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Thread: A step into the past - 寻秦记 - by Huang Yi

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    Nice story. I thought the beginning read like a bad fan-fic but once he arrived in the past it get's much better. The curious thing about it so far is that it's completely different from the TVB series.

    Thanks Jean for the translation.

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    Default ShiShiNi

    Another Magnificent Start To A New Chapter Loving It As Always Thank You Jean Highly Appreciated You Have My Complete Respect For The Effort And Lengths You Go To Translating This For Us Chinese Illiterate!!! On Another Note Tweety Just Curious But Your Comparisons To XSl And WXb .. . .. . .Do You Read Chinese, Got Your Hands On The English Copy Or Had Found A Net Translation????I'd Really Like To See This Novel But My Local Library Has No Copy T_T

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    End of chapter 4

    ************************************************** *******

    Xiang Shaolong saw that he spoke of murder like an everyday affair and was secretly startled. However, all the training he received taught him how to kill, so as long as its the bad guys hes killing, he wont feel too sad about it.

    Tao Fang was suddenly in the mood to chat again and said, The Weis occupied our capital Handan for 2 years, and thankfully the State of Qi helped us force the Weis to retreat. But a lot of Weis were still left in Handan, and they became traitors and spies. That is what Dou Liang is, so you must not have any sympathy when you strike.

    Xiang Shaolong went back to camp. All the other warriors were respectful towards him and now that the sun is setting, the land started getting darker.

    From a corner of the camp sounds of girls laughing could be heard. In any case, Xiang Shaolong had to find Dou Liang, so he might as well walk over and take a look, and was immediately stunned. It turns out that the small river was filled with naked girls, all bathing and having fun in the water.

    My god! Why are ancient women even bolder than the western ladies in Caen or Miami Beach?

    A few warriors were at the side of the river enjoying this marvelous scenery, and one of them was Li Shan. He walked forward with a smile and said, The quality of this batch of girls is very good, does Brother Xiang want to ask Master Tao for two to have some fun? He seems very impressed with you?

    Xiang Shaolong asked in bewilderment, Where did you find so many pretty women? Dont they feel that its very sad to be traded like goods?

    Li Shan asked curiously, Isnt Brother Xiang from the mountains? If women arent goods then what are they? If they were sold to some poor village or isolated place, they would have to serve the whole family of 10 odd men alone, isnt that worse? Now they can go to the city, and if theyre lucky, they may capture the eyes of someone from a wealthy family. Theyll be able to wear jewelry, how much more proud can they be!

    Xiang Shaolong may be lecherous, but hes always respected women so he finds it difficult to accept such an attitude. Therefore he can only stop talking about this subject and instead asked, Where is Dou Liang?

    Li Shan smiled evilly, Just because hes the head here, he chose the prettiest girl and went into the tent, what do you think hes going to do? Xiang Shaolong was secretly furious and after finding out where his tent is, walked towards it.

    Before he reached the tent, he could hear a man panting and a woman moaning.

    Xiang Shaolong guessed that he will certainly emerge for dinner so he waited at the side. Indeed, after a while, the girl came out first with her clothes in disarray, followed by Dou Liang.

    Xiang Shaolong walked towards him and as he walked past, said quietly, Come alone with me if you have the guts.

    Dou Liang laughed sinisterly and followed him out of the camp.

    They came to a dense forest and Xiang Shaolong turned around, taking the opportunity to hide the dagger behind his back and said respectfully, Brother Dou, I am sent here by Hui Hu to help you.

    Dou Liangs hand was already on his sword but once he heard that, he looked at him in extreme shock.

    Xiang Shaolong was laughing secretly to himself and said, Theres been a change in plans, Hui Hu has decided not to strike at Dashi Valley, and told me to inform Brother Dou.

    Once Dou Liang heard him mention the name Dashi Valley, he was finally hooked and said furiously, What the heck is Hui Hu trying to do. What other better locations can there be other than Dashi Valley?

    Xiang Shaolong took the opportunity to step forward and said, Its at

    Dou Liang shouted, Stand there and talk!

    Xiang Shaolong drew out his long sword and threw it aside, saying with a bitter smile, Brother Dou is too overly suspicious.

    When Dou Liang saw him drawing his sword, he drew his in retaliation as well but when he saw him throwing it aside, he was relieved and replaced his sword back into the sheath. His expression calmed a little and he said, That old fox Tao Fang is quite formidable, how can I not be careful.

    Xiang Shaolong suddenly stared at a spot behind him, his expression full of fear.

    Naturally Dou Liang would turn his head back for a look and when he saw no one, he knows he has fallen for the trap. He felt a coldness on the side of his neck, stabbed by Xiang Shaolongs dagger, fresh blood flowing out from the vein and he died on the spot.

    Xiang Shaolong walked over to his body and sighed, When it comes to killing, who can be better than me, who is from the Special Task Force and well versed in anatomy?

    Xiang Shaolong returned to camp and other than the warriors on patrol, everyone else were gathered at the open area in the middle of the camp. There were 20 over tables, the girls taking 10 tables, and there was a campfire banquet. There was a wide array of food, and maybe because of this, the women were willing to become goods.

    He walked towards Tao Fang, sat next to him and lifted 2 fingers in a sign of victory, to indicate he has taken care of Dou Liang.

    Naturally Tao Fang did not understand his signal, but looking at his spirited expression, he knows that he has succeeded. He was secretly complimenting him, thinking that this lad has killed a man and yet theres no change in his expression, hes indeed a first rate assassin and killer. He said, Shaolong, go and take a look at the ladies table, if theres anyone to your liking, just take a few into the tent for fun, no need to be shy.

    Xiang Shaolong secretly thought to himself, now why would he be shy. Its just that my body is not made of iron after all, after dealing with that insatiable Baiyi wanton, he has no more energy to enjoy another woman, much less a few. He spoke into Tao Fangs ear, Is Master Tao interested in making a night journey, so that the enemys spy will suddenly realize tomorrow morning that hes lost our whole camp?

    That night Tao Fang ordered his men to cover the horses hooves and the wheels of the carriages with soft cloth. Leaving behind a few empty tents and some straw men, they journeyed in the dark of the night until dawn before they pitched camp and rested hidden away in a small valley.

    Xiang Shaolong slept soundly in his private tent, now he has become the head of the bodyguards.

    When he woke up he realized that theres a pretty lady in his tent.

    The beauty knelt on the floor, her forehead touching the ground and said respectfully, I am Ting Fangshi, and have been ordered by Master Tao to serve Master Xiang on this journey.

    Xiang Shaolong was secretly commending Tao Fang for his kind thoughts. He might as well enjoy the feeling of being a master, so he said, Sit up!

    Ting Fangshi sat up straight, her voluptuous bosom straining to escape from her clothes.

    Xiang Shaolong took a while to shift his gaze back upwards, and immediately recognized her as the beauty Dou Liang took into his tent yesterday. He remembered her tender moans and immediately felt desire, secretly hating Dou Liang for being able to pick a fine specimen. He sat up with a smile, reached out and pinched her face and said gently, Who can bear to sell you?

    Ting Fangshi lowered her head and said quietly, Its my husband!

    Xiang Shaolong exclaimed hoarsely, What? How can there be such a man who does not know how to treasure a woman?

    Ting Fangshi guffawed, covered her little mouth and said, Master Xiang talks so funnily, youre different from the others.

    Xiang Shaolong thought to himself, of course its different, were from a different time period! However he asked, Is he inept?

    Ting Fangshi asked in alarm, What is inept?

    Xiang Shaolong explained patiently, It means a man who is incapable of copulating with a woman.

    Ting Fangshi finally understood and she shook her head, Thats not the problem, but because he already had over 10 wives, and all of them snubbed me and backstabbed me, saying that I was flirting with other men with my eyes. So he sold me.

    Xiang Shaolong was suddenly enlightened, and felt that beauties truly have a hard life. Because her beauty has incurred the jealousy of the other evil wives. So he asked nonchalantly, So did you flirt with other men?

    Ting Fangshi gritted her teeth and said, Not initially, but I did later. Because I had hoped that a stronger man than him will come and save me. As long as I can get him and his wives out of my sight, I am willing to make any sacrifice.

    She then chuckled and said, Master Xiang is different from other men. They cant wait to take off their clothes and jump onto me once they see me, only Master Xiang will talk to me like this. I am very grateful.

    Xiang Shaolong felt a sense of pity, the women of this era really have hard lives, like a rootless duckweed, their fate totally controlled by men. His enthusiasm was dampened, the fire of desire he felt early disappeared totally. He stood up and said, I think theres a clear stream towards the east, Id like to go there for a cold bath.

    Ting Fangshi did not really understand what he said, so after he explained again, she hurriedly stood up and said, Let me serve Master Xiang with your bath. She then added quietly, That would be my greatest honor.

    The two of them stood naked in the waist high stream, with Fang Tingshi helping to scrub him. Xiang Shaolong was so comfortable he almost wanted to sigh.

    click to show/hide spoilers
    Her pretty face blushed and her eyes shone, appreciating his strong muscles, and she cant help but move her slender hands from the back to the front, gently caressing his chest which is wider then an average man.

    This is the first time she has seen such an endearing handsome man, and cant help but feel desire.

    Xiang Shaolong was totally drunk on the feeling of unhindered contact with this beauty, feeling her generous bosom rubbing against his back and remembered how her chest looked like as it was straining tightly in her clothes and felt his desire rising again.

    Suddenly he heard Tao Fangs voice on the shore, If Shaolong is satisfied with this woman, then let her follow you in future.

    Ting Fangshi exclaimed, Ah!, her expression overjoyed. If she can become this mans mistress or maid, shed be willing even if it means death.

    Xiang Shaolong obviously knows that this is Tao Fangs way of bribing him, so after thanking him, asked, Have the scout returned with any news?

    Tao Fangs eyes settled on Ting Fangshis peaks, which was trembling slightly. When he bought this woman, he inspected her body personally so he knows how smooth and supple her skin is, so now he felt something. He swallowed his saliva and said, Shaolong has guessed correctly, theres 3 thieves running after us but theyve been killed. We have lost Hui Hu for the time being but we must not let our guard down. The horse thieves are good at tracking, and added with our slow speed, they will catch up sooner or later.

    During his life in the army, Xiang Shaolong has long become accustomed to bathing together with his teammates, so hes not uncomfortable at all that Tao Fang is seeing him. However, for Ting Fangshi to be admired by him thus, he felt a little taken advantaged of, so he said Well leave immediately after the meal and see how far we can travel. Give me 10 odd men, I will hide the tracks of the horses and carriages. Tao Fang is getting more and more confident of him, so he nodded and said, Well depend on you, enjoy yourself! and left.

    Ting Fangshi turned towards him and said while hugging him, Master Xiang! I will be yours in future.

    click to show/hide spoilers
    How can Xiang Shaolong withstand the sight of her alluring body, so he carried her up and kissed her lips hardly and invaded her body.

    Its the first time Ting Fangshi enjoyed such tenderness from a man, so she used all her might to express her willingness and joy.

    Familiar moans and groans sounded in Xiang Shaolongs ears again like music from the heavens.

    Xiang Shaolong showed all his moves gently, and let this beauty who has suffered in the hands of men enjoy a sweetness that she can never imagined.

    ************************************************** **

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    Another Highly Enjoyable Read Thanks Jean Much Appreciation As Always

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    Thanks Jean! After reading your beginning chapters translations, I went on to re-read the chinese novel for the whole of yesterday! LOL It's good that you have 'simplfied' those corny steamy scenes of XSL & ladies... Can't wait to read the next chapter translation.
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    Wow. That's a lot of sex and naked women.
    Read the latest chapters of Coiling Dragon at Wuxia World!

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    Thanks a lot for the translations jean. Are all the books written by this author like this?

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    gosh, this is starting to sound like some bad romance novel. can there be too much meaningless sex in a story?

    so far, there are steamy scenes in just about every ch. wish huang yi would just skip these scenes and focus more on plotting/fighting. XSL's intense libido isn't very interesting nor necessary to the story. i could be wrong...

    thanks a bunch for keeping up with the updates, jean. i'm hoping to stick around for awhile, unless XSL becomes too lecherous for my tastes.

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    Thanks Jean. I still can get my head around how you manage to translate those scene and make it sound so good. hahaa

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    Dammit this makes me want to go back in time!
    Its BIxie Jianfa Gawdammit you guys!!!!

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    i think we are beginning to see some good character development - just still a bit surprised by the daily sex scenes

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    Yes, and we're still getting a lot of 'action'. It's a challenge having to think of appropriate words without making it sound like Jude Deveraux or Nora Roberts writing. :P

    myko85, I'm not sure, this is the 2nd book I've read from him. I read the first few chapters of Twins of Brothers and there's no sex scene at all.

    Anyway, new chapter....

    ************************************************** *

    Book 1 Chapter 5 Display of invincibility

    As far as they can see all around them, the land was a large lush plain of green, peppered with wild forests and winding rivers and streams. Nature is so breathtakingly beautiful.

    Tao Fang suddenly sighed and said, Im in conflict when it comes to the Weis as well. The southwest of Great Jin has a corner separated by the Yellow River, followed by treacherous mountains. It effectively sandwiched the Qins only entrance in the east. After the separation of the 3 states, this section was taken by the Weis, and as long as they remain strong, the Qins will be trapped in the west and cannot conquer towards the east. Hai! So do we wish for the state of Wei to be strong or weak?

    Xiang Shaolong asked, Why does Master Tai hate the Weis so much?

    Tao Fangs expression turned somber and he said, Ever since Marquis Wen of Wei reformed Wei, he kept invading others, not only weakening us, but made the Qins stronger and become a danger to us. The chaotic situation now is all the result of the Weis actions. Secondary are the aberrant Qis who goes back on their words. When we joined forced with Chu and Han to attack Qin, they came to attack us and gave Qin the opportunity to eliminate the 2 states of Ba and Shu, thus expanding their land. All of them are short sighted people.

    Another warrior interrupted, But the most idiotic would be King Chu. The Qins used only 600 miles of land to entice him to break off friendly ties with Qi. In the end they were left isolated and without reinforcements. The Qins defeated them badly at Danyang and they lost 80,000 men, Hanzhong, northwest of Chengdu and Pingxiao which resulted in a huge setback for their state. Later he was lured by the Qins to go to Wu Pass and was captured by them. In the end he died of an illness in a foreign land. One does not know whether to pity him or laugh at him.

    Xiang Shaolong got excited upon hearing all these. In the 21st century theres no turmoil like this where the outcome can be determined by war. Only here can he show off his capabilities like a fish to water. By now he is thinking less and less about returning.

    After the few of them discussed about their strategies at Shantou, they split up to follow up on their respective tasks.

    Xiang Shaolong led 30 odd men and set traps and dug holes on the surrounding slopes to prevent the enemy from attacking them in the cover of the night. He also confirmed the emergency back up plans with Tao Fang, who nodded with consent as he listened.

    During these few days, Xiang Shaolong would practice on his swordplay and archery whenever he is free. He had learnt all these in the past, but of course such skills were not as important as practicing their marksmanship at that time, so now he has to work harder in these areas.

    To a full time army personnel like him, he is more adept at using weapons then anyone else. However he humbly sought advice from other warriors and improved on their swordplay, creating for himself a powerful yet unconstrained style of swordplay that is most lethal. Although he felt that its still not good enough, but he cant find a good teacher in such a short time, so hell have to make do with it.

    He only returned to the camp to rest late at night.

    The beautiful and coquettish Ting Fangshi, who has been nourished by love, had just woken up and was about to change his attire for him when Xiang Shaolong stopped her and said, Ill sleep in this tonight! I have a feeling the thieves will come tonight.

    Ting Fangshi was so startled her face turned pale and she stammered, What should we do then. If I end up in the hands of those horse thieves, I will surely be defiled, and face a fate worse than death.

    Xiang Shaolong hugged and assured her, Dont be afraid, with Xiang Shaolong around, I will guarantee your safety, I may stay behind to fight off the enemy, youll go with Master Tao to Handan first and Ill meet up with you later.

    Ting Fangshis expression turned stricken and she sobbed, I ask that Heaven have pity on me and protect Master Xiang. In the past I felt that it doesnt matter which man I follow. But now I know that if I dont have Master Xiang, I would not want to live a single day longer.

    Xiang Shaolong knows that this enticing beauty has developed feelings for him and suddenly felt desire again. He licked the tears off her face, his other hand reaching into her top and working its way around her bosom. For a moment he remembered Mei Canniang, and secretly thought that it was a good idea not to let her come along, or else she might have been frightened to death now.

    Ting Fangshis petite body shivered, her face red and burning, fire coming out of her eyes. Her little mouth gaped open, sighing and moaning, the expression of desire on her face thoroughly enticing.

    Xiang Shaolong suddenly stopped, and said I have to conserve my energy tonight to deal with any situation that might arise. Can you wait for a night?

    Ting Fangshi gasped and moaned, she has no choice but to nod her head in agreement. But once he saw her rapidly heaving bosom, he knows that she is now in a heat of desire that cannot be extinguished.

    For the first time, Xiang Shaolong thought that how idyllic life will be if theres no war.

    Ting Fangshi blew out the oil lamp and fell into this mans arms, making him out of control.

    Xiang Shaolong hugged a ball of fire and snuggled into the blankets. He asked gently, I forgot to ask you, have you ever had an affair with another man behind your husbands back?

    Ting Fangshi curled up and nibbling his ear, said softly, He was very strict with me, but I frequently have to accompany the men he singled out. When hes happy, hell let his relatives and friends have fun with me. Luckily its a lot better serving other men than serving him.

    Xiang Shaolong secretly sighed to himself, women in this era has no standing at all, but just the slaves of men. From what she said, a married woman is not that much different from a prostitute. When he thought of the Emperor Qin in the movie, his mother was the favorite concubine of Lu Buwei, who offered her to his father, and no longer felt that such a situation is strange.

    Under extreme exhaustion, he slept.

    He suddenly woke up, and heard urgent footsteps coming nearer and nearer. Ting Fangshi was frightened awake.

    Xiang Shaolong ordered her to stay in the tent and quietly took his sword and left the tent. He met a nervous looking Li Shan and knew that somethings wrong so he hurriedly followed him to the top of the eastern hill.

    Tao Fang and all his warriors are all awake, crouching at the top of the hill looking at their surroundings.

    Under the majestic starts, in the seemingly quiet plains, birds were startled into flight, and there were roars from ferocious tigers.

    Tao Fang turned pale and exclaimed, Theyre coming!

    ************************************************** ********

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    Thank you jean! I look forward to this everyday

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    end of chapter 5....

    ************************************************** *******
    Xiang Shaolong is adept at observing his enemys movements, and guessed that their enemy is still far away and have not grouped up in force. He suggested, Why dont Master Tao escape with the women first, but leave the horses here. I will lead 50 men to engage the enemy and we will meet in Handan at a later date.

    Tao Fang knows that the horse thieves outnumber them and theyre all vicious and fearless, and felt a chill in his heart. He reached out and grabbing his shoulders, said with gratitude, Ill leave everything to you. You must keep your life and come to Handan to look for me. I will take good care of Ting Fangshi for you. And he left in a hurry after speaking these words.

    After a moment, Tao Fang and the women went up the horse carriage and under the protection of the other 60 odd warriors, left by the other passage that has not been laid with traps.

    Xiang Shaolong and the rest immediately busied themselves, improving their defenses, increasing the depth of the trap holes, putting more ropes to trip the horses and such.

    3 hours later, the horse thieves finally came. The horses on the hills neighed as the thieves surrounded the small hill. Murderous horse thieves were all around them, causing a chill down the various warriors heart, because they are really greatly outnumbered.

    Xiang Shaolong felt himself getting numb and kept reminding himself to calm down.

    Suddenly footsteps were heard, 2 teams of 100 odd horse thieves ran up the hill from the east and west.

    Xiang Shaolong knows that the other party is just testing them, so he instructed everyone to stand by their positions and not make any rash moves.

    The 2 teams of horse thieves started making their way up, whooping shrilly, and causing anyone who heard them feel a cold shiver.

    Halfway up the hill, the horse thieves split up and charged quickly forward.

    The horse thieves at the forefront fell over, either falling into the pike holes or their horses tripped over the ropes, causing the men and horses to roll down the hill and knock into the charging horse thieves behind. Under this chain reaction, more than half of the 2 teams of almost 200 men were either dead or injured.

    The warriors cheered, their confidence greatly boosted.

    Xiang Shaolong secretly thanked the good luck, knowing that the enemy lost because they were careless and over confident, thats why they fell into the trap. He hurriedly ordered everyone to move to the bottom of the slope and hide in the holes without the pikes and prepare their arrows to launch a third attack to the enemy.

    A few hundred torches lighted up the surrounding area, throwing the whole hill into fiery brightness.

    A burly man with huge graying beard walked out from among their enemy, sitting proudly on a horse. He pointed and shouted, Those damned Zhao devils. If I, Hu Hui, allow anyone of you to die with an intact body, then I will retire immediately.

    Xiang Shaolong was secretly berating the other party for being stupid. Once he said that, wont he be forcing his opponents to fight with all their might?

    Xiang Shaolong felt that his arm is stronger than others, and shot an arrow towards Hui Hu. The light weighted arrow lost its momentum before it even reached its target and dropped about 10 meters away from Hui Hu. However, this is enough to cause apprehension among the horse thieves. Who has such incredible arm strength?

    The warriors were secretly cheering, but none dared to make any noise, afraid that the enemy will find out their location.

    The horn blew and the horse thieves all came down their horses and split into two groups to attack from all sides.

    Horse thieves with shields and spears, who under the light of the torch, made their way carefully up the slope, led the first wave of attack, spoiling the trap that Xiang Shaolong had laid.

    Behind them were archers, who kept shooting arrows towards the hill, covering the ascent of the men with spears. However they did not know that Xiang Shaolong is already hiding in the middle of the hill in a hole designed to avoid arrows.

    By now all the warriors were impressed with Xiang Shaolongs prediction of the enemys moves and their confidence soared.

    By Xiang Shaolongs estimation, the enemy still has about 700 men who can fight. Even if they can get rid of the 400 odd men who are making their way up now, their enemy still outnumbers them greatly. Besides, theres no way they can kill all the troops who are advancing now without causing casualties to their own people. He had an idea, and instructed Li Shan, who was by his side, When the fight starts later, bring 10 men to the horse enclosure immediately. When you hear the signal of 3 long and 3 short horns, break the enclosure immediately and let the horses out. Let them charge down from the east, then well escape from the west.

    Li Shan immediately agreed and went to look for his partners.

    By now the first batch of horse thieves have reached the midsection of the hill, slowly coming closer. The atmosphere was tense.

    Hui Hu and the remaining of his 300 men sat on their horses at the east side arranging their formation. They rubbed their fists and palms, getting ready to charge up and kill.

    This is the first time Xiang Shaolong is in such a situation, and his heart beat wildly for a moment. He ordered, Release the rocks!

    The barrier of 10 odd piles of tree trunks and rocks, which were hidden behind the bushes and grass, was removed and they rolled down like waves, breaking the enemys shields and causing them to fall.

    Xiang Shaolong shouted, Release the arrows. All the warriors who were hidden in the burrows immediately showed themselves and their arrows fell like rain. The enemy was in chaos and could not retaliate at all. They were struck by arrows and rolled down the hill, suffering another 200 odd casualties.

    The morale of the warriors were greatly boosted and they cheered.

    Hui Hu was jumping mad and after retreating the injured men, he immediately regrouped his men for the third attack.

    Xiang Shaolong observed how the other party was moving and knew that theyre putting their main force on the slope at the east. That area is not as steep and secretly thanking heaven for helping him, he ordered all the warriors to retreat up the hill.

    There are advantages to having less men, the enemy will not be able to detect their movements so easily.

    When they have all retreated up the hill, Xiang Shaolong told them to lead their horses and told them his plan. When the warriors heard that they can escape, their morale were boosted and they were all united, with no one making any objection. Until now, none of their men has been injured so naturally they think of Xiang Shaolong like a deity now.

    The horn sounded, the horse thieves charged up again from all areas but most of the remaining 500 off horse thieves were coming up from the east.

    Xiang Shaolong waited until the horse thieves were halfway up the hill before he ordered his man to sound the signal. Horses neighed and hooves drummed, a hundred odd wild horses were chased out of the enclosure and the warriors all hurriedly helped to steer the horses so that they ran madly down the eastern slope. They even used their long spears to poke the horses buttocks so that they will become even wilder. Amidst the flying sand, the wild horses galloped down the slope, directly into the horse thieves who were on their way up.

    Xiang Shaolong has no time to observe the outcome and leading his 50 warriors, ran towards the western slope, running all the way down the safe path.

    Only a hundred odd horse thieves met them, and because they were unprepared, they were quickly defeated.

    Xiang Shaolong knows that his plan must be beyond the expectations of the enemy. Hui Hu does not know that all the women have been sent away, so he couldnt have imagined that only 51 riders were left to charge out of the siege.

    The eastern slope may be in chaos, but the horse thieves from the other 2 sides all came to help and for a moment, the sounds of killing filled the air.

    Although Xiang Shaolong had learnt to ride in the army, but hes naturally not as adept as the warriors and horse thieves who grew up on horseback. When they reached the foot of the hill, hes already lagging behind the other warriors, who thought that he is so brave as to risk his own life to cover their retreat.

    By now only about 30 out of the 50 warriors remained, and they hurriedly escaped.

    With his amazing arm strength, Xiang Shaolong killed a few horse thieves who were pursuing him with his spear. He was about to catch up with his team when he felt a sharp pain on his shoulder, shot by an arrow.

    Xiang Shaolong roared and urged his horse to run faster. In his haste he did not see where he is going at all, but onl knows he must move forward quickly. In a short moment, he was all alone, riding forward is the vast plains.

    The horse suddenly lost its footing and threw him off. He stumbled into the bushes and even the end of the arrow was snapped. The horse finally collapsed and died of exhaustion.

    Xiang Shaolong felt his body getting weak and his head giddy, with a fiery pain behind his shoulder. His body was stained with fresh blood from the wound. He gritted his teeth and stood up. Taking the dagger Tao Fang gave him, he endured the extreme pain and cut out the flesh surrounding the arrowhead, and after that haphazardly bandaged the wound with his shirt.

    He was parched, and knew that this is an indication of losing too much blood so he climbed up with much pain.

    A ray of light shone from the eastern side of the plains. They have ran the whole night, no wonder the horse could not take it any more. He looked at the horse in apology and continued on his way.

    He walked for 20 odd days in the deserted wilderness. Xiang Shaolong experienced the most difficult journey in his whole life.

    The first few days he depended on wild fruits to stave his hunger. Later when his wound gradually healed after he applied mashed herbs on it to prevent infection and inflammation, his strength returned and he hunted wild rabbits for food. He was disheveled and dirty with tattered clothes.

    Following Tao Fangs instructions, looking at the sun during the day and checking out the stars at night, he walked towards the direction of Handan. One day he came to the bottom of a huge mountain and looking at the tall and dangerous looking cliff, he had no choice but to walk around it. But he walked for more than 10 days and yet he was still walking around the winding mountain area. By the time he left the mountainous area, he was totally exhausted. Even his sword was broken and just as he was despairing, he found an official road outside the forest. He was overjoyed and bounded towards the road. By this time even his boots were torn.

    On the way he met two groups of traders with a dozen men but when they saw his bedraggled look, they hurriedly moved away, totally ignoring him.

    Xiang Shaolong sighed about the heartlessness of men. After walking for three more days, he reached another large city in the state of Zhao, Wu An, which is west of Handan.

    By this time, the weather will turn cold at night, so cold that hell be shivering. He wanted to go into the city but was chased out by the Zhao soldiers. He realized that all who enters the city must pay taxes and have their identities checked. The way he looked, like a beggar now, not to mention that he is penniless, theres no way he can enter the city.

    Never did Xiang Shaolong imagine that he would become a pest that no one wants. Luckily he has been through rigorous military training and was especially resilient. He did not give up but waited for a chance outside the city gates.

    He decided that after gaining into the city, he have to get clothes, food and a horse even if he has to steal or swindle. And after he finds out the route to Handan, hell go there immediately to look for Tao Fang so that he can end this painful existence.

    That night he ate wild fruits to appease his hunger, huddled up in the forest next to the road, tolerating the bitingly cold night.

    When the sun shone on him as the day broke, he finally fell asleep.

    Without knowing how long he slept, he was suddenly jarred awake by the sound of carriage wheels.

    He opened his eyes for a look, and it turned out to be a group who was carting sheep. He was ecstatic and when no one was noticing, he hid himself in the last sheep cart amongst the sheep and stole into the city.

    This city of the State of Zhao during the Warring States Period has a lot of elderly with tall and large buildings. The place was crowded, but it seems that there are more females to makes. Xiang Shaolong thought to himself that this must be the after effect of Changping where the Qin generals killed 400,000 Zhao soldiers.

    He was wondering if they have gigolos here, if there is, with his ability, hell be able to make the ladies happy. He can then earn enough for traveling expenses, a good horse and fresh clothes to Handan.

    Once he thought about this, he himself felt that its hilarious, and jumped off the cart.

    Once the people on the street saw him, they all gave him despising looks.

    Xiang Shaolong touched the beard on his face and almost wanted to cry. Before he came into the city, he had a purpose, which is to figure out how to come into the city. But now that hes really in the city, he is at a loss instead.

    He felt ashamed of himself and turned into a deserted lane, but was discovered by a group of children who were playing in the courtyard. They ran after him and made fun of him as if hes a monster, and were so mischievous they even threw stones at him.

    When he turned around to scare them, the dozen or so children immediately scattered. One little girl could not run away in time and fell down.

    When Xiang Shaolong wanted to help her up, the little girl was so panicked that she wailed loudly.

    Immediately a few adults holding knives, spears, rods etc ran towards him with cries of murder.

    ************************************************** **

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jean View Post
    He was wondering if they have gigolos here, if there is, with his ability, he’ll be able to make the ladies happy.
    omg, how can XSL think of being a gigolo at a time like this , but still got to admit it's kinda funny. he's definitely a very resourceful guy. i'm impressed.

    but i'm still puzzled as to how he can cut the arrowhead out from his back. it's a bit of a reach, not to mention horribly painful

    the story is definitely picking up and getting interesting. thanks for the extra long update, jean . can't wait to see what kind of mischief XSL will get into next.

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    Awesome The Story Finally Seems To Be Building Some Momentum Getting Better And Better Wonder What Happened To The Other Warriors???And Hoping Xiang's Women Ting Fang Doesn't Suffer Or Get Taken While He's Not There For Her Highly Appreciated Translation Loving This Novel Quite Entertaining And Shock Of Shocks There Was Actually No Steamy Scenes This Time Around Maybe Not For A While Either Then Again Judging Xiang Shaolong's Character He'll Probably Pick Up Another Women Once He Get's Some New Clothes And A Shave Lol @ How Hes Being Treated Like A Dog Finally He Experiences The Harshness Of The Past, Looks Like The Heshi Jade Story From The Series Was Just Made Up Filler Anyways Thank You For The Update!!!

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    Just when I thought there was no sex, he thinks of being a gigolo!

    Keep it up!
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    As some of you might be able to tell from my user name, I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to the Qin empire of the warring states era. Partially, it has to do with watching TVB's A Step into the Past. I started studying Qin, Chu-Han, and the Han dynasty because of this story. Although I've heard from many readers that the novel is quite different from the tv series, I didn't realize that Han Xialong would be so much like Wei Xiu Bo.

    Anyway, I lost a lot of interest in wuxia a few years ago and have liked real Chinese history instead. I was never planning on reading another wuxia novel again, but thanks to Jean, I'm actually going to read this story. I guess this is more of a wuxia/sci-fi combo so that makes it good. What makes me love this story even more is that it happened right before Qin Shi Huang became powerful.

    Again, thanks Jean for translating this.

    Btw, if some of you don't know who my username is, then let me enlighten you. He's the general that Han Xialong was referring to when Zhao's 400,000+ soldiers were killed. Bai Qi was the head general who plotted the demise of those Zhao soldiers. The kings in the other warring states would be petrified of this guy just by hearing if he was leading the Qin armies into attacking their empire instead of some other general. Bai Qi, Wang Jian, Li Mu, and Lian Po were the 4 reknown generals of the Warring States era.

    Wikipedia info on Bai Qi:
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    new chapter


    Book 1 Chapter 6 - Leader of the Mohist School

    Xiang Shaolong did not want to fight them, so he can only run away. He later ended up at a dilapidated and isolated temple, walked in there and sat cross legged, hidden in a corner.

    What should he do? Why don’t he go back to Mulberry Forest Village and look for Mei Canniang and live the rest of his life there. Once he thought of this, he really felt that heroes are short-lived.

    Suddenly, there was someone else in the temple.

    Xiang Shaolong looked over in surprise. It turns out to be a middle-aged man wearing linen clothes, his feet bare. No wonder he did not hear any footsteps.

    That man was tall and well built, almost as tall as him, his features plan, his expression calm. However his eyes were alert, and besides the cloth he bun his hair with, he wore no other accessories, looking a little like a monk on a pilgrimage.

    The two of them eyed each other.

    The man suddenly came towards Xiang Shaolong, squat down and asked, “Where did Brother come from?”

    Xiang Shaolong did not know what the other party has on his mind, so he said, “I was on my way to Handan to visit my relatives but lost my way and ended up here. If Sir can tell me how to get to Handan, I’ll be very grateful.” By now his accent and speech is about 70 to 80 percent similarity to how the people at that time talked.

    The man smiled and said, “I’m not a sir, it’s just that I saw that you’re strongly built and good looking but although you ended up in such a state, you still have pride in your eyes, that’s why I asked out of curiosity. Tell me, what are you good at?”

    Xiang Shaolong was secretly cursing, but he has to find out the route to Handan so he swallowed his anger and replied, “I don’t know anything, but I have brute strength. I’m not afraid of hard work or fighting.”

    That man smiled, “Do you know how to use a sword?”

    Of course Xiang Shaolong nodded his head.

    The man said calmly, “Come with me!” He pushed open the back door of the temple and walked in.

    In any case, Xiang Shaolong has no place to stay now, so he followed him in. Behind the door there’s a world of it’s own. It’s an abandoned courtyard with high walls surrounding the four sides with a dried up pond in the middle. On the other end is a small stone house.

    That man walked out of the house with two wooden swords and threw one of them to Xiang Shaolong.

    Xiang Shaolong was shocked when he caught hold of the sword. It’s actually a few times heavier than his previous sword, the wood was black, and he wondered what kind of tree is it made from.

    That man saw his look of surprise and said, “This is a heavy sword made from a 1000 year old pomegranate tree. Fine! Show me some attacks.”

    Xiang Shaolong waved the sword a little, shook his head and said, “No! I’m afraid I’ll hurt you.”

    A look of appreciation shot through the man’s eyes and he smiled, “If your sword can touch my clothes, I’ll give you a detailed map to Handan as well as traveling expenses and clothes immediately.”

    Xiang Shaolong was shocked when he heard that and quietly thought that this person is even more conceited than him. He laughed and said, “In that case I’ll oblige.” He went forward and was 5 steps away from the person when he made a fake move. He leaned towards the left, then moved to the right, his sword sweeping over, force meeting force, using the strength in his arms to shake his opponent’s wooden sword away.

    Who would have expected that that person did not move at all, but just moved his wrist. Although he struck later, his sword reached his opponent first and slashed diagonally at his sword, then the tip of the sword slid forwarded as if it’s going to stab Xiang Shaolong’s face.

    Xiang Shaolong was startled and took a step back. His opponent’s wondrous swordplay made it difficult for him to use his strength. He felt piqued and with a roar, leapt forward like a ferocious tiger. Continuously for 7 moves, his danced madly with his sword like leaves falling on a strong, windy night, suddenly attacking the top or bottom, sweeping and chopping, attacking towards him.

    The corner of the man’s lips seem to curve up in a smile and yet he did not move, but no matter how he slashed, his opponent would just be able to block off his sword. His following sword moves were able to force him back, and there’s no need for him to fight with him on strength. Although he only defended and did not attack, there’s no way he can get close.

    “Pak Pak” the sound kept ringing in his ears.

    When he was striking for the 72th time, Xiang Shaolong was finally exhausted. He stepped back and panted, looking at this gentleman in front of him incredulously.

    That man exclaimed in surprise, “So you really do not know the art of swordplay, but only depended on your strength and nimbleness. But if an average swordsman was to meet you, he’ll surely have difficulty fighting you.”

    Xiang Shaolong gave him back the sword dejectedly, and admitted his loss, “I admit I can’t be compared to you. Hai! To think that I actually harbored the wish to roam the world. It turns out that a real swordsman can be so formidable. Farewell! I’ll return to the mountains now and just live out the rest of my life.” When he finished his words, he really felt completely discouraged and thought about the era he is so familiar with. If they’re dueling on marksmanship, he’ll definitely be able to win this swordsman.

    That man laughed, “From the way Brother moves and talks, you’re poor but yet you’re not and your bearing is excellent. Obviously you’re an upright and extraordinary person. Come! Have a bath and change into some clean clothes. I’ll cook and we can have a good chat.”

    ************************************************** ***
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    so XSL has not become a gigolo , but managed to befriend a mysterious man. getting more and more interesting. i wonder about this stranger's background. surely he will help out XSL.

    thanks for entertaining us with this update, jean. seems, i can't help saying that every time i post. hope all is going well for you.

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