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Thread: Beijing Olympics - will they be a success or failure?

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    Btw, can't it do the two at the same time? Raise its global status while showing its deficiencies? I think it'll do both to different people.

    Of course, we are talking general public here? Like majority type of thing? Hard to say....I say, in the end, China-haters will use it to fuel their hatred and nitpick at everything to express their hatred. China-lovers will use every good thing to glorify the image of China.

    It's the opinions of the people who were/are in the middle that's most important.

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    Beijing will host Winter Olympics in 2022. It will be the first city to ever host both Summer and Winter Olympics. Next Winter Olympics will be hosted in South Korea. Personally, I would not want Canada to host olympics. It costs so much tax payers money; it's not worth it. It's better to let other countries host them.

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