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Thread: Safety tip needed: traveling with a laptop

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    Default Safety tip needed: traveling with a laptop


    I will be traveling with a laptop and staying at a hostel, sharing a room with 4 strangers.
    At this time I am not sure if they provide a luggage check.
    I can't possibly take the laptop to everywhere I go
    (it would look a bit strange to show up at a nightclub with a laptop).
    How can I help protect the safety of my laptop?
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    I hope you can find some place to safely store it when not in the room. Otherwise, consider using an alarmed lock such as this one: and letting the strangers in your room and hostel staff know about the alarm each time you leave.

    If you don't think the room will have places to securely loop the cable, there are lock plates you can buy

    If you can also hide it under a pile of dirty laundry, so much the better.

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    Well if there is a landlord/front desk etc., just leave it with them.

    If not, install a self destruct bomb that will explode if taken 100 ft from your room.
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    Leave it at home, safest way to go.

    Seriously, you could ask for a locker/closet to use and lock it there or leave it with a manager or supervisor of the hostel. Other than that, there's not that many safer places to leave it.

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    Where is it you're traveling to? If it's a hostel in North America, then over 90% of them will have a locker you can ask for. If no locker, 99% of all hostels will keep your luggage safely locked away (or behind the counter) during your stay.

    Also, I would google for hostels in the city you're going to and then call the hostel(s) to find out about what you can do with your laptop.
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