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Thread: Zhang Wuji -vs- Xiao Feng [with a twist]

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    Quote Originally Posted by CC View Post
    Might not work since ZWJ might have no balls!
    LOL good one.

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    Most probably ZWJ would gone crazy bcos of the conflict of internal energy, saved by Duan Yi sucked his energy, and go with Zhao Min or even become monks

    XF will die with his hands are tied with unbreakable material, or drink eternal pills to wait until heaven sword or dragon sabre appear to cut his hands tied.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnhHung View Post
    You cant really blame ZWJ for getting injured by MJ. He just got out of 5 years of seclusion. None of the apes in the valley ever did that trick.

    ZWJ get alot of bashing in this forum for underperforming, which he doesnt deserve.

    The fight against MJ:
    His first real internal fight. Yes he has alot more inner power than MJ, but he spendt 5 years learning 9 yang to cure himself, not to overwhelm his opponents. So he didnt really know how to use his powers. He got tricked the first two palms and got injured. But after just a few minutes of thinking, he understood how to deal with opposing innerforce. MJ couldnt do sqwuat to him during the third palm.

    His fight against the 4 elders using Liangyi Swordplay and Liangyi Sabres:
    Theese arts where described as more sophisticated than QKDNY! This is his first real fight against multiple opponents and against opponents with weapons. Remember, although his MA at this time is Great level, he still doesnt have any real figthing experience. He didnt have any sifu to teach him how to fight until he met Z3F at wudan. He was loosing, mainly because he didnt know how to counter the formation and choosing the big rock as weapon wasnt exactly an advantage. ZZR helped him by giving him a few pointers, which he understood and implemented right then and there during the fight!

    Remember that he also had to maintain peace between Ming cult and wulin. He had to win without injure or kill his opponents.

    His fights at wudan:
    He did a great job against the three Ah's.
    He got injured by the XM elders. This is a result of wulin inexperience and plot device. He rushed toward ZM to stop her from leaving and didnt even think that there would be anyone else that could stop him. He was wrong, but how else could ZM and co leave wudan unharmed?

    ZWJ demonstrated his abilities against XM elders during their meeting in the Pagoda. There he defeated both of them fairly quickly, but didnt killed them. He wasnt that sort of guy and besides, he had to save the entire wulin, again.

    His fight against the persian Ming cult:
    In HSDS, strange and unorthodox moves has great advantage (remember ZZR and her white bone claws). Again he had to think of the consequences. As the leader of central plains Ming cult, he cannot injure or kill them. That would mean a war between the two Ming cults. Again, he had to break the technique, not the opponents.

    His fight against 24 tibetian monks:
    This is his first figth where he didnt bother to break the opponents moves. He just concentrated on winning. The monks were loosing and joined their forces toghether to clash palm with ZWJ. Dont know if they were a match against him internal wise, but the old ZWJ would fight fair and square by clashing palms up front. The new ZWJ tricked them by hitting them from the side and was about to win, when he got hit by a sneak attack by one of the elders. One could argu that he should have noticed the elder, but this is plot device to make ZWJ and ZM not able to run away from her father, so that she could tell him that she loved him and would follow him. This is one of the reason ZWJ choose ZM.

    His three fight against Du monks:
    The first fight he almost lost his life. But he didnt really fought, he tried to explained to them the situation.

    The second fight was much better. He was really trying to win, but of course not going all out. He held of two of the monks while Left herald and his grandfahter fought the third. Its a shame his grandfather was loosing badly and they had to stop, otherwise they could have won the fight.

    The last figth he fought virtually alone against the monks. Now this time he went all out. Giving it everything he got. That did the job.

    His fight against ZZR:
    Everyone in wulin had trouble her White bone claws, but he didnt. People had also trouble against 1st wudan heros son (forgot how to spell his name), but ZWJ showed Right herald a few moves that would counter his moves. ZWJ didnt have any trouble against her, except from the palm clash when he felt that she didnt put any power behind it. Now he is an emotionall guy, and consider the history he had with her and the fact that he felt a bit ashame, he retract his energy show that he would hurt her. But then she pulled out the old trick and enforce her palm with the combined force of his and hers energy.

    Yes, he is stupid, but that trick wouldn't work if it werent ZZR who pulled it and during this context.
    If XF in the Bright Peak I believe that XF will outclassed everyone and most people will died severely, for he is very good in fighting like he did at Xue Muhua manor, including Zhu Yuanzhang if he is there

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