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Thread: A response to the "Fan=Fiction Index Thread"

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    Default A response to the "Fan=Fiction Index Thread"

    Any advice about writing interests me, but honestly the mammoth list of 'suggested' criteria makes me hesitant to want to post anything at all in spcnet.

    The more restraint, rules, and dictates one places on an art such as writing means less freedom to me.

    It potentially stereotypes wuxia writing...

    It throttles creativity...

    It demeans the wonderful variation in writing styles and expressions a writer can give...

    I might as well be doing scientific writing.

    No respect at all to those who gave advice. But I think people need to keep in mind audiences may appreciate different things. Not everyone may want to read specifically 'structured' wuxia fanfic novels.

    I appreciate because one can sample everything from lengthy novels to wonderful collages of prose, vignettes, and songfics.

    I don't speak from being a blase, lazy writer either. I more often than not get obssessive compulsive about my fanfics before I even contemplate posting it. Just trying to bring into awareness of what I felt after reading the 'writing tips'. If I felt that way, the possiblity that another may get the same reaction is not impossible.

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    True. It does seem like we gear towards to the Wuxia genre more, however, we do
    not keep other types of genre from being posted here. Besides the Wuxia fan-fics, we do have contemporary romance drama stories, Sci-Fi/drama, and I believe some members have started posting their poems/proses, and short stories.

    When I started the Fanfic Index thread, I had more time to update and include all the completed or not fanfics. But when I got more preoccupied with life, I made a similar thread for members to post about their fanfic and introduce it as they would like so.

    Those suggestions from the members were written ages ago, and were based upon their opinion. And you know that as opinions go, you can either listen or discard. You donot have to take it to heart. Therefore, we're not dictating how you should write. I'm sorry that we gave that impression. However, if you look and survey the different stories written here, they are not all wuxia fan-fics.

    Comparing with SPCNET's fan fiction forum, it's like comparing a supermarket (that specializes in selling food) to Target/Wal-mart (the ole' variety store). What I mean is that is a website that focuses on Fan fiction alone. Here at SPCNET, this is a forum that has a variety of interests forums and the Fan-Fic forum here is only one aspect of SPCNET forums. Therefore, the focus is not on fan fiction alone.

    With that said, members write and post what they like, so perhaps, a bunch of us like to watch, read, and write Wuxia. So there seems to be more Wuxia fanfics, but there is no rule about posting something different.

    What we have here is what people decide to post up, so perhaps there aren't a lot of poets here.

    If you go to the main SPCNET website, we do have a fan-fiction section that properly catagorizes different types of fan-fic. But here at the forum, we do not always have time to keep track of all the existing fanfics and put them into catagories like in the past.

    Thank you for your response.

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    I just love how you Captivate My Mind

    Self reminder - Update blog more often and continue editing/writing for TOV fanfic.

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