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    Default HONG KONG '81, '82, '83, '84, '85...

    When classic 1980s TVB series are discussed, it seems that one staple of the 1980s gets overlooked: the HONG KONG 80s series. This was a light comedy/social commentary show with an ensemble cast that ran daily between 1981 and 1985. The episodes were twenty minutes long and generally lighthearted, self-contained (no long, ongoing storylines; each episode was its own storyline), and offered some social commentary. Memorable characters from the show included the friendly and wise deli owner Uncle Mau (played by the late TVB veteran Wong Sun), the archetypal Hong Kong housewife Aunt Sun, the ambitious salesman Chan Jik, and assorted other characters.

    I enjoyed this show growing up, and it was very popular at the time. There's been very little nostalgic discussion about the show since it went off the air around 1985, though.

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    Ken, I don't have good memory for this series except for the character "Hong Zai" (Lei Sing Cheong).

    But I have a net-pal who have fun in "ke-le-fe" spotting in this HK8x series, and kept those screencaps in her blog. (hint: google keyword "mmlinx", and browse the archive). It is fun.

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