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    okay, so i'm wondering if any of you know any sites that contains info. on any of the newest and latest techs. that has yet to come? i'm doing a project on this, finding anything new & giving a presentation of at least 3 new futuristic inventions (preferably some *office supplies* that would make life easier..[my audience are all business majors so something that will relate to them i guess ] one example is the 3-D printer..but uh, no. don't wana use that).

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    well use to be that sites such as CNN, TIME had a section for future/upcomming technologies, also try Popular Science, Popular Mechanics if they have online stuff.

    Otherwise most of the time individual universities, corporations, research centers will have information only about the stuff they are doing. Not sure about a site that tries to provide up-to-date information about researches and developments from various sectors from various institutions.

    There are sites that concentrate on a particular field and try to keep updated information about the various sections within that field.

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    There's a new style of cutter being flogged on TV designed for easily opening plastic blister packed products. Some of them you'd swear they didn't want you to actually open.

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