golden link?"
    Fang Longxiang nodded, stood up, the eyes were staring at the opposite third door and muttered: "Why does he have to kill this monk?"

    "Why don't you go and ask him?" The person who spoke was Young Master Zhu.

    He was also obviously alarmed by the miserable call, went out in a hurry, and now were shouldering both hands, standing beneath the lamp. That man in black shadowed him closely.

    Fang Longxiang looked at him and lightly said: "When did the Million Gold Hall and the Red Hair Clan become enemies?”
    Young Master Zhu said, "Enemies? Who said the Million Gold Hall has a grudge with their red hairs monster?"

    Fang Longxiang said: "How did the golden fish bowl get broken?"
    Young Master Zhu smiled, said: "Perhaps they have a grudge about the goldfish... ... Why don't you go ask him?"

    Fang Longxiang said: "You want me to ask him?"
    Young Master Zhu said that, "It is up to you."

    Fang Longxiang was sneering, suddenly passed through. The third door was always closed, but actually somehow there shone a light coming through it.

    Fang Longxiang had not knocked on a door, the door was opened. A person stood in the entrance, on his ear were two golden links with "the ting-a-ling" sound, his eyes were fiery.

    Fang Longxiang looked at the golden links on his ear: "Miao Dongzhu?"
    Miao Shaotian in a calm face said: "Boss Fang has really good eyesight."

    Fang Longxiang said: "A moment ago... ... "
    Miao Shaotian: "I was eating a moment ago. When I ate meal, I never kill people."

    On the table there was golden tray, with a half-shed skin snake on it. There was some blood on the corners of Miao Shaotian’s mouth.

    Fang Longxiang’s suddenly felt contraction, it looked like he was eating a poisonous snake.

    Miao Shaotian cast a glance at Young Master Zhu in the courtyard with the corner of his eye. He coldly said: "Don’t forget as long as the person has the golden link, he can throw the golden link. As long as the person has the hands, he can use the golden link to kill people."

    Fang Longxiang nodded, he could not open his mouth for fear that he would vomit.

    In the room next door, the great pitiful weeping sound faintly continued.

    Miao Shaotian closed the door with a "thud”. He continued to enjoy his rich supper.

    The three people from Green Dragon Clan have drawn back.

    Yuan Zi Xia hold on Bai Yu-jing’s hand tightly. She feared that he would be able to sneak off suddenly. The monk's corpse had become stiff.

    Fang Longxiang knitted his brows and said: "Who has killed him? Why he has to kill him?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Because he is a false monk."

    Fang Longxiang said: "False monk? ... ... Why do some people have to kill a false monk?"
    Nobody could reply to these words.

    Fang Longxiang sighed, painstakingly said with a smile: "If I’m any good, there is also a dead monk outside."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "A dead false monk?"

    Chapter 2 Part 5 - TRANSLATED BY FASTCLOCK

    Yuan Zi Xia held on to Bai Yu-jing’s hands, and walked inside the tiny pavilion.
    Her hand was icy cold.

    Bai Yu-jing said: "You are cold?"
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "I am not cold, but afraid. Why could so many fearful people come to this place?"

    Bai Yu-jing smiled and said: "Perhaps they all come for you."
    Yuan Zi Xia complexion was paler and said: "For me?"

    Bai Yu-jing said: "The more fearful is a person, the more attractive is the woman he likes."
    Yuan Zi Xia smiled and said: "You? How could you not be a very fearful person also?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "I..."

    He suddenly discovered that Yuan Zi Xia’s door was open. He remembered when they went downstairs, they closed the door and also kept the light on.

    Yuan Zi Xia had brought six or seven convenient boxes. Some women did not let a man see her things, especially scattered all over the place. Yuan Zi Xia was ashamed, also anxious, afraid, before she blurted out: "There is ... is a thief."

    Bai Yu-jing's hand shoved open the next door. It was more chaotic in his room. Yuan Zi Xia did not let him look again, and had pulled him along outside. First most, she could not let some the items be seen by men, her face blushing to the ears.

    Bai Yu-jing said: "What thing I cannot see?"
    Yuan Zi Xia blushed, said: "I..... I am fine… I don’t have anything worthy stolen."

    Bai Yu-jing sneered said: "Perhaps there was no thief."
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Why didn’t the thief come to other rooms and randomly turn the things upside down?"

    Bai Yu-jing said: "It looks like they are really looking for me."
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Looking for you? Who? Why do they have to look for you?”
    Bai Yu-jing had not replied, he passed through and shoved open the rear window.

    In the misty small lane, there was nobody.
    Beggars for food, hawksellers, the hunchback with the felt hat, all did not know where they went.

    Bai Yu-jing said: "I will go to have a look."
    He just turned around, Yuan Zi Xia’s broke through and held on to his hand. She said: "You... ... Surely do not have to walk, I... ... I... ... I would die if no one else stay in this room."

    Bai Yu-jing sighed, said: "But I... ... "
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "I ask you, I ask you, now I am in really awful fear."
    Her face was pale like paper, the bountiful chest was heaving incessantly.

    Bai Yu-jing looked at her, his eyes softened and said: "Now you are really in awful fear?"
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Mmm."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "A moment ago?"
    Yuan Zi Xia hung her head, said: "A moment ago... I deceived you a little a moment ago."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Why has to deceive?"
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Because I..."

    Her pale face was also red, suddenly made an effort to beat his chest, said: "Why do you have to compel other people to say? You really are not a good person."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Since I am not a good person, you also dare to let me stay in the room?"
    Yuan Zi Xia’s face was redder, said: "I... ... I will yield the bed to you, I will rest on the floor.

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Am I cruel enough to let you rest on the floor?"
    Yuan Zi Xia nipped her lips and said: "It’s no concern, as long as you are willing to stay behind, nothing is of any concern."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "On your bed."
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "No ... "

    Chapter 2 Part 6 - TRANSLATED BY FASTCLOCK

    Yuan Zi Xia rested on the bed.
    Bai Yu-jing also rested on the bed.
    They took off the shoes to lie down on the bed. Without the shoes, the other clothes were actually still being worn properly.

    After a very long time, Yuan Zi Xia only then gently sighed, said: "I have not thought you are really such a person."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "I have not thought so too."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "You... Don’t you fear some people might come in?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Totally not."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Totally not?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Although I am not a gentleman, I am also not a villain who takes advantage of somebody's precarious position."

    He stretched out his hands and gently caressed her hands. He said in a supple voice: "Perhaps because I like you, therefore I do not want to bully you, much less in this kind of situation which I creates myself."

    Yuan Zi Xia focused her eyes, said: "Do you intentionally call these people to frighten me?"
    Bai Yu-jing painstakingly said with a smile: "I might, but actually they are indeed looking for me."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Why do they look for you?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Because there is an item on my body which they want very much."

    Yuan Zi Xia with undulating eyes said: "Do you think I want such a thing, and only then I would look for you?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "I never have such a thought."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "If I ask you?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Then I will give you."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Gives such thing to me?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Mmm."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Such thing being so precious, why are you willing to give to me so casually?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Regardless of any thing, so long as you open your mouth, I will give you immediately."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Really?" '
    Bai Yu-jing said: "I now give you."

    He really has put his hand inside his bosom.
    Yuan Zi Xia suddenly crossed his body, and grasped him tight. Her whole body was filled with the sentiment and gently said: "I do not want anything, as long as you accompany me. . . " Her sound was mixed with sobs, the tears had suddenly flowed down.

    Bai Yu-jing said: "You are crying?"
    Yuan Zi Xia nodded, said: "Because I am too happy."

    She dried the tears on her face that fell on Bai Yu-jing’s face. She said, "There are some words I have to tell you first."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "You say that, I will listen."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "I secretly run away from my family, because my mother compel me to marry a rich old man." This was a very ordinary story, which was also a very vulgar story. But in this kind of story, actually did not know how many people's bitter tears were shed. As long as there were mothers who were greedy for money, and lascivious old men in this world, this kind of story will continue to occur forever.

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "When I run away, I only brought a little jewelry with me. Now actually everything has already been sold."
    Bai Yu-jing was listening.

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "I have not worked for money before, therefore ... therefore I want to look for a man." The woman could not live by herself, she would usually want to look for a man. This kind of matter also would never change.

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "I found you at the time, certainly it was not because I liked you, only because I thought you looked very competent, you certainly could give me livelihood."
    Bai Yu-jing was smiling, a forced smile.

    Yuan Zi Xia gently sighed, said: "But at present, things are different."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "What is different?"
    His sound had burst out in pain.

    Yuan Zi Xia in a supple voice: "Now I knew that, I cannot find a better man compared to you forever. I can find you, it is really my luck, I.. I am really happy."
    Her tears flowed off, she tightly held him. She said: "As long as you are willing, I will give you anything, I won’t leave you all my life..."

    Bai Yu-jing could not help, but also grasped her closely, in a soft voice: "Do I want you? How could I not want you."
    Yuan Zilu smiled through her tears, said: "You are willing to lead me away?”

    Bai Yu-jing said: "From now henceforth, regardless of what I do, I will certainly lead you away."
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Really?"

    She did not let Bai Yu-jing open his mouth by covering up his mouth. She said: "I know you might get mad, but I only ask you to not go with these people. We may pay no attention to them, and secretly go."

    Bai Zhujing was kissing the tear stains on her face lightly and said: "I promise you, I certainly will make every effort to no longer go with them."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "We now go away?"
    Bai Yu-jing sighed: "Now I only fear they will not be willing to let us leave. But if we wait until early morning tomorrow, I certainly will have the method to lead you away, so later nobody will be able to trouble us again."

    Yuan Zi Xia smiled, her eyes were filled with joy and also with the expectancy of future happiness. She had finally obtained what she wanted. A beautiful woman with her fine institution, why it did not happen more frequently that she could obtain her wish?


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    Default Chapter 3: An endless night

    Chapter 3: An endless night - TRANSLATED BY FASTCLOCK

    Chapter 3 Part 1

    Just as the stars would rise, it would also set. The earth was silent, even in the calm the sound of water movement on the lake could be heard.

    The lantern by the front door would gently sway in the breeze as its light flickered in the wind.

    Yuan Zi Xia curled up in Bai Yu-jing's bosom. She had gradually fallen asleep.
    She was really too weary, weary like a lost pigeon, which finally had found her safety perch.
    Perhaps she was not sleepy originally, but the view gradually disappeared, the gentle and happy darkness finally hugged her.

    Bai Yu-jing looked at her, at her upright nose and long eyelashes. His hand was caressing her waist lightly.
    Then his hand suddenly stopped and rested in her lap.
    He had not made an effort, but gently had actually let her sweetly sleep until the daybreak.

    Thereupon he quietly got out of bed, wore his boots, and quietly walked away.
    How could he feel relieved leaving her behind in the room, didn't he fear these people might injure her? He did not fear.
    Because he had determined that he must first look for these people, he was determined to solve this matter before the daybreak.

    At that time he would lead her away.
    He had promised her.
    He was not a pigeon, but a hawk. But he was also too weary to fly, and he also wanted a safe place for him to perch.

    The lights were dim. The grids of wisteria flowers in the courtyard were colorful, but the flowers were also bent in the wind.

    Bai Yu-jing put on his boots, the old boots that were comfortable.
    His heart was at peace, because he knew he had made the toughest decision. His life afterwards would all be changed.

    What was strange, when a person made the most significant change, it usually was decided in a flash.

    This was not because this kind of emotion was too intense, therefore it only came so quickly! The original love arose suddenly, but only with the friendship could it accumulated and grew deeper.

    Fang Longxiang was in the tiny pavilion.
    Bai Yu-jing just passed through the door that was opened by Fang Long Xiang. He stood looking at him at the entrance.
    He looked so obviously like he had not rested well.

    Bai Yu-jing said: "There is a woman in your room?"
    Fang Longxiang said: "Today is not a good day. Therefore although this place will continually have women, suddenly it lacks the goods."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Why don't you marry a wife, so to avoid not being able to sleep in this kind of time."
    Fang Longxiang said: "I am not insane."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "I am actually insane."
    Fang Longxiang said: "Each man would unavoidably go insane occasionally. So long as he can be sobered promptly, that’s good."

    Bai Yu-jing smiled, he just smiled.
    He knew his own present sentiment. It was not what Xiao Fang’s kind of person could understand.

    Fang Longxiang had also smiled, said: "But I had not thought you would need a friend, tonight unexpectedly you still look for me."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "I am not looking for you, I want you to look for a person."

    Fang Longxiang said: "Who to look for?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Do you know where the hunchback with the felt hat and the sellers have gone to?"

    Fang Longxiang wrinkled his eyebrows: "They have not gone looking for you, on the contrary you must go look for them?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Don't you understand about making the first move and taking control?"

    Fang Longxiang thought, said: "Perhaps I may not be able to find them."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Good, you ask them to come here, while I eat in the hall and wait."

    Fang Longxiang looked at him, somewhat hesitated, also with some suspicion. He could not bear to ask: "What are you planning to do?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "I only want to deliver a thing to them."

    Fang Longxiang said: "What thing?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "If they want anything, I will give them anything."

    Fang Longxiang sighed, said: "Right, I will look. I only hope you do not commit murder there, or be killed, so I still may get my food down later."

    Chapter 3 Part 2

    Young Master Zhu was also resting.
    Suddenly, the window was shaken with a "thud", and a person stood by the window. In a flash, this person arrived in front of his bed, in the hand the knife’s scabbard had touched his throat.

    "Walk with me."
    Young Master Zhu could only start walking.

    He never thought there was such skill in the world. When he went out the door, that man in black shadow followed behind him. He was not there to protect him, he wanted to be protected.
    He went out the door, and discovered Miao Shaotian and that three people from Green Dragon Clan had stood in the courtyard. Their complexion certainly was many more times more sullen than him.

    The lamps were ignited. Ten lamps.
    The light although was bright, but each person's complexion actually was all very ugly.

    Bai Yu-jing was actually the exception.
    His face had even a smile.

    It was a pity nobody looked at his face, each person was staring at his sword.
    The used scabbard, and the similarly old sword handle bound on satin. No one could see the original color.
    "This is the sword that certainly has killed many people."

    In this used scabbard, there was a sword, certainly a much sharper one. Because this was the most fearful sword in jiang-hu.
    Longevity sword!
    He only killed, nobody could cross him when he killed!

    Young Master Zhu suddenly regretted offending Miao Shaotian, otherwise if they collaborate, perhaps there was hope, but now…

    Now he suddenly saw the white horse Zhang San and Zhao Yi-dao walked, these two people also were first-class masters in jiang-hu without a doubt.
    Young Master Zhu’s eyes were filled with hope immediately.

    Everyone knew there were only two different choices.
    To kill! Or to be killed!

    Chapter 3 Part 3

    Everyone was mistaken.

    Bai Yu-jing also knew they were mistaken. He intentionally lowered his face and said: " I have known the reason why everyone of you come here."
    No one made any reply.

    These are worldly-wise people in this room. Unless necessary, the worldly-wise people were not willing to open their mouth to speak.

    When Bai Yu-jing said this speech, he had also stopped down. He stared at Young Master Zhu, then after looking at everyone, he saw Zhao Yi-dao directly. Then, he slowly said: "Who am I, everyone also knows?"

    Everyone nodded. Their eyes could not help casting a glance toward that sword handle.

    Bai Yu-jing suddenly smiled, said: "Everyone wants something that is with me." Each person’s eyes grew bigger. There was hope, desire, greed in the eyes.

    The white horse Zhang San was originally a very outstanding talented man, but at the present he suddenly could not say anything witty.

    Only that man in black did not have any expression on his face, because his heart did not have any desire. He was originally a very ugly person, but in this group of person, he suddenly appeared to become quite lovable.

    Bai Yu-jing said: "If everyone wants such item, it will be very simple, as long as everyone agrees to my request."

    Young Master Zhu could not bear to say: "What request?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "After taking such item, everyone walks away immediately. From this time on, no one must look for me again."

    Everybody’s eyes grew bigger in surprise and interest.
    Who could think that his condition was unexpectedly so simple and easy.

    Young Master Zhu lightly coughed again twice. He said reluctantly with a smile: "We and Bai zi-xia (young hero Bai) have not enjoyed a good friendship. Bai-zi, as long as we can attain such item, we will walk away immediately, and will not dare to disturb Bai-zi again."

    Zhao Yi-dao nodded immediately to express his agreement.

    The white horse Zhang San and the three people from Green Dragon Clan certainly did not have any words to say.

    Miao Shaotian actually had some words to say.
    He suddenly asked: "Actually I do not know to whom Bai-zi plan to give such item?"

    Bai Yu-jing said: "This is your problem. You best discuss it first."

    The white horse Zhang San looked at Miao Shaotian, and also at Young Master Zhu without speaking.
    The three people from Green Dragon Clan appeared to have something to say, but they just rolled their eyes and waited.

    Young Master Zhu suddenly said that, "This item came from the Green Dragon Clan, naturally we should give it to the eldest brothers from Green Dragon Clan."
    Zhao Yi-dao clapped his hands and said: "Good. That makes sense."

    The three people from Green Dragon Clan also immediately stood up and gave them one salute.
    The person said: "The two of you speak out from a sense of justice. The Green Dragon Clan does not dare to forget the favor from two of you."

    Zhao Yi-dao raised his hand and said: "No problem."
    Young Master Zhu smiles said: "Million Gold Hall will want the help of Green Dragon Clan in the future, the three eldest brothers need not be so polite."

    Although this young master seemed to eat all day, but when he spoke, he showed his astute experience and showed that he was a very capable businessman.
    He knew when to trims one's sails, remained opportunistic. It seemed like he had known these matters since he was born.

    Miao Shaotian stared at him maliciously. Although he refused to accept in his heart, he had no alternative.

    Bai Yu-jing said: "So, this matter is settled?"
    Miao Shaotian: "Humph."

    Bai Yu-jing after a long sigh, put out from his bosom a woven bundle of gold, and threw it on the table nonchalantly.
    No matter what the pouch might look like, the value in this woven bag did not look like small.
    Nevertheless he carelessly threw it like throwing out thrash.

    Everybody’s eyes were staring at this woven bag, the faces were tense. No one were able to say any words.

    Bai Yu-jing coldly said: "The item is already on the table, why don’t you take it away?"
    The three people from Green Dragon Clan looked at each other, one of them went and untied the woven bag with shaking hands.

    Several dozens type of colored items came out rolling on the table. There were the Persian cat eye stone, India's gem, with beautiful jade, and big pearls.
    All had shone brightly like the light.

    Bai Yu-jing languidly leaned on the chair. He looked at this pile of jewelry with a very strange expression in his eyes.
    These things did not come easily, but he was willing to pay the price.

    He understood very much what they represent - good wine, magnificent clothes, clean comfortable beds, gentle beautiful woman, and the respect that came from the envy of other men.
    These were precisely what constituted an essential need of men. But presently, he had discarded them. There was not even a slight regret in his heart.
    Because he knew he had obtained well.
    Because all the wealth in the world could not fill up a lonely heart.
    And now he was no longer lonely and empty.

    The wealth hung on the balance on the table. What is strange, no one present put out a hand take it.
    What was stranger, everyone’s eyes were not bright looking at them, instead they looked very disappointed.

    Bai Yu-jing moved forward and saw them. He frowned: "What else do you want?"
    Young Master Zhu shook his head.
    The three people from Green Dragon Clan also shook their heads.

    Young Master Zhu suddenly said that, "Bai-zi wait here for a moment. We will go and then come here again immediately."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "What else do you want to discuss?"
    Young Master Zhu reluctantly says with a smile: "A small minor matter."

    Bai Yu-jing looked at them hesitating. He finally let them leave.

    All people have left.

    Bai Yu-jing sneered at these people. He didn’t have any fear at all and he didn’t fear they have any clever plot trick whatsoever.
    He had willingly paid the price, only because he wanted to lead her away from here. Because he was not willing to let her receive anymore fright or injury.
    It was not because he was not willing to get injured, if it had to come to that. To think otherwise was a really stupid laughable matter.
    What did they now want? But, he was also not fully correct in his assumptions.

    The window was open.
    He could see their movement. No one had gone to the tiny pavilion. That tiny pavilion was very peaceful.

    She certainly rested very sweetly.
    When she was resting, she looked just like a baby. Pure and happy.

    Bai Yu-jing’s corners of his mouth were unable to restrain revealing a happy expression - suddenly, all people unexpectedly came back. Each one had a cloth bag, which they put on the table. They started untying the knots.

    The white horse Zhang San brought a bucket of pearls.
    Miao Shaotian had a pack of golden leaves.
    The Green Dragon had a box of silver.
    Young Master Zhu provided brand-new money papers.

    These things, regardless of which one, all represented great wealth. Their value was not under Bai Yu-jing's jewelry at all.

    Bai Yu-jing could not bear to ask: "What does it mean?"
    Young Master Zhu stood up, said: "This is our show of respect, please Bai-zi accepts."

    Bai Yu-jing was hardly a person that showed his feeling, but now, he was actually unable to restrain his astonishment.

    They did not want his jewelry, instead they were giving him their wealth.
    This was for what? He also could not think through.
    Young Master Zhu coughed gently and was saying, "We... We also want to request a matter from Bai-zi."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "What matter?"
    Young Master Zhu said that, "How long does Bai-zi plan to stay here?"

    Bai Yu-jing said: "I must go at dawn."
    Young Master Zhu’s face cleared and he said with a smile: "That is extremely good."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "You said about requesting a matter?"
    Young Master Zhu said with a smile: "If Bai-zi already wants to go, there is no other matter."

    Bai Yu-jing was astounded.
    He originally thought they did not want him to leave, who knew them actually hope he would quickly go. Instead, they also would rather give him wealth.
    Why was this? He could not think through.

    Young Master Zhu was hesitating. He said: "But, we do not know whether Bai-zi will go with someone else?"
    Bai Yu-jing suddenly understood.

    They were not looking for him, but Yuan Zi Xia. Only because they had problems with his long sword, they did not dare to start their move until now.

    They did not hesitate to pay such a great price to get her, what was their actual object for her?
    If she were only a girl who was running away from marriage and had left in a hurry, how would she had met so many prestigious martial arts world master? Were they all lies what she said? Did she say such things, only to move him, so he wanted to protect her? Was it because of this reason that she asked him to ignore these people, and just go with her quietly? Bai Yu-jing's heart had sunk.

    Everyone was looking at him, waiting for his reply.
    On the table there were jewelry and gold, flashing and dazzling under the lamp is. But actually nobody was looking at them.

    What they want was something that had a much bigger value.
    What was it? Was it Yuan Zi Xia herself, or something that she had?

    Young Master Zhu looked at the expression on his face, and probed, “Bai-zi and that Yuan girl, only met by chance. Bai-zi certainly would not offend a friend for her."
    Bai Yu-jing coldly said: “You are not my friend."

    Young Master Zhu said with a smile: "We do not dare to seek friendships with somebody of a higher social standing. But a woman like the Yuan girl, Bai-zi will certainly meet many later on, why... "
    Bai Yu-jing had cut him off and said: "What you want is not her?"

    Young Master Zhu had smiled
    Bai Yu-jing said: “Actually I am not sure what you want?"

    Young Master Zhu’s eyes flashed, “Bai-zi does not know?"
    Bai Yu-jing shook his head.

    Young Master Zhu’s face revealed a treacherous smile. He was picking his words slowly obviously in fear of Bai Yu-jing. Maybe Bai-zi might not want to come to their cup of thick soup once he knew everything. Therefore, he was reluctant to say anything.

    The value of this thing was without a doubt bigger than here all the gold and other different treasures.
    Bai Yu-jing actually could not think through.

    What was such a precious thing on Yuan Zi Xia’s person? Her entire room had been ransacked by them.

    Young Master Zhu said that, "In my opinion, Bai-zi does not need to consider this matter. If you had such amount of money and jewelries, wouldn’t you have any problem finding another beautiful woman that looked like an angel?"

    Bai Yu-jing slowly picked up his own jewelry bag, and return it to his pocket.
    Then he walked away.

    He no longer need to say anything, just walked.
    Everyone’s eyes were at him. Although they harbored resentment at him, nobody dared to make a move.

    Because they also must wait for a person, who could cope with the longevity sword.
    They have confidence in this person.

    Chapter 3 Part 4

    The endless night will end eventually.
    It was the darkest part before the daybreak, but the air was actually cold and refreshing.

    Bai Yu-jing walked on the ground, taking a long breathe – He suddenly discovered the light in the tiny pavilion’s window had been screened by two shadows.

    A person's shadow was slender and elegant, Yuan Zi Xia.
    But another person? The two people's shadows were far away but yet seemed so near.
    Were they discussing anything?

    Young Master Zhu, Zhao Yi-dao, Miao Shaotian, the white horse Zhang San, and the three people from Green Dragon Clan were all in the building on the first floor.

    Who was in the pavilion? Bai Yu-jing was gripping his sword tightly, his hands were colder than his scabbard.
    He really did not know whether he should go upstairs or not.


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    Default Chapter 4: A Stiff Corpse

    Chapter 4: A Stiff Corpse - TRANSLATED BY FASTCLOCK

    It was not an endless night.
    The wind actually brought the news that daybreak was coming. It became more refreshing and colder.

    Bai Yu-jing calmly stood in the cold wind.
    He hoped the colder was the wind, the more sober was his mind.

    When he was 13 years-old, he started to roam about in jiang-hu. It had been 14 years now.
    For these 14 years, he was continuously sober, therefore he could continue living until now.
    Regardless of the previous experiences he had to suffer, the attacks and the dangers, if he wanted to live on, that would not be easy.

    "Immortal man carried me high, bridging issues to obtain the longevity." (?)

    In his heart, he was sneering.
    He had heard his stories in jianghu. He felt at the present just like in some of those stories. He needed his brain to continue working, while maintaining calm.
    Now he needed to be calm.

    In the window, one the shadows walked nearer.
    He avoided guessing who this person was as much as possible, because he was not willing to suspect his own friend.
    Xiao Fang was his friend.

    Since other people were all on the first floor, who would be in the pavilion besides Fang Longxiang?
    Xiao Fang was also a man who had a lot of attraction without a doubt. Perhaps he had more strength to protect her compared to him.
    If she went to Xiao Fang;s bosom, he also should not feel to much sorrow. Because between themselves, there was no written contract after all.

    "If things took an opposing direction, little opposition would not produce a lot of worry."

    Bai Yu-jing heaved a long sigh and forced himself to no longer think about this matter anymore. But he wasn’t immune to the fact that his heart had been punctured by a needle, punctured very deeply. He was determined that he had to walk. Actually walking away quietly was good, because nothing in the world worth so much to think too earnestly.

    He slowly had turned around.

    But at this moment, he suddenly heard Yuan Zi Xia’s call out in alarm.
    There was alarm and fear in the call like a person who saw a poisonous snake.

    Bai Yu-jing flew like an arrow to the pavilion, with "crash", he hit the window.
    In the room, there were two people.

    Yuan Zi Xia’s face was really pale, even more afraid than seeing a poisonous snake."
    She was looking at a person on the opposite. This person was indeed more fearful than the poisonous snake.
    His long hair was creepy, the body was stiff, there was blood dripping on his face; he looked very much like a corpse.
    This person was not Xiao Fang .

    In a flash, Bai Yu-jing felt really sorry in his heart. A person really should not suspect his friend.
    But now was not the time to get depressed again.

    He just broke through the window, when this corpse had lashed a whip to him.
    The whip points were like a spirited snake. It was quick.
    This corpse’s wugong was unexpectedly equal to jiang-hu’s master.

    Bai Yu-jing body flew high, but he also could not draw back. As he was incapable of fending against the change, the whip noticeably started to curl around his throat.
    But there was nobody in the world whose whip could curl around his throat.
    As soon as his hand was raised, instantly, the scabbard had tied down the long whip tightly.

    His other hand has drawn out the sword like lightning.
    The sword light was silver, glistening color, so bright that one nearly could not keep the eyes open.

    With his toes on the base of the window, the mercury sword light had cut to this corpse.
    This corpse’s long whip let him go, to fly back due to from failure.
    However a cold feeling came by the cold stars filling the sky, like the rainstorm scattering towards Bai Yu-jing.

    Bai Yu-jing sword light moved back and forth, the cold stars that filled the sky suddenly disappeared.
    But by now the corpse had moved towards the window.

    How could Bai Yu-jing let him leave?
    He viewed his surrounding, the corner of his eye actually glimpsed Yuan Zi Xia unexpectedly had fainted from fear.
    Considering those people downstairs, he could not let her remain here.
    Should he pursue? Or should he not?

    In this flash of moment, it was very difficult for him decide. Luckily by now, he had heard Xiao Fang’s voice: "What’s matter?"
    "I give her ... "

    He had not spoken a word, but this person had fled through window like an arrow.
    Who knew a corpse that was so stiff like wood, could propel himself like a meteor.

    When Bai Yu-jing answered the question, he had gone outside 70-80 feet. The shadow of the person was gone in a flash.
    Bai Yu-jing pursued after him, but he had disappeared.

    The rooster’s crow resounded in the distant place.
    Is he really a corpse? When the rooster crowed, he can mystically vanish?

    The east has shown a misty bluish color, the horizon was more visible.

    Neighboring the spacious courtyard was the woods that were about 300 feet away.
    It was impossible for anybody to go 300-400 feet in a flash. Even in the former days, the world number one in levitation skill, Chu Xiang-shi, did not have this kind of ability!

    The wind was colder.
    Bai Yu-jing stood in the ridge, calmly thinking. He suddenly jumped.

    There were four rooms in the side building downstairs. The third one was the place where Miao Shaotian lived. Now, it was very quiet, all the lights were extinguished.
    In the second room, there was a solitary lamp.
    In this dreary light, a person's shadow silhouetted the window. Looking at the shape of the person, this would be that wailing hunchbacked gray old lady.

    She was obviously sad because of her family member's death. Maybe even so late at night, she could not go to sleep. Perhaps she was not mourning the others' death, but was just sad thinking about her own life.
    When a person came to the old age, he could be very sensitive and fear death specially.

    Bai Yu-jing stood outside the window, calmly looking at her. He could not bear to sigh gently.
    It was strange that when a person was sad, he was more keen to some feelings.

    In the room some people were asking immediately, "Who is it?"

    "Who are you?"
    Before Bai Yu-jing replied, the door had opened.

    This wailing gray old lady, with her hand on the door and the hunchback behind her, was standing in the entrance. She was with suspicion but the eyes with resentment were taking him in. She asked: "Who are you? What do you want?"

    Bai Yu-jing was hesitating, he said: "A moment ago, someone seemed to run away to this place. I don’t know whether he had alarm you or others?"
    The old lady’s resentment showed, "A person? This is very late at night. Where can this person be, are sure you are not fantasizing?"

    Bai Yu-jing knew her mood was not good, and her resentment was rising. He placated with a smile and said: "Perhaps I was mistaken, I’m sorry."
    He unexpectedly did not say anything else. He joined his fist in respect and turned around to go down the courtyard. It was a long extended moment, as if he was extremely weary.

    At this moment, he heard "thump".
    That old lady, who was weary, had became pale and greenish with sorrow. She was like a box with a gunpowder inside her. Suddenly, it exploded and struck her down.

    Bai Yu-jing flew up the steps to hug her.
    Her pulse was still beating, and she was breathing. Only it was all very weak.

    Bai Yu-jing breathe a sigh of relief. He gave some immediate first aid. After a very long time, there was redness gradually on her pale face. The pulse has also gradually returned to normal.
    But her eyes and the mouth were still shut. The corners of her mouth did not stop leaking the saliva.

    Bai Yu-jing lightly said: "Old woman, wake up -"
    The old lady suddenly put out a long sigh, the eyes had also opened. She was looking at Bai Yu-jing, but it was as if she had not seen anything.

    Bai Yu-jing said: "There is no problem, Once you go and lie down, everything will be all right."
    The old lady was struggling and panting for breath. She said: "You just go. You don’t need to take care of me."

    But in this kind of situation, how could Bai Yu-jing just leave here like that?
    He could not avoid the trouble and carried her inside.
    Perhaps this was his first time holding up a woman older than 30 years-old.

    The coffin was lying in the room, the square table was full of money papers (?), with two select round candles, and three incense sticks.

    The incense smoke was winding, the candlelight was gloomy, the whole room was filled with gloomy misery. That young boy’s body curled on the table, like a sleeping dead person.
    When a child was resting, even if the sky collapsed, he would be very difficult to awaken.

    Bai Yu-jing hesitated. He did not know where he should put this old lady.

    Suddenly, the old lady's body turned around in his bosom, two clawing fingernails had blocked his throat.
    She acted not only quickly, but also really powerfully.

    Bai Yu-jing’s breathing stopped immediately, the eyeballs wanted to jump out of his eyes.
    His sword was inserted in the waistband a moment ago. At this moment, even if he could hold his sword handle, he would not have the strength to draw it out.

    The old lady’s face revealed a fiendish grin. The sad, weary, old face, suddenly changed into a wicked wolf. Her fingers gradually closed. She fiendishly grinned while saying: "The longevity sword, you die! ... ... "

    She had completed her words, she suddenly felt an ice-cold thing against her ribs.
    It was the handle of a sword.

    She looked again at Bai Yu-jing’s face. Not only there was distortion on it, but instead it looked like he was smiling. She suddenly felt her grip on the neck didn’t feel like it was a person’s neck, but a snake’s soft skin. Then there was also a sharp sting of stabbing pain, which caused her ten fingers to gradually loosen up.

    The sword was already in Bai Yu-jing’s hand.
    The sword point pricked her ribs, the blood had seeped out, dyeing the new clothes which she had just exchanged.

    Bai Yu-jing looked at her, smiled and said: "Your playacting was good. It’s a pity you can’t hide the truth from me."
    The old lady’s eyes were filled with fear. She tremblingly said: "You... ... You already know?"

    Bai Yu-jing said with a smile: "A genuine old lady, certainly could not awake that quickly. She also could not be so heavy."
    The sword light flashed paring a piece of her hair.
    Under the gray white hair, the hair was unexpectedly luminous pitch-black and smooth like silk.

    The old lady sighed, said: "How do you know an old lady so well?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "I know."

    He certainly knew, he had hugged so many women. Very few people would have more experience than him.

    An old lady's muscles were frail, the bones would also be light. As soon as he carried her, he knew she could not be more than 35 years old.
    A 35 years-old woman, if she maintained herself, the tone of the body would still be elastic.

    The old lady said that, "Now what do you want?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "I had to look at you."

    The old lady said that, "Look at me?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "I’m looking at you to see whether you’re obedient?"

    The old lady said, "I am always obedient."

    Her eyes suddenly revealed an enchanting alluring expression. She rubbed her hands on the face, and some dusts drizzled down.
    A mature, beautiful, and extremely graceful face appeared.

    Bai Yu-jing sighed, said: "You really are not an old lady."

    This woman smiled charmingly and said: "Who said I am old?"
    Her hand was working on the buttons, before she slowly has pulled open on the hemp clothes.

    Underneath the clothes, there was a rich, supple, mature and attractive body. All parts were not beneath the chest. Bai Yu-jing looked at her chest. There were two peaks on her chest that had become very hard.

    She lightly nipped at her lips and said in a supple voice: "Now you ought to see, I have always been obedient"
    Bai Yu-jing could only acknowledged.

    She charmingly smiled and said: "I can see that you are an experienced man. Why do you just stand around like a child."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Do you want to do it here?"

    She smiled flatteringly and said: "Why is here not good? The old ghost had died, the little rascal had slept like a dead person. As long as you close the door..."

    The door was open.
    Bai Yu-jing could not help but look at her face.

    Suddenly, the child that had slept like a dead person leapt up. He stood up quickly and shot ten starstorms. This child had acted unexpectedly and also so quickly. The most fearful part was certainly nobody could think such a child could act so vicious, much less Bai Yu-jing who was facing a naked woman.

    In the world, there was nothing that can change the man’s sharpness like a naked beautiful woman!
    These scattered secret weapons would, without a doubt, prove to be fatal.

    But Bai Yu-jing seemed to have calculated this. With a sword light, these fatal secret weapons had disappeared.

    The woman nipped her tooth, and said severely: "The good boy, the old lady will help you."

    That child leaped up and unexpectedly had drawn out two pointed knives from the pillow. He threw one to the woman. Two pointed knives like two lightning immediately to Bai Yu-jing.

    At this moment, the coffin cover suddenly raised, a whip like a poisonous snake came out, curling towards Bai Yu-jing’s waist area.

    This whip was truly fatal!
    Bai Yu-jing's waist was threatened by the whip, while the two knives were moving quickly towards him.
    He completely did not have any leeway to fend himself!
    He did not fend, instead he had welcomed the knives.

    The person in the coffin had an enormous strength when he moved. He was precisely the vanishing corpse just a moment ago.

    She saw the two knives piercing towards Bai Yu-jing’s body, who knew suddenly a miracle revealed itself. They seemed to work, but then fell down.
    The woman and the child already had blood-stained mouths.

    Bai Yu-jing's sword was the miracle.
    The sword light flashed, truncated the two knives of the two persons. At the same time, it moved again to cut down the long whip.

    The corpse originally was making an effort to gain the whip. When the whip broke, he lost his balance immediately. He fell with a "thud" by the window.

    The child and the woman called out in alarm. Bai Yu-jing had backhanded a timely fist and hit the child's stomach. In the dark, he had felt little pain and already fainted.

    That woman's face was distorted full of fear. She turned around to run away.
    Her body just moved, Bai Yu-jing’s sword handle had knocked her head – she fainted faster than the child.

    The corpse had his back on the window. He looked at Bai Yu-jing, with the color of fear in his eyes.
    He nearly did not believe if he didn’t see it himself that he was facing a person who could act so quickly.

    Bai Yu-jing was also looking at him and coldly said: "Why didn't you run away?"
    The corpse suddenly gave a long sigh and said: "I have not offended you, why do I have to run away?"

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Indeed, you have not offended me. You just want my life."
    The corpse said: "That is also because you forced us."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Oh?"
    The corpse said: "All I want is only the item that that woman deceived from me."

    Bai Yu-jing frowned and said: "What item did she deceive from you?"
    The corpse said: "A secret map."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "A secret map! What secret map? A secret treasure map?"
    The corpse said: "No."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "No?"
    The corpse said: "This map itself is a buried treasure. Regardless of who had this map, not only he may become the richest person in the world, but he also may become the most powerful person in the world."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Why?"
    The corpse said: "You don't need to ask me why. As long as you let me off, I will help you find this map."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Oh."
    The corpse said: "I only know that this map is with her."

    Bai Yu-jing was hesitating. He suddenly smiled and said: "Since it was certainly with her, why do I need you to help me find it?"
    The corpse said: "Because she wouldn’t tell you the truth, she wouldn’t tell the truth to any person. But I not only know her secret, but also know... "

    His voice suddenly stopped, cut off abruptly.
    A pair of iron hooks extension came in from the window. His throat was all of a sudden pinched by the hook without saying any other word. The eyes had protruded, the blood from the split open corner of the eyes had flowed down.

    Then his entire body collapsed, like a tree that withered. If someone did not see this with his own eyes, he could not absolutely think of how fearful this kind of situation was.
    Once he had seen it, he could never forget it.

    Bai Yu-jing only felt his own stomach contracting. He could hardly stop himself from vomiting.
    He looked at Fang Longxiang slowly entering the room in the snow white silk clothes. He was removing the blood from the iron hook.

    Bai Yu-jing calmly said: "You should not kill him."
    Fang Longxiang smiled and said: "Why don't you look at his hands?"

    The corpse had collapsed, but both hands actually were grasping something tightly.
    Fang Longxiang lightly said, "You thought he was really talking with you. If I had not killed him, I feared you had turned into a honeycomb."

    He used the iron hook to break open the hands. The hands laid open, full of secret weapons.
    In the hands there were four different shapes of secret weapons.

    Fang Longxiang said: "I know your longevity sword is the ultimate adversary of secret weapons. But do you know why I do not feel safe?"

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Why?"
    Fang Longxiang said: "Because I also know this person’s secret weapons miss very little."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Who is he?"
    Fang Longxiang said: "South of Yangtze River, the secret weapon’s first master Gongsun Jing."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Green Dragon Clan’s Gongsun Jing?"
    Fang Longxiang said: "Right."

    Bai Yu-jing sighed and said: "But you should not kill him so quickly."
    Fang Longxiang said: "Why?"

    Bai Yu-jing said: "I also have many questions to ask him."
    Fang Longxiang said: "You may ask me."

    He passed inside, casting a judgemental look around. He saw the woman and sighed: "I didn’t know that Gongsun Jing not only understood secret weapons, but also he understood very well how to select his woman."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "This is his woman?"

    Fang Longxiang said: "This is his wife."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "This child is his son?"

    Fang Longxiang smiled and said: "Child? ... ... You really think this is a child?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "He is not?"

    Fang Longxiang said: "This child's age is at least ten years older than you."
    He used his foot to kick this child's face and the dust also fell down from the face.
    Unexpectedly, there were wrinkles on this child's face.

    Fang Longxiang said: "This person is called the poisonous nail. He had practiced skills since he was born. He is also Gongsun Jing’s follower."

    Bai Yu-jing could not bear to sigh. He painstakingly said with a smile: "The deceased person is not a deceased person, the child is not a child, the old lady is not an old lady - this is actually very wonderful."

    Fang Longxiang lightly said that, "When you encounter this wonderful thing again, you will be a dead person."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "The Green Dragon Clan’s influence proliferates in the world, why does a Green Dragon Clan’s person should act so surreptitiously?"

    Fang Longxiang said: "Because the one they tried to avoid, was the Green Dragon Clan."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Why?"

    Fang Longxiang said: "Because Gongsun Jing made a disgraceful matter to the Green Dragon Clan."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "What matter?"

    Fang Longxiang said: "The same item which was very significant, was swindled by someone from him. He certainly knew the Green Dragon Clan’s custom."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Therefore he led his wife and his followers to disguise themselves. They play a role here to recover the item?"
    Fang Longxiang said: "Right."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "How do you know about these matters?"
    Fang Longxiang smiled and said: "Have you forgotten who am I?"

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Such item is really with Yuan Zi Xia?"
    Fang Longxiang said: "This you should ask her."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Where is she?"
    Fang Longxiang said: "She’s outside."

    Bai Yu-jing went out immediately, Fang Longxiang allowed him to pass through.
    Suddenly, an iron hook cut down on his hand, the longevity sword "ding" fell down.
    After that, the iron hook like a hard fist had hit Bai Yu-jing’s blood gate under his waist.

    The candlelight was undulating, the entire room seemed to keep on undulating.

    Bai Yu-jing had not opened his eyes, but he had felt an ice-cold iron hook tickling his throat.
    He finally awoke. Perhaps he’d like to never wake up, because he did not really want to see Fang Longxiang’s face again.

    That extremely outstanding talented face now actually resembled an unspeakable ugliness.
    This face was smiling while facing his face. He said: "You could not guess!"

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Indeed I could not guess, because I always thought of you as a friend of mine."
    He diligently tried to maintain a tranquil face - since he had lost, why should he act childishly?
    Fang Longxiang smiled and said: "Who says I am not your friend: I am always your friend."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Now?"
    Fang Longxiang said: "Now it would depend on you."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "If I am not willing to be obedient?"
    Fang Longxiang said: "You can bend a little."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "If am not willing to be obedient?"
    Fang Longxiang suddenly heaved a long sigh. He looked at the iron hook on his hands and slowly said: "I am a disabled person, a disabled person would have a hard time trying to mix in jiang-hu. If I do not have a very strong backing to support me, even if I refused stubbornly, I would still not be able to live comfortably."

    Bai Yu-jing said that, "Who is supporting you?"
    Fang Longxiang said: "You cannot figure it out?"

    Bai Yu-jing finally understood that, and said painstakingly with a smile: "So you are also a Green Dragon Clan’s member."
    Fang Longxiang said, "Green Dragon Clan’s altar master."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "This place is also one of Green Dragon Clan’s altar?"
    Fang Longxiang sighed: "I know you could clear up your thought sooner or later. You are always a smart person."

    Bai Yu-jing felt like swallowing a bitter pill but could not spit it out.
    Fang Longxiang said: "Three years ago, I was also in a similar position. I was lying down on a place, with some people rubbing my throat with the knife."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Therefore you must enter the Green Dragon Clan? You can’t avoid it?"
    Fang Longxiang said: "That person actually did not have to force me to enter the Green Dragon Clan. He gave me two choices."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Which two choices?"
    Fang Longxiang said: "One is to enter the coffin, the other is to enter the Green Dragon Clan."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "You certainly chose the later one."
    Fang Longxiang smiled and said: "I want many people to similarly choose this way like me."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "That’s good. Nobody can say you chose wrongly."
    Fang Longxiang said: "We are always good friends. I certainly should at least give you two choices!"

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Thanks for saying that, you are really a good friend!"
    Fang Longxiang said: "The first way is very close, there is a coffin nearby you."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "This coffin is too thin, for such a famous person like me, you should at least give me a much more presentable coffin."

    Fang Longxiang said: "That actually would not do. I can guarantee that you can lay down, but cannot make the coffin thicker." The iron hook on his hand started to move. While smiling he said: "But in any event, resting on the bed is always more comfortable than resting in the coffin. You may have some woman's time too on the bed."

    Bai Yu-jing nodded, said: "That is all true, only when resting on the bed, I don’t want any woman."
    Fang Longxiang said: "Oh!"

    Bai Yu-jing said: "If on the bed rests a naked cow, I would rather rest in the coffin."
    Fang Longxiang said: "You certainly cannot think that Yuan girl is a cow."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Indeed she is not, she is a *****."
    Fang Longxiang smiled and said: "In your honest opinion, say what she said was right, who would think such an old fox like Gongsun Jing can be swindled by the *****?"

    Bai Yu-jing sighed, said: "In my honest opinion, I actually sympathize with him a little."
    Fang Longxiang said: "I also sympathize with him."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Therefore you have killed him."
    Fang Longxiang sighed: "If I do not kill him, perhaps he would die ten times more miserable."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Oh."
    Fang Longxiang said: "The Green Dragon Clan can cope with such a person as him in at least a hundred methods, each kind will let him regret why he had lived in this world."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Actually what disgraceful matter he had committed?"
    Fang Longxiang hesitated a little before saying: "Have you heard of 'the peacock feather'?"

    Bai Yu-jing’s countenance changed. He said: "Peacock village’s peacock feather?"
    Fang Longxiang said: "You really have heard." .

    Bai Yu-jing sighed: "In jianghu, if a person had not heard these two words, he probably has not heard of the longevity sword."
    Fang Longxiang said with a smile: "You are very modest."

    Bai Yu-jing also smiled and said: "Modesty is one of my excellent moral traits."
    Fang Longxiang said: "Oh? Your also have some other excellent moral traits?"

    Bai Yu-jing said: "I do not gamble, do not drink, I am not lascivious, I only have one kind of problem."
    Fang Longxiang said: "What problem?"

    Bai Yu-jing said: "I told a lie. Only once every day."
    Fang Longxiang said: “Today you had not said one? "

    Bai Yu-jing said: "No, therefore I must quickly say one now, so as to avoid missing out later."
    He smiled and then said: "Therefore if I say anything now, you should better not believe it."

    Fang Longxiang said with a smile: "Many thanks you remind me, I certainly won’t believe you."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "If I said that Gongsun Jing who had just been killed by you had come alive again, you certainly would not believe me."


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    Default Chapter 5: A good bright knife

    Chapter 5: A good bright knife - TRANSLATED BY FASTCLOCK

    Fang Longxiang said: "Certainly!"
    Bai Yu-jing smiled and said: "If I said his wife had come to and were preparing to plot against you, would you believe me?"

    Fang Longxiang said: "I will not believe it."
    Although in his mouth he said he did not believe it, he could not help turning his head. His hands also moved, the iron hook moved away from Bai Yu-jing’s throat.

    Behind him, Bai Yu-jing suddenly made an effort to turn to his left and got up.
    The longevity sword fell nearby Gongsun Jing’s corpse.
    As soon as he turned around, his hand had gripped the sword handle.

    But at this moment, his newfound strength, suddenly inexplicably vanished.
    He just leapt away three feet, but little by little had fallen down.

    Then he heard Fang Longxiang’s self-satisfied laughter. His heart had sunk.
    Because he knew that this was his last opportunity. Now that the opportunity was gone, it would never come again.

    Cold and humid.

    Bai Yu-jing bent down on the floor, the whole body seemed not willing to move again. But the iron hook had lifted his waist, and turned his body around.

    Fang Longxiang was looking at him while smiling. Smiling like a cat looking at his fingernail at the mouse. When the cat caught a mouse, it usually give the mouse 12 opportunities to run away, because it knew that this mouse certainly could not run away.

    Bai Yu-jing sighed, said: "I could not think your accupoint hole technique had progressed a lot, we might encourage this by celebrating."
    Fang Longxiang said: "Actually while you deceived me so I turn head, I was giving you a chance to try."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Oh."
    Fang Longxiang said: "You thought you had really deceived me a moment ago."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "If it’s me instead of you, I would not be able to stop myself from looking."
    Fang Longxiang said: "But I actually do not need to."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Oh."
    Fang Longxiang smiled happily, said: "Because I know that Gongsun Jing’s wife had died."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "You... ... You have already killed her a moment ago."
    Fang Longxiang said: "I do not like letting a live person behind me, therefore although I lack a woman presently, I have to sacrifice her reluctantly."

    Bai Yu-jing sighed: "I remembered you as a very affectionate person before."
    Fang Longxiang revealed strong hatred on his face and coldly said: "Before, I also am a person with two hands."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Because you no longer have hands, you no longer trust any woman?"
    Fang Longxiang said: "I only trusts one kind, a dead one."
    Suddenly he revealed a happy smile on his face, saying: "So now we may continue our discussion?"

    Bai Yu-jing said: "What discussion? The peacock feather?"
    Fang Longxiang nodded and said: "It is said that there are 360 different kinds of secret weapons in the world, but the peacock feather is without a doubt the most successful, the most fearful kind."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "I acknowledge that."

    This point could hardly be disputed by anyone.
    It was said when this kind of secret weapon was sent out, it looked beautiful like a peacock spreading its tail. Not only it was beautiful, it was also magnificent and bright. There was certainly nothing in the world that could compare with it.

    But when it moved, this thing would confused you, and claimed your life immediately.

    Fang Longxiang said: "What is the most fearful is, besides the peacock village’s direct descendants, there was no one in the world who know the secret of this secret weapon. No one knows how it strikes you."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Indeed no one knows."

    Fang Longxiang said: "But presently someone has the secret."
    With a glint in his eyes he said: "Gongsun Jing’s secret map which was swindled from him is the map of peacock feather scheme, with how to use the peacock feather."

    Bai Yu-jing’s countenance changed immediately. He said: "How can this map fall in his hand?"
    Fang Longxiang smiled and said: "If the Green Dragon Clan wants to obtain something, they usually have many methods."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Is it stolen from the peacock village?"
    Fang Longxiang said: "Perhaps."

    He did not let Bai Yu-jing ask again about it. He continued saying: " Because Peacock village has such as weapon, thy have ruled jiang-hu for dozens of years. Nobody dared to cross with them, even the Green Dragon Clan are not willing to make this kind of trouble."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "I know the Green Dragon Clan has always been very unsatisfied with the peacock village."

    Fang Longxiang said: "But if others can also make the peacock feather, the power and prestige of peacock village would diminish significantly. These years, they had made many enemies."

    Bai Yu-jing pondered this information. He said: "The white horse, red hair, the sharp knife, million gold hall, these all have very big feud with them."

    Fang Longxiang said: "Therefore they do not hesitate to lose everything, and had rushed to purchase this secret map. At the least, if they can make the peacock feather successfully, they can have their revenge immediately. Moreover they also very quickly gained a name for themselves."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Right. It is critical for some people in jiang-hu to buy the peacock feather no matter how high the price is."

    Fang Longxiang said with a smile: "Perhaps more than the people who want to buy your longevity sword."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Why can’t the Green Dragon Clan make this peacock feather on their own? Why do they have to sell to the others?"

    Fang Longxiang said: "Because the Green Dragon’s eldest child is only interested in one thing."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Gold."

    Fang Longxiang said: "The silver jewelry is also good."
    He smiled very much mysteriously and said, "The Green Dragon Clan can obtain this thing, has certainly spend big amount of money. The Green Dragon Clan’s expenditure is frightfully big, therefore the Green Dragon was anxious to let this thing go at the right price."

    Bai Yu-jing had also smiled and said: "Moreover this thing is a very hot item, the sooner you fling it away, the sooner the trouble fall upon the others."
    Fang Longxiang said: "That’s true."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Also, there are many people in jiang-hu who has died under the peacock feather. If you kill him with the peacock feather, his family member would also unavoidably want to take revenge against the peacock feather."

    Fang Longxiang revealed his appreciation of the analysis and said: "That would certainly be unavoidable."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "This kind of matter will produced more chaos in jiang-hu. When jiang-hu become more chaotic, the Green Dragon Clan can fish in the troubled waters for more opportunity."
    He sighed and said: "Your Green Dragon’s eldest child is a real talent. All people have no alternative but to admire him including me."

    Fang Longxiang laughed and said: "I could not guess you unexpectedly have this knowledge already, I also admire you."
    Bai Yu-jing lightly said that, " If I have this kind of thing in my hand, at least I won’t be swindled by anyone."

    Fang Longxiang said: "Gongsun Jing was a quick-witted person. He had experience managing this. Also he was the top person in the Green Dragon Clan, so it was a pity he also had the same problem as yours."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "He also told lies?"

    Fang Longxiang smiled and said: "He was lascivious, even more lascivious than you. He was also unfortunately like you, he had a liking for that Yuan girl."
    He sighed, said: "She is really the woman who understands how to deceive men. The man who meets her, if he does not hang himself, he probably jumps into the river."

    Bai Yu-jing’s face showed a painful recollection. He was actually smiling when he said: "Luckily I have not hung myself, nor jumped into the river, because I have a good friend to look after me."

    Fang Longxiang did not blush. He kept smiling and said: "Therefore I always say that your luck is good."
    He continued by saying, "Actually how that Yuan girl could steal this thing, until now I am also not that clear. My suspicion is that she had made Gongsun Jing extremely tired at one time, made a mold with his key, then had it made into a key. Then she bribed the person who guarded the tunnel to steal it.”

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Your guess is very reasonable."

    Fang Longxiang said: "After she had calculated everything accurately, Gongsun Jing surely could trace her. But he had been swindled right under his nose. He himself could not escape from the crime, certainly he could not reveal this matter to anyone."

    He sighed and said: "This Yuan girl has indeed considered everything. It is a pity she had forgotten one matter."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Oh!"

    Fang Longxiang said: "She had forgotten that the Green Dragon could make any person speak, as long as the person is not dead."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Did that guard say her whereabouts?"

    Fang Longxiang nodded, said: "She had bribed two guards. While changing the shift, she dove into the secret vault with the duplicated key, stole the peacock map, and then slipped away then they changed the shift again."

    Bai Yu-jing lightly said that, "Why then she didn't kill these two guards to eliminate a potential informant?"

    Fang Longxiang said: "Because she feared to alarm the others, because her wugong was not very skillful, and because she didn’t when have enough spare time."
    He smiled and said: "Therefore if you think her heart is not sufficiently ruthless, you are mistaken."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "I looked at a person, and frequently guessed wrong. How otherwise did I expect you to be such a good friend?"

    Fang Longxiang also ignored him and said: "The Green Dragon has informers everywhere in the world. Since they know about her, they would certainly be able to find out her whereabouts."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Certainly."

    Fang Longxiang said: "Gongsun Jing certainly did not resign to his fate. He wanted to recover this thing. But he was also very clear on the Green Dragon’s method of handling rebels."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Therefore only then he disguised himself as a deceased person, and hid in the coffin."

    Fang Longxiang sneeringly said: "He thought this method was extremely wise and extremely safe. But he never could suspect that when he bought the coffin, the store also belonged to the Green Dragon Clan."

    Bai Yu-jing sighed, said: "The Green Dragon Clan looked after their own very thoroughly. As soon as you enter the Green Dragon Clan, they have already prepared the things to do after your death."

    Fang Longxiang lightly said that, "That way of dying is at least better than being thrown as the dog food."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Those two monks? They have become dog food?"

    Fang Longxiang said: "Those two were certainly also his parties. They temporarily played the role of the monks to get here."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "It is a pity their heads are too light, the clothes are too new, moreover their eyes like to look at young girls."

    Fang Longxiang said: "Because their disguise could be seen, therefore the poisonous needle was employed to eliminate a potential informant, but also to shift the blame on Miao Shaotian."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Who was the person that ransacked the boxes? It’s not you?"

    Fang Longxiang said with a smile: "Why would I do such thing. If the others uncover the thing, I would know that too, right?"
    Bai Yu-jing nodded and said: "If it was not you, then it must be Zhang San or Zhao Yi-dao. At that time only they had such opportunity."

    Fang Longxiang said: "It was a pity you send those good vegetables and liquor."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Although Gongsun Jing was mad to risk it, but he also feared a long delay would mean more problems. Therefore when we were all in the building, he was anxiously looking for Yuan Zi Xia."

    Fang Longxiang said with a smile: "I think when he came up, he originally wanted to discuss only with Yuan Zi Xia. Who knew this young lady was unexpectedly stubborn, probably because she knew as soon as she cried out, you could play hero and rescue the beautiful woman."

    Bai Yu-jing painstakingly said with a smile: "The funniest thing is I unexpectedly handed her over to you, because I misguidedly wanted you to protect her."

    Fang Longxiang said: "Responding to a request of the person is a matter of loyalty. I can certainly protect her very well."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Now your great work finally accomplished, what else do you want?"
    Fang Longxiang said: "The great merit had not been brought to a successful conclusion, but almost."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Which one?"
    Fang Longxiang said: "The peacock map is still with another."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "In whose hand?"
    Fang Longxiang said: "You."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "In my hand?"
    Fang Longxiang sunk his face and said: "You do not acknowledge?"

    Bai Yu-jing sighed said: "Woman... Oh, she obviously asked me to die before telling this secret, who knows she has revealed it first instead."

    Fang Longxiang revealed a self-satisfied smile on his face. He said: "I have already told you, the Green Dragon clan could force anyone to speak, even the dead people, even less a woman?"

    Bai Yu-jing sighed: "If you want a woman to keep a secret, it is probably comparable to wanting a dead person to open his mouth."
    Fang Longxiang easily said, "I am telling you, you have two ways to choose, the second way would guarantee more happiness than the first way."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "What is the second way?"
    Fang Longxiang said: "Bring your peacock map to the Green Dragon Clan, and you will be given Gongsun Jing’s Sub-leader position."

    Bai Yu-jing suddenly smiled.
    Fang Longxiang said: "Why do you smile?"

    Bai Yu-jing said: "I am laughing at myself."
    Fang Longxiang said: "Laughing at you? Why?"

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Because I almost believe your speech."
    Fang Longxiang said: "You do not believe it?"

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Actually you have obviously known that I have the peacock map. Since you have the method to force me to open my mouth, why do you say all this pleasant speech to deceive me into a happy feeling?"

    Fang Longxiang said: "Because you are a talented person, the Green Dragon clan needs all kind of talented people."

    Bai Yu-jing hesitated and said: "But I do not believe it."
    Fang Longxiang said: "How can you believe it then?"

    Bai Yu-jing said: "You first free me, then I will hand over the peacock map. I will not deceive you...
    Fang Longxiang had smiled. He said: "Luckily a moment ago you have reminded me. Otherwise I nearly believe your speech."

    Bai Yu-jing sighed: "I know we cannot discuss this transaction successfully. But I also have a matter to tell you."
    Fang Longxiang said: "Just say it."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "If I do not want to speak, there is nobody in the world who can force me to open my mouth. If I don't say where the peacock map is, there is nobocy in the world who can find it."

    Fang Longxiang’s eyes flashed. He smiled and said: "This night, you simply have not been to other place. If I search every detail of this place, why couldn’t I find it?"

    Fang Longxiang sank his face and said: "If I must look, I would naturally start from your body."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "You are very welcome to it."

    Fang Longxiang stared at him, his eyes were like a fox hunting for the dog.
    Bai Yu-jing’s eyes actually were looking around, avaoiding contact with his eyes. It was as if he feared that his eyes would betray his secret.

    In the room there are many things.
    He looked at everything, at the pictures hanging on the wall, at the white candles on the table, at the coffin, and at the dead person in the coffin.

    He had not looked at his own sword.
    He had not included that in his looking around.

    Fang Longxiang’s eyes suddenly shone. He suddenly said: "If I were you, in what place can I put that peacock map in?"
    Bai Yu-jing: "You are not me."

    Fang Longxiang said with a smile: "That’s good, I am not you. But I also do not have your longevity sword."
    Bai Yu-jing's complexion had changed as if all blood had drained from his face.

    Fang Longxiang was laughing. Gently and swiftly, "ding", he had raised the longevity sword with his iron hook.
    The sword light is bright like silver, the sword handle was entwined with the purplish black satin.

    Fang Longxiang was lightly caressing the sword spine, while peeking at Bai Yu-jing with the corner of his eyes. He muttered: "Good sword. It is really a good sword, but it’s only a pity that the sword handle made it look bad."
    Bai Yu-jing reluctantly said with a smile: "Later when I have the opportunity, I will certainly change it."

    Fang Longxiang suddenly said with a smile: "Fine, I will change it for you."
    Bai Yu-jing smiled reluctantly, said: "You do not need to take the trouble. I have to decline your good intention with thank you."

    Fang Longxiang said: "Since everybody is a good friend, why are you so polite."

    He slowly reversed the sword, and swayed it. He used his two fingers to knock and listened to the sound. He said: "Well, how come the inside seems to be empty?"
    He used the tongue to lick his dry lip. It tasted liked the salty fish.

    Fang Longxiang slowly nodded, said: "Mmm, it is not really empty, but it seems there is a rolled paper inside."
    Bai Yu-jing gave a long sigh and closed his eyes.

    Fang Longxiang laughed. He patted the sword handle and gave it a turn with three fingers – the sword handle was really empty as it opened with the turn.

    Only the secret inside the sword handle was not a rolled paper, but a loose needle.
    Niu Mangpan poisonous needle.

    With a "zip" sound, several dozens Niu Mangpan poisonous needle already hit Fang Longxiang in his face, in his eyes. He covered his face with his hands and crazily roared loudly. He threw himself to Bau Yu-jing, as if he wanted to go out with Bai Yu-jing.

    But as soon as he fell, he could not move anymore.
    The iron hook in his hand iron had penetrated his own face and completely messed up his profile.

    It was cold and humid. But there was a sliver of light seeping through the window.
    The endless night had finally passed.

    Bai Yu-jing lay down in the room, where he could feel Fang Longxiang’s blood from his face.
    The blood had soaked his upper and lower garments. There was an unspeakable grief in his heart.

    This person had always been his friend. If he had any other choice, he would not have done what was done. But he knew that there was no other choice. Even if he submitted the peacock map, Xiao Fang would definitely not let him go. Moreover, he basically had never seen this preposterous peacock map.

    Xiao Fang certainly would not let him go, because they were once friends.
    If you had betrayed your friend, you could not let him go later because you would not have the face to say goodbye to him.

    The windows and doors were all still shut, the rooster crowed incessantly from far away, the sunlight gradually came through the window.

    Outside the gate, there were suddenly sounds of footsteps of many people.

    Bai Yu-jing was sighing in his heart: "Finally they have come."

    He knew that the bellow of Xiao Fang a moment ago surely would bring all people to this place.

    "Shop owner, where are you at?"
    "What’s the matter?"

    "Are you sure that was boss Fang's sound a moment ago?"
    "I cannot be wrong."

    "But that room is actually where that old lady lives."
    "I already suspect that that old lady has a little secretive appearance."

    Young Master Zhu, Miao Shaotian, Zhao Yi-dao, the white horse Zhang San and the three people from Green Dragon Clan had already come.

    Bai Yu-jing could only hope that they stood outside discussing for some time, so his accupoint would be have been released by that time.

    But by now the window had already sent in some light. By using a crack torn by the iron hook a moment ago, a person's eye was observing – like a flame burning eye.

    The white horse Zhang San: "What person do you see?"
    Miao Shaotian said: "Dead people, a room full of dead people."

    He had just spoken that when the door had been knocked down. The three people from Green Dragon Clan had rushed in. But they only looked at the scene quickly before drawing back.

    The situation in this room was really too pitiful, too fearful.
    After waiting for a while, Zhao Yi-dao and the white horse Zhang San slowly walked inside.

    At the same time two people lightly gave a shout.
    The White horse Zhang San: "They are really dead."
    Zhao Yi-dao said: "How can the shop owner say this is an old... ... " He discovered that the old lady was not old, he certainly could not continue.

    The white horse Zhang San said: "Who is this person also? ... ... Gongsun Jing? How can it be Gongsun Jing?"

    Suddenly Young Master Zhu sneeringly said: "Nobody has seen that there is a live person here."
    Zhao Yi-dao said: "Who?"

    Young Master Zhu said that, "Certainly a stubborn person that had feigned that position."
    Indeed Bai Yu-jing originally intended to feign death temporarily, but Young Master Zhu actually walked to him. He squatted down and looked at him. He brought out his smile and said: "Bai-zi is resting?" That man in black was still like an inseparable shadow behind him.

    The white horse Zhang San let out his voice: "Bai Yu-jing is also here! He has not really died."
    Young Master Zhu easily said, "You forget that Bai-zi is immortal."

    The white horse Zhang San used the corner of his eye to cast a glance at Zhao Yi-dao. He coldly said: "Actually I do not know whether his headache hurts him?"
    Zhao Yi-dao said: "I think it is sore. Let me fix it."

    Bai Yu-jing had just opened his eye. He saw a steel knife as bright as snow chopping down to his throat.
    A good bright knife!


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    Default Chapter 6: The shadow of Wei Tian-ying

    Chapter 6: The shadow of Wei Tian-ying - TRANSLATED BY FASTCLOCK

    Chapter 6 Part 1

    A good bright knife!
    The ice-cold steel knife progressed quickly to Bai Yu-jing’s throat. He suddenly could only looked at it without blinking.

    This knife had not chopped the throat. The steel knife arrived on the throat and suddenly stopped.

    Zhao Yi-dao stared at him. He suddenly said with a smile: "Bai-zi knows when this knife chops on the neck, it will fall?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "I know."

    Zhao Yi-dao said: "But you do not fear it."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "I know this knife will not chop me."

    Zhao Yi-dao said: "Oh?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Because there is something hanging on my neck."

    Zhao Yi-dao said: "What thing?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "The Peacock map?"

    Zhao Yi-dao changed his countenance and said: "You know about the peacock map?"
    The white horse Zhang San cut in and said: "Do you know where the peacock map is?"

    Bai Yu-jing actually shut his mouth.
    Zhao Yi-dao sank his face and said: "Why don't you open your mouth?"

    Young Master Zhu lightly said, "If there is a knife on my neck, I would also not able to say anything."
    Zhao Yi-dao laughed and with a "stroke" the knife already entered the sheath.

    Young Master Zhu had squatted down again and smilingly said: "We complied with Bai-zi's request a moment ago. Now you can equally keep your promise. As long as Bai-zi help us to find the peacock map, we will let Bai-zi go immediately – you may even bring priceless gold jewelry to enjoy your whole life."

    Bai Yu-jing smiled and said: "The Million Gold Hall master really speaks according to the principle."
    Young Master Zhu said that, "I am a businessman. I certainly understand how to make a fair transaction or how to discuss it!"

    Bai Yu-jing said: "We certainly can discuss this transaction."
    Young Master Zhu said that, "I can see already that Bai-zi is a sensible person."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "The peacock map is certainly in that Yuan girl’s hand. As long as you release my accupoint, I will lead you to find her."
    As soon as Bai Yu-jing said these words, he had already regretted it in his heart.

    He should not have let the others know that his accupoint had been pressed. Now, the others could see that themselves. If someone were too anxious to conclude a matter, things could go unavoidably wrong.

    Who knew that Young Master Zhu actually comply very quickly and immediately say, "Good."
    Once he said the word “good”, he had patted on him – not on Bai Yu-jing's pressed accupoint, but instead on the accupoint on his knee joint.

    Bai Yu-jing’s heart was bitter, although he maintained his composure on his face. He lightly said: "Is it possible that you don’t want the peacock map?"
    Young Master Zhu showed a faint smile and said: "I certainly want it. But I do not dare to make Bai-zi's honorable self exhausted."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Young Master Zhu is too polite."
    Young Master Zhu said that, "So long as Bai-zi say where that Yuan girl, so long as we can find her, we can come back immediately to let Bai-zi go. Such way, we would not want to exhaust Bai-zi’s honorable self?"

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Good, this method is extremely good."
    Zhao Yi-dao could not bear to interrupt and say: "You have thought about it, why don't you say it?"

    Bai Yu-jing said: "It is only a pity that although I know where she is, I actually cannot say it."
    Zhao Yi-dao said: "Why not?"

    Bai Yu-jing said: "I forget the name of the place."

    Young Master Zhu sighed and said: "Fellows, can someone make Bai-zi remember that name?"
    Miao Shaotian coldly said: "I."

    He suddenly passed through, the hand had dipped into the hemp cloth sack around his waist. There was an impressively striped poisonous snake in his hand.
    A ringed grass snake.

    Zhao Yi-dao could not help but stepped back by two steps.
    Miao Shaotian sneeringly said: "Most snake meat is nutritious, if Bai-zi swallows down this snake, your memory could change for the better."
    His hand suddenly stretched out to Bai Yu-jing, the snake's red tongue had nearly glued on Bai Yu-jing's nose.

    Bai Yu-jing sensed his muscles on the face gradually grow stiffer, the cold sweat gradually wetted his palms.

    Suddenly, there was an extremely enchanting sound in the courtyard. It brought a smile, while saying: "Is everybody looking for me?"

    Chapter 6 Part 2

    The early morning fog just rose up, whirling like a wind around in the courtyard. It formed a beautiful misty veil arrangement with the wisteria flowers above.

    Yuan Zi Xia stood under the wisteria flowers, stood still in the fine mist of the dense fog. She hold a candle in her hand.
    She looked even more beautiful, kind of mystical with soft beauty, that it seemed like the wisteria flowers nearby her lose their colors.

    Miao Shaotian and the white horse Zhang San had wanted to rush to her.
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Stop!"

    She suddenly raised another hand and said: "If you two really come, I will burn this thing."
    The candlelight flashed in her crystal clear delicate hands that looked like jade. She lifted up high a volume of paper, holding it away from the candlelight only by a half foot.

    Miao Shaotian and the white horse Zhang San stopped immediately, their eyes could not restrain from revealing the greediness.

    The white horse Zhang San reluctantly smiled and said: "Miss should know that that item is worth a pile of gold. You certainly would not give it up by burning it."
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "I certainly know that. But if I die, what is the use of a pile of gold?

    Miao Shaotian and the white horse Zhang San looked at each other and slowly drew back.
    Young Master Zhu actually walked forward, gave a deep bow and said: "Miss’ fragrant trace suddenly had disappeared causing a lot of worry. Unexpectedly, Miss had flown fast and come here."

    Yuan Zi Xia charmingly said: "It is kind that master care about it."
    Young Master Zhu said that, "Thanks for the compliment."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "I have heard that Young Master Zhu is not only a young millionaire, moreover gentle and courteous. Today, I can see for myself that the name is not empty."
    Young Master Zhu said that, "I also have heard that Miss is such a fairy maiden, a beautiful woman. Today I can see the reason and see it, I am most honored."

    Miao Shaotian cannot bear to sneer and sayd: "Here is not the Million Gold Hall’s living room, where comes so much idle talk!"
    Yuan Zi Xia said with a smile: "Miao Dongzhu do not understand, what a woman like to listen the most is flattery. If each of you wants to win my favor, you should say some more idle talk."

    Miao Shaotian stares said: "Why do I want to win your favor?"
    Yuan Zi Xia easily said that, "Because if I favor you, perhaps I can give you this thing."

    Young Master Zhu suddenly big voice: "That’s not good, not good. This thing does not come to Miss easily, how can you give it to us so casually."
    Yuan Zi Xia smiled sweetly and said: "I thought so originally, but presently my idea is actually different."

    Young Master Zhu said that, "Oh?"
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "I am only a woman who is alone and forsaken. If I have this thing with me, sooner or later one day, I will unavoidably die in the other people’s hand."

    Young Master Zhu sighed, appearing to have an infinite sympathy, and said: "In jiang-hu every step by step can be a dangerous narrow path, Miss would really need to be very careful."
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "But if I have delivered this thing, then wouldn’t nobody come to look for me?"

    Young Master Zhu reluctantly concealed his happiness on his face and said: "This makes a great sense. But if Miss wants to give out this thing, it will need to be at the right price as well."
    Yuan Zi Xia winked her eyes and focused. She said: "Then, the way Young Master Zhu say, how much should I receive?"

    Young Master Zhu colored: "At least enough for a girl to enjoy a life-long endless wealth. Moreover, it has to be gold and jewelry, not any other."
    Yuan Zi Xia sighed and said: "I have also thought so, but... such great wealth, who would be willing to give to me?"

    Miao Shaotian cannot bear to say loudly: "As long as you give the permission, each people here is willing to give to you."
    Yuan Zi Xia in great happiness: "That is too good, only... "

    Miao Shaotian snatched asking: "Only how?"
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Inside there is also a friend of mine, can you let me have a look him?"

    Suddenly nobody spoke, nobody was willing to take the responsibility.

    Yuan Zi Xia sighed: "My hand is tired of lifting, if one is not careful, and burn this thing, what would happen? Even it burns a bit, that would be troublesome."
    In her hand, the volume of paper seemed to be nearer and nearer to the candlelight.

    Young Master Zhu smiled suddenly and said: "Since Bai-zi is Miss' friend, Miss must be worried about him. This is perfectly understandable. Miss, please come."

    Yuan Zi Xia made an effort to shake her head, said: "That is not good, I do not dare."
    Young Master Zhu said that, "Why?"

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "There too many of you big men that stand in there. I am too afraid."

    Young Master Zhu said that, "Miss wants us to go?"
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "If you can draw back to the side corridor, only then I dare."

    Young Master Zhu said that, "Then?"
    Yuan Zi Xia pursed her lips and say with a smile: "There are so many people outside, can I make out anything with him? I only want to say two words, and then I will come out and give this thing. While everybody has this opportunity, you can discuss first who will take this thing."

    Young Master Zhu looked at Zhao Yi-dao, Zhao Yi-dao looked at the white horse Zhang San.
    The white horse Zhang San suddenly said that, "I will ask him first to see whether he is willing to see you."
    He did not wait for the others to response, and had fled into the room like a flash. He had pressed five Bai Yu-jing’s accupoints, and then turned around to shove open the window.

    Although the accupoints were the same, but each person's technique to press them were not necessarily the same. If someone’s accupoints had been pressed by three different techniques, even if someone else wanted to release them, it would have been very difficult.

    If they found out that Yuan Zi Xia had planned to release his accupoints, it would be possible to act with enough time.

    Young Master Zhu showed a faint smile and said: "Bai-zi certainly thinks highly of Miss, why would I limit that?"

    Bai Yu-jing lay down on the place, looking at Yuan Zi Xia as she entered. He actually seemed to be looking at a stranger, there was no expression on his face.

    Yuan Zi Xia was also staring at him with a very complicated look on her face, whether it was with ill or sadness.

    Bai Yu-jing coldly said: "What are you doing?"
    Yuan Zi Xia was mournful while smiling. She said: "You... ... You really do not know what I am doing?"

    Bai Yu-jing sneeringly said: "You certainly come to rescue me, because you are good. You have the same good intention as Fang Longxiang, you are all friends of mine."

    Yuan Zi Xia hung her head and said: "I may just sneak off quietly. If I do not care about you, why should I come?"
    Her eyes were red, the tears had slowly dropped.

    Suddenly a Green Dragon Clan person outside said loudly: "This thing is originally with the Green Dragon Clan, naturally it should be given to the Green Dragon Clan. Young Master Zhu and Zhao Bangzhu had agreed to it a moment ago."

    Although Yuan Zi Xia’s eyes had some tears filling her eyes, but the corners of her mouth had actually revealed a happy expression

    The wind had blown stronger. Miao Shaotian’s big golden links on the ear made dingdong noises, the two eyes burning like flame that aimed at the three people from the Green Dragon Clan.

    Zhao Yi-dao was lying on the parapet, as if indifferent to this matter. But he never stopped taking a look.
    The white horse Zhang San tapped the pillar with his fingers. He couldn’t bear this kind of silence, and intentionally was making any sound.

    The man in black was motionless shadowing Young Master Zhu’s behind. His face did not have any expression. This matter was actually irrelevant to him. All he cared about was that there were eight people in the family waiting for him to get the money to eat.

    The Green Dragon Clan people were gripping tightly their fists, before one of them suddenly said: "Young Master Zhu said the words. You usually had the most credit, this time you could not go back on your word to renege on a promise."
    Young Master Zhu had finally smiled and said: "I certainly cannot, certainly cannot, only... ... "

    "Only how?"
    This person’s stature was big and tall, with a full brazen beard. At a glance, it could be seen that he was a very temperamental person.
    Young Master Zhu said that, "Although I complied with you, but others... "

    The dragon beard guy snatched in by saying immediately: "Young Master Zhu has the most effective and influential word. Even if only Young Master Zhu who has complied, brothers and I will feel relieved."

    Young Master Zhu had smiled and said: "As long as I comply with you, you three could really feel relieved?"

    The dragon beard guy said that, "Precisely!"
    Young Master Zhu sighed and said: "Good, I promise you."

    The dragon beard guy became happier. His face cleared and he said, "Regarding this matter, the Green Dragon Clan would not forget Young Master Zhu ... "

    Suddenly "zip", his voice suddenly got cut off.
    After that there were some miserably calls.

    The miserable call was shouted by the others, because a golden link had suddenly penetrated his throat.
    He had not seen the blood, yet he did not have to shout again because he was covering his face.
    And then, the blood slowly flowed out to his neck...
    He stood on the left side, while the miserable call actually was given by the person on the right side.

    As soon as Miao Shaotian acted, the white horse Zhang San also acted suddenly. He launched his palm, hitting the bridge of his nose.

    The blood splashed everywhere. He was miserably shouting and covering his face, when the white horse Zhang San knees hit him. He collapsed down like the mud. The body had curled up, the tears and the nasal mucus flowed out together along with the blood. Then there was a sudden convulsion and he no longer moved.

    The middle person was originally filled with joy, because if they could return the peacock map, that would no doubt be a great merit. The Green Dragon Clan always gave excellent reward to enjoy according to the person’s merit without any hesitation. While his heart was fantasizing what was coming to him: the gold, the beautiful woman and the glory, suddenly his two partners next to him all dropped dead.

    Zhao Yi-dao stood opposite him, and coldly looked at him.

    He felt his stomach contracting. Fear gripped him like an invisible hand, contorting and convoluting his stomach. He almost vomited before saying: "Zhao... Zhao Bangzhu (Leader Zhao), I thought you already agreed a moment ago... "

    Zhao Yi-dao coldly said: "A moment ago no one knew whether the peacock map could be gotten or not, also nobody really had seen the peacock map, but now ... "
    He looked at the opening on the the window with a smile and said: "Now that the peacock map is essentially in our hand, why do we have to give it to the Green Dragon Clan?"

    This person said: "The Green Dragon Clan always give distinction between gratitude and grudges, today Zhao Bangzhu has killed us, don’t you worry about the retaliation from the rest of the Green Dragon Clan?"

    Zhao Yi-dao lightly said that, "You obviously were killed by Gongsun Jing, why would the Green Dragon Clan have to retaliate?"

    This person had finally understood. The Green Dragon Clan also often shifted blame to the others.
    His whole body trembled. Clenching his teeth he said: "A Green Dragon Clan person is ready to sacrifice himself with a shining death. Zhao Bangzhu will not necessarily get the peacock map. Also, the Green Dragon Clan’s Wei Tian-ying will come immediately... "

    Speaking of the three words in "Wei Tian-ying", he suddenly had the courage to say loudly: "Now perhaps he had already arrived. Although we three people died in your hand, you three people also should gave up any idea of living."

    Hearing the three words in "Wei Tian-ying", the faces of Miao Shaotian, Zhao Yi-dao, the white horse Zhang San really changed. They could not help looking toward the front door outside simultaneously.
    The lantern at the gate lantern had been extinguished. There was no sound of people, nor any shadow of anyone.

    Zhao Yi-dao sneeringly said: "No matter whether we die or live, you have to go first."
    The white horse Zhang San: "Now his head is certainly very painful."

    Zhao Yi-dao said: "I will take care of it for him." The reflection of the knife flashed, the steel knife immediately left its sheath, the knife had chopped toward this person’s neck.

    Zhao Yi-dao was known as “a knife”, it was hard to imagine how quickly and fiercely this knife forced downward.
    This person's hand had gripped his knife’s hilt, but he could not draw out the knife. He had to stand up to try to fend himself.

    Who knew Zhao Yi-dao’s style unexpectedly changed in this flash, a horizontal knife, was stabbing on his chest instead.
    The blood splashed everywhere.

    This person miserably shouted in a hissing voice: "Wei Tian-ying, Wei Tangzhu, you certainly ... must revenge us!"
    The accusing call was suddenly cut off, as he was surrounded by a pool of blood.

    Quiet, and more quiet.

    Although nobody had seen Wei Tian-ying, he had already grown monstrous, a mystical, and a fearful shadow in their minds.

    Zhao Yi-dao dried the blood on the knife with the bottom of his boots. Miao Shaotian had also taken back the golden link from that person’s throat.
    The white horse Zhang San lightly caressed his own fists, while both of his eyebrows were knitted very tightly.

    Young Master Zhu suddenly gave a long sigh and said: "These three people have finally felt relieved, but whose turn is next?"

    The color of white horse Zhang San’s face changed, staring at Miao Shaotian.
    Miao Shaotian sneeringly said: "Young Zhang San, you can rest assured that the next one is not me."

    Zhao Yi-dao suddenly coughed loudly and said: "Good. I want to let you know that, the sharp knife clan and the red hair clan have already tied our hands like brothers. From now on, Leader Miao’s matter, is also my matter.

    Miao Shaotian laughed loudly and said: "When cooking the eggplants, the first one to select will get the softest. Do you understand these words?"
    Zhao Yi-dao said: "I understand."

    Miao Shaotian said with a smile: “I fear among the three of you, the next person will always be you. The younger one has more spiciness to it.”
    The white horse Zhang San’s face fell like the dying embers. He said: "Good. I do not necessarily fear you."

    Miao Shaotian: "You try then."
    The golden link showed up in his hand as he readied himself.

    Zhao Yi-dao said: "Miao Bangzhu should feel better that I will be behind you."

    Miao Shaotian ferociously said with a smile: "Young Zhang San, go ahead."
    The white horse Zhang San roared, suddenly assaulted with his fists three times. Unexpectedly he already went all out in his fighting method.

    Miao Shaotian was ninety percent sure that he had the victory in his hand. He certainly could not go all out with him, because he would his face. He retreated by three steps, and laughed: "Even if you go all out, it would still be useless... "
    The laughter suddenly became a roaring pitiful yell.

    Zhao Yi-dao’s knife had penetrated his back. The knife’s point penetrated into the bone producing a loud crunch sound.
    Miao Shaotian’s body propelled forward as if he threw himself forward, when the white horse Zhang San’s iron fists attacked his face fiercely.

    A bone-crunching sound.

    Miao Shaotian fell on the parapet, the hand that hold the golden "zip" into the parapet.
    His body was supported by the golden link so not to fall down completely. However the bleeding face was distorted with protruded eyes burning with flame, filled with alarm, fear and anger. In a dampened voice: "Zhao Yi-dao, you... ... you cur, I die but I won’t forgive you!"

    Zhao Yi-dao was scraping the blood on the knife with the bottom of the boots. He heaved a deep sigh and said: "This won’t help the matter. The sharp knife clan and the white horse clan are already tied like brothers. Why can’t you see that?"

    The white horse Zhang San laughed loudly and said: "The others form an alliance by drinking the blood, we actually drink the plaster powder."

    Miao Shaotian clenched his teeth, both hands entered the gunnysack on his waist.
    Zhao Yi-dao and the white horse Zhang San actually could not help retreating by three steps. Shoulder to shoulder they stood there, staring at his hands.

    Although Miao Shaotian’s condition was not good now, but the Red Hair Clan originally owned the five poisonous things which everyone feared...

    Who knew when he just put his hand in, his body suddenly leaped up. With a "thud", he hit the porch before slowly dropping down, unable to move.
    His hand had stretched out to show a bleeding poisonous snake bite on the back of his hand. It turned out the snake also appreciated the delicacy of Miao Shaotian’s blood, just like Miao Shaotian appreciated the delicacy of the snake blood.

    Young Master Zhu gave a long sigh. He argued: "When the master bleeds, the poisonous snake makes an unpredictable move... A snake is a snake, if someone thinks he can befriend it like a person, he just wants to have bad luck."

    The white horse Zhang San coldly said: "This person does not necessarily talk about friendship."
    Zhao Yi-dao said: "That’s right."
    These two words were aimed at Young Master Zhu.

    Young Master Zhu looked up and said: "Although Miao Shaotian has died, do not forget the “nine of the Red Hair Clan” are also difficult."

    Zhao Yi-dao sneeringly said: "Although the “nine of the Red Hair Clan” are difficult, they are inferior to him, you don’t need to worry for us."

    His hand had gripped the hilt. With flashing eyes at Young Master Zhu, suddenly a timely fist from him hit the white horse Zhang San’s ribs: it hit truly heavily.

    The white horse Zhang San did not expect the hit at all and fell to the parapet with a “thud” sound.
    He had not turned around, but Zhao Yi-dao had drawn his knife!

    A good quick knife.

    The blood splashed, his blood was fresher. Miao Shaotian’s snake on the back of his hands had smelled the blood and suddenly slid towards his wound.

    Zhao Yi-dao wiped both sides of the knife on the bottom of his boots. He sneeringly said: "You had said, this person does not talk about friendship. If you don’t want to talk about friendship, I would rather be the first one who don’t talk about friendship."

    Young Master Zhu added: "That is true. If a person does not want to talk about friendship, this method is precisely the best one."
    Zhao Yi-dao turned around and smiled: "But we are actually talking about friendship."

    Young Master Zhu said that, "Certainly."
    Zhao Yi-dao laughed and said: "It’s laughable that they do not know that Million Gold Hall and Sharp Knife Clan have formed an alliance for three years."

    Young Master Zhu said that, "I am a person who keeps one's mouth shut."
    Zhao Yi-dao said: "I am too."

    Young Master Zhu smiled said: "Therefore nobody will know about this matter."

    Chapter 6 Part 3

    The miserable shouts from outside were heard frequently like the crowing of the roosters in the distant place.

    Bai Yu-jing’s complexion was pale and his face just became more and more ironic. But he couldn’t restrain revealing the sadness in his face.

    He was certainly not sad for these people.
    What he was sad for was the entire humanity – the people's greed and cruelty.

    Yuan Zi Xia complexion was also pale. She suddenly sighed gently and said: "You finally guessed who will be the last one standing?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "In any case, it cannot be you."

    Yuan Zi Xia nipped her lips and said: "You... ... You think I have deceived you, therefore you hope I would die little by little in front of you."

    Bai Yu-jing shut his eyes. The sneer at the corners of his mouth had become very miserable. In a deep voice he said: "It is certainly not your fault."
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "It is not."

    Bai Yu-jing also sighed, said: "A person who got mixed in jiang-hu has to able to deceive others to survive. It was my mistake to let you deceive me. I cannot be resentful to you."
    Yuan Zi Xia’s face changed color. In a painful, low-spirited voice she said: "But I... ... "

    Bai Yu-jing had suddenly interrupted her speech and said: "But you are also mistaken."
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Oh!"

    Bai Yu-jing said: "If you think you can use the peacock map in your hand to coerce them into your wish,
    you are mistaken."
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Why?"

    Bai Yu-jing said: "The peacock map in your hand is basically the same as in their hand. When they wish it, they may take it away casually."
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Do you think I do not dare to burn it?"

    Bai Yu-jing said: "You do not dare, because if you burn it, you will also die, and die very quickly. Moreover, it is not going to be difficult to extinguish the candle in your hand by their Wugong."
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "But a moment ago... "

    Bai Yu-jing had interrupted her again: "They did it intentionally a moment ago, only because they were looking first for the opportunity to kill. When nobody is in the way, then they will take your peacock map." He slowly said: "Young Master Zhu always works very carefully. He has paid a lot for this peacock map, therefore he is not willing to take further risk."

    Yuan Zi Xia suddenly turned herhead, because by now she had heard Young Master Zhu's laughter. Then she saw that man in black and Young Master Zhu.

    Young Master Zhu had folded his hands in front of him, standing in the entrance. He smiled: "I didn’t realize that Bai-zi know me already."
    Yuan Zi Xia belted out: "You go out now, otherwise I... ... "

    She had not mentioned the consequence, when the candle in her hand had been cut up with a sudden flash of the knife. But the candlelight had not been extinguished. It cut up the candle in half, but the knife will always be ready.

    The sword wielder Zhao Yi Dao.
    He raised the knife steadily, and looked at Yuan Zi Xia coldly.

    Yuan Zi Xia’s face did not become red. She suddenly nipped her teeth, and made an effort to throw the peacock map to Young Master Zhu. She said loudly, "Take it away!"
    Zhao Yi-dao said: "Many thanks."

    He blurted out these two words while rushing in. With the back of his knife, he had nipped the peacock map. The candle was extinguished with the rise and the fall of the knife. In the meantime, he took the advantage of obtaining the peacock map.

    His hands were really deft in this tight situation.

    Yuan Zi Xia suddenly said loudly: "I gave this thing to Young Master Zhu. Did you see it got snatched by someone?"
    Zhao Yi-dao’s face changed quickly from the wild joy after the grab.

    Young Master Zhu actually laughed: "We are brothers. Whoever takes this thing, it is all the same."
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "You do not fear he will have sole possession of it?"
    Young Master Zhu said that, "We had talked about our friendship."

    Zhao Yi-dao smiled as well: "It is good. We had truly talked about the friendship. If anyone wants to sow dissension, I will want his life first!"
    Young Master Zhu however said: "Such being the case, you do not need to wait. Miss Yuan now has a very bad headache."

    Zhao Yi-dao ferociously laughed: " I am the most adept at taking care of headaches."

    Young Master Zhu said that, "I think it is better if you take care of Bai-zi first. He is a person who shows tender affection, and may not endure having to look at Miss Yuan's head being separated first."

    Zhao Yi-dao said: "It doesn't matter who will go first. Sometimes my knife may cure two headaches at once."

    Young Master Zhu said with a smile: "I think this knife is very interesting."
    Zhao Yi-dao laughed loudly: "It is guaranteed to be interesting."

    Yuan Zi Xia hang her face. She stared mournfully at Bai Yu-jing and said: "I have harmed you... "
    Bai Yu-jing said: "It is not related at all."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "I only hope you understand one matter:"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Just say it."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "I truly have not lied on some things I said. Regardless of anything I said in other matters, but about you and me..."


  7. #7

    Default Chapter 7: The first kind of weapon

    Chapter 7: The first kind of weapon - TRANSLATED BY FASTCLOCK

    Chapter 7 Part 1

    Young Master Zhu laughed: "I know that you are sincere to him, therefore I will help you by letting you die together with him. If you have any speech you want to say, you should just wait until you’re on the road to Hades.”

    This speech had not fully been said, his body suddenly stiffened. The corner of his eyes suddenly split open as if an invisible iron hammer suddenly struck him from the midair. And then his face got thoroughly distorted, before his body collapsed to the ground.

    This man in black was certainly not with him, he was just standing still in there without any expression. However, there was a knife in his hand, a pointed knife with blood ... He finally did not stay behind Young Master Zhu. He certainly wouldn’t have suspected him to do something like this.


    The roosters continued to crow however now it seemed there was only the sound of Young Master Zhu's respite. He bent down on the ground like a cow panting for breath. The blood did not stop flowing from his wound on the waist.

    The man in black coldly stared at him with an unusual ridicule in his eyes.
    He was certainly not ridiculing himself, only others.

    Zhao Yi-dao stared with his mouth open.
    If he had not seen this with his own eyes, he actually could not have believed that this was real.

    Suddenly the sound of the panting breath also stopped.
    Young Master Zhu's body had turned into putty, a bloody putty.

    The man in black looked at the trickle of blood on the tip of the knife, before finally saying: "You would agree that when I kill people, a knife is sufficient."
    Zhao Yi-dao step backed one by one and said: "But he... ... He certainly did not die immediately."

    The man in black: "That’s because I do not want to let him die too quickly, and also to let him feel the crime he committed to the others.”
    Zhao Yi-dao said: "Actually who are you?"

    The man in black: "You cannot guess correctly?"
    Zhao Yi-dao looked at the entire expression of his face before his fear deepened. He finally sighed: “The skyhawk... You are Wei Tian-ying."

    The man in black smiled.
    His eye revealed a happy expression like a pointed knife, but there was no expression at all on his face.

    Zhao Yi-dao said: "You have already come since the beginning, you have been with us all along."
    Wei Tian-ying said: "Now don’t you also think it’s very funny?"

    Zhao Yi-dao suddenly shouted out loudly: "Miss Yuan, quickly release Bai Yu-jing's accupoint. I will keep off."

    Yuan Zi Xia sighed and said: "Why do you wait until now to let me release him? It is too late now."
    She turned her head and smiled at Wei Tian-ying. She said: "Second brother, you said it was not too late presently?"

    When he heard the two words "second brother", Zhao Yi-dao’s entire person felt like being dropped into an ice hole from the midair.
    Second brother.

    Wei Tian-ying was unexpectedly her second brother.
    They unexpectedly were in cahoots.

    Zhao Yi-dao simply could not believe it. This kind of fact was too absurd, too strange.

    Yuan Zi Xia had obviously stolen the Green Dragon Clan’s "peacock map", the Green Dragon obviously wanted to kill her.
    Wei Tian-ying was obviously the Green Dragon Clan’s person sent out to pursue and kill her.

    How could they possibly be in the same side?
    Who could explain this kind of matter?

    Chapter 7 Part 2

    Zhao Yi-dao hung his head. He was looking at the knife and the peacock map in his hand like a dying mother looking at her son.
    He did not have any other words.

    He dropped his knife, then held out the peacock map with two hands to Wei Tian-ying.
    If this occurred at another time, perhaps he could stall for time. But at present, all the impossible matters had all occurred that he suddenly discovered himself falling into an extremely complex, extremely ingenious, extremely fearful snare.
    The most fearful thing was, even until now, he did not know how he could fall.
    At this point, it had caused him to completely lose his fighting spirit.

    Wei Tian-ying looked at the peacock map in his hand. The ridicule in his eyes became more obvious, as he lightly said: "You do not want to keep it?"
    Zhao Yi-dao said: "I don’t think so."

    Wei Tian-ying said: "I don’t think so."
    He received the peacock map, and then without looking, ripped the map into pieces and threw it away.
    The wind had blown, blown the torn pieces of the map like a flying butterfly.

    Zhao Yi-dao was aghast.

    For this peacock map, some people had betrayed their own people, their friends. For this peacock map, the blood which had flowed already could have dyed red all the lake water outside.
    But presently Wei Tian-ying did not even look, and had conveniently ripped it into pieces. What was all this for?

    Zhao Yi-dao could only show a bitter expression, before turning his head and faced Yuan Zi Xia. He said: "This map is false?"
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Right, this map is false."

    Zhao Yi-dao said: "Really."
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Not really, the real one is in peacock village."

    Zhao Yi-dao said: "You... ... Did you rob this from Gongsun Jing’s hand?"
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "I robbed this map."

    Zhao Yi-dao said: "But this map is false."
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "I know."

    Zhao Yi-dao said: "You knew perfectly well that it was false, then why also you had to take the risk to rob it?"

    Yuan Zi Xia was smiling and said: "Because this matter is a snare."
    She smiled happily and charmingly. Then, she proceeded slowly: "This most ingenious part of the snare is the fact that we already know the peacock map is false. If we do not mention this point, I am afraid you could not understand this issue forever."

    Zhao Yi-dao simply wanted to just faint away.
    For this map, they did not hesitate to go all out, to bleed, even did not hesitate to nip each other like the wild dogs.
    But this map was actually counterfeit material, not worth a single cent.
    For this map, there were countless tragic deaths washed in blood.
    Not only one could not smile, but one also could not cry.

    Actually he didn’t know what kind of medicine Wei Tian-ying and Yuan Zi Xia were trying to sell.
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "The peacock map was originally bought by second brother, spending a lot of money."

    Zhao Yi-dao with a dry lip said: "But after buying, you discovered that the map was a counterfeit material."
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Right."

    Zhao Yi-dao said: "You have to swallow the damaged goods, but you did not dare to make it widely known. Because whoever spent the Green Dragon Clan’s money only to buy a counterfeit material would not be forgiven by the Green Dragon Clan."

    Yuan Zi Xia sighed, said: "Moreover second brother Wei also could not get this person, therefore I had to offer him an advice."

    Zhao Yi-dao said: "What idea?"
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "I must protect second brother by giving this map to Gongsun Jing. I am his immediate superior, so when I ordered him to handle the selling of second brother Wei’s item, he certainly did not dare to suspect second brother Wei."

    Zhao Yi-dao said: "This hot potato arrived in Gongsun Jing’s hands, his hands needed to be really broad.”
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "He should not receive it, but it was a pity that he had no alternative but to receive it."

    Zhao Yi-dao said: "But... ... Why do you have to rob this hot potato from his hand?"
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Because I certainly want you to believe that this map is real."

    Zhao Yi-dao said: "I do not understand."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "You are all very astute people. You certainly would not do business while suffering a loss."
    Zhao Yi-dao said: "Indeed we cannot."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "You ought to know also about the Green Dragon Clan’s custom of not offending their jiang-hu’s friend."
    Zhao Yi-dao sighed and smiled painstakingly: "Indeed I know it."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Therefore before you bid, you certainly must have a look first at this map to see whether it was genuine or fake. According to the Green Dragon Clan’s custom, this would not do."
    She charmingly smiled: "Looking at it this way, do you see how the problem lies?"

    Zhao Yi-dao said: "Therefore you simply stole the map, others certainly could not suspect again that it was false."

    This was one of human weaknesses. Not only she understood this psychology very much, moreover she also used it very well.

    Zhao Yi-dao sighs: "Add to the fact that Gongsun Jing ran away from the punishment immediately, we certainly could not suspect a foul play."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Therefore you certainly would be anxious to pursue."
    Zhao Yi-dao said: "Right."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "But if I could be very easily pursued by you, perhaps you would start to suspect something."
    Zhao Yi-dao painstakingly said with a smile: "Right. Not getting something easily is indeed always more precious."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "But I must be able to be pursued by you."
    Zhao Yi-dao had not understood and asked: "Why?"

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Because this map holds the key. We want you to believe that this map is real. We want you to see this map. We want you to kill one another in order to get this map, then... "

    Zhao Yi-dao said: "Then what?"
    Yuan Zi Xia easily said with a smile: "After waiting for your demise, we can bring back your gold jewelry. We do not spend any effort to bring it back, moreover we do not need to worry that some people would come looking for trouble. Because you just kill each other and we are not related at all.”

    Zhao Yi-dao said: "Originally you do this, because you want us to bring the gold jewelry."
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "The money moves the will of the people, this saying you also ought to know."

    Zhao Yi-dao said: "You pulled in Bai Yu-jing, because you also want something on his person."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "He has that sword also on his person."
    She suddenly sighed and said: "But I am very grateful to him. If not for him to protect me, perhaps this plan would not be completely successful."

    Zhao Yi-dao said: "Why?"
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Because if we want this plan to be completely successful, Gongsun Jing certainly must die first, otherwise Fang Longxiang would also refuse stubbornly to be involved."

    Zhao Yi-dao said: "Why?"
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Because if they did not die, this map would not necessarily have the assurance to fall on the hands that are willing to go all out to get it."

    Zhao Yi-dao thought about it before painstakingly said with a smile: "Right. Because we had the assurance of attaining this peacock map, therefore only then would we kill Miao Shaotian and the white horse Zhang San."

    Yuan Zi Xia also gave a sigh and said: "But if not for Bai-zi's longevity sword, how could Gongsun Jing and Fang Longxiang die that easily?"

    Zhao Yi-dao said: "Had Gongsun Jing been kept in the dark like us?"
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Certainly."

    Zhao Yi-dao said: "Didn't he recognize you? Didn’t he know that you were also a Green Dragon Clan’s person?"

    Yuan Zi Xia lightly said, "He was only a tiny world hall host (world hall host is the title in the clan-obviously we can see it’s not a very high position now), when he met a Green Dragon Clan’s person, nine of ten he probably would not recognize him."

    Zhao Yi-dao said: "How did you swindle him?"

    Yuan Zi Xia has smiled, said: "If I wanted his life it would be very easy, much less if I just want him to be swindled."

    Zhao Yi-dao looked at her happy, and also charming smiling face. Finally he could not bear to emit a long sigh and said: "If I were him, I am afraid I would also be similarly deceived."

    Yuan Zi Xia enchantingly said: "I am afraid you would be deceived as well, even more miserably."

    Zhao Yi-dao said: "But since Fang Longxiang was also a Green Dragon Clan’s person, why did you have to kill him?"

    <It seems to be missing a couple of sentences here. Also this probably includes the cutoff where the third part of the chapter begins. From the later part of the chapter we can see that Fang Longxiang was too greedy even for Green Dragon Clan’s taste.>

    Zhao Yi-dao said in consternation, "Now it’s not the right time?"

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Certainly it is not."
    She smiled sweetly: "Now every cent of the money here would belong to me and second brother Wei."

    Zhao Yi-dao was stunned momentarily. Then he smiled painfully: "I am also a world-wise person. I have looked at many sinister and ruthless people, and listened to many ingenious sly clever tricks. But compared with you, these people are simply like a child who are still nursing."

    Yuan Zi Xia said with a smile: "Thank you the praise, I certainly would never forget it."

    Wei Tian-ying suddenly said with a smile: "You have asked everything?"
    Zhao Yi-dao said: "Yes."

    Wei Tian-ying said: "Now haven’t you already suffered some headaches?"
    Zhao Yi-dao said: "Indeed this hurts very much."

    Wei Tian-ying said: "You can attend to your own headache?"
    Zhao Yi-dao sighed and said: "Luckily I also can attend to it, otherwise I am afraid it will hurt really badly."

    He had really cured his own headache.
    - A person's head if it had been chopped down, it would not hurt again!

    Bai Yu-jing had continuously looked on. While listening to all these, his face was similar to Wei Tian-ying’s, as if he had put on a mask.

    “Easy to blend in” was also part of the “enduring technique”. But Young Master Zhu had never recognized him, certainly not because his “enduring technique” was very good.
    That was because Young Master Zhu never really cared about the role of this person – just an obedient bodyguard. In Young Master Zhu’s eyes, he was no more than a dog, very unimportant.
    If he was willing to care about the others, perhaps he would not die so miserably.

    Wei Tian-ying looks at the knife in his hand, before he coldly said: "Zhao Yi-dao was an intelligent person, he was so quick that his head had not hurt at all."
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "When a smart person acts, he would not cause trouble for the others."

    Wei Tian-ying said: "Bai Yu-jing?"
    Yuan Zi Xia blinked her eyes for a short period of time and said: "It seems that his intelligence was inferior to Zhao Yi-dao."

    Wei Tian-ying said: "Therefore he had to trouble you."
    He suddenly stretched out his hand and delivered the knife in front of Yuan Zi Xia.

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "You know I do not like holding a knife."

    Wei Tian-ying said: "When you kill people, you do not use a knife?"
    Yuan Zi Xia enchantingly said: "Moreover I also do not see the blood."

    Wei Tian-ying said: "Can you make an exception this time?"
    Yuan Zi Xia sighed and said: "You want me to do this matter, how will I refuse?"

    She received the knife and turned around to look at Bai Yu-jing. She humorously said: "I really could not endure killing you but if I do not kill you, second brother Wei would beangry, therefore I had to apologize to you."

    Bai Yu-jing said: "You do not need to be so polite."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "I seldom use the knife, if this knife cannot kill you, perhaps it can hurt."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "It doesn’t matter."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Good, then I really would not be mad."

    She suddenly turned around, the knife aimed at Wei Tian-ying.
    A good quick knife.

    Besides her, certainly no one else could say that she could not use the knife.

    Wei Tian-ying’s eyes had that ridicule expression. When this knife was launched, both of his hands moved and gripped the tip of the knife.

    Yuan Zi Xia’s complexion had finally changed, really changed.
    Wei Tian-ying sneeringly said: "Do you know why I wanted to give this knife to you?"

    Yuan Zi Xia was nipping her lips and shook her head.
    Wei Tian-ying said: "I want you to kill me."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Why? "
    Wei Tian-ying said: "Because I am like you, I also want to have sole possession of this treasure."

    Yuan Zi Xia sighed and said: "Did you want me to kill you first, so then you can start to kill me?"
    Wei Tian-ying said: "Right, otherwise I really could not endure to start."

    Yuan Zi Xia sighs: "It looks like I had made a mistake after all."
    Wei Tian-ying said: "Each people would all make a mistake unavoidably."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "But you are also mistaken."
    Wei Tian-ying said: "Oh?"

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "I must kill you, certainly not for wanting to have sole possession of it."
    Wei Tian-ying sneeringly said: "Is it to rescue him?"

    Yuan Zi Xia mournfully said with a smile: "Just look at me. If I were not moved by the true feelings, how could I make a mistake?"
    Wei Tian-ying coldly said: "It is only a pity that he cannot rescue you."

    Bai Yu-jing suddenly also blurted a sigh: "You are mistaken."

    While saying these words, Yuan Zi Xia retreated by seven feet, the tip of the toe had nipped and shouldered the longevity sword.

    Bai Yu-jing leaped up and grabbed this sword.
    When he finished saying these words, he launched three sword strokes, the sword light like star showers in the Milky Way.

    Wei Tian-ying's knife perhaps may put up with these three sword strokes. It was only a pity that he was gripping just the tip of the sword.
    If his hand was empty, perhaps he may also fend the moves.
    It was only a pity that his hand were gripping his own knife.

    He retreated while turning the tip of the sword up with his hands. This change was unexpectedly very quick.
    It was a pity that Bai Yu-jing's longevity sword was quicker.
    Red and white merged with the flash of the sword. The two bloody hands which had gripped the knife fell together.

    Chapter 7 Part 4

    No one knew when, but the sun was already high, the light filtering through the window.
    On the window there was a drawing of a plum blossom, which became a picture of a plum blossom with blood adornment.

    Bai Yu-jing was calmly standing facing the window. After a very long period, he slowly said: "You knew that my accupoint had opened, therefore you did not start to kill me."
    Yuan Zi Xia hung her head and did not speak.

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Did you know?"
    Yuan Zi Xia did not speak.

    Bai Yu-jing suddenly turned his head to her: "Actually why are you here?"

    Yuan Zi Xia suddenly smiled with a clear happy face. She enchantingly said: "Can you guess?"
    She smiled really sweetly.

    Bai Yu-jing sighed and said: "I am afraid I would not be able to guess forever."
    Yuan Zi Xia focused her eyes; Suddenly scratching her head with her fingers she said: "One day you certainly will know it."

    Bai Yu-jing was silence for a very long time before he suddenly said: "Good, now we go."
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Go where?"

    Bai Yu-jing said: "Certainly to the Green Dragon Clan."
    Yuan Zi Xia frowned: "Why go to the Green Dragon Clan?"

    Bai Yu-jing sank his face, said: "You really did not know who I am?"
    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Who are you?"

    Bai Yu-jing coldly said: "I am in the Green Dragon Clan’s 12 deities Red Flag elder (Hong-qi-lao). A lowly person like you certainly would not know me."
    Yuan Zi Xia complexion had changed, really changed.

    Bai Yu-jing calmly said: "You thought this matter was camouflaged that even the deities would not know. But actually Green Dragon’s eldest child already saw it, therefore he had sent me to investigate in secret."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "You... ... You really must deliver me back?"
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Certainly."

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "You could be so cruel-hearted?"
    Bai Yu-jing sneeringly said: "Coping with a cruel-hearted person, I am always impolite."

    Yuan Zi Xia looked at him, before she suddenly bent down laughing, laughing until the tears run down her cheeks.

    Bai Yu-jing was astounded instead. He looked at her startled and could not bear to ask: "Why are you laughing?"

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "I am laughing at you."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "Laughing at me? Why am I funny?"

    Yuan Zi Xia reluctantly stopped her laugh and said: "You can act well in a play, but, if you are the Red Flag elder then who am I?"
    Bai Yu-jing was astounded.

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "Honestly I am telling you that I am one of 12 deities in the Green Dragon Red Flag elder."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "You... ... You are? "

    Yuan Zi Xia smilingly said: "Wei Tian-ying was addicted to gambling and had lost 302,000. He actually intentionally said he had bought the false peacock map; Gongsun was lascivious, he had seduced many women from respectable families; Fang Longxiang was greedy for money, he had embezzled 162,000 equities. These matters are well-known to Green Dragon’s elder, therefore he had especially called me to sweep up the clan."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "You alone?"

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "I usually work only by myself."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "You want to sweep up the clan?"

    Yuan Zi Xia said: "A person is enough."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "But your wugong... ... "

    Yuan Zi Xia lightly said, "As long as a person understands how to use her own strong point, she does not need to use wugong to strike the person."
    Bai Yu-jing said: "What is your strong point?"

    Yuan Zi Xia only smiled, did not speak.
    She really smiled sweetly, was really beautiful.
    Extremely beautiful...

    "You have deceived me so many times, I originally wanted to deceive you too then let you know bit by bit. I could not suspect that it could be revealed by you," said Bai Yu-jing.
    "When have I deceived you?"

    "You have not?"
    "If I had deceived you, why would I run away with you, the Green Dragon Clan Red Flag elder and all?"

    "Perhaps you are not the real Red Flag elder."
    "Hm... "

    "Aren't you actually?"
    "Can you guess?"

    Bai Yu-jing knew he wouldn’t be able to guess correctly forever, but this was unimportant.
    More importantly, she stood by him now. Moreover she could never leave him again. This was enough.
    This was the first story, the first kind of weapon.

    Our lesson in this story was regardless of how sharp was the sword, it would not compare to the captivating smile that could move it.
    Therefore I said the first kind of weapon was certainly not a sword, but smiles. Only smiles could really conquer the will of the people.

    Therefore when you understood this truth, you should unleash your sword by smiling a lot!



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