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    I don't see any thread on this show. Hope it does'nt have another name. Anyway just want to share with you. It's quite amusing at times. The not so common theme is that the woman is 5 years older than the guy...I know MNIKSS has the same line. But this is not a comedy. The main actress is quite annoying in the beginning, typical plain jane with a crush on a good looking guy who does not appreciate her. She also has annoying mannerisms, but I continued to watch it because I like the guy who was in heaven's tree. He's sweet. The corny part is that after shedding her glasses and getting a new hairstyle, everything about her changes. It's quite unbeliveable for me ( what the heck it's TV land) ne'theless, she becomes quite attractive in many ways, including getting the guy she has been crazy about to fall in love with her...but there's more to it....I'll give it a 4.2/5.

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    i think this series came out in 2004 but its pretty cute. lee wan was cute as usual lol.
    i though the series was okay but it dragged on forever, it was like 16 eps, but it didnt reach the climax until the main charcer transformed herself into a beautiful person in like ep 10 or something (i forgot bc i watched it a long time ago) but i really reccommend it to lee wan fans.
    it was pretty cute. the episode guide is up so check it out =)

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