Title : The Lobbyist
Starring : Song Il Gook - Harry
Jang Jin Yong - Maria
Synopse : The story of two international arms dealers.

Review : Produced at the cost of $17 million, The Lobbyist follows the established formula of megabudget blockbusters like Sad Sonata and Air City to compete against the king of megabudget series, "The Chronicle of Four Guardian Gods of The Great King". So does it succeed? The answer is sadly no. Looking at it makes wonder how the producers of "The Hour between Dog and Wolf" came up with such a quality drama for only 1/3rd of budget. Basically, The Lobbyist makes all the mistakes that Sad Sonata made, a poorly written series with big name actors and lots of eye candies to show. But the problem is that those eye candies have nothing to do with story telling itself and the plot itself remains confusing, pointless, and draggy.

This is a big dissapointment. Avoid it.