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Thread: The Four 《少年四大名捕》

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    Just finished watching this show.. This show has to be one of the better TVB shows recently in terms of plot and pace... I think that raymond lam really deserves two thumbs up for his portrayal as wu qing which requires a lot of depth.. I also really sammul chan's zhui ming also cos he is the comic relief but gotta admit that the character is not very difficult to act and sammul already have the looks for the role.. kenneth ma is not bad too just that his character is a little boring.. I never liked ron's look and his acting so I was quite glad that there was very little of him in this show and he really is rather wooden in this show except for I think one scene where his aunt died and I tot he displayed sadness quite well but he really needs to improve on his acting.. overall this show is really good and I would watch this show all over again

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    Just got done watching this. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Echoing others' comments, excellent pacing. Not draggy at all. So glad TVB makes series like this available on their YouTube channel. Did these four collaborate in any other show? They work so well together.

    Quote Originally Posted by Suet Seung View Post
    I'm beginning to like Sammul Chan. He's very cute and he has a nice singing voice that I think is better than Ron and Kenneth's. He sometimes remind me of a younger Deric Wan, maybe it's just me.
    I was pleasantly surprised to hear how nice Sammul's sounded in the song. I was actually expecting so-so singing from him, but he proved me wrong.

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    Excellent series. Very fast pace and interesting story line. Much better than Mainland China version.

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