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Thread: A step into the past - 寻秦记 - by Huang Yi (Unabridged)

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    Default A step into the past - 寻秦记 - by Huang Yi (Unabridged)

    Decided to post an unabridged version with glossary for easier reading.

    The glossary contains list of characters and has some spoilers. So if you'd rather not know who is important or not, don't click. I did not include who lived or died in case someone gets upset a favourite character didn't make it.

    click to show/hide spoilers

    Xiang Shaolong - Main character, travelled via time machine from the 21st century to the warring states period. Using his 21st century ideals and experience, he can usually turn defeat into victory. He's a little lecherous, but restrained himself a little in the later part.

    Sworn Brothers
    Wu Zhuo - One of the Wu family warriors
    Teng Yi - XSL's sworn brother. Went thru many life and death situations with him just because of the word 'honor'.
    Wang Jian - General from Qin. Holds the same position of Grand Tutor as XSL.
    Jing Jun - Another of XSL's sworn borhter. Very nimble, very good at spywork.

    Wives and concubines
    Ji Yanran - Royalty from Yue, nicknamed Learned Lady Shi, on par with Qin Qing as the greatest beauty of that time. One of the 3 greatest swordsman in Wei, famous for her spears. Well versed in scholarly and martial pursuits, independent thinker. Later became Xiao Pan's grand tutor.

    Wu Tingfang - Wu Yingyuan's daughter. Naive and lively by nature.
    Zhao Zhi - Shanrou's sister, adopted by Zhao Ba. Trained as a dance courtesan in Zhao Mu's residence and a spy for Shaorou.
    Zhao Qian - 3rd Princess of Zhao, gentle and quiet.
    Qin Qing - Nicknamed Widow Qin, also Grand Tutor to Ying Zheng together with XSL.
    Ting Fangshi - Concubine given to XSL by Tao Fang
    Shu'er - Another concubine given to XSL by Tao Fang
    Tian Zhen, Tian Feng - Twin sisters, originally beloved concubines of Zhao Mu

    Wu Family
    Wu Yingyuan - XSL's father-in-law after XSL married Wu Tingfang. Intelligent and regards XSL like his own son.
    Master Wu - The master of the Wu family, father of Wu Yingyuan.
    Tao Fang - one of the 12 servants of the Wu family. Found XSL in mulberry Village and brought him into the Wu family.
    Wu Tingwei - Wu Yingyuan's son, proud and revels in wine and beauty.
    Wu Yingen - Wu Yingyuan's 3rd brother. Refused to travel with family because of his love for a life of fame and riches. Later become Qin's spy.
    Wu Guo - Husband of Zhou Wei, extremely skilled fighter.
    Wu Yanzhuo - another skilled fighter.
    Jing Shan - Originally a clansman from Xing family village, later followed Jing Jun and XSL. Later became a skilled fighter in Wu family.

    Characters in Zhao
    Zhao Mu - King Xiaocheng's lover, the 5th son of Chu's Prince Chunshen. Good at using herbs and loves to torture and kill women. Appointed as Marquis of Julu.

    Zhao Ya - Sister of the King of Zhao. Made a drastic change in her life after meeting XSL and helped him numerous times.
    Guo Zong - Master of metal making, his wealth can be comparable to the Wu family's.
    Guo Kai - Originally working for Zhao Mu but took over his position after overthrowing him
    Han Jing - Empress of Zhao
    Zhao Ni - Sister of the King of Zhao, mother of Zhao Pan.
    Lian Jin - Nicknamed Master Red Crown, outstanding looks and swordsmanship.
    Li Mu - Great general of Zhao. Never lost in battle.
    Lian Po - Another great general of Zhao, another important pillar of the country
    Mei Canniang - Widow staying in Mulberry Village, the first person XSL met when he came to the ancient warring states period.

    Characters in Wei
    Prince Xinling - The leader of the 4 Princes during the warring states period. Tried to lure XSL into assasinating King Anli.
    Lord Longyang - Important official of Wei and one of the 3 great swordsmen of Wei.

    Characters in Qin

    Those on the Emperor's side:

    Zhao Pan (Xiao Pan)/ Ying Zheng - Originally Zhao Ni's son, later after the death of the real Prince of Qin, XSL made him masquerade as the Prince. He later became the ruler of Qin and known as Emperor Qin.

    Li Si - Ying Zheng's strategist, highly trusted by Ying Zheng
    Lord Chang Ping - Royalty of Qin, later became premier
    Lord Chang Wen - Royalty of Qin, younger brother of Lord Chang Ping, became a general
    Wang He - A highly respected person in the military
    Huan Yi - A military genius recommended by Wang Jian.
    Lu Gong - Highly respected military person
    Xu Xian - Highly respected military person
    Wang Bi - Son of Wang Jian
    Lu Dan'er - Granddaughter of Lu Gong, later married to Jing Jun
    Ying Ying - Younger sister of Lord Chang Ping and Lord Chang Wen, very stubborn by nature
    Meng Tian, Meng Wu - Young warriors of Qin, sons of Meng Ao
    Wei Liao - A new power Emperor Qin groomed in the later years to deal with XSL

    Those on Lu Buwei's side

    Lu Buwei - Powerful official in Qin, after Ying Zheng's succession regarded himself as 'surrogate father'. Always on opposing ends with XSL and his men.
    Guan Zhongxie - Lu Buwei's man, excellent swordmanship, cunning and intelligent.
    Lu Niangrong - Daughter of Lu Buwei, later married to Guan Zhongxie
    Tu Sheng - Loyal to Lu Buwei on the surface, but joined forces with XSL when he learned that Lu Buwei is out to kill him. Provided important information secretly.
    Meng Ao - Great general of Qin

    Those on Lao Ai's side
    Zhu Ji - Empress of Qin, good at using her beauty to get what she wants.
    Lao Ai - A fake eunuch sent to the Empress's residence by Lu Buwei, but later left Lu Buwei's control. Used his body to contril Zhu Ji and tried to vie for the world.

    Characters in Chu

    Li Yuan - Royal Uncle of Chu, the elder brother of the Empress Li Yanyan. Later became premier with XSL's help. Extremely talented and Ji Yanran once had feelings for him.
    Li Yanyan - Empress of Chu, had a miserable past.
    Prince Chunshen - One of the 4 princes of the Warring states period, tried to copy Lu Buwei and gave Li Yanyan to the King of Chu

    Characters in Qi
    Tian Dan - Power official in Qi. Avoided XSL and Shan Rou's assaination attempts numerous times. Lecherous and cunning, very good in trickery.
    Shan Rou - One of the disciples of Cao Qiudao. Was the daughter of a Qi official but her family was destroyed by Tian Dan and Zhao Mu, so her only goal of surviving is to kill Tian Dan and Zhao Mu.
    Shan Lan - Shan Rou's younger sister and Zhao Zhi's older sister. Saved by Teng Yi in Xianyang and married him.
    Cao Qiudao - Have the reputation of Sword Saint, his opponents will surely be injured or perish in duels.
    Jie Ziyuan - Shan Rou's husband
    Zhongsun Long - Local bully, loanshark
    Zhongsun Xuanhua - Son of Zhongsun Long
    Tian Bang - Son of Tian Dan
    Tian Sheng - Crown Prince of Qi, successor to the throne
    Tian Jian - 2nd Prince of Qi

    Characters in Yan
    Taizi Dan - Prominent person in Yan, has a natural aura that makes others totally trust him

    Characters in Han
    Han Chen - Saved by XSL many times, lecherous by nature

    Other characters
    Yuan Zong - Leader of Mohism, taught XSL Mohist swordplay
    Xiao Yuetan - Originally Tu Sheng's man, later left when he found out Lu Buwei wanted to kill him. Expert in disguise.
    Feng Fei - Originally Princess of Lu, after the country was destroyed, became the leader of the world famous 3 courtesans
    Lan Gongyuan - one of the 3 famous courtesans
    Shi Sufang - one of the 3 famous courtesans

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    Book 1 Chapter 1 - Time Machine


    The shrill screeching caused by braking resulted in the friction between the tyres and the road sounded right in front of the citys most popular Black Leopard Bar. The jeep that belonged to Team 7 of the armys special unit, regarded as the best of the best, suddenly stopped.

    Amid the cheers and laughter, Xiang Shaolong and his three teammates grabbed the grills and jumped down from the car. After three months of intensive training in body and warfare in the Gobi desert, they finally have three days of leave. If they do not thoroughly enjoy life now, they would be letting down their parents who gave birth to them.

    Xiang Shaolong is twenty this year. His skin glowed with a healthy tan because of his long hours under the sun. He may not be considered a handsome young man, but with his height nearing 2 meters, broad shoulders, trim waist and long legs, firm muscles with not an inch of excess fat, agile and smart eyes, pencil straight nose, perfectly rounded cheekbones, square face, matched with a lazy smile that seems to flirt with women, he definitely has the qualities that will pique the interest of any girl.

    Just as they were about to enter, there was chaos and a mess of bodies landed on the ground amidst claps and curses. It was their team mates Xiao Zhang and Man Niu (Stubborn Cow) who came earlier being thrown out of the door and landing in a heap. They were groaning to get up and although this is usually a very simple act, but now to these two top agents of the special unit, its a very difficult task.

    The expression on the fours faces changed and they rushed forward to help the two of them up. Rhino, who has a growth on his forehead, exclaimed, How many people?

    This question is very logical. Xiao Zhang and Man Niu, like them, belong to Team 7 Special Unit. They are picked amongst the best in the whole army to receive special training as a crack team, and specialized in handling all kinds of dangerous situations like anti-terrorists missions, entering hostile countries to carry out assassination attempts or saving lives, protecting important political people etc. Their training includes the use of various weapons, unarmed combat, resistance training, survival training, various spying techniques, in fact the aim is to train them into becoming supermen. Even ten odd brawny men may not be able to harm even a single hair on them.

    But since other teams have always been jealous of them, they find it an honor if they are able to take down members of Team 7. So its quite normal for fights to break out whenever theyre on leave and having drinks, but this is the first time that they have actually been thrown out of the door.

    Xiao Zhang regained some of his senses, opened his bruised eyes and when he saw its Xiang Shaolong helping him up, he exclaimed with joy, Brother Long, go and back us up quickly!

    Everyone in the team addressed Xiang Shaolong as Brother Long, not because hes older, but because hes the sharp shooter of the team, champion of freestyle boxing, and the fittest among them.

    Man Niu panted and pointed towards the inside of the bar and said, Its Team 841s instructor Black Faced Deity, he actually had the guts to harass our ice beauty.

    The four of them flew into a rage. Ice beauty Zheng Cuizhi is the secretary of their teams instructor, so how can they allow other teams to touch her when none of them have managed to woo her?

    Xiang Shaolongs hands started itching once he thinks about fighting, so he puffed up his chest and shouted, Help them in and let me how off my skills! With that, he led them into the bar.

    The spacious bar was filled with smoke and the noises and music deafening. Half of the crowd was from the army or police and foreigners and civilians numbered only about thirty. It was crowded and the mood spirited.

    They had just appeared at the door when the bar suddenly became quiet.

    The well built and muscular Black Faced Deity and about a dozen of his men were wearing civilian clothing and drinking and laughing with a few sexily clad ladies. Black Faced Diety was holding Ice beauty Zheng Cuizhi by her tiny waist and when she saw Xiang Shaolong, who usually ignored her coming in, she deliberately turned her sultry body towards Black Faced Deity and even kissed his cheek.

    Black Faced Deity saw Xiang Shaolong and his face shone. He moved his hands lower towards Zheng Cuizhis voluptuous butt and slapped it twice, saying with a smile, One against one, or everyone charge!

    Theres an unwritten rule in the army, which is all fights are to be fought only with fists, unless theres some great enmity, or if blinded by rage, they will not use things that can hurt like knives or broken bottles, in case things get out of hand and they get apprehended by the military police.

    Xiang Shaolong saw the queen of the bar Zhou Xiangmei leaning against the table and looking at him with a smile and felt a boost of bravado. He replied with a smile, Against someone like you, it doesnt really matter to me. Up to you.

    Everyone in the bar, regardless of male or female, all cheered and added fuel to the flame, the atmosphere reaching a burning high.

    Xiao Zhang moved to his side and warned with a low voice, Be careful! That fellows extremely good.

    Someone shrieked with a strange voice, Someones afraid!

    The onlookers watching the show laughed even harder.

    Man Niu walked over as well and whispered, That two men Black Faced Deity are the best two champion boxers at the local martial arts school. They are prepared for a fight today with the intent of making us lose face.

    Xiang Shaolong noticed the two murderous looking men long ago. Taking note of your surroundings is the second rule out of the seven in the special task force. The first rule is to be well prepared and the third is remain calm. This is exactly what he is going to do now. He instructed quietly, Tell them to stay clear, Im confident of settling those three alone.

    By now Black Faced Deity has removed his jacket and handed it to ice beauty. He took two steps forward and said coldly, Xiang Shaolong! Ive put up with you for a long time. The last time you injured dozens of my men at the Wild Cat Karaoke, today I will settle those old scores with you.

    Xiang Shaolong told his five friends to stand back and spread out, and he took two steps forward as well and were within four paces of Black Faced Deity. He called out calmly to the bartender, Give me some fresh milk, I need to quench my thirst after I deal with this Black Faced Deity.

    This sentence immediately caused a roar of laughter from everyone.

    Someone from Black Faced Deitys group called out, This lad is going to use his strength for drinking milk as well.

    Black Faced Deity leaned towards the left and made a fake move, while he deviously kicked with his leg, aiming at the position 5 inches above Xiang Shaolongs calf.

    Xiang Shaolong moved to the side and avoided the attack effortlessly.

    When the crowd saw that theyre finally fighting, the started cheering and adding fuel to fire.

    Black Faced Deity roared and rushed forward with the speed of lightning, crouched when he got near and both his fists struck out towards the chest. Xiang Shaolong took another step back and avoided the enemys fists.

    When the crowd saw that hes only dodging but not retaliating, they jeered. Black Faced Deitys men also ridiculed him loudly.

    Black Faced Deity thought that Xiang Shaolong is afraid of him and became even more conceited. He suddenly stuck out his middle finger and taking advantage of his lead, rushed forward and aimed a punch at his nose.

    Xiang Shaolong was thinking to himself how good that hes coming. When the fist was only a few inches from his nose, he suddenly stumbled backwards, as if that punch has thrown him far back.

    The crowd went mad and started shouting.

    Man Niu and the rest naturally knew that he was not hit, and were perplexed why he only dodged but did not attack. That lad stumbled six steps back, leaned back and actually fell into the arms of the queen of the bar Zhou Xiangmei, who was sitting on the chair.

    Zhou Xiangmei was so shocked that she screamed.

    Black Faced Deity leapt forward like a crazed tiger.

    Xiang Shaolong yelled and straightened his body, his right hand taking the chance to touch Zhou Xiangmeis creamy bosom, and sprang up using the strength from his waist. He shot towards Black Faced Deity like a cannon, ignoring the fact that his opponents fists are clenched and coming down hard on his back, and his head hit his opponent right on the stomach.

    Before Black Faced Deity has a chance to hit Xiang Shaolong, his opponents head caused his almost 100kg body to stumble back like a toy with an unstoppable force and fell right on to the middle of the dance floor.

    The two hundred odd people in the bar gasped in unison. Immediately the place became from being extremely noisy to being extremely quiet, leaving only the speakers at the corners of the bar playing a very groovy song.

    Xiang Shaolong was like a ferocious tiger being released and leap towards Black Faced Deity who is still on the ground.

    The two professional boxers who were invited by Black Faced Deity saw that the situation was amiss and both rushed out at the same time, going around Black Faced Deity who is still on the floor and attached Xiang Shaolong while sandwiching him between them.

    His friends Man Niu, Xiao Zhang and the rest were all cursing and calling them shameless, but they did not help at all. No one can be more confident of Xiang Shaolongs abilities than them.

    The battle ended in the blink of an eye.

    Xiang Shaolong dodged a few times and avoided his enemys attacks and squeezed in between the two of them, elbowed the person on his left under his armpit, his right hand pushing away his enemys fist and before the man on the left fell to the ground, he gave two quick knocks with his knee on the person on his rights stomach. Black Faced Deity had just struggled to stand up but Xiang Shaolong has already given him a wicked punch on his nose just as the boxer on his right was kneeling down in pain. Black Face Deity cried out as fresh blood poured out and collapsed onto Cuizhi who was just rushing over and the two of them tumbled down.

    Xiao Shaolong laughed heartily, and pointing Black Faced Deitys men, taunted them, Come! All together now.

    Man Niu and the rest rushed up, rubbing their fists and palms.

    Cuizhi climbed up and shrieked, Xiang Shaolong! Youre good! Just you wait and see!

    Xiang Shaolong cant be bothered with her but walked towards the queen of the bar Zhou Xiangmei, pulled her up and walked out of the bar.

    Zhou Xiangmei exclaimed, Where are you taking me?

    Xiang Shaolong carried her up and deposited her on the passenger seat of the jeep and said with a laugh, Home of course, I dont have enough money to pay the exorbitant price for a hotel room.


    Xiang Shaolong, who is used to strict training, woke up immediately and disentangled himself from Zhou Xiangmeis slender limbs and grabbed the phone.

    Cuizhis clear voice traveled to his ears, Captain Xiang, you have 15 minutes to wash up, the Ministry of Wars armored vehicle is waiting for you at the main door.

    Zhou Xiangmei moaned and said, Baddie! Come quickly!

    Xiang Shaolong rubbed his aching back, caused by the numerous rounds of fights with this seductress, and exclaimed hoarsely, Are you trying to scare me? Would a fight cause such a big trouble?

    Cuizhi said icily, Who said its got anything to do with the fight, its the Science Institute who wants the fittest among our special task force for an experiment. I saw that you were so brave last night and your stamina was so surprisingly good, so I recommended you to the instructor. The instructor has given his orders!

    Naturally Xiang Shaolong knows that shes making use of the opportunity to take revenge and said with irritation, But Im still on leave today!

    Cuizhi laughed, Oh my Captian Xiang, you only have leave when theres no mission. A soldier belongs to the country 24 hours a day.

    Xiang Shaolong cant wait to strangle her, but he sighed instead, Hai! I was so brave last night, all because of you. Do you really not know or are you just pretending?

    Xiangmei wriggled out from under the blankets naked and asked, Who are you talking to?

    Xiang Shaolong hurriedly signaled her to keep quiet.

    The other end of the line was silent for a moment, before a soft voice said, Youre lying!

    Xiang Shaolong covered Zhou Xiangmeis tiny mouth with one hand, and glibly replied, Why would I lie to you. I, Xiang Shaolong, thinks about you day and night, I just did not say it out! Do you know! You

    Cuizhi interrupted him, All right! Well talk about that later! Youll only be a lab mouse for one day maximum, Ill find someone else the next time. Get changed quickly.

    Pak! And she hung up.

    The armored vehicle stopped outside the main door of the heavily guarded Science Institute and Xiang Shaolong was escorted inside like a prisoner by 4 soldiers and passed over to the security at the research department. He was immediately brought to a hospital ward filled with medical equipments and after going through a thorough body check-up, the doctor signed the papers with satisfaction and the nurse pushed him out of the room.

    Lying on the hospital bed, Xiang Shaolong objected, Im not sick, I can walk on my own.

    The nurse is obviously very interested in him and smiled as she walked and said, Be a good boy, I know youre not sick, in fact youre stronger than a bull.

    Xiang Shaolong could not change his character and he immediately flirted, Hey! Whats your name and how can I find you.

    The nurse rolled her eyes at him and did not reply.

    Doors opened one by one in front and the nurse pushed him deep into the building until they reached a lift.

    8 security guards were standing guard next to the lift door and they took over Xiang Shaolong.

    Xiang Shaolong felt a shiver in his heart and wondered what kind of experiment could this be? Why would the laboratory be in an underground cell at the Science Institute?

    The lift descended by more than 10 floors before it stopped. Xiang Shaolong was pushed out by the guards and after passing a few heavily guarded doors, came to a spacious hall.

    Xiang Shaolong looked around and sat up in shock.

    He saw on one end of the 30 meters hall a huge metal object that looked like a iron furnace right in front of him.

    All sorts of equipment filled the hall, and it looked like the cabin of a huge spacecraft.

    A hundred odd male and female researchers dressed in white coats were busy working with various equipments.

    The two sides of the hall were split into two levels, the top level separated by a full length glass and inside there were countless researchers busy working on many types of unnameable equipment, and some were pointing at him through the glass.

    Xiang Shaolong was confused. God! What is this all about? The serious atmosphere and the huge weaponry is not funny at all.

    A male and a female researcher walked to his side, and the man smiled, I am Professor Fang Ting, she is Professor Xie Zhimei. Were the assistants to the head engineer of this time-space project, Director Ma Ke.

    Xiang Shaolong stood up and exclaimed, What is this all about? At least tell me why Im here!

    The average looking female professor Xie Zhimei who looked like a spinster said seriously, Dont worry! Everything is safe, as for the details, Director Ma will tell you personally.

    Professor Fang Ting added, Its a soldiers duty to serve the country, Captain Xiang should feel honored to be the first human experiment for the time-space project. Come!

    Xiang Shaolong shook his head and smiled bitterly, and helplessly followed them towards that huge object. Hai! What kind of luck is he having today?

    Xiang Shaolong lay down in a human shaped gold box, his hands, legs, waist and neck all secured by straps and became an experiment target at their mercy.

    He was just cursing Zheng Cuizhi, thinking of how he will get her after the experiment, how he will take revenge on the bed, when a bespectacled old man with white hair appeared from the top of the box and smiled at him, I am Director Ma Ke, Captain Xiang, how do you feel?

    Xiang Shaolong snorted coldly, I feel like an animal being sent to the slaughterhouse, and am still wondering if this slaughterhouse is for pigs or cows.

    Director Ma laughed dryly, Captian Xiang sure knows how to joke. He paused and asked, Which period of our countrys history are you more familiar with?

    Xiang Shaolong was surprised, What has this got to do with the experiment?

    Director Ma was displeased and said, Answer my question first.

    Xiang Shaolong can only blame it on his bad luck, and wanting to end this quickly, he replied after a thought, Im not familiar with history, but recently I saw that movie Emperor Qin, and was really envious of his Epang Palace and his indulgence in life, and I read a few books about the warring states and Emperor Qin

    Director Ma interrupted impatiently, Hey! Thats enough, so its the Qin dynasty, 246BC, the first year Emperor Qin ascended the throne. Then he repeated the year into the intercom clipped on his white shirt collar.

    Xiang Shaolong exclaimed in shock, My god! What are you saying?

    Director Ma became excited and his old face glowed. He reached out and touched Xiang Shaolongs cheek and said with a smile, Friend! You dont know how lucky you are, to become the first man in history to go back in time.

    Xiang Shaolong did not understand him and said, You

    Director Ma was not interested in what he has to say at all and interrupted excitedly, Did you watch that show Time Tunnel on television. Look! In front of you is the great time tunnel, this is no longer a dream, but a reality. Very soon I will change humankinds perception about time and space

    Xiang Shaolong was lying in the box so naturally he could not see anything at all. He struggled and said, Stop joking, tell me what experiment am I here for?

    Director Mas excitement was undiminished, and he continued rambling, Later you will be sent into the time furnace, and once I press one button, the hydrogen reaction furnace fixed at the bottom will gather enough energy within 36 hours to produce enough thermoneuclear in the furnace to make a black hole to go past time and space. By then the magnetic field conveyor will send you back to the world of the past, how marvelous do you think that is.

    Cold sweat broke out and Xiang Shaolong looked at this mad scientist who is not much different from a lunatic and said, Are you joking.

    Director Ma said, Of course Im not joking. I have successfully sent 20 white mice and 2 monkeys back and returned them safely. But a pity they could not tell me where exactly they have been, and how they felt. Thats why I asked the army to provide us with the fittest warrior to experiment, and that person is you, Xiang Shaolong.

    Xiang Shaolong was scared out of his wits and he cried out, I dont agree, I want to quit the army immediately.

    Director Ma said unhappily, Dont be nervous, youll be there for less than 10 seconds, just like a short dream. I only want you to remember what happened in the dream. You can give the injection now.

    Xiang Shaolong was still protesting when one of the staff came and gave him an injection. As he gradually lost his senses, the cover was lowered and became a sturdy metal box. It was moved and pushed into the round entrance of the time furnace.

    All the equipment in the laboratory immediately started working and numerous indicator lights lighted up. Close to 400 researchers were at work, concentrating on working and observing the equipments.

    Time passed on slowly, and a few hours passed.

    Director Ma who went to the main control centre became more and more excited, his eyes gleaming.

    The final moment will soon arrive, the laboratory began a countdown from 100.

    60, 59, 58

    The alarm suddenly went off.

    The researcher in charge of supervising the energy field inside the furnace cried out in alarm, The energy level in the time furnace is rising abnormally fast, Director Ma please advise if we should switch off the energy source immediately.

    48, 47

    All the staff had their eyes fixated on Director Ma.

    39, 38, 37

    Director Ma looked at the readings on the machine showing the energy level in the furnace, his forehead breaking out in cold sweat. He hesitated for a moment and suddenly waved his hand and ordered, Implement the fifth emergency procedure now!

    A thunderous sound could be heard from within the furnace, and the whole laboratory started shaking, intense and hot white rays of light shot out of the cracks in the time furnace.

    Before anyone had a chance to scream, the whole hidden underground laboratory was shattered into pieces by the strong explosion, and not a single thing remained. Naturally no one was left alive.

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    Note: Rated bedroom scenes in spoilers. Read at your own discretion!

    Book 1 Chapter 2 Ancient Beauty

    Xiang Shaolong woke up suddenly, his whole body in intense pain. He suddenly realized hes now falling from a great height.

    Crash! Tiles flew all over and he felt himself crashing through a roof right into a house, and landed on a man. Groans and the sound of bones cracking can be heard.

    It was followed by a females scream and in his daze he seem to see the back of a naked woman running out, then he passed out.

    Without knowing how many days have passed, in between bouts of consciousness, he seems to feel a woman taking care of him meticulously. Helping to clean his body and change his clothes, treating his wounds, feeding him goats milk. Finally on a certain night, he woke up. The scene that appeared before his eyes made him draw in a gasp of cold air.

    Heavens! Where is this place?

    He was lying on a soft and thick carpet, an oil lamp hanging on the wall. The dim light shone weakly in this crude house about 10 square meters large with mud and hay as walls and tiles as woof. On one side of the wall, rain coats and hats made from straw hung on it, and at the corner of the house theres a fire pit with no fire. At its side there were cauldrons, stove, plates, bowls etc, primitive cooking equipment that can only be seen in museums. There were a few chests of different sizes on the other end, and there was a copper mirror on one of the chests.

    Xiang Shaolong felt a chill in his heart.

    That crazy director said he will only be here for 10 seconds, so why is he still in this nightmarish place. Could he really have gone back to Emperor Qins hometown.

    Footsteps were heard.

    Xiang Shaolong stared at the wooden door, his heart beating quickly, praying that this is only part of the experiment, a prank set up by Crazy Ma to trick him into believing that hes really gone back to the past in that accursed furnace.

    The wooden door was pushed open.

    A beautiful lady wearing ancient hemp garment who could only possibly appear in movies appeared. She has a red scarf on her head, her long hair parted in the center, swept to the sides, tucked behind her ear and plaited into two braids. She carried a bottle, and on her feet she wore straw sandals and walked in.

    She looked pretty, her figure nice and slim, and when her lively eyes saw Xiang Shaolong staring at her in shock, she was so startled she almost dropped the bottle. She hurriedly put it down, knelt down in front of him, her slender hands touching his forehead. She said some words very quickly in her melodious voice, her face full of joy.

    Xiang Shaolong thought to himself, Its the end. and fainted again.

    The sunlight irritated his eyes, waking him up. The house was quiet without anyone else.

    Hes in a better shape than the last time. Besides hes always been optimistic, so he stopped trying to think and tried to get up. He came out from beneath the blanket and realized he is now dressed in a weird looking ancient clothing that is at least two sizes too small. His collar crisscrossed around his front from the back of his neck and dropped straight to the ground. At the bottom he was wearing an apron like leather shorts, and looked absolutely ugly.

    Xiang Shaolong suppressed the urge to hide beneath the blankets again and looked ahead. He saw that the roof was recently mended and remembered that when he dropped down from the sky, he landed on a man.

    Is that person dead or alive? If he has hurt someone, why is that pretty ancient young woman treating him so nicely!

    With all these questions puzzling him, he stood up.

    He felt a wave of dizziness, and after a moment he found himself leaning in front of the window, his hands grabbing the sill, supporting his body. The sunlight shone on his face, making him feel a little better.

    What really happened? Has something gone wrong with that accursed experiment? Why isnt he back yet? Will he be forever unable to return? Wouldnt his family and friends be really worried? And theres no way he can have his great revenge in bed with Zheng Cuizhi now.

    Xiang Shaolong is so miserable that he could cry.

    The weather is so hot, if only he can have a can of soft drink.

    He looked out and saw the lush green grass, abnormally blue sky and clouds that looked even whiter and cleaner than cotton.

    Xiang Shaolongs heart lurched, and knew that he has really gone back to the past. Why else would there be such an unpolluted sky.

    The skin on his limbs has scars from the burn and luckily his is healthy and his skin is now renewing the cells, so its not too serious.

    After wallowing in self-pity for a moment, Xiang Shaolong felt his energy rapidly returning and his curiosity rising.

    What is the world like outside? Can he really find the tyrannous Emperor Qin as depicted in the movies?

    He pushed the door open and walked out. It turned out he is in a quiet little valley, a stream flowing down the back of the house out of the valley. On the right of the stream he seem to hear a girls singing. On the left is a mulberry forest, a place to cultivate silkworms.

    Once he thought of the ancient beauty, Xiang Shaolongs mood lifted and he walked towards the sound of the singing.

    The girl was dressed in white, her skirt pulled up and tucked into the waist, revealing the thin chemise under the skirt and a pair of round and slender legs. She was squatting at the side of the stream washing clothes and cutlery, her expression languid and humming an unknown folksong.

    Xiang Shaolong saw her revealing herself, and shes quite pretty as well and desire filled him so he walked over. However he was still unsteady on his feet and stepped on a loose rock. He exclaimed in alarm and fell into the stream.

    That beauty was startled and jumped into the water to help him.

    Xiang Shaolong stood up in the chest deep stream and the girl happened to reach him and grabbed his hands to place it on her shoulder.

    Xiang Shaolong was roused and took advantage of the situation to lean onto her fragrant body.

    The lady spoke to him in shock and concernwith a string of words.

    This time Xiang Shaolongs brains is more alert and after some concentration he understood most of what she said. It sounded like a difficult dialect used around Hebei or Shanxi region. He vaguely figured out that she was reprimanding him for running around before he has fully recovered, and was so full of gratitude that he blurted out, Thank you Miss!

    That lady was stunned for a moment. She stared at him and asked, Where did you come from?

    This sentence may be difficult to understand, but Xiang Shaolong finally guessed the meaning and was immediately dumbfounded. What can he say? Tell her that he came from the 21st century in a time machine?

    The two of them were still standing in the water, totally drenched. It doesnt matter to Xiang Shaolong but that beautys clothes were thin and after being wet it showed off her curves, and shes no different from being naked.

    The lady saw Xiang Shaolongs hot eyes staring at her chest. She blushed and immediately forgot her question, and hurriedly helped him to shore.

    Xiang Shaolong cant help but take the opportunity to lightly knock into her breasts and the ladys face blushed even redder, but she did not object or reprimand him.

    Xiang Shaolong was ecstatic. It seems that the beauties of this era is even more open than those in the 21st century. All those talk about not taking 3 steps beyond the house or having to marry the man once he sees her body were all far fetched, or its those hateful Confusionist lecturing about morals during later years.

    So it seems that, even if he does not return to the 21st century for the time being, life would not be too boring.

    Xiang Shaolong changed out of his wet clothes and sat opposite to the beauty, eating the rice she cooked, with vegetables, mutton and braised meat marinated with five spices.

    Maybe because hes hungry, but Xiang Shaolong enjoyed the meal, all the food tasted especially delicious, even better than peking duck or hamburgers.

    The beauty ate and looked at him with interest at the same time.

    Xiang Shaolong was thinking to himself that this is such a secluded place, and not a village or even another house could be seen, and yet she seems to be living a fulfilling life. Could it be that the past is really better than the present?

    The beauty said something softly.

    Xiang Shaolong asked in surprise, What?

    The beauty repeated her words and this time he understood. She was saying that hes very tall, and she has never seen someone so tall.

    He was secretly laughing that people of this era must all be short, and asked her, What is your name?

    The beauty shook her head to indicate she could not understand his question and encouraged him to repeat 3 more times before she replied, The people of Mulberry Forest Village all call me Mei Canniang. (Pretty Silkworm Lady)

    This time it is Xiang Shaolongs turn to not understand. By the time he clarified it, the two of them were laughing happily. So Xiang Shaolong told her his name as well. The conversation flowed with such tries, failures and continuous work, neither party wanting it to end. When Xiang Shaolong is 80% confident of understanding her dialect, he asked her about what happened the day he fell in through the roof.

    Mei Canniang blushed slightly and said, The man you crushed to death the other day is a bandit from a neighboring village called Jiao Du. He followed me home all the way from the market and was going to rape me. Luckily young master fell down from the sky and crushed him to death. Ive buried him in the mulberry forest. She paused for a moment, her face reddened to the ears and she lowered her head and said shyly, I was married to two brothers, but they were forcefully conscripted into the army by bad people and were killed in Chang Ping.

    The battle of Chang Ping, isnt it one of the famed battles between Qin and Zhao, where the army of Qin killed all 400,000 of the Zhaos army. Xiang Shaolong hurriedly asked, How long ago did this happen?

    Mei Canniang replied, It happened 9 years ago.

    The battle of Chang Ping happened in 260BC, then isnt it 251BC now. Crazy Director Ma wanted to send him back to 246BC which is the year Emperor Qin ascended the throne, and although hes off by 5 years, but considering the facts hes still quite accurate.

    He asked, What is this place?

    Mei Canniang replied, Didnt I tell you, its Mulberry Village!

    Xiang Shaolong asked, Is this part of the kingdom of Zhao?

    Mei Canniang shook her head, I dont understand what youre talking about? I only know what happens in Mulberry Village, the news of my husbands death were told to me by the people in the market.

    Xiang Shaolong exclaimed in surprise, You really married two husbands at the same time?

    Mei Canniang replied, Of course its true!

    Xiang Shaolong sighed quietly to himself. Although he has read a few books about the Warring States, but hes not familiar with the customs during this period at all, so he put aside this question and continued, Did you not bear any children for them?

    Mei Canniang replied quietly, After the two fathers of the children left, life was extremely difficult and the children all died of sickness. Later I learned to keep silkworms and life finally settled.

    Xiang Shaolong felt pity for her, this beauty has suffered much.

    Mei Canniang said quietly, I have been praying to Heaven everyday, praying to her to bestow me a husband. Just when I was at my saddest, Heaven opened her eyes and dropped you for me. I am so ecstatic, from now on you will be Canniangs husband.

    Xiang Shaolong was absolutely dumbfounded. But its not too bad as well, he need not put in so much effort to explain where he came from.

    Hai! It seems that hell have to depend on her to support him. Suddenly he had a flash of inspiration, and thought that in 251BC, Emperor Qin is still destitute in Handan, the capital of Zhao. If he can find and befriend him, when he becomes the emperor in future, then wont his fortunes rise as well, and can have anything he want, including beauties? Once he thought of this, his heart itched and he asked, Do you know the way to Handan?

    Mei Canniang shook her head at a loss, then her face turned pale and she chewed her lower lips and stammered, Are you thinking of leaving this place?

    Xiang Shaolong climbed over, stuck himself to her fragrant back, his hands reaching forward to hold her little tummy and said gently, Dont be afraid! No matter where I go, Ill bring you with me.

    Mei Canniangs body softened at his touch and she exclaimed happily, Really!

    Xiang Shaolong nibbled her ear lobes and replied, Of course!

    Mei Canniangs two husbands were all coarse and unrefined men, so she has never encountered such flirtatious teasing, her slender body shook and she said, Im going to the market tomorrow, Ill ask someone then! Someone will surely know where Handan is.

    Xiang Shaolong put his huge hand into her clothes and kneaded her voluptuous bosom, asking That bandit Jiao Du, did he heh what you?

    Mei Canniang panted, He just took off my clothes, and have not Ai! Her lips have been locked.

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    Xiang Shaolong has never seen such a gentle and accommodating beauty, so he hurriedly showed her his best moves. The whole room was heated up and moans and pants joined together to form an orchestra. Mei Canniang, who has been alone for so many years, finally tasted for the first time the joy of being an equal with men in the act of copulation.

    Xiang Shaolong felt an itch in his nose and sneezed. He woke up and saw that it was Mei Canniang teasing him with a mulberry leaf.

    The sun has not risen.

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    He hugged Mei Canniang and pressed her down, using his body to put pressure on her sensitive areas, and even pushed her buttocks up with his hand so that she cannot avoid him while he greedily kissed her wet lips. Mei Canniang was totally caught unawares and almost lost her senses from the teasing. She kept crying out, and who knows if she was expressing her joy or objection.

    Xiang Shaolong flipped her skirt over, revealing her round yet firm thighs, and was about to proceed when Mei Canniang moaned with a flush, Shaolong! We have to go to the market immediately!

    Xiang Shaolong came to his senses immediately and stopped his assault. He warned her, Do you still dare to be mischievous?

    Mei Canniang covered her mouth and laughed, Yes! But not now, if we dont go to the market now we wont even have food for today.

    Xiang Shaolong was aroused by her heated body and hesitated, It wont take too much time to do it just once, right?

    Mei Canniang suddenly hugged him and said gently, My good man! Besides eating some food after lunch yesterday, you have been doing it to me until I fell asleep. Youre even more capable then my two husbands added together and now you want to continue. Are you trying to kill me! Get up quickly!

    Xiang Shaolong thought of her hunger and charm last night and felt desire again, but once he thought of looking for Emperor Qin, he can only suppress his lust and climbed out.

    Mei Canniang took out a set of clothes and said, I made this for you when you were unconscious, youll certainly look very good wearing it.

    With her help, Xiang Shaolong wore it and it fitted him perfectly. It may be made of coarse material and hemp but Mei Canniangs eyes shone on seeing it and complimented him, Mei Canniang has never seen any man as handsome as you in the world. And used a cloth to tie his growing hair before going on their way after washing up.

    Xiang Shaolong carried a whole bag of silk, with a hatchet around his waist, straw shoes on his feet and followed Mei Canniang out of the valley, towards the ancient civilization 2000 years ago.

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    Book 1 Chapter 3 Showing off for the first time

    The two of them walked down the hill in the darkness preceding dawn, towards the marketplace beyond the endless hills.

    Xiang Shaolong has never felt so much love and infatuation towards any women before. He carried her and ran down. To a warrior like him who has gone through special training, this is as easy as breathing.

    However Mei Canniang was extremely surprised, but once she thought that he is a gift from Heaven, she no longer felt bewildered.

    Xiang Shaolong asked her effortlessly, How did you end up marrying that two brothers? Where is your own family?

    Mei Canniang screamed in shock just as he jumped. She patted her chest and her pretty face was blushing from the excitement. She replied, I live in a place that is 3 days journey towards the sun. One day, the two brothers came with 10 tiger skins, 1 bear skin, 50 marten skins, 5 cows and 100 goats and gave to my father in exchange for me. Our tribe has never seen such extravagant gifts, so I married them.

    Xiang Shaolong carried her up by her waist and waded though a 3 meter wide river, thinking to himself that if he has the latest AK47, then he can hunt for tiger skins in exchange for women. He asked her, How old were you then?

    Mei Canniang held on to his neck tightly and whispered in his ear, 14!

    Xiang Shaolong exclaimed in surprise, What? Thats below the legal age for intercourse!

    When they reached the main road outside the mountainous area, the sun revealed its first ray of light.

    This couple who should have been separated by over 2000 years walked closely side by side, chatting happily.

    Mei Canniang finally found someone, and after spending the most exciting and romantic night in her life, she was ecstatic. She was pulling Xiang Shaolong like a little girl, kicking her little straw sandals, walking cheerfully. The painful journey in the past has now become an endless joy, and she said with a laugh, In the past I had to walk at least 20 hours to the market, but ever since someone built this road for military transport, it takes only 8 hours to reach the market. A lot of time has been saved.

    Xiang Shaolong thought to himself, so war can actually promote the development of transportation, and indirectly boost the economy and increase efficiency. So it seems that, in this era, there are advantages to wars.

    Hai! A pity he cant bring anything here. If he has a machinegun, or even a gun, he may become the highest paid soldier in this warring states period.

    He cant help but laugh once he thought of this.

    Then he thought of the queen of bars Zhou Xiangmei and Zhang Cuizhi who caused him to end up in this state. And his parents, they always said that hes unfilial, his 2 older brothers and 3 older sisters are all better than him. Now that hes gone, he reckons that they wont be too sad. But he still felt that this is not the case. A pity that he cant give them a call right now to tell them that hes safe.

    The sound of wheels grating along the ground sounded behind. It turned out to be a mule cart going towards the market, with a dozen or so white sheep on it. On the cart there were an old and a young man dressed as farmers and when they gave a friendly greeting, they were surprised and scrutinized the tall and well-built Xiang Shaolong. In contrast, they werent too surprised about Mei Canniangs beauty.

    After the mule cart was far gone, a few horses ran swiftly past and the men riding them were dressed like ancient warriors, on their horses there were bows, swords, axes etc, but they were not from the army.

    The two of them avoided them and stood aside.

    Mei Canniang spoke in his ear, These warriors are all for hire. They help merchants transport money, and its the most profitable business.

    Xiang Shaolong laughed, Ha! Finally theres a job suitable for me!

    Mei Canniang shrieked, No! I cannot lose a husband like you again.

    Xiang Shaolong was startled and after reassuring her, they continued on their way.

    The nearer they got to the market, the more crowded the roads became. Most of them were pushing wooden carts with a single wheel, carrying various goods like corn, millet, sorghum, rice, wheat, garlic, cows, goats etc and all of them were hurrying towards the same destination.

    Only now did Xiang Shaolong realize how huge he is. The tallest among the people is still shorter than him by half a head and he looked around complacently, feeling like a crane among chickens.

    After another hour, they finally arrived at the market.

    40 odd kinds of mud houses, straw houses and stone houses were lined up untidily on two sides, forming a wide street. Various kinds of harvests and animals, buyers and sellers filled the mud road that was about half a mile long, a feeling of festivity filled the air.

    They had just stepped into the market when Mei Canniang cried out quietly in fear, Look! The group of men on the left is the bandit Jiao Dus brothers. Theyre staring at us, what should we do?

    Xiang Shaolong gathered his wits and walked alertly forward.

    A group of 10 odd powerful looking men who are obviously the town bullies were standing or sitting in front of a mud house but their eyes were fixed onto them in astonishment.

    Mei Canniang continued, They surely know about Jiao Du looking for me, and thought that Ive become his woman. So when they saw its you instead, they were astonished. Oh dear, we better leave immediately!

    Xiang Shaolong scrutinized the crude metal swords they carried with his professional judgment and gave them a suave smile. He said to Mei Canniang, My wife, do not panic. Your husband is here, no one will be able to hurt a single hair of yours. He realized that the words he used is getting more and more similar to what these ancient people uses that he cant help but laugh out loud.

    Mei Canniang was so frightened her face turned pale, and pulled him towards the other end of what you can hardly call a street.

    The two of them melted into the crowd. While others were sizing him up, Xiang Shaolong was taking note of his surroundings without any concern.

    All these people from the warring states, just from the way they dressed, he can tell that they came from different places. Regardless of men or women, most of them have a flat face, short, rough skin, very few of them has the same alluring body and pretty face like Mei Canniang. But they all looked simple and honorable, giving others a good impression.

    The only exception was the men and women wearing unique red headpieces. Their hats were not like the hats that hes used to, which covers the top of a persons head. Instead it covers only the hair, which was tied into a bun, two red ropes hanging down from the side and tied into a knot under the chin.

    The men and women of this tribe were not only tall and good looking, the women were fair and wore extremely sexy short tops and skirts which bared the chest and arms. It really was an eye-opener for him and quite unbelievable as well, changing his perception that all ancient people must be conservative.

    A few of those young women were exceptionally outstanding, almost as pretty as Mei Canniang, and almost all of them trade in horses.

    When Xiang Shaolong made eye contact with the prettiest girl among them, those beauties all made eyes at this fine specimen of a man from another dimension, not at all bothered that his eyes was fixated on their half naked chest and slender legs.

    Mei Canniang felt much safer once theyre among the crowd and when she saw his lecherous look, shes not offended at all. She said quietly, Theyre all from the Baiyi tribe, expert in rearing horses. All the men and women are very good hunters, no one dares to bully them.

    Xiang Shaolong felt his heart itching, but he was pulled into a mud house by Mei Canniang who took over the silk he was carrying and proceeded to do business with the man inside.

    Xiang Shaolong took the opportunity to slip out of the house.

    Dang! Dang! Dang!

    Copper bells sounded in the biggest stone house opposite, and someone shouted, Quality horse for 30 coppers! Quality horse for 30 coppers!

    Xiang Shaolong was curious and walked forward. On the stairs of the large house stood ten over huge men wearing similar clothes as those riders they met on the way here. One of them wore a tall headpiece, his clothes were comparatively more splendid, a difference of heaven and earth with the coarse clothes worn by the farmers.

    He may have good eyesight, but from a distance of over ten meters, he can only see that person has a square face and large ears, with a solemn look, and carried with him an air of affluence.

    There was an immediate commotion in the market as the horse traders all squeezed forward with their horses and the situation was chaotic.

    Right at this time, he heard a cold snort next to him.

    By the time Xiang Shaolong was aware, those brothers of Jiao Du have already surrounded him heavily.

    He unhurriedly took 2 steps back, and pushed Mei Canniang back into the house just as she was walking out. He asked quietly, Does one have to go to jail for murder here?

    Mei Canniang asked in surprise, What is jail?

    Xiang Shaolong rephrased his question, Does anyone care if someone gets killed?

    Mei Canniang understood a little and replied, Besides their own tribesmen, no one else will bother. She then added, Youre not going to fight with so many of them right? They have swords! I can give them the money Ive just bartered for.

    Xiang Shaolong was assured and thought, in this time period, nothing is more useful than strength and martial arts. All the tough training he had in the past will not go to waste at all.

    One of Jiao Dus brother shouted, Mei Canniang! Where is Big Brother Jiao? And who is this stinking man?

    By now those people on the street are starting to realize that something is happening here and all came forward to watch the show. Even that well dressed man who is here to buy horses and his men all stopped their trade and walked towards them.

    Xiang Shaolong, who is used to creating trouble and fighting was assured and he laughed loudly, Your Big Brother Jiao has been killed, come over if you want revenge.

    Mei Canniang was so frightened that she shivered and hugged him tightly from behind.

    The expression on their faces changed at the same time and with a swish they all pulled out their swords.

    Xiang Shaolong slowly pushed Mei Canniang away and pulled out the hatchet from his waist. Immediately there were sighs and pitying noises coming from the crowd, saying that he does not know his own capability, actually using a hatchet to block swords.

    2 burly men rushed towards him with their swords raised, slashing towards him from the left and right.

    The crowd screamed, and one of the Baiyi beauties who were making eyes with Xiang Shaolong covered her eyes, not daring to look further.

    Xiang Shaolong roared and his hatchet swung forward fast as lightning.

    In his nearly 10 years of strict training, there is a saying that anything can be used as a weapon. These two men in front may be brave and ruthless, but he does not take them into account at all. He can even easily defeat them empty handed, much less with a hatchet in his hands now.

    Clang clang, the long swords were swept away. Xiang Shaolong ran forward like an arrow, his left fist punching a mans face, his leg giving a flying kick towards the other mans groin.

    The two of them immediately cried and fell down, their long swords dropping from their hands.

    Xiang Shaolong then retreated to where Mei Canniang was, his hatchet held in front of him, with a combat ready pose, shouting at the shocked crowd, Come!

    The rest hesitated, not one of them dared to lead the fight. They have never imagined that there are such swift and vicious attacks.

    Xiang Shaolong gave a long laugh and leapt out like a ferocious tiger, his hatchet slashing down and was embroiled in a battle with those 20 odd people.

    He moved swiftly so that the enemy has no chance to group together and in no time they all fell to the ground, either felled by his punches or his kicks.

    The crowd kept cheering for him, obviously theyve had enough of those bullies.

    When Xiang Shaolong became the ultimate winner, he picked up the best sword smong the pile and tied it to his waist.

    The crowd cried out, and a few people rushed forward followed by the rest of the crowd. They picked up sticks or hoes or similar weapons and starting hitting those bullies on the ground. It seems that in the face of public fury, none of them will be able to survive.

    Mei Canniang ran over and hugged him tightly, exclaiming, Heavens! Youre really brave! I will never have to fear bullies again.

    Xiang Shaolong hugged her and walked towards the other end of the street and asked nonchalantly, Have you found out how to get to Handan?

    Mei Canniang replied, Theres some who have heard of this place, but do not know how to get there.

    Footsteps can be heard behind them and someone called out, Brave man, please hold your steps!

    Xiang Shaolong turned around while still hugging Mei Canniang and saw that man dressed in fine robes who was buying horses walking towards them.

    Xiang Shaolong, Mei Canniang, and that well dressed man sat down on the floor in a big room.

    Xiang Shaolong studied the man, and guessed that hes about 40 years old, his features gives an impression of intelligence and his skin smooth. Obviously he has never done any manual labor in his life and compared to the farmers at the market, its like the difference between a city man and a poor country man.

    That man introduced himself, I am Tao Fang, one of the 12 servants of Master Wu. Brave hero, your accent sounds strange, I wonder where youre from?

    Xiang Shaolong said, My wife and I are both from Mulberry Village. I wonder if Master Tao has invited me here for some deals?

    Tao Fang looked perplexed, obviously not understanding his choice of words, so he could only guess part of the meaning. Luckily hes used to trading with various tribes, so he nodded and said, Is brave hero interested in earning a large sum of money.

    Xiang Shaolong looked at Mei Canniang.

    She gave a sweet smile and nodded, indicating that she has no objections to any decisions he makes. To her, a mans words are orders.

    Xiang Shaolong felt released from the binds of military rules, and feeling carefree, nodded, Would Master Tao please enlighten me!

    Tao Fang leaned forward and said excitedly, With brave heros marvelous skills, you can block 100 men with ease. If you agree to become my bodyguard, I can pay you 50 coppers every month, what do you think?

    Mei Canniang exclaimed Ah!, grabbed his arm and uttered, Thats enough to sustain us for one year.

    Xiang Shaolong took a whiff at her face and replied, The offer is very attractive, but were planning to go to Handan!

    A hint of a smile appeared at the corner of Tao Fangs lips and he said calmly, Hero must not have heard of the great name of out Master Wu. He is the finest King of Livestock in Handan. After collecting enough horses all over the place, we will send them to Handan. If hero will become my bodyguard, wont it be killing two birds with one stone.

    Xiang Shaolong replied joyously, But Im going to bring her along!

    Tao Fang looked at Mei Canniang and laughed, Dont worry! Besides buying fine horses, we also purchase beauties from various places, so theres no problem at all if hero wants to bring your beauty along. He furrowed his brows as he looked at his clothes and continued, Ill order someone to clean up a place for you and your wife to rest as well as get you some new clothes. Well return to Handan at the break of dawn tomorrow. What weapons do you use, if its swords, Ill immediately give you a good sword made by an old blacksmith in Handan. You can throw away the one you picked up earlier.

    Xiang Shaolong burst out laughing, and asked How long will it take to get to Handan?

    Tao Fang has obviously taken a liking to him and replied without irritation, On a fast horse, about 10 days. But the way we are going to travel, and having to purchase horses and beauties on the way, well take at least a month.

    Xiang Shaolong was in a good mood, and once he thought that hell be able to find Emperor Qin in Handan, he immediately said theres no problem.

    So this matter was thus settled.

    Tao Fang ordered someone to bring him to a camp near the market. The person who led the way is Li Shan, also a bodyguard. He was very impressed with his skills, so naturally he was extremely respectful.

    The camp was heavily guarded, with a guard in front of the 30 odd tents, either to prevent the beauties from escaping, or to prevent thieves.

    Next to the camp there was a temporary erected horse enclosure, with more than a hundred horses kept in there.

    Li Shan introduced Xiang Shaolong to the head of the bodyguards Dou Liang. The fierce looking warrior sized him up coldly and said disdainfully, Since Brother Xiang is so capable, I must exchange pointers with you when I have the chance. After he spoke, he eyed Mei Canniang lecherously, obviously disregarding Xiang Shaolongs presence.

    Li Shan was a little embarrassed and led the two of them to a tent at the edge of the camp and left after a few words.

    The two went into the tent.

    Mei Canniang lowered her head and did not speak, but it was obvious she was troubled.

    Xiang Shaolong hugged her and said gently, Theres no need to be afraid of that Dou Liang. Sooner or later Ill find a chance to teach him a lesson. I, Xiang Shaolong is not afraid of any bullies at all. And he cant help but think of Black Faced Deity.

    Mei Canniang said quietly, City folks are all deceitful, Im afraid I wont be used to that kind of life.

    Xiang Shaolong thought to himself that modern folks are a hundred times worse than you ancient people, but he assured her, With me to protect you, what is there to fear?

    Mei Canniangs eyes reddened, collapsed into his arms and cried piteously, Everyone who lives in Mulberry Forest Village are good people, our lives fulfilling, getting better year by year. And now that the bullies Jiao Du and his men are dead, itll be even more peaceful. Husband! Why dont we return there to stay, happily until we grow old and die, and Ill have children with you, isnt that better?

    Xiang Shaolong sighed secretly, hes so used to indulgences in life, how will he ever get used to such a life. He said gently, Why dont we do this! Ill borrow 100 coppers from Tao Fang, thatll be enough for your living expenses for 2 years, and Ill forge a path in Handan. Once I am successful, Ill come back for you, wont that benefit both of us?

    Mei Canniang stammered, Wont it mean that Ill have to part from you?

    Xiang Shaolong replied, At the earliest itll take a few months, the latest one to two years, I will definitely return. Dont forget that I am sent by Heaven, so Ill definitely not die.

    Mei Canniang wailed, and just when Xiang Shaolong was at a loss, she came to a decision and tearfully agreed to Xiang Shaolongs suggestion.

    Once they thought of the impending parting, the two of them engaged in joyous acts in the tent until dinnertime, when they left the tent to join Tao Fang for dinner. He brought up the topic of paying his salary in advance and without a second word, Tao Fang gave him 200 coppers straightaway. Xiang Shaolong cant help but feel impressed.

    But that head of bodyguards Dou Liang was extremely jealous.

    Tao Fang asked in passing again Xiang Shaolongs origins, but Xiang Shaolong still insisted that hes from Mulberry Forest Village, so Tao Fang did not press the issue.

    Early that night they returned to the tent and continued in their engagements until the next morning. After an unwilling parting, Mai Canniang returned to Mulberry Forest Village alone while Xiang Shaolong followed Tao Fang towards the unknown Capital of Zhao, starting on his journey to look got Emperor Qin.

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    Book 1 Chapter 4 Surrounded by Danger

    They walked for less than 2 hours when it started raining heavily.

    The 100 odd warriors wore their straw raincoats, escorting 12 horse carriages and almost 200 fine horses and moved forward with much aplomb.

    Xiang Shaolong thought about Mei Canniang, thought about her tears as she parted, and felt an indescribable sadness. He almost had the urge to turn back and look for her but he remembered he had taken 200 coppers from Tao Fang and stopped himself. He is not someone who will go back on his words. He must at least work for a few months as a bodyguard.

    The rain only stopped at dusk and the entourage stopped and pitched tents. 60 odd young girls came out of the horse carriages, all of them young and beautiful. A few among them were exceptionally pretty, comparable to Mei Canniang.

    Although they all looked tired, but they were all in high spirits, not like slaves who have just been bought at all. They even helped to cook and talk and laugh with the warriors, which baffled Xiang Shaolong.

    The girls realized that now theres another handsome man, Xiang Shaolong, so they all made eyes at him. A pity that he has lost the mood to flirt because he missed Mei Canniang and instead he went for a walk outside the camp.

    The wilderness after the rain was crisply green, the air refreshing.

    Xiang Shaolong cant help but feel sentimental.

    No matter how pretty nature is, how alluring the world in front of him is, but surrounding him was undeveloped land, endless forests. Its only the beginning of mans destruction towards nature. But by the 21st century, they have reached the end of this path of no return, and humankind had to suffer the consequences.

    If he has the power to change all these, would history be re-written?


    Xiang Shaolong was startled.

    Amidst the rustling leaves, a Baiyi girl wearing a sleeveless top and short skirt, which revealed her rounded thighs, jumped out. It turned out to be the prettiest Baiyi girl he met the other day at the market.

    She went to him excitedly and looked up to him, saying, Ive been following you for 2 days and nights. She pulled him and said nervously, Escape quickly!

    Xiang Shaolong pulled her into his arms instead and holding her tightly by her waist, kissed her lips.

    The Baiyi lady reacted fierily, even hugging his strong neck, not at all shy.

    Xiang Shaolong is believing more and more that women of this era, once they meet a man they like, are more direct then women from the 21st century, and felt his spirits lifting.

    The Baiyi girl left his mouth, her pretty face blushed an endearing red and said hurriedly, My name is Xiu Yi, come back with me to Mount Baiyi! If you follow those Zhao people to Handan, youll certainly be killed by Hui Hu and his group of horse thieves.

    Xiang Shaolong listened to her melodious voice, enjoying her voluptuous body, and his desire was just rising when he was suddenly shocked and asked, What did you say? In reality he only understood about 30 to 40 percent of her words.

    The Baiyi girl Xiu Yi slowed down and said each word clearly, A few days ago, our tribesmen received news, Hui Hu and his 800 horse thieves were preparing to lay an ambush for the Zhao people at Dashi Valley to steal their women and horses. If you go with them, youll surely be killed. Theyre a lot more formidable than Jiao Du and his men.

    Xiang Shaolong finally understood, his two ill-mannered hands continuously caressing her chest and buttocks and laughed, Dont worry! I have a way to deal with them.

    Xiu Yi smiled coquettishly, using her chest to press against him and her arms to rub against him, asked with a smile, I know you will not abandon your friends to save your own life, I shall not force you. But Ive given you such useful information, how are you going to thank me?

    Xiang Shaolong smiled bitterly, Besides copper coins, you can have anything else.

    Xiu Yi disentangled herself from his arms and turned a circle in front of him, saying with a flirtatious smile, Everyone says that Im pretty, do you agree? I still do not know your name!

    Xiang Shaolong stared at her, all his worries gone and replied, Im Xiang Shaolong!

    Xiu Yi repeated it a few times, and suddenly loosened her clothes, revealing a fair body that can make any man dizzy. She said with a smile, Would this be prettier? The men in the tribe all love to look at my body.

    This is the first time Xiang Shaolong has seen a girl like that, he breathed in deeply and ordered, Come here!

    Xiu Yi threw herself into his arms, and as she took off his clothes, she moaned, Its always men who have begged me, but this time Im begging you. Come! Lover! I have not gone home for 2 days, if you did not come out Id have gone into the camp to look for you.

    Xiang Shaolong returned to camp all relaxed and looked for Tao Fang. He pulled him to a corner and told him everything that just happened.

    Tao Fangs expression became very somber and after a while, reached out and placed his hand on his shoulder and said, You have saved my life this time. The problem now is not those horse thieves, but theres a spy among my people.

    Xiang Shaolong nodded, Master Tao must have kept the route youre taking to Handan very secret, not many will know about it. So if Hui Hu knows that you will be passing by Dashi Valley, there must be a spy who supplied him with this news.

    Tao Fang was extremely surprised at his quick wit and complimented him, I was right about you. Not only are you good looking, but intelligent and brave as well. Good! As long as I am still in power, I will not treat you badly.

    Xiang Shaolong laughed to himself, itll be more like it if Emperor Qin said these words to him.

    Tao Fang hesitated for a moment before saying, The spy must be Dou Liang. Theres two reason why Im so sure its him. Firstly he excused himself from the group for two days, so he must have met up with Hui Hu. Secondly, out of the few who knows our route, hes the only one from Wei, and people from Wei cannot be trusted.

    Xiang Shaolong was perplexed, Since the Weis cannot be trusted, then why did you employ him?

    Tao Fang replied, Shaolong, you have been living in the mountains, naturally youre not familiar with the situation in central plains.

    Xiang Shaolong replied earnestly, I really want to know!

    Tao Fang explained, We have to start the story from the partitioning of Jin into 3 states, that was the beginning of the division of the whole era. It was said that the powerless King of Zhou isolated the states and after the split, Wei, Han and our Zhao kingdoms were forged and no one paid any heed to Zhou. If the past can be described as a peaceful stream, now its a torrential river. The change within the last ten years almost equals the change that has happened over the last 100 years. Those who are incapable will be ousted. And he cant help but sigh as he spoke.

    Xiang Shaolong cannot imagine that a horse trader like him would be so knowledgeable, and felt the urge to tell him that no matter how they struggle or fight, Emperor Qin would be the one who unite the world in future. But of course he cant say it out loud, and even if he did, no one would believe him. So he tried to get some information, Is Qin the strongest and biggest state now?

    Tao Fang looked at him in surprise and said slowly, Ever since Qin used the reformative policies suggested by Gongsun Yang*, from the Wei ruling family, theyve indeed become stronger and wealthier. They even destroyed Zhou 5 years ago but also incurred the wrath of the everyone else. Therefore after our states great general Le Cheng, Yan She defeated Qins army badly and 3 years ago Wei invaded and captured Tao Ju, Qins most important city in the east, their strength was greatly diminished. He was obviously still concerned about the matter of the spy and was not in the mood for further discussion so he said, Shaolong! I want you to kill that spy Dou Liang for me.


    Xiang Shaolong patted his chest and said, Leave this to me, but if the wrong person was killed, wont the enemy be even happier.

    Tao Fang smiled coldly, Youre new here, Dou Liang have not figured out your background. You could test him with words, Im sure hell fall into the trap.

    Xiang Shaolong secretly thought that hes smart, and nodded his head in agreement.

    Tao Fangs attitude to him changed totally and said, Anyone from Wei can be killed. Its only recently that I found out that hes from Wei, and have decided to stop using him after the completion of this task, but I did not expect him to strike first. He took out an exquisite sheathed dagger and handed it to Xiang Shaolong, saying, Make it a clean job, after this Ill tell others that I sent him somewhere else on a mission. This dagger is made by a famed blacksmith specializing in making swords in Yue, and can easily cut a strand of flying hair. Ill give this to you, let it drink its fill of that Wei thiefs blood.

    Xiang Shaolong saw that he spoke of murder like an everyday affair and was secretly startled. However, all the training he received taught him how to kill, so as long as its the bad guys hes killing, he wont feel too sad about it.

    Tao Fang was suddenly in the mood to chat again and said, The Weis occupied our capital Handan for 2 years, and thankfully the State of Qi helped us force the Weis to retreat. But a lot of Weis were still left in Handan, and they became traitors and spies. That is what Dou Liang is, so you must not have any sympathy when you strike.

    Xiang Shaolong went back to camp. All the other warriors were respectful towards him and now that the sun is setting, the land started getting darker.

    From a corner of the camp sounds of girls laughing could be heard. In any case, Xiang Shaolong had to find Dou Liang, so he might as well walk over and take a look, and was immediately stunned. It turns out that the small river was filled with naked girls, all bathing and having fun in the water.

    My god! Why are ancient women even bolder than the western ladies in Caen or Miami Beach?

    A few warriors were at the side of the river enjoying this marvelous scenery, and one of them was Li Shan. He walked forward with a smile and said, The quality of this batch of girls is very good, does Brother Xiang want to ask Master Tao for two to have some fun? He seems very impressed with you?

    Xiang Shaolong asked in bewilderment, Where did you find so many pretty women? Dont they feel that its very sad to be traded like goods?

    Li Shan asked curiously, Isnt Brother Xiang from the mountains? If women arent goods then what are they? If they were sold to some poor village or isolated place, they would have to serve the whole family of 10 odd men alone, isnt that worse? Now they can go to the city, and if theyre lucky, they may capture the eyes of someone from a wealthy family. Theyll be able to wear jewelry, how much more proud can they be!

    Xiang Shaolong may be lecherous, but hes always respected women so he finds it difficult to accept such an attitude. Therefore he can only stop talking about this subject and instead asked, Where is Dou Liang?

    Li Shan smiled evilly, Just because hes the head here, he chose the prettiest girl and went into the tent, what do you think hes going to do? Xiang Shaolong was secretly furious and after finding out where his tent is, walked towards it.

    Before he reached the tent, he could hear a man panting and a woman moaning.

    Xiang Shaolong guessed that he will certainly emerge for dinner so he waited at the side. Indeed, after a while, the girl came out first with her clothes in disarray, followed by Dou Liang.

    Xiang Shaolong walked towards him and as he walked past, said quietly, Come alone with me if you have the guts.

    Dou Liang laughed sinisterly and followed him out of the camp.

    They came to a dense forest and Xiang Shaolong turned around, taking the opportunity to hide the dagger behind his back and said respectfully, Brother Dou, I am sent here by Hui Hu to help you.

    Dou Liangs hand was already on his sword but once he heard that, he looked at him in extreme shock.

    Xiang Shaolong was laughing secretly to himself and said, Theres been a change in plans, Hui Hu has decided not to strike at Dashi Valley, and told me to inform Brother Dou.

    Once Dou Liang heard him mention the name Dashi Valley, he was finally hooked and said furiously, What the heck is Hui Hu trying to do. What other better locations can there be other than Dashi Valley?

    Xiang Shaolong took the opportunity to step forward and said, Its at

    Dou Liang shouted, Stand there and talk!

    Xiang Shaolong drew out his long sword and threw it aside, saying with a bitter smile, Brother Dou is too overly suspicious.

    When Dou Liang saw him drawing his sword, he drew his in retaliation as well but when he saw him throwing it aside, he was relieved and replaced his sword back into the sheath. His expression calmed a little and he said, That old fox Tao Fang is quite formidable, how can I not be careful.

    Xiang Shaolong suddenly stared at a spot behind him, his expression full of fear.

    Naturally Dou Liang would turn his head back for a look and when he saw no one, he knows he has fallen for the trap. He felt a coldness on the side of his neck, stabbed by Xiang Shaolongs dagger, fresh blood flowing out from the vein and he died on the spot.

    Xiang Shaolong walked over to his body and sighed, When it comes to killing, who can be better than me, who is from the Special Task Force and well versed in anatomy?

    Xiang Shaolong returned to camp and other than the warriors on patrol, everyone else were gathered at the open area in the middle of the camp. There were 20 over tables, the girls taking 10 tables, and there was a campfire banquet. There was a wide array of food, and maybe because of this, the women were willing to become goods.

    He walked towards Tao Fang, sat next to him and lifted 2 fingers in a sign of victory, to indicate he has taken care of Dou Liang.

    Naturally Tao Fang did not understand his signal, but looking at his spirited expression, he knows that he has succeeded. He was secretly complimenting him, thinking that this lad has killed a man and yet theres no change in his expression, hes indeed a first rate assassin and killer. He said, Shaolong, go and take a look at the ladies table, if theres anyone to your liking, just take a few into the tent for fun, no need to be shy.

    Xiang Shaolong secretly thought to himself, now why would he be shy. Its just that my body is not made of iron after all, after dealing with that insatiable Baiyi wanton, he has no more energy to enjoy another woman, much less a few. He spoke into Tao Fangs ear, Is Master Tao interested in making a night journey, so that the enemys spy will suddenly realize tomorrow morning that hes lost our whole camp?

    That night Tao Fang ordered his men to cover the horses hooves and the wheels of the carriages with soft cloth. Leaving behind a few empty tents and some straw men, they journeyed in the dark of the night until dawn before they pitched camp and rested hidden away in a small valley.

    Xiang Shaolong slept soundly in his private tent, now he has become the head of the bodyguards.

    When he woke up he realized that theres a pretty lady in his tent.

    The beauty knelt on the floor, her forehead touching the ground and said respectfully, I am Ting Fangshi, and have been ordered by Master Tao to serve Master Xiang on this journey.

    Xiang Shaolong was secretly commending Tao Fang for his kind thoughts. He might as well enjoy the feeling of being a master, so he said, Sit up!

    Ting Fangshi sat up straight, her voluptuous bosom straining to escape from her clothes.

    Xiang Shaolong took a while to shift his gaze back upwards, and immediately recognized her as the beauty Dou Liang took into his tent yesterday. He remembered her tender moans and immediately felt desire, secretly hating Dou Liang for being able to pick a fine specimen. He sat up with a smile, reached out and pinched her face and said gently, Who can bear to sell you?

    Ting Fangshi lowered her head and said quietly, Its my husband!

    Xiang Shaolong exclaimed hoarsely, What? How can there be such a man who does not know how to treasure a woman?

    Ting Fangshi guffawed, covered her little mouth and said, Master Xiang talks so funnily, youre different from the others.

    Xiang Shaolong thought to himself, of course its different, were from a different time period! However he asked, Is he inept?

    Ting Fangshi asked in alarm, What is inept?

    Xiang Shaolong explained patiently, It means a man who is incapable of copulating with a woman.

    Ting Fangshi finally understood and she shook her head, Thats not the problem, but because he already had over 10 wives, and all of them snubbed me and backstabbed me, saying that I was flirting with other men with my eyes. So he sold me.

    Xiang Shaolong was suddenly enlightened, and felt that beauties truly have a hard life. Because her beauty has incurred the jealousy of the other evil wives. So he asked nonchalantly, So did you flirt with other men?

    Ting Fangshi gritted her teeth and said, Not initially, but I did later. Because I had hoped that a stronger man than him will come and save me. As long as I can get him and his wives out of my sight, I am willing to make any sacrifice.

    She then chuckled and said, Master Xiang is different from other men. They cant wait to take off their clothes and jump onto me once they see me, only Master Xiang will talk to me like this. I am very grateful.

    Xiang Shaolong felt a sense of pity, the women of this era really have hard lives, like a rootless duckweed, their fate totally controlled by men. His enthusiasm was dampened, the fire of desire he felt early disappeared totally. He stood up and said, I think theres a clear stream towards the east, Id like to go there for a cold bath.

    Ting Fangshi did not really understand what he said, so after he explained again, she hurriedly stood up and said, Let me serve Master Xiang with your bath. She then added quietly, That would be my greatest honor.

    The two of them stood naked in the waist high stream, with Fang Tingshi helping to scrub him. Xiang Shaolong was so comfortable he almost wanted to sigh.

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    Her pretty face blushed and her eyes shone, appreciating his strong muscles, and she cant help but move her slender hands from the back to the front, gently caressing his chest which is wider then an average man.

    This is the first time she has seen such an endearing handsome man, and cant help but feel desire.

    Xiang Shaolong was totally drunk on the feeling of unhindered contact with this beauty, feeling her generous bosom rubbing against his back and remembered how her chest looked like as it was straining tightly in her clothes and felt his desire rising again.

    Suddenly he heard Tao Fangs voice on the shore, If Shaolong is satisfied with this woman, then let her follow you in future.

    Ting Fangshi exclaimed, Ah!, her expression overjoyed. If she can become this mans mistress or maid, shed be willing even if it means death.

    Xiang Shaolong obviously knows that this is Tao Fangs way of bribing him, so after thanking him, asked, Have the scout returned with any news?

    Tao Fangs eyes settled on Ting Fangshis peaks, which was trembling slightly. When he bought this woman, he inspected her body personally so he knows how smooth and supple her skin is, so now he felt something. He swallowed his saliva and said, Shaolong has guessed correctly, theres 3 thieves running after us but theyve been killed. We have lost Hui Hu for the time being but we must not let our guard down. The horse thieves are good at tracking, and added with our slow speed, they will catch up sooner or later.

    During his life in the army, Xiang Shaolong has long become accustomed to bathing together with his teammates, so hes not uncomfortable at all that Tao Fang is seeing him. However, for Ting Fangshi to be admired by him thus, he felt a little taken advantaged of, so he said Well leave immediately after the meal and see how far we can travel. Give me 10 odd men, I will hide the tracks of the horses and carriages. Tao Fang is getting more and more confident of him, so he nodded and said, Well depend on you, enjoy yourself! and left.

    Ting Fangshi turned towards him and said while hugging him, Master Xiang! I will be yours in future.

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    How can Xiang Shaolong withstand the sight of her alluring body, so he carried her up and kissed her lips hardly and invaded her body.

    Its the first time Ting Fangshi enjoyed such tenderness from a man, so she used all her might to express her willingness and joy.

    Familiar moans and groans sounded in Xiang Shaolongs ears again like music from the heavens.

    Xiang Shaolong showed all his moves gently, and let this beauty who has suffered in the hands of men enjoy a sweetness that she can never imagined.

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    Book 1 Chapter 5 Display of invincibility

    As far as they can see all around them, the land was a large lush plain of green, peppered with wild forests and winding rivers and streams. Nature is so breathtakingly beautiful.

    Tao Fang suddenly sighed and said, Im in conflict when it comes to the Weis as well. The southwest of Great Jin has a corner separated by the Yellow River, followed by treacherous mountains. It effectively sandwiched the Qins only entrance in the east. After the separation of the 3 states, this section was taken by the Weis, and as long as they remain strong, the Qins will be trapped in the west and cannot conquer towards the east. Hai! So do we wish for the state of Wei to be strong or weak?

    Xiang Shaolong asked, Why does Master Tai hate the Weis so much?

    Tao Fangs expression turned somber and he said, Ever since Marquis Wen of Wei reformed Wei, he kept invading others, not only weakening us, but made the Qins stronger and become a danger to us. The chaotic situation now is all the result of the Weis actions. Secondary are the aberrant Qis who goes back on their words. When we joined forced with Chu and Han to attack Qin, they came to attack us and gave Qin the opportunity to eliminate the 2 states of Ba and Shu, thus expanding their land. All of them are short sighted people.

    Another warrior interrupted, But the most idiotic would be King Chu. The Qins used only 600 miles of land to entice him to break off friendly ties with Qi. In the end they were left isolated and without reinforcements. The Qins defeated them badly at Danyang and they lost 80,000 men, Hanzhong, northwest of Chengdu and Pingxiao which resulted in a huge setback for their state. Later he was lured by the Qins to go to Wu Pass and was captured by them. In the end he died of an illness in a foreign land. One does not know whether to pity him or laugh at him.

    Xiang Shaolong got excited upon hearing all these. In the 21st century theres no turmoil like this where the outcome can be determined by war. Only here can he show off his capabilities like a fish to water. By now he is thinking less and less about returning.

    After the few of them discussed about their strategies at Shantou, they split up to follow up on their respective tasks.

    Xiang Shaolong led 30 odd men and set traps and dug holes on the surrounding slopes to prevent the enemy from attacking them in the cover of the night. He also confirmed the emergency back up plans with Tao Fang, who nodded with consent as he listened.

    During these few days, Xiang Shaolong would practice on his swordplay and archery whenever he is free. He had learnt all these in the past, but of course such skills were not as important as practicing their marksmanship at that time, so now he has to work harder in these areas.

    To a full time army personnel like him, he is more adept at using weapons then anyone else. However he humbly sought advice from other warriors and improved on their swordplay, creating for himself a powerful yet unconstrained style of swordplay that is most lethal. Although he felt that its still not good enough, but he cant find a good teacher in such a short time, so hell have to make do with it.

    He only returned to the camp to rest late at night.

    The beautiful and coquettish Ting Fangshi, who has been nourished by love, had just woken up and was about to change his attire for him when Xiang Shaolong stopped her and said, Ill sleep in this tonight! I have a feeling the thieves will come tonight.

    Ting Fangshi was so startled her face turned pale and she stammered, What should we do then. If I end up in the hands of those horse thieves, I will surely be defiled, and face a fate worse than death.

    Xiang Shaolong hugged and assured her, Dont be afraid, with Xiang Shaolong around, I will guarantee your safety, I may stay behind to fight off the enemy, youll go with Master Tao to Handan first and Ill meet up with you later.

    Ting Fangshis expression turned stricken and she sobbed, I ask that Heaven have pity on me and protect Master Xiang. In the past I felt that it doesnt matter which man I follow. But now I know that if I dont have Master Xiang, I would not want to live a single day longer.

    Xiang Shaolong knows that this enticing beauty has developed feelings for him and suddenly felt desire again. He licked the tears off her face, his other hand reaching into her top and working its way around her bosom. For a moment he remembered Mei Canniang, and secretly thought that it was a good idea not to let her come along, or else she might have been frightened to death now.

    Ting Fangshis petite body shivered, her face red and burning, fire coming out of her eyes. Her little mouth gaped open, sighing and moaning, the expression of desire on her face thoroughly enticing.

    Xiang Shaolong suddenly stopped, and said I have to conserve my energy tonight to deal with any situation that might arise. Can you wait for a night?

    Ting Fangshi gasped and moaned, she has no choice but to nod her head in agreement. But once he saw her rapidly heaving bosom, he knows that she is now in a heat of desire that cannot be extinguished.

    For the first time, Xiang Shaolong thought that how idyllic life will be if theres no war.

    Ting Fangshi blew out the oil lamp and fell into this mans arms, making him out of control.

    Xiang Shaolong hugged a ball of fire and snuggled into the blankets. He asked gently, I forgot to ask you, have you ever had an affair with another man behind your husbands back?

    Ting Fangshi curled up and nibbling his ear, said softly, He was very strict with me, but I frequently have to accompany the men he singled out. When hes happy, hell let his relatives and friends have fun with me. Luckily its a lot better serving other men than serving him.

    Xiang Shaolong secretly sighed to himself, women in this era has no standing at all, but just the slaves of men. From what she said, a married woman is not that much different from a prostitute. When he thought of the Emperor Qin in the movie, his mother was the favorite concubine of Lu Buwei, who offered her to his father, and no longer felt that such a situation is strange.

    Under extreme exhaustion, he slept.

    He suddenly woke up, and heard urgent footsteps coming nearer and nearer. Ting Fangshi was frightened awake.

    Xiang Shaolong ordered her to stay in the tent and quietly took his sword and left the tent. He met a nervous looking Li Shan and knew that somethings wrong so he hurriedly followed him to the top of the eastern hill.

    Tao Fang and all his warriors are all awake, crouching at the top of the hill looking at their surroundings.

    Under the majestic starts, in the seemingly quiet plains, birds were startled into flight, and there were roars from ferocious tigers.

    Tao Fang turned pale and exclaimed, Theyre coming!

    Xiang Shaolong is adept at observing his enemys movements, and guessed that their enemy is still far away and have not grouped up in force. He suggested, Why dont Master Tao escape with the women first, but leave the horses here. I will lead 50 men to engage the enemy and we will meet in Handan at a later date.

    Tao Fang knows that the horse thieves outnumber them and theyre all vicious and fearless, and felt a chill in his heart. He reached out and grabbing his shoulders, said with gratitude, Ill leave everything to you. You must keep your life and come to Handan to look for me. I will take good care of Ting Fangshi for you. And he left in a hurry after speaking these words.

    After a moment, Tao Fang and the women went up the horse carriage and under the protection of the other 60 odd warriors, left by the other passage that has not been laid with traps.

    Xiang Shaolong and the rest immediately busied themselves, improving their defenses, increasing the depth of the trap holes, putting more ropes to trip the horses and such.

    3 hours later, the horse thieves finally came. The horses on the hills neighed as the thieves surrounded the small hill. Murderous horse thieves were all around them, causing a chill down the various warriors heart, because they are really greatly outnumbered.

    Xiang Shaolong felt himself getting numb and kept reminding himself to calm down.

    Suddenly footsteps were heard, 2 teams of 100 odd horse thieves ran up the hill from the east and west.

    Xiang Shaolong knows that the other party is just testing them, so he instructed everyone to stand by their positions and not make any rash moves.

    The 2 teams of horse thieves started making their way up, whooping shrilly, and causing anyone who heard them feel a cold shiver.

    Halfway up the hill, the horse thieves split up and charged quickly forward.

    The horse thieves at the forefront fell over, either falling into the pike holes or their horses tripped over the ropes, causing the men and horses to roll down the hill and knock into the charging horse thieves behind. Under this chain reaction, more than half of the 2 teams of almost 200 men were either dead or injured.

    The warriors cheered, their confidence greatly boosted.

    Xiang Shaolong secretly thanked the good luck, knowing that the enemy lost because they were careless and over confident, thats why they fell into the trap. He hurriedly ordered everyone to move to the bottom of the slope and hide in the holes without the pikes and prepare their arrows to launch a third attack to the enemy.

    A few hundred torches lighted up the surrounding area, throwing the whole hill into fiery brightness.

    A burly man with huge graying beard walked out from among their enemy, sitting proudly on a horse. He pointed and shouted, Those damned Zhao devils. If I, Hu Hui, allow anyone of you to die with an intact body, then I will retire immediately.

    Xiang Shaolong was secretly berating the other party for being stupid. Once he said that, wont he be forcing his opponents to fight with all their might?

    Xiang Shaolong felt that his arm is stronger than others, and shot an arrow towards Hui Hu. The light weighted arrow lost its momentum before it even reached its target and dropped about 10 meters away from Hui Hu. However, this is enough to cause apprehension among the horse thieves. Who has such incredible arm strength?

    The warriors were secretly cheering, but none dared to make any noise, afraid that the enemy will find out their location.

    The horn blew and the horse thieves all came down their horses and split into two groups to attack from all sides.

    Horse thieves with shields and spears, who under the light of the torch, made their way carefully up the slope, led the first wave of attack, spoiling the trap that Xiang Shaolong had laid.

    Behind them were archers, who kept shooting arrows towards the hill, covering the ascent of the men with spears. However they did not know that Xiang Shaolong is already hiding in the middle of the hill in a hole designed to avoid arrows.

    By now all the warriors were impressed with Xiang Shaolongs prediction of the enemys moves and their confidence soared.

    By Xiang Shaolongs estimation, the enemy still has about 700 men who can fight. Even if they can get rid of the 400 odd men who are making their way up now, their enemy still outnumbers them greatly. Besides, theres no way they can kill all the troops who are advancing now without causing casualties to their own people. He had an idea, and instructed Li Shan, who was by his side, When the fight starts later, bring 10 men to the horse enclosure immediately. When you hear the signal of 3 long and 3 short horns, break the enclosure immediately and let the horses out. Let them charge down from the east, then well escape from the west.

    Li Shan immediately agreed and went to look for his partners.

    By now the first batch of horse thieves have reached the midsection of the hill, slowly coming closer. The atmosphere was tense.

    Hui Hu and the remaining of his 300 men sat on their horses at the east side arranging their formation. They rubbed their fists and palms, getting ready to charge up and kill.

    This is the first time Xiang Shaolong is in such a situation, and his heart beat wildly for a moment. He ordered, Release the rocks!

    The barrier of 10 odd piles of tree trunks and rocks, which were hidden behind the bushes and grass, was removed and they rolled down like waves, breaking the enemys shields and causing them to fall.

    Xiang Shaolong shouted, Release the arrows. All the warriors who were hidden in the burrows immediately showed themselves and their arrows fell like rain. The enemy was in chaos and could not retaliate at all. They were struck by arrows and rolled down the hill, suffering another 200 odd casualties.

    The morale of the warriors were greatly boosted and they cheered.

    Hui Hu was jumping mad and after retreating the injured men, he immediately regrouped his men for the third attack.

    Xiang Shaolong observed how the other party was moving and knew that theyre putting their main force on the slope at the east. That area is not as steep and secretly thanking heaven for helping him, he ordered all the warriors to retreat up the hill.

    There are advantages to having less men, the enemy will not be able to detect their movements so easily.

    When they have all retreated up the hill, Xiang Shaolong told them to lead their horses and told them his plan. When the warriors heard that they can escape, their morale were boosted and they were all united, with no one making any objection. Until now, none of their men has been injured so naturally they think of Xiang Shaolong like a deity now.

    The horn sounded, the horse thieves charged up again from all areas but most of the remaining 500 off horse thieves were coming up from the east.

    Xiang Shaolong waited until the horse thieves were halfway up the hill before he ordered his man to sound the signal. Horses neighed and hooves drummed, a hundred odd wild horses were chased out of the enclosure and the warriors all hurriedly helped to steer the horses so that they ran madly down the eastern slope. They even used their long spears to poke the horses buttocks so that they will become even wilder. Amidst the flying sand, the wild horses galloped down the slope, directly into the horse thieves who were on their way up.

    Xiang Shaolong has no time to observe the outcome and leading his 50 warriors, ran towards the western slope, running all the way down the safe path.

    Only a hundred odd horse thieves met them, and because they were unprepared, they were quickly defeated.

    Xiang Shaolong knows that his plan must be beyond the expectations of the enemy. Hui Hu does not know that all the women have been sent away, so he couldnt have imagined that only 51 riders were left to charge out of the siege.

    The eastern slope may be in chaos, but the horse thieves from the other 2 sides all came to help and for a moment, the sounds of killing filled the air.

    Although Xiang Shaolong had learnt to ride in the army, but hes naturally not as adept as the warriors and horse thieves who grew up on horseback. When they reached the foot of the hill, hes already lagging behind the other warriors, who thought that he is so brave as to risk his own life to cover their retreat.

    By now only about 30 out of the 50 warriors remained, and they hurriedly escaped.

    With his amazing arm strength, Xiang Shaolong killed a few horse thieves who were pursuing him with his spear. He was about to catch up with his team when he felt a sharp pain on his shoulder, shot by an arrow.

    Xiang Shaolong roared and urged his horse to run faster. In his haste he did not see where he is going at all, but onl knows he must move forward quickly. In a short moment, he was all alone, riding forward is the vast plains.

    The horse suddenly lost its footing and threw him off. He stumbled into the bushes and even the end of the arrow was snapped. The horse finally collapsed and died of exhaustion.

    Xiang Shaolong felt his body getting weak and his head giddy, with a fiery pain behind his shoulder. His body was stained with fresh blood from the wound. He gritted his teeth and stood up. Taking the dagger Tao Fang gave him, he endured the extreme pain and cut out the flesh surrounding the arrowhead, and after that haphazardly bandaged the wound with his shirt.

    He was parched, and knew that this is an indication of losing too much blood so he climbed up with much pain.

    A ray of light shone from the eastern side of the plains. They have ran the whole night, no wonder the horse could not take it any more. He looked at the horse in apology and continued on his way.

    He walked for 20 odd days in the deserted wilderness. Xiang Shaolong experienced the most difficult journey in his whole life.

    The first few days he depended on wild fruits to stave his hunger. Later when his wound gradually healed after he applied mashed herbs on it to prevent infection and inflammation, his strength returned and he hunted wild rabbits for food. He was disheveled and dirty with tattered clothes.

    Following Tao Fangs instructions, looking at the sun during the day and checking out the stars at night, he walked towards the direction of Handan. One day he came to the bottom of a huge mountain and looking at the tall and dangerous looking cliff, he had no choice but to walk around it. But he walked for more than 10 days and yet he was still walking around the winding mountain area. By the time he left the mountainous area, he was totally exhausted. Even his sword was broken and just as he was despairing, he found an official road outside the forest. He was overjoyed and bounded towards the road. By this time even his boots were torn.

    On the way he met two groups of traders with a dozen men but when they saw his bedraggled look, they hurriedly moved away, totally ignoring him.

    Xiang Shaolong sighed about the heartlessness of men. After walking for three more days, he reached another large city in the state of Zhao, Wu An, which is west of Handan.

    By this time, the weather will turn cold at night, so cold that hell be shivering. He wanted to go into the city but was chased out by the Zhao soldiers. He realized that all who enters the city must pay taxes and have their identities checked. The way he looked, like a beggar now, not to mention that he is penniless, theres no way he can enter the city.

    Never did Xiang Shaolong imagine that he would become a pest that no one wants. Luckily he has been through rigorous military training and was especially resilient. He did not give up but waited for a chance outside the city gates.

    He decided that after gaining into the city, he have to get clothes, food and a horse even if he has to steal or swindle. And after he finds out the route to Handan, hell go there immediately to look for Tao Fang so that he can end this painful existence.

    That night he ate wild fruits to appease his hunger, huddled up in the forest next to the road, tolerating the bitingly cold night.

    When the sun shone on him as the day broke, he finally fell asleep.

    Without knowing how long he slept, he was suddenly jarred awake by the sound of carriage wheels.

    He opened his eyes for a look, and it turned out to be a group who was carting sheep. He was ecstatic and when no one was noticing, he hid himself in the last sheep cart amongst the sheep and stole into the city.

    This city of the State of Zhao during the Warring States Period has a lot of elderly with tall and large buildings. The place was crowded, but it seems that there are more females to makes. Xiang Shaolong thought to himself that this must be the after effect of Changping where the Qin generals killed 400,000 Zhao soldiers.

    He was wondering if they have gigolos here, if there is, with his ability, hell be able to make the ladies happy. He can then earn enough for traveling expenses, a good horse and fresh clothes to Handan.

    Once he thought about this, he himself felt that its hilarious, and jumped off the cart.

    Once the people on the street saw him, they all gave him despising looks.

    Xiang Shaolong touched the beard on his face and almost wanted to cry. Before he came into the city, he had a purpose, which is to figure out how to come into the city. But now that hes really in the city, he is at a loss instead.

    He felt ashamed of himself and turned into a deserted lane, but was discovered by a group of children who were playing in the courtyard. They ran after him and made fun of him as if hes a monster, and were so mischievous they even threw stones at him.

    When he turned around to scare them, the dozen or so children immediately scattered. One little girl could not run away in time and fell down.

    When Xiang Shaolong wanted to help her up, the little girl was so panicked that she wailed loudly.

    Immediately a few adults holding knives, spears, rods etc ran towards him with cries of murder.

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    Book 1 Chapter 6 - Leader of the Mohist School

    Xiang Shaolong did not want to fight them, so he can only run away. He later ended up at a dilapidated and isolated temple, walked in there and sat cross legged, hidden in a corner.

    What should he do? Why dont he go back to Mulberry Forest Village and look for Mei Canniang and live the rest of his life there. Once he thought of this, he really felt that heroes are short-lived.

    Suddenly, there was someone else in the temple.

    Xiang Shaolong looked over in surprise. It turns out to be a middle-aged man wearing linen clothes, his feet bare. No wonder he did not hear any footsteps.

    That man was tall and well built, almost as tall as him, his features plan, his expression calm. However his eyes were alert, and besides the cloth he bun his hair with, he wore no other accessories, looking a little like a monk on a pilgrimage.

    The two of them eyed each other.

    The man suddenly came towards Xiang Shaolong, squat down and asked, Where did Brother come from?

    Xiang Shaolong did not know what the other party has on his mind, so he said, I was on my way to Handan to visit my relatives but lost my way and ended up here. If Sir can tell me how to get to Handan, Ill be very grateful. By now his accent and speech is about 70 to 80 percent similarity to how the people at that time talked.

    The man smiled and said, Im not a sir, its just that I saw that youre strongly built and good looking but although you ended up in such a state, you still have pride in your eyes, thats why I asked out of curiosity. Tell me, what are you good at?

    Xiang Shaolong was secretly cursing, but he has to find out the route to Handan so he swallowed his anger and replied, I dont know anything, but I have brute strength. Im not afraid of hard work or fighting.

    That man smiled, Do you know how to use a sword?

    Of course Xiang Shaolong nodded his head.

    The man said calmly, Come with me! He pushed open the back door of the temple and walked in.

    In any case, Xiang Shaolong has no place to stay now, so he followed him in. Behind the door theres a world of its own. Its an abandoned courtyard with high walls surrounding the four sides with a dried up pond in the middle. On the other end is a small stone house.

    That man walked out of the house with two wooden swords and threw one of them to Xiang Shaolong.

    Xiang Shaolong was shocked when he caught hold of the sword. Its actually a few times heavier than his previous sword, the wood was black, and he wondered what kind of tree is it made from.

    That man saw his look of surprise and said, This is a heavy sword made from a 1000 year old pomegranate tree. Fine! Show me some attacks.

    Xiang Shaolong waved the sword a little, shook his head and said, No! Im afraid Ill hurt you.

    A look of appreciation shot through the mans eyes and he smiled, If your sword can touch my clothes, Ill give you a detailed map to Handan as well as traveling expenses and clothes immediately.

    Xiang Shaolong was shocked when he heard that and quietly thought that this person is even more conceited than him. He laughed and said, In that case Ill oblige. He went forward and was 5 steps away from the person when he made a fake move. He leaned towards the left, then moved to the right, his sword sweeping over, force meeting force, using the strength in his arms to shake his opponents wooden sword away.

    Who would have expected that that person did not move at all, but just moved his wrist. Although he struck later, his sword reached his opponent first and slashed diagonally at his sword, then the tip of the sword slid forwarded as if its going to stab Xiang Shaolongs face.

    Xiang Shaolong was startled and took a step back. His opponents wondrous swordplay made it difficult for him to use his strength. He felt piqued and with a roar, leapt forward like a ferocious tiger. Continuously for 7 moves, his danced madly with his sword like leaves falling on a strong, windy night, suddenly attacking the top or bottom, sweeping and chopping, attacking towards him.

    The corner of the mans lips seem to curve up in a smile and yet he did not move, but no matter how he slashed, his opponent would just be able to block off his sword. His following sword moves were able to force him back, and theres no need for him to fight with him on strength. Although he only defended and did not attack, theres no way he can get close.

    Pak Pak the sound kept ringing in his ears.

    When he was striking for the 72th time, Xiang Shaolong was finally exhausted. He stepped back and panted, looking at this gentleman in front of him incredulously.

    That man exclaimed in surprise, So you really do not know the art of swordplay, but only depended on your strength and nimbleness. But if an average swordsman was to meet you, hell surely have difficulty fighting you.

    Xiang Shaolong gave him back the sword dejectedly, and admitted his loss, I admit I cant be compared to you. Hai! To think that I actually harbored the wish to roam the world. It turns out that a real swordsman can be so formidable. Farewell! Ill return to the mountains now and just live out the rest of my life. When he finished his words, he really felt completely discouraged and thought about the era he is so familiar with. If theyre dueling on marksmanship, hell definitely be able to win this swordsman.

    That man laughed, From the way Brother moves and talks, youre poor but yet youre not and your bearing is excellent. Obviously youre an upright and extraordinary person. Come! Have a bath and change into some clean clothes. Ill cook and we can have a good chat.

    After eating 2 bowls of rice, Xiang Shaolongs spirit was restored.

    The man saw that after he has shaved, combed his hair and changed into linen clothes, Xiang Shaolong seemed to have changed into another person and his eyes revealed a look of admiration. He said smoothly, Just now Brother said you wanted to make a name for yourself, I wonder what kind of name are you looking for?

    Xiang Shaolong was stunned for a moment, and replied with a little embarrassment, Im actually not too sure, but just taking things as they come. Now that I have clothes, Im thinking of changing this dagger for some money, and itll be best if I can buy a horse to bring me to Handan.

    That man furrowed his brow and said, A man in society all alone, how can he not have goals or aspirations. Only those who create opportunities are true heroes.

    Xiang Shaolong was irked and asked, What aspirations do you have then?

    That man smiled condescendingly and replied, Very simple, which is to eliminate the greatest bane to the world, and to accomplish the greatest benefit to the world.

    Xiang Shaolong guffawed, These sentences are so vague, what can be considered the greatest benefit and the greatest bane to the world?

    The man was not offended and said calmly, The greatest bane of the world, is like the strong preying on the weak, big states conquering small states, the intelligent suppressing the foolish. And the root to all these problems, is because theres not enough love between people. If we can all love one another, hand over our possessions, then we can all share the wealth. Therell no longer be fights over jealousy, and accomplish the greatest benefit to the world.

    Xiang Shaolong exclaimed hoarsely, So youre a believer of Mohism*.


    That man was baffled, What Mohism?

    Xiang Shaolong asked excitedly, Is your grand-teacher Mo Zhai, his teachings are very famous, on the same standing as the Confucianism, Taoism and Legalism and itll be passed on forever!

    That person was totally perplexed, but since he knows the name Mo Zhai, obviously he wasnt talking nonsense, so he nodded and said, Mo Zhai is indeed our first Juzi, are you really from the villages?

    Xiang Shaolong asked, What is Juzi, that I do not know.

    That man thought for a while and explained, Juzi is the leader of the Mohist Unit. When we first started, we hoped to stop fights with fights, but we will only defend and not attack. A pity that the unit now has evolved greatly, and has split into 3 units, named after the place they are in, which is Qi Mo, Chu Mo and Zhao Mo. I am the previous Juzi, Meng Shengs disciple and the purpose of my journey is to unify the 3 units again and fight for our dreams.

    Xiang Shaolong asked solemnly, Why are you telling me such a big secret?

    That man sighed and said, Because I have the Juzi Token, so I thought itll be an easy task to reunite the groups. But I did not expect that when I found the leader of Zhao Mo in Handan, hed actually send his men to kill me. Therefore I escaped to this place and felt that a single person will be weak and helpless, so I must gather all my men before I can have a chance of unifying the 3 Mo. So how can I lightly let off someone with character and skills like yours.

    Xiang Shaolong kept shaking his hands and said, No way, I will not spill my blood over such illusionary and hopeless dream that will never come true. Hai! Trust me! The idealism of Mohism will never be fulfilled. Once wealth is equally distributed, youll get a lot of useless people instead. Therell only be improvement if theres competition.

    That mans body shook when he heard this, and closed his eyes, deep in thought.

    Xiang Shaolong begged quietly, Why dont you tell me how to get to Handan. As for giving me clothes and food, I, Xiang Shaolong, will never forget your kindness.

    That man opened his eyes, a gleam shooting out of it and said with a smile, Nothing is this world is free. Learn swordplay from me! The day you can defeat the wooden sword in my hand, will be when Ill accompany you to Handan. If youre a man, then agree to my request! Or else even if you can reach Handan, but once you meet a real swordsman, youll still end up dead.

    Xiang Shaolong thought that it sounded reasonable, and asked with hesitation, You wont force me to join your unit, right!

    That man laughed, Not only will I not force you to join, I can forget about accepting you as my disciple. Were just friends exchanging pointers on equal standing. My name is Yuan Zong, you can call me Brother Yuan if you like.

    Therefore Xiang Shaolong lived in this temple, waking up before the cock crows to practice swordplay with Yuan Zong, and discussed with him ways to attack and defend.

    Even Yuan Zong was impressed with the speed of his improvement and praised him. A month later, he was able to attack and defend in his duels with Yuan Zong.

    Yuan Zong will leave the temple everyday, leaving Xiang Shaolong, who is now obsessed with swordplay, to practice on his own. At dusk, Yuan Zong would return with food.

    Three months passed hurriedly like that.

    This day, Yuan Zong returned only at night, his expression somber. He called him into the house and thought for a moment with furrowed brows before he said, Theyve chased their way here.

    Xiang Shaolong has now forged a deep friendship with him, and asked with concern, Who is here?

    Yuan Zong sighed, Its Zhao Mos Yan Ping. I was able to escape only after I injured 18 of his men. What he wants is the Juzi Token I have, because with it, he can conveniently become Juzi. He paused, then shook his head and said with a bitter smile, What an irony, even within our own unit we are unable to love everyone, and yet we talk about our ideals.

    Xiang Shaolong does not know how to console him.

    Yuan Zong took out a square brass, with a single word Mo on it, It looked like a big square seal. He gave this to Xiang Shaolong and said, Take this token and run towards Handan immediately. Ive drawn a map for you, and over the past few months Ive earned enough for your traveling expenses. Leave quickly!

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    Book 1 Chapter 7 Rising Reputation

    Xiang Shaolong was extremely touched and he said determinedly, No! Well leave together!

    Yuan Zong smiled slightly and said, Does Shaolong knows why I wanted to teach you Mohisms unparalleled swordplay?

    Xiang Shaolong shook his head at a loss.

    Yuan Zong explained, I have traveled the various states and observed the people and in the end I changed my thinking. If we want the world to be at peace, the only way is to eliminate the separation of the states, and let one ruler govern everyone. Only this and a person capable enough to unify the world can fulfill the idealism of Mohism and accomplish the greatest benefit to the world. And this person is you, thats why I taught you all I know.

    Xiang Shaolong secretly sighed to himself, he knows that indeed there will be one person who will unify the world, and that is Emperor Qin. While he, Xiang Shaolong is just someone who ingratiates powerful people, hoping to find the young Emperor Qin and fight with him so that he can enjoy fame and riches. He secretly felt guilty once he thought of this.

    Yuan Zong saw him lowering his head and not talking, and thought that he has been deeply moved. He patted his shoulder and said, If youre really grateful to me, then do as I say! All the men Yan Ping brought are expert swordsman, and even if theres only a hundred odd of them, the two of us will not be able to handle them. I have tools for climbing the walls, Ill lure them away and youll take the opportunity to escape. A man must not be hindered by small details if he wants to do something great. If you continue to be wishy-washy, both of us will lose our lives in vain. If the Juzi Token ends up in the hands of evil, I will not die in peace.

    Xiang Shaolong reached out and took the Juzi Token, and it felt icy to the touch, obviously its not made from ordinary brass. No wonder Yan Ping could not make a fake one. He sighed and said, I really do not know what to say.

    Yuan Zong laughed, Theres no need to be so pessimistic, its not so easy for them to kill me. We may still have a chance to meet in future! Theres a pair of shoes in the temple. Since youre not part of our clan, you need not walk barefooted. Itll be terrible if you step onto dog poop or something similar.

    Xiang Shaolong cant help but burst out laughing, his tears rolling down his cheeks uncontrollably.

    Suddenly a frightening thought crept into his mind.

    If the despotic Emperor Qin, Ying Zheng was killed, how would history be changed?

    That night Xiang Shaolong scaled past the city walls feeling grief and indignation as he left Wu An, knowing that he will never see Yuan Zong again.

    This intelligent man with superb sword skill and lofty aspirations, after witnessing the disintegration of his own sect and how the Mohists became power hungry people, his motivation for saving the world died. He decided to sacrifice himself, hoping that his death can stir up Xiang Shaolongs blood so that he can use another method to fulfill his wish of accomplishing the greatest benefit to the world.

    But how can Xiang Shaolong change Chinas history on his own? Hes not Emperor Qin. But can he influence Yin Zheng, like how Yuan Zong influenced him?

    Will the change be a bane or bonus to China?

    The sun set and the moon rose, the stars changed. Without knowing how many days has passed, he finally reached the heavily guarded walls of the outskirts of Handan.

    During this journey, he was totally immersed in the sword play that Yuan Zong taught him, which originated from one of the best master of the time, Mo Zhai. He also included modern societys most horrible assault tactics from somatic psychology and mechanics into the sword play. With such a task at hand, he forgot about time. Sometimes hell stay more than a dozen days in the wilderness, staving his hunger by hunting wild beasts with the bow and arrows he made.

    His physique became even stronger under such harsh conditions.

    He had wanted to steal into Handan, but once he saw the tight security, he has no choice but to walk obediently to the pass and told the guards the great name of Tao Fangs boss, King of Livestock Master Wu.

    The guard stood immediately at attention and went to look for an officer to see him.

    After the young officer eyed him for a moment, he asked, What is your name?

    Xiang Shaolong replied truthfully, Im Xiang Shaolong.

    The expressions on the officer as well as the 10 odd Zhao soldiers surrounding them changed.

    The officer barked, Bold miscreant, how dare you impersonate a hero. He has already perished heroically half a year ago while saving his comrades in the battle with the horse thieves. I have a friend who saw with his own eyes that he blocked the pursuing men on his own.

    Xiang Shaolong was shocked, he did not expect that hed become so famous. He let the Zhao soldiers apprehend him without a struggle, and said with a laugh, What is the name of your friend?

    The officer said a name, and Xiang Shaolong hurriedly gave a description of that persons looks and build.

    By now someone took out from his clothes the dagger Tao Fang gave him. The officer no longer has any doubts once he saw it, and his attitude changed immediately. After asking what happened that day, and at the same time sent a man to report this matter to Tao Fang, who is in Handan immediately, he personally escorted him to the capital of Zhao.

    That officer is called Ning Xin, and as he rode next to him, he said, Master Wu is one of the most respected men in Handan. If not for him going around buying war horses, and donating to the countrys coffer time to time, Im afraid our State of Zhao would have been destroyed long ago. Now the Yans have come to attack us, luckily our two great generals Lian Po and Le Cheng eliminated all of them and attacked Yan instead. How fantastic!

    Xiang Shaolong very much wanted to ask why since there are more females to males in Zhao, they still wanted to go all over the place to look for beauties. However, hes afraid the other party will feel embarrassed and controlled himself from asking the question.

    Amidst the talk and laugher, Handan appeared ahead.

    Compared to Wu An, Handan is at least 3 to 4 times bigger, the river protecting the city is wide and deep, with tall and thick city walls, and it has the power to withhold ten thousand men with just one man. There were 2 camps of Zhao soldiers outside the city, extending to a fair distance, with a sea of banners, the scene enough to strike fear in anyone. Outside the tower, it was filled with sentries, with their swords drawn and the atmosphere tense.

    Before they went into the city, a group of riders rushed out, and the person leading them is Tao Fang, whom he has not seen for a long time. The remaining were all his comrades who went through life and death with him, with Li Shan being one of them.

    When they met, naturally there was surprise all around, and Tao Fang and the warriors went into the city with him happily.

    Xiang Shaolong cant help but asked, Is Ting Fangshi well?

    Tao Fangs expression turned somber, and he said apologetically, Im sorry! I thought that Shaolong has died at the hands of those thieves, and after waiting for 3 months, I followed the Masters order and gave her to someone to become a courtesan dancer. He continued with a smile, But dont you worry, Ill specially choose another 2 beauties who are prettier than her to serve you.

    Xiang Shaolong felt as if he was punched in the chest, and he turned pale. It was only a moment later that he was able to ask, Who was she given to?

    Tao Fang was secretly startled, he did not imagine that such a handsome and flirtatious man like him would actually have feelings for a bought woman. He sighed, Sorry, I cant tell you, Shaolong

    Xiang Shaolong said furiously, Dont say further, if it has not been proven that Im dead, you should not have given her away.

    Tao Fang hid his feelings well, there was no trace of unhappiness at all and said, Shaolong, go and have a rest and a bath first, Ill help you think of a way. The Master will come and see you personally tomorrow. This is the greatest honor the warriors in our household can have, so dont miss the opportunity.

    Xiang Shaolongs excitement was totally extinguished, and just roamed around the streets like a walking corpse, not interested in the grand buildings surrounding him at all. His mood was at the lowest point.

    Without his protection, will this pitiful woman land from the hands of one devil to another?!

    Is she being defiled right now by some other men.

    Just as he was feeling despondent, Tao Fang gave him a push, telling him to stand to the side with them.

    Xiang Shaolong was slightly awaken, and looking up the street, he saw the pedestrians and horse carriages all moving to one side, letting a grand looking horse carriage protected by 20 odd riders move past.

    Tao Fang said into his ears, This is the carriage of King Xiaochengs sister, Lady Ya. She is a famous beauty in Handan, and married to Zhao Gua but a pity he died in the battle of Chang Ping.

    The carriage slowed down, and suddenly stopped in front of them.

    Just as everyone was still startled, a soldier rode over and invited Tao Fang over. Tao Fang was surprised and hurriedly came down from his horse and walked over to the lowered carriage curtain. After talking with Lady Ya, the horse carriage moved away. Tao Fang bowed as he sent them off before returning to his men. He smiled mysteriously at Xiang Shaolong, but did not reveal the contents of their conversation.

    Xiang Shaolong reached the guesthouse and stayed in a solitary house. Tao Fang especially sent 4 pretty maids to help him bath and change. That night, he set up a feast with 21 tables at the great hall in the main building of the guesthouse and besides the warriors who fought with him that day, there were Master Wus other capable assistants as well. There were dances and performances to entertain the guests and the atmosphere was celebratory.

    But Xiang Shaolong thought of Ting Fangshi and Mei Canniang whom he has not met for a long time, and remembered the friends and family from his own era whom he may never meet again, and can only drown his sorrow in drinks. He was absolutely drunk and totally concussed even before the feast ended. In his daze, he seems to feel that Ting Fangshi has returned to him, and together they soared among the clouds.

    When he woke up, he was lying on the carpet in the bedroom, the sunlight shining in from the window.

    Sleeping next to him was a naked beauty, but shes not one of the 4 pretty maids.

    Theres not a flaw at all on her exquisite face, with distinctive outlines, and unbelievably sweet. Shes definitely younger than 18, her black lustrous hair spread onto the blanket, in contrast to her fair skin and ruby lips, and her snow white arms really tugs at ones heart.

    The beauty looked like a flower sleeping in spring, there seems to be tears on her pretty face, but shes also filled with the peace and satisfaction after a violent thunderstorm, emanating a soul-capturing brilliance.

    Xiang Shaolong secretly exclaimed oh my god, what has he done to this young girl who is even prettier than Ting Fangshi and Mei Canniang?

    He cant help but quietly lift the blanket higher.

    The gleaming hair of youth, a body perfectly proportionate, the beautiful scenery of breathing peaks appeared before his eyes. It seems that there were some remnants of a red stain beneath the tender and smooth long legs with the beautifully rounded buttock.

    Xiang Shaolong was shocked and put the blanket back.

    The tears on her face must be related to this. He was drunk and muddleheaded last night, and has not touched a woman for almost half a year and actually mistook her for Ting Fangshi and was reckless with her. How can an inexperienced and tender young girl take it, no wonder she cried from the pain. He felt very apologetic, but its too late now.

    Xiang Shaolong stood up and walked to the window and looked out. He saw 2 of the pretty maids watering the plants in the garden and when they saw Xiang Shaolong, they curtseyed shyly, yet they cant help stealing glances at his magnificent body.

    One of the maids said, Master is awake, Ill bring you a wash basin and help you dress up immediately.

    Behind him he heard the soft moan of the beauty who was shocked awake.

    Xiang Shaolong hurriedly told the two maids, Hold on!

    The pretty maid was understanding and she covered her smiling mouth and said, If Master would like me to serve you, please call me anytime. Heh! My name is Chunying, her name is Xiaying, the other 2 are Qiuying and Dongying. Its so easy to remember, I guess Master wont forget!

    Xiang Shaolong was concerned with the beauty behind him, so he smiled and said, Once I see the two of you, I wont forget for the rest of my life. And he turned around.

    The beauty whose chastity was just taken by him sat up, the blanket sliding down to her waist, revealing her firm upper body. She lowered her head shyly, not daring to look at his face, and in a sweet and melodious voice said, Shuer pays her respects to Master!

    Xiang Shaolong felt sorry for her and sat next to her. He held her petite chin with his hand and lifted her pretty face.

    Her large and lively eyes immediately lowered once they came into contact with his gaze, her heart beating like a running deer. They way she looked, shy yet happy, the allure of a young girl, is indeed dazzling to the eyes and takes ones senses away.

    Without hesitation, Xiang Shaolong is sure that she is the most attractive woman he has ever encountered, and was secretly thinking that Tao Fang is really formidable to give such a pretty girl to him so that he will work for him. He asked gently, Is it still painful?

    Shuer shook her head, then she nodded her head shyly, her blushing cheeks immediately spread, until her ears and neck were burning as well.

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    Xiang Shaolong immediately had the most primitive reaction, and Shuers lowered gaze happened to look at it directly and she was so shocked her body shivered, and she stuttered, Master

    Xiang Shaolong knows that right now she will certainly be unable to withstand a second storm, so he gently kissed her small lips, lightly nibbling the tip of her tongue, then kissing her eyes and face, followed by her neck and chest. Only when her whole body started trembling did he let her go and said with a smile, Theres no need to be afraid. I was muddleheaded after drinking last night, but I wont be so violent in future. Have a good sleep now!

    Shuer looked at him invitingly and said breathlessly, No! Shuer wants to serve Master.

    Xiang Shaolong asked with concern, Can you stand up?

    Shuers slender hand pressed down on his broad shoulder, thinking of using him as support to kneel up first, but her dainty brows rose and she sat back down again, her cheeks burning.

    Xiang Shaolong is used to being flirtatious, and on seeing such alluring movements from her, cant help but reach out and fondle her chests before laying her back on the carpet and covering her with the blanket. Just as he was about to leave, Shuer suddenly pulled his hand.

    Xiang Shaolong looked at her in surprise.

    Shuer asked shyly, Does Master still want Shuer now?

    Xiang Shaolong reached out and caressed her face, saying with a smile, I only want you to take a good rest now. Tonight Ill let you become the happiest and luckiest woman in the world. And he suddenly remembered Ting Fangshi and felt a tightness in his chest.

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    Shuer used all her strength to grab hold of him, her gaze meeting with his bravely, and said with feelings, Last night Shuer has already become the luckiest and happiest woman. I will never forget that ecstatic pain.

    Xiang Shaolong cant help but kissed her hardly again, and even reached inside the blankets, delicately touching her lower body and slender legs, making her delirious before he left for the hall.

    The 4 maids walked towards him and served him meticulously. The tallest among them, Chunying said, Master Tao is here, hes waiting for Master in the hall now.

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    Book 1 Chapter 8 Master Red Crown

    While he was enjoying the earthly pleasures, Xiang Shaolongs mind was in a turmoil.

    When he arrived here, everything felt surreal, like a dream. The era he sees before him has got nothing to do with him at all, so he went all out to enjoy himself without feeling any pressure from the society or the people, because he may suddenly be captured by Crazy Mas machine and be sent back to the 21st century.

    Hes like a child who does not need to take up any responsibility at all.

    But after suffering from injuries and his wanderings, this dreamy world suddenly turned into real flesh and blood.

    The martyrdom of Yuan Zong, the sufferings of Ting Fangshi, various setbacks, all threw him deeper and deeper into this world mentally and spiritually.

    Although he enjoys beauties and riches now, but he lost his most treasured freedom and independence.

    In this warring states period, nothing is more valuable than a talent. One legalist Li Ke and one strategist Wu Qi, is enough to make the state of Wei a strong state immediately. Shang Yang is even more formidable, he single-handedly made the state of Qin the biggest threat to all the states in the east.

    And the Xiang Shaolong now, because he stopped an army of almost a thousand ferocious horse thieves with fifty men, has also become a talent.

    The various states only has 2 attitudes towards talent, either to keep for their own use, or to kill without mercy to prevent them from being a powerful opponent in future.

    Right now Master Wu is trying to bribe Xiang Shaolong, using riches and beauties to make him sink deeper in. Therefore if he were to reveal even a little about his intention to look for Emperor Qin, Ying Zheng, he can be sure that hell lose his life immediately.

    To try and escape from such heavily guarded city walls is akin to a fools dream. If Ying Zhengs father did not have the help of Lu Buwei, a wealthy trader similar to Master Wu, he can forget about escaping back to the capital of Qin, Xian Yang.

    Even if he can find Emperor Qin, theres no way he can get him out of the city.

    Will he have to work for the Zhaos indefinitely? If Master Wu asked him to kill people from other states, what should he do?

    Xiang Shaolong sighed and walked towards the hall to see Tao Fang.

    Tao Fang was hugging a pretty maid in his arms, his hands roaming over her. He released her when he saw him, and warmly invited him to take a seat and to join in the scrumptious breakfast.

    Tao Fang smiled slyly, Shaolong you dont know how much the Master likes you. Shuer is a famed beauty from a noble family in the State of Yan, who was given to Master by the ruler of Yan. Its obvious that he thinks of you highly since he is willing to give her to you.

    Xiang Shaolong asked in surprise, Arent we at war with the State of Yan?

    Tao Fang was obviously very impressed by his choice of word we, and said frankly, If were not at war, why would the ruler of Yan be willing to present such a beautiful virgin. Its precisely because hes not doing well in the war, so hes trying to bribe our Master with such a huge gift, hoping that our Master will help put in some good words for him in front of our King. Hei! Now Master has given the Yan beauty to you, so its obvious that he will not help speak up for the Yans.

    Xiang Shaolong secretly thought to himself that this is such a complicated situation, and changed the subject to ask about Ting Fangshi.

    Tao Fang smiled mysteriously, Ive spoken to Master about this, hell certainly give you an answer, so dont worry! As long as you have more accomplishments, the King would even give you his Princess, much less a dancer.

    Xiang Shaolong thought that things are not going well, but he had no choice at all. This feeling of being controlled by others is extremely frustrating.

    Tao Fang added, Now Ill take you to the Wus Mansion to meet Master, dont accept any invitations from your beloved brothers tonight. Theres someone who wants to meet you, but I cannot reveal to you now who that person is.

    Xiang Shaolongs heart lurched, and he remembered that Lady Ya who was hiding behind the curtains of the horse carriage.

    The Wus Mansion was the grandest building north of the city, it might even be more appropriate to call it a castle. Tall and thick walls surround it with a moat going around, and the only entrance is a large drawbridge. There are no residential areas outside the walls, only gardens. The grandeur of the place exceeds even that of nobility.

    During the journey there, it was the first time Xiang Shaolong really took notice of the people, the things in the city and the buildings. If not for the obvious fact that there are more women to men, its not easily detected that this prosperous city has just experienced war, and was even conquered by the Weis for 2 years.

    According to Fang Tao, excluding the soldiers, there are about 100,000 families, each family has between a dozen to a few hundred people. Therefore this huge city has an estimated population of over a million people.

    Inside the city there were farms, paddy fields and warehouses, so if they are being besieged, those in the city can still be self sufficient for a long time.

    Xiang Shaolong followed Tao Fang and went into a side door past the drawbridge into the Wus Mansion huge property.

    After they went in the main gate, there was enormous training field large enough for a few thousand people, and an imposing huge mansion was facing the gate at the other end. Houses lined both sides of the mansion, and it seems that one day is not enough to tour the whole place.

    There were a few hundred people on the training ground separated into groups practicing swordplay, horse riding, archery, and some were even wearing newly made armor and letting others hit them with various weapons to test the sturdiness. But the most exciting place seems to be the archery field, with almost a hundred warriors watching from the side, giving out thunderous cheers once in a while.

    Tao Fangs expression suddenly looked awkward.

    Xiang Shaolong unconsciously walked nearer, and saw that the archer is a heroic looking young man wearing a red crown, a yellow warriors robe with a dragon sewn on it and black leather warriors boots.

    Hes almost the same height as Xiang Shaolong, maybe an inch or half inch shorter, extremely well built, muscular and full of charisma.

    His eyes were shining, his forehead high and wide, his eyes and nose straight, his lips pursed into a line, with an indescribable air of arrogance and confidence.

    Such a handsome and suave man is truly rarely seen.

    Sitting on his horse, he placed his arrow on an especially large bow, the hand that pulled the string of the bow was holding another 2 arrows as well.

    The string of the bow clanged thrice in quick succession.

    The 3 arrows went one after the other, shooting out like a meteor. The first arrow struck the bulls eye of the target about 200 steps away, and the 2 other arrows shot right into the first arrow successively.

    The audience was totally enthralled and cheered.

    Xiang Shaolong was dumbstruck at the sight. He would not have believed such out of the world archery skill if he had not seen it with his own eyes.

    Tao Fang whispered into his ear, This Master Red Crown Lian Jin is recruited by my nemesis Wu Hei. Regardless of swordplay, horse riding or archery, hes the best in the mansion. This time I lost more than a hundred horses and Wu Hei is already spreading tales in front of Master. Luckily I now have Shaolong, so I managed to save a bit of face, but Wu Hei and Lian Jin will not let us off. When he finished his words, his expression looked pained.

    Xiang Shaolong sucked in a breath of cool air. His swordplay may be comparable to this Lian Jin now, but as for riding and archery he is far behind. He was just about to reply when he saw a white cloud floating out from amongst the audience. A lady with incomparable beauty dressed in white, with figure slightly better than Shuers ran excitedly towards Lian Jin and spoke to him intimately. Lian Jin immediately handed the large bow in his hand to someone and spoke to her politely. His grace is indeed enough to enchant any beauty.

    Xiang Shaolongs breathing stopped, and he sighed appreciatively, This must be our states most beautiful lady.

    Tao Fang sighed, This is our Masters most beloved granddaughter, Miss Wu Tingfang. Shes a little interested in Lian Jin, but Master seems to have the intention of marrying her into the royal family and Lian Jin is worried about that now. Come! Master is waiting for us.

    The two of them left the crowd and walked towards the great mansion.

    Someone shouted from behind, Master Tao please slow down!

    The two of them turned around in surprise.

    That Lian Jin came towards them from the crowd, following behind him is the rare beauty Wu Tingfang.

    Xiang Shaolong cant help but look at Wu Tingfang, his eyes made contact with her lively and mischievous eyes, and he felt his heart beating wildly.

    Heavens! She look even prettier than a flower, unparalleled in her beauty when seen up close.

    When seen from afar earlier he only noticed her chest, waist and legs etc, and already he felt that shes a little better than Shuer, but she looks even more outstanding when seen close up. The unhidden freshness seems to gush towards him, taking ones breath away. Even though Xiang Shaolong had always prided himself on being a flirt, but now on seeing her he began to feel unworthy.

    Like a cottonrose emerging from the clear pond, like natures carving.

    Her natural beauty seems to be made from the tools of the gods, her shoulder carved with a knife, her waist bounded by silk, her neck long and tender, her skin smooth and white, her bright eyes looking around prettily, her dimples sunken in a slight smile, her hair that floated like the clouds, with a jade green hairpin in it, wearing a warriors clothes with pearls decorating it, her feet wearing tiny calfskin boots, looking exactly like a fairy who came from heaven.

    Wu Tingfang saw him staring at her and showed her unhappiness.

    Xiang Shaolong was startled from his daze and immediately looked at Lian Jin.

    Lian Jin was sizing him up coldly, his expression none too polite.

    Tao Fang is a wily old fox indeed, and hurriedly introduced the two of them.

    Wu Tingfang said coldly, Oh! So youre Xiang Shaolong, Grandfather is very impressed with you!

    Lian Jin moved a little closer to Wu Tingfang, to show his familiarity with this beauty, and said with a smile, I am also very impressed with Brother Xiang, why dont we find a good day and exchange some pointers, and let me see the divine sword that can block an army of 800 horse thieves.

    Xiang Shaolong can tell that although his words sounded polite, but it was full of sarcasm, hinting that Tao Fang had been exaggerating about this matter and he was secretly upset. He was thinking that if he can have a freestyle boxing match with this conceited man, hell surely beat him up until his head is swollen like a pig. But if the competition is on other things, then hed better avoid it if possible, so he can only smile humbly and replied, Brother Lians archery skills is unparalleled, I cannot be compared to you. Im not qualified enough to exchange pointers with Brother Lian, but would hope that Brother Lian can give some advise when youre free.

    When Wu Tingfang thought that they were going to have a duel, she was quite excited but once she heard his reply, she was disappointed and chided him, Coward! before turning around and leaving.

    Lian Jin is obviously very satisfied with Wu Tingfangs reaction, and he looked heavenward and laughed, Brother Xiang really disappoints me, in that case I shall not make things difficult for Brother Xiang! He turned around and ran after Wu Tingfang.

    Xiang Shaolong was feeling calm instead, and with a nonchalant laugh, continued walking with Tao Fang towards the huge mansion.

    Tao Fang nodded his head, Its good to tolerate for the time being. Shaolong may be highly skilled, but Im afraid youre still not his match. He continued with a low voice, That lad has been going around Handan looking for people to duel with him, and everyone is scared of him after a few fights. I really hope someone can take him down a peg or two.

    Xiang Shaolong knows that hes trying to instigate him, so he smiled and said, If Master Tao can make it such that theres no restrictions in my duel with him, I am 70% confident that I can teach him a good lesson.

    Tao Fang exclaimed happily, Thats easy, let me find a suitable location for Shaolong to show off your ability. How I wish I can see that Wu Heis expression immediately.

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    Book 1 Chapter 9 Never-ending hatred

    Xiang Shaolong finally saw Master Wu at the side hall, this person who is not of the nobility, but has the powers of a nobility, controlling the economy of the state of Zhao, the extremely wealthy man who earned his fortunes from keeping livestock.

    Xiang Shaolong has never seen a man more grand than him.

    Just the crown on his head was encrusted with two rows of 12 glittering purple jewels of similar size.

    This rich merchant is large and fat, like a mountain of flesh lying horizontally on the seat, in the arms of a beauty who was cleaning his ears. Another 4 females were carefully filing his fingernails and toenails. Such an ostentatious display, even the emperor may pale in comparison.

    The yellow silk robe he wore was twined with dazzling pearls with an air of luxury, the belt around his waist was stunningly bright, with gold and silver pieces reflecting off one another.

    He was on a raised platform, about 3 floors high, and below the platform there were 18 warriors standing in 2 rows. Any coward who witnesses such a display would have been scared out of his wits.

    When Xiang Shaolong and Tao Fang knelt down to pay their respects, Master Wu sat up and dismissed his maids. His thin and long eyes opened, looking at Xiang Shaolong piercingly, and after sizing him for a moment, said with a cold snort, Xiang Shaolong, why didnt you accept Lian Jins challenge. Is it because you dont live up to your reputation at all, but only relied on your commanding looks?

    Xiang Shaolong was shocked.

    Tao Fang was about to speak up.

    Master Wu gave a loud shout and raised his hand to signal Tao Fang to shut up. His face was already swollen with flesh, and now his features are all scrunched up even more tightly together in the middle of his face and he said with displeasure, Lian Jin may be a valuable talent, but hes still from the state of Wei, and not from our state. Thats why I specially ordered him to challenge you so that we Zhaos can show off our prowess. Now that you backed down from the challenge, what else do you have to say.

    Xiang Shaolong was secretly cursing him, but he said without arrogance or servility, What Shaolong learnt was for killing, and not for such games such as exchanging pointers.

    Master Wu laughed icily, Whats the difference between the two.

    By now Xiang Shaolong has figured out the character of this rich merchant of livestock, and said haughtily, The way to kill, is to use all methods, to be ruthless, to kill the enemy at all costs. But exchanging pointers in a duel, is just to see whose swordplay is more beautifully executed, its more a game than a battle, so naturally its another matter altogether.

    Master Wus expression warmed slightly, but he was still not satisfied, and said each word clearly, I cant possibly ask you to kill a few of my men just like that, so how do I know if youre really that capable?

    Xiang Shaolongs eyes gleamed, and stared back at him without fear. He said with a slight smile, Since Master has such expectations of me, I will have a duel with Lian Jin, but there must not be any rules on my methods of winning him.

    Master Wu stared at him for a while before bursting out into laughter and said, Very interesting child. His Majesty has always wished that a Zhao would be able to humiliate Lian Jin and help our state of Zhao regain some face. Fine! Then let me arrange a feast, if you can defeat Lian Jin in front of his Majesty, Ill give Fang Tingshi back to you.

    Xiang Shaolong knelt down happily, secretly thinking that if he doesnt beat Lian Jin up like how he thrashed Black Faced Deity, hell write his name Xiang Shaolong backwards.

    Master Wu and Tao Fang looked at each other, extremely baffled at his joy and confidence.

    Could it be that he really thinks that he can defeat the unparalleled Lian Jin?

    They have just returned to the guest house and Xiang Shaolong was about to slip away to find Shuer when he bumped into Li Shan and two warriors who is quite close to him at the main door and they dragged him out to celebrate his return.

    The 4 of them roamed the streets happily, flirting with the beauties they saw, thoroughly enjoying themselves.

    Li Shan said with a laugh, Handans beauties are famous for being easy to woo, with Brother Xiangs capabilities, you only have to hook your fingers and I guarantee all the beauties will queue up for Brother Xiang to choose from.

    The warrior called Han Dong added, But Brother Xiang need not find women on the streets today, weve especially found some sweet ladies to accompany you.

    Another warrior Zha Bei put his arms around his shoulder and said, Dont ever think that were finding some used goods as obligations. Weve specially prepared for Brother Xiang the noble daughter of a high-ranking officer, who is outstandingly beautiful. She can only blame her father for antagonizing the Emperor, so she was demoted to become a prostitute for officials. I guarantee that Brother Xiang will be satisfied.

    Xiang Shaolong furrowed his brows when he heard that, and began to understand why Yuan Zong wanted to change this world. Ai! But how can he have the capability to fulfill his dream. What he can do is to give these ill fated women who has become prostitutes a little more gentleness and love, and by the time he thought of that, he was already pushed into a grand mansion by the other three.

    A skinny man of about 40 wearing a splendid outfit welcomed them, Welcome Master Xiang, Sirs please come to the guest room on the second floor.

    The 4 of them sat down on the rug in the room, and after the maids sent in wine and dishes, a procuress by the name of Hong Niangzi came is. Although shes middle-aged, but she took great care in dolling up, and her figure is still well maintained. Coupled with her intoxicating style, shes still able to stir some blood. On seeing such a handsome man like Xiang Shaolong, she was especially warm in her welcome and said with a coquettish smile, The lady will be here immediately to accompany Master Xiang, would Master Li and the rest want to try someone fresh.

    Li Shan and the rest agreed with a laugh and Hong Niangzi went out of the room with her plush hips swaying.

    Xiang Shaolong secretly thought that its no wonder that prostitution is the oldest occupation in the world, and its always the same method and atmosphere. But why is it that in the past when he was in the bars going after the beer ladies, he never felt his conscience pricking, but now he kept feeling this is not quite appropriate?

    The sounds of jewelry clinking can be heard from the corridor outside, followed by the whiff of a fragrance and 3 pretty young ladies wearing a thin gauzes walked in with a smile. They sat in the arms of Li Shan and the rest, but were making eyes at Xiang Shaolong, obviously they were more interested in him.

    By now Hong Niangzi has brought in a tall, slim and fair lady, who looked extremely pretty and bright, with a graceful air about her. Indeed she looked extremely pure.

    Li Shan and the rest stared, looking greedily at the magnificent scenery beneath her thin veil of clothes.

    Hong Niangzi laughed, I did not lie to you, right? Good daughter, have you ever seen a better looking and loving man than Master Xiang?

    The beauty lowered her eyes sadly, refusing to lift her head up at all.

    Xiang Shaolong couldnt bear to see this and was about to say something when Hong Niangzi pushed her into her arms, sitting on his lap.

    The thighs touching his, a wave of intoxication spread over him, and the well-proportioned body covered by a thin veil, seemingly revealing the luscious bosom, made Xiang Shaolongs eyes blurry. He cant help but hug her tiny waist and took a sniff of her face.

    Su Nu lowered her head and did not speak.

    Hong Niangzi made eyes at Xiang Shaolong, walked behind him and leaned over, pressing her bosom tightly into his back, going between the two of them and said softly, Master Xiang is the ladys first customer. If not for the fact that Master Li used the name of Master Wu, I wouldnt have let this good girl accompany Master Xiang before her training is done. Because of this, if Su Nu has offended you in any way, Master Xiang please forgive her. And she left with a smile.

    Xiang Shaolong looked at the ladys slender fingers, listening to how Li Shan and the rest were teasing her, and he felt a rush of anger in his chest. He whispered gently into the Su Nus ears, Dont worry! I wont be disrespectful towards you like them. Well just chat and drink, all right?

    Su Nu was stunned for a moment, and finally lifted her head up to look at this strange man who is being so intimate with her.

    Xiang Shaolong smiled at her.

    Su Nu blushed and immediately lowered her head, but shes no longer so afraid. She cant help but steal another glance at him, and her heart started beating wildly, thinking to herself that this man is really good looking. And its rare that his gaze looked so upright and honorable. Oh heavens! Why did she have to meet a man like that only at a place like this?

    Xiang Shaolong felt his desire rising as well, but once he thought of his promised, he hurriedly suppressed his fire.

    Su Nu gritted her teeth, raised her head and looked at him shyly and said, I thank Master for your kind intentions. Master need not feel pity that I have been reduced to such a situation, besides theres no use in pity as well. Anyone here can tease me at will.

    Xiang Shaolong felt a sadness in his heart and sighed.

    Su Nu was perplexed and she hugged his neck, asking, Master seems to be troubled!

    Xiang Shaolong looked at Li Shan and the rest, and saw that those 3 mens hands and mouth were already roaming around the ladies in their arms, totally engrossed in doing various unspeakable things. He said with a bitter smile, I only wish to leave now, and have no wish to witness further the sad things that happened in this world.

    Su Nu was surprised and exclaimed, Masters thinking is really different from the others. All the men that came here has never thought of our sadness and pain. She continued quietly, Im not lying to Master, but now I really hope that Master will be impolite to me, just like that 3 friends of yours.

    This time it was Xiang Shaolongs turn to be surprised, Why would you think that?

    Su Nu said shyly, Maybe Im affected by them, and my desires have been flamed, or maybe I have fallen in love with Master. Im not sure myself!

    The girl Li Shan was hugging stood up at this point in time and said breathlessly, The night is short, why dont we go up to our own rooms for more fun. Brother Xiang must not forget Master Taos appointment tonight.

    Just as they were about to step out of the room, Hong Niangzi came in looking miserable and said, Sirs, I am in a difficult position!

    Li Shan was extremely surprised, and pulled the official courtesan to sit on the rug and asked in bafflement, Hong Niangzi is in charge of the official courtesans in Handan, who would dare to make things difficult for you. Just tell us, and we will settle it for you.

    Hong Niangzi looked at Li Shan with a little disdain, and turned towards Xiang Shaolong and said, I dont know who leaked the news, Prince Shaoyuan just came with a dozen or so of his men to the officials brothel and demanded that I hand Su Nu to him.

    The expression on Li Shan and the rest changed, obviously this Prince Shaoyuan is someone so powerful that even they cannot afford to offend him.

    Su Nu went Ah!, her pretty face turned pale, her body shook, like a little lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

    Hong Niangzi sighed and said, No one in Handan now can afford to offend Prince Shaojun. We can only blame Su Nus beauty for being so famous. Su Nu, come with me!

    Su Nu screamed, No! and hugged Xiang Shaolong in a death grip as she stood up crying, making others pity her even more so.

    Li Shan and Han Dong exchanged looks helplessly and explained to Xiang Shaolong, Prince Shaoyuan is the son of Prince Pingyuan, who passed away last year and the familys power has been passed to him. Even our Master has to be careful of him and his Majesty has been protecting him on account on Prince Pingyuan. If we were to clash with him, we may not be able to win the swordsmen under him, and even if we did, Master will not forgive us. Brother Xiang, we did not expect such a killjoy would happen as well.

    Xiang Shaolong hugged Su Nus burning and helpless body, hot blood rushing through him and said with a cold snort, A man has to be responsible for his own actions. You will leave immediately, and you wont know what happened.

    The expression on the three changed.

    Hong Niangzi quite liked Xiang Shaolong, so on hearing that she sighed, Master Xiang is indeed a hero, but is it worth it to end your future and life thus? Prince Shaoyuan only wants Su Nus virginity, wont it be the same if Master Xiang comes a little later to look for Su Nu?

    Li Shan and the rest tried to dissuade him as well.

    Su Nu suddenly gave a hard kiss on Xiang Shaolongs lips, a look of resolution on her face and whispered in his ear, Dont worry! Su Nu is going. She stood up, her expression wooden and told Hong Niangzi, I will follow you! After taking a loving look at Xiang Shaolong, she walked slowly away.

    Hong Niangzi sighed and ran after her.

    Xiang Shaolong punched the pillar, the wood shattered, anger rising up inside him.

    This is an era where power is reason. On when riding on others can one have control over their own fate and protect the woman one loves.

    Looking at it from another angle, hes only another kind of prostitute, selling his wits and skills.

    The rest may have patriotic ideals and are willing to lay down their lives, but he, Xiang Shaolong will never follow orders from anyone blindly. Because half a year ago he is not even related to this era at all.

    What Yuan Zong said was correct, only when all the states are unified, will there be a chance for everything to be changed and an ideal system will appear.

    And the most important task now is to establish his position in the Wu family, theres no other way besides this.

    By now, their mood totally spoiled, the four of them left hurriedly.

    Xiang Shaolong had just stepped into the garden at the guest house when he felt the strange atmosphere. Two warriors were standing guard outside the main door, and he seemed to hear Shuers cries from inside the house.

    Xiang Shaolong was still fuming, and hes not someone kind or religious, but forced by circumstances to bear with that bully Prince Shaoyuan. Now that someone is trying to climb over his head, he dashed into the door like a mad tiger.

    The 2 warriors snickered and extended their hands to stop him.

    Xiang Shaolong roared madly and forced his way between the two men, elbows and knees striking and the two of them fell down screaming immediately.

    The scene that appeared before him was even more terrible.

    Shuer was naked from the waist and being hugged by a finely dressed gentleman on the rug, her bosom insultingly handled. However she dared not struggle but just cried piteously.

    Lian Jin and another 10 odd warriors were sitting at the side, looking at this violent scene with smiles.

    By now that well dressed youth was just removing his hands from Shuers skirt and was about to take it off.

    When the warriors saw Xiang Shaolong dashing in, they all jumped up and drew their swords, while Lian Jin was calm and composed, the corner of his mouth curled up in disdain, looking at him icily.

    Because the wooden sword was too heavy, Xiang Shaolong did not carry it with him all the time, but for a man like him who has undergone the most scientific and rigorous training, would he be afraid of these men. Before his opponents are steady on their feet, hed already dashed into the crowd of warriors and cornered one of them, throwing a heavy punch at the persons chest and snatched his long sword from him.

    He turned around with the sword, executing the Mozi swordplay that originated from the Master Mo Zhai, slashing hard at the sword of the warrior who came attacking towards his right.

    Clang!. That person roared, and before his sword reached the ground, he was already kicked in the groin and knelt down in a painful shout.

    A look of surprise flashed though Lian Jins eyes and he stood up, standing in front of that young master. Shuer saw that Xiang Shaolong has come to save her and without knowing where she found her strength from, pushed that young master away and ran crying towards Xiang Shaolong.

    But Lian Jin extended his feet to trip her and she immediately fell to the ground. Lian Jin stepped on her naked back, and she was unable to move at all.

    Xiang Shaolong was almost bursting with anger on seeing this, and with a sweep of his sword, blocked the 5 swords that was attacking him, and with a change of his swordplay, another 2 men fell immediately.

    By now hes only about ten odd steps away from Lian Jin and that young master, but between them there are 12 fierce warriors. On seeing that Shuer is about to fall into the hands of that young master again, Xiang Shaolong picked up a pile of swords and threw them beneath the feet of the warriors who were running towards him.

    Those warriors have never fought in such a way before, the swords struck their waists and legs and they fell to the ground.

    When Xiang Shaolong jumped up, he is already face to face with Lian Jin, staring into each others eyes.

    Lian Jin kicked Shuer aside, his hand moved and he drew his long sword from the scabbard. The sword gleamed and made its way towards Xiang Shaolong.

    Xiang Shaolong did not expect his opponents swordplay to be so exquisite. He executed the essence of the Mozi swordplay clumsily and lashed out with his sword.

    A crisp Clang! was heard and Lian Jians sword was parried off. He retracted then attacked again, as fast as a meteor.

    Xiang Shaolong wanted to block that attack but 2 warriors were coming up from behind him so he had no choice but to step back and block the two opponents first.

    Lian Jin smiled icily but did not give chase.


    A loud shout came from the door and Tao Fang dashed in with 10 odd warriors towards Xiang Shaolong, forcing Lian Jins men to retreat to one side, resulting in a face-off between the two groups.

    The half naked Shuer got up and threw herself into Xiang Shaolongs arms, crying.

    Tao Fang saw the young master behind Lian Jin and his expression changed immediately, Old servant here does not know that Grand Young Master is here, would Grand Young Master please forgive me.

    Xiang Shaolong hugged Shuer and realization dawned. No wonder Lian Jin had the guts to create trouble here, so he has the backing of Master Wus grandson.

    That Grand Young Master came next to Lian Jin and ignoring Tao Fang, pointed to Xiang Shaolong with a murderous look in his eye and asked, Who do you think you are, whats the big deal about me having some fun with your woman.

    Lian Jin smiled icily and said, It should be his honor!

    Tao Fang smiled condescendingly and said, Its just a case of misunderstanding, Shaolong did not know it is Grand Young Master who has come!

    That Grand Young Master stared at Shaolong angrily.

    Xiang Shaolong stared back so unwaveringly, that even a bully like Grand Young Master felt a shiver in his heart.

    Lian Jin shouted, What audacity! How dare you be so rude to Master Tingwei, kneel down now.

    Tao Fang advised from the side, Hurry up and apologize to Grand Young Master!

    Xiang Shaolong looked heavenward and laughed for a long time before saying, Master is the only one whom I will obey, if Grand Young Master is not happy about that, then tell someone to kill me! He lowered his head and said to Shuer, Youll go back to the room first!

    Shuer lifted up her tear stained face, and after taking a loving look at him, ran into the house.

    The atmosphere became extremely tense.

    Lian Jin hurriedly went to Wu Tingwei and whispered something into his ears.

    Xiang Shaolong knows that Lian Jin has received news that he will be dueling with him in front of Emperor Xiaocheng, so he has no wish to fight with him first now.

    Indeed, Wu Tingwei nodded his head and stared at him angrily, saying, Ill see how many more good days you low-down slave will have ahead of you. And left with his men in fury.

    Lian Jin deliberately brushed past his shoulder and said with a smile before leaving, You blocked well with your sword, but lack experience. Itll be rare if you can block 10 attacks of mine.

    Xiang Shaolong calmed down and was secretly dreading being reprimanded by Tao Fang, but after Tao Fang waved his men away, he sat closely next to him and sighed, Now my fate is intertwined with yours. If you lose to Lian Jin, I wont have the face to stay on in the Wu Family as well.

    Xiang Shaolong felt extremely guilty and apologized.

    Tao Fang looked at him for a moment before he suddenly smiled, Youre really someone who treasures relationships, but this has got nothing to do with you. Among the 12 servants, Master trusts Wu Hei and me the most, and weve always been on opposing ends. This time Wu Hei went arounfd spreading rumors that because I lost a hundred odd horses, I made up a story about you single handedly fighting 800 horse thieves. Now the Master is giving me no choice but to let you fight a duel with Lian Jin. Shaolong you must help me vent my anger. He continued with a smile, Just now you felled almost 10 of Grand Young Masters warriors in front of Lian Jin, now that may not be a bad thing, because one news of this gets to Masters ears, hell look at you differently. If you can win Lian Jin, then the world will belong to you and me.

    Li Shan hurriedly walked over and said with shock, Before Su Nu went to see Prince Shaoyuan, she made an excuse to change and freshen up but hanged herself instead. Prince Shaoyuan is extremely furious and said that hes going to look for Brother Xiang to vent his anger.

    Xiang Shaolong felt as if the earth has shattered, and is so livid that his limbs turned cold, his eyes and mouth opened in shock, but his tears rolled uncontrollably down the corner of his eyes.

    For the first time in his life, he felt a strong, burning desire for revenge.

    Xiang Shaolong made mad love with Shuer on the rug in the room.

    Only her alluring body can offer him a form of escape in this cruel era where power is everything.

    Only at this moment did he understand why Mei Canniang would rather suffer the parting and pine for him then to come to Handan.

    No matter how difficult it is, he will use the most brutal method to kill Prince Shaoyuan at all costs to avenge Su Nu.

    The two of them held each other and lay down, their limbs entangling, enjoying the warm atmosphere in the aftermath of their coupling.

    Shuer suddenly exclaimed, Xiang Lang*! Shuer is really afraid that we wont have such happy times very soon.

    *Lang similar to the term husband

    Xiang Shaolong smiled and said, Dont worry! Tao Fang will explain to Master Wu that if his grandson and Lian Jin keep harassing me, I will definitely lose at the imperial duel due to agitation. Therefore before the duel, youll be safe.

    Shuer was a little assured, and said resolutely, If anything bad were to happen to Xiang Lang, Shuer will definitely follow you in death.

    Xiang Shaolong kissed her tiny lips and said gently, Dont worry! I definitely will not lose.

    A knock on the door was heard, and Chunyings voice filtered in, Master Xiang, Master Tao has ordered us to help you bath and change.

    Shuer sat up and said happily, Let Shuer serve you wholeheartedly this morning.

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    Book 1 Chapter 10 Spending the night together

    Tao Fang spoke to Xiang Shaolong quietly through the carriage window, I know that Shaolong has long guessed that its Lady Ya who wants to see you. Ever since her husband Zhao Kuo died in the battle of Chang Ping, that wanton has been hunting handsome men everyday to become her intimate guests. If shes satisfied after trying them out, shell keep them as her lover, and Lian Jin is one of them.

    Xiang Shaolong asked quietly, Does her brother Emperor Xiaocheng know about this?

    Tao Fang replied, The whole city is full of spies, how could his Majesty not know. Its just that in the past his Majesty was tricked by Fan Ju from the state of Qin, and replaced Lian Po* with Zhao Kuo, refusing to listen to the advise of the then Prime Minister Lin Xiangru. He sent Zhao Kuo, who can only talk but doesnt know how to strategize a war, to fight the Qin soldiers at Changping, and caused the 400,000 brave soldiers to be almost totally annihilated. Zhao Kuo died in the battlefield, and only about 240 survivors returned. His Majesty felt guilt towards his sister, so he condones her actions. Therefore Lady Ya holds a certain amount of influence over his Majesty, so dont you offend her. He signaled the footmen to start the journey.

    *Lian Po -

    Xiang Shaolong felt that the entire situation was hilarious.

    When he reached Wu An initially, he had thought of becoming a gigolo to earn money for traveling expenses. Who would have expected that now he would have no choice but to really become a gigolo, and his customer is that Lady Ya.

    He has suffered enough setbacks and anguish, and has no mood to enjoy the changing scenery outside the window because his heart is in turmoil.

    His thinking in the past was quite nave, thinking that with his military training he will be able to excel in this era. But he did not expect such complications, and like the same across all eras, brute strength is not enough to accomplish anything.

    If he wants to control his own fate, hell have to use extreme measures, and step on everyone else so that he will not have to be led around by the nose.

    The most important thing right now is to defeat Lian Jin. But in the earlier fight with him, this persons swordplay is truly at his peak. Even if he were to include wrestling in the duel, he might still not be able to win.

    Besides, what Lian Jin said was correct, he has only learnt the Mozi swordplay for a few months, and is not that experienced yet, so how can he win him.

    When they dueled earlier, Lian Jin was exceptionally calm and composed, just like what Yuan Zong said a true swordsman should achieve. But he on the other hand was rash and impulsive, if he cant change this, he will certainly lose, so what should he do?

    Suddenly he had an idea, and thought of that extreme beauty Wu Tingfang.

    If he can win her heart, what kind of a blow will it be for Lian Jin who thinks the world of himself? When it comes to wooing ladies, it has always been his forte, so theres no way that hateful babe Wu Tingfang will be able to reject him. The problem is that in ancient times theres no such thing as phoning to arrange a date, so how can he get to her himself?

    By now the carriage has gone passed a huge mansion, with guards standing at the door. He saw people wearing clothes that doesnt seem to be usual outfit for the Zhaos walking in and out so he asked the footman who was driving the carriage.

    The footman replied, Thats the house in Handan which belongs to people from other states.

    Xiang Shaolong was secretly overjoyed, and thought that maybe the Qin Emperor Ying Zheng is staying in there, and he cant help but feel uplifted.

    The horse carriage turned right into another main road made from cobblestones, and proceeded towards a huge mansion.

    Xiang Shaolong collected his composure and told himself, Xiang Shaolong! This is the time for you to change, you cannot be so trusting towards others anymore or let feelings rule your head.


    Then let me try something, and conquer this Lady Ya first to give Lian Jin his first heavy setback.

    After changing into a set of fitting warriors clothes with a cloak, matched with a long sword at his waist and his hair combed neatly into a crown, Xiang Shaolong followed 2 lovely maids and stepped into Lady Yas grand mansion.

    The pretty maid invited him to sit on the rug and gave him scented tea before leaving him sitting alone in the spacious hall.

    Xiang Shaolong was bored and started observed his surroundings.

    The hall was exquisitely decorated, with a silk painting on palace people on the wall, the colors vibrant.

    There was a large rug in the middle of the hall woven with pictures of clouds, the color clean and simple, very pleasing to the eyes. The few cupboards against the wall were full of playthings. If he can just take any one of them back to the 21st century and put it up for auction, hell be rich for the rest of his life.

    Right at this time, he had a feeling of being watched.

    Xiang Shaolong glanced nonchalantly at a large folding screen on his left which was made up of 8 paintings, and seem to see from the gap in between the reflection from an eye. He was secretly laughing, and knew that this must be Lady Ya who has come to inspect the goods.

    If he appears to be uneasy or do anything embarrassing while waiting impatiently, this wonton Lady Ya who loves toying with men will surly despise him. Once he thought about this, he became mischievous and stood up, sweeping his cape aside to reveal his manly body that can intoxicate any female. He stretched and walked to a large window and looked out so that Lady Ya can just see his chiseled left profile.

    He stood straight like a mountain, one hand behind him, the other hand resting on his sword, a look of deep thought in his expression, very immersed in his acting.

    He did not bring his wooden sword, because thats his secret weapon and he did not wish to reveal it to anyone before his duel with Lian Jin.

    The garden outside the window looked especially pretty and calming under the rays of the setting sun.

    A gentle breeze blew, uplifting his spirits.

    For a moment he forgot that Lady Ya is peeping at him, and remembered his own era.

    In that era, the rule of strong eating the weak has not changed, but there are still laws, and regulations between different countries. But in this warring states period, the rulers order is law, the words of the state is maxim, so it seems that Emperor Qin did not do anything appalling at all. If he did not unify China, they will be eaten by other countries sooner or later. It is Emperor Qin who built the Great Wall that helped China maintain its unity for a long time.

    Footsteps were heard.

    The pretty maid came to invite him in to see Lady Ya, and to remove his sword.

    Xiang Shaolong knows that he has passed the first round, so he removed his sword and followed the pretty maid in.

    He had just stepped into the door and immediately he saw a pretty lady lying down on a long couch at the other end, looking totally relaxed with a hand supporting her chin. A pair of alluring yet dreamy looking eyes was sizing him up coldly, her fair legs peeping out from her skirt, creating a picturesque scene of a beauty lazing that is enough to make any man fall head over heels.

    The small hall was not lighted, the setting sun shone in from two large windows with floral carving from the west.

    The pretty maid went out, leaving Xiang Shaolong standing in front of the door. He really has no idea what the material that Lady Ya, who was still lying in the chaise, was made of. Maybe its made with silk mixed with something else, as it was radiating. Her earrings were made from pretty jade, a golden hairpin gleaming in her hair, pearls decorating her clothes, her skirt light and sheer, her body emanating a heavy fragrance.

    The shape of her face is extremely pretty, her brows well drawn, her smooth skin fair with a tinge of red, extremely alluring.

    The most intoxicating part is her idle yet alluring pose, her mature and enchanting ways, compared to Wu Tingfang, she is another kind of beauty who certainly did not fare any worse.

    She cannot be any older than 25, right in the prime of a womans life.

    Xiang Shaolongs interest is already piqued, but in order to conquer this beauty, he deliberately pretended to be unaffected and proud, and walked boldly forward, stopping 5 paces in front of her, bowed and said, Xiang Shaolong pays his respects to Lady Ya. After he finished speaking, he stared boldly at her alluring body but did not reveal any lecherous look at all, and looked as if hes just admiring a plaything on one of the shelves at the outer hall.

    Lady Ya laughed coquettishly, emitting a clear, crisp voice that sounds even nicer then bells and said gently, Xiang Shaolong! Take a seat!

    Xiang Shaolong smiled slightly and sat down suavely. He looked deeply into her pretty eyes, but did not speak.

    Madam Ya said unhappily, Ive never seem someone who look at me with such disrespect and audacity, dont you know my status?

    Xiang Shaolong smiled lazily, and replied with indescribable confidence, How would I not know Ladys status, but it still does not change the fact that I am a man and you are a woman. Im admiring Lady the way a man will look at a woman, and this shows that Ladys allure is enough to make me forget about your higher status.

    Lady Ya was stunned, and sat up straight.

    Xiang Shaolongs gaze dropped to her perk bosom, this time he is not pretending.

    Lady Ya exclaimed angrily, How rude! What are you looking at?

    Xiang Shaolong knows that its time to stop, so he said with a serious and respectful expression, Since Lady does not like me revealing my true feelings, then feel free to punish me.

    Lady Ya was a little helpless as she replied, Forget it! Do you know why I summoned you.

    Xiang Shaolong very much wanted to say of course hes here to sleep with her, but of course he dared not reveal this, so he said calmly, Of course I do, Lady wants to see if Xiang Shaolong is the thing that Lady has been looking for all this time.

    Lady Yas pretty eyes lighted up, and after exchanging a long look with him, said, Humph and laughed, Ive never seen a man more conceited than you.

    Xiang Shaolong stood up with a smile and bowed, Since you are so displeased with me, then I shall take my leave. And turned around to leave.

    Lady Ya did not expect him to do this and exclaimed angrily, Stop there, or dont you want your life anymore.

    Xiang Shaolong turned around and said with a charming smile, Lady please dont be upset, actually how can I bear to leave. I just wanted to see if Lady will ask me to stay and spend the night.

    Lady Ya was in a flurry after being attacked by his brilliant eyes, overpowering charisma and strong words, making her look even more alluring.

    The last ray of the sun finally disappeared from the west under the plains outside the city of Handan.

    The small hall became dark, throwing this couple into a mysterious environment.

    Xiang Shaolong walked to a small table at Lady Yas side and knelt on the rug, reached out his hand, took the kindle from the table and lighted the exquisite lamp made from jade.

    Under the light, Lady Yas eyes became two round and bright rare black precious stones.

    Xiang Shaolong secretly thought to himself, this is the first time since he arrived that he tasted such a romantic ancient atmosphere. He must have the beautiful body beneath that fine silk tonight no matter what, and totally conquer both her body and her mind.

    This is the dream of every man who has ever seen her, and he is no exception.

    He moved towards her as he knelt, grabbed her shoulders and said gently, Do you want me to treat you as a Lady or a woman, would Lady please tell me.

    Lady Ya realized that theres no way she can play coy any further, so her body softened and she fell into his arms and said with a soft sigh, Why must Xiang Shaolong force me thus?

    Xiang Shaolong lifted up her delicate chin, tilting her head up and kissed her gently a dozen times on her lips before giving her a hard kiss. He used all his kissing skills learnt from porn movies and comics as well as his most tried and tested effective skills to flirt with this beauty. He took the opportunity to move his hand down, sweeping past her bosom and soft waist, his palm pressing down on her taut and fiery tummy.

    Lady Yas writhed her body, her whole body lightly trembling, her breathing getting more and more rapid, her tongues reaction getting more and more intense. Obviously she is starting to get aroused.

    Xiang Shaolong left her fragrant shoulder, looking at her heavy-lidded eyes lovingly and asked emotionally, Is Lady happy?

    Lady Ya revealed a look of loss and said quietly, Am I happy? No! I never dared to think of this question.

    Xiang Shaolong secretly sighed, beautiful women always have hard lives, and the responsibility of course falls on the men. But beauty is as short lived as a dream, so theres not a lot of beauties who can be happy when their beauty is slowly fading.

    Ancient beauties are thus short lived, never allowing others to see them growing old.

    Therefore Lady Ya wants to hunt handsome men for pleasure while shes still in her prime. But modern research papers have pointed out that such mindless sex will not make one happy.

    So Xiang Shaolong came straight to the point and asked her this question. Lady Ya immediately revealed her true feelings unconsciously, because he has touched a sore spot.

    Xiang Shaolong wanted to remove her belt.

    Lady Ya smiled coquettishly, and grabbing his hands, suddenly pulled him up and said happily like a little girl, But I know Ill be very happy tonight. Here! Come to my room, Ive prepared food and wine and we can chat and drink at the same time, all right?

    Lady Ya placed the wine cup at Xiang Shaolongs lips, a flirty smile on her pretty face and said, This is the first cup of wine, Shaolong shall we each drink half of it?

    Xiang Shaolong was secretly laughing that no matter how noble is her birth or how high is her status, she is still a woman who needs the love and care of a man. So with this point, he will be able to make himself irresistible to her.

    The only way to conquer her is to treat her like an ordinary woman, and the most important thing is to make her feel that its better to be a woman then a Lady.

    Hes very confident that he can accomplish this.

    The only question is how important Lian Jin is to her, because he is also a very attractive man.

    Lady Ya can be considered to be another battlefield for him and Lian Jin.

    He drank half a cup of wine from Lady Yas hands, and suddenly kissed her on the mouth, slowly passing the fine wine into her tiny mouth.

    Lady Ya gurgled but she has no strength to push him away, so she can only drink his half-cup of wine obediently. Her pretty face blushed, and even her enchanting dimples were reddened.

    Xiang Shaolong left her tiny mouth, gently taking over the cup from her fingers, and before she had the chance to protest, poured it into her tiny mouth that was panting quickly. He said gently, This half cup is mine, so dont you drink it into your pretty belly.

    Lady Ya rolled her eyes at him coquettishly, her fragrant lips already locked with his, the wine in her mouth sucked dry by him.

    The two of them separated. Either Lady Ya is a bad drinker, or she is too heated by desire, but she moaned and collapsed into his arms.

    Xiang Shaolong has no wish to conquer this noble beauty so soon, so he tilted her face up and scattered hot kisses on her hair, face, ears and neck.

    click to show/hide spoilers
    Lady Ya finally removed all her barriers and guards, and was panting and moaning, unable to control herself.

    Xiang Shaolongs hand slipped into her clothes, lovingly kneading the smooth and supple thighs and tummy, teasing her tender and soft skin inch by inch, not missing a single spot and said gently, Do you have they feeling of being toyed by a man now?

    Lady Ya asked, Are you really not leaving me with any dignity at all? and she continued moaning.

    Xiang Shaolongs hands stopped but he did not take them out of her clothes. He tilted his head and looked at this beauty with a head of messy hair, disheveled clothes, with a pair of fair legs and half her bosom exposed to the air. The corners of his mouth curved into a slight smile and he asked, Can I take a close look at Lady Yas body?

    Lady Ya replied hoarsely, You have touched it so many times now, and yet youre still asking me?

    Xiang Shaolong looked heavenward and laughed loud and long. The heroic air he exudes melted Lady Yas heart immediately, and she lowered her head and said submissively, Look then! You can look all you want.

    Xiang Shaolong knows that hes getting closer to success, or else she would not behave with such abandon and obedience.

    His hands immediately started, at times gentle, at times wild, and a little brutish as well, beginning the actual attack on her.

    The night passed like that.

    She is no longer a lady of noble birth, but a shameless woman in heated desire enjoying her lovers ministrations.

    Every second is filled with fiery desire.

    The joy between a man and a woman drove into Lady Ya wave by wave, making her delirious. She cried out the name of this lovely yet hateful man madly, touching and hugging this perfect male body, feeling his explosive strength and his seemingly endless intense attacks, reaching the fiery peak where soul meets desire time and again. In the past when she was with other men, shed always chase them away immediately after the act and sleep alone, even Lian Jin was no exception. But tonight she has no wish to leave this mans embrace even for a moment.

    But only for tonight.

    Everything will be different tomorrow, no man will be able to make her surrender.

    She only wants to capture men, but does not wish to be captured, because that would be too torturous.

    She fell into a deep sleep in her daze, and when she woke up its already late in the morning.

    Xiang Shaolong is already gone, only leaving behind on the blanket a yellow chrysanthemum freshly plucked from the garden.

    Lady Ya clutched tightly at the stem, a sweet and satisfied alluring smile appeared on her pretty face.

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    Book 1 Chapter 11 The Affections of a Beauty

    When Xiang Shaolong returned to the guesthouse, Tao Fang is already waiting for him.

    After Chunying and the rest of the maids carried in their breakfast, they left.

    Tao Fang sniggered and asked, Is that flirtatious horse exciting?

    Xiang Shaolong replied from the bottom of his heart, Extremely exciting.

    Tao Fang stopped smiling and said seriously, Master brought up the issue of your duel with Lian Jin to his Majesty, his Majesty was very happy and chose the duel to be at dusk the day after tomorrow. I think its best that you do not tangle with women for these few days, conserve your energy. You must win this duel.

    Xiang Shaolong replied with some embarrassment, Dont worry! Im the kind that of person that, with more women I have, the more energetic I am. If there are no women, Im more lethargic instead. When he saw that he looked doubtful, he added, Dont forget that on the night we dealt with the horse thieves, Ting Fangshi was sleeping with me.

    Of course Tao Fang does not know that he did not copulate with Ting Fangshi that night, and after looking at him with admiration, said, Now youve become the center of attraction in Handan, and on the same par as Master, even Guo Zong, who made his fortune from ironworks, was asking about you.

    Xiang Shaolong exclaimed in surprise, What? Theres actually someone else who is equally wealthy as our Master?

    Tao Fang replied, There is only one such person in the state of Zhao. If we were to measure the number of Masters livestock using valleys, then the weapons that Guo Zong made from iron can be measured using ships. Not only did he supply weapons for the whole of Zhao, but also to all the other friendly states, earning a large sum of money. He lowered his voice and continued, Because of this, his Majesty is more fond of Guo Zong than our Master, because Masters Father is a half-Qin, thats why he has such a strange name.

    Xiang Shaolongs heart lurched, as if he has a hazy idea, but is unable to describe it clearly.

    Tao Fang added on, I received confidential news last night, that rascal Wu Tingwei is very displeased with you, and very much wanted to have your Yan nobility, Shuer. Thats why he has decided to disregard Masters orders and will kill you before your duel with Lian Jin. It seems like I will have to bring you along to pay a call to Young Master, so that that rascal will not dare to make any rash moves.

    Xiang Shaolong was still thinking about the matter regarding Master Wu having Qin blood in him. No wonder he wanted so much for a Zhao to win Lian Jin, but maybe thats not what he truly felt, but did this to show the Zhao Emperor that he is totally on their side. Thats why he refused to speak up for the Yans, and instead gave a beauty like Shuer to him because of this thinking of his.

    In the warring states period there is nothing more important that bloodline, so from this it can be seen what a difficult task it would be to unite the people from so many different countries. When he heard what Tao Fang said, he asked, Will Lian Jin be helping that rascal deal with me?

    Tao Fang is really open with him now, and did not try to hide anything, saying Even if you put a sword to Lian Jins neck now, he would not dare to start the fight first. That scoundrel went around picking fights because he wanted to get his Majestys attention. However his Majesty has always ignored him, and even told the people around him that hes not happy that our Master have found a foreigner to make our own swordsmen look bad. Not that hes got this chance, he would not want to spoil it.

    Xiang Shaolong thought that this King Zhao is so narrow minded, how can he every accomplish anything great. He said with a laugh, Without Lian Jin, Im not afraid of that rascal, he cant possibly find a few hundred people to attack me, right?

    Tao Fang was extremely impressed with his humor and chortled, Of course not, and besides, he has to do this secretly. But its still better to pay a call to Eldest Young Master. Among Masters 17 sons, Eldest Young Master is the most capable and is in charge of all business with other states. And he has a beautiful daughter Wu Tingfang who may have the opportunity of becoming the empress, but his Majesty is still hesitating about accepting Young Grand Missy because of Master having Qin blood in him. The nobility in the royal family are all objecting to this.

    Xiang Shaolong is getting all confused from all these. Things that look very simple on the surface, is actually extremely complicated, so he nodded his head and replied, All right! Ill pay a call to Eldest Young Master once I have the chance.

    Tao Fang replied, What chance or no chance, Ill take you to see Eldest Young Master immediately. We need to gain the upper hand and not let Wu Tingwei strike first.

    Xiang Shaolong furrowed his brows and said, At least let me change my clothes first!

    Tao Fang laughed, Hurry up! Ill wait here for you.

    Xiang Shaolong slipped back into his room hurriedly.

    Shuer and the 4 maids were rushing to make his warrior clothes so that he can wear it to see the King of Zhao. Xiang Shaolongs mood turned for the better, and his hands started roaming over the 5 ladies and enjoying their careful ministrations at the same time, making his one mistress and 4 maids all blush to their ears before he left with Tao Fang on horses to the Wu residence.

    They came to the bustling martial arts practice field, went around the large mansion where they say Master Wu the other day, walked past a garden to another grand courtyard.

    The two of them were invited to wait in the large hall.

    After a while, a warrior walked out and invited Tao Fang in, leaving Xiang Shaolong alone, who wondered why that Eldest Young Master did not see them both?

    At this point in time that warrior walked out again and told Xiang Shaolong, Would Master Xiang please follow me!

    Xiang Shaolong followed him and went into another side hall first before abruptly turning left into a garden.

    Xiang Shaolong was suspicious, and that warriors steps quickened suddenly. Right at this time, there was a flash of sword, and 2 long swords shot out from the bushes on either side, aiming straight at his left and right side.

    Luckily he has an intuition long ago, and without advancing or retreating, just stood on the spot and drew out his sword. Clang clang, not only did he force his enemy to retreat, but he also injured one of them.

    30 odd warriors came out from the bushes and behind the tress, and one of them is Wu Tingwei, and he was heavily surrounded.

    Xiang Shaolong stood there holding his sword, obviously not afraid at all.

    Wu Tingwei hid behind the warriors and called out arrogantly, Dog slave, lets see where you can escape this time.

    Xiang Shaolong smiled suavely and replied, This time? I dont think I was the one who escaped the last time, right?

    Wu Tingwei had thought that he would beg for mercy, and did not expect him to be so merciless with his words. He was furious and roared, Kill him for me.

    Xiang Shaolong is such an experienced fighter, and he understands the logic of striking the enemy first, especially since he is outnumbered now. Wu Tingwei has just opened his mouth but he has already turned into the crowd of warriors with his sword, slashing and kicking, like a tiger in a herd of sheep, seriously injuring a handful of them, thus interfering with their movements.

    The warriors have never fought in such a way that is totally without rules but seeks only efficiency, besides they are afraid of this action that will clearly defy their Masters orders, and on seeing his bravery, most of them just stood there for show.

    Xiang Shaolong was furious with Wu Tingwei for molesting Shuer yesterday, so he was totally ruthless in his attacks, executing the Mozi swordplay to perfection. His movements were mysterious, ever-changing, broad movements yet his techniques were exquisite, suddenly attacking and retreating, with a flying kick once in a while. In short time, his opponents were all staggering in chaos.

    Under the orders of Wu Tingwei, the warriors had no choice but to charge, and they fell one by one, either stuck by the sword or a kick. None of the attacks are fatal, but just enough to make them lose the ability to fight back.

    In the blink of an eye, only the 10 warriors standing in front of Wu Tingwei protecting him were left.

    Xiang Shaolong gave a cold snort, his pair of cold and aggressive eyes staring icily at Wu Tingwei, his sword pointing forward, walking strongly and steadily step by step towards Wu Tingwei and that 10 warriors.

    Wu Tingwei did not expect him to be so brave and sharp, felling 10 odd men and yet hes not even panting. He felt a shiver, and while ordering his men to attack, he retreated towards the back instead.

    Xiang Shaolong will certainly not let him off, so he dashed forward, his sword slashing. One of the warriors raised his sword to block him, there was a clang, and that warrior actually fell and rolled to the ground with the impact. Obviously the strength of his arm is extremely frightening.

    All the warriors were startled, afraid that he will injure Wu Tingwei, and they all converged with their swords ready to attack.

    But this time Xiang Shaolong did not press on his attack, instead he executed a series of movements to defend himself.

    Two of the warriors thought that he is now exhausted and were about to take the opportunity to attack but they suddenly realized that their opponents defense was so tight that they have no way of attacking. Even more alarming is that his defense secretly allows him to attack at will as well, holding them at bay, giving them a feeling that they can no longer retreat.

    That is the essence of the Mozi swordplay, hiding an attack while defending. When Xiang Shaolong was fighting with the last Juzi of Mohism, Yuan Zong, he was unable to execute any offensive moves at all. The 2 men now is far worse than he was in the past, so naturally their attacks are negligible.

    The 2 of them panicked and were about to retreat when there was a flash of sword and the two warriors fell back bleeding.

    Xiang Shaolong took this opportunity when everyone else was in a frenzy to dash past his enemys protective barrier and go straight towards Wu Tingwei.

    Wu Tingwei hardened himself to stand still and defend with his sword.

    But who would have expected Xiang Shaolong to rapidly retreat again, right into the midst of the advancing warriors.

    After felling 4 warriors, he leapt towards the retreating Wu Tingwei.


    A series of 7 sword attacks, Wu Tingwei was forced into the woods by him and the remaining warriors collapsed on the ground.


    Wu Tingweis sword flew out of his hands, his back knocked onto a large tree. His face paled and he yelled, What a bold slave, how dare you be rude.

    Xiang Shaolongs eyes shot out an icy cold stare and said frostily, If you have the guts, call me slave again. The tip of his sword pointed at this conceited young mans throat.

    Xiang Shaolong is not at all concerned that others may come here, because this is something dishonorable, so Wu Tingwei must have made arrangements to send the nearby servants away.

    Wu Tingwei was frightened by his forcefulness that even his body started shaking and asked hoarsely, Do you dare to hurt me? but he still do not have the guts to take the risk of calling him slave.

    Xiang Shaolongs face was expressionless and asked quietly, Where is Master Tao?

    Wu Tingwei was almost crying when he said, I only sent some people to hold him back!

    Xiang Shaolong secretly thought to himself that he wouldnt dare to go overboard anyway, so he smiled and asked, Grand Young Master, you dont believe that Ill hurt you? All the more I want to blind you in one eye, lets see if youll believe me.

    Wu Tingwei saw that his smile was cold and heartless, and is even more chilling than if he was fierce and furious. He finally broke down and exclaimed, No!

    Xiang Shaolongs long sword continued towards its goal.

    At the same time Wu Tingwei was screaming, a dainty gasp was heard from behind Xiang Shaolong.

    Wu Tingwei thought that his eye will be lost, his whole body weakened and at the same moment that he peed in fright, the long sword slanted a little, brushed past his face and pierced into the tree trunk, the difference of only a few millimeters.


    Xiang Shaolongs right leg kicked his thigh.

    Wu Tingwei flew to one side, Xiang Shaolong turned around with his sword and blocked the sword of the beauty Wu Tingfang.

    Xiang Shaolong looked at her coldly and asked quietly, So is Grand Young Missy involved as well?

    Wu Tingfang was so furious that her face reddened, and she gritted her teeth and uttered, Im going to kill you. Her sword came attacking like the Changjiang River, her swordplay far better than her elder brothers, just that she lacks the strength and experience.

    Xiang Shaolong had an idea, and he retreated as he fought, and in short time he lured her deep into the isolated woods.

    Wu Tingfang saw that she could not defeat him even with her ferocious attacks and the more upset and impatient she was, the more distracted she became. She was panting, and after slashing 2 more times, her sword flew out of her hands with a dang.

    Xiang Shaolong returned his sword to his scabbard, took a step forward and hugged her. He carried her up and pressed her to a tree, looking at her sweet and dainty face with his head tilted to one side.

    Wu Tingfang was totally exhausted, so she only made a show of trying to struggle before collapsing in his arms, asking in fear and anger, What do you want?

    Xiang Shaolong replied gently, Compensation of course.

    Wu Tingfang was startled and tried to struggle again with her remaining strength, but Xiao Shaolong took the opportunity to use his chest and legs to rub against her sensitive, prohibited spots, and her struggle soon became a strong reaction to his movements.

    Since she was born, this is the first time she has been teased so rudely by a man this way.

    Lian Jin has hugged her before as well, but she pushed him away immediately. This is the first time something like this has happened.

    She was angry, but her body started feeling waves of strange pleasure.

    She did not take part in Wu Tingweis plan at all, but she saw the whole process when she went after him after finding out that theres something amiss. She saw Xiang Shaolongs heroism, frighteningly accurate strategies and swordsmanship that is comparable to Lian Jins. And theres something that even Lian Jin cannot compare, this person seems to have endless stamina. When he is cold he makes one shiver, when he is gentle and smiling he looks suave, and even now when she is being molested by him, she finds it difficult to really hate him.

    When the pleasure in her body became stronger, she moaned, and her lips were locked with his.

    Wu Tingfang was shocked and embarrassed, his tongue attacked through her locked teeth. She moaned and was lost in her first kiss with a man, the thought of Lian Jin disappearing far from her mind immediately.

    Sounds of people walking could be heard from outside the woods.

    Xiang Shaolong left her lips, nibbled on her earlobes and said, To be able to kiss Grand Young Missys sweet lips, even death would be worth it. He let her go and walked out with large strides.

    Wu Tingfangs body weakened and she slid down the truck, collapsing on the ground, all her hatred disappearing without a trace. Her body still felt that shameless excitement and pleasure.

    When Xiang Shaolong walked back to the path outside the woods where he was attacked, a large burly man with a gold belt and huge eyes were reprimanding the kneeling warriors and Wu Tingwei.

    Tao Fang stood at the side with his head lowered, and when he saw him coming, signaled him with his eyes.

    Xiang Shaolong made way for a seriously injured warrior who was being carried away before he walked towards the burly man, knelt down and paid his respects.

    He was careful when he struck with his sword, only making the other party lose the ability to fight, but his first few blows were a bit harder since he was trying to scare them.

    That burley man turned his head around and asked coldly, Where is Tingfang?

    Before Xiang Shaolong could reply, Wu Tingfangs voice could be heard from behind, Tingfang is here. His swordsmanship is really good, I was unable to hurt him.

    The burly mans expression cleared a little, and he turned to Wu Tingwei and his men first and bellowed, All of you scram!

    Wu Tingwei dare not even take a look at Xiang Shaolong, and scuttled off with his warriors like a defeated cock.

    The man turned towards Xiang Shaolong and said, Get up!

    Xiang Shaolong stood up respectfully, and realized that Wu Tingfang was standing next to him, and glancing at him.

    Tao Fang was totally perplexed and kept looking at the two of them.

    That man looked at his daughter for a moment before turning towards Xiang Shaolong and said, Excellent! Injuring 30 odd men and yet none of the attacks are fatal. This is the first time Ive seem such swordsmanship. I, Wu Yingyuan will bet on you winning the duel with Lian Jin.

    Xiang Shaolong was quietly laughing that no one in this era will understand human anatomy better than him as he uttered self-effacing words.

    Wu Yingyuan sized him up again and said with a smile, There are very few Zhaos who are as tall and large as you, but for Qins its not a very rare trait.

    Xiang Shaolong had a strange intuition, and felt that this Wu Yingyuan seems to take pride that he has Qin blood in him. Maybe he has this thinking because he has traveled much, thus more open-minded and knows how great the Qins are.

    Wu Yingyuan seemed quite impressed with him and said, Im going to inspect the large farm 20 miles north of here, Shaolong come with me then!

    Wu Tingfang called out, Father! I want to go too.

    Everyone was surprised and looked at her.

    Wu Tingfang lowered her pretty face, her fingers twiddling with the corner of her clothes, looking exceptionally adorable.

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    Book 1 Chapter 12 – Love at the Maple Tree Valley

    Xiang Shaolong and 150 warriors accompanied the Wu father and daughter and left via the north gate, galloping into the large plains.

    Wu Tingfang was in high spirits and rode way ahead. Wu Yingyuan was concerned that something would happen to his daughter and was about to order his warriors to give chase when Xiang Shaolong saw this as an opportunity. It seems that Wu Tingfang is deliberately creating a chance for him, and immediately volunteered himself and went after her.

    The two horses ran wildly for more than 10 miles one behind the other, and came to a valley before Wu Tingfang slowed down. By now the two horses were puffing from the run.

    Xiang Shaolong went next to her and turned his head around. Wu Yingyuan and the rest were long gone.

    Wu Tingfang laughed daintily, “No need to look! This is a shortcut that only I know. They won’t be coming here.”

    Xiang Shaolong need no further instructions, and just turned around, picked her up and hugged her. Ignoring her weak pretests, he started kissing her neck, and finished up with a hard and hot kiss on her soft little mouth.

    Wu Tingfang’s reaction was passionate, obviously it’s the first time she experienced this and can’t get enough of it.

    By the time they got tired from kissing, they have already left the valley.

    Wu Tingfang laid her head on her shoulder, looked at him and said shyly, “You’re really bold, no other man has dared to be as rude to me as you.”

    Xiang Shaolong pretended to be serious as he replied, “No, no! I’m just a coward!”

    Wu Tingfang knows that he still remembers the other day she called him a coward. She laughed and said "Tingfang knew right away that you're not a person who easily obey anyone, grandfather is the same."

    Xiang Shaolong shockingly said “Even what you think is right or wrong, don’t tell it to anyone else, if it gets to master’s ear my life will be in danger”.

    Wu Tingfang laughs and sits straight up, steering the horse to stop and says “Look there! Crossing the valley ahead and over a small hill you’ll be able to see the gate to the pasture. In the valley there’s a small beautiful river, running through the pasture, why don’t we go there and have fun while father isn’t here yet?”

    Xiang Shaolong already calculated that in this era if he can capture a girl’s heart she will be braver than any girl in the 21st century. He’s happy inside because he defeated Lian Jin, laughs and says “Anyone who doesn’t want to have fun with you is stupid and crazy!” He steered the horse into the valley after he said.
    It’s beginning of fall season, the whole valley is filled with leaves, beautiful like heaven on earth, a small river’s current running from a rock and created a small pond.

    Wu Tingfang is still childish, she happily jumps down from the horse and runs to the river bank.

    Xiang Shaolong runs after her hugged her belly, his hands takes her belt off.
    Wu Tingfang shocked, catches his hands and asks “What are you doing?”
    Xiang Shaolong laughs and says “The water is clear like this, don’t you want to swim?”

    Wu Tingfang lowers her head and says “I can’t! If my hair gets wet father will definitely find out about us and would not forgive us.”

    Xiang Shaolong says “We can just swim in shallow water only. I guarantee your hair won’t get wet.”

    Wu Tingfang flushed, releases her hand and whispers “All right! Don’t let my hair get wet, you think I don’t know what you want to do?"

    Xiang Shaolong is happy, thinking to himself a beauty like this, even if he dies he won’t let go, his hands begin their actions and taking her clothes off.

    Xiang Shaolong laughed, “I remember now there’s no dry cloth to wipe my body, and it’s inappropriate. Why not I seek compensation from you now, listen to how refreshing the waterfall sounds.”

    Wu Tingfang was about to listen closely when Xiang Shaolong kissed her hard, his hands willfully and rudely roaming her naked body.

    How can she remember to listen to the sound of the waterfall? The intoxicating feeling earlier has not fully receded and it began crashing towards her again. Amidst her urgent moaning, her limbs unconsciously wrapped tightly around this man who has captured her heart.

    Xiang Shaolong may be a flirtatious man, but he’s not lecherous. It’s just that he knows that a girl like Wu Tingfang who has just experienced romance is especially fickle and pliable. If he did not strike while the iron is hot and claim her for himself first, maybe when she sees the handsome Lian Jin, she will turn onto his embrace again.

    But if he takes her for the first time, he will become the first man in her life, and even Lian Jin will find it difficult to rock their intimate relationship when that happens.

    And with Lian Jin’s intelligence, it’s not difficult to realize that this beauty has already given him her most precious chastity, and this is the blow that he wants to give Lian Jin. No matter how nonchalant Lian Jin is, this matter involves a man’s pride and attraction, so that fellow will surely be unable to take it.

    And his have to achieve his goal of attacking Lian Jin.

    If the Wu family were to find out about this matter, it’s no big deal as well. As long as he can defeat Lian Jin, the King of Zhao will certainly look at him differently and the Wu family would not dare to do anything to him. Maybe even Lady Ya will protect him as well.

    Once he thought about this, he knows that he is beginning to become more ruthless in order to reach his goals. But in this era where the strong is the leader, he has no other choice.

    So with this mentality in mind, he used the gentlest and pleasing method to make this beautiful young lady lose her chastity to him. He followed up the act with tenderness and honeyed words to let her enjoy the sweetest pleasure a woman can get from a man.

    When the two of them reached the big pasture that was miles wide, Wu Yingyuan’s men just started to show up from afar.

    The person in charge of the pasture welcomed them warmly, especially when he saw the proud Grand Young Missy leaning against him daintily, he fawned even more towards Xiang Shaolong.

    The big pasture is a huge piece of land surrounded by mountains and water on three sides, and the only flat piece of ground is in the east where a large river flowed horizontally across. The hanging bridge is the only way in and out, and with high walls on each side, making it look a country of its own.

    There were 10 over camps of Zhao soldiers outside the pasture, obviously the uncountable number of horses, cows and goats in the pasture is the lifeline of Handan.

    The 2 of them were looking around when Wu Yingyuan came over with his men. He lightly chided Wu Tingfang for a moment before turning to Xiang Shaolong and said, “Come! Let me bring Shaolong around!”

    Xiang Shaolong was flattered and after changing his horse, he galloped into the pasture. Wu Tingfang was of course following him.

    Wu Yingyuan recounted the joys and pains of running a pasture, showing that he is extremely experienced and insightful.

    The 3 of them came to a little hill full of sheep in the end. Wu Tingfang’s inner child came out and she jumped off the horse to play with the sheep.

    The two stood side by side on their horses, viewing the beautiful scenery of the majestic mountains.

    Wu Yingyuan seems to remark offhandedly, “Fang’er seems to like Shaolong!”

    Xiang Shaolong is unsure of his hidden meaning, and was awkwardly silent.

    Wu Yingyuan smiled slightly and said, “That’s good too! I’ve never liked Lian Jin. This person is unfathomable and is in cahoots with Wu Hei. It’s just that Father trusts them, so there’s nothing I can do to them.”

    Xiang Shaolong had a thought, Tao Fang must be Wu Yingyuan’s man, that’s why he trusted him as well and revealed his true feelings. He probed, “I heard Master Tao said, Master has the intention og marrying Grand Young Missy into the imperial family…”

    Wu Yingyuan gave a cold snort and said, “My numerous arguments with Father is precisely because of this. Father is getting on in age, and cannot see clearly the situation now.”

    Xiang Shaolong exclaimed in surprise, “Young Master!”

    Wu Yingyuan looked at him, his eyes glaring and asked coldly, “Shaolong! Tell me honestly, where did you come from, what blood flows in your body.”

    Xiang Shaolong knows that if he has to make up a story, he cannot hesitate and immediately replied, “Since Young Master thinks so highly of Shaolong, I dare not hide anything from you. Actually I am the offspring of a Qin man, who has wandered into the mountain regions, and a local woman. I did not even tell Master Tao about this.”

    Because Wu Yingyuan already had such a thinking in his mind, he was not suspicious at all. He thought for a moment and asked, “If I were to give Fang’er to you, would you promise to love her well for the rest of your life?”

    Xiang Shaolong was ecstatic, but immediately asked dejectedly, “But why would Master agree to it?”

    Wu Yingyuan replied impatiently, “Forget about him first.”

    Xiang Shaolong hurriedly made his promise.

    The corners of Wu Yingyuan’s mouth curved up into a slight smile and he said joyfully, “I admire you not wholly because of your outstanding swordsmanship, or your outstanding reflexes and intelligence when dealing with the horse thieves. The most important matter is that you risked your own life and stayed behind to fight the thieves so that your comrades can leave safely. Such loyalty to your master and friends is what reassures me into giving Fang’er to you. This is a secret agreement for now, and besides Tao Fang, you must not let a 4th person know about this, and that includes Fang’er.”

    Xiang Shaolong felt that he seems to have some plans in his mind, and needs his wits and swordsmanship, so he lowered his voice and asked, “If there’s anything Young Master needs Shaolong to do, just let me know.”

    A look of surprise flashed past Wu Yingyuan’s eyes, and he complimented him, “Tao Fang was right about you, with your keen observation, you will certainly be someone famous in future.”

    He paused for a moment before continuing, “Father is really getting old, and does not know that the situation is rapidly changing.”

    He added, “Ever since the 3 states declared independence, the first to attack among the 3 states Zhao, Wei and Han is Marquis Wei. The Qin in the west, Qi in the east, Han and Chu in the south, Zhao in the north, none of them were spared from his attacks. Even Handan, this sturdy large city was captured by him for 2 years. If not for the state of Qi’s help, the Weis would not have retreated.”

    That 3 months when Xiang Shaolong was with Yuan Zong they often talked about the affairs of the world, and is not as ignorant as when he first arrived. He added, “But later on the Wei soldiers lost in the battle of Maling under Wu Qi and Sun Bin. Later Qin, Qi and Zhao continuously attacked Wei, making them lose able generals and soldiers and a huge piece of land so now they’re not as powerful as before.

    Wu Yingyuan was very impressed with his knowledge and nodded his head, “There’s not many in Handan who has your insight. Shaolong, tell me, who do you think is the strongest.”

    Xiang Shaolong replied without a thought, “Of course it’s Qin, the world will ultimately be conquered by Qin.” He secretly laughed to himself, not only is there no one in Handan who has his insight, but no one in the entire warring states will be as confident of this as he is.

    Wu Yingyuan was startled, “Although I thinking highly of Qin, but I’m not as sure as you are. Why would you have this thinking?”

    Xiang Shaolong was almost speechless, luckily an idea flashed past and he replied, “The key point is whether the various states in the east can join forces to repel Qin, and looking at the war between Yan and Zhao now, we know the outcome of that.”

    Wu Yingyuan replied, “What you meant is ‘Lian Heng’ and ‘He Zong’.”

    The former means the weak joining forces to attack one strong force.

    The latter means one strong force attacking all weak forces.

    These are the two extreme policies during the warring states period.

    Qin is in the west, the other 6 strong states, Qi, Wei, Zhao, Han, Chu and Yan are at the south. Any state that joins forces with Qin will be a unification between the south and west, and thus named ‘Lian Heng’. If the 6 states were to join forces, it’ll be unification of the north and south, and they’re referred to as ‘He Zong’.

    The situation now is getting more and more obvious, the 6 states are gradually losing the ability to fight against Qin on their own. Although there were small victories, it’s not enough to change the whole situation. But if they were to join forces, their strength will far surpass Qin. Therefore what Qin fears most is the unification of the 6 states. As the saying goes, ‘the only fear is the unification of the world against oneself’.

    Xiang Shaolong nodded his head like an expert and said, “At the moment which state in the southeast is willing to maintain status quo. All the rulers wants to take this opportunity to expand their land and fight for gains so that they can become ruler of the world, so it’s impossible for them to unite.”

    Wu Yingyuan looked at him in shock and said, “Luckily you are not my enemy, but my future son-in-law.”

    Of course Xiang Shaolong understood his underlying meaning, which is to say that if that is not the case, he’ll certainly get rid of him. He was about to speak when Wu Tingfang returned and said with a dainty smile, “Father has never enjoyed a conversation as much as this, Shaolong is really capable.”

    Wu Yingyuan looked heavenward and laughed for a long time before saying, “Father has to take a look at the account books, Fang’er will accompany Shaolong around!” and he left on his horse.

    Xiang Shaolong jumped down from his horse.

    Wu Tingfang smiled coquettishly at him and rolled her eyes, “It seems that Father likes you a lot? When will Shaolong ask him for my hand, then Fang’er will be able to be with you everyday, so don’t you find me irritating then.”

    After Xiang Shaolong swore to heaven that he will not change his heart, he walked slowly while holding the 2 majestic horses saying, “After I win Lian Jin and have fame and status, I’ll marry you immediately. My only fear is if I will pass your Grandfather’s barrier.”

    Wu Tingfang’s eyes reddened and said, “If Grandfather does not agree, Fang’er will die in front of him.”

    Xiang Shaolong exclaimed in surprise, “You mustn’t do that, I could always elope with you and they won’t be able to find us.”

    Wu Tingfang tugged at his sleeve happily and said with joy, “A man must keep to his words, you must not regret in future because you can’t bear to give up fame and riches or because you’ve found a new love. I’ve even given myself to you, you must treasure me for the rest of your life!”

    Xiang Shaolong hurriedly said some assuring words. This beauty’s happiness is totally in his control now, so how can he not make her happy. He did not expect that he would be able to have wives and concubines, but in order to support them, especially a rich young lady like Wu Tingfang who is used to luxury and being served, is not going to be easy. When he thought about how penniless he was while in Wu An, he still feels a little fear.

    Wu Tingfang suddenly said, “You have to be careful of Lian Jin, he’s really formidable. And I think that even though he dare not kill you, but he will at least try to maim you before he gives up.”

    Xiang Shaolong laughed and said, “Don’t worry! If I cannot defeat even him, then I'm not competent enough to marry a pretty girl like you.”
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    Book 1 Chapter 13 Comparison of love

    When Xiang Shaolong returned to Handan, its already dusk. After saying sweet farewells to Wu Tingfang, he hurriedly rode back to the guest house.

    The biggest benefit he got from this trip is the beauty Wu Tingfang and establishing friendship and understanding with her father. Also, under Wu Yingyuans instructions, he is more familiar with the behavior of horses and the techniques of riding.

    For someone like him who was in the elite force undergoing strict training, what he has learnt in a day is equivalent to what an average person will learn in a year.

    When he reached the guesthouse, he was shocked to see Zhao soldiers standing guard at the entrance. Luckily he bumped into Li Shan and found out that after the King of Zhao heard about the matters regarding Prince Shaoyuan and Wu Tingwei, he warned everyone not to touch Xiang Shaolong and even transferred his guards to protect him.

    On one hand he was surprised at how well informed the King of Zhao was, but he has this feeling that this duel is not as simple as it seems.

    He was still deep in thought when Li Shan told him, Lady Ya ordered you to go to her residence immediately after you come back, the horse carriage is waiting for you!

    Xiang Shaolong was secretly lamenting. Hes not superman, these few days he has been making love day and night with the 3 beauties Shuer, Lady Ya and Wu Tingfang, and each time he did his best. He had just been involved with Wu Tingfang, so how should he satisfy Lady Ya now.

    He is so tortured that he almost groaned. He hurriedly went back and changed his clothes, consoled Shuer who could not bear to let him leave, went up the horse carriage and fell asleep, ignoring everything else. When he woke up he realized its deep into the night and hes already in the Ladys residence. Lady Ya slept curled up next to him, like a tame little cat.

    Xiang Shaolong felt a warmness surrounding his heart and after calling her twice, realized that shes still having sweet dreams. He gently kissed her face, eyes, nose, mouth before carefully covering her with the blanket and stood up to walk to the window.

    He stretched lazily and felt refreshed and recharged, thinking to himself that if he has to handle a few women now, his stamina would be able to take it.

    No matter what, after he wins Lian Jin, he must go and look for Ying Zheng, itll be good even if he can take a look at him. If he did not see this great man who created China single handedly, hell not die in peace.

    But theres one thing that he cant figure out. Handan is such a heavily guarded city, how is an important person like him who has the criteria to ascend the Qin throne going to slip out? If he doesnt return to Xianyang, how can he ascend the throne then?

    The Handan city in movies is just an unguarded city, but its totally different in real life. How will Ying Zheng return to become Emperor Qin?

    In the past Ying Zhengs father Yi Ren had the help of the wealthy Lu Buwei before he could escape successfully. Since the Zhaos had this as an example, they would not let the same thing happen again. Even if Lu Buwei is not coming, and the Zhaos have forgotten about what he has done, itll still be difficult to use the same ploy again.

    Besides its not something that can be accomplished in a few days. From the time Lu Buwei met Yi Ren, until the tile Yi Ren returned to Qin, it took more than 10 years. If not for the battle of Changping where 4,000,000 Zhaos were killed by the Qins, Yi Ren and Lu Buwei would not have taken the risk to return to Qin for fear of revenge. And they had no choice but to leave behind Zhao Ji and her son Ying Zheng.

    How old is Ying Zheng this year, does he look as tall and large as the Qins? He really wants to know, if only there is someone he can ask.


    Shaolong was just thinking that hell be executed if someone finds out about this, so he was really startled when he heard his name.

    He turned around.

    The extremely beautiful and flimsily dressed Lady Ya was looking at him with a coquettishly smile.

    Xiang Shaolong replied, I thought you were asleep, you really startled me.

    Lady Ya moved over and hugged him tightly from behind, her slender arms twining around his neck and said, If I dont pretend to be asleep, how I can test if youre really gentle. I thought you were lying to me, but when I saw that you were really startled by me, I realized you really did not know that I was feigning sleep.

    Xiang Shaolong was secretly feeling guilty. He was deep in thought about betraying the state of Zhao, but he accidentally hit the right note instead, which is really lucky.

    Smelling her intoxicating fragrance, feeling the touch of her skin, Xiang Shaolongs hands cant help but start caressing and kneading her back, and of course he will not let her perky bottom off as well.

    Lady Ya closed her eyes and enjoyed his loving touches, and mumbled dreamily, You dont know how heavy you are, 4 soldiers had so much trouble carrying you in, Im afraid youll crush me to death one of these days.

    Xiang Shaolong had a lusty thought and replied with a laugh, But last night Lady was complaining that my movements were not strong enough.

    Lady Ya rolled her eyes at him and left his embrace. She held up his hand and said, Actually once I saw you, I wanted to make love with you immediately, but I dont know why now I feel like having a heart to heart talk with you instead. Come! You should be hungry by now, shall we go to the little pavilion in the back garden and enjoy the moon and a feast?

    This is the first time Xiang Shaolong heard her talking to him in such an agreeable manner, and saw that she is not only looking for carnal satisfaction from him and knows that this wanton has started to develop feelings for him. He has a sense of accomplishment from conquering this difficult woman. Just as he was about to speak, his stomach started rumbling.

    Lady Ya was amused and after laughing coquettishly, cast a flirtatious look at him and led him out of the room.

    The clear moon hung high up in the sky, illuminating the whole garden and the little 2-story pavilion.

    Lady Ya sighed quietly and said, When I woke up this morning, I actually made up my mind not to look for you again, or maybe not to look for you so soon. But in less than an instant I ordered my men to bring you here, but later I thought it was inappropriate. So I changed to getting my servants to fetch you in a horse carriage. Who would have expected you to have gone out of the city with Wu Yingyuan and his daughter so early in the morning, making me wait a whole day restlessly for you. I didnt want to see anyone else, even when my brother asked for me, I feigned illness not to go.

    Listening to this ultimate beauty revealing her true feelings, Xiang Shaolong only felt sweetness in his heart.

    Ever since the time machine brought him back to this warring states period 2000 years ago, things have been crashing in him wave by wave, not giving him the chance to think properly all that has happened. He can only struggle to survive.

    Now he is suddenly clear minded. Heavens! Hes really in the ancient world, coming into contact with those people of a different era, talking, even fighting and making love.

    His only regret is he was unable to ask that crazy Ma a few more questions, regarding what this is all about.

    Hasnt all these already happened? Why is it now he still has a past, present and future, just like his old reality.

    If he were to change what has already happened, what repercussions will it have on the future?

    Or are there countless past, and what he is facing now is only one of them.

    Everything is as surreal as a dream.

    The most realistic time, will only appear when he is embroiled with beauties.

    Just like Lady Ya before his eyes.

    What are you thinking!

    Xiang Shaolong was jolted from this thoughts, and smiled bitterly. He may never be able to reveal his inner thoughts.

    He removed his cape, walked towards her and draped it over her. He moved to face her, hugging her tightly and at the same time grabbed her slender hands, asking gently, Why are you so honest with me? Arent you afraid Ill see through your weakness and control you?

    Lady Ya smiled, Of course Im not! Control me all you want! Ive been troubled the whole day, and thought about it the whole day, and realized that I really have never been happy. Hai! Ive been numb about the matters between men and women long ago. If you grew up in the palace or a dukes household, you will understand my meaning.

    Xiang Shaolong asked in surprise, You were born into the royal family, you should not want of anything, and able to get everything you want. Why is it that when you talk about the palace, it seems like youre talking about the scariest place on earth?

    Lady Ya snuggled deeper into his arms, as if she is trying to get security and warmth from him and said sadly, It seems that during the Zhou dynasty in the past, the royal family and dukes family were restricted by traditions and ceremonial etiquettes, and its a rule to choose a wife from the other royal and dukes families. Everything has to be done according to the law, no one dares to override it. But today, the palace has become the most ugly and promiscuous place. I saw with my own eyes the countless evil licentious acts my father, brothers and elders engaged in. For example they kept a few boys and wanted them to wear make-up, its truly disgusting. My imperial uncle likes to draw on the walls of the hall, embarrassing pictures of men and women coupling, and even invited lots of his officials to drink and make merry with the palace maids, and I hai! I really do not want to say further.

    Xiang Shaolong vaguely guessed that something incestuous may have been involved, and he did not want to think about it either. He nodded his head and said, Its better left unsaid, forget about it then.

    Lady Yas eyes reddened, and said piteously, Shaolong! Only you can help me forget the frightening past.

    Xiang Shaolong was ecstatic, and took the opportunity to say, But first you can no longer be with other men.

    Lady Ya was stunned, You know about it!

    Xiang Shaolong sighed secretly to himself, the whole city knows about it, how can I not know? He nodded his head.

    Lady Ya looked at his face for a long while, turned around and lightly pushed him away.

    Xiang Shaolong was perplexed and lowered his head to scrutinize her expression.

    Lady Yas alert and jet black eyes stared at him, her countenance turning icy and said flatly, Are you looking down on me in your heart?

    Xiang Shaolong felt a headache coming on, this woman is really unpredictable, but he knows at this time he cannot back down. He replied coldly, If you continue to live the lift of having countless face heads, I will really look down on you.

    Lady Ya is totally helpless when she sees his chauvinistic attitude, and she softened and called out, Shaolong! Hug me.

    Xiang Shaolong shook his head and said, If you do not promise me, I cannot obey you.

    Lady Ya was in a frenzy as she replied, But you cannot accompany me the whole day, and sometimes you will go out to war. Dont you know that loneliness can kill? And she sighed sadly, I have everything, and dont care for anything. Only obtaining different men, can give me the feeling of novelty and excitement for the time. All right! If you promise to stay by my side the whole day, I will chase all the other men away.

    Xiang Shaolong smiled, If theres no suffering from pining, how can there be joy from reunion. Going too far will not accomplish anything. You will only value something if you get it after much suffering. If Lady does not learn this rule for happiness, you can forget about being happy in your life, its no use even if I try to help you.

    Lady Ya thought for a moment, a look of admiration flashed past her pretty eyes and said quietly, Your thinking is very unique, very refreshing, making me think about things Ive never thought of before. Im exactly going too far and not accomplishing anything, thats why I dont have the feeling of happiness.

    She continued with a coquettish laugh, This is the first time I feel that its interesting to have a conversation with a man. Xiang Shaolong thought to himself, of course its interesting. Such a oft-talked about topic in the 21st century, of course itll be a breakthrough in thinking for people like you. Suddenly, he knows for sure that he will be able to snatch Lady Ya from Lian Jins hands as well, because Lian Jin lacks the knowledge of 2000 years.

    My god! That is such a long distance away!

    Lady Ya rolled her eyes at him and asked, Your smile is very hateful, are you laughing at me. And she changed back to a nave and lovable young girl.

    Is she a little girl who has never grown up or matured because she has always been pampered?

    Xiang Shaolong had an idea, and pointed at the moon and told her the story of the cowherd and weaving girl. He ended with a sigh, The meeting of the golden wind and jade dew, surpasses everything else on earth.*

    *Poem by Qin Guan from Song Dynasty Immortals on a magpie bridge

    Lady Ya was engrossed in the story, and looked up at the empty space beside the clear moon, imagining the magpie bridge there and sighed, Shaolong thought of these two sentences, the intonation is good, and the image brought up intoxicating.

    Xiang Shaolong forced himself to say, Of course I thought of it, have you heard anyone else saying it?

    Lady Ya laughed, You dont have to be so uptight. Tell me, why do you want me to listen to such a sad and helpless story?

    Xiang Shaolong came to her side and leaned into her, and said nonchalantly, I only want you to guess, when the cowherd and weaving girl meets once a year, what would they do.

    Lady Ya chuckled and said with a flirtatious smile, Of course theyll do what we were doing last night!

    Xiang Shaolong was aroused by her flirtatious moves and said a little roughly, Answer me quickly if you want Xiang Shaolong or other men like Lian Jin. You can only choose one, once you promise me I will carry you into the pavilion immediately.

    Lady Ya stared at him with concentration for a moment, and replied with a smile, If you can make another 2 poem verses, something as moving as the earlier verse, I will promise to become only your woman.

    Xiang Shaolong was secretly elated, and thought he will use the god of poem Li Bais famous words to excite her, and said offhandedly, Have you never seen them grieving in the mirror over their white hair, silky black at dawn, snowy white at dusk. These 2 verses, to a woman, is really a sore point.

    Lady Yas body shivered, and she lowered her head and recited it twice, limitless love flowing out from her bright eyes and she said gently, Xiang Shaolong! Youve won, carry me inside!

    The 2 of them had just entered the pavilion and was about to go into the bedroom when a pretty maid hurried up to report, Lady! Master Lian is here.

    Xiang Shaolong was shaken and put Lady Ya down, staring at her icily, naturally he meant to say that since Lian Jin is allowed to come into your residence at will, therefore he can go into your room anytime to look for you.

    Lady Ya first instructed the pretty maid, Go and stop him, tell him I dont wish to see him tonight.

    After the maid left, she looked at Xiang Shaolong in reproach, Didnt I make myself clear already?

    Before Xiang Shaolong could reply, Lian Jins voice can be heard from downstairs calling out, Since Lian Jin is already here, why wont Lady let me hear even a few words of your melodious voice?

    Xiang Shaolong was secretly complimenting Lian Jin for really having a way with women.

    Indeed Lady Yas expression showed she is at a loss, obviously Lian Jin has stirred some beautiful memories.

    Lian Jin added, The night is clear with the moon bright, the scenery is breathtaking. Wont Lady be lonely sleeping all alone?

    Lady Ya was shocked awake, she secretly stole a glace at Xiang Shaolong and saw his unhappy expression. She suddenly felt dislike for Lian Jin and said coquettishly, Now youve heard my voice, leave quickly!

    Xiang Shaolong saw that she did not make things clear with Lian Jin, and knew that she still harbor some feelings for him. He felt discontented and snorted unhappily.

    Lian Jin immediately called out furiously, Who is up there!

    The guards started shouting, followed by the sounds of weapons clashing and groans of pain. Suddenly footsteps were heard coming up the pavilion and Lian Jin walked up, with guards running after him.

    Lady Ya commanded the guards, Its nothing of your business here, go down.

    Lian Jin stared at Xiang Shaolong, his usual calm lost, his eyes seems to be shooting flames and he said each word slowly, Its you again, Xiang Shaolong.

    Lady Ya was about to reprimand Lian Jin when Xiang Shaolong led her towards the door and said, Lady please go into the room.

    Lady Ya has no intention of leaving these two rivals here alone, but she knows that if she does not listen to Xiang Shaolongs instructions, it would mean letting Lian Jin win. She will then forever lose this proud man, so she bit her lips and went into the room obediently.

    Lian Jin saw this beauty who has never really surrendered actually surrendering to Xiang Shaolongs lascivious power, he was so furious that he almost coughed out blood, and was unable to speak for a moment.

    Xiang Shaolongs ferocious eyes shot icily at him and said with a stern voice, Was it you who instigated Grand Young Master yesterday to touch my Yan woman?

    Lian Jin is an extremely deep person, and after his anger subsided, his calm returned. He smiled nonchalantly, Not only the Yan woman, even that Su Nu of yours, I was the one who informed Prince Shaoyuan to snatch her away.

    Xiang Shaolong looked heavenward and laughed sadly, and when he looked at Lian Jin again, he was expressionless. He said quietly, Fine! If I, Xiang Shaolong, allow you to live beyond the day after tomorrow, then I will change my surname to that of yours, scum!

    Naturally Lian Jin does not understand what scum is, but he knows its nothing good. He laughed and replied, This is exactly what I want to say to you. He then called out into the room, When Lian Jin comes again the night after, Lady will not reject my request to be your bedroom guest! He laughed loudly and went downstairs.

    Xiang Shaolong really felt like running after him immediately and have a duel to the death. But if he kills him, he may be executed for going against the imperial edict, so he had no choice but to swallow his displeasure.

    The person responsible for Su Nus horrendous death, now he knows clearly who is it!

    But he will not let that Prince Shaoyuan off as well.

    Is your anger appeased?

    Xiang Shaolong turned around and after looking at Lady Ya who was leaning against the door for a moment, he walked over and carried her up and into the room.

    Right now he feels no gentleness or sweetness at all.

    What he has now is a thunderstorm of hatred. He needs to appease the pain in his heart, and his candidate is Lady Ya.

    Lady Ya hugged him tightly and cried out, Shaolong youre so good! You took me up to heaven, no man has every treated me so wildly and strongly like you, its really exhilarating.

    Xiang Shaolong, whose anger is finally appeased, was dumbstruck. He treated her in such a beastly manner, yet she praised him from the bottom of her heart, it seems that she is really a little masochistic.

    Lady Ya asked, Why arent you talking? I will listen to you in future, all right?

    Xiang Shaolong smiled and said, Thats more like it.

    Lady Ya wriggled a little in protest, and after a while fell into a deep sleep.

    However, because Xiang Shaolong took a nap earlier, and he was feeling upset about causing the death of Su Nu, he spent the whole night with his eyes wide open, thinking. He was only able to fall asleep due to weariness just before dawn.

    By the time he woke up the sun was already high in the sky and secretly exclaimed to himself. If he lets himself go on like this, he wont have the energy to fight with Lian Jin tomorrow. He hurriedly got up and made up his mind not to touch women from now until his duel.

    He walked out to the hall.

    And was immediately stunned.

    The Lady Ya who was usually dressed in finery, has changed into a simple set of clothes worn by an average woman, with a thin layer of makeup on her face. Shes not even wearing her earrings, and exudes a different kind of intoxicating beauty.

    She was standing on the stairs, obviously just on her way up.

    When she saw Xiang Shaolong she smiled broadly at him and came up to hug him, saying Let common girl serve Master in your routine.

    Xiang Shaolong laughed and asked, Youd like to become a common girl very much?

    Lady Ya immediately nodded her head, I want you to accompany me today to go shopping and eating.

    Xiang Shaolong is now in a dilemma, he had promised Wu Tingfang last night to visit her, and Tao Fang will certainly have things to discuss with him. He also wants to find some time to accompany the lonely Shuer. Hai! If only he knows how to split himself up.

    He really felt like hardening his heart and reject Lady Ya.

    But he saw that shes all excited and her expression so looking forward to the day, he cant bring himself to say anything.

    After a short conversation, the two of them strolled out into the streets.

    Unknowingly, as they talked and laughed, they came to the huge mansion he passed by the other day while on his way to Lady Yas residence, which belonged to someone from another state.

    Xiang Shaolong took the opportunity to ask, Who lives in there, why is it so heavily guarded?

    Lady Ya replied, Most of them are the hostages sent to us as peace offering by the states that we defeated.

    Xiang Shaolong asked, Are there anyone who has any special background?

    Lady Ya replied, All of them are royalty, but the most important person would be Yi Zheng. Hes the only son of Zi Chu from the state of Qin. Hai! But its better not mentioning this person.

    Xiang Shaolong asked curiously, Do you know him?

    Lady Ya blushed, and replied a little unwillingly, Not only do I know him, but very well too!

    Xiang Shaolong furrowed his brow and asked, Dont tell me hes one of your chamber guests as well, isnt he just a child?

    According to the depiction in the movie, Emperor Qin was only 13 when he ascended the throne, so wont he be only 8 or 9 now. Lady Ya wont even let children off?

    Lady Ya replied, Where did you hear that from, hes at the most 2 to 3 years younger than you!

    Xiang Shaolong thought to himself, could it be that the history books have recorded it wrongly.

    Lady Ya grabbed his arm and shook it, saying, Just take it as my fault, will you please stop digging out my past affairs?

    Xiang Shaolong dared not continue his questions for fear of arousing her suspicions, secretly thinking that hell have more chances in future. Maybe he will be able to get to know this extraordinary famed man through her.

    He suggested, Why dont we return to the guesthouse first, see if theres anything important requiring me.

    As long as she can be with him, Lady Ya has no objections and happily replied, All right! Let me see how pretty is the Yan beauty you have hidden.

    Xiang Shaolong was startled, You know about Shuer as well?

    Lady Ya was so happy like a carefree little girl. She puffed up her chest and said smugly, Knowing oneself and the enemy, will win all battles, this is taught in the Art of Sun Zi. I also know that silly lass Wu Tingfang have fallen for you. Lian Jin has really lost badly to you in the battlefield of love.

    Xiang Shaolong felt numb and his heart chilled on hearing it. He knows that the Wu residence is filled with King Zhaos spies, because he does not trust the Wu family who has Qin blood flowing in them.

    This is no small matter, he must find a chance to tell Wu Yingyuan, or else he may face the possibility that the whole family will be executed.

    He was nervous as he walked with the beauty, strolling in the busy Handan streets, stepping on the ancient pathways.

    Is this a dream created by crazy Mas machine?

    Xiang Shaolong suddenly felt at a loss.

    But he knows that no matter how frightening is the future, he has already fallen deeply in love with this ancient era and the beauty next to him.

    *End of Book 1*

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    Book 2 Chap 1 – Marquis Zhao Mu

    Xiang Shaolong and Lady Ya who was dressed as a commoner walked towards the guesthouse, talking and laughing along the way happily.

    Lady Ya replied, “I’ve heard much about the guesthouses for warriors, but everyone advised me not to go, saying that the people in those places are complicated. The Wu guesthouse and Guo guesthouse are the most superior, warriors without some status are not even qualified to stay in there,”

    Xiang Shaolong’s interest was a little stirred and he said, “So the guesthouse I am staying in is so superior? I don’t even know that, I’m not even sure how many warriors are staying there and who they are.”

    Lady Ya asked, “Don’t tell me you don’t even know that Lian Jin is staying there!”

    Xiang Shaolong was stunned, “Really?” No wonder he brought Wu Tingwei there the other day.

    He went back in a fury last night, would he do something to Shu’er? Once he thought of that, he wished that he could sprout wings and fly back to the guesthouse.

    Lady Ya was about to speak when the expression on her face suddenly turned awkward.

    Xiang Shaolong followed the direction of her gaze and saw that among the passers-by at the opposite street, there’s a group of 10 odd warriors surrounding aggressive looking burly man with a scarred who stood tall and straight, wearing brocade robes. He had just turned his head around and was staring at them.

    Lady Ya lowered her head and told him quietly, “Go quickly!”

    She walked quickly forward with Shaolong running along behind her, full of questions.

    From the corner of his eyes, he saw 2 of the warriors leaving the group and dashing across the busy streets filled with traveling horse carriages. They ran after them and one of them called out loudly, “Lady please hold!”

    Lady Ya stopped and sighed helplessly. Xiang Shaolong can only stop together with her.

    The two went up to them and gave an unfriendly stare to Xiang Shaolong first before bowing respectfully towards Lady Ya and said, “The Marquis invites Lady Ya over for a meeting.”

    Xiang Shaolong thought that Lady Ya would certainly refuse, but instead she sighed and said, “Go back first, and tell Marquis I will go and see him after leaving some instructions.”

    The two of them looked at Xiang Shaolong rudely before walking back to the street opposite.

    Lady Ya looked at him in fright before lowering her head and said, “Shaolong! I’m sorry! I can’t accompany you today, can I look for you a little later?”

    Xiang Shaolong felt fury rising him for no reason and asked, “Who is that Marquis? Why is it that he can take you away from me with just one word?”

    Lady Ya pleaded, “Please don’t ask, I’m going!” and left.

    Xiang Shaolong looked as Lady Ya walked towards the scar faced burley man dressed in finery among the group. He put his arms around her tiny waist and hugged her, and Xiang Shaolong felt as if someone has given him a punch to his chest.

    He’s getting more and more confused about the relationships among these people. With Lady Ya’s status, why does she seem afraid of this Marquis, and allowed him to hug and embrace her in front of him, obviously making him lose face in the process.

    He stood there stunned for a moment, with difficulty breathing, feeling extremely humiliated but with nowhere to vent his frustration.

    It’s really bad to get involved with a s.lut, you’d never know how many other men she has. He didn’t even want to know anything about this Marquis, and don’t even want to see Lady Ya ever again.

    Sounds of hooves beat were heard.

    Xiang Shaolong was jolted from his thought and looking up, saw Li Shan and a few warriors rushing towards him in a frenzy, calling, “Brother Xiang! We just went to Lady Ya’s place to look for you and were told you just left with Lady Ya.”

    Xiang Shaolong had a bad feeling and asked, “What is the matter?”

    Li Shan cried out sadly, “Shu’er has been raped and killed!”

    These words sounds like lightning striking from heaven, and he retreated several steps in shock, knocking into a wall behind him, the blood totally gone from his face.

    He flipped the blanket open, Shu’er’s naked and wounded lifeless body laid coldly on the ground, the fresh blood flowing out from her eyes already coagulated into a dark black.

    The thing that killed her was the red road twined around her neck, and it had cut deep into the neck. Her lower body was in a mess.

    Shu’er is dead! Murdered in the most humiliating and cruel way.

    Xiang Shaolong felt his body turn icy, unable to accept this reality in front of him at all.

    Su Bu’s death happened away from him, he did not see with his own eyes. Besides, coming to this era 2000 years ago, everything seemed surreal, and even death seems like a joke. He may have been sad but he was not overwrought, so when he was busy with other matters, he could easily put aside the matter of Su Nu’s suicide, or even forget about it. But Shu’er is another matter altogether!

    His heart is bleeding!

    The voice of Tao Fang, who was standing next to him seems to be coming from some place far away, saying, “When Chunying went into the room this morning, Shu’er is already like this. Hai! I really don’t know what to say either, the murderer must be someone in this guesthouse.”

    Xiang Shaolong has no wish to ask anything at all.

    The only people who would dare to touch Shu’er would be Wu Tingwei and Lian Jin. He doesn’t believe that Wu Tingwei will have the guts, so the murderer must be Lian Jin He knows that there’s nothing he can do to him, at least he dare not touch him before the duel.

    So he will try to deal blows to him unscrupulously.

    And no one would speak up for a gift from Yan, including Tao Fang and Wu Yingyuan.

    He has never felt like killing a person so much.

    Tao Fang added, “Why don’t you move in and stay with me! My wife and daughters all want to meet you very much.”

    Xiang Shaolong calmly covered Shu’er totally with the blanket, shook his head and said, “No! I am going to sleep here, but from this moment on I won’t need anyone to serve me, and don’t let anyone come here. Let me help Shu’er prepare for her last rites! I want to be alone with my thoughts.”

    Tao Fang said worriedly, “Shaolong! Don’t torture yourself, tomorrow night is the crucial night where you will have your duel with Lian Jin, now the whole city is waiting to find out the outcome.”

    Xiang Shaolong became as calm and cold as ice and said calmly, “Don’t worry! No one places more importance to the appointment tomorrow night as much as I do.”

    After going through so many cruel setbacks, he finally kept his blithe behavior aside and turned back into the killing machine that his era has trained him to be, a cold warrior who will use any methods in order to complete a mission.

    Xiang Shaolong stayed in the room where Shu’er was murdered for the whole afternoon.

    He did not wail, nor did he weep.

    Only the weak will feel sadness.

    In this warring states period, in this period that most people will do anything, even evil, if it can benefit themselves, only the strong will survive. When he took a look at Shu’er’s body again, he deeply felt the cold heartlessness of reality, felt that this is a lawless society where the strong will rule.

    If he wants revenge, he’ll have to become the strongest.

    When Tao Fang and the rest left the courtyard, he picked up the wooden sword and concentrated hard on practicing his swordplay, studying the intricacies of the Mozi Swordplay.

    After his heart melded with his soul, he repeatedly practiced the most intricate 10 moves in the swordplay.

    Mozi Swordplay places more importance in defense rather than offense, but each defensive move also hides an opportunity to attack.

    If he can improve on the attacks, then the swordplay that only defends will be able to turn into something that can attack and defend at the same time. Once he thought of this, he felt an overwhelming joy. He waved the sword and for a moment the movements were unpredictable, powerful and unconstrained.

    He was getting into the swordplay and he jumped out into the hall, using the wider area to practice and at the same time incorporating his knowledge of anatomy and mechanics into the swordplay.

    The sword swished, one moment it’s unpredictable and formless, another moment it’s powerful and free.

    Every attack is an evolution from the defensive moves in the Mozi swordplay.

    He roared and struck continuously over a hundred times, none of the moves using any form of defense.

    He retracted his sword, moving the wooden sword to between his brows, staring straight at the sword.

    A petite person ran into the hall, crying out in alarm, “Shaolong!”

    Xiang Shaolong put his wooden sword down and Wu Tingfang has already thrown herself into his arms, crying piteously, “Shaolong, Shaolong!”

    On one hand Xiang Shaolong pointed the sword to the floor, and with the other hand held the beauty in his arms. Once again he thought of thought of Shu’er’s horrible death and felt as if all his innards are twisted together. He said sadly, “You know about Shu’er.”

    Wu Tingfang nodded her head, sobbing uncontrollably, feeling sad for him.

    He lifted her pear-shaped but tear stained face and looked at him through her tears, saying, “Master Tao came to look for Father, asking about Brother’s whereabouts. I was still upset with you then for not coming to look for me, but once I heard about Shu’er I ignored Father’s opposition and came here immediately. Shaolong! Brother has been locked up by Father since yesterday morning, he definitely is not involved in this.”

    Xiang Shaolong nodded his head, “Don’t worry! I already know who the murderer is.”

    Wu Tingfang lowered her head and asked quietly, “Are you suspecting Lian Jin. He… may be a proud person, but he is actually… hai! It can’t be him, right?” Xiang Shaolong sighed, “He is pursuing you, naturally he will pretend to be a gentleman in front of you. Tell me, who lured your brother to look for Shu’er?”

    Wu Tingfang was at a loss for words, but she still looks as if she cannot believe Lian Jin would so something so cruel.

    A dry cough sounded from outside the door and the two of them hurriedly separated.

    Tao Fang walked in and made an eye at Xiang Shaolong, indicating that he has something to tell him.

    Xiang Shaolong told Wu Tingfang, “Why don’t Miss go back first, I’ll come and see you immediately after I’ve settled some matters.”

    Wu Tingfang said impatiently, “No! At the most I will wait for you at a side.

    Tao Fang looked at her in surprise, he did not expect such a spoiled and pampered Miss would actually be so clingy and obedient towards Xiang Shaolong.

    Xiang Shaolong said helplessly, “All right then! You can sit here for a while, I’ll go with Master Tao to the garden and have our talk and ask him to do something for me!”

    Wu Tingfang saw that he did not allow her to listen to his conversation with Tao Fang and was initially unhappy, until she heard the last sentence, and she agreed happily.”

    The two of them went to the garden and Tao Fang’s expression was somber. He was quiet for a moment before saying, “Does Shaolong know who is the person who really wields power in Handan?”

    Xiang Shaolong asked in surprise, “Isn’t it his Majesty?”

    Tao Fang surveyed the quiet garden, and after making there there’s no one around besides the warriors near the entrance, he put his hand on his shoulder and said quietly, “On the surface it seems that he has the greatest power, but there is one person who can influence and control him. This person is the real ruler of Zhao.”

    Xiang Shaolong furrowed his brows, “Who can influence his Majesty?”

    Tao Fang smiled bitterly, “It’s his man?”

    Xiang Shaolong exclaimed hoarsely, “What?”

    Tao Fang sighed, “It’s a known fact that our Majesty likes men. According to the news from the Palace, every time our Majesty sees this person, he will change into female clothing, do you understand my meaning!”

    Xiang Shaolong asked in surprise, “Who is this person?” And secretly thought, no wonder Wu Yingyuan has no wish of marrying Wu Tingfang into the Palace, and the King of Zhao is willing to give up a great beauty like Wu Tingfang.

    Tao Fang lowered his voice, “It’s the Marquis of Julu, Zhao Mu. This person is the best strategist and swordsman in the state of Zhao. He also has a lot of highly skilled exponents under him, and he often has strange and mysterious guests from all over the world. He is the most powerful person after our ruler Zhao Sheng.”

    Xiang Shaolong remembered the Marquis who forcefully summoned Lady Ya, without a doubt he must be Zhao Mu. No wonder Lady Ya is so afraid of him, and asked, “Is Lady Ya his woman?”

    Tao Fang was stunned and asked, “How did you know?”

    Xiang Shaolong hurriedly told him what happened that morning.

    Tao Fang’s expression looked even worse and after asking more questions, he said, “To the Marquis of Ju Lu, Zhao Ya is only one of his interesting toys. He possesses countless beautiful women and men, and in the past he bet on the fact that once Prince Pingyuan passes away, he will have no more worries. Now, besides my Master, Guo Zhong and a few senior generals, the rest all paid him no heed. The rest of the royalty is angry with him but dare not speak out.”

    Xiang Shaolong felt this is all a headache, but at least he is now clearer on the power balance in the state of Zhao.

    Tao Fang added generously, “Before the battle of Chang Ping, our state may be isolated further away, our people and land are less comparatively, but our army is unparalleled in the world. We have well versed strategists like Lin Xiangru who kept thwarting the eveil plans of the Qins, military men like Zhao She, Lian Po, Li Mu and Prince Pingyuan Zhao Sheng is both well versed in literature and martial arts. With him as the premier, there’s nothing the Qins can do to us. But after King Hui and these generation of famous officials and generals passed away, our King Xiaocheng does not even use his head. Instead he listened to the words of Zhao Gua, the son of Zhao She, and resulting in the terrible battle at Changping, making us turn into a weak country from a strong one. What a pity.”

    Xiang Shaolong remembered that the person responsible for this battle of Changping, Zhao Gua, is the husband of Lady Ya, so he took the chance to ask, “Why did his Majesty use Zhao Gua to replace Lian Po?”

    Tao Fang shook his head and said sadly, “It’s all because he’s eloquent. This person is born good looking, and good at analyzing, adept in the art of military studies. When he debates, even his father Zhao She, who has defeated the huge Qin army with a lot less men cannot win him. But Zhao She thinks that he’s not good enough to be a general. That’s why when his Majesty wanted to appoint him as a general, even Madam Zhao She objected. It’s just that his Majesty was persuaded by his pretty words and grand plans and insisted on his decision.”

    Xiang Shaolong was baffled, “Why would Zhao She think so badly of his son?”

    Tao Fang sighed, “Because Zhao She can see that his precious son thinks too highly of his own intelligence and refuses to listen to others. He only knows how to theorize and is obstinate. No one can win him in a debate, but he cannot win anyone in a fight.”

    He continued with anger, “The battle of Changping, he was at a most advantageous position, and the previous commander Lian Po did the groundwork for him as well, cutting the resources of the Qin soldiers who are far from home and tiring them out. Who would have expected that once he arrived, he ordered the whole army to leave the city and rashly went into the enemy’s territory. In the end not only did the Qins counterattacked and forced them back into the city and cut off their line of supply. In slightly over a month their rations were used up and the city taken over. The Qins attacked and went on a murderous spree that is the most cruel in history. There’s no way his Majesty can defend himself on his decision, if he had not changed Lian Po with Zhao Gua, this would not have happened.” He then lowered his voice and continued, “Eldest Young Master Yingyuan is disillusioned with his Majesty because of this matter, does Shaolong understand now?”

    Xiang Shaolong knows that Tao Fang has received instructions from Wu Yingyuan, and totally trusts him now. He asked, “Why did Master Tao suddenly mention the Marquis of Ju Lu, Zhao Mu?”

    Tao Fang said seriously, “Because he came with Lian Jin last night to the guesthouse, and only left at dawn. And to use red ropes to kill beauties, happens to be one of his many hobbies, he has done it quite a few times.”

    Xiang Shaolong was startled, “What?”

    Tao Fang replied, “Don’t be agitated, and you must not act rashly, or else you will be killed. Although he usually does not bother about Zhao Ya’s affairs, but for the first time Zhao Ya kept you overnight for 2 nights, so his jealousy is certainly aroused. After the instigation and plan offered by that evil thief Lian Jin, who knows how to use others to do the killing best, this happened. That’s why Lian Jin has his support in the duel tomorrow, and will certainly try his best to kill you. But if you kill Lian Jin, he will maneuver his Majesty into punishing you. I’ve discussed this situation with Eldest Young Master, and decided to let you know the situation.”

    Once again Xiang Shaolong wishes that he has a heavy machine gun in his hands, a pity that he only has a wooden sword. There are some things that even the Master Wu cannot help, much less Wu Yingyuan or Tao Fang.

    Tao Fang advised him, “You better not leave the house so often for these few days. If you can defeat Lian Jin and gain the trust of his Majesty, Zhao Mu may change his attitude towards you. By then Eldest Young Master will have another grand plan, but everything can only be revealed after the duel.”

    The corners of Xiang Shaolong’s mouth revealed a slightly cruel smile and said, “I know what to do.”

    Tao Fang felt a shiver down his heart and reminded him, “When you see Zhao Mu, you must pretend that nothing happened. This person is narrow minded and if you offend him, he will certainly take revenge.”

    Xiang Shaolong smiled bitterly in his heart, what kind of a world is this.

    By the time he returned to the room, Wu Tingfang is already pouting from the wait.

    Xiang Shaolong is still pained over the death of Shu’er and has no mood to be intimate with her. After having a short heart-to-heart talk with her, he asked, “If there comes a day I have to leave the state of Zhao, woulf Fang’er be willing to let go of everything else and come far away with me?”

    Wu Tingfang was stunned, “But what about Father and Mother?”

    Xiang Shaolong replied, “Let’s not think about them first, I’m only asking for your thoughts.”

    Obviously Wu Tingfang is not used to having her own ideas, and replied after some hesitation, “Of course I will follow you, but Father and Mother must not be affected.”

    Xiang Shaolong replied understandingly, “Of course, I won’t care only about myself and not care about your parents and family.”

    Wu Tingfang shifted over happily and threw herself into his arms, pouted her cute little mouth and asked, “Shaolong! Will you kiss me?” It’s the first time she’s experienced this, naturally she’s not sick of it yet.

    There’s no way Xiang Shaolong could reject her, and besides this is not a painful task, so he hugged and kissed her.

    In a short while Wu Tingfang was writhing, her face burning, and proactively massaged his shoulder blades.

    Xiang Shaolong remembered that he has to preserve his strength and was secretly startled. He left her sweet mouth, and coercing and pacifying her, managed to force her to go home.

    Tao Fang and a large group of warriors are already waiting for her at the main door with horses, and when he saw Xiang Shaolong escorting her out, he heaved a sigh of relieve.

    After what happened to Shu’er and Su Nu, no one dared to be lax about any woman who is close to Xiang Shaolong. Although Wu Tingfang’s status is different from the other 2 women who died terribly, but no one can guarantee that the same thing will not happen to her. And no one will be able to take responsibility for that outcome.

    Before she got up the horse, Wu Tingfang held Xiang Shaolong and said, “I can only see you tomorrow night. Grandfather has promised to bring me into the Palace to see your duel, you must not lose!”

    She was about to get up the horse when Lian Jin walked out from the guesthouse and called loudly, “Grand Young Miss, please hold!”

    When enemies meet, they cannot see eye to eye with each other.

    But Xiang Shaolong already has a plan, and did not reveal any of his inner feelings at all. He even moved to the side to look at the reaction Wu Tingfang has towards this ex-boyfriend.

    Lian Jin did not even glance at Xiang Shaolong or Tao Fang, but just took large strides towards Wu Tingfang.

    Wu Tingfang stole a glance at Xiang Shaolong, and replied a little helplessly, “Brother Lian! I’m in a hurry to go home.”

    Lian Jin looked at her deeply, his face broke out into a smile that will charm any woman and said gently, “Then let brother here send you back!”

    Wu Tingfang was surprised and after stealing another look at the expressionless Xiang Shaolong, she shook her head, “There’s no need! Master Tao will send me back.”

    Lian Jin looked heavenward and laughed, sweeping an unhappy gaze and Xiang Shaolong, Tao Fang and the rest before sneering, “He can’t even protect his own woman, so how can they be good enough to protect Grand Young Miss.”

    The expressions on Tao Fang and the 10 odd warriors darkened at once, but Xiang Shaolong was calm as usual, not revealing the anger burning in his heart, but only watching with cold eyes.

    Tao Fang exclaimed furiously, “Lian Jin you better be careful with your words.”

    Wu Tingfang was never really that polite to Tao Fang in the past, but because of Xiang Shaolong, she likes whomever he trusts, and said, “How can you say that, go back quickly, I don’t need you to escort me.”

    Lian Jin looked at Xiang Shaolong from the side of his eyes and said with an icy smile towards Wu Tingfang, “Has Grand Young Miss forgot our everlasting oath to each other?”

    Wu Tingfang threw a glance at Xiang Shaolong in fear and stamped her feet, “Don’t talk nonsense, who made everlasting…”

    Lian Jin smiled and said, “We’ll argue after tomorrow night!” And he told Xiang Shaolong confidently, “Just wait and see! Now even Lady Ya will not be able to protect you.” And left after saying these words.

    Wu Tingfang has never been thus humiliated and she cried out, “I am going to tell Grandfather.”

    Lian Jin’s reply is a loud laughter, as if he can’t be bothered about Master Wu as well.

    Xiang Shaolong and Tao Fang exchanged a look, both feeling that something is not right.

    Will Zhao Mu really back him up, why else would he be so haughty?

    Xiang Shaolong has just returned to the room when someone reported to him that Lady Ya has sent a horse carriage for him.

    Xiang Shaolong remembered what happened this morning and fury rising up so he rejected her.

    After dinner, he studied the Mozi swordplay again, and felt that it is really profound and marvelous to be able to push the human body beyond borders.

    As he was engrossed in it, Lady Ya has arrived personally.

    Xiang Shaolong continued ignoring her, until she threw herself into his arms before he asked with furrowed brows, “Why do you still come here?”

    Lady Ya cried sadly, “Shaolong! I’m sorry.”

    Xiang Shaolong was about to speak when he felt as if his neck has been bitten by a poisonous mosquito and he looked at her in surprise, only to see her holding a fine needle in her slender fingers. The sharp end of the needle shone with a strange green tint, he felt his senses getting hazy and lost consciousness.

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    Book 2 Chap 2 The trap of lust

    When Lady Yas men were carrying him up the carriage, Xiang Shaolong woke up but his body still felt weak.

    Lady Ya sat in the carriage and let him put his head on her lap, gently caressing his hair, once in a while sighing, obviously unaware that he has regained consciousness.

    Xiang Shaolong did not find it strange at all. Because she does not know that he has undergone anti-body training for drugs before and was injected with many kinds of antibodies, and is able with withstand many times more than the average person various kinds of medication and poison.

    The poison from the needle could have been cultivated from plants. It can cause him to lose consciousness and strength temporarily but will not harm his body or cause long term damage. By now he feels that his body is slowly regaining its strength.

    Why would she want to deal with him?

    He felt a strange sensation on his face, it turns out to be Lady Yas tears dripping onto his face.

    The carriage moved, obviously no one dared to stop her carriage.

    Lady Ya sighed daintily and mumbled, Shaolong do not blame me, I am forced to do it. If I dont, well all end up in a bad state.

    Xiang Shaolong is not an idiot, so how can he not guess that this is the plot of the Marquis of Ju Lu, Zhao Mu. However he could not figure out why he would plan this, no matter how bold he is, he wouldnt dare to harm him so openly right? But why would he help an outsider like Lian Jin deal with him who should be one of his man?

    Lady Yas anxious breathing calmed, and she remained silent.

    Naturally Xiang Shaolong continued to pretend to be unconsciousness and took the opportunity to rest so that he can deal with the enems next step.

    The carriage suddenly stopped.

    Followed by the sound of the door opening.

    Lady Yas dainty body shook and she quietly exclaimed, Marquis!

    The Marquis came into the carriage, the door closed and the carriage continued on its way.

    Lady Yas breathing hastened again and she asked in shock, What are you going to do?

    A melodious and deep voice said, Nothing! Just testing his reaction.

    Xiang Shaolong was secretly sneering to himself, already know what the other party is planning to do and thought to himself that he knows how this is done as well. He concentrated and willed his body to relax.

    Indeed he felt a sharp pain on his thigh, and he was stabbed by the other partys sharp weapon.

    Lady Ya asked, Do you not trust me?

    Zhao Mu laughed, Its better to play safe, how would I know that you will not join forces with him to trick me.

    Lady Ya was thinking of protesting when her body suddenly leaned forward and her tiny mouth made gurgling noises, obviously the other party is now kissing her.

    Xiang Shaolong even felt the Marquis hand going over his prone body, roaming all over Lady Yas body. Listening to the sound of the clothes, Zhao Mus hands must have reached into Lady Yas clothing.

    Lady Ya moaned daintily.

    Zhao Mu laughed lecherously, You s.lut, getting more and more well endowed.

    Lady Ya panted, Havent you tortured me enough today? and she continued moaning again.

    Although Xiang Shaolong could not see, he can imagine all the awful things that is happening and felt a surge of jealousy. He forced himself to suppress that feeling and vowed never to harbor any more love for Lady Ya. Especially when this wanton is writhing so much, obviously unable to withstand the ministrations of the other party.

    The Lady Ya now is worthless in his mind.

    Zhao Mu let go of Lady Ya and smiled evilly, You want it again?

    Lady Ya leaned weakly on the back of the chair, her whole body heated and did not make a sound.

    Zhao Mu said with a chuckle, If I were to marry you, Zhao Ya will you give up this lad and follow me?

    Lady Ya sighed and said, Marquis dont make fun of me, the one you took a fancy to is Wu Tingfang, why would it be a hated and used person like me?

    Zhao Mu who is sitting opposite her reached his hand out to caresses her breast again and laughed, Its so bouncy, so how can it be used. Fine! I wont force you, as long as you listen to me and work for me, this lad will be yours tomorrow night.

    Xiang Shaolong finally understood, no wonder Zhao Mu hated him so much, its all because of this exquisite beauty Wu Tingfang.

    Lady Ya allowed herself to be molested and moaned, I really do not understand, even if Xiang Shaolong lose, Master Wu will definitely not give his precious granddaughter to you, so whats the use of you dealing with Xiang Shaolong?

    Zhao Mu replied smugly, I have my plans, you do not have to concern yourself. Hei! Tell me, between this lad and me, whose touch gives you the most pleasure? He increased the intensity of his touches.

    Lady Ya stammered, Of course its you who makes me feel better.

    Zhao Mus voice turned icy as he asked, Then why is it when I used this lad to do an exchange with you, you surrendered immediately?

    Lady Ya exclaimed quietly, Marquis your hands are hurting me.

    Zhao Mu asked furiously, Answer me first!

    Xiang Shaolong was so furious he almost wanted to draw his dagger and kill him, but of course he cannot do that, because he has a bigger goal, which is to kill Lian Jin.

    Lady Ya replied helplessly, Because you only have lust for me, but for him, besides lust, theres love as well.

    Zhao Mu released Lady Ya, and after a long moment he calmed down enough to say, After hes awake, Cuiniang will feed him one Lust pill. If you cannot handle it yourself, then ask Cuiniang to replace you, you must not force yourself. After that let him sleep deeply for 6 hours before waking him up.

    Lady Ya asked worriedly, Will it really be alright?

    Zhao Mu smiled icily, Look at how concerned you are over him, I really feel like killing this lad. Dont worry! Besides expanding a lot of energy because of the aphrodisiac, everything else will be the same. Its just that he will be destined to lose in that duel with Lian Jin. Remember, you have to accompany Lian Jin tomorrow night, and after that I will not bother in your affairs in future

    The carriage stopped.

    After Zhao Mu left the carriage, the horse started moving again.

    Xiang Shaolong was secretly exclaiming that its a close shave. This is indeed a devious plan, using women to cause him harm without leaving any trace, formidable indeed.

    Luckily he is Xiang Shaolong. If its anyone else, that person wont even know how he died, and may even blame himself for not being able to control his lust.

    Xiang Shaolong was carried into Lady Yas bedroom and after the servants left, only Lady Ya and that woman called Cuiniang whom the Marquis has ordered to supervise them were around.

    He was secretly cracking his brain, how can he hide from these 2 women? If the aphrodisiac melts on contact with the mouth, he wont have enough time to spit it out.

    Footsteps were heard moving away.

    Xiang Shaolong took the risk and peeped through his lids, and saw Lady Ya with a voluptuous and flirtatious looking woman standing a distance away, arguing about something.

    He had a flash of idea, and tore away a corner of his shirt and stuffed it into his mouth, sealing the food passage.

    The two ladies walked back again and Lady Ya exclaimed unhappily, Is the Marquis really that distrustful of me!

    Cuiniang replied obsequiously, Lady please forgive me, the Marquis ordered me to witness the whole process. Hes already giving Lady face, or else he loves to see such things the most. If it is not me but him watching the whole thing, Lady would be even more embarrassed.

    Lady Ya did not protest further, and quietly accepted this arrangement. He could hear the sound of the wax pill being opened, followed by a strange fragrance wafting into his nose.

    A pill about the size of a thumb was stuffed into his mouth, dropping right into the piece of torn cloth.

    Cuiniang said with a laugh, Done! This pill melts on contact with the tongue and will flow into the throat. No matter how chaste or strong willed that person is, he will not be able to fight it.

    The aphrodisiac may have been separated by a piece of cloth, but its swiftly melting.

    Cuiniang said as she walked away, Let me get some water to wake him up.

    Lady Ya ran after her and asked, What if he wakes up and found out that Ive given him aphrodisiac, wont he hate me then?

    Xiang Shaolong was afraid that the aphrodisiac will seep through the wet cloth into his throat and was just lamenting about it when he saw this chance to hurriedly spit out the cloth and hid it under the pillow.

    Cuiniang replied with a laugh, Dont worry! Hes under the influence of the drug and will be in a semiconscious state. The only thing he knows is that he must do his best, so Lady just enjoy yourself! I can see that hes as strong as an ox, maybe Lady will beg me to take over later!

    Lady Ya gave a cold snort, feeling offended.

    Cuiniang does not seem to be afraid of her and left with a coquettish smile.

    Lady Ya returned to his side, heaved a sigh, and loosened his clothes.

    After a moment Cuiniang returned and cleaned his face with cold water, and was baffled, This persons constitution must be really unique, his skin has not even turned red.

    Xiang Shaolong laughed secretly to himself, and with a roar, pretended that the drug has taken effect and hugged the two women, at the same time using the moves he learnt from military training, he used his thumb to press hard on the acupoint behind their necks. Before they have a chance to scream, they collapsed from the pressure of the thumb.

    They will only lose consciousness for a few minutes, but its enough for him to start his plan.

    He took out the damp cloth from under the pillow and after feeding them half of the melted, gluey aphrodisiac each, Xiang Shaolong sat calmly at the side.

    In a short moment their skin turned fresh red, they started twisting and moaning, and slowly regained consciousness.

    Xiang Shaolong was secretly exclaiming that the drug is formidable, and retreated to a corner to see what will happen. When the 2 women were in the throes of passion, they do not care if the other party is male or female. When they started tearing each others clothes, he put his mind at ease.

    So a little aphrodisiac is already so formidable, if he were to swallow the whole pill, he wont be able to take it even is his body is made from metal. Lady Ya and Cuiniangs actions were becoming more and more intolerable, the bedroom was filled with their moans and screams.

    Xiang Shaolong closed his eyes and meditated according to how Yuan Zong taught him, eliminating all thoughts from his mind, blocking out the sounds in the room. Without knowing how much time has passed, when the two ladies were finally quiet, he opened his eyes.

    The two women were lying in a messy heap on the rug, their chests heaving, and asleep from extreme fatigue.

    Xiang Shaolong smiled, burned the piece of cloth over the lamp before lying down between the two women and pulled the blanket over the three of them and went to sleep.

    That night he dreamt of a bleeding Shuer, crying piteously for him to avenge her. HE screamed and struggled to wake up from this nightmare, and its already noon.

    The 2 ladies were gone and only a pretty maid was waiting at the side. When she saw that hes awake, she immediately knelt down and paid her respects, saying, The Eldest Young Master Wu is waiting for Master Xiang at the main hall, is Master Xiang all right!

    Xiang Shaolong pretended to be trembling and dizzy and called out, Water! Get me some water!

    The pretty maid smiled, Master Xiang has over-exerted yourself last night, Lady was like you too.

    Xiang Shaolong was secretly laughing that the maid is just like the mistress, she doesnt seem to be of good character. He reached out and grabbed her tender bosom.

    The pretty maid left with a smile.

    Xiang Shaolong put on an act and pretended to be uneasy on his feet, staggering into the hall.

    Wu Yingyuan and Tao Fang was accompanied by the listless looking Lady Ya, and on seeing him, they both looked furious, thinking that he has let himself down so terribly.

    When Lady Ya saw him coming out, she looked guilt-stricken. She stood up and was about to speak when Xiang Shaolong fell over and fainted on the floor.

    This move spared the need for all talk.

    He decided to hide this from Wu Yingyuan and Tao Fang for the time being as well so that Zhao Mu and Lian Xin will really believe their plan worked and will fall into his trap instead.

    Wu Yingyuan and Tao Fang were angry and anxious, and hurriedly sent him back to the guesthouse.

    When they put him on the rug, Wu Yingyuan said seriously, Somethings wrong, I think Shaolong has been deviously tricked by Lady Ya. Master Tao, go and get Miracle Hand Huang here, see if he can recover his strength before the duel. After he spoke he heaved a long sigh, full of regret and anger.

    Xiang Shaolong snapped open his eyes and sat up.

    The both of them were startled, and stared at him dumbly.

    Xiang Shaolong smiled helplessly, If I were to keep on pretending to be unconscious, itll be more difficult than giving me a beating.

    The two of them were ecstatic and hurriedly asked him what was happening. After Xiang Shaolong told them the whole process, the two of them laughed so hard they were clutching their bellies.

    Wu Yingyuan hurriedly told Tao Fang to instruct the other warriors to guard the guesthouse and not allow anyone to come in.

    Tao Fang sat down after he returned and said, Shaolong is really formidable. The poison from the needle must have been cultivated from the sap of the fainting grass. Once injected into the bloodstream, even a horse will lose consciousness, but I didnt expect that youll have no fear of it.

    Wu Yingyuan replied, Heaven must be on our side, how does Shaolong intend to make use of this advantage?

    Xiang Shaolong replied, Ill just react according to circumstances! I will definitely shock that Zhao Mu and Lian Jin.

    Tao Fang said, Lady Ya sent someone over to ask about your situation earlier, Ive chased that person away. If she comes and see you personally, do you want to see her?

    Wu Yingyuan replied, Its better not to meet.

    Xiang Shaolong said, The aphrodisiac may be formidable, but hearing what Zhao Mu said, it seems that one will recover some of his strength after sleeping for a few hours, but will definitely not be able to handle an intense fight!

    Wu Yingyuan replied, That is the reason, or else if Lian Jin was to win without a fight, how can he show off in front of his Majesty and all the court officials.

    Xiang Shaolong agreed, I agree with Eldest Young Masters words. I should not see anyone at all, and let the enemy think that Im trying my best to regain my strength, then I wont have to put on so much of an act tonight.

    Tao Fang replied, But at least Shaolong must pretend to be tired. Before we leave I will put some gray powder on your face, then nothing will go wrong.

    Once they said this, the three of them cant help but chortle again.

    The Zhao Palace is in the middle of Handan city, surrounded by walls everywhere, the river moat deep and broad, its almost like a city within a city.

    The feast will be held in the Xiangrui Great Hall in the Palace.

    The King of Zhaos imperial seat was on the north facing the main door, on both sides there were each 40 tables placed, all facing the large empty plaza in the middle. There were 2 rows of tables front and back, each table can seat 10 people. Those seated in the front rows are naturally for royalty and the senior court officials, while the tables behind are for their families and warriors with special status.

    The nearer the tables are to the King of Zhao, the higher ranking the people. Master Wu and Guo Zhong, the two most wealthiest people, are seated on the third table on the left and third table on the right respectively. As such it can be seen how important these two people are in Zhao.

    After all the guests entered, they went to their own tables and sat down. They placed their heads close to each other as they spoke, not daring to make any loud noises. The atmosphere was tense and serious.

    When Master Wu walked in with the dazzling dressed Wu Tingfang and Wu Tingwei, they immediately captured the attention of everyone, firstly because of Wu Tingfangs outstanding beauty, but all the more because the two contestants in the duel tonight are both swordsman from the Wu Mansion.

    Guo Zhong, who was already seated, stood up and walked over. After saying a few polite words, he went nearer to his ear and whispered, I heard that last nithg Xiang Shaolong even went to Lady Yas place for fun. How can he accomplish anything great if he lets himself down thus, it seems that he will certainly lose tonight.

    This Guo Zhong was average sized, about 40 years old, his face fair and without a bear but his eyes were bright and smart. When he spoke he is full of expressions, and seems like a person with no ill intent. But all who knows him will know how good he is at hiding daggers behind his smiles.

    Master Ma, who is at least two sizes taller and larger than him was secretly furious, on one hand unhappy that Xiang Shaolong is so lax, on the other hand because Guo Zhong was insinuating that he is blind to place his bets on the wrong person to duel with the invincible Lian Jin. He can only smile condescendingly and said, You have a lot of men under you, why dont you find someone for a duel and let us have an eye-opener.

    As the two of them were debating, Zhao Mu, with a long sword scar starting from the lobe if his left ear and ending on the corner of his mouth, together with the beautiful yet tired looking Lady Ya arrived under the protection of a few warriors. All the court officials hurriedly paid their respects to him, which shoes how unique his status is.

    Zhao Mu stood straight, his shoulders broad, the scar on his face did not make him become ugly, instead it added to his male attraction. Although he is more than 30, he is very well maintained and handsome looking. His brows are exceptionally thing, the bridge of his nose hooked like an eagle, paired with his long and slim yet shiny eyes, he gives others the feeling that he is not to be trifled with.

    He saw Wu Tingfang who is next to Master Wu and his eyes shone immediately. He went forward and said, Miss Tingfang, its been a long time since we met.

    After Wu Tingfang paid her respects, she said coldly, Marquis, how do you do!

    Master Wu and Guo Zhong dared not be rude, so they turned around and greeted him as well.

    Right at this time there was a commotion near the door, it turns out to be Wu Hei who has come in with the proud and handsome looking Lian Jin who is dressed in warriors attire.

    Lian Jin looked energetic and smug, greeting everyone with a smile, and at the same time flirting with the beauties with his eyes.

    By now almost all the guests have arrived. The women tied their hair up in the palace fashion and were formally dressed for the feast, either wearing jewelry that was embroidered on their clothes, swaying along or they were wearing long robes reaching the knees, revealing the underskirt, with a coat hanging on them. When their hands extend from the broad sleeves, matching gold bangles coiled around the arms, with jade rings on their slender fingers and pearls on their ears. The jade belt around their waist hung fragrance pouches, and for a moment the fragrance and the dazzling display is enough to make one dizzy.

    The men were wearing crowns on their head, long robes, the back of their robes sewn to look like a swallows tail, and looked like an opposing complement to the ladies.

    Wu Tingfang has heard about how Lady Ya forcefully invited Xiang Shaolong to her residence, and saw that everyones attention was on Lian Jin. She moved over to Lady Yas side and whispered angrily into her ear, Why did you harm Shaolong. If anything happens to him, I will not let you off.

    Lady Ya was stunned for a moment, and when she was speechless, Lian Jin had walked over with large strides. She thought of how she has to accompany him tonight, and for a moment felt shame and anger, and lowered her head.

    Wu Hei (Hei = black), who is next to Lian Jin, really lives up to his name. His face and eyes were dark, his body short and stout with a square face and large ears, but his eyes were long and narrow. Ha made Lian Jin who is at least a head taller than him looks dashing in comparison.

    Lian Jin first paid his respects to Zhao Mu, Master Wu and Guo Zhong but when his gaze shifted over to Wu Tingfang and Lady Ya, a strange, complicated expression flashed past his eyes.

    By then another few senior court officials joined their circle, and the atmosphere became more celebratory.

    Lian Jin was thinking of slipping over and flirting with the 2 ladies when Zhao Mu suddenly said, If Boss Wu agrees, I would like to invite Lian Jin to be seated at my table.

    Everyone was stunned. By saying that, Zhao Mu is opening asking for Lian Jin from Master Wu, to place Lian Jin under his banner.

    Lian Jin did not expect him to do this and was extremely surprised. The expression of Wu Heis face changed. If Lian Jin were to agree, then he can forget about staying on in the Wu family.

    Master Wu was secretly furious, but he smiled on the surface and said, If Lian Jin wants to, why would I not agree. Obviously hes making Lian Jin decide.

    Lian Jin was secretly cursing Zhao Mu. It must be known that people in this era places much importance on loyalty between master and servant. A mercenary must be loyal to his master, never to waver in his whole life. Now that Zhao Mu has forced him to make a decision, if he agrees, others will certainly ostracize him. In the end the only way he can survive is if he works only for Zhao Mu.

    But he is now placed in a difficult position, so he gritted his teeth and replied, I thank Marquis for your compliment, how dare I refuse.

    Everyone was quiet, and looked at Master Wu.

    After all Master Wu has been through a lot of experiences, and he laughed loudly, Lian Jin you must try your best to fight for his Marquiss glory tonight, you can only win and not lose! The underlying meaning is that if he loses, he can forget about staying on in Handan.

    Lian Jin and Zhao Mu exchanged looks and laughed at the same time.

    Master Wu and Guo Zhong are all wily old foxes, and once they heard the smugness hidden in the laughter, they knew that something must be going on, and both looked towards Lady Ya who still had her head bowed at the same time.

    Naturally Lady Ya knows why the two of them were laughing so happily, and suddenly felt an overwhelming regret. She thought of how Xiang Shaolong will be humiliated in front of others later, and quickly walked towards the 2nd table on the left to hide herself.


    The bell sounded, reminding everyone to be seated.

    Master Wu was even more unhappy with Xiang Shaolong, and was secretly cursing Tao Fang and Wu Yingyuan, blaming them for being late.

    Close to a thousand royalty, officials and families hurriedly went to their seats, the 80 tables on both sides filled to the brim, preparing for the grandest palace feast after the feast they had when the Yan soldiers were defeated.

    Everyone were just seated, and before the arrival of the King of Zhao, Xiang Shaolong arrived calmly into the hall with the wooden sword hung on his waist, accompanied by Tao Fang and Wu Yingyuan.

    Everyone there had more or less heard about how he was carried out of Lady Yas residence this morning, and when they saw him arriving, they began sizing him up.

    Besides looking a little ashen, Xiang Shaolong looks quite normal. His beautiful physique and his height, which is a little taller than Lian Jin, really makes him the dream hero of all girls.

    Zhao Mu and Lian Jin, who was next to him, exchanged looks, secretly laughing that the Xiang Shaolong now only looks good on the outside, but is totally useless.

    Lady Ya cant help but steal a look at him, her heart quietly crying tears of regret. She has caused him such harm, the whole city already knows about it, so how can he not know? Will he forgive her? And she cant help but hate herself for caving in under Zhao Mus lustful force, but its too late for regrets now. If Lian Jin goes back on his word and harms him, she can only kill herself to repay him.

    Master Wu saw that his steps were still steady and was relieved. He chuckled, Shaolong, come over!

    Xiang Shaolong hurriedly walked towards him.

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    Book 2 Chap 3 The duel in the Palace

    Xiang Shaolong sat down next to Wu Tingfang and she hurriedly leaned over and asked with concern, Shaolong are you all right! I am so worried, and last night you were even at that s.luts place. And she pinched him hard on his thigh under the table.

    Xiang Shaolong looked at the delicacies filling the table, reached his hand out and caressed her thigh and laughed quietly, Dont worry! Just trust your future husband!

    Wu Tingfangs body went soft under his touch, and on one hand wanted him to be even bolder but on the other hand afraid that she may not be able to take it and let others see through her. She was so frightened that she hurriedly sat properly, and luckily Xiang Shaolongs 5 fingered army finally retreated.

    A tall and thin gentleman with a pale face seated at the 2nd table in front turned his head around and stared at Xiang Shaolong who was seated on the 3rd table at the back row, his glance filled with the intent to create trouble.

    Tao Fang who was next to Xiang Shaolong told him, That would be the Prince of Shaoyuan, Zhao De.

    Xiang Shaolong looked back at him coldly, his eyes shooting out rays of ice. That Zhao De did not back down but stared back at him, and the warriors seated at the surrounding tables also turned back and stared at him angrily. The air was charged with explosives.


    The bell rung again.

    The sounds of bamboo instruments are heard, a group of musicians blew on their instruments as they walked in and stood at the two sides, continuing with the music.

    Only now did Prince Shaoyuan took back his stare and looked at the main door.

    With the accompaniment of his concubines, King Xiaocheng of Zhao, aged around 30, walked into the hall, with over 100 followers walking behind him. Half of them went to stand around the tables, the other half following the King of Zhao towards the main seating area set aside for him.

    The King of Zhao has a pale face tinged red from alcohol, his features quite handsome, his eyes bright and forehead broad, quite good looking overall. However hes just a little thin, his lips are not thick enough, and looks like a young greenhorn.

    On his head he wore a headgear with a board, rounded in front and squared behind, with 10 strands of pearls stringed with red and green threads hanging from the end of the board, signifying his status as King.

    His dragon robe was sewn with diagrams of the sun, moon, stars, dragons etc, looking extremely grand.

    He walked alone to the main table, his concubines sat at the 3 tables behind him while the guards stood protectively at the 2 sides and the back. He really exuded the aura of the King of the state.

    Everyone knelt on the floor, waiting for him to be seated.

    After the King of Zhao sat down, he said gently, Please rise and take a seat.

    After everyone called out greetings, they returned to their seats.

    Naturally there are palace maids who will pour the wine for the guests.

    The King of Zhao raised his cup and said, King Xi of Yan thinks too highly of himself, and sent Li Fu and Qing Qin to attack us but were badly defeated by us. Now General Lian Po has brought troops to surround Yan under my orders. I think King Xi of Yan can forget about a good nights sleep. Lets drink a toast to us defeating Yan!

    Everyone cheered and the atmosphere was celebratory.

    The King of Zhao suddenly stood up, and the rest were so startled they hurriedly stood up as well. He laughed, The success of defeating Yan this time is due to the hard work of all my beloved officials. If Master Wu did not provide the warhorses and food supplies, Master Guo did not supply weapons and ships. Im afraid we would not have succeeded. Let us all drink a toast to both of them.

    Everyone took another drink heartily.

    Master Wu and Guo Zhong were both overwhelmed and ecstatic.

    Xiang Shaolong who did not have a initial good impression of him, had a change of heart and secretly thought that a person who can become the ruler, his bearing is indeed different from others.

    After the King of Zhao invited everyone to be seated and enjoy the dishes, his hands clapped, emitting a crisp sound.

    The musicians who had retreated to both sides of the main door immediately started playing again.

    A group of nearly 200 beauties with their hair combed like a swallows tail, wearing light veils made from translucent material danced into the hall like flying birds. The semi hidden bosoms and silken legs made various marvelous poses, capturing ones attention.

    Everyone clapped and cheered, the applause was deafening.

    Xiang Shaolong watched as the dancers sang and danced daintily, and cant help but think about Ting Fangshi, who was given away, and think about if he defeats Lian Jin, he will be able to get her back, and cant help but feel a gush of bravery.

    Wu Tingfang whispered proudly in his ear, Fangers song and dance is a lot better than theirs. I will let you have a good look when theres a chance.

    Xiang Shaolong replied, But you must not wear any item of clothing.

    Wu Tingfang rolled her eyes at him, and gave him a sweet smile.

    Zhao Mu and Lian Jin, who were keeping an eye on Wu Tingfang, was fuming at the scene, and were consoling themselves that Xiang Shaolong will be in trouble later.

    The dancers retreated, leaving behind only their fragrance.

    Everyones gaze shifted to the King of Zhao, holding their breath and waiting for him to speak.

    The hall was huge, but its so quiet you can hear a pin drop.

    The King of Zhao sat alone at his dragon throne, overlooking his subjects. He laughed long and loud and said, The State of Zhao started with a military background, and we have a lot of famous generals, Zhao Shuai, Zhao Dun, Zhao Wu were our distinguished forefathers, their military exploits unparalleled at their time. After they established the country, those without military contributions cannot be appointed officials. If not for their advocating of military strength, our country would have been long gone.

    Everyone voiced their agreement.

    The King of Zhao looked at them with pride, and his gaze settled on Lian Jin, and said happily, I did not expect that such a tiny state of Wei, would actually produce an invincible swordsman.

    Lian Jin hurriedly went to his table, knelt down and bowed his head, There is only Great Zhao in my heart now. As long as your Majesty gives a command, I am willing to lay down my life without a word.

    Master Wu secretly gave a cold snort, obviously he despised him because he defected to Zhao Mus side.

    Maybe the King of Zhao has been influenced by Zhao Mu, his attitude towards him changed greatly and he said joyfully, We must use the talented, as long as youre loyal to me, I will certainly treat you well.

    Lian Jin as ecstatic and hurriedly voiced out his promise.

    The King of Zhao raised his voice to ask, Where is Xiang Shaolong?

    Xiang Shaolong gave a slight smile and answered as he walked out and knelt opposite Lian Jin. He greeted loudly, Xiang Shaolong pays respect to my King.

    The King of Zhaos eyes brightened, and said, You single handedly defeated 800 horse thieves with your wits, and youre loyal and brave. For your comrades sake, you risked your life to stay behind and fight the enemy. This act has brought up the fame of Great Zhao, I am very impressed with you.

    Xiang Shaolong hurriedly voiced his gratitude and modesty, but in his heart he was secretly laughing that the story is getting more and more exaggerated.

    The King of Zhao smiled with satisfaction, The two of you are the dragons among men. I want you to come into the Palace for a duel, because I want you to become our countrys role model, and spread the spirit of martial arts so that they will have the ability to kill our enemies to repay the country.

    The two of them agreed unanimously.

    The King of Zhao laughed loudly and said, I, as well as my officials, are all impatient to watch your display of legendary swordplay. But you must remember that this is just an exchange of pointers, you must not endanger each other. I will appoint the winner as imperial swordsman immediately, and he will be able to lead an army into battle.

    Zhao Mu raised his voice, Your Majesty, I have a suggestion.

    The King of Zhao replied in surprise, Marquis Ju Lu, please speak.

    Zhao Mu stood up and said respectfully, If your Majesty decrees that they cannot endanger each other in this duel, they will certainly not dare to go against your orders and will control themselves in the duel. That way, itll be difficult for them to fully show off their sword skill, would your Majesty please reconsider.

    On hearing this, Lady Yas body trembled. She stood up and fluttered, Knives and swords are emotionless, if a life is lost, wont it turn a joyous affair into a sad one.

    The King of Zhao looked at Lady Ya in bafflement and said, Imperial Sister, Official Zhao please take a seat, I know what to do.

    Zhao Mu stared coldly at her before returning to his seat. He was feeling secretly overjoyed, because Zhao Yas reaction tells him that Xiang Shaolong was really drugged, and she is clearer about that more than anyone else.

    By now everyone in the hall knows that there is something wrong with Xiang Shaolong.

    The King of Zhao looked at Master Wu and asked nonchalantly, Does Master Wu have any thoughts about this?

    Master Wu secretly thought to himself, if Xiang Shaolong lost because of women, he can only blame himself and hell be better off dead. But if he can kill Lian Jin, hell be able to help appease this anger he felt, and he nodded in agreement, Shaolong once told me, he only knows how to kill, and is not well versed in performing swordplay at all. So if you want to see his real skills, we should not limit him at all.

    By saying that, hes obviously means that this is going to be a duel to the death.

    Lady Yas body trembled, and finally wept over her own stupidity. Xiang Shaolong saw this, and his despise for her lessened a little.

    Everyone in the hall became excited and were talking amongst themselves eagerly.


    It was the sound of the cup shattering, and the atmosphere was immediately serious.

    After the King of Zhao threw the cup onto the ground, he said coldly, To kill the enemy, is to use your life as a stake. The way of battles, is the way of life and death. Fine! I will not impose any restrictions, the winner will be my imperial swordsman.

    Xiang Shaolong and Lian Jin who were in front of the dragon throne agreed at the same time.

    The King of Zhao cried out, The duel begins.

    The hall was deathly quiet, silently waiting for a good show to start.

    Lady Ya fell into the arms of her sister Lady An, who was next to her, unable to witness the horrific scene where Xiang Shaolong will be killed.

    Wu Tingfangs face turned pale and she leaned towards her father and asked, He wont lose, right!


    Lian Jin pulled out his famed Golden Ray Sword and stood steadily in the middle of the hall and took a bow, a smile seemingly on his face.

    Xiang Shaolong stood up, took off his robe with one hand and threw it aside, revealing the warriors clothes specially designed for him by Shuer and the 4 maids. The clothes made him look even more broad and heroic.

    Everyone felt that Lian Jin was good looking and heroic, but on comparison, Xiang Shaolong had a little more upright and valiant air about him, making the men sigh in compliment and the women lose their hearts.

    When Xiang Shaolong drew his wooden sword, everyone gasped in surprise.

    He stood next to Lian Jin and bowed with the sword.

    The King of Zhao asked surprisingly, Shaolong is using the wooden sword to duel, arent you afraid of being at a disadvantage?

    Xiang Shaolong smiled a little and replied suavely, Your Majesty, do not worry. This wooden sword is made specially for me, its not afraid of any swords or sharp weapons.

    Lian Jin was secretly sniggering to himself, lets see how capable this empty shell can be now.

    Lady Ya cant help but raise her head and took a peep at him. Looking at him standing so heroically, she felt even more guilty and collapsed into Lady Ans arms again, unable to bear taking another look.

    If one must find someone who is in most pain there, she must be the one.

    Before Xiang Shaolong, Zhao Mu is the one who controls her heart, and ever since Zhao Gua died in the battle of Changping, Zhao Mu took the opportunity and conquered her.

    Initially Zhao Mu was very taken with her mesmerizing body, but in less than a year his attention was taken by pretty men and women from other countries. These few years he treated her hot and cold, so due to loneliness and revenge, she began a wanton life hunting for men. Only when she met Xiang Shaolong, did she manage to slowly replace Zhao Mu.

    This time she was tried by Zhao Mu to deal with Xiang Shaolong, on one hand because shes afraid of his control, afraid that he will harm Xiang Shaolong and spoil their good times together. But more importantly, subconsciously she is used to obeying his orders, which resulted in her silly decision and causing her much hate and regret.

    After Zhao Mu snatched her from Xiang Shaolongs hand yesterday morning, he used all his ways, drugs and skilled ministrations, combined with threats and benefits. After having fun with her for more than half a day, he finally succeeded in getting her to proceed with his devious plan.

    The deal is he will not hurt Xiang Shaolong, and after the duel he will help her and Xiang Shaolong get together and will never harass her again.

    Now of course she has realized that Zhao Mu had lied to her.

    Right at this nerve breaking point, Zhao Mu laughed and said, Since ancient times heroes have been matched with beauties. To increase the excitement, and to make everyone in our country understand your Majestys ideals in developing martial arts, I have another suggestion.

    The King of Zhao really treats this lover of his differently, and said, Marquis Ju Lus suggestions have always been very good, say it quickly!

    Zhao Mus sharp eyes swept past the whole hall and said slowly, I suggest that the winner of the duel today, will be able to choose any one of the beauties in this hall as his wife. In this way he gets both beauty and official appointment, wont it be the best thing in the world. I ask that your Majesty approve.

    Everyone made a ruckus.

    Xiang Shaolong cant help but secretly praise Zhao Mu for his plans. He could see through his devious plot. Obviously, if Lian Jin defeats him, he will be able to take Wu Tingfang for himself, and by then he can offer her to Zhao Mu. Zhao Mu would then get what he wants.

    Master Wus expression immediately changed. He can tell what the others nefarious plan is, but is in a difficult position to voice opposition. Because that would imply that the winner will certainly choose his granddaughter, and indirectly mean that Wu Tingfang is the prettiest among all, the other beauties are all not qualified.

    The King of Zhao was a little stunned on hearing this, and thought of Wu Tingfang. He secretly felt that if he did not convey this order, it would tell everyone here that he is afraid of Master Wu. He was silent for a moment before raising his head heavenward and laughed, The sword will win the beauty. This way, the palace duel tonight will be the talk for centuries to come. I will follow Marquis Ju Lus suggestion, the winner will be able to choose from here any lady without a betrothal to become his wife.

    Once he has spoken, this became a set deal.

    Everyones attention returned to Xiang Shaolong and Lian Jin.

    Lian Jin could not conceal the look of happiness on his face. He and Zhao Mu made a secret agreement that Zhao Mu will have Wu Tingfang for the first 3 days, and in future this beauty will belong to him. It may not be perfect, but its a lot better than not being able to have her at all.

    Xiang Shaolong on the other hand is so calm that it borders on emotionless, having entered into the realm of calmness of the Mozi swordplay.


    The duel began.

    Lian Jin turned towards Xiang Shaolong and struck a pose, both his feet steady on the ground, as if hes atop a horse, his upper body leaning a little back. Under the firelight, his dazzling Golden Ray Sword pointing at Xiang Shaolong, who is 20 steps away from him. He held the pommel of the sword tightly in front of his chest, making one feel his immense strength waiting to be unleashed.

    Xiang Shaolongs eyes were lowered to the ground, his wooden sword touching the ground, like an old monk meditating. He was facing the King of Zhao, with Lian Jin at his side.

    Although the two of them have not started the fight, but everyone can strongly feel the opposing calmness and movement, the atmosphere so tense that it makes breathing difficult.

    Lian Jin has no idea that this calmness is the essence of the Mozi swordplay and thought that his opponent is afraid because he is weak. He laughed loudly, Is Brother Xiang frightened!

    Lady Ya sat up straight and looked at the plaza, a dagger hidden in her sleeves. She cried out in her heart, Xiang Lang, do not be afraid, Zhao Ya will accompany you.

    Once the crowd heard Lian Jin say that, they all felt that Shaolong was afraid and talked amongst themselves busily. The King of Zhao and Master Wu looked unhappy while Zhao Mu laughed icily.

    This does not mean that their eyes are not bright enough. Its just that the essence of Mozi swordplay which places more emphasis on defense rather than attack, is really vastly different from the other schools of swordplay and ideals during that era. When 2 enemies face each other, who would not use all their might to attack, hoping to strike a fatal move.

    The corners of Xiang Shaolongs mouth curved up into a slight smile and he said nonchalantly, Top grade martial arts, is not something that Brother Lian can understand, strike now! Dont let others misunderstand that Brother Lian is only someone who can talk.

    Lian Jin was so furious that his eyes shot out a murderous, icy stare. He straightened his back, using the strength to propel his hand forward, the golden ray from the sword shot forward, aiming at his opponents shoulder, his aim accurate and vicious.

    Zhao Mu and Prince Shaoyuans tables erupted in thunderous cheers.

    Xiang Shaolong was calm, not at all affected by the cheers of his opponents supporters.

    He knows that once he strikes, itll be difficult for him to pretend to be tired and weak, then hell certainly be defeated by Lian Jin whose sword skills is as good as his. But he can lure Lian Jin in using strategies.

    Lian Jin will take advantage of the fact that hes weak, so he will certainly use all his might to attack once he moves. Besides, Lian Jin has deep hatred for him, and wants to further weaken him, so he will surely not give any leeway in his attack. He will use all his strength in all his moves, and in that way, he will fall into his trap.

    Comparing their stamina, how can Lian Jin be better than him who has gone through the strictest stamina training.

    So when Lian Jin thinks that he is exhausting his energy, the truth is contrary, it is Lian Jin himself who will be exhausting his own energy.

    Besides, his advantage is that his wooden sword is 3 to 4 times heavier, so if Lian Jin wants to fight head on, hell be at a disadvantage.

    The swords ray has reached him, aiming towards his left rib.

    Without a word, Xiang Shaolong took a diagonal step back towards the right, the heavy wooden sword left the ground and came up diagonally, and struck right at the tip of the Golden Ray sword, which is exactly the weakest point of his opponents sword.

    The Golden Ray sword could not withstand this and was immediately bounced away.

    This time it is the rest of the people who cheered, the loudest of course being those from the Wu family. Wu Ting Fangs palms were almost swollen from the clapping.

    Even Lian Jin did not expect his opponents swordplay would be better than when they fought the last time, and was afraid hell take the opportunity to press on an attack. He lifted his sword back into the defend position, and was about to strike again when his opponent turned to face him, his heavy wooden sword retracted a little, as if hes getting ready to attack. He was so shocked that he took a step back.

    Right at this time, the sword Xiang Shaolong was holding lightly trembled, and dropped a little, revealing a superficial loophole.

    Lian Jin was ecstatic, thinking to himself that this lad is already showing fatigue at the second strike, so he hesitated no further. With a swoosh, he lifted his sword for a direct slash, as if he wanted to slash his opponents wooden sword. When his shoulder is almost parallel, his body dashed forward, his wrist flicked and the slash changed into a stab, aiming right at his opponents face. At the same time he gave a flying kick towards his opponents wooden sword, the moves aimed at killing his enemy with one stroke.

    His movements were fluid like a swimming dragon, forming a coherent whole with a murderous intent. Everyone was dumbfounded and started getting worried for Xiang Shaolong.

    Lady Ya secretly exclaimed to herself forget it, and while those people next to her were concentrating fully on the duel, she pressed the dagger against her belly.

    Xiang Shaolong looked icily at the Golden Ray sword that was coming to him like a poisonous dragon and moved swiftly to the side. With a backhand move of his wooden sword, it hit square and hard on the Golden Ray sword.

    Clang and the Goldne Ray sword was propelled away again.

    The crowd was intoxicated and cheered loudly.

    Although Lian Jins wrist was numb from the impact, but because Xiang Shaolong used only 50% of his strength, Lian Jin thought that he is just using his remaining strength, coupled with the excellent swordplay and the heavy weight of the wooden sword to block his Golden Ray sword. He laughed loud and long, and struck 10 times, each attack aimed to force the opponent into fighting head on with him.

    Xiang Shaolong was secretly laughing, his opponent is giving up the intricacies of the swordplay, and his using his disadvantage to attack to his advantage. Therefore he retreated as he fought, with no loopholes in his defense at all. Either slashing or stabbing, hed always managed to neutralize Lian Jins vigorous attacks at the last moment.

    On the surface, Lian Jin has gained the upper hand, forcing Xiang Shaolong to keep on retreating without a chance to retaliate at all. But only Lian Jin will know the difficulty, although his opponent seems to be in a dangerous position, but he can never seem to fully break past his last defense.

    Why is it that after last nights depletion of his energy, he is still so formidable.

    The crowd has never seen such startling swordplay and were cheering madly.

    The King of Zhao was excited as well and kept on clapping and cheering.

    Zhao Mu had thought that Lian Jin could have a swift victory, and now he was furrowing his brows. He took a glance at Lady Ya and saw her piteous look, which put his mind at ease a little.

    Prince Shaoyuan shouted the most fiercely, he wished that Lian Jin would cut off Xiang Shaolongs head with one slash.

    Xiang Shaolong took another 3 steps back and laughed loudly before standing steady. The heavy wooden sword slashed across with all his might, but just before it hit against the Golden Ray sword, the stance changed twice, forcing the now tired Lian Jin to change his moves twice before he can block the heavy wooden sword.

    Dang! The sound this time actually sounded like the crisp clanging of 2 metal swords hitting against one another.

    Lian Jin was stunned and realized that his opponents strength has increased by at least half and although he did not want to, he cant help but take 2 steps back, changing his attack into defense. His relentless attacks finally came to an end.

    Xiang Shaolong stared at him, electricity shooting out from his eyes, and he seems to be a totally changed person. He straightened his back, revealing a heroic air and said icily, Youve been tricked!

    He took half a step forward, roared and raised his sword to slash at his opponents face. The wind carried his roar, piercing to the ears, and even more astonishing, this slash seems to carry with it the fatality of a thousand soldiers and horses charging into the battlefield.

    The endless cheers and roars came to an abrupt stop.

    This change is too unexpected.

    Many stood up unconsciously, and Zhao Mu is one of them.

    Lady Ya stood up with a surprised Ah, the dagger in her hand dropped to the ground, a look of happiness as she gazed at her godly and heroic lover.

    When Lian Jin heard his opponent said Youve been tricked, he was so frightened his senses took leave of him. But he is after all a skilled pugilist, and used all his capability and strength to forcefully meet with this unavoidable attack.

    Lian Jins stamina was not as good as Xiang Shaolongs in the first place, and coupled with the fact that hes fought for a long time and losing strength. His opponents wooden sword was almost a hundred catties, so Xiang Shaolongs attack forced him to retreat 3 steps back.

    A thunderous applause erupted from the crowd at this time.

    There was no expression in Xiang Shaolongs eyes at all, he was as calm as still water. The heavy wooden sword on his shoulder, he walked towards Lian Jin step by step. The pak pak sound made by his footsteps, became the symphony of death.

    His formidable imposing manner pressed further, not allowing Lian Jin any time to catch his breath at all.

    Lian Jin knows that he must not let his opponent take control of the situation, so he roared and the Golden Ray sword became a shining blur, turning from a wide attacking stance back into the more intricate swordplay he is more adept at.

    Xiang Shaolongs heavy wooden sword sprung up from his shoulder and was in midair as he said icily, Its too late!

    The heavy wooden sword increased its speed. It looked like a clumsy move but in fact it was an intricate one, slashing heavily right in the middle of the shining, blurred sword.

    The blur of the sword stopped, Lian Jin took a few steps back, fresh blood oozing from the corner of his mouth.

    Xiang Shaolong knows that if he wants revenge, this is the time. He quietly called out Shuer and Su Nus names in his heart and charged forward, knocking into Lian Jin together with his sword.

    The two bodies joined together and separated again.

    Everything was quiet, it was as if time has been frozen at that instant.

    The whole hall was so quiet that one can hear a pin drop. Besides Zhao Mu and a few other highly skilled pugilists with excellent eyesight, the rest cant really see clearly what has happened.

    The two of them exchanged positions, then separated by one step, and stood back to back.

    Xiang Shaolong raised his head upwards, the wooden sword back on his shoulder, his eyes filled with endless sadness and anger.

    Lian Jin looked totally dumbfounded and lowered his head to look at his chest where the sword struck. He felt the broken ribs and the gradually spreading heart wrecking pain.

    Everyone was flabbergasted, looking at the two quietly standing person in the hall.

    Lian Jin groaned, and he knelt down.

    Xiang Shaolong looked heavenward and laughed loud and long. He knelt down towards the King of Zhao, the tip of his sword on the ground and said respectfully, Its my good fortune that I have not lost my life, and I would like to marry the young lady of the Wu family, Tingfang as my wife. His words were deliberately spoken for Lian Jins ears.

    On hearing this, Lian Jin felt a rush of anger attacking his heart, spurted out a mouthful of fresh blood and collapsed on the ground. His stance was like he was kow-towing in prayer, and died on the spot.

    Zhao Mu lost everything in this bet and was so furious his face turned pale. His fists clenched tightly, he looked at Lady Ya with hatred.

    Lady Yas pretty face revealed an alluring exhilaration, her dainty body trembling. She had just turned her head back and took a look at him, the corners of her mouth revealing a disdainful expression.

    Zhao Mu suddenly knows that Lady Ya is now fully out of his control.

    Everyone in the Wu family was excited.

    Wu Tingfangs hands clasped her pretty face, tears of love rolling down her cheeks uncontrollably. Heavens! She will be his little wife.

    The rest of the people in the hall have not recollected their emotions after witnessing the engaging duel earlier and were still looking on speechlessly. The only sound they can hear is the remaining echoes of Xiang Shaolongs words.

    The King of Zhao personally poured a cup of wine and left his seat to walk towards Xiang Shaolong and said with a sigh, Such swordsmanship has truly never been seen before. From today onwards, not only will Shaolong be Wu Tingfangs husband, but youll also be Great Zhaos Chief Imperial Officer. I will bestow you a cup of excellent wine.

    Xiang Shaolong put his wooden sword down and after kowtowing and thanking his Majesty, he received the wine while still kneeling and drank it in one gulp.

    Thunderous cheers erupted.

    No one is interested to throw even a glance at Lian Jins body.

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    Book 2 Chap 4 Regaining what was lost

    That night the Wus castle was decorated festively, everyone was in a celebratory mood, making merry with songs and dances.

    The only dejected person is Wu Hei. After Master Wu gave him a thorough scolding, he chased him out of the house. All his men will be transferred to Tao Fang who gained great merit by recommending Xiang Shaolong.

    In the mansion, Master Wus wife and his favored concubines, 17 sons and their families all attended the celebratory feast. On top of that there were his 20 odd daughters and their husbands families, together with other relatives, there were over a thousand people gathered in the hall, the atmosphere festive.

    The ecstatic Wu Tingfang dragged her husband and after seeing her Mother, she dragged and introduced him to relatives and friends, causing Xiang Shaolong much confusion and headache. Like what Tao Fang said, besides Wu Yingyuan, the rest are unable to account to much accomplishment, only interested in merry-making.

    Amidst the talking and laughter, Tao Fang came over to call him aside. They came to a small study at the back courtyard. Master Wu and Wu Yingyuan are already waiting there.

    The four of them sat down on the mat facing one another.

    Master Wu clapped his shoulder and said, Yingyuan told me what happened. Shaolong, not only are your sword skill unparalleled, but youre wittier than others, or else the situation now will be totally opposite.

    Xiang Shaolong heard that his tone is warm, apparently he is already regarding him as his grandson-in-law, so he hurriedly expressed his gratitude.

    A fog came over Master Wus expression and he said somberly, Yingyuan told me that you have the blood of Qin in you. If it was in the past, I will certainly be very unhappy, but today I feel exceptionally close to you.

    He continued emotionally, No matter how much effort I have put in for Zhao, the Zhaos will still treat me with suspicion. What happened to Lian Jin this time is proof of that.

    He took a glance at everyone and sighed, To think that years ago before Weis Shang Yang went to Qin, the Qins have not discarded vulgarity. Fathers, sons, brothers and aunts, daughters all slept in the same room. Its all due to Shang Yangs reforms that made Qin leap into one of the strongest states. But look how a foreigner like him ended up. Once King Xiao passed away, his successor immediately had him killed by having 5 ox dismember his body. Hai! Now I am starting to believe what Yingyuan has said, sooner or later we will face the same fate.

    Tao Fang added, Luckily Shaolong is now up and coming, and can dispel this disadvantageous position of ours for the time being.

    Wu Yingyuan replied, Im afraid Zhao Mu will come up with another plan now that this one has failed. He will surely find a way to harm Shaolong, and we must not let our guards down against Prince Shaoyuan as well.

    Master Wu gave a cold snort, What they want is the Wu familys riches and women. Humph! I am not one who will offer my neck to be chopped. Now that the Zhaos have revealed that they are going to deal with me, and with that Guo Zhong at the side fanning the fire, we must now plan for a rainy day so that we will not be caught off guard when the time comes.

    Wu Yingyuan replied, Father do not worry! With Shaolong, its like adding a tiger to our strength, the Zhaos will not dare to make any hasty moves. Besides for the past 10 years, I have always used the advantage of being able to travel outside to plan for our future. Now that I have some headway, I will be able to present to you the whole plan very soon for your consideration.

    After Master Wu complimented his son, he turned towards Shaolong and said, Today is your big day, well find a good date within these few days and let you and Fanger marry immediately. You can put your mind at ease and relax and enjoy yourself, the other matters can be put aside first.

    He added with a smile, Now Tao Fang will take you to see someone, that is the reward you deserve.

    Xiang Shaolong was ecstatic and hurriedly thanked him.

    Tao Fang walked with him towards the courtyard behind the castle and said emotionally, If I have not met you, the one being chased away today would not have been Wu Hei, but me, Tao Fang.

    Xiang Shaolong replied, Is Master Tao really a Zhao, why would the Wu father and son trust you so much?

    Tao Fang replied, Actually Im not really sure who I am as well. If not for the previous generations master who took me in, Im afraid I would have starved to death on the streets. Therefore even if I have to lay down my life for the Wu family, I will not have a word of complaint.

    Xiang Shaolong was astounded.

    By now the two of them has reached a bungalow built with its back to the hills, and they could see lights inside.

    Tao Fang said, From tonight onwards, this house would be your home. After Grand Young Miss become yours, she will move here as well.

    Xiang Shaolong saw that this house is surrounded by woods, and is very happy with it.

    Tao Fang pushed him towards the front courtyard and laughed, Enjoy yourself! But if Grand Young Miss comes looking for you, even Master would not be able to hold her back. He left after saying these words.

    Xiang Shaolong stepped on the gravel and he has not even reached the main door when Chunying, Xiaying, Qiuying and Dongying, the 4 pretty maids came out together and knelt at the 2 sides, saying together, We pay our respects to Master.

    Xiang Shaolong was ecstatic and he reached out his hands and pinched each of their faces, but suddenly he thought of the ill-fated Shuer and Su Nu.

    Now that Lian Jin has died under his sword, only that Prince Shaoyuan and Zhao Mu remains.

    The 4 maids were understanding, and on seeing his distraught expression, they wept together with him as well.

    Xiang Shaolong forced himself to look happy and cajoled the 4 maids. Once he stepped into the house, he saw that the decorations were exquisite, warm and comfortable.

    Xiaying is the most petite among them, about 16 to 17 years old, and shes the prettiest as well. She came up to him and whispered in his ear, Theres someone waiting for Master in the room.

    Xiang Shaolong felt heat rising up his heart, reached out his hand and grabbed her bosom before walking towards the room.

    He had just pushed the door open when a fiery ball ran into his arms, the dainty body trembling, with tears of joy flowing down. Who else can it be but the long gone Ting Fangshi.

    The old flame of desire started burning high.

    Words were replaced but hot and wet kisses. This couple who had missed each other for so long caressed each other madly, removing the obstacles of clothing who has no place being there for each other.

    Under the light of the burning lamp, they used the most vigorous movements to express the love they felt for each other, joined together as one in the most intimate way possible between a man and a woman.

    In this moment, every inch of their skin belongs to the other, there is no holding back at all.

    The sexy and alluring Ting Fangshi totally opened up her beautiful body, accepting her lovers most violent and intoxicating attacks.

    The joy took her soul to the peak of happiness, her soul was besotted, she screamed madly, using her body and mind to make this man, who has caused her endless tears for the last 6 months, happy.

    She has now received her reward.

    While at the peak of her joy, this mature and voluptuous beautys convulsed, and uncontrollably twined herself around Xiang Shaolongs perfect male body like an octopus, using all the strength in her limbs to hold on to him tightly.

    Xiang Shaolong lied comfortably on her body, licking the tears on her face and asked, Where have you been all these time?

    With her face still blushing, Ting Fangshi panted, Right here, but not in this pretty house.

    Xiang Shaolong asked in surprise, Didnt Tao Fang said youve been given away?

    As long as Ting Fangshi can hug him, she can forget about what happened in the past. She said, Do not blame Master Tao, he has been protecting me all along. Ever since we thought the horse thieves killed you, Master made me into a dance courtesan. But because of Master Tao, Ive always received special treatment and I do not have to accompany guests. Then you came back alive, and even defeated the bad person, I was so excited I could die.

    Xiang Shaolong laughed, This I know too well.

    Ting Fangshi wriggled coquettishly.

    Xiang Shaolong felt his desire burning again, and was about to launch another attack when Qiuyings voice could be heard calling from outside, Master! Grand Young Miss is here.

    Xiang Shaolong kissed Ting Fangshi and said, Have some sleep first, Ill be right back.

    Ting Fangshi nodded her head like a little lamb. Xiang Shaolong cant help but grope her a little more before walking out of the room satisfied, and bumped right into Wu Tingfang who was walking over.

    Wu Tingfang hugged him and stretched her head to look into the naked splendor in the room and laughed, Have you just done your naughty deed?

    Xiang Shaolong laughed, Thats right! But its not the end yet. He bent over and carried her up and went back into the room.

    Ting Fangshi was so startled she hurriedly knelt down and paid her respects.

    Wu Tingfangs slender hands twined around Xiang Shaolongs neck and she looked at the naked Ting Fangshi and half sighed, Dispense with courtesy. Our husband is the rudest person in this world, so we can forget about any semblance of courtesy.

    It was followed by joyous mating, endless loving.

    The next day, before the sun rose, Tao Fang came and woke him up to go to the Palace immediately to see the King of Zhao and accept his new appointment.

    Although Wu Tingfang and Ting Fangshi woke up with him, but after last night, their bodies doesnt seem to obey their wishes and they couldnt get out of bed.

    Xiang Shaolong was secretly cursing that even in this era with no alarm clocks, he still has to suffer the pain of waking up early. The 4 maids hurriedly helped him freshen up and change before he went on his way with Tao Fang.

    Ever since they reached Handan, this is the first time he woke up so early. It turns out that theres a lot of people who wakes up even earlier than them. Besides the farmers and herdsmen heading towards the market, they also saw troops of Zhao soldiers on their morning exercise, walking briskly and neatly past them as they shouted commands. All these activities added some excitement to this morning city.

    Tao Fang rode in with him, his eyes tired and said, I had a little too much to drink last night, and had some fun with 2 dance courtesans. Im still having a bit of a headache now. I have to admit old age even if I didnt want to, in the past I can have 7 girls in a row and I wont feel anything.

    Xiang Shaolong exclaimed hoarsely, 7? and thought to himself that either his memory is failing him, or hes boasting. He only had 2 girls last night and now his back still feels a little stiff. If its 7 women, he might even have problem getting up the horse now.

    When men talks about such matters, none will want to belittle themselves. Tao Fang said quietly, If you dont believe me you can ask Eldest Young Master, he was in the room next to mine that night and said that he could hear their moans all night. Hai! If only theres a pill to return one to ones youth.

    Xiang Shaolong secretly thought, do I really have to ask my Father-in-law, is it true that on a certain date on a certain night, Master Tao was in a room next to you doing it with 7 women and making them scream the whole night? He cant help but smile at this thought.

    By now the two of them has passed through Lady Yas enormous residence and turned into the main road in Handan, going towards the Palace. The sky is slowly getting brighter.

    Tao Fang saw Lady Yas residence and said, I thought Zhao Ya would come and look for you last night, but I didnt expect my guess to be wrong.

    Xiang Shaolong also felt a little lost. Because he thought as well that Zhao Ya will not let him off last night, then he will be able to humiliate her so as to appease his anger at her for obeying Zhao Mu. But things did not happen to his expectations and now he is past his anger. He thought of how she opposed without concern about herself, Zhao Mus suggestion last night about having no restrictions in the duel. Obviously she loves him more than Zhao Mu, and he cant help but miss her a little.

    When they went past the city gates, all the guards saluted Xiang Shaolong, making him feel what his status is like now, and at the same time he thought that if he has to start work so early everyday in future, he would have to give up all merry-making at night.

    When the two of them came to the plaza outside Chaoyang Hall where the King of Zhao meets his officials, they saw the steps outside the hall was filled with officials and generals in their official robes, chatting amongst themselves in small groups. The atmosphere was serious with an underlying ease.

    Zhao Mu was talking to a few generals when he saw the two of them walking over. After greeting one another, Zhao Mu looked as if nothing has happened and said warmly, Master Tao please return, you can hand Shaolong over to me, I will settle everything for him.

    After Tao Fang cast a look at Xiang Shaolong, he left helplessly.

    Xiang Shaolong wished that he could cut him up into pieces immediately, but he has to pretend to smile and look respectful.

    Zhao Mu said with a smile, Its the first time Shaolong is reporting here, youre surely not used to the rules in the Palace. But now that youre one of us, I will look after you.

    Xiang Shaolong secretly cursed him for being a wily old fox. He placed his bet on the wrong person earlier so now hes trying to get into his good books. He has no choice but to pretend and reply gratefully, Thank you Marquis for thinking so highly of me, I am indeed very grateful to you. If not for Marquis suggestion, how else will the Wu family agree to marry their daughter to me.

    Although it felt as if an arrow was struck through his heart, Zhao Mu doesnt know that in fact Xiang Shaolong has heard about his evil intentions towards Wu Tingfang in the carriage that night. He thought that he was genuinely grateful and hurriedly replied, Youre welcome.

    By then the bell was sounded and the officials hurriedly walked into the hall.

    Zhao Mu asked warmly, Does Shaolong has anything special on tonight?

    Xiang Shaolong secretly sighed to himself, knowing that theres no way he can reject, but also because of the strategy he had discussed with the Wu family last night, he can only reply, Marquis please give your instructions, I can cast everything else aside.

    Zhao Mu was very satisfied, thinking to himself, you threw your lot with the Wu Family with the intention of only getting power and beauty. As long as I devise a ploy and let you know who is the real master, youll come and work for me obediently. He laughed and said, Ill send someone at dusk to Wus residence to escort you to my residence for dinner. You dont have to be dressed formally, just take it that youre just going home.

    Amidst the loud laughter, he accompanied Xiang Shaolong into the hall.

    This Zhao Mu is a strong handed and ambitious man, so he has the intention of pulling a rare talent man like Xiang Shaolong to his side. He also wants to cast a blow to the Wu family, so he put aside his private grudges for the time being and changed to soft tactics to deal with Xiang Shaolong. But he did not expect Xiang Shaolong will be one who place relationships and loyalty above everything else.

    Shuers death has made the enmity between them unbreakable, only blood will be able to wash it clean.

    The officials in the hall took their places on the left and right rows according to their status. Xiang Shaolong stood outside at the door of the hall, until the King of Zhao took his seat on the imperial throne and settled a few court affairs before he broke tradition and summoned him to court to officially appoint him. Only then did he order the internal official to bring him to the imperial palaces uniform department to take his measurements for his official robes and for professionals to teach him about his duties and court etiquette.

    That internal official is called Ji Guang, and panders to him extremely, taking the effort to explain everything in detail. Only now did Xiang Shaolong realize that the imperial guard is one of the 10 assistants under the command of the Brocade Commander, their only duty is to ensure his Majestys safety. They have to be on duty in the Palace for 5 days every month, sticking close to the King to protect him. He was secretly lamenting that in the past he was frequently tasked with protecting politically important people, and now that hes in this world 2000 years earlier, hes still doing the same job.

    The short and fat Ji Guang smiled and said, You dont know how much his Majesty likes you. He gave you 3 days leave, by then your official robes will be ready. Youll surely look suave in your army uniform, no one will look better than you.

    Xiang Shaolong looked at his flat and round face that looks so funny and said, Can I leave now?

    A look of alarm flashed past Ji Guangs face, and he said with a smile, Theres still one more place to go, please come with me.

    They turned this way and that in the Palace, passing through corridors and gardens, and in the end reached an exquisite little house in the back palace. He said mysteriously, Please go in, I will wait here.

    Xiang Shaolong was baffled, but looking at his expression, he knows that theres no use asking him, so he might as well walked towards that building.

    He had just stepped into the hall when a beauty who was standing next to the window turned around. It is Lady Ya, whom he was just thinking of this morning.

    She has totally recovered her glowing appearance and poise, dressed all in white, proud and confident. She came towards him smiling, her rosy lips muttering quietly, Xiang Shaolong! Xiang Shaolong!

    Xiang Shaolong saw her smiling so prettily, and was unable to utter even a word of reprimand. He can only walk past her coldly, going towards where she stood earlier, looking at the woods outside the window with a small stream with a bridge over it. The scenery was enchanting.

    Lady Ya swayed her way next to him and said gently, Xiang Shaolong! Shall we make a deal?

    This strange move threw Xiang Shaolong off guard, and he looked at her in shock.

    Lady Ya covered her mouth and laughed. She lowered her head and said slowly, Firstly, Zhao Ya seeks your forgiveness for falling into that villain Zhao Mus plot and almost caused harm to you. And also caused harm to myself.

    Xiang Shaolong knows that she must have thought back about the matter and knows that he did not take that aphrodisiac, so she told him the truth first to show that she dare not hide anything from him.

    Lady Ya lifted her head, her rosy lips saying quietly, Zhao Ya wants to thank you as well. If you have not appeared, I may never be able to leave Zhao Mus control, but ever since last night, the thought of him makes me sick. From now on, I will not allow him to touch even a finger of mine. She added, And I wont let any man touch me. Of course, the only exception is Xiang Shaolong, he can touch any way he wants.

    Xiang Shaolong felt a lurch in his heart and almost pulled this woman whose beauty is comparable to Wu Tingfangs into his arms and let his hands enjoy themselves. However he gritted his teeth and held himself back, saying calmly, Lady has not disclosed the terms of your deal.

    The sunlight and the shadow from the trees fell on her snow-white clothes from outside the window, which made her look as if she is wearing a robe of crisp morning ray. Her heaving bosom, her delicate and well defined shoulders, her tiny waist, her long and beautiful legs, she is so alluring that Xiang Shaolong is unable to put her together with the word s.lut. But she was once a s.lut. Such strange oxymoron, made her especially enchanting.

    Naturally Lady Ya knows this point, so shes quite confident that Xiang Shaolong will accept her surrender. He raised her dainty brows slightly and said quietly, I know youre deliberately trying to scare me. In actual fact youre no longer angry with me, but just pretending to.

    Xiang Shaolong couldnt do anything to her so he sighed, reached out his hand to grab her waist and pull her in. His face 2 inches away from hers, he asked, You really will not touch any other men in future?

    Lady Ya threw a glance at him, of course its true, if you dont believe me you can take my heart out for a look!

    Xiang Shaolong is flirtatious by nature, the more wanton the woman, the more exciting it is for him. Therefore how can he ever resist the temptress Lady Yas attacks. He sighed and said, Although I had a crazy night with Wu Tingfang last night, but youve still managed to set me aflame, and I only wish to see the most exciting part of your deal.

    Lady Ya smiled coquettishly, That part belongs to you long ago, now Zhao Ya is only asking that you accept it from the kindness of your heart. What I am giving is Lady Yas effective ears, to be your spy and scout.

    Xiang Shaolong was astounded, Are you trying to hint to me that I will be in great danger?

    Lady Ya used all her strength to hug him, gave him s short, gentle kiss and sighed, How can one mountain contain 2 tigers, this is such a simple logic. One day you will ultimately clash face to face with Zhao Mu. With such a useful soldier like Zhao Ya around, how can Shaolong not accept it with a smile.

    Xiang Shaolong exclaimed hoarsely, So once Zhao Ya escapes from Zhao Mus grasp, she can become so formidable. I shall decide to make do with it and accept this main deal of yours.

    Lady Ya was ecstatic, Remember its main and not side, once we leave Handan I want to become one of your main wives.

    Xiang Shaolong asked in surprise, Leave Handan?

    Lady Ya left him, looked out the window sadly and nodded her head, That is the only way out for us, or else in less than a year, you and everyone in the Wu family will die.

    Xiang Shaolong was shaken and grabbed her shoulders, pulling her close into his arms and asked gently, Zhao Ya can you be more precise about this? He was finally moved by Zhao Ya, because she would even betray the Kingdom of Zhao and her family for him, her love for him is boundless. So he changed his way of addressing her as well.

    Lady Ya spoke with love, As long as you will love me for the rest of your live, Yaer will listen to anything you say.

    Xiang Shaolong looked at her heaving bosom as she spoke, and knows that her heart is now burning with desire. He sighed and said, Yaers bosom looks so beautiful when youre breathing.

    Once Lady Ya heard her lover complimenting her in her chest, she turned around happily, Continue with your compliments! Yaer loves being pampered by Xiang Lang.

    Xiang Shaolong was secretly thinking that shes formidable, and really wanted tohave fun with her immediately, but this is definitely not the right place. He pulled her and ask, Your place or mine?

    Lady Ya hugged him tightly and sighed, Hai! Yaer wants it even more than you! But important matters are at hand, you and the Wu family are in a life and death situation.

    It was as if cold water was poured over his head, Xiang Shaolongs desire evaporated completely and he looked at her seriously.

    Lady Ya fell into his arms and whispered into his ears, When Zhao Mu took me back to his residence yesterday to have fun with, I took the chance while he was sleeping to steal a look at his secret documents which he kept locked up. I found a name list, and theyre all from the Wu family. The document listed when those people on the list accepted pay, and when they provided information and details like those. I have memorized and written these peoples name earlier, and Ive put it inside your clothes now.

    Xiang Shaolong was stunned, You know how to open locks?

    Lady Ya replied, Ive received training on theft and spying since I was young, and because of my status and my body, Yaer has frequently been sent overseas to gather information. Besides my Imperial Brother and Zhao Mu, no one knows about this. Now that Ive told you everything, you should know how my heart feels!

    Xiang Shaolong kissed her and said, I, Xiang Shaolongs words are as good as gold, I will not let you down. Only now did he understand why the King of Zhao favors her so much, and he also thought of another question, Now that everyone knows that you have fallen in love with me, wont they be suspicious of you?

    Lady Ya replied, Dont worry! Theyre so sure that I will not be infatuated with any man for long, and that Im a born s.lut. Besides, my family name is Zhao as well, why would I help an outsider deal with my own blood family?

    Xiang Shaolong cant help but ask, Can you really harden your heart to deal with your family?

    Lady Ya replied sadly, I have totally lost hope in the Zhao family. Not only are they biased against anyone who is not from Zhao, they are also biased against those Zhaos with other family names. This is the reason the totally incapable Zhao Gua can replace the great general Lian Po, which resulted in the great tragedy of Changping, causing the state of Zhao to weaken. Now I only wish to go far away with you, and not end up being the slave of a country doomed to end, and end up being a cheap prostitute.

    Xiang Shaolong nodded his head in understanding, finally knowing why ever since her husband Zhao Gua died, she spent her life in such a intoxicated mess. Its because she has given up hope on the future, so shes numbing herself with her wanton lifestyle.

    Lady Yas voice turned quiet and she said quickly and impatiently, Wu Yingyuans activities overseas, my Imperial Brother has heard about it long ago and he even suspects that he is in touch with the Qins. Its just that Master Wu controls almost half of our states livestock and is very reputable in Zhao, with an army of thousands of warriors, my Imperial Brother dare not make any rash moves, afraid that he will rock the stability and invite other states to take the opportunity to attack!

    Xiang Shaolong felt his skin go numb, so it turns out that the King of Zhao really intends to get rid of the Wu family.

    Lady Ya said, Last night after you defeated Lian Jin, Imperial Brother and Zhao Mu held a secret discussion and they decided to pull you to their side and make use of you to deal with the Wu family. Later Imperial Brother summoned me and wants me to use my beauty to charm you so that you cannot pull yourself away. But Yaer knows about my own feelings, the one who got charmed instead is Yaer!

    Xiang Shaolong remembered his appointment with Zhao Mu tonight and felt a cold shiver. He did not expect that the King of Zhao would be involved in the background as well.

    Lady Ya said, You can still drag for time now, because Zhao Mus men will go to Mulberry Village these 2 days to find out your background. Only when theyre sure you have no problem will they use you.

    Xiang Shaolong really felt his whole body turn cold. If they capture Mei Canniang, thatll be terrible.

    Lady Ya kissed him gently as she said, Yaer knows that not only is your swordplay unparalleled, but your wits is even greater. Now that I have given my life to you, we will share wealth and woes together, you must not abandon Yaer!

    Xiang Shaolong hugged her tightly and said quietly, Now let us put on a show, pretend that weve just had some fun, understand?

    Lady Yas pretty face blushed and nodded her head in agreement.

    Xiang Shaolong moved immediately, using his hands and mouth and messed up her clothes and hair before leaving in a hurry.

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    Book 2 Chap 5 Scheming Snake

    The name list was on the table. Master Wu, Wu Yingyuan and Tao Fang all looked somber. Surprising there was also Lian Jin, Li Shan and Wu Heis names on it as well. Besides Tao Fang, Li Shan is the closest to Xiang Shaolong among all the warriors, but who would have expected that he is the King of Zhaos spy.

    No wonder Prince Shaoyuan came asking for Su Nu at such a perfect timing, because its all a plot. Xiang Shaolong feels the pain of betrayal by a good friend.

    Master Wu said quietly, Although Zhao Ya is highly trustworthy, but we must still try various methods to check if this name list is authentic. Yingyuan will be in charge of this.

    He then told Tao Fang, Youll send men to rush to Mulberry Village immediately and move Mei Canniang to a secret location. Then youll bribe the people there heavily and ask them to lie for Shaolong, to cover this secret that Shaolong is a descendant of a Qin.

    Only Shaolong knows his own problem, because no one there knows him at all. Therefore he can only force himself to say, Ive always hunted and stayed in the mountains, and only went to Mulberry Village recently. Ive always stayed at an isolated valley

    Tao Fang patted his own chest and said, Thats no problem, Ill get some people to disguise themselves as villagers. I guarantee that no one will know. Xiang Shaolong felt assured.

    Master Wu sighed, Its all thanks to Shaolong this time that we find out how dire our circumstances are now. If not for Shaolongs victory last night, if Lian Jin marries Fanger then itll be terrible. From now on, I will not look upon myself as a Zhao. Luckily we have connections with the rich and powerful in various other states, well have people accepting us no matter where we run to. The problem is how can we avoid the Zhaos coming after us? Xiang Shaolong was feeling perplexed, why is it that Master Wu seems very confident of moving the entire clan out of the city?

    Master Wu showed his calmness in the face of danger and said coldly, Its now time to settle the accounts for autumn. Ill take the opportunity to arrange everything when the herdsmen in charge from the various places comes and prepare to react to the situation. Since hes unkind to me, I shall not show him any mercy either. Since King Xiaocheng wants to deal with me, Ill drag him down at the same time.

    Wu Yingyuan added, Keeping soldiers for a thousand days, so that they can be used for a time. Now it seems like an critical time for Zhao Wuzhuo and the death warriors he trained. Master Wu agreed heartily. This King of Livestock who has always been loyal to the state of Zhao is really furious now.

    Tao Fang explained to Xiang Shaolong, Zhao Wuzhuo is Masters godson, and he goes around especially to adopt orphans and give then rigorous training to become our main force. We have a few thousand people and theyre usually scattered around the pastures near Handan. Only the few of us know about this matter.

    Wu Yingyuan said, With them helping Shaolong, itll be even better. Even if the King of Zhao send his troops to attack our Wus castle, we can still defend ourselves for about half a month.

    Master Wu said, Well postpone Shaolong and Fangers wedding to a month later, then on the pretext that were preparing for the wedding, we can cover up a lot of our movements. Tao Fang added, I can use the excuse that Im reorganizing Wu Heis men to make changes to the troops and transfer most of the spies out of here so that the Zhaos will not be suspicious.

    Master Wu said with determination, Well do it that way then. He turned towards Xiang Shaolong and said, Shaolong has to pretend to be attracted by benefits and lust, and accept Zhao Mus bribes. You must also pretend to be enamored with Zhao Yas beauty so that the Zhao people will not get suspicious. I will give you some information to leak to Zhao Mu so that they will trust you even more. Xiang Shaolong agreed sincerely.

    Master Wu reached out and grabbed his shoulders and said with a smile, Go and see Fanger! She came over just now asking for you. Xiang Shaolong wanted to smile back, but he has lost the mood for it.

    In the 21st century, when he leave his home everyday, he seldom thought of whether he can return home alive. But in this warring states period, not only does he have to worry about not coming home, he has to worry about disasters falling from the sky and affecting the whole clan. For survival, everyone must make himself become the stronger one, or rely on the stronger ones to survive.

    Xiang Shaolong found Wu Tingfang who was practicing her horse riding and archery skills at the training field. After practicing with her a round of archery, he returned to his peaceful home and saw that there is a wooden sign hung outside the door that says Hidden Dragon Abode. It turns out to be Wu Tingfangs work.

    Ting Fangshi and the 4 maids were happily pruning the bushes and flowers, humming a song and on seeing his return, she was ecstatic. She hugged him and Wu Tingfang and took them into the house. Before they could sit down properly, a huge group of servants carrying a hundred odd large and small chests came over. Xiang Shaolong was dumbfounded while Wu Tingfang said with a laugh, Whats so strange, Tingfang already belongs to you. Father and Mother has no objections, so naturally Im moving in to stay with you.

    Xiang Shaolong did not imagine that in this era, there would actually be cohabitation. He suddenly understood, to the Wu family talk about loyalty and piety are all unreliable words. The most reliable would be to use the Wu familys most alluring beauty to bind his body and heart.

    But he is indeed extremely fond and infatuated with Wu Tingfang, so he said with a laugh, I have the power and the responsibility to ask you for bed tax every night before youre allowed to sleep.

    Wu Tingfangs pretty face blushed and she stared at him charmingly before instructing the servants how she wants her things to be placed and how she wants the 2 rooms and side hall, which has been set aside for her at the East Chamber, decorated. Ting Fangshi came to his side and said with a laugh, Grand Young Miss said that therere 8 rooms in the West Chamber, the first room is mine, the rest will be for the women you marry in future. If its not enough, we can ask someone to build another extension. Xiang Shaolong put his arms around her waist and asked, Happy? Ting Fangshi nodded her head shyly, her expression overjoyed.

    To be able to make the woman he loves happy, is a mans greatest achievement. He thought of a matter and asked, The beauties that came with you to Handan, do you know where theyve gone?

    Ting Fangshi shook her head sadly, and said, I heard that some of them were sent away to become camp prostitutes. Besides me, none of them are in Wu residence.Only now was Xiang Shaolongs question answered. No wonder they have to look for so many beauties in the villages, so its to comfort the army who have left their hometown and are now stationed overseas. He cant help but feel pity for them.

    Only by unifying the various states and establishing a new law and regime, will this problem of belittling womens rights be solved. Hai! Even if the world is unified, they still have about 2000 odd years to go before there can be some hope of civilization. This is such a far and difficult journey.

    After lunch, he hugged Ting Fangshi as he took an afternoon nap and only woke up a little after 3pm. Wu Tingfang is still happily decorating her room at this time. After Xiang Shaolong freshened up, he went to her room and looked on with interest as Chunying and the other maids worked under her instructions.

    Although its called a room, but the size is even bigger than the modern mans living room. The most eye-catching item is the huge bed which took up a quarter of the room, and it can sleep 7 to 8 people very comfortably. The bed itself is like a room. The 4 corners of the bed were 4 round wooden pillars carved with flowers, with wooden beams cementing it to the roof and hung on it were huge curtains.

    Once he thought of this beauty waiting obediently every night on this bed that has layers of thick blankets, with pillows all over the bed, waiting for his love, his heart began burning.

    Theres even a copper mirror, huge wardrobe and chests, and soft carpet on the ground. On the table in the corner of the room theres a copper incense burner, burning an intoxicating fragrance. This is the first time Xiang Shaolong tasted such an atmosphere. In this romantic room with the fragrance wafting around, he really does not want to think about the devious world outside.

    Hai! If only he does not have to go and see Zhao Mu tonight. With Wu Tingfang around, the 4 maids were more serious and dared not flirt and joke with him as usual. Wu Tingfang came to him sweating sweetly and holding his hand, asked him, Is Fangers room decorated comfortably? Xiang Shaolong replied with a smile, I appreciate the huge bed the most. Wu Tingfang took a look at him and smiled charmingly, After you return from your feast tonight, remember to climb up the bed! Ill stay awake and wait for you. Xiang Shaolong chortled and pulled her as he walked out and said with a laugh, Come! Let me serve you while you bath. Wu Tingfang felt her neck burning and although she said no, but her dainty little feet still went after him obediently.

    That evening, Zhao Mu sent a carriage to pick him up and send him to his residence at the north of the city. Surprisingly the place was not decorated, nor were there a welcoming party. Zhao Mu received him at an elegant porch in the back garden. On one side theres a huge window, and looking out the window with the drawn blinds is a breathtaking scenary. The two of them leaned on the soft cushion and sat on the carpet, separated by a huge table in between which was filled with wine and dishes. The atmosphere was nice and after the servants retreated, only the 2 of them were left.

    As Zhao Mu encouraged him to drink, he also off handedly asked about his background. Xiang Shaolong hurriedly told him the story he had already made up, and spoke about how he met Tao Fang. Once he thought of the spy Li Shan, he spoke the truth as well, not hiding a single thing from him. Naturally Zhao Mu knows that he is not lying and was very satisfied and said, Shaolongs sword skills were obviously imparted by a good teacher, I wonder who your teacher is?

    Xiang Shaolong wanted to say that he learnt it from a recluse staying deep in the mountains but their eyes met and he could feel the anticipation in the other persons eyes. He had a change of mind and thought that by using a wooden sword to fight his enemy, he may already have revealed his connection with Mozi Sect.

    Yuan Zong once said that Handan is Zhao Mos base and if Zhao Mos leader Yan Ping wants fame and fortune, naturally he will have to throw in his lot with the King of Zhao. So maybe Zhao Mu has already guessed his relation with Yuan Zong, so he hurriedly changed his tack and told him selectively about how he ended up being down and out in Wu An and how he met Yuan Zong. He stressed that because he is in pursuit of fame and riches, he refused to join Yuan Zongs organization. His relationship with Yuan Zong is purely friendship. Zhao Mu smiled when he heard this, and with a dang he sounded the bell next to him, which will summon the servants. Xiang Shaolong thought to himself that its a close shave and although he knows what is happening, he pretended to look at him in bewilderment.

    Indeed, a tall and thin man wearing hemp clothes walked in barefooted. Xiang Shaolong saw that this persons bearing is serious, his face sinister, his eyes sharp like an eagle and he has the air of a highly skilled pugilist, and looks imposing. He secretly thought to himself that no wonder even a highly skilled pugilist like Yuan Zong has to run for his life. That person came up to the both of them and paid his respects before sitting down on the carpet. Although his back was rim rod straight, it doesnt seem that he feels awkward in any way.

    Zhao Mu said with a smile, This is Mr Yan Ping, who is the Juzi of the Mozi Sect in Handan, and also a guest of his Majesty. He was sitting next door earlier, and has heard everything that Shaolong said earlier. Yan Ping looked at Shaolong coldly and said, Imperial Protector was able to defeat Lian Jin, obviously you have been taught by the traitor of our Mozi Sect, Yuan Zong. I wonder if he has handed you his Juzi token as well? Xiang Shaolong felt a stab in his heart and knows that Yuan Zong has been killed by them. They could not find the Juzi Token after searching his body, thats why they asked him. He pretended not to understand and asked, What Juzi Token?

    Yan Ping sized him up for a moment before saying to Zhao Mu calmly, I believe that Yuan Zong will not hand the Juzi token to an outsider. But as to why he would impart his sword skills to Imperial Protector, that is something I still cannot understand. Zhao Mu asked in astonishment, How do you know that Shaolong is not the holder of the Juzi token? Yan Ping replied slowly, Us Mozi follows the way of being frugal and hard-working. Our abode are simple thatched huts, we use eathern bowls, drink think soup, eat coarse grains of rice and wear hemp and deer skin. If Yuan Zong is willing to hand him the Juzi token, it will be because he has become a Mohist. But Imperial Protector is not keeping himself away from women and good food, obviously he is not a Mohist. Xiang Shaolong and Zhao Mu were equally surprised.

    Zhao Mu no longer harbors any suspicions towards Xiang Shaolong and he said happily, I admire Shaolongs honesty and selfless attitude very much. He added with a lowered voice, If Shaolong had been lying earlier, Im afraid your blood would have been spilled by now. Xiang Shaolong pretended to be terrified and said, Thank you Marquis for your trust. But in his heart he was secretly cursing his ancestors. Yan Ping stood up quietly.

    Xiang Shaolong said politely, I am indebted to Mr Yuan Zong for teaching me his skills, I wonder where is he now? That time he suddenly urged me to leave Wu An, and yet he refused to travel with me. I felt that something is not quite right but at that time I was not yet aware that he is related to Mohism.

    Yan Ping said icily, Its best that you are unaware, and its best that Imperial Protector do not ask about the affairs of us Mohists in future. He bid his farewell to Zhao Mu after he finished his words, and left. After he left, Zhao Mu said with a laugh, Juzi is well respected, and has 300 death warriors under him, each of them highly skilled, and each one of them can fight against a hundred people. Juzi himself is the best among the highly skilled. Even when he sees his Majesty, he need not pay his respects, so hes already being quite polite to Shaolong. Of course Xiang Shaolong had to show that he did not mind, but in his heart he was thinking how he can avenge his benefactor Yuan Zong.

    Zhao Mu smiled slightly, and the scar on his face twitched slightly, making his smile look especially cold and heartless. A flash of brilliant light flashed past his eyes and he said nonchalantly, I am very pleased with Shaolongs performance, so I shall be frank and tell Shaolong what I feel. Xiang Shaolong knows that the act is coming, so he pretended to be all ears. But undeniably, Zhao Mu has a certain charm about him, no wonder Zhao Ya was infatuated with him for so many years.

    Zhao Mu stared at him and said, To me, everyone in the world is either a friend or an enemy. If youre my man, I can guarantee you endless wealth, beauties, power and status. But if you become my enemy, I will use all means to destroy you. Xiang Shaolong thought to himself, how tyrannical can you be, but he said respectfully instead, Shaolong understands! Zhao Mu said, Shaolong, dont blame me for my bad choice in choosing Lian Jin, thats why I dealt with you. However I underestimated you. Until now I still do not understand why is it that even after youve been given strong aphrodisiac, youre still in control of your senses and was able to emerge the victor instead of the loser?

    Of course Xiang Shaolong cannot tell him that he overheard his nefarious plot, so he pretended to be embarrassed and replied, Im lecherous by nature, and added to the fact that I am very popular with women, so sometimes I cannot handle them all and have to use aphrodisiacs. Initially just one or two pills will be enough to take effect, but once Ive used them too much, I have to take them in large quantities before any effect can be seen. Therefore Im not really afraid of such things. Zhao Mu slapped the table and chortled, So thats the case. But your body is indeed a gift from heaven, you still have very good stamina after such strenuous activities. His bright eyes roamed his body. Xiang Shaolong was secretly feeling worried, if this homosexual takes a liking to him, itll be terrible.

    Luckily Zhao Mu very quickly retracted his stare, and said seriously, In the past Shaolong belongs to the Wu family, theres no debate about that. But now that youve become his Majestys personal protector, you need to be impartial and put Great Zhao in front of all other things. Do Shaolong understand my meaning?

    Shaolong replied seriously. Naturally Shaolong knows who is the one I should be loyal to, Marquis please put your mind at ease. Zhao Mu said with relief, I will test you on a few matters, once Ive confirmed your loyalty, I will naturally promote you heavily to his Majesty, and I promise that your future will be bright. It wont be too far fetched thinking for you to be appointed as duke or marquis. Xiang Shaolong pretended to be overjoyed, got up and kow towed his thanks. But in his heart he was secretly lamenting, what if he wants to borrow Wu Tingfang and have fun for a few nights, what shall he do then? Zhao Mu chuckled, Get up quickly, talk about work will end here, now its time for us to enjoy.

    Dang! Dang! This time Xiang Shaolong opened his eyes wide to see who will be coming in. Zhao Mu is the second most important person in the state of Zhao, so the things he show off to others wont be too bad. Zhao Mu looked at his expression and thought to himself that this person is willing to work for Tao Fang for just 50 copper coins, and is lecherous as well, so with his lure of fame and beauty, theres no way he wont work for him. The sound of bangles jingling was heard and a pair of beauties walked into the porch carrying a long satin pouch.

    Xiang Shaolong looked more thoroughly and his eyes immediately shone. It turns out that not only are the girls dressed similarly, with their hair piled high up, wearing a thin gauze as sheer as the wings of a fly, hiding and revealing their snowy skin at the same time. The tight inner layer bounded the voluptuous body that is waiting to burst out of its bindings, the pretty features on their faces are identical, it turns out that they are twins. Their eyes were bright and clear, only a think layer of make up on their pretty face, but their glowing jade skin is even more eye catching than anyone else with make up. Beneath their long and slim eyebrows, their bright eyes looked lively, with 2 bewitching dimples on their cheeks, enough to charm anyone before they even smiled. Their beauty is divine, their body enticing. Their looks are prettier than Shuer, and only lose a little to Wu Tingfang and Zhao Ya.

    The 2 girls dragged the long satin pouch together, and walked daintily towards them and knelt down. They lowered their head and said at the same time, Ladies from the State of Yue, Tian Zhen and Tian Feng pay their respects to Imperial Protector Xiang. Only now did Xiang Shaolong regain his senses, and when he saw Zhao Mu staring at him, he smiled embarrassingly. Zhao Mu took over the long satin pouch and leaving the 2 of them to continue kneeling, he loosened the pouch and took out an ancient sword. He said with a laugh, When it comes to making swords, no one can surpass the sword smiths from the State of Yue, they were the ones who made the first metal sword. The swords that they made through fire is so much more effective that the previous eras copper swords. This Yue sword in my hand is named Flying Rainbow. I see that your wooden sword is extremely heavy and not convenient to carry around, and as the saying goes, a precious sword can only match a hero, so I will give you this sword tonight.

    Xiang Shaolong was secretly exclaiming how formidable. It seems that this Zhao Mu really knows how to bribe. If not for the fact that he came from the 21st century, with his own principles and attitude towards gratitude and hatred, he may really have been bought over by him. He pretended to be thankful and took over the long sword respectfully. The sword may be heavy, but its a lot lighter compared to the wooden sword. The 2 girls were still kneeling, their snowy white necks, their tightened waists, their puffed up bosoms, is enough to make anyone have other thoughts. Their submissiveness, makes one feel that they can be tortured at will, which adds on to ones fantasy. Zhao Mu saw him holding the sword and looking at the 2 girls morosely and joked, Precious sword and beauties, I think Shaolong prefers the latter. But why dont you take a look at the sword first!

    Xiang Shaolong hurriedly pulled the sword out from the sheath. A cold air and a bright reflection came out together with the sword, like the moon breaking out from behind the clouds. Flying Rainbow was five feet long, and there seems to be a intricate design on its body, the pommel was designed to look like 7 phoenix eyes inlaid with gold with blue colored glaze. The sword was straight and flat, good for slashing or chopping, the tip of the sword long and pointed, and extremely sharp. Even for someone like Xiang Shaolong whos not really an expert, he can tell that what hes holding in his hand is a treasure.

    He was still concentrating and looking at the sword when he suddenly heard Zhao Mu ask, Will Shaolong be choosing the elder or younger sister? Xiang Shaolong was stunned for a moment and asked, Theres isnt any difference, right! He secretly sighed, since he proclaimed himself a lecher, naturally hell have to put on a convincing act, but luckily this is not a difficult task.

    Zhao Mus eyes settled on the dainty bodies of this pair of sisters from Yue and said with a lecherous smile, Usually theres no difference at all, but when it comes to the bed, youll see the difference. He commanded with a low voice, Stand up and take off your clothes. The pair of Yue twin sisters stood up on hearing the command, and blushing a little, obediently removed the outer layer of gauze and their innerwear, revealing their snowy white naked body. Their skin was as soft and shiny as white jade, glowing under the light reflected from the lamp. Especially the welcoming and come-hither expression on their faces, any man who sees that will feel blood rushing through their bodies and their hearts pumping in excitement.

    The 2 girls were stealing looks at the handsome and muscular Xiang Shaolong, this is the first time theyve seen such a fine man. Xiang Shaolong felt as if hes now in the worlds most elegant and upper class brothel, enjoying how hes being treated like an emperor. Hes seen many women, but its the first time hes seen a pair of perfect, identical beauties. No wonder Zhao Mu ignored Lady Ya, because he has too many choices, and he has to deal with the King of Zhao as well.

    Precisely because of this, he started having sadistic tendencies, and tortured and killed his beloved Shuer. Now hes trying to bribe him with beauties to make use of him to destroy the Wu family. Zhao Mus gaze roamed around the 2 womens body and said with an appreciative sigh, Look, only Yue womens bodies are like theirs, like a tender grass bending as the wind blows. Our Zhao women are a little plumber, only Wu Tingfang and Zhao Ya are rare exceptions.

    Xiang Shaolong heard the way he mention Wu Tingfang and Zhao Ya under such circumstances and was furious. But he can only remain silent. Zhao Mu sighed again and was about to speak, when Xiang Shaolong, whos afraid he is going to bring up his request about Wu Tingfang, suddenly stood up and said, Heh! Marquis, I would like to relieve myself for a moment. Ive had too much to drink. Besides the excuse that he needs the toilet, he really cannot think of any other excuses.

    Zhao Mu smiled and said, The elder sister will accompany Shaolong! Tian Zhen agreed and walked Shaolong in.

    Xiang Shaolong followed this naked beauty, looking at her alluring body, and feel embarrassed and hilarious at the same time, secretly thinking that in the past others have been saying that hes stubborn and outrageous. But compared to these royalty in ancient times, hes a small fry compared to them. But then only women in this era would be willing to serve men like that. In the 21st century, if you ask a newly acquainted lady to help you to the toilet, itll be strange if she doesnt give you a slap first. If he can return to the 21st century, once he reveals a bit of what happens here, hes sure that the queue of men wanting to take the time travel machine will be long enough to go round the world a few times.

    Once they went behind the screen, the alluring Yue beauty knelt down and held up the chamber pot, which was placed behind the screen and waited for him to pee. Looking at her blushing face, Xiang Shaolong does not know whether to laugh or cry, and thought to himself, how can he pee like that? He could hear from beyond the screen moans and pants, and he knows without even looking that Zhao Mu is now molesting that pretty sister.

    Tian Zhens face blushed redder and stole a glance at him, chewing her lips. Obviously she is aroused once she heard those sounds. Xiang Shaolong had no intention of peeing at all, it was just an excuse to avoid talking with Zhao Mu, so he said quietly, Put it down! Tian Zhen was stunned but still put the chamber pot down obediently.

    Xiang Shaolong pulled her up and thought to himself that its better to do it with her here than in front of that bisexual Zhao Mu. It would be such a pity to let such a beauty off. Besides, that would make Zhao Mu more suspicious of him, so without hesitation, he pulled her into his arms and started helping himself to her. For a moment, the alluring sounds of women moaning can be heard from inside and outside the screen.

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    Book 2 Chap 6 The death of the King of Qin

    When Xiang Shaolong was in the carriage going back to the Wu residence, he was still reliving his experience earlier.

    Either deliberately or not, separated by a screen, they were having a competition on sexual stamina with the pair of Yue beauties. In the end Xiang Shaolong deliberately lost to him and ended his act earlier. As expected when he carried the limp elder sister Tian Zhen out, Zhao Mu and Tian Feng were almost half-dead, so naturally he could not ask him for Wu Tingfang now.

    By now Xiang Shaolong is aware that although Zhao Mus swordsmanship is excellent, but his stamina cannot be compared to a warrior like him. He hurriedly bid his farewell.

    Tian Zhen cant bear to let him go, and the look in her eyes shows that she wants to swallow him whole.

    Zhao Mu is smart, naturally he knows that Xiang Shaolong gave in to him deliberately. He was secretly complimenting Xiang Shaolong for his consideration and knowing what to do, so he ordered his men to send him back to the Wu residence in his carriage to show how much he admires him.

    The grand looking carriage drove out of the Marquis residence, traveling lonsomely in the quiet and dark streets.

    4 warriors walked in front holding lanterns to lead the way for the horse carriage, another 4 warriors walked behind the carriage for protection.

    Xiang Shaolong was troubled, thinking of endless people and things. Now he is totally immersed in this era, if there is a choice, he would not want to go back to his own era.

    Just as he was day dreaming, he was suddenly jolted awake but the hurried sounds of hooves beat.

    Xiang Shaolong became alert and looked towards the back of the carriage.

    The 4 warriors were just turning their heads to look back.

    The darkened street, a lone steed was running near, and by the time they could take a good look, they saw that its a warrior dressed in black, with a black cloth covering the head and face as well, in his hand a long sword, galloping towards them with murderous intent. One look and he knows that its nothing good.

    The 4 warriors roared in unison and drew their swords, pulling their horses back to receive the enemy.

    The assassin increased his speed and came towards them like a hurricane. He lifted his hand and took out something black from the saddlebag of the horse and flew towards the sky. When he leapt over their heads, it became a huge net with sharp hooks, covering the head and faces of the 4 warriors.

    The 4 warriors may be highly skilled, but their opponent came prepared, and he uses ingenious methods so that they are caught unawares and in a short moment the 4 of them were trapped.

    As they yelled in surprise, they struggled to get out from the net but the sharp hooks in the net tore into their skins. Amidst their screams, the 4 of them tumbled down their horses in a heap.

    When the assassin came to the side of the carriage, there was a flash from his blade and the bamboo window shattered, scaring Xiang Shaolong into scrambling to a corner. Right at this time that person throw a long thing into the carriage and when it landed on the floor of the carriage, it moved and wriggled towards Xiang Shaolong.

    Xiang Shaolong took a clearer look and secretly exclaimed. He turned a somersault and fell onto the streets outside through the window. It turned out that thing thrown towards him is a poisonous snake with its head raised. If he did not have extremely quick reflexes, hell definitely be bitten by that poisonous snake.

    While Xiang Shaolong was still rolling on the ground, that assassin slashed at the fallen warriors and shot 4 arrows at the other 4 warriors rushing towards him. In their rush, the 4 warriors did not see what was happening and were hit by the arrows and fell.

    The assassin turned his horse back and ran towards Xiang Shaolong who was still on the ground.

    This is the first time Xiang Shaolong encountered someone so formidable, and just as he was about to spring up, that assassin shot an arrow at him, fierce and accurate.

    Xiang Shaolong has no choice but to tumble away, and avoided his opponents 3 concessive arrows before he had a chance to jump up.

    Maybe the assassin used up his arrows, so he switched to a long sword and attacked.

    Xiang Shaolong did not have a chance to draw his sword and had to tumble away to avoid him again. But this time he tumbled towards the back of his opponents horse. His opponent only managed to turn the horse around after he jumped up again and drew the Flying Rainbow sword Zhao Mu gave him.

    The two of them met directly face to face.

    The assassin was stunned and shouted, Youre not Zhao Mu?

    Xiang Shaolong heard the high-pitched voice, its actually a lady, and was startled.

    The masked lady shouted and dashed forward on her horse, and when she was about 5 steps away, the glare from her sword blossomed like a flower, attacking towards him like a storm.

    Xiang Shaolong saw that the person she wanted to kill is his own enemy Zhao Mu, so he was not willing to hurt her. But he saw that her swordplay is extremely exquisite, and his hands began to itch and he executed the Mozi swordplay, trying to flick his opponents swrod with a diagonal slash. He was about to strike his opponents sword but unexpectedly the tip of the sword touched empty air, it turned out his aim was out and his opponents sword has already taken the opportunity to invade directly.

    Xiang Shaolong did not expect her to be so formidable and he had to move diagonally down suddenly to avoid her.

    The girl did not return for him but rode away in her horse, cursing icily, Working for the devil. The sound of hooves beat grow further and further, into the darkened streets.

    The 8 warriors were all dead, obviously the arrows and hooks were dipped in extremely poisonous substances, and even strong men like them could not hold on for long.

    The streets were soon filled with Zhao soldiers looking for the whereabouts of the assassin.

    Zhao Mus expression was serious as he said, The poisonous snake that person threw into the carriage is called Golden Throat Seal, its movements are swift as lightning, and extremely venomous. Once bitten the throat will become constricted immediately. Shaolong is really lucky that you were able to jump out the carriage in time.

    Xiang Shaolong heaved a sigh of cold air. He was relying on his reflexes from his many years of training. The poisonous snake was going to bite his leg and he was able to retract his legs in time and somersaulted out the window, which was indeed a very dangerous situation.

    Zhao Mu patted his shoulder and said, Luckily you helped me block off this bad luck. If it was me, she might have gotten what she wanted. He added with a cold snort, Ill like to see where she can run to.

    Right at this time a rider rushed over and after getting off his horse, he came to Zhao Mu and spoke a few words in his ears.

    Zhao Mu was ecstatic on hearing the news and told Xiang Shaolong, I have something important to speak to his Majesty about immediately, I will discuss with you about the assassin later. He went up his horse and left, with a hundred odd warriors hurrying after him.

    Xiang Shaolong was secretly alarmed, what news did Zhao Mu receive that made him so excited?

    But since its no use pondering over it, Xiang Shaolong went up the horse and returned to the Wu residence with the accompaniment of 12 guards.

    He had just stepped past the main door when the guard stationed at the door took him to the study room immediately. Wu Yingyuan and Tao Fang were both there, their expressions grave. Obviously something serious has happened.

    After Xiang Shaolong sat down, Master Wu said, The King of Qin is dead!

    Xiang Shaolong looked at him blankly, thinking that the King of Qin is not your father, so what if hes dead.

    Tao Fang knows that he does not understand the critical point in this matter and said, The successor is King Xiaowen and during the bereavement period, the state of Qin will not engage their army for some time. Therefore all the other states will make use of this time to engage the plans they set aside earlier due to their fear of Qin attacking, and this includes expanding and conquering other smaller states.

    Xiang Shaolong finally understood and said, So we have to be worried that the King of Zhao will step up on his efforts to deal with us.

    Wu Yingyuan sighed, This is not our biggest worry. But because Im always in contact with Qins Lu Buwei. This person is wealthy and scheming, and was our greatest back up, but the newly crowned King Xiaowen may seem respectful to him for saving his son, hes still wary of him as hes a Han. Ever since Lu Buwei went to Qin, hes only a very wealthy guest and has no power at all, and everyone knows Xiaowen was behind all these. Now that he has ascended the throne, Lu Buwei may lose his standing and this will break off all our relations with Qin.

    Xiang Shaolong thought of something and asked quietly, Is Lu Buwei trying to get Ying Zheng back to Xianyang through us?

    The 3 of them looked immediately stunned and stared at him speechlessly, as if its the first time they knew him.

    After the 3 of them exchanged looks, Master Wus fat body trembled for a moment before he took a deep breath and said, Shaolong is indeed more astute that others, and your words strike close to the heart. But you must not leak any of this out, or else not a single piece of tile will be left intact in the Wu familys castle.

    Xiang Shaolong laughed to himself, I even know that Ying Zheng is actually the son of Lu Buwei borne by Zhao Ji, and Lu Buwei gave Zhao Ji to the King of Qin and she was already pregnant at that time. So the King is only Ying Zhengs father in name. But some historians later pointed out that Emperor Qin was cruel towards Lu Buwei, so it doesnt really seem like Lu Buwei is his birth father. Such a messy affair, no one is really clear about it.

    Anyway its a fact that Lu Buwei wants to get Yingzheng back to Xianyang. Wu Yingyuan said, Amongst the 4 great princes, Prince Pingyuan of Zhao has passed away, Huang Xie, who is Prince Chunshen of Chu is useless, and we can ignore him. Prince Mengchang of Qi is always sickly which leaves us with Weis Prince Xinling, Wuji. This person is well versed in the art of war and has numerous capable men under him. He took care of Zhao because Prince Pingyuans wife is his sister but now that Prince Pingyuan is dead, Im afraid change is inevitable.

    Master Wu nodded his head and said, The death of the king of Qin, has really further complicated matters which are already complicated, but for us theres only advantages and no disadvantages. Because Zhao will certainly take the opportunity while the strong Qin is ceasing war to expand, so theyll have no time to deal with us. We even have time to take a breather and plan at leisure. Heaven is indeed helping us.

    Tao Fang laughed, The Yans are going to be in trouble!

    Wu Yingyuan shook his head and sighed, That is called getting what they deserve. The King of Zhao will certainly take the opportunity to carve them up so that he can expand his territory. But I hear that Prince Dan of Yan is a talent, so its best that they can drag Zhao along for a few years, then well have a lot of time.

    They continued their discussion a little longer and decided not to contact Lu Buwei for the time being, and not touch Ying Zheng, who is a prisoner of war, for the moment. They will sit and watch what happens before making a decision and after the discussion, each went their own ways.

    Xiang Shaolong went back to his Hidden Dragon Abode, and of the 4 maids only Dongying, who was the most fair and voluptuous amongst them were struggling to stay awake and wait for him. The rest of the ladies were already in dreamland.

    Dongying helped him shower and change but shen Xiang Shaolong saw that her clothes were all drenched, he served her instead and helped her remove her wet clothing and dry her body.

    Dongying was embarrassed, ecstatic and stunned but of course she will not push him away. She could only let him wipe her body with the towel and as her body started heating up, she heard Xiang Shaolong asking her, How long have all of you been in the Wu family?

    Dongying replied quietly, The 3 of us were sold into the Wu family since young. She continued in a whisper, Now we only ask that Master does not think too badly of us, and let us serve you for the rest of our lives. That would be our greatest reward. Weve never seen someone as easygoing as Master.

    Xiang Shaolong secretly exclaimed to himself that no one else in this era respects women as much as him. Pity rose up in him and he hugged her, kissing and caressing, but still controlling himself, not daring to arouse her too much. He has been going from women to women these few days and has enjoyed this ancient eras life of merrymaking, wine and beauties. Never has he been so uncontrolled. He just had fun with the Yue lady earlier, so no matter what delectable beauty is in front of him now, he can only let got of the opportunity for now.

    He whispered into her ears, Tell the other 3 sisters of yours, Ill find a night to try all of you together, and let you have a taste of a man. He secretly thought that if Tao Fang can have 7 women in one go, he should not have any problems handling 4.

    Dongying was ecstatic and although she cant bear to leave, she went back to her room.

    Xiang Shaolong went to take a look at Ting Fangshi first and covered her up with the blanket before going into Wu Tingfangs room and climbed onto the bed.

    That lass is actually naked, but luckily girls of her age are usually sleepyheads. Xiang Shaolong was secretly thanking his lucky stars and as he hugged her, he thought of other things. When he thought of that formidable female assassin, he was so tired he fell asleep right until morning.

    The 3 maids could have heard about the good news from Dongying so their attitude towards Xiang Shaoong now is even more bashful. If Ting Fangshi and Wu Tingfang is not with him having breakfast now, he might not be able to constrain himself and start feasting now that his energy is recharged.

    At Hidden Dragon Abode, Xiang Shaolong felt like hes in a land of beauties and he almost forgot hes from the 21st century. He took the opportunity to touch the 4 maids while they were serving him tea and food and the 4 maids naturally bashfully allowed his rude behavior. Wu Tingfang grew up in a wealthy family and is used to seeing such things happening, so to her its a normal situation. She did not mind at all and was even smiling. With him by her side, Ting Fangshi is already very satisfied. Besides, shes used to obeying men so she will never have the intention of interfering.

    Xiang Shaolong was purely enjoying himself, thinking that he will not be sick of a lifetime of such a holiday. Just as he was lamenting that men of this era is really fortunate, he was summoned by the King of Zhao into the palace.

    The ladies all grumbled while Xiang Shaolong was secretly cursing the kings ancestors. But since its an order from the big boss, he can only pack up his lecherous thoughts and hurried to the Palace.

    The King of Zhao received him in a small hall adjacent to the main hall. Naturally Zhao Mu is his guest as well, but theres Lady Ya and Guo Zhong as well, something which is out of his expectations. There were 2 other people, and after some introductions, one of them turned out to be the famous great general and premier who had just fought with the Yans and had hurried back from the front line, Lian Po.

    Hes not very tall, but quite stout and his manner is imposing. Hes about 50 years old, with a wide face which looks extremely well traveled. Although he looked tired, his deep set eyes was still bright. He looks commanding but not cruel, making one feel that hes an elder worthy of respect.

    The other person is General Li Mu, who is tall and thin, only 2 inches shorter than Xiang Shaolong, but for that era hes considered quite tall. He is not older than 40, his looks are stern, carrying the solidity and grace of a soldier.

    Lian Po and Li Mu were both sizing him up very carefully.

    The King of Zhao told him to dispense with ceremony and offered him a seat.

    Zhao Mu said with a straight face, Shaolong you dont know how lucky you are. You have not officially started on your job yet and now theres an important task for you to take charge of.

    Xiang Shaolong was secretly cursing as he voiced out his thanks.

    The King of Zhao said with a smile, Theres no one else more suitable than you, because not only must this person be highly skilled and brave, he must also be intelligent and alert, to handle anything that may happen unexpectedly. If you can accomplish this mission, not only will you be greatly rewarded on your return, but youll be promoted to General as well.

    Xiang Shaolong hurriedly replied, Please give your orders, your Majesty, I will brave through fire and water and will not decline.

    All 6 pairs of eyes were pinned on him.

    The King of Zhao asked Lian Po respectfully, Does Premier thinks that this person can be used?

    Lian Pos intelligent eyes shone as he said, Shaolong is only an Imperial Protector, but he still maintained a calm composure when he saw us, obviously he is someone who is bold and smart. His movements reveals that hes a skilled martial artists, and its extremely rare that theres no flaws in him at all. But what I admire most is that although he knows that the mission is not going to be easy, he did not reveal any fear at all, nor did he show any joy on hearing the rewards. Its indeed the great fortune of Zhao to have such a talent.

    Lady Ya was ecstatic on hearing this well respected Lian Po complimenting her lover and she stole a glance at Zhao Mu, only to see a flash of murderous intent in his eyes. Apparently he is now harboring thoughts of killing Xiang Shaolong.

    Xiang Shaolong was thinking that this Lian Po indeed has formidable insight, no wonder he could become a famed general in Zhao and he immediately said his humble thanks.

    Guo Zhong however was thinking that even Zhao Mu and Lian Jin could not topple you, so who else could be more suitable than him for this mission in Zhao.

    The King of Zhao laughed heartily and said, Heaven is helping my country, heaven is helping my country. He turned towards Zhao Mu and said, Would Marquis Julu please explain this mission to Shaolong.

    Zhao Mu faked a smile and said warmly, The mission this time may seem simple on the surface, which is to let Shaolong lead 500 riders and escort Lady Pingyuan, her son and Lady Ya to the state of Wei to visit their relatives and to engage in friendly exchanges. Of course, theres something else to it as well, why dont I let Mr Guo say it personally.

    Xiang Shaolong shuddered, isnt Prince Shaoyuan the son of Lady Pingyuan? Both of them are like fire and water, why do they want him to escort them? And why does Lady Ya need to go to Wei?

    Guo Zhong lowered his voice and said, Prince Xinling of Wei recently received a book, which documents the best carpenter in the state of Lu, Gongshu Bans* detailed descriptions of the making of various weapons. In all there are 108 machineries of various sizes. One of the pages were leaked and ended up in my hands, and it describes the method of making the cloud ladder that can be used to besiege cities and this ladder is far better then any cloud ladders in use now by all the other states. If we can get this Secret Manual of Lu Gong, Great Zhao will definitely become the greatest, and the state of Wei will not be able to use this book and strengthen themselves.


    Li Mu, who has been quiet all these time, spoke up, Ive heard of this matter, and know that one of the pages describes the making of weapons, and using a new formula and pure fire, it can make metal become even harder. If we can get this secret manual, we will be able to have the best weapons.

    The King of Zhao said a little worriedly, Prince Xinling is sharp and he has a lot of men under him. Luckily Imperial Sister once had a relation with him, so he kept writing to beg Imperial Sister to visit him in Wei. Thats why we can have such a good excuse to send you to escort Imperial Sister there.

    Xiang Shaolong thought to himself, so thats the case. He looked over at Lady Ya in surprise, and remembered that shes an expert in stealing information.

    Lady Ya is afraid that he would be unhappy to know that she once had an affair with Prince Xinling as well and she lowered her head.

    Lian Po and Li Mu exchanged glances, both knowing what this is all about.

    A look of hatred and jealousy flashed past Zhao Mus face again. For such a possessive man like him, even if he is the one who has given up on the woman, he still does not want her heart and body to be taken by another man.

    Lian Po said offhandedly, Marquis Julu has recommended many people but I objected to all of them. Because Prince Xinling knows their background too well, itll be difficult for them to accomplish much. It was Lady Ya who recommended Shaolong, so Shaolong should show your gratitude to her for allowing you a chance to excel.

    Once Xiang Shaolong heard this, he was overjoyed. He knew immediately that Lian Po and Zhao Mu are not on good relationship, thats why he rebutted him publicly. He dared not look at Zhao Mu and asked instead, When do we leave?

    The King of Zhao replied, Ive sent men to inform Prince Xinling swiftly, you should be able to leave within the next 5 days. General Li will send scouts ahead first to help you settle all the formalities needed to leave the country along the way.

    Zhao Mu interrupted, Shaolong cannot return to the Wu residence for these 5 days, you have to stay in the palace until its time to leave. Ill send someone to inform the Wu family, and they can send people here with things for you or to visit you, understand?

    Xiang Shaolong secretly lamented and after agreeing helplessly, he said, I have a few gadgets in mind that will be helpful for this mission, I wonder if I can get the craftsmen to make it for me.

    Everyone was stunned, and Guo Zhong said with a laugh, Thats easy, Ill send experts to serve you. No matter how difficult it is, they must finish it for you within these 5 days.

    Xiang Shaolong was ecstatic and thought to himself that hell just have to make some light tools that he used to use in the special task force, and theyre sure to be far better that Lu Bans so called exquisite weapons. However hell split up the components and ask Guo Zhongs men to make it and he will reassemble them himself in Wei. In that way the other party will not be able to learn the advanced techniques that is 2000 years ahead of them.

    After the King of Zhao dismissed all of them, only Lian Po was left behind to discuss matters regarding Yan.

    After they left the hall Zhao Ya happily pulled Xiang Shaolong towards the back palace and said with a smile, Dont pull such a long face because you cannot get to see your Wu familys beauty! Yaer is here to accompany you?

    Xiang Shaolong said with a bitter smile, Actually which are the powerful men who do not have any relationship with you? Can you tell me a few?

    Lady Ya said quietly, Ive begged for your forgiveness long ago. Hei! Youre jealous. And she cast a flirtatious look at him.

    Xiang Shaolong knows that he cannot be too calculative over this so he changed the subject, Is Lady Pingyuan and Prince Shaoyuan simply just going to Wei to visit relatives?

    Lady Ya waited until they were far away from 2 palace maids who were paying their respects to them before whispering in his ears, They will not return once they go.

    Xiang Shaolong exclaimed hoarsely, What?

    Lady Ya sighed sadly, Its all because of the battle of Changping. Our population has always been lower than other states, and now that 400,000 of our strong young men has died, we have been encouraging our people to give birth for these past 9 years. Its been ruled that for girls who have reached 20 years of age and are still unmarried, the local magistrates will decide for them and anyone who refuses will be sent to the army camps as prostitutes. But unless we have another 10 years, itll be difficult to regain the population we have lost. Thats why everyone thinks lowly of us, or else the King of Yan would not have dared to attack Handan.

    Xiang Shaolong exclaimed, But were the winner now!

    Lady Ya brought him to a huge, beautiful garden and hidden amongst the trees, was another exquisite palace building.

    She reach out her hands to hold his muscular arms and said helplessly, Whats the use of a short victory. Besides Yan, everyone else is also eyeing our location with our east facing Yan, west facing Qin, north facing Han and Wei and south joining Humo. Others can afford to lose, but for us every single loss will weaken us more, and who knows when we will fall again. Imperial brother is useless, to place so much trust on that useless and conniving Zhao Mu. As she spoke, she gritted her teeth, ever so hateful of Zhao Mu who have cheated and discarded her.

    Xiang Shaolong finally experienced the feeling of how one will only care for themselves in the face of danger. Isnt Wu Yingyuan having thoughts of betrayal because of this as well?

    The Qin General Bai Qi is the most famous killer devil during the warring states period. Before the battle of Changping where he killed 400,000 Zhao soldiers, he had also executed almost 400,000 soldiers in the Wei army. This move is indeed very vicious, but extremely effective as well.

    The 2 of them walked up the steps and the pretty palace maids knelt down in welcome. When they saw Shaolong, their eyes shone.

    Lady Ya took him directly to the bedroom and said with a smile, This is Yaers palace in here, the maids all belong to me. If Shaolong takes a liking to any of them, just instruct them to serve you. For you! No woman would do it unwillingly.

    After Lady Ya instructed the palace maids to close the door, she started helping him remove his clothes and later removed her own as well, until they stood naked looking at one another. They hugged and collapsed onto the bed and she sighed, 38 years ago, ever since Wan Xian from Han and these 2 important blacksmith fell into the hands of the Qin, their weaponry gradually became better than the other states. Thats why Imperial Brother places so much importance on this Lu Gongs Secret Manual this time.

    She continued softly, Shaolong, in order to obtain the secret manual, Yaer may have to sacrifice her body, will you allow me to do that?

    Xiang Shaolong said with a bitter smile, Without my permission, would things be any different? Your weapon is your beautiful body, if you dont use your beauty is there anything else you can use instead?

    Lady Ya sighed, If the price to pay is losing you, Id rather not be able to take the secret manual. Yaer is already extremely sick of wars. I only want to find a quite place to stay with Shaolong, and stay away from this environment where everyone is fighting and killing. Well just spend the rest of our lives in the forest.

    Shaolong replied, Well talk later about whether you need to sleep with others. Thats right! Why have I never heard you mention your own children?

    Lady Yas expression darkened and she said, Im barren, if I have a child, maybe my life would not have been so promiscuous. Shaolong! Will you not love me because of this flaw?

    Xiang Shaolong replied immediately with action. This time Lady Ya was even more heated and compliant than the last time, which Xiang Shaolong thoroughly enjoyed. He understood why for someone like Prince Xinling who can have any beauty with a wave of his hands, he simply couldnt forget this excellent specimen.

    After that they slept hugging each other for a while when the craftsmen Guo Zhong sent arrived. Xiang Shaolong spent more than 4 hours before they understood what theyre supposed to make.

    Looking at the sketch Xiang Shaolong drew, that craftsman looks totally lost.

    Lady Ya saw him talking sensibly as he was explaining the drawings but when she asked him, Xiang Shaolong only smiled and did not reply.

    He did not want to make formidable modern weapons, but only hope that he can have a few equipment and tools that would be helpful for espionage and escape.

    He still have to spend the next few days in the palace practicing his horsemanship, as that is his weakest point.

    To be able to survive in this area and protect loved ones, the only way is to become stronger than others, and more vicious. There is no other way.

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