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Thread: Singapore's 天龍八部 The Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils

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    Default Singapore's 天龍八部 The Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils

    We have seen Christopher Lee (Yang Guo) and Fann Wong (Xiao Long Nv) in Singapore's Return of The Condor Heroes...

    Would it be great if Singapore do a drama on 天龍八部 The Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils?

    Let's see, who is your ideal actors for:

    1) Qiao Feng/Xiao Feng
    2) Xu Zu
    3) Duan Yu
    4) Mu Wanqing
    5) Zhong Ling
    6) A Zhu
    7) A Zi
    8) Wang Yuyan
    9) Murong Fu
    10) Meng Gu
    11) A Bi
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    hi Duan Yu,
    MY ideal actor is Xiao Feng.

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    the only thing that comes to mind is fiona xie as ah zhi. have no idea what her acting is like, but that spoiled bratty bombshell image she has seems rather appropriate for the character.

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    sg doesn't have enuff beautiful actresses in mediacorp to make totally local 天龙八部

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    Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils! That's my favourite series! (Well, "The Gods of Honour" is still my number One, tho)

    I think they could do something like, a combine cast with Taiwan and China? So that they would have a better choice, a bigger selection of actors to choose from.

    Meanwhile, in my mind I could on think of Duan Yu - my favourite character in DGSD - I think Cui Peng is suitable for this role. Elvin Ng may fit into this role, but he is rather stiff in acting.
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