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Thread: Please post requests here...

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    Default queen seon deok

    hi, anyone has a episode guides of the queen seon deok.

    thank you very much.

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    I would like to request episode guides for ROCH 1995 the HK TVB version with Louis Koo and Carman Lee.

    Much help appreciated


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    can anyone direct me to site for Kuang shen by tang jia san shao chinese version

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    Hello everyone. I'm completely new here, i just joined a few minutes ago. I would love to find an special Episode of the Chinese Drama Series "Love in a Miracle" (愛在有情天爱在有情天). In this Scene a young Woman get's kidnapped by two Men, and the Men bring her to another Woman. The Woman is blind and sits on a Table, then She takes a large Hand full of sticky Rice and stuff the Mouth of the kidnapped Woman, then She get's cleave gagged by the Man and thrown into a kind of Gaol or Stud - not quiet Sure, but She is tied and always re-gagged with Rice and a Bandana. My Hope is that any of the Chinese Users remembers that Episode and can tell me the Season and Episode. In the best Case with English Subtitles^^. Please help me if You can, because I was really searching like a Maniac, but Successless

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