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Thread: Does anyone know this TVB actor? (RTE/HSDS2000/NJAPF/etc.)

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    Default Does anyone know this TVB actor? (RTE/HSDS2000/NJAPF/etc.)

    Hello guys! I hope that this is an appropriate place to ask. I was wondering does anyone know this actor's name? He always has a suuupeeer minor supporting role, but he practically appears in every TVB series.

    If you guys have any info on him & can help me out, thank you so much in advanced!!

    He's Fan Yiu in Heaven Sword Dragon Sabre 2000, Sieu in Not Just a Pretty Face, and recently, Mr. Ng in The Drive Of Life.

    Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre 2000
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    The Drive Of Life
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    OH! Somebody identified this actor a long time ago in the TVB Series forum, now I can't remember what thread it was in. But hopefully that same person can identify him again for you or somebody who knows.

    Maybe Hoju! or Em would know.
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