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Thread: Secrets of the Sweeper Monk-Fan Fiction

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    Default Secrets of the Sweeper Monk-Fan Fiction

    This is my plot for the story!

    Sypnosis: Sweeper Monk from DGSD was actually a high official in Dali but after a misundersanding that he had stole Duan's family powerful techniques because he always had interest in powerful martial art. The emperor removed all his martial art and knock him out of his kingdom. On his jourey he meet friends and a woman but they all died for him and after that he wander in the city of Dali becoming a beggar and teased by the beggar sect. He felt he lost everything so he tried to suicide but luckily a old Shoalin monk walked by and saved him. He wake up in the temple and he wanted to forget his old life and become a monk so he become the old shoalin monk's pupil. Everyday he cook and clean and live a pleasant life until one day he was assign to help clean the Shoalin's library and he found many martial arts but none was as strong as Dali's martial art and the Beggar sect's Dragon 18 palm but until he found a secret room so at night he walked in and found Yick Gun Ging and began practicing so he can avenge his friends and after he finished he left the temple. On the way his master saw him and stopped him but he wanted to had revenge and they began to fight but his master had the upper hand so he act to be injured and hurt his master. His master died but at his last breath tell him tha the's a shoalin student and must forget all hatred. At the very end he bury his master body and secretly worked in the temple with a different name and hope not to used his martial art again.
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    I'm waiting to read the first chapter.

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