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Ultimate Wuxia RPG Character Profiles
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Thread: Ultimate Wuxia RPG Character Profiles

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    Default Ultimate Wuxia RPG Character Profiles

    Alright guys, this is used to store character profiles of the characters that will be used in the RPG !
    Please take your time to make them detailed and exciting so we can have a wide range of wonderful multi-dimensional characters to play with in the RPG!

    More to be added later... really tired atm haha..
    내가 황제라면, 모든 단어에 의미를 부여하기 위해 사전을 만드는 일 부터 시작할 것이다.

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    Name: Fang[方] Wudi[Invincible]
    Age: 35
    Gender: Male
    Personality: a deep sense of righteousness, resentment towards anything 'evil', really hate Mongolians, caring and nice, usually serious but can be comedic and goofy at times
    Appearance: 6 ft. tall, 170 lb [77kg], large squarish head, round brown eyes, big nose, long hair [not tied up], broad shoulders, macho build, thick bushy eyebrows, short mustache and beard
    Internal Power: Shaolin/Kongtong Sect internal mix; 6/10
    Lightness Kungfu: Average; 5/10
    Techniques: Above Average; 7/10; learned Golden Buddha Fist (1 of the 72 Shaolin Supreme Arts), incorporated elements of Shaolin's internal power into that of Seven Injury Fist so that it doesn't harm one's organs and mastered the skill itself
    Weapon: Dual Steel BrassKnuckles

    Story: Wudi was born into a wealthy family. His parents were well-known martial arts practitioners. They named him Wudi in hope of having him become a powerful pugilist later on in his life. When Wudi turned 12, his dad brought him to Shaolin to learn martial arts (because that's where his dad learned it). In the 8 years that he stayed at the monastery he mastered 1 of the 72 Supreme Shaolin Arts; the Golden Buddha Fist. Upon returning home he discovered that his parents were slain by Mongols a few years ago. He roamed Jianghu for the next 10 years and did many good deeds; raiding rich people to feed the poor, killing Mongols, and more. He later joined Kongtong Sect at age 30. At that time Zhu Yuan Zhang was battling the Mongols and Wudi had helped a great deal in rebelling against the foreign tribe. The clan leader died in battle and Wudi was elected the new leader. He later fixed the powerful art of Seven Injury Fist and mastered it.

    Do you guys think this is good?
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    Name: Zhuang Zheng / Taoist Priest 9 Wings
    Age: 47 (time of death), 70 (presently)
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: an old white-haired taoist
    Internal Power: mixed; 8/10
    Lightness Kungfu: good; 8/10
    Techniques: good; 8/10; learned from various clans throughout his life

    Story: leader of the Vigorous Gold Banner of Ming Cult, he died many years ago, but he will be resurrected in this story.

    He will come back to take on the persona of Taoist Priest 9 Wings from Mount Shu. He will come and go freely and abruptly, like Eastern Heretic Huang Yaoshi. He will NOT spell out that he is actually Zhuang Zheng, but it will be heavily implied.

    He will serve as a plot device. He is extremely powerful and saves people when there is a need.
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    忽见柳荫下两个小孩子在哀哀痛哭,瞧模样正是武敦儒、武修文兄弟。郭芙大声叫道:「喂,你们在干甚麽?」武 修文回头见是郭芙,哭道:「我们在哭,你不见麽?」

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    I like, not typical young toned fighter. Shaolin and Kongtong fits the build/face. Btw decided on which supreme Shaolin Art?

    My turn:

    Name: 闞蒂德 (Candide), new to jianghu.

    Age: 20

    Gender: sigh... female

    Appearance: 5-4, 110lb (for 0-0-0 it equates to 1.62m and 50kg. Wears a human mask - unknown facial appearance (seek companionship at your own peril). Shoulder length black hair. In Jianghu wears male attire, her female voice gives her sex away more so than body shape. She prefers pale green as a rather androgenous colour.

    Personality: Strong-willed, proud, keeps promises to the end, quiet and thoughtful.

    Internal Power: 2/10 some basic training (
    Lightness Kungfu: 4/10 her strength - set of feet techniques that uses bagua placement (BaGua Man Di You)
    Techniques: 2.5/10 self transformed of basic set of accupoint pressing and grappling technique (MeiHuaShou DianYue Fa, ZheChaShou WoNa Fa, DaoCha PanBi Fa)
    Weaponary: So far relying on her mask to scare people away, not exactly to the effect of medusa, but seems to work against waiters and shopkeepers. Also carry a set of Pan Guan Bi (Pressure point pens).

    Allegiance: Neutral

    Story: Her family used to escort goods, but ever since the revolution have stepped out of wulin and changed business to owning a teashop. The teashop (Cha Ming) has already gained much fame as it is popular around among wulin practitioners and newly appointed officials, being the site of much information gathering, conflict and brawls. 闞蒂德 was brought up as a noble daughter and recieved formal education under a healer (also origin of face masks and martial arts). Since birth she was betrothed to a young boy. Since the revolution began, the boy has been whisked away to war up North and has not been heard from several years since. Little else is known (or willing to be revealed) about the boy and his family other than his surname is Wang. Rebeling against her parents' wishes she set out to find her husband-to-be, in no doubt what will be a life changing adventure.

    Will add more later.
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    Name: Wong Ji Kern. "The Strongest"
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 5' 10" (1.77 m). Imagine Dayo Wong. Scrawny guy, unkempt hair.
    Internal Power: After days of pestering a master swordsman to accept him as a disciple, the swordsman finally relented and teach him the basics of internal cultivation. But because Ji Kern has no talent he only managed to learn very little and thus, the master swordsman never told him the name of the sect he's from. Nor even his real name out of shame. Ji Kern regards his "sifu" highly and will not tolerate anyone who badmouths him. 2/10
    Lightness Kungfu: Ji Kern is always running around town looking for people to help even when no one wants it. His speed is above normal humans but that does not prevent him from occasionally stepping on people's foot or bumping into vendors from time to time. Although his lightness kungfu is nothing compare to the rest of wulin, he has the uncanny ability to sneak up behind people when they least suspect it. 3/10
    Techniques: He has no known techniques other than the ones he created himself. His most prized technique is his "Drunken Swan". People who has witnessed him performing this move describes it as such; "Sometimes he swaggers to his left, sometimes he swaggers to his right. Whatever it may be, he always bents his body forward, puts his right leg up behind him, has his left arm hanging, and then makes a throwing motion with his right hand." Since this technique is incomplete, the aim of the blast is usually way off, often hurting other people he does not intent to. 1/10
    Weapon: Wooden stick. He's too poor to afford a real sword so he has no choice but to use whatever he could find. Fortunately, sometimes this lead his opponents to believe he knows the "Dog Beating Stick".
    Story: He was a scholar who pursued studies not because he wanted to become an official but because he was trying to impress a girl. After he passed the national exam he came back to his town only to find out that his crush had already married someone else. Heart broken, he gave up his status and decided to become a "hero". Some would say he went through depression and then became crazy. Four years later, he's no longer as smart as he used to be but his desire to do good and his longing to be accepted by his peers is always apparent. His family is sad this happened to their eldest son but they try not to think about it.
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    Name: Yue Tian Long 岳天龍
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 5"5, thin but muscular, dark asian skin, black hair that is long and tie behind the head, thick eyebrow. Dressed up nicely, mostly in the color blue and white.
    Martial Art: Peach Blossom island's martial art: jade Flute swordplay and fallen hero palm and his version of the Diving Flicking Finger. not that powerful, does not fully grasp the martial art yet.
    internal power : not strong, 4/10 too lazy to really learn any of it...
    lightness kung fu 8/10, one of the only thing he is actually good at.
    technique: 3/10 beause he is too lazy to train
    personality: care free, and fun loving (kind of like zhou ba tong) but really lazy, prefer to eat and slepp over training, has a high sense of justice, often secretly punished the corrupted and evil.
    Weapon: Jade Flute
    Story: TianLong was an orphan, and was raised in the Peach Blossom island by the descendent of Guo Fu and Yelu Chi,when he was found he had on a jade that has the character Yue 岳 craved onto it,along with two book that is written in an unknown language(hebrew). (I want to kind of change the story that gf and ylc didn't died at XiangYang and instead live at the island, if it doesn't work I will change it.). because of his carefree and lazy nature, he is not that strong due to his lack of training. But he is smart and has many ruse up his sleeves. After he turn 18 he travel all around Asia and part of the middle east to tried to find out what those two book he have is about... and what language is it in. He later settle down to the city of Kaifeng and opened up a Tea Shop. Because of his lack of internal power he can't unleashed the full power of the "Divine Flicking Finger" yet, and instead modify it to attack acupunture point instead. Can freeze a person from a distance.

    please tell me what you think... first time playing, if it doesn't really work out, there is this other character i thought of...
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    Name: Peng Shun 彭顺
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: 6 ft. tall, 185 lb

    *ignore the words cause i have no idea what it says, but my character will look something like that*

    Personality: He is a depressed guy internally, but never shows it. He likes to joke around, flirt with girls, and drink wine. As of right now, he sees no purpose in life.
    Internal Power: Some knowledge of Beggar Union's internal energy and Shaolin Sect internal energy; Average 4/10
    Lightness Kungfu: Very very basic Beggar Union's lightness kungfu; Very Below Average 1.5/10
    Techniques: Non-existant techniques of beating with a stick, throwing random punches and hitting with a wine bottle; Bad 0.5/10;
    Weapon: A Gold Wine Bottle
    Story: He became an orphant at 4 when his family were killed by the uprising that started the Ming dynasty. Later when he was 5, he got accepted into the Beggar Union. He was awarded a gold wine bottle by the leader of the Beggar Union at age 9 when he discovered and reported a major conspiracy in the Beggar Union that would have gotten the leader of the Beggar Union killed. But his lack of motivation to practice kungfu got him kicked out of the Beggar Union at age 17. With no money, food, or friends, he joined the Shaolin sect to survive. Again he lacked the motivation to train kungfu, but the Shaolin monks still decided to let him stay. But at age 23, he was kicked out of the Shaolin sect after repeatedly being discovered for drinking excessively and flirting with women. For a year now, he wandered around Jiang Hu drinking and begging for money.
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    Default Leng Qingzhu

    Name: Han Feifei

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: A thin, fair skinned young girl who has fairly sweet if somewhat average features.

    Personality: Again this is prone to change throughout the story. She is generally quiet and likes keeping to herself.

    Internal energy: Her internal energy is relatively low as it is of little importance to her 3/10

    Lightness technique: Being trained as an assassin, her lightness technique is excellent 7/10

    Techniques: Han Feifei's mother was a prominent member of the 5 Poison sect and passed on her knowledge of poisons to her daughter. 6/10

    Weapons: Her main weapons are the variety of poisons and projectiles she carries around.

    Story: Han Feifei was brought up by her mother, her father having died before her birth. From a young age, she began to learn martial arts. When she was 12, her mother gave her to a masked man she later called 'shifu,' who trained her as an assassin. She has come to Luoyang disguised as a male to observe and report the situation in wulin.

    I was reminded that there is not 5+ committed female characters, so i've transformed my character to a female. I guess i'll update details and things when i can be bothered.
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    Name: Yang Fei Yun (扬飞云)
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Long hair, white clothes, 186.5cm tall (my height ), very skinny
    Personality: Carefree (I am sure by now everyone notices that I really like to be carefree ), honest, upright, has a strong sense of justice
    Internal Power: Combination of QZ and AT base, Yang Family Internal Art (Created by Yang Guo from DGQB's training) 5/10 Started training internal energy only when he was older due to his weak physical body hence the low internal energy
    Lightness Kungfu: 6/10, He had pretty good agility since he is from Ancient Tomb.
    Techniques: AT/QZ sword techniques--6/10, Access to 9 Yin martial arts but only practised the most basic skills in it, Yang Family Arts (adapted from DGQB's swordplay and other martial arts by Yang Guo)--9/10
    Weapon: A sword strapped to his back
    Story: An orphan whose parents disappeared since he was born. He was found by the descendants of Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nv and they adopted him as their son. Since he did not have any name when the descendants of Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nv found him, they decided to name him Yang Fei Yun. They hoped for him to be as carefree as the clouds in the sky. He started practising martial arts at a young age but because he was weak physically he could only do the basics at first when others should already be learning the more advanced skills. However, he showed tremendous potential and progressed at an amazing rate. He had access to a variety of martial arts but due to his limited skills at the moment, he decided not to attempt them yet until he was stronger.

    He then decided to roam the pugilistic world to gain experience. Initially, his god parents did not agree but finally they relented after numerous pleas by him.
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    This is to bridge the gender imbalance.

    Name : Zhuo Jia Li ( 卓佳丽 )
    Gender : Female
    Age : 19
    Affiliation : Beggars' Clan (1 of 4 Elders)
    Appearance : 1.65m, 50kg, long hair, cute but dirty-faced.

    Personality : Fun loving; loves to play pranks but also likes to help people in need. Always telling silly jokes, sometimes at the wrong time!

    Weapon : Steel rod (3 feet)
    Inner Power : 3/10
    Lightness : 2/10
    Techniques : 9/10
    Skills : Various; high mastery of the New Dog-Beating Skill

    Story :
    Playful and intelligent, she learnt martial arts since young and easily attained mastery of whatever skills she learnt. Being lazy, she didn't develop her inner power much, however. When her parents wanted to betroth her, she escaped from home and joined the Beggars' Clan where she quickly rose to the rank of Elder due to her kind-heartedness and powerful martial arts. Her proudest work is the re-engineering of the Dog-Beating Skill which quickly regained its prestige in Jianghu, and she was naturally chosen as the Elder in charge of martial arts despite her young age.

    Note : This is not Huang Rong redux!
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    Quote Originally Posted by IcyFox View Post
    Name : Zhuo Jia Li ( 卓佳丽 )
    This is the great grand daughter of a certain individual in wuxia, right?
    忽见柳荫下两个小孩子在哀哀痛哭,瞧模样正是武敦儒、武修文兄弟。郭芙大声叫道:「喂,你们在干甚麽?」武 修文回头见是郭芙,哭道:「我们在哭,你不见麽?」

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    Quote Originally Posted by PJ View Post
    This is the great grand daughter of a certain individual in wuxia, right?
    LOL I was thinking Genie Zhuo Wen Xuan more than Sword Diva Zhuo Bufan!

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    Name: ...
    Tribe: Uriankhai
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Ethnicity: Mongolian
    Spouse: Anu
    Affiliation: Tibetan secret Martial art sect
    Appearance: Average height, Mongolian style hair, well built, average looking.
    Personality: Firm, straight forward, quick-witted, determined, might imply evil means to achieve his goal
    Weapon: long rope, bow and arrows
    Inner Power: 2/10 - Tibetan based internal energy. doesn't have a firm foundation, because he didn't have a chance to receive tutelage from expert.
    Lightness: 2/10 - Fast if compared to average man, but slow from wulin pugilists. He didn't have an efficient training.
    Techniques: 4/10 - Mongolian and Tibetan mixed swordplay. lasso technique, archery technique
    Skills: Quite good with sword, excelled in archery, uses rope as a whip, also uses it as a lasso, quite good with it

    Story: He is a direct descendant of Subeedei Baatar who was one of the greatest generals of Chinggis Khaan whose achievement rivaled to even the deeds of Great Alexander.He inherited precious sword of Subeedei baatar. Born in Mongolia and raised there until 15. Being a direct descendant of Great Hero, he had a strong desire for military skills and power. As a common Mongolian male, he started to ride horse when he was three years old . Also he has firm foundations of wrestling and archery. Archery skills become his favorite and later excelled with it. When he was 15, he was sent to central plain as a military man. He served Royal Army of Yuan Dynasty. One of the generals quite liked him and took him as a henchman. Later he met a tibetan lama and learned martial arts from him. The lama wasn't a excellent master, so his mastery of martial arts quite limited. But he exposed to power of martial art which earned his desire for it. After fall of Yuan dynasty, he went back to Mongolia and acquired quite rich and power there. Also married with daughter of local tribe's leader. Recently he came back to central plain, secretly hoping to restore Yuan Dynasty and learn martial arts.

    * I didn't know which year we are exactly starting this game. So his age might change according to how long it had been since the establishment of Ming Dynasty.
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    부동산문제 집중 토론사이트 &


    Name: Shen Yue

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Related sect: Altered Xiao Yao Pai skills

    Allegiance: Evil

    Appearance: 180cm tall, 67kg (Love the metric system =])
    Clean shaven, black medium lengthed hair, very disguinshable pair of eyes.. Quite an attractive handsome face (similar to Yu Peiyu from Ming Jian Feng Liu =P). A pair that's cold and dark looking but also at the same time if you look into the eyes its as if it wants to reveal something... a past of pain, suffering and loneliness that no one seems to understand. Has quite a white complexion, medium built with strong lean not bulky muscular structure. His right hand is covered in black cloth like gloves while his left hand is normal. He carries a sword but rarely is it drawn during in battle, and he has only been seen to hold it with his left hand. His clothes is made of the finest exquisite texture materials during the Ming dynasty.

    Personality: Dark and mysterious doesn't like to speak too much, his face shows of pain and suffering and he rarely smiles because he is happy. Rather he smiles because its something he desires for but cannot truly come by. But when he smiles... one cannot help but feel pity for him, as his smile is so innocent and lovely that makes those who see it feel a gentle softness in their hearts. For some reason of his past, he always treats females graciously and would never harm them. They seem the only people of the world who have cared for him, males on the other hand are people of despicable evils to Shen Yue.

    Internal Power: 9+ Xiao Yao Pai internal + uses altered version of BMSG to drain Yuan Qi from opponents.

    Lightness Kung Fu: 9... Fast agility in short distance combat, long distance lightness kung-fu is weaker.

    Weapons: Demon sword of the black heavens (Muo Tian Shen Jian)

    Techniques: Derived from Xiao Yao Pai, evil dark yang qi based attacks that greatly depletes his yuan qi and internal energy when used.
    Can generate fire attacks using his right palm and wind qi attacks with his left palm.
    Is able to channel immense Yang qi into his sword so its if he and his sword is merged into one.
    Able to launch incredibly powerful LDAs although it drains up his Yuan Qi very fast, and he needs to replenish it by draining others. His meridians are all messed up due to the unorthodox training methods he has used, thus the need for draining yuan qi if he performs his attacks otherwise he will die to fire deviation.
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    Name: Nameless
    Height: 5'7"
    Internal Kung Fu: 1.5/10
    Lightness Kung Fu: 4/10
    External Kung Fu: 2/10
    Talking Kung Fu: 8/10

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    Wang Hong (汪鸿)

    Aka : Lone Sabre Breaks Nine Dragons, Shandong Heaven Shaking Palm – Wang Hong

    单刀断九龙, 山东震天掌 - 汪鸿!

    Headmaster of the Clear Sky White Cloud Hall (Qing Tian Bai Yun Tang) from Jinan City of Shandong.

    Age : 40
    Height : 178cm Weight 85 Kilos (Rather stoutly built)
    Appearance : Fair (spends his time indoors) with dark black beard. Slightly paunchy from lots of good food and wine. Scars on left cheek and torso.

    Internal Energy (8/10) : Has abundant inner energy. Spends a lot of time cultivating it and eats medical concoctions and rare herbs to fortify his energies. Would be 9/10 if he did not have 6 wives! One of his ancestors was a secular disciple of Shaolin in the early Song Dynasty. The original Shaolin inner energy formula has been passed down over nearly 20 generations and has been lost, adapted and modified over the years. Now known as the Qing Tian Shen Gong and only the direct heirs know of the Shaolin connection.

    Lightness Skill (2/10) : Below Mediocre! Middle Age, total lack of training (lightness skills don’t exist in the hereditary family kung-fu) and a hefty weight did not help. Only his strong inner energy stops it from being 0/10.

    Techniques :

    Sabre (5/10) Main Skill. Derived from the Five Tiger Gate Breaking Sabre of the Late Tang Dynasty. Now known as the Pi Yun Dao Fa (Cloud Cleaving Sabre Skill). He spent more time on his inner energy cultivation and neglected the saber skill somewhat. Relies on his inner energy and precious sabre to help break an opponent's defence.

    Barehands (3/10) Quite hopeless without his Sabre. The famous ‘Shandong Heaven Shaking Palm’ nickname (山东震天掌) came about from his street performances (to market his school to new students and cow his rivals). His palm is capable of rock crushing power over a zhang but skill is designed for show rather then life-death fights and takes a relatively long time to accumulate the power. Would be useless in a real fight unless the opponent stands still!

    *His Heaven Shaking Palm Skill allows him to display power way above what a fighter of his inner energy cultivation should possess but with the above time limitation of course. Unknown to even himself, this ancestral palm skill also originated from Shaolin. It was cobbled together from fragments of the Great Warrior Attendent Palm and Prana Palm along with half a stance from the long lost Beggar Sect 28 Dragon Slaying Palms. Due to the piecemeal nature of its origin, it has the above severe flaw.

    Background :

    Rich Hall-Master from Shandong. Inherited wealth and the Hall from father and continues to collect protection money, school fees (hundreds of students due to his fancy reputation) and land rent. Needs the money as he lives a rather luxurious lifestyle. Spends a lot on rare herbs, good food and women.

    The ‘Single Sabre Breaks Nine Dragons’ reputation (单刀断九龙) came about 10 years ago when he wiped out the notorious outlaw gang known as the Shandong Nine Dragons. The 9 man outlaw gang had a deadly reputation and even expeditions from the big name wulin schools had been unable to eradicate them. What is not known to the public is that he stumbled upon the 8 outlaws after they had a bitter fight (big brother had just died from illness and they were disputing the new leadership). He barely defeated the injured 4 survivors and got his scars as a result. Seeing how the reputation would benefit himself, he never let the secret of the fight out.

    Carries a precious saber with him all the time. Will not travel without 2 senior and 2 junior disciples to attend to him. Due to a lifetime of being the sole male heir and later Hall Master lording over many wives, students, servants and locals, he is a rather pompous and bad-tempered character.
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    Name: Fang Tian Nai

    Age: 26

    Gender: Male

    Sect: Unknown

    Appearance: Height: 5'11"; Weight: 170lb; Toned; Long black hair tied in a ponytail; Hazel Eyes; Charming facial features.

    Personality: Quiet but can be quite charming once you get to know him. Competitive.

    Martial Arts: Internal: 6
    Lightness Kung Fu: 5
    Technique: 9
    Weapon: Heaven’s Sin - Sword. 3.5ft. in Length, very thin, yet extremely durable blade. Scabbard is very plain looking, brown. Hilt is wrapped (not very neatly) in cloth.

    Background: Born to a prostitute and raised in a brothel till the age of 6.His mother felt that he was driving away her customers and thus always saw him as a pain in her side. One night while he was sleeping, his mother had him taken away and dropped off deep in the forest outside of town. Waking up later that night, he found himself under a big tree. Unfamiliar with his surrounding, he found himself in a state of panic and started to cry. The sounds of him crying soon attracted the attention of wolves. Just as he thought his life was going to end, a man in his mid thirties, brandishing a flexible sword, quickly disposed of the wolves. The man stared at the teary eyed Tian Nai and without saying a word, walked away. Tian Nai not knowing what came over him, followed the man. Ever since the age of 6, the mysterious man has been training Tian Nai in the art of the sword.

    Will be updated later/as the story goes.
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    Name: Zhao Mulang

    Age: 31

    Gender: Male

    Sect: Crescent Moon Rising Sun Sect

    Allegiance: Neutral

    Appearance: '6.0 ft'; '178lbs', short black hair, dark black eyes, toned and quite handsome face.

    Martial Arts:

    Internal: 3/10

    Lightness Kung Fu: 9.5/10 almost truly peerless under the heavens for his incredibly fast speeds that leaves opponents gasping in horror as he seemingly moves from spot to spot like a fading blur.

    Techniques: 2/10 without sword, with sword 9.5/10 is regarded as the sword demon of the east in japan, truly unrivaled as the number one swordsman with his legendary swordplay. He possess' a secret technique that is said to be nearly invicible...

    Skills: Yan family swordplay modified version of the 15th sword, various Japanese swordplay collected from the sects throughout Japan.

    Weapons: Always carry 2 swords one for backup in case the first is lost.

    Background: Born and bred into the crescent moon rising sun sect to be a fighter, his talents allowed him to surpass many great swordsman even when he was as young as 12, although to the displeasure of his masters he would always refuse to honourably kill his defeated foes. He was truly a prodigy, combined with all the martial arts of Japan he has access to from all the sects in Japan has made him virtually invincible within Japan. Though his strongest move is not of original Japanese origin... the modified version of the 15th sword of the Yan family.
    At the age of 31 he along with senior masters were ordered by the Japanese government to the land of the dragon (China). This brought more great opportunities for Zhao Mulang who possesses the devastating skill that is the 15th sword to search for more hidden martial arts treasures within China along with his mission against the newly established Ming government.
    His weakness is he must have a sword with him always otherwise he is vulnerable with lack of hand to hand techniques and lack of internal energy.

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    Name: Kong Baorui

    Character Concept: The Peerless Manipulator

    Famous merchant of various trades.

    Sex: Male
    Age : 30
    Height : 5'5" Weight : 150 lbs. (average size for a male)

    Appearance : Fair skin, slightly built muscles, good looking (7/10), straight long black hair, no facial hair, he looks very charismatic.

    Sect: Unknown

    Martial Abilites:
    Internal Energy (1/10) : He has an unknown disease that keeps him from improving his internal energy.

    Lightness Skill (8/10) : Though lacking in the energy department, he packs a punch in movement.

    Technique (6/10): He'd have a rating of 10 if only he had internal energy.

    Skill (6/10 in hand to hand or weapon): He is a master of any martial style but lacks the energy needed to exceed all others.

    He has learned hand to hand, spear, and sword fighting styles.

    His palm skill is called "Wave dividing fist", a powerful fist technique which relies heavily on internal energy, it has only 5 stances and each stance's power is proportional to its user's internal energy. Sadly he can't use this very well due to his low energy levels.

    His sword style is called "Rain Dance". Its a two swords style designed to combat multiple enemies, all of the stances are quick and attacks multiple targets with each strike. This style requires the use of two short swords to execute properly.

    His spear skill is called "Man of the Sea". He rarely uses this style, it is a style he designed to combat adversaries with higher internal energy. He is still currently developing this skill and hasn't reached a very high level.

    His skills are all inherited and he learned from the martial arts manuals handed down to him from his father.

    Baorui is very difficult to understand, he can be good and he can be evil. It is unclear what kind of person he really is. Perhaps for Baorui, doing good or evil is just some kind of game to pass his time.

    Background :
    Baorui is ridiculously intelligent and cunning. He is descended from the family of powerful merchants. Since he was little, he was forced to study all sorts of knowledge ranging from literature, martial arts, trading, war strategies, politics, medicine, culinary arts, and others. He is a prodigy but he has a strange disease that keeps him from ever reaching a high level of internal energy.

    His current goal in life is to find a cure for his "weakness". He is never interested in anything for very long. He is always calm and composed. He believes there is nothing he can't understand intellectually. Currently, he has a lot of concubines but no children.

    He is the rich owner of a lot of marketplaces and he owns a couple of brothels in the main cities.

    EDIT: 1-29-08, I've decided not to participate in the wuxia rpg game due to time constraints. Anyone interested in using this character profile may do so as you please. Heck you could just make him show up and have him killed is fine by me. I'm sorry for bailing out but I'm kinda busy (I know, lame excuse).
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    F-CK I posted before and it fked up on me WTF??????????????????????????????

    sigh toned down version of my ultimate sexy sexmachine

    Name: Zhang Yawen

    Age: 18

    Gender: sexy femal

    Sects: Ancient Seduction Sect

    Allegiance: Sexy

    Appearance: 172 cm tall sexy long white slim legs that you just wanna lick, 48kg of no fat nothing but sexy meat, sexy sily black hair, sexy curved white juicy breasts, sexy little curved *** yum yum, sexy feet so declious and white you wanna lickity lick, sexy seductive eyes, juicy red glossy lips you wanna own, and sexy private parts that have to be cenosored due to the nature of this forum

    Personality: Sexy, SEXY, Sexy... so seductive. Enjoys pleasuring both sexes until they climax time after time. Loves it big or small no matter. Enjoys wulin pugilistic heroes stamina as they are the only ones who can last long enough for proper enjoyment. Born to be sexy and seductive

    Martial Arts?

    Internal: 0/10 or 10/10 for her internal stamina in bed, seriously no one can outlast this machine...

    Lightness Kung Fu: 5/10 or 10/10 for her lightness in bed up and down full pleasure, npz npz

    Techniques: 10/10 Unparalled skills in bed, uncomprehendable to say the least, maximum pleasure... minimal effort. Not forgetting her trademark reverse cowboy and oral sensational skillz and her ability to please with maximum lubrication squirty squirts... oops did I say that?

    ffs had better one, thanks to gay spcnetness it got pooed upon, so have to live with this shit version
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