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    I was watching clips of HSDS03

    In the novel, while trapped in the cave with XC, when CMK tried to use 9 Yang to open the wall (pre learning QKDNY), did XC know what martial arts he used? If so, how the heck did she know he was using 9 Yang.

    When CMK used QKDNY, Yang Xiao and MK's grandfather seem to realize that CMK is using QKDNY. Is that possible? CMK has reached a peak that no one in the lifetime had seen before, so how do they know what he is using.

    Yang Xiao only learned up to part two. Does he know the rest of QKDNY then, just that he is unable to learn it?

    Does each level of QKDNY allows you do some special ability, but just because you know what it does, not necessarily mean you can do it?
    Hence Yang Xiao only on level two, but he can recognize CMK being able to at least accomplish level 6.

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    He didn't mention 9 yang to Xiao Zhao, and I don't think he knew that 9 yang was the reason why he managed to complete QKDNY so easily.

    The higher ups in the Ming sect seem to have been aware of some of the features of QKDNY, as Monk Peng recognised it when Yang Xiao used it. It took him a while to work it out though. However, only Yang Xiao seems to have known some of the theory, although he didn't understand it in detail. A comparable situation may be when Zhang Sanfeng taught Zhang Wuji Taiji sword, and made him think about the art until he'd forgotten everything. Yang Xiao and Yin Tianzheng were said to have vaguely understood the theory of forgetting in order to learn. And so Yang Xiao, and the Eagle King, if he'd been taught QKDNY as well, would have been able to recognise some of the things Zhang Wuji did, but they wouldn't have been able to replicate it.

    My guess is that Yang Xiao learnt all the QKDNY Yang Dingtian taught him, and practiced it in all the time since, but didn't know anything beyond level 2. The old leader would probably have thought that tempting him with knowledge of the higher levels would risk making him fire deviate by trying too much too early.

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    Its common to know of something you do/might not know. Especially if you have seen it before.

    Sweeper Monk might not know XiaoWuXiang Gong when he pointed out to JMZ (he well might)
    Guys realised ZZR's 9 Yin although no one knows it.
    Shaolin Monks in DGSD knew XF used XL18Z against DCQ although they dun know XL18Z (fine lol XL18Z was a famous skill but they have seen it before so they can tell)

    And in the case of Yang Xiao, he knows a bit of QKDNY and I would assume as Guardian Lord, Yin Tianzhen would've seen Yang DingTian use the skill before so its not strange they knew ZWJ was using the skill.

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