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Thread: "Carol" actress from "Glittering Days" also in "Patriot KNights"?

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    Default "Carol" actress from "Glittering Days" also in "Patriot KNights"?

    Anyone know if the actress who played "Carol" in "Glittering Days" TVB Series is also in the tv series "Patriot Knights"?

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    The actress who played Carol in "Glittering Days" is Sharon Chan. However, she is not part of the cast in "The Patriot Knights". The actresses are Xiao Qiang, Ho Mei Tian, Niu Meng Meng, Li Fei and Ho Jia Yi.
    Also, check the cast for the above names and photos in this link:

    In fact, there was another older drama named "Patriot Knights" in more modern attire.
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