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Thread: Job Agency in NYC

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    Default Job Agency in NYC

    For the folks in NYC, have you used an employment agency before? What is a good one? thanks.
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    ?? Depends on your field I guess. I just applied to a thousand jobs on monster and and after a while recruiters in the field started contacting me. Did get opportunities from the recruiters but in the end I still took a job from the boards.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flyingfox2002 View Post
    For the folks in NYC, have you used an employment agency before? What is a good one? thanks.
    I take it that you're still looking for a job? The asset management company I'm at now in Boston has a couple of positions open on the business side. There's a portfolio mangement associate position that's relatively junior. If the possibility of moving to Boston is open to you, you can send me a copy of your resume.

    I can also point to a couple of headhunters that I've dealt with here in Boston if that interests you. They may also serve NY for all I know.
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