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Thread: What Chinese songs have the highest notes

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    Default What Chinese songs have the highest notes

    Please name them here...

    To start the ball rolling...

    Mandarin song

    Ukelele's song - Admin I'm Wrong (Ying Jwar) - the high note at the end (Ai Niiiii)

    Cantonese song

    Leen Yee by Danny Chan - ....leen YEE (high note)...

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    Tai Zheng Xiao - Xiang Ni Xiang De Hao Gu Ji

    Panda Xiong - Huo Chai Tian Tang

    Jeff Chang - Yi Yi Bu She

    Zhang Ke Fan - Bie Zai Xie Yu Tian Tou Tou De Ku Qi

    Phil Chang - Ze Ren

    Huo Chai Tian Tang and Yi Yi Bu She don't use falsetto, but it's consistently high throughout the whole song.
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    The most painful song I ever tried singing was George Lam's Thousand 100 Million Nights. His songs are all rather high, but that one stayed up there for almost the whole chorus.

    Lui Fong's Something Fai Lok Guo (the one that starts "I look at you, you look at me") also has a very high chorus, and just when you think you've got the hang of the song, the last line kills you mercilessly.

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    Shun Zi - Hui Jia

    There are several high notes throughout the song with one really high note in the middle (2:38).
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