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Thread: IMPORTANT: Alternative access to competition entries

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    Default IMPORTANT: Alternative access to competition entries

    Due to my lack of organisation, the entries are difficult to access and download, however, NetDriftr has kindly uploaded them onto his ftp server and you will be able to listen online or download depending on your preference.

    I know it's a little late, but there's still 3 days to go, those that have had problems accessing can now use this site:

    Again, i apologise for my lack of foresight- being on dialup has not made this easy- should have contaced him a lot sooner

    We will also be compiling some statistics at the end of this similar to that in the Actress Battle Royale.

    Also, all finalists are expected to record another song by the 7th of May 9:00pm Pacific time.

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    cool. thank you net.
    Participate in SPCNET Idol Season 4!!!

    Entries due July 31st, 2016!

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    that's great! least for the next rounds i dont have to wait forever to finish downloading....thnx net!

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