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Thread: SWORD GOD Zhuo Bufan, peak of perfection, sword positioning, and Dugu 9 Swords

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    Default SWORD GOD Zhuo Bufan, peak of perfection, sword positioning, and Dugu 9 Swords

    If you recall CC's former signature, it was a reference to the concept that SWORD GOD Zhuo Bufan fathered Dugu Qiubai and Feng Qingyang's swordplay.

    (Although it's probably not the author's intention, let's stretch our imaginative logic for the fun of it, also known as POIIFTFOI: Pointing Out Interesting Ideas For The Fun Of It)

    Could it be true? SWORD GOD Zhuo Bufan was said to have reached the peak of perfection in swordplay... but specifically, it was the peak of perfection in the accuracy and speed of sword positioning. The way he deliberately extended the sword tip on top of Xuzhu's head at the last minute, was truly a surprising position. And what is Linghu Chong's most prized acclaim? Surprising sword positioning!

    Would it be a stretch to propose the possibility that one who has reached the summit of excellence in sword positioning, could possibly be the father of the swordplay technique which has the attribute of producing surprising sword positioning?
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    I think it is quite a stretch. I still don't think Zhuo BuFan is nearly as cultivated as you guys make him out to be

    He underestimated XuZhu, and underestimating your enemy should never happen, once a person reached a level of martial arts cultivation (not just power of skills, but ciltivation). Sweeps is a good example of a cultivated person reaching the highest of martial arts. Zhuo BuFan lacks that and that will be his limiting factor to attain true greatness.

    And lets face it, Zhuo Bufan will not win against any of the Elites in DGSD, which makes him, not that great. If anyone from DGSD should give rise to Dugu 9 Jian, its not Zhuo BuFan. Cuz i would assume a true pro at Dugu 9 Jian would win against the Elites (6 Meridian Swords anyone? 天下第一剑).

    Of course this is all judging from the book, any major improvments on Zhuo's part cannot be determined.

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    in SPW, ZLC knew his sword art couldn't compare with LHC but knew LHC's barehanded martial arts was weaker then his by far. and if it came down to it, he would use the 'sizing the blade bare handed' move.

    ZBF had reached the peak of perfection in sword art but his palm skills and inner power couldn't match XuZhu. XuZhu suprised ZBF because he appeared the buffon and no one expected he had such skills. but still, what he did seems to be what ZLC had planned for LHC. so reaching the peak of perfection doesn't mean invincible. if XuZhu had used a sword, likely ZBF would have owned him but XuZhu used the ulitmate sizing technique instead. the best counter for sword arts.
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    It's not at all of a stretch that ZBF fathered Dugu Qiubai's swordplay. In fact, he fathered Dugu Qiubai.

    After his only slightly ignominious defeat in the hands of Xu Zhu, SWORD GOD ZBF went back to his cave to think hard for thirty years. At the end of the thirty years, he had a headache. So he decided to take a sword and crack his head open, and out burst Dugu Qiubai, the DEMONIC SWORDSMAN, SON OF SWORD GOD ZBF.

    Sorry, PJ--couldn't resist.
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    桌不凡真是一个剑神! NOT!

    But it is indeed funny watching you, PJ, and CC make him appear so strong. 可可!

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