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Thread: United Kingdom ~ London!!

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    Default United Kingdom ~ London!!

    I will be going to Europe for the first time in May, it is a bit early to start planning but I like to be prepared. This is a family holiday, my parents and I are hoping over to UK to visit my sister and tour around UK and Paris as well. My parents are 50+ and have never traveled so far away before (we are from Singapore), my sister and I are trying to make the trip as comfortable and hassle free for them as possible. We will be there around 3 weeks, one week in Paris probably. So, folks who are staying there, or have visited these two places, any suggestions? Preferably places that do not require my parents to climb hundreds of metres or sit on the bus for 8 hours.

    I haven't got the chance to pick up a guide book yet, but will definitely do so nearer to the date, just want to get a feel of the must see places in London and Paris here first. Any help is much appreciated!

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    Cool mate. I'm from there, lived there for a couple years and moved to Australia and now moved to US. I'll ask my mum about that...she knows some pretty ace restaurants but it's really expensive...
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    For a taste of the real London, base yourself in Trafalgar square and wander around. In one direction is Soho and Chinatown, beyond which is Oxford Street. In another direction is Westminster and the Houses of Parliament, beyond which is Whitehall and Downing Street. In yet another direction is Buckingham Palace. The British museum is also nearby, somewhere in the direction of Soho, as is Leicester Square. Trafalgar square is itself an attraction. The nearest underground station to Trafalgar square is Charing Cross. The nearest station to Chinatown is Leicester square, which is practically on its doorstep.

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