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Thread: Ang Lee's Lust Caution - NC17

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    There were various highly intense sex scenes, and I believe at least one is real sex. I could see ermmm Tony's ermmm well, family jewels. Sometimes a fake sex scene is easy to see, well all are easy to see but these two, positions and all seems too real to be fake. I know they're very good actors but I believe at least one scene was real whatever the actors or director say.

    As for the movie itself, it was good actually. That scene where Tony ran for his life and jumped into the car- why do I feel that as undignified?

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    (contains spoilers...)

    I know I'm a couple years late, but I just saw this movie last night, and I have to say that it completely and utterly blew me away. It's definitely added on my list of favorites. Initially, the lustful title and erotic cover lead me into thinking that this movie was mainly going to be about non-commital relationships and meaningless sex, when in fact, it's quite the contrary. It's a tragic story about forbidden love and two people torn between emotional and political turmoil. I felt that the 3 main intimate scenes were very symbolic and necessary in order to deepen the impact of the film. I mean, sure, they were intense, but not detailed enough to be classified as anything remotely pronographic. The scenes were executed very artistically, and convincingly gave explanation to every unspoken word. I now understand why director Ang Lee strongly stood by his decision to include them, and I respect him for it.

    The ending left me so emotionally drained, I can't even explain it. It just...spoke to me on so many levels. Tony is such an AMAZING silent actor. The sad and lonely expression in his eyes just make you want to hug him. It's one of the reasons why he was able to portray the despicable, nihilistic traitor, yet still manage to gain my sympathy. It was so heartbreaking watching him sit on Tang Wei's empty bed in the final scene, and you could clearly see the hurt in his eyes. The dark and quiet room just added to the melancholy ambiance.

    Tang Wei's acting was almost just as brilliant. It was remarkable how she was able to switch back and forth from an innocent, young teenage girl to a refined, mature older woman in a matter of seconds. I'm so glad that she was chosen for this role rather than Zhang Ziyi (as rumored), since I find Tang Wei light years ahead of Ziyi in terms of poise and talent.

    Quote Originally Posted by AAgurl789 View Post
    1.) I've read interviews of Ang Lee and how he was trying to convey the progress of their relationship through their sex scenes. the first one was a somewhat of a rape but as their relationship progressed....the sex scenes according to ang lee showed their "bond" and intimacy in a way. for instance, at the end of the sex, tony leung gently touches tang wei's hair...showing their progress from brutality to a gentler version of love....and there's also the scene where she covers him with the pillow and although he's afraid of the dark..he let her do that for a brief minute....showing their trust with each other building up. the intertwining of their body during sex represented that they have somewhat been attached to each other mentally..there's others....but I can't think of it much
    Adding to that, the fact that Tony was in complete control during the very first sex scene, but Tang Wei ended up with all the control in the last scene. This goes to show not only the shift in power, but also the fact that he'd allowed himself to be completely succumbed by her.

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    2.) when tang wei sings tony leung the songstress song...(great scene IMO) I don't think that at that moment she was "acting" out the role of Mrs. Mak..she really did mean that:

    "Your heart is my heart...
    A young girl to her man,
    Is like thread to its needle
    Ah my beautiful man
    We're like a threaded needle
    Never to be separated"

    this is one of the pivotal scene that to me subtlety represented that she really has somewhat fallen for him. tony leung sheds tears after hearing this..only with tang wei is he able to let out his "real" emotions and show some form of weakness despite his job. this to me is "emotional connection" without saying much.
    This was probably my favorite exchange between the two of them. When he looked at her as she was singing to him, you could see his usual cold and solemn self transform into a warmer, more vulnerable self. His eyes conveyed a kind of passion and love that he never showed to anyone else. I loved how she kneeled down beside him and gently (as if in a reassuring way) placed her hand on top of his, as he wiped away his tears and touched her hand. It was a simple gesture, but also a very sweet and tender moment.

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    3.) when wang leehom couldn't resist and kisses tang wei..she pulls him back and tells him that "why didn't you do this years ago" and leaves..this just kinda shows that in her heart she knows that she belongs to tony leung and that she does indeed love him.
    Yes, this scene pretty much confirms that she'd already fallen for Tony. LeeHom wasn't there for her when she needed him the most, and now, it's too little too late.

    Quote Originally Posted by AAgurl789 View Post
    5.) when she has the ring in hand and says that she can't wear this or else others will notice..he tells her "it's're with me" me, this whole entire line was enough for tang wei to decide what to do..she was neglected by her father, lonely and weary....her aunt didn't care for her..the resistance leader didn't give a damn about her leehom disappointed greatly when she needed him most when tony says this....she really was touched and felt that she belonged somewhere..her decision wasn't completely irrational, she may be
    confused..but I can see WHY she has chosen this path.
    I can understand why she made the decision to betray her friends and country at the last minute as well. The fact that she was afraid of wearing something so precious out in public subtly hints that she had many valuable things (both tangible and intangible) stolen away from her whilst growing up. So when Tony reassured her by saying, "It's okay... you're with me now," it deeply affected her. With him by her side, no longer was she lonely and abandoned. For the first time in her life, she felt protected, needed and loved. Perhaps she was selfish in her decision, but this just goes to show how powerful love can be sometimes. Which reminds me of a very familiar motif in Wong Kar-Wai's Chungking Express (another one of my favorites): Love creeps up on you when you least expect it... and when it does, there's no escaping it.
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