I guess this question is for people who have a "second home", whether it's based on their ethnic roots, i.e. you immigrated to Canada/US/Australia/UK/etc when you were young, those who have left "home" for college, or those who have permanently moved on and "grown up".

How often do you go back "home"?

Well for me, I've moved so many times when I was little, but my 2 major "home regions" are Canada and China. And I've only been back to China every 8 years. I've gone back once when I was 14 and then haven't been back since. Mostly a financial issue, since going back is expensive, but also timing, since I've been spending my summers doing a lot of things and going back for 2-3 weeks isn't worth it really. But I'm curious to see how often other people visit. I know some of my friends get to go back every year (lucky people).

And how do you usually feel about the (or lack of) changes? The only time I've been back, I didn't remember too much since I left when I was 6, but I bet if I go back now, I'm definitely gonna be surprised by the changes.