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    Wink Rebirth!-Wuxia Fan Fiction

    Intro-Around the beginning of the 15 century peace should have arrive after the battle over the Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber have ended or has it? Many sects have been gone but new one have been form such as Yipyirn sect. The leader of this powerful sect was was named Zick Ten Ming from an hidden island where people lived happily but life is too peaceful so he wanted to think about being strong such as wuxia ruler that he heard from outsiders. One day he found out on the island there is a cave and when he walked in he found a incredible dagger shaking so he pulled it out and energy from the dagger is transfer to him then he saw mysterious pictures of a man using a dagger and it seem to be some sort of manual. As he look at it he became more interested and began to mimic the person on the picture using wooden stick and after he is done, he felt his strength increases and is able to leap high enough to fly. At the very moment he saw a some words on the opposite side of the cave and laughed believing this is the order of god that want him to become the next wuxia ruler. The text say "I the mighty one had fallen into a trap of those Wuxia people of the light side and lost to Zhang Sanfeng but I won't just died in peace of this cave instead I'll used my last breath of my energy to draw out this manual and transfer my inner energy to this dagger of mine. I may have died but my spirit stay in the user of my Crimson Dagger martial art and the chosen one who master my techniques will be my successor to revenge me and killed Zhang Sanfeng!!!" One night Zick built a raft and began to be free from this island and go to China, the place where his dream lies but his father saw him and try to stop him so he killed him. After drifting for a month he see land and went in to town. His first mission is to start off low so he join a the beggar sect and after a month he became the leader of it and mastered the 18 dragon palm. He change the name of the beggar sect to be Soon Ten Ming meaning follow the order of god. He began to challenge different sect's leader using a special dagger and the people who are challenged at end up handicapped or in a coma and the one refuses will died and their body will be hanged in public. At the end Wudang Zhang Sanfeng was chosen. Zhang Sanfeng saw the model of the dagger and is in shock. He ask his pupil to take care of Wudang if he dies. The next day Zhang Sanfeng and Zick have a fight on Mt. Wudang but Zhang Sanfeng was over 100 years old and managed to fight equally with Zick's Dagger but after a big lighting storm Zick was missing and Zhang Sanfeng was stabbed by his own sword to heart. Why does this happen and where is Zick? Mystery lies beneath another mystery.
    To be Continued...
    Damn that sure was a long and boring intro right? I don't really like it also and is was my first fan fiction.

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    Can you minimize that third photo? Its so big.
    I just love how you Captivate My Mind

    Self reminder - Update blog more often and continue editing/writing for TOV fanfic.

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