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Thread: ????/Goku Dou High School

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    Default ????/Goku Dou High School

    Anybody watched this drama yet? Need ur valuable comments.
    JDrama, KDrama, TWDrama: All I love.....

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    Good series, scientific type so yea...but very enjopyable to watch!

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    this show is nice but a bit draggy

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    I'm currently watching this series, and so far, I'm not liking it.
    The story's premise is similar to KO One, but Goku Dou High School is a far inferior series.
    The horrible cast lineup and acting, annoying characters, corny romance, and weak storyline are all recipes for disaster. Hopefully, it'll get better toward the end, but I highly doubt it.

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    Finally finished watching this series. To be fair, I must say that the story did pick up as it progessed. But it probably came a little too late coz I've already lost interest by then. I also must mention that Lao Da and Meng Gu Bao's romance is more bearable than Dean-Yi Mao-Shen love triangle.

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