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Thread: Looking for a Title of a Series. Ask Here!

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    Default Hard to find series

    I'm looking for a drama (may have been a movie, but I am pretty sure it is a drama)that I watched in around 2006. I think the drama was on dvd. The Only things I remember about the drama are:
    The girl falls in love with a man who is her teacher (60% sure) and they are going to get married (somewhere around the middle of the series) but the man gets hit by a car or another type of vehicle when he was going to the girl (I think they were about to get married?) He then dies and the parents of the man who opposed their marriage from the beginning didn't let her come to his funeral which makes her really upset.
    There is this other guy who also liked her (I think he was younger than her and the brother of the other guy?) He is a 'bad boy' who rides a motorcycle. I'm not sure when this happened but somewhere along the series, this guy forces the girl to ride with him on his motorcycle to get to their school. The girl refuses and gets on the bus only to have the guy stop in front of the bus and blocking it from moving. The bus driver is angry? and tells to girl to go ride on his motorcycle. When they get to school, they get told off by a teacher for being late/ riding a motorcycle to school. The guy then tells the teacher that it was his fault and not the girls (50% sure)
    I watched this around the same time as I watched Heavens Wedding Gown.
    Anyway, sorry for the vague descriptions, but I have been looking for this drama for so many years now with no idea if other people even know about it (I have literally searched so many websites that didn't have this listed) I'm 80% sure Heavens wedding gown is more popular than this drama because it was listed on more websites
    Please help! thank you!

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    Hi everybody,

    I'm looking for a series I haven't watch for like 10 years and want to see it again. I don't remember much except for some of the plot.

    The background to this story is that there were 4 martial artists who knew 4 different types of martial arts (one is a lion, one is a dragon? don't exactly remember the other two), and they become brothers and sisters. There was this evil guy that knows this invincible skills and require that all 4 of them combine their techniques to kill him. The evil guy dies along with the 4 (supposedly).

    Moving on to present. There are two not blood related brother that are learning martial arts in the same sect. They are both in love with the sect leader's daughter, but she only loves the main character. The sect leader wants to transfer leadership to the main character and his daughter's marriage as well so the other guy (evil main character) is super jealous because he wants her and the sect. So idk what happens in between, but something big went down and the sect leader dies, the evil guy blames his death on the main char. and so the daughter hates him now. He is forced to flee while the other two gets married.

    Later, the main guy meets another girl who falls in love with him and come to find out she is the daughter of one of the surviving good guy from the background story. Meanwhile, the evil guy becomes all power hungry and somehow learns the martial arts of the evil guy in the background story that makes him invincible (forgot the details in between). So the main guy has to go find the martial arts of the 4 guys and gals from the beginning so he can defeat the evil guy. He doesn't learn them all because they are lost; however, unknown to everyone else, the guy that knows the lion martial arts is still alive and he does know all 4 and demolishes the evil guy.

    Sorry for the long post,, just trying to give as much details as possible.

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    Default help!!!!

    OK!! so i'm trying to figure out he name of this drama which is Chinese. OK it starts out with this girl who is poor an d she needs to be pay forth the rent for her apartment or she and her younger brother will get kicked out. Then she meets this guy who says they'll start dating and bring her to his house for his father's approval. So they do start dating and he introduces her to his dad and brothers. They own a chinese food shop. it is found out that he is the older brother but the father sees him as a failure. he convinces his father to lend him money for a business deal. the guy eventually disappears saying he will comes back. the girl gets kicked out of her place and lives with the guy's father's house and pretends to go along with "marrying" the guy. The mean second brother later falls in love with her.

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    Hi everyone

    I was in Macau earlier this month and was watching a drama series in my hotel about the relationship between a female student (who has multiple boyfriends and the last one just came out from jail) and her ex teacher (now working in some public company, now married with a family).

    The drama starts with the student grown up (No school scene at all). The teacher brought her home to live with his family as she has no family and homeless. The teacher likes the student a lot. Wife and daughter are not happy and the stories go on about the student, who is actually the drama's main character. The teacher is an old guy (around 60 years).

    Its Mainland China produced and voice in Mandarin, not Cantonese.

    The drama broadcast around 9pm to 11pm. Can anyone help me to find the title of this? Thanks a lot!
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    Is there already a thread for the following show?



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    I've been looking for this series for forever. It came out in the early 2000ís and I never got to finish the story.

    So the story is basically about a magistrate/rich boy(?) who goes into a town and starts to investigate things and then there's this girl who's really street smart and is greedy for money (she also owns a restaurant). Her and the guy don't like each other at all and are constantly at wits ends. Anyways, there's another girl who always acts weak and sweet but is really strong and knows kungfu and is set out on revenge (?) against her dad. Her dad was a hero who would steal from the rich and give to the poor and was known as the "smiling bandit" (?). Anyways her mom told her to look for him and stuff before she died. The girl who is pretending to be a weak timid girl and the magistrate guy starts to fall for each other. I remember a scene where they were eating tofu and the guy selling it was like "OH! I forgot to add sugar but it's already sweet because you two are so sweet to each other". or something like that.

    Please help!

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