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Thread: Looking for the Title of a Series. Ask Here!

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    Default Looking for a kung fu tv series with ghosts from the 80s

    Hi everyone,

    I hope someone can help me. I'm looking for a kung fu series that I watched many years ago in the 80s with ghosts. I only remember the theme song. There is a woman flying across the screen when the song starts.

    i watched A Chinese Ghost Story and Encounters of the Spooky Kind but this is a long series, not a movie.

    Can you suggest to me tv series with ghosts from the 80s?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Default Looking for old Gambling Drama

    Hi hive mind!

    I'm looking for a gambling drama series - I think it was in the 90s and was in Cantonese

    Details as far as I can remember stars the main protagonist as someone who had a father as a fortune teller and the protagonist was born under a lucky star and had a lucky name - first episode he had colitis or some such and the female lead (who I think was a cop) had to take him to the hospital and was all the traffic lights coincidentally turned green

    There was also another character that wore glasses that was a very good card counter

    There was another character that reminds me of Fang Gang (but can't find the show in his filmography) who had to catch an arrow to his heart in order to gain enough visual acuity and dexterity to develop the best gambling skills

    I've been googling this over the years but have no luck, please help!

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