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    I couldnīt find a thread about Tung Wai, so I decided to start one.

    Iīve always loved the kid in the beginning of "Enter the Dragon" and the guy who killed his wife in "Smiling Pround Wanderer", but I didnīt know that it was Tung Wai. After Iīve seen him in "The Young Heroes of Shaolin", I decided to find out more about him. I couldnīt find out much about him . In "The Young Heroes of Shaolin", he reminds me of Barbara Yung in "Legend of the Condor Heroes".
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    I think he is in Taiwan now. I thought he was really good actor. Played his role well in smiling proud wonderer. He was very funny in young heroes of shaolin. I think he was more popular in the late 70s and early 80s.

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