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Thread: Shanghai Godfather II (1993)

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    Default Shanghai Godfather II (1993)

    I think the series I wanted to see with Annie Man was this series. I'm not sure, I may have seen a trailer of it a long time ago. Can anyone tell me what role Annie Man plays in this series? What kind of setting does it have? What is it about?
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    Honestly forgot she was even it. Gosh it's been so long since I've seen this series...let me think. If you've seen part one, then this series is pretty much similar to the prequel except we have Norman Tsui that replaces Ben Ng. So basically the series takes place right after Ben's death. Norman Tsui is a mini triad leader that had a conflict with Nathan right at the start. But he soon realizes Nathan is worthy of his spot in Shanghai and they soon become friends. Much like Ben in the prequel, he backs up Nathan and isn't that bright. Similar to Ben, he eventually gets into conflict with Nathan regarding authority and over the types of businesses they want to run. What makes it worse is his girlfriend falls for Nathan as well. So I think you could guess what happens after that.
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