Has anybody heard of Fusion Band, they are an up and coming rock band from China. The group consist of four members from Shanghai, they were signed on by Jonathan Lee in 2006 when they entered a band competition in their university.

Fusion Band released their first album earlier this year titled 如果未来 (loosely translated to If the future). They have some heavyweights behind them, the production of their album includes folks who had produced albums for Ah Yue (张震岳), mc Hotdog, Wonfu, Tizzy Bac. The debut album is made of up songs composed by the band themselves, including the track 123, which featured Ah Yue and mc Hotdog.

I have a hard time finding information about the band online actually, they are not well marketed overseas. Apparently they did an opening for Mayday before and were well received, they also won a award in the recent Metro Radio Mandarin Music Awards. They have a blog which I have not read through, I am still hunting for more music by them, only heard 3 songs by them so far.